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Eat something (Ideally more than just "the rest of that small bag of chips")
Go on secret mission. Secret mission things.
Call mom, happy mother's day
Call my clone, happy fucking birthday, nyah nyah, you're old.
(Finish that story)
Study Maths


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5:11:44 PM Akchizar: I have a spider bite!
5:12:21 PM Just Sor: I saw!
5:12:26 PM Just Sor: You're swell!
5:12:28 PM Just Sor: ...ed
5:12:31 PM Akchizar: ....
5:12:43 PM Akchizar: Why do I even let you talk

My day is going somewhat better. I have an obscenely chocolate...thing that is actually far too much on the wet chocolate1 side of the spectrum for me to actually enjoy it, and potato chips, and mango nakedsmoothie.

And Italianstuffs went okay, I just have to get with the memorizing. Oh hey, dear everyone! I give you FULL PERMISSION to hit me with sticks if you ever hear of me giving my students group projects. Seriously, man. *such* a bad fucking idea.

Also, student center is significantly better air conditioned than my room. Looks like Ver and I are going to have to be social for a while. eirghnkglgvojrmninety fucking degreesgkhjalefg

Oh good, I have talking privileges back. And yes, this *does* appear to be an "eight dozen posts in one day" day, however did you guess?


1: I like dry chocolate things --chocolate cake, brownies, muffins, etc. I don't like wet chocolate things -ice cream, pudding, frosting. Yeah. I don't really get it either.
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Stollen for Active_Apathy, because I like books.

The worst reading experience that you have ever had?
Oof. I am so tempted to just agree with her and say the Catcher in the Rye. I absolutely *hated* Catcher, not the least because, when I read, I pick up the writing style in my internal monologue for a bit. That sucked *so bad*.

The worst actual experience...I don't really know. Nowait! Worst reading experience wasn't actually a reading experience, it was a learning experience. I hadn't bothered to start reading The Great Gatsby for my eleventh grade English class yet, and, ohno, pop quiz. I bluffed my way through, including specifically stating that the main character was the narrator, who's name I couldn't remember. I got a nine out of ten.

That was bad teaching. No student is so scatterbrained to forget Nick Carraway's name if they've actually read the book. Especially considering that I seem to remember it just fine now, three years later.

Also a bad experience? The fact that I really really liked the story of Tale of Two Cities (Doubles! True Love! Revolution!) but just couldn't get through the actual book. I feel really quite guilty about that --I am sorry, oh great and wonderful Sydney Carton!1

There are sixteen more questions under here )


1I think I have such a crush on Sydney Carton. I remember writing an essay on how he was the true romantic hero of Tale of Two Cities. He's probably the second most awesome character I read about in tenth grade --Cyrano de Bergerac is, of course, cooler than the offspring of ZombieJesus and Chuck Norris. And that's pretty fucking cool.

2If you have to ask which one, you don't pay enough attention.

3This is intriguing, because trying to read the name on the spine has just shown that I am better at reading things that are upside down than things that are sideways. I am officially fascinated.

4I love The Dresden Files, and find them a lot of fun, but I can't read more than one at a time. They're just so gloriously intense or something like that.

5And there are apparently sequels out! Squee!
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Terry Pratchett apparently has alzheimers. I got five different posts on my friends list telling me this, which makes me go all "damn." and kinda sad.

I do have a small advantage that there's still a *lot* of Pratchett that I haven't read yet, so I still have a lot of teh funny to look forward to. But still man! That's just not cool.


I've pretty much just completely adopted this as the format for my elljay, haven't I?


Pretty much annihilated my sociology final. And then I went back home and went to sleep, because waking up at eight o clock for a final I was done with by nine is not at all a fun thing to do.


Weekend: Hopefully WGA strike thing (ee, Whedon) with possibly Maddie and possibly Keira on Friday. Baking cookies and playing games with Keira and Magus and other people on Saturday. Holiday partying with Lauren, Emily, Kate Monster, Dominik, Ria, Maddie, Mando, and very plausibly other people on Sunday. Last final on Monday, then home again home again.

