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This is probably the slowest moving constant in my livejournal. Were you here last time I did it?

Anyways, I collect excellent song lyrics, and every once in a while (when I've about 25 or so) I dump them out into a file and let you folk guess what songs they're from. Go go go! (not that there is actually presence enough to complete this meme anymore, but oh well, I still like the words.

55) And what is it that we're meant to have wrote -tsk- written?

56) I can't go on! The next part's just too personal to put into a pop song!

57) And as long as she's got noise, she's fine.

58) But she goes on curating your domestic museum
She disappears in her loyalty

59) Dance
It's all I want to do, why won't you dance?
I'm standing here with you, why won't you move?
Even if it throws you to the fire

60) I'm not the weak young thing you're seeking, Simon
Someone seventeen, obedient and sweet
I'm not the protege to waste your time on
I'm complete.

61) So raise your glass if you are wrong
In all the right ways

62) A thousand miles seems pretty far
But they've got planes and trains and cars
I'd walk to you if I had no other way

63) There is this thing keeping everyone's lungs and lips locked
It is called fear and it's seeing a great renaissance

64) Perhaps I am a miscreation
No one knows the truth, there is no future here

65) I am just a man, man in a city
city in a state, state of confusion

66) Having as much fun
As you can in your clothes

67) The bigger the camera
The bigger the tears

68) I'll call you master and I'm eager to please
I'm good around the lab and better down on my knees

69) Your song gets tween girls sighing
Two young lovers running from an unfeeling town
The truth is horrifying
Let me recap how the bloodbath went down
I killed off Tybalt, 'cause Tybalt kills Mercutio
Juliet took roofies and goes comatose
I run to her grave where I whack Paris too
My mom dies of grief and still we're not through 'cause
I decide Juliet is headed six feet underground
So I kill off myself just as she's coming round
So then Juliet jams a knife into her chest
There's your love story, baby we're all eff'd.

70) You know I'm just the kind of girl that feels so hurt
And smiles

It's just a breakdown, it happens all the time
So get out of my face don't even try
You wanna help me?
Just let me cry.

71) Though I'm far away I whisper
Your name into the sky
And I will wake up happy

72) Now here's the part we're talkin 'bout
With whom she's locking lips
'Cause after all a pirate queen
Has got to have her ships

Some say Harry's her true love
Or Ron she will betroth
She finally cried
"I can't decide
I'll have to have them both!"

73) If you want a life where everything is fine
Stop wasting your time.

74) Henry I adore you, always have done always will do
But I too have dreams
Maybe not as grand as yours
Or hard to understand as yours
But nonetheless *my* dreams

75) So careful kid with that wolf whistle
You never know what you'll attract

76) We are the blood inside the veins that pump this city full of life

77) So let's find a bar
So dark we forget who we are
And all the scars of the nevers and maybes

78) How can I sing like a girl
And not be stigmatized
By the rest of the world?
How can I sing like a girl?
And not be objectified
As if I were a girl?

79) What if you counting on my failure made me live?

80) Each species needs a sex that's slated
To be highly decorated
That is why the Lord created

81) You know the bed feels warmer?
Sleeping here alone
You know I dream in colour?
And do the things I want.

82) Everybody here has seams and scars
So what? Level up!
Call it any name you need
Call it your 2.0
Your rebirth
Call it your day number one in the rest of forever
Yes you are only one
No it is not enough
But if you lift your eyes, I am your brother

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And now a mini-meme, sourced from Jazzfish. It's "What are you reading?" Wednesday!

What are you reading?

Technically I'm between books at the moment, since I haven't actually opened a new one since touching down in California. So, the usual answer to that question, which is "bits and pieces of the internet, but especially LettersFromTitan.tumblr because I don't care if it's about Glee, Racheline writes better than I ever will and I want her words like breathing".

Yes, the thing I most regularly check into online is Rach's tumblr. Fight me.

What did you recently finish reading?

