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Name:Katarina Whimsy
Birthdate:Aug 28
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
Hullo. I am Sorcyress. If you are already a friend, you can find out all manner of personal information about me, like how to send me a package or what my phone number is, by clicking here.

*Friend me! I'm perfectly willing to have strangers reading about my convoluted life, if they're perfectly willing to put up with my incredible verbosity.
*I will totally friend you randomly, especially if you're interesting. I like learning about other peoples lives. It's a psychology thing, or somethin'.
*Userpics! I steal 'em from everywhere. I try to give credit, but make no promises. Feel free to steal anything that's not labelled "For me!" in the comments.
*I don't lock entries, unless I'm posting stalkable info. I don't screen comments unless they're spam or I say I'm screening in the post.

And, now, I could tell you about myself, or I could let these handy-dandy testimonials do the telling for me. Scared yet?

Tho: "Mike, you're positively Sor-like in your inability to limit commitment"

Swing: "You have never occurred to me as non-sexual. You are perhaps not sexually active, but you've got a sexuality to you even if it's not the "I wanna go out and get laid" sort."

Spence: I met and hung out extensively with kdsorceress who may be among the awesomest people in the history of awesome. (That is a list that includes my girlfriend, Eddie Izzard, and the guy who invented garlic mashed potatoes.)

Me: "It's my heart! It's filled with...poison, or something!"
Xalolo: "Just like in real life!"

ErikaKaiser: Tell Sor she's never allowed to claim being the good clone ever again

[erikakaiser] I think your breasts gave me a headache
[erikakaiser] I suddenly got a stab of pain in my head I swear
[erikakaiser] Those are some powerful boobies

Aly: ...I want you to know
That I would hate your guts if you weren't my sister

Spam: I was bewildered at the pointless babble of normal 19yo women. And reminded of what an honour it is to be friends with you.

ShadowKevin: you're a dischordian candle in the darkness

Kyu: It's not the Hitchhiker's that makes you a nerd. It's that your fanfiction characters make a point of practicing safe sex.

jere7my: Well, girls like you hadn't been invented yet

Lauren: Kat, you're so nifty. You're like a pocketknife or something! (In reference to my vast arrray of mostly useless knowledge, like "how to tie a tie")

Nik: You're bipolar. You go from like giddy to super-giddy.

Ria: The world of conceptual art lost a great mind when you decided to be a math teacher.

Foster: You might meet an engaging young woman who'll help you dance and encourage you to kiss her!

JoshZed: for someone who prides herself on not adhering to gender stereotypes your notions of different types of social connection classification are confusing in a stereotypical female fashion

Sparr: the number of things I have no need to explain to you is immensely attractive

Anon'd to protect the honour of the (not so) innocent: full disclosure: I'm more interested in playing with your hair than your tits

Swing: Your boobs are newsworthy in the same way that the moon is newsworthy

Tricia: Sidenote: I do not know whether I have told you this, but if I ever gave an award for best hugs, you would win it.

Andy: you evil tempter of frozen treats, you.

Sparr: saying something is the "best thing since sliced bread" implies that it is better than anything else since sliced bread but not better than sliced bread
in this analogy, sliced bread is you

Alys: Kat, you're not just polyamorous, you're poly-city-us!

A lovely sort of boy I know: "I was thinking that I may need to impose on you at some point in Boston. Look, you're attractive, intelligent, and you tie people up. How could I not think of the opportunities?"

Herbert: Kat is about as subtle as a moose with a joystick-controlled rocket pack.

SCDAlex: I find that I also waltz my best with you, and never quite so well with other people

Tailsteak: It's the thought that counts. Thank you!
Me: That's a dangerous thing to say. I think some strange, strange things.
Tailsteak: You do, and I like it

Tailsteak: Seriously, your presence in my life is like a D&D character putting on a ring that grants him a +1 to will saves. It's a subtle but constant boost to my psyche.

Tailsteak: My wife has just asserted that @Sorcyress is "some sort of wizard".

Jake: I trust you!
Me: *eyes start to get very wide and excited*
Jake: I mean, I trust you more than I trust mek. I wouldn't trust you with a big red button or anything

Jazzfish: You are a superlative native guide, at least for two people who like poking in bookstores and other random shops. A+++ WOULD WANDER AGAIN.

Tailsteak: You do strike me as the sort of animal that doesn't do well in captivity.

Brenton: Let me put it this way: if you can't improvise a sword, at Dragon*Con, I will think less of you.

BDan: You're closer to velociraptor size than t-rex size.

Omitted to protect the "innocent": My dear, I can think of no one I'd rather share sucking a cock with.

Fridge: You have an optimally sized face

Sovay: You are a hero of the revolution. And you even have a coat!

Kyu: I checked out your journal and, as it tends to do, your voice appealed.

Spam: There are times I just want to curl up with you and bask in your energy.

Anon'd: you may have been gone a lot of the time and been emotionally unpredictable, but you are not a badly behaved geek.

Sparr: Hey Kat...I think if you were trying to get me killed, it would work.

Genarti: To our benefit, you're a liar.

???: You're right at the top of the list of people I don't want to poison. You and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

HorribleGrey: "You're right!"
Me: "Yes, I'm sorry."
HorribleGrey: "Don't worry, it's genetic, you can't help it."

Lisa (from Pinewoods crew and contra): Kat! It's your fault I have JungleSpeed now! My entire family hates you!

Random stranger at Arisia: You look like an extra fancy viennese pastry --in a nice way!

Becca: Before you got here, I was the only terrible person at this party.

Tricia: Right now, your brain is better than Google! [[in reference to my ability to come up with English Country Lobster Dances]]

Anon'd: You're ALMOST really seductive. I mean, you're seductive, but every time you start to get there you do something and it just...stops.

Dax: I'm glad your hair is still long! I think it's the source of your power.

Random backstage person: Right now you’re reminding me of Agatha, from Girl Genius, on coffee

Magus: @Sorcyress Some day when you are famous my collection of your dinosaurs will--still probably not have a lot of financial value.

wabbit: But most [friends] are single serving. You guys aren't. :)

Alioth: You explode with life. I really admire that about you.

jere7my: You're cool in that you make the world around you bend to fit you into it, instead of bending to fit the world, & you make people like that.

Some links worth checking out:
*Webcomics Sorcy-Kat Reads
*Key Players in Sor's life
*Way too much personal info about Sor --address, phone, etc. WAY locked.
*Kat's Present List, version 5.1
*The comprehensive history of this livejournal with way too many links. (not yet created)

*Why Sorcy-Kat is Fucked Up (part one, by no means comprehensive, will eventually link to a tag rather than an entry.

*Please provide info on yourself-- go fill in as much or as little information on yourself as you're willing to give me. See the old version here.,

(This is more for my own reference, really)

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