Next month or so: Sweeney Todd comes out on the 21st. Georgetown and Tree Decorating on the 23rd. Christmas Eve type stuff and bowling with Santa on the 24th. Christmas and All That on the 25th. Katters shows up on the 26th. New Years on the 31st (shit-need-costume-rar...007 verse wears tailcoats, right? (Still kinda want to show up as the evil villans cat in an attempt to get scritches)) More New Years on the first of January. Katters leaves on the sixth (I think). Come Home on the 17th and go straight to Arisia. Yarrcon until Monday, at which point I will hopefully drag mum around to meet all my friends. School for a week, and then Vericon on the 25th. Collapse in a tired heap of "who's idea was it to attend back to back cons again?" on the 28th. School!


Apparently, Rent is a lot of what my mood requires right now. It's very confusing when my mood doesn't tell me what kind of music it wants. Stupid brain.


So, what bits of pop culture am I missing like woah? Music, movies, books, games, etc, just tell me what you will force down my throat if you realize I haven't actually heard/seen/read/played it.

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What are your secret musical shames?

I'd like to think that we've all got them. The music that you have on your ipod for whatever reason, and that you will listen to and enjoy and maybe even sing along --as long as you're in private. As soon as other people show up, you quickly switch, and hope they don't look too close at your "recently played" lists.

Ooo, Sorcy is all shameful and shit. )


ETA: Apologies to anyone who got the weird linklike version of this. I apparently don't know the difference between "lj-cut text=" and "a href=" :P
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Happy Halloween, y'all.

Also: Harena: HAPPY BIRTHDAY OHMANOHMAOHMANOHYAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! *pounces and throws glitter at you*


November: NaNoWriMo starts. NaBloPoMo starts. Also, PoMo sounds like it should have something to do with a porn movie.

I am doing a WriMo story, as always. I may also be keeping some sort of WriMo journal --2000 words per day on my world, the denizens, and the like. Actually, Gabe just poked his head in and says that he would be happy to help with a 50,000 word journal of the denizens. He wants grand plots, drama, and Truth or Dare. Alis agrees with the theory, but she would prefer introspection and sex.

Midterms are in November, mostly. I have my socio midterm on Monday (I will pass so hard, y'kidding me?) and most of a research paper to write for English. In addition to, you know, normal homework.

The musical is in November. It is called Wild Blue, and was written by Liv, my Movement and Improv teacher. She kinda reminds me of Blasko, albeit a Blasko who appreciates Sweeney Todd. Ms. Barry may have screwed me over in my appreciation of drama teachers and directors.

Butyes, musical. I'm working props and OHMYGOD BEHIND NEED TO GET AIEE!

Thanksgiving is in November. Besides not being sorted out all the way how I'm getting to Connecticut (eek, I need to e-mail Dave!) Thanksgiving is awesome. Soyeah.

Performing Arts Week is in November, though the very end of it. I'll probably be working some amount of it.

I think I need a "Stressed" icon. :D

P.S: I'm going to Sweeney Todd again on the fourth. So Liv is definently > Blasko. :D



Oct. 4th, 2007 10:42 am
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Is it a bad thing that the best thing I've done in any class so far is the statistics test I just finished?

Gawds, I love math. And stats is recokulously easy maths, with lots of algebra, (my favourite)

So. Uhm. Yeah. Yay maths?


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Life rules because:

A) Monday became senior "prank" day, as it was the last day of just classes (All the rest of this week is filled with sitting on my butt being bored watching idiots play with condom-balloons wishing death upon my asinine classmates graduation rehersals.) Senior prank was origninally going to be a giant conga line through the school, but it sorta turned into just a giant mass of running and yelling and enjoying ourselves.