Ah, a much more interesting question. Last Wednesday and Thursday, I was subbing at the high school which meant that it was trivial to get over to the library afterwards. On Wednesday I checked out eight books, and then on Thursday I returned the five of those I had finished, and checked out five more to replace them. See, I don't read anywhere near as often as I used to, and part of the reason is exactly this, because when I read? I do. Not. Stop. It takes significant effort (or an extremely dense book --Dune springs to mind) for me to not consume novels in their entirety, without pause for obligation, neither work nor social.

So, in the last week, I've read the first four volumes of Unshelved, "Gamer Girl" by Mari Mancusi1, and the first four novels in L.A. Meyer's "Bloody Jack" series, which is an excellent historical fiction romp with a fine female main character who I relate to immensely --her impulsive nature, her practicality, her crude language... She's far more of an adventuresome pirate than I, but oh, give me another time and place and I would've been Miss Lieutenant Jacky Faber, renowned in story and song.

I read the last one and a half of those on the plane(s) to California (it took me about three hours start to finish to devour the fourth. That's 528 pages to give you an idea of my reading speed. "Voracious" hardly covers it.), as well as A Taste for Death, the one Modesty Blaise paperback I own. I had thought I was somewhere in the middle of Taste for Death, but everything, even the ending, seemed vaguely familiar, so now I'm left wondering if I was in the middle of a different MB novel, or if I had finished this one and forgotten that fact. At any rate, they're damnably hard to get my hands on, so it's probably not going to be an issue until the next time I'm in Chicago for any length of time.

It's been a good week for books. Outside of the novel format, I've caught up on Homestuck, and been reading little bits and pieces of the internet --my limited livejournal friends' page and LFT as noted before.

What do you think you'll read next?

I have the fifth Bloody Jack book just waiting in my bag for the flight home. I mean, I might start it sooner than that, but there is a certain amount of my mind that finds it outrageous to be merely reading when I have a mek in my presence, what with the never getting to see him and all.

I was also gifted a copy of "Gun Machine", by Warren Ellis upon my arrival to the airport (it was wrapped in a fake flower, *wibbles*) and when mek learned I had never read any of John Green's stuff, he gave me his second copy of The Fault in Our Stars. So one of those things is what I will read, or all of those things, in that order. Once back home, I fully intend to grab the next two volumes of Unshelved and the next four Bloody Jack novels, and then I intend to maybe read the other books I checked out from the library, which includes an awesome-looking historfic novel called "Ladies in Waiting", and some nonfic, one about numbers and one about clothes. I do like me some clothes!

Dang, I guess this mini-meme was not so mini. I am not very good at not talking a lot about things I am excited by, which pretty much always includes books and fictional worlds.


1: It's okay, nothing more. It felt very strongly of the groups I was a part of as a teenager, and I respected it for that, but of the three major plot twists, one was weak and one was stupid and frustrating. The third was just lovely though, and much of this book takes place in what are essentially Everquest chatlogs, and gawdamn does that feel like home.
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Today, a random link on Twitter led me to read a snippet of a story, a concept with dialogue, that serves as a heartbreaking completion to Peter Pan. It is called Never and it is by Ursula Vernon and is very dark and very beautiful.

In the comments, I see reference to another piece she did, rumours of a retelling of Red Riding Hood. So I go to look for it, and find it, and it too is heartbreaking and very dark and very beautiful. It is in two parts and called The Wolf and the Woodsman. I do not typically provide trigger warnings for fiction1 but it echos an abusive relationship, and you should know that if it's the sort of thing that hurts.

I am reminded that I deeply love Fairy Tales. And thinking of the compilation of Grimm's Tales I read when I was very young, I am reminded that I have a 6000 word post waiting to be published. See, I was given a meme, to write on twenty books that have influenced me. I am a writer, and before I was a writer, I was a reader. I am going to make this post in pieces, and it will probably be close to ten thousand words before I finish getting all the pieces posted.

So, twenty books that influenced me, part four2:

4) (age 8 to 17) Grimm Fairy Talesby the Brothers Grimm. I love fractured fairy tales more than many other types of stories, and it all starts with loving fairy tales. The collection we had contained about 200 of them, long and short, and I read every single one of them before I was very old at all. My favourite is Thousandfurs (though parts disturb me now) for I loved the idea of a dress as silver as the moon and one as golden as the sun and one as glittering as the stars --all which she would pack into a walnut shell.