It rocked. A hundred people, wearing leis, screaming "07" was HIGHLY fun to do. And since there was so many of us, there was just no rational way that they could figure out who to punish, or carry out punishments for all of us, meaning we got off with nothing more then a delicate slap on the wrist.

Plus, I got to spend the rest of Monday (After the disrupting all the underclassmens classes :D) playing on a computer in Mr. Heurich's room. Which was nice.

B) Monday night was the wonderful Slashy McSlasherson III [ profile] madamluna's birfday! I wound up hanging out with her, and a while heap of elljayless but awesome guyfriends, and eating sinfully good food at PFChangs. And stories about sea turtles. XD


Yeah, I'm reasonably psyched. You know. Just a little pleased. :D!

D) To make up for the fact that I have to attend all the graduation rehersals and sit with Becky and pound our heads against walls at the fact that everyone around us is a fucking MORON, the school let us seniors out early. Yay! So I've been chilling out, watching Robot Chicken, and revelling in the fact that Nik is still in school for another half hour.

E) I'm sure I'll think of other excellent reasons why my life rules later. In the meantime, I have graduation announcements I ought to be working on.

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Uhm. Yeah. Happy belated mothers day to [ profile] fishgreenlittle, who I haven't been talking to long enough to remember she's a mommy!

Anywho. Senioritis has hit me pretty badly, but most of my classes don't actually have any work to do anyways. We're reading a story in German class that is progressing at about a snails pace --mainly because a lot of the kids in my german class are morons.

I've got a whole bunch of shtuff to do. I'm thinking of starting up with a set of 43 folders, mostly because it's a cool idea. 43 folders is basically a set up for getting stuff done, you get 12 hanging folders (one for each month) and put 31 manilla folders (one for each day) in the first one. Then, as each day goes by, you put the manilla folder into the next months folder. Toss stuff that needs to get done on that day into that days folder, as well as other shtuff --if you have tickets to a play on the 21st, you dump them in that days folder ferinstance.

It's also slightly boggling to realize that my little orange indexcard book, which I love above all others (well, a lot of other notebooks at least) is essentially just an extrememly high class HPDA. I should post piccies.

Uhm. Yeah. If you're Tho, you probably went all bouncy-squee at those last two paragraphs. If you're anyone else, you probably just ignored it. That's about the right thing to do.

Otherstuff...Oh! I gave blood on Saturday, and unlike my last bloodgiving expiriment, where I fainted a lot at the end and took forever to recover, this one went by really fabulously. I pretty much just skipped the entire "gonna be fainting now oh hi floor" part and went straight into "Yay, the world is awesome WHEEE!" part. So that was pretty good.

And of course, I got green tape, because that is the awesomest colour. Yay me!

Mum's back from her cruising around the south pacific. I'm sure better accounts of that will show up in her journal shortly.

Only nine days left in school, and two of them don't even have any class. I'm somewhat psyched about this.

I am decidedly un-psyched about graduation though, mostly because of the stupid ass-requierments they have for walking across the stage as a girl.

I have to wear a skirt.
I can't wear sneakers.
I have to wear white or other light pastel colour.


Ew. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. This is especially a problem as I don't own a white skirt or dress (And REALLY don't intend to) and I don't own white shoes, nor do I ESPECIALLY intend not to wear white shoes that aren't sneakers.

(I also apparently have to wear hose, but I dismissed that without even thinking, since I will skip walking the stage entierly before I put on hose. Or shave my legs. If they don't like it, they can suck my big fat nonexistent dick. It costs a WHOLE lot more then a diploma to make me wear pantyhose.)

Soyeah. I'm thinking I'm going to be hitting up the local thrift store a bunch, nevermind that I'm broke out of my mind (I owe mom HOW much?), looking desperately for something I can wear. I may also see if the tears matched with "I'm broke!" works on our sponsers for getting me out of the shoe problem.

(And may I note that my mother does not own any of this shit either, and it's rediculous to try and find something that I'll just hand down to Aly since she's half a foot taller then me.)

Again, I'm pissed. If I didn't care about walking across stage, this wouldn't be a problem. But I really do. So I have to find this white nonsense.

And a very large part of me wants to wear the shitty white, then pull off my robe and roll in the grass the second I'm free. Mmmmm,green. Green is a nice colour.

Yeah, bell's gonna ring soon, so I better go. I'll rant more later.


PS: If you desperately want a proper graduation announcement from me, and suspect you are not on my list, drop a comment to that extent.


Apr. 20th, 2007 12:56 pm
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So, my most recent post spawned a metaquote from the comments. A good part of the comments of *that* post were discussing the idea of having your mom's on livejournal with you.

Which is one of those threads which make me just lean back smugly in my chair and smirk. Because my mother *is* on livejournal, and has been for longer then I have. But because my mom is so phenomonally cool, I don't really care.

So yeah. I know that we've got the whole familycluster of me and Aly and Mum around here, and I believe that efbq and scooterbird's eldest daughter has an elljay that she never posts in. What other family groups are there around you? Would you use more postfilters if you knew your parents were reading this stuff?

Yeah, I'm in a weird mood. Much too worn out to be trying to be intellectual.


Anywho, so today is 420, which is apparently like "National Stoner Day" or something. On the plus side, this means that there haven't been as many kids in school today for some...strange...reason. >> <<

On the minus side, of the four kids who sit closest to me in math, I'd bet that at least three of them were stoned. This means that, A) I had no one sensible to talk to (which is bad) B) I wound up having to listen to their utterly inane conversation, and C) I walked out of that class feeling like I just sucked down a joint myself.

So lunch pretty much started with me grabbing LittleJerry and going "I need intellectual stimulation, damnit! Talk about something smart!!" Which means I got into a nice discussion about intellegent life on other planets and other science stuff I don't remember. It was cool.


Kung-Fu wise, this has been the most gruelling week pretty much ever. Sifu hasn't been here (Why are classes harder when the teacher isn't here?) so on Tuesday we spent the entire class doing stancework (Hold your horse stance for two minutes. Lower. LOWER!) and yesterday, we spent the entire class doing assorted types of strengthening. Which yes, included more stancework.

Personally, I'm shocked I can still move. All my muscles hurt. *pouts*

On the plus's good for me?


Prom is tomorrow. Woo. I have a dress, and fancy shoes, and dinner plans. And a date, of course --the amazing Nathen. So yeah, I'm set.

Annnnnnnd, there's nothing else to say about prom.


Drama continues to breed like mold on a slice of old bread. I'm guessing that some of it is just people realizing that we leave school soon, and they have to get all the drama out now.


Ultimately, life is good. I need to type up a weekly report for the WombatKing, but besides that, I haven't all that much to do. Which means I can work on cleaning my room and orginizing that giant stack of papers I've got --Aiee!

Talk to you Kats, Kittens, STG's, etc later!

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Second Quarter grades:
German II --A
Ancient and Medival History --B (Down from an A last quarter)
Calculus GT --B (Down from an A last quarter)
English 12 AP/GT --A
Stagecraft III --A
Aide (English) --A (No, really? SHOCK!)
Psychology --A (Which I Cluelessed for. I'm so ashamed. :D)

Midterm Grades:
German II --A
Ancient and Medival History --A
Calculus GT --A
English 12 AP/GT --B (Two essays and four paragraphs, done first thing in the morning, on a day when I didn't take my drugs. I'm impressed I swung a B.)
Stagecraft III --A
Aide (English) --A (More shock and awe here. I think my midterm was grading other peoples midterms...)
Psychology --A

So yeah. All that's good, though I can't help but be pissed that my GPA dropped .29 points from last quarter (4.0) to this one (3.71)

Which is a stupid thing to hate. It really really is, I've got no right, no reason to be pissed at myself. It's was a lot easier before I cared about my grades. It really was.