I should try my hand at writing fairy tales more often. I have a two-thirds complete one from a couple years ago lying somewhere on my desktop, someone remind me to finish that one.

I feel I should mention too that I have read a vast number of fractures and retellings since then. Forget the sterilized Disney crap, I want a tale that is not afraid to be horrible, to tell me of wolves eating little girls, or a wicked witch being forced into red hot shoes and made to dance until her feet burned. In my version of Cinderella, the stepsisters cut chunks out their feet and little birds sing "Roocoo, roocoo, there's blood in the shoe".

My absolute favourite retelling of anything ever is Rapunzel's Revenge, but I also have much love in my heart for The Glass Slipper and Ella Enchanted (two very different retellings of Cinderella) and I will read The Ordinary Princess every time I come across it. (Don't you dare tell me it's not a fairy tale. It's not based on the original Grimm, but it is *absolutely* a fairy tale, in the purest sense of the term.)

I grew up with as many collections of fractured tales as I could get my hands on, and I still have my interest piqued when I see them in the stores.

This is incredibly long and meandery. That's okay, we're talking about books responsible for who I am as a person. Fairy magic is the kind I find most oft in the world, and I have always done my best to be polite to crones and animals, in case of meeting enchanted princes by accident, or fairies in disguise.

At any rate, read the Ursula Vernon stories linked. Or give me links to other good stories online, or books to look up in the library.


1: I am not sure why this is. I can be triggered just as strongly by fiction as reality, because it's the _reminder_ that hurts me. But for some reason, I think less about needing them or looking for them when I am reading stories. Perhaps because there is some soft echo in my mind that they are "just stories"?

2: You did not miss parts 1-3. I am not doing these in order.

Old memes

Aug. 26th, 2011 04:13 pm
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So, I've been cleaning out my e-mail inbox (very _very_ slowly...I'm almost down to 8000 items!) which involves a lot of going through livejournal and nostalgiatripping.

I found this meme/survey I wrote (Originally posted 2008-02-19) and I think it's cute, so I'm reposting it (with some tweaking).

Answer the questions!

About Me:
What name of mine do you prefer?
What is your favourite thing I have written?
In your opinion, what's my most destuctive habit?
And my best one?
When's my birthday, and what are you planning to do during it?
What is something you'd like to know about me?

About You:
How has your day been?
If you were stuck on a desert island, with everyone you cared most about, would you ever bother coming home?
Tell me something basic about you that I've probably forgotten:
What do you want to be when you grow up?
What do you do now?
When's the last time you had a pie?

About Us:
How/when did we meet? Or how/when will we meet?
When's the last time we saw each other?
Miss me?
Is our relationship, whatever it is, doing okay do you think?
What kind of dancing should we do?
Given a day together, how would you like to spend it?

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Take a picture of yourself right now.
don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
post that picture with NO editing.
post these instructions with your picture.

I happen to actually be dressed and showered for the day, *and* wearing a new skirt1, so no problem.

Pity the lighting is somewhat rubbish.

And oh fine, here:

Gonna go say hi to my grandmother, yes the dead one. Catch you later.


ETA: Oh here, fine mom. It's a long read --thirty-six chapters. Enjoy. The Paladin Protocol, Big Bang Theory, season three (and 1 & 2) spoilers, Penny/Sheldon, PG-13ish, no noticed (therefore glaring) grammatical or spelling errors --there may easily be subtle ones.

Since you were complaining about the lack of a link.
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Once every year or two, I get all caught up in the interview meme, which often lasts forever in my crowd, as questions go back and fourth. I probably still owe people questions that I'm forgetting about, but whatever.

So, the deal is you ask for questions in the comments, and I give you some. I got questions from [ profile] petrona and then woefully ignored by [ profile] badmagic1, but then got more questions from [ profile] jazzfish so YAY QUESTIONS!

[ profile] petrona asked me... )

[ profile] jazzfish asked me... )


1: meh, so are several other people, I am sure has has just been too busy for question-giving, as I myself often am. No actual negative feelings. :)
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Stollen for Ria, 'cause it's memetime!