I am feeling better from yesterday. For some version of the word better, at least. Mostly I just feel empty, drained. Too much emotion yesterday, and too melencholy to be able to care about anyone else. The media center did succeed in working as a useful student resource for possibly the first time since tenth grade, which is both shocking and good. Or at least, it sorta did --I managed to curl up in a corner and read sinply by nature of the fact that I probably looked desperate enough to the aide and "a few kids who signed up haven't shown up."

They really shouldn't be allowed to call it a student resource center. Considering that getting in there without a pass is the next thing to impossible, and that they don't provide enough passes, ever. Which leaves me, when I Just Want To Be Alone, stuck downstairs in the atrium in the lunchroom with noise and crowds and people and I just don't want to deal with it some days.

But today, for once, it worked. And that's good, I really needed it to work. I don't even know what I read -some twisted diarytype book tucked in the socio section, I think. For once, I *wasn't* reading the introduction to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy aloud. (Just as well --I most likely would have started crying) But then again, I kind of left that hobby when I stopped having lunch with Paul.


So, there's this thing I've been working on--it's called 101 in 1001, and the basic idea is to make a list of 101 goals you'd like to achieve in 1001 days and activly work to achieve them. For information past that, see Hier

I basically stumbled across it [ profile] kittikattie's journal and became quite enamoured of the idea. If I start my list soon, I'm looking at a deadline of the very end of October/beginning of November.

I'm nearly done writing my 101 goals (12 to go!) and from there...we'll see. Maybe I'll forget about the project completely, maybe I'll actually do it all. If it's the latter, you lot will get to enjoy loads more of my blathering, as I bitch about how hard/stupid/complicated/time consuming/confining my goals were and how dumb I was for choosing them.

(Ha, and I just thought of one more to toss on there --finish reading Discworld. Eleven to go!)

Sooooooooo yeah. That's really life right now. Working on that, keeping up with school, trying to keep up with life and emotions and friends and drama and All That. Oh, and Dragon Dance. Which, I have to say, is probably one of the coolest things I have ever been a part of in my entire life. I get to run around with a DRAGON! Rarrrr!!

(Kung-fu is so cool. ^.^^)
((Jesus, that's a Blueism, isn't it? Man, I need to talk to that girl again. It's been agggggeeees since I saw her last. And she still has my comics, damn her!))


So yeah, I'm getting better I think. I really am happy about my grades, I just really really wish I didn't have any B's. Which, compared to my grades for the past three years, is a "You're pushing your luck, moron" sort of wish.

And I reeeeeeally want to get rejected from all the colleges I applyed to. Please. Just let me know I got my applications in and you noticed. It'd be nice to be accepted, but really I'm just tired of all this WAITING!

That's all for now.


(((P.S: Kaaaaaaat! I have a story that I need to finish typing for you! (I was going to type it yesterday for cloniversaryness but...yeah.) It is a story full of things you will like, like the Doctor and a certain insane barber...)))
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Yeah, I'm busy slacking around in the fifth period midterm. Because you know what I have fifth period? Aiding!!! *laughs evil-like*

Which means I have nothing to do for two hours except play minesweeper and solitaire. And oh look, what does THIS cable do...


HI! I'm babbly, what with the sticking around here hour and fifteen minutes more. Yeeeeeeah.

Life is not that bad right now. I'm going skiing this weekend, which means I won't be online much --I'll miss you!

Got in a nice long chat with Tho yesterday, which was nice since we haven't really gotten a chance to talk in an age. Still waiting for that long chat with OKat. It'll happen.

Started reading Boy Meets Boy to Ksatyr last night. He likes it, as he should, because it's a BRILLIANT![/Yury] book.

...I'm out. I'll prolly pop back in later. I do, after all, have at least one set of interview questions that I should be answering...

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So, that's one week down, 40 or so to go...


So. This year I am taking seven courses. The original idea was that four of them would be light and fluffy electives.

...well...they're not. But I'm still enjoying myself, and I'm actually keeping up with the homework and everything! I think that I may actually get a 3.0 plus this quarter!! That is SO COOL!!

So, classes and whatnot, in order of the periods I have them.

First period: German II


Sorry, I just REALLY needed to get that out of my system. The good news is that the German II class is smaller then the German I class from last year. The bad news is that we're now down to all but TWO of the people being total morons. GNARR!

The other scary news from that class is that it's all German, all the time. No English is to be spoken...ever. *pounds head against something* Do you know how FRUSTRATING that is? I don't even know how to say things in the past tense yet!! ARGLEGARGLEARGLEARGLE!

Alright, I'm good.

Good People: Shayla, who's been out all week since her grandmother died the night before school (EEK! The SUCKS!!) and Nik. Practically no one else is even tolerable.

Second period: Ancient and Medival History

A&M History is one of those electives that I expected to be nice and smooth and easy and fun. It's kinda still making up it's mind as to how easy it's going to be -we did get to do a fun archeology thing today, which was nice.

Hopefully, we'll get to learn about vikings sometime. I am so into that.

Good People: Anne, who is unfortunately sitting a couple rows behind me now (Blek on seating charts!) Alex, who is sitting next to Anne, and Becky, who I get to sit next to. *Ocassionally* last name seating all works out. (De and Du, for instance)

Third period: Calculus GT


Heh...though Bernie has pointed out that if I abuse Sergai and the iSight that I *think* mom has, he can videoconference with me to help teach me calc if I need it. Which is sweet of him -dratted everyone moving to Boston. Why can't I joooooin them! I miss Bawston.

Personally, I certainly KNOW enough engineer/math/physics dorks to help me through calc if I fall behind. I just need to kick this stupid stubborn pride thing and actually ASK!

Good People: Steve-ahni. Really, that's about it. *tear*, but he's fairly amusing in an "I'm going to kill you all" sort of way.

Fourth Period-A: English 12 AP/GT

I'm actually REDICULOUSLY satisfied with this class. Maybe it's just having a somewhat decent English teacher after having to deal with Hickman for all of last year. *shudders* But it's really reeeeeally nice.

It's going to be a good class. We've got a book lover for a teacher (YAY!!) and we've already had some pretty cool discussions and whatnot. So it's good stuff.

Good People: Gingur-my and KT are both in my class (Am I the only one who sees that as a recipie for trouble?) as well as Tyler. And CYRANA! I got Mike in my english class for the LAST TIME EVER! *dances!!*

Unfortunately, no Anne. *tear* Ever since seventh grade, I've had her in with me for English. What'll I do now?

A day Lunch

We've had to claim a new table, since some st00pid frosh took ours. It's not really a good example of The Table. Just me, KT, Gingur, Tenuki, and Nik. I've been sneaking off to sit with Becky a bunch too.

Fourth period B: Stagecraft III

...I'm trying *so* hard to be an optimist about this class. But, well...she isn't Miss Barry. And she gave us bookwork to do today. ...AIG!!

But I like her well enough, and she is a girl scout, and I really just don't know...We will see. And I say that with every teacher who I don't get, but I really mean it this time.

Good People:'s STAGECRAFT! V, KT, Tyler, Nik, Gingur, Stephanie, Kendi, Jessie, Roony, Becky, Shayla...and someone else, but I can't for the life of me remember who. Oh, and Jessica Ashe, but we're not fond of her, so it's all cool.

B day lunch

Ahhhh. THIS is what I mean about The Table. This is *HOME!* This is where all the coolest of the cool people hang out.

....anddamn. I must to bed gehen. I will finish this for all you kats, kids, STG's, and kittens later.


*No, I am not pregnant. *looks at Anne* Ok, anymore then *usual*


Apr. 28th, 2006 12:40 pm
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Michelle has a birthday today! Yay!!