* Post ten of any pictures currently on your hard drive that you think are self-expressive.

* NO CAPTIONS!!! It must be like we're speaking with images and we have to interpret your visual language just like we have to interpret your words.

* They must ALREADY be on your hard drive - no googling or flickr! They have to have been saved to your folders sometime in the past. They must be something you've saved there because it resonated with you for some reason.

* You do NOT have to answer any questions about any of your pictures if you don't want to. You can make them as mysterious as you like. Or you can explain them away as much as you like.

((My note? Please DO ask questions. A couple of the images are easily misinterpreted, and while I think it would be really really funny to have to answer the question, I really do not feel like telling everyone I know "no, I am not going to be a boy, I am happy being cisgendered female" or whatever. Also, I like comments.))

I should point out that I have roughly gabillions of images on my desktop. These are ten that fit me today. Tomorrow's batch would be completely different, I expect. )

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Stollen for Active_Apathy, because I like books.

The worst reading experience that you have ever had?
Oof. I am so tempted to just agree with her and say the Catcher in the Rye. I absolutely *hated* Catcher, not the least because, when I read, I pick up the writing style in my internal monologue for a bit. That sucked *so bad*.

The worst actual experience...I don't really know. Nowait! Worst reading experience wasn't actually a reading experience, it was a learning experience. I hadn't bothered to start reading The Great Gatsby for my eleventh grade English class yet, and, ohno, pop quiz. I bluffed my way through, including specifically stating that the main character was the narrator, who's name I couldn't remember. I got a nine out of ten.

That was bad teaching. No student is so scatterbrained to forget Nick Carraway's name if they've actually read the book. Especially considering that I seem to remember it just fine now, three years later.

Also a bad experience? The fact that I really really liked the story of Tale of Two Cities (Doubles! True Love! Revolution!) but just couldn't get through the actual book. I feel really quite guilty about that --I am sorry, oh great and wonderful Sydney Carton!1

There are sixteen more questions under here )


1I think I have such a crush on Sydney Carton. I remember writing an essay on how he was the true romantic hero of Tale of Two Cities. He's probably the second most awesome character I read about in tenth grade --Cyrano de Bergerac is, of course, cooler than the offspring of ZombieJesus and Chuck Norris. And that's pretty fucking cool.

2If you have to ask which one, you don't pay enough attention.

3This is intriguing, because trying to read the name on the spine has just shown that I am better at reading things that are upside down than things that are sideways. I am officially fascinated.

4I love The Dresden Files, and find them a lot of fun, but I can't read more than one at a time. They're just so gloriously intense or something like that.

5And there are apparently sequels out! Squee!
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So, every six or eight months or so, I have a temporary lapse of sanity, and get involved in a round or three of the quintessential interview meme.

The way this works, is you leave me a comment saying 'interview me' or with song lyrics, or whatever. Just comment. I will then ask you five questions, and you will answer them. If you answer them in your journal, I will stalk you over there and ask for you to interview *me* and therefore continue the cycle until I get bored or forget about it.

(The secret trick is, of course, that I never forget about it. I just don't do them for ages and ages, which is why I've such a backlog.)

But! Today is the day for catching up! I had questions in my inbox to answer from:

Read more... )

Anne )

kSatyr )

Dodger! )

Harena )

EnZed Liam )

Quanta )

Aren )

Oh, and Tho. Sigh )

Katters! )

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Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

1) I am faaaaar too nocturnal to have a 9:30 AM class every day this semester. I suspect that, before the semsester is out, I may become semi biphasic in my sleep patterns, and take long naps during the day.