Other stuff:

Z'omygods, TMBG. Still too bouncy to write a write-up.

Rivendell: GYAH! I am FOUR TENTHS of a mile from the first shield (25 miles) I am SO DAMN CLOSE!!! *grumbles*

Origami: I have learned how to make origami lilies, and they are BEAUTIFUL! (I made on for Blue for prom out of the scented paper) I loves them.

Secret project is going very very slowly. I'm running behind, probably.

Hesiman: Apparently the opening night miracle did, in fact, occur, and it went loverly. Except Becky's spot which, like all the lights in the freaking theatre, suck.

TMBG: Z'ohmygods, lustwantneedamazing.

Rocky Horror: I'm going again on Saturday-next (the sixth) It will be rocksome!!

Kat, send me info on this Rocky Horrarr Pirate Show thing. I need anything you can get. MUAHAHA!

School: I'm not really doing my AdComp work. *sigh* I'll go get there now. See ya cats and kittens later!!

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So yes. Theres life.

Today is officially homework day, although we'll see how well *that* works. Stupid fisking English class with it's unreasonable deadlines and vague objectives. *shakes fist*

Today is unofficially day after everyones birthday day, although a quick peruse of my friends list seems to point out that [ profile] vvalkyri is older today. So yay to her! And yay to Fish and McGig and Dan and Koob for yesterday, since I was lazy and bad at agknowladging that.

Lifes been uneventful lately. Well, alright, not so much yesterday since I got to go to PORT DISCOVERY!! THAT was COOL! And I got to eat cake! Delicious, Koob-designed, [ profile] ednoria-made cake! It was very much a five year olds cake, and very very very good.

And Port Discovery rocks. And I got to run around and play pretend with [ profile] aramintamd's eldest which was major fun, especially as I haven't played with her in a lonnnnng time. So whoot for that!

And afterwards, Jaimee drove me to the awesome korean supermarket she's found and I bought a whole bunch of origami paper! Let the secret project commence!!

Wow, I love that woman. Everyone should, she's just freaking AWESOME!

Learned more of my kung fu form. I should go practise that. Back secondish.

*bach* voot, I haven't forgotten it yet.

Truly, a wonderful achievement. What's it been...sixteen hours since you did it last?

Hey, shut up, bitch! realize that carries over, right?

Yes. Yes I'm calling myself a bitch. But you *are* being a bitch.

Naw, I'm just sarcastic! Surely your cynical mind can handle that, can't it?

No one likes you.

Don't go all Her on me.

NO one likes Her.

This is a very true thing. The first intelligent thing you've said all day.
You bitch.

Thanks, I love you too.

...I should cease the babbling...Hey!...and go back to talking about life.

Woot, life.

So uh yeah. Spring Break really ain't doing anything for me. Just being confusing, and pointing out that I need to work on prom and life and school and such.

Although, in other news, I seem to have found myself a fursona of sorts. Namely, as a bat-type with a fox tail. Mostly because having wings? REALLY FREAKING COOL!

I think that is all. Physics time! *dances*

...Shut up. I don't need your mainstream odd looks anyways! Physics is phun. :p


P.S: On the last entry...first off, thank you. Second off, it looks to be resolving itself, and hopefully will.

...gawd, I hate waiting.


Mar. 31st, 2006 10:41 pm
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I've been interviewed! By Aren, V, Momo, Fish, and Katters! )

And that is all. Time to go be quite dr0nk some more.

...not that the results are entierly bad. Stil though. NTS: Don't drink anything Kat gives me and won't tell me what it is.
NTS2: Certainly don't drain the thermous if she does.

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Random quiz-question-thing...I'm bored, and flirting can only take up so much of my time )


My life hasn't been very eventful lately. But hey, tomorrows a half day! And Friday's off, and me and Aly are going to (hopefully) harass Flinx!