2) I have had a shit-eating grin on my face since about midnight Friday morning. I keep expecting the world to cut off my supply of things-that-make-Sorcy-smile-like-a-ninny, but there keep on being MORE things to smile about! Most recently are awesome stories in my inbox, and my brain attempting to hash out old magic rules and the like from assorted bits of Sorcy!canon. (both from this morning)

3) I constantly pick up words and phrases from people. Most recently, I've gained "Shit yes!" from Katters and "Yuh-huh" from Magus. One of the ones that I use most often, and is decidedly stolen is the style of saying "The things and the hot and the yay and the Keira* and the unravished and the what?" which is such a ShadowKevinism I'm suprised I haven't been sued for it. (Especially ending the chain with "what?") I still use "Yep." all the time to break up paragraphs and end thoughts, which I got from Paul back in tenth grade, Fishy has permanently imbued my brain with the word "Yessum", and I still can't get my brain to consistently remember that yessum isn't meant to be used on guys.

I've also stolen 'hein' and 'niff' from Lauren and Emily. (The first being a shortening of "heinous", the second being a basterdization of sniff/smell ("You niff good", ferexample.)

4) I keep suprisingly good track of how often I have seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and whowith. Currently, I've seen it eleven times proper (seven with the Satanic Mechanics, three with the Full Body Cast, and once with the Teseracte Players) and three times at home. (Me and V, Me, V, and Katters (Same sleepover where the BEEP! thing came from. :P) and most recently, Me, Cecily, Lauren, Emily, and this random guy Jimmy)

5) I'm easily distracted by mirrors. I believe that a lot of it is a fascination with what I actually look like when I am doing things, how I move, etc. This may have started when I stumbled upon an anthology of Phil Foglios "xxxenophile" stories --one of them was about a girl who randomly woke up one day to find a carbon copy of herself in bed with her. (They go on to having wild sex, but that's not the important part) Since then, I've had a strange fascination with the idea of carbon copy clones, (same memories, same upbringing, same everything --essentially impossible to tell the difference between the clone and the original, because they are the exact same person.) especially since I think I would get on astoundingly well with myself should I suddenly have a perfect twin like that.

(I make no claims as to whether or not the two of me would have sex, because it's none of your damn business. However, if we did? It would be hot. That is all.)

6) I am a much more violent person than I let on. I haven't had a lot of chances to do it, but I really enjoy moshing, and actual tackle football is probably my favourite sport to play. Pain makes me feel alive, which is why I kinda have this vague daydream of starting a Fight Club someday.

(This violence doesn't translate to sex, however. Pain is not sexy, nor does it turn me on, it's just...thrilling sometimes. And, of course, the idea of anyone intentionally causing someone pain without consent (obviously a Fight Club style thing has consent) turns my stomach.)

If you've read the 'Protector of the Small' books, (by Tamora Pierce) Kel's wandering around the castle and challenging the bullies to fights in order to protect people is exactly the sort of thing I like best. Yes, you get pounded on, but you're doing something Right.

7) My contact cards (Name, handle, e-mail, elljay, screennames) are made by drawing on playing cards with sharpies. I tend to write the important information on the face of the card, and on the back, I scrawl some clever phrase, or, if I can't think of anything else "This Card is Marked"

(Speaking of cards, I've been meaning to get this quote online before I accidentally hand the card to someone: "We didn't start off in the closet. We walked in there. We said 'Hey! This looks like a great place to make out!'" (Lesbians are hilarious.))

8) Eight is my favourite number, and has been since I was six or seven years old. There are three eights in my birthdate --28 08 1989. I was exceptionally pleased with this, because it meant that, the year I was eight, was supposedly the best in my life. (I can't remember if this is true or not. 18 is pretty sweet)

Oh, and holyshit! I've been widely proclaiming the fact that 2008 is the Best Year Ever, and that has an eight in it. And eighth grade was definently my favourite non-college year of school, like SO WOAH.

Soyeah. Eight is a good number for the Sorcy. When forced to quantify myself with a number (such as at the Big Expiriment) my choices go roughly 169 (132), 42, 8, 13, 27.

*Knightly, not [ profile] shield_toad111. I make no speculations as to the current ravished or unravished state of my friends, but Elizabeth Swann managed to go HOW long without being raped? Crazy gentlemanly, these pirates.


Yay, I thought of things! I am a clever Sorcy. Also, I am not as evil as my clone, so I will not tag everyone who has a certain letter in their name. Instead I will tag anyone who particularly wants to do this meme, and my bestest friend in the entire world (Veronica) because she doesn't post often enough and I like hearing from her.