I need to clean out my 1KBWC deck...

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Life, the universe, and everything! What's six times nine! Fourty-two, and ALL THAT!

I'm not sure how this is working, but that's ok. Kat's in a relitivly good mood.

Me-Kat, not Her-Kat. Though I certainly hope she's in a good mood as well. Mrof?


Yesterday was Everything Will Go Right Day. And, oddly enough, everything went right. Well, alright, everything went right for an exceedingly high portion of the day, and then the very end may have started going wrong. But it might have been past midnight at that point anyways, so woo!

So, heres what went right!

School. I woke up at the usual time, and got to devour two of the very highly delicious spilt personality waffle things we had. mmmmmmm! That was a tasty breakfast. Then I walked to school, and it was fun, and school itself occured.

It was all fairly regular and happy, my presentation in English went off fine, and I got an "A" on the oral quiz in German. So yay and double yay! Whats more was, we weren't doing anything in Stagecraft, which was great as I *really* didn't feel like doing anything! Most excellent!!

I got home and hung out some, and Fish came over and we hung out some, and Bernie and Joe came over and we made plans to game today! Which is most certainly life going right. Ploos, I re-read the first sandman book, which is always a lovely thing. Morpheus is pretty.....

Eventually, assorted people left, and Chris showed up. We hung out some, and then I got to go BABYSIT! YAY FOR SITTING ON KOOB!!

Sorry, I like the little monkey. And I haven't gotten to deal with him enough recently. *pouts* but next week...oh yes.

Koob was a dream. He was full of happy hyper energy so we got to run around, and around eightish, we went outside and sat in the mini for half an hour. And Koob knows to grab for the seatbelt when he's in his carseat! How cute is that!!? When we went back in, he was much quieter and tireder and he crashed rather perfetly right about nine. Which is the PERFECT time for him to crash.

After Koob was asleep (and he slept well, none of this waking up or falling out of bed nonsense he does sometimes) I hopped on the ichat thing, and wound up having lovely conversations with my girlfriend, Kat, Swing and Jarne, with Kyu, with Eric, and with Thorog of all people. So that was highly amusing, and on the whole a good thing.

Well, not for Al. She's been in her room the whole day throwing a tennis ball at the wall incessantly. She's pleased with herself, but she still doesn't know what she wants to do with herself, which leads to interesting questions.

And not for Hyde. Poor man, getting pulled from his playing. :p He gave me a rose to deliver this morning, a yellow one, so here. *gives to Reth*

Other stuff that went right? Well, lets see...I learned how to draw circular staircases! And I drew a decent picture of the lounge, with all of us scattered in it -it's cute. I'll have to scan it. Oh yes! And the Truth or Dare game that my denzians were playing ended QUITE satisfactorily. Gabe's been looking a bit like the cat who swallowed the canary, and Hyde's been slightly off center. Al refuses to give me her thoughts on it, like she does so often.

Heh, and I thought *I* closed myself off too much.

OH RIGHT! I got to hold a human SKULL yesterday! It was NEAT!!

...It's [ profile] ednoria's. Because who else would own one, I mean come on. No one else is NEAR cool enough to be able to pull off owning a skull. From a PERSON!

So yesterday, pretty much everything went quite right. And that one little catch at the end, that discovery---

I don't know yet. I still need to think about it. I've put pen to paper, I still need to put paper to envelope. But I'm not sure I can, or will.

Yes, I'm scared.

It's because I'm opening up past the walls. Bah. My therepist says I need to figure out why I do that, figure out what advantage there is for me to push people away, even sub-conciously. Thoughts?

Funny at how things fluctuate.

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Quote of the day:

Cut to protect the ears of the innocent )

In other news, I gave blood, the ketchup revolution is over, and I am going to go hang out in the bar now.


Edited to protect the names of the innocent, and it's not like I know THAT MANY people who have that sort of interest, anyway.


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