Unrelated: Awesome detective story about nice people returning a really good camera. It makes me smile and say 'aww!'

'kay, I'm off to pack for my afternoon classes and to finish eating breakfast. Yay, stuff!

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Stollen for Active_Apathy )

Yay memes. Damnit, now I really really want it to be Christmas. Rar!


If you are a maths type person, and you somehow missed it, the unfairly beautiful [ profile] heptadecagram posted a geometry problem from hell for us to solve. So far, I know of at least two people who are stuck on it, not counting myself, and one person who may be doing it, in between driving places.


I spent about half an hour today with my hair taped to a wall. This was SIGNIFICANTLY AWESOMER then the hour and a fucking HALF I spent in a shuttlebus today, crammed between/on Kate Monster and Dominik.


...yeah, that's everything.

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Hokay, so a bit ago, the standard "tell me # facts that no one knows about you and then tag other people to do this!" meme was circling around the adult portion* of my flist. No one was actually bothering to tag each other, so I arbitrarily decided that doing it was a cool thing, and did.

This time, the magic number is eight. (Cut because I am hella verbose) )

Yay, eight facts. And explanations of BtW's and stuff like that.


*Adult portion. People who I am friends with in real life, and who were friends with my mom first, and are usually closer in age to her then to me. Different from people who are closer to mom's age then mine, but were my friends first. Those people are filtered as "iiral", along with anyone who didn't go to Long Reach that I know in real life.
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Yay memes.

Name a character from one of my fandoms and I'll give you (a) three facts about them from my personal canon/fanon, (b) a reason he/she sucks, (c) a reason he/she is awesomecakes, (d) five things that never happened to that character or (e) five people that character never fell in love with and why. You pick the character. I pick the letter(s).

*fandom = either one of my fandoms or one of my original storyworlds. I'm easy.

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I'm repeating the pick-six-userpics and explain meme, mostly because I really like talking about my pictures.

Soyeah. This time I did the meme from:

Harena )

Eric )

Talia )

Soaring Dragon )

And that's all for tonight, folks!

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Comment on this post. I will choose six userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post your answers (and this explanation of the meme) in your own journal (if you want) so others can play along. Or heck, post them here if you don't want to toss it into your own journal, I don't mind.

Mom wanted to know about:

1) Dumblydore:

So, there's this journal [ profile] potterpuffs which is pretty much amazing, if defunct. And so I decided to take Dumbledore, who has been my favourite Harry Potter character since "Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!", and turn him into an icon. I have (not uploaded) an icon with the same text, only with a picture of Loony Luna Lovegood.

I use this one when I'm feeling exceptionally carefree and happy. The world looks so damn beautiful!

2) Suicide Marsha:

College Roomies From Hell did a storyline where Marsha, in a fit of total life-suck, decided to step off the roof of her building and end it all. See here. She looked so sad and so strangely beautiful in that first panel, that I had to iconify it.

I use the icon for my hella-emo posts, and some thoughtstreams. Generally, if I'm crying when I write a post, I'll use this icon.

3) GID

GID --Goldheart Infinity Delorous is my puppydog. She says 42 if you squeeze her ear. OtherKat sent her to me for our first Christmas where we swapped presents, and she remains soft and fuzzy.

This picture just turned out hella good, really. So I iconified it. I do not use it very often, and it's one of the ones I might eventually drop.

4) Mr ORLY

O RLY? is one of the meme's that I have totally not fallen into (unlike lawlkitties), but this icon made me laugh like it was going out of style. Mostly, I just like Mr. Men.

This icon is technically supposed to be used when I'm talking about memes, but I don't think I keep good enough track.

5) I like Ham


There's this really amazingly funny book called "The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists" which Luna gave me for Christmas 2006. I lurved the book to bits and pieces, and mentioned one day that I wanted an icon of Captain Mal and Zoey pulling off the Pirate Captain and the pirate with the scarf's ham dialogue. Tho obliged. \

Ideally, I would use this one to discuss books, ham, and pirates!

6) Clone Me

This icon made more sense when OKat had hers up as well. Tho randomly gifted the two of us with mirror image birdhouses, each with a line from "Birdhouse in your Soul" on them. It made it hard to tell the two of us apart. :D

I should use this to talk about Katters, Blue, or TMBG. Except I have a TMBG icon, so I don't need to.


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"The rules are easy, just post 10 things that recently made you happy! Then tag 10 people and force them to post this meme on their LJs. Because it is good. Everyone needs a little happiness once in a while."

Ten things that have recently made me happy:

1) My boyfriend is coming to visit me this weekend! <3

2) I watched the Jungle Book on Saturday with Jess.

3) I kinda sorta got to see Annaliese on Saturday, through the wonders of the interwob. Hush, I still got to see The Goddess. That's totally happy-fying.

4) Have I mentioned the Kinder Bueno bars yet? Kinder Bueno bars.

5) Mary is becoming friendlier to me. :)

6) The fact that I have not one but TWO pieces of fanart drawn for SOMETHING I WROTE. *squee!*

(Okay, it was a lifefic. And they're more illustrations then fanart. I STILL have fanart, DAMNIT!)

7) The fact that this picture somehow makes me look elegant.

8) Lauren and I now have codenames and injokes and a constant mission (Avoid subject 23-fucking-19). We also invented a game, which is an awesome game, called "Version 2.7" We should go play it again tonight or something. Need to find a tennis ball... >>

Yeah, I have friends! How wild is that?

9) Theatre is life. <3 I guess this means I'm living again.

10) The leaves have started to change, meaning that the already gorgeous view out my window is becoming even prettier. I shall have to go wandering.

11) (Of course it goes up to eleven. :D ) All the wandering makes me seem much smarter then I actually am. ACTUAL QUOTE: "Wow, you're pretty smart [to know about that]" "No, I just walk a lot." (Angelica/Me)

12) I am in a nonexistant band now. Mushmallows fo'EVER!!

(I play the drums. Of course. :D)

13) Maeve

14) "You're Winner!". Seriously, I nearly pissed myself laughing at all the reviews and everything.

15) I can't really remember the last thing, but it's all good. :)

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Real posts later. Memeing now!

Stolen from the Keira:

For the first five people that reply to me and re-post this challenge, I will send you something.

It might be something I've made, or something cool from my hidden stash, it might be a mix CD - or a rubber duck, a book I think you will enjoy, or something else that is awesome. The gift will be tailored specifically to each person.

Whatever it is, I promise that I will get it to you in 365 days or less.

The only thing you need to do in order to participate is to be one of the first five to reply to this, AND post this very same thing on YOUR live journal - cause it's fun to give people prezzies! I'm all for frequent random presents.



(((And because I'm like that, I think the five person limit is rediculous. If you want me to send you something, leave a comment. If I feel that I don't know you well enough to give you my (return) address, I'll let you know and we'll work something out. )))

(((Alsoalso, I call bullshit on the 365 days thing. I've had the photo meme sitting in my queue for *how* long now?)))
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The first player of this game starts with the topic "six weird habits/facts/dislike about yourself," and people who get tagged must write in their journals about their own six weird habits/facts/dislikes, as well as state this rule clearly.

In the end, you need to choose the next six people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment letting them know they're tagged on their deviant page!

1) It has been more then a year since Plangkye tagged me to do this meme. I think that gives you all a fair idea of how much time I spend on dA.

2) I just lost The Game.

3) I have trouble remembering not to capitilize random words in the middle of sentances sometimes, especially when rewriting questions or paraphrasing quotes. On the flip side, I tend to get lazy after the first or second word in a title and usually will fail to capitalize the rest of a title.

4) I have subscriptions to Time and Seventeen, giving me all the info I will need to know about politics *and* fashion!

5) I deal with life by being happy. When I am in pain or hearing about someone elses pain, I make jokes or force humour and sunshine into the situation (all in my head) in order to keep myself from breaking down. On a day to day basis, I decieve myself constantly by focusing on all the positive things in my world. When I go on walks, my brain almost always settles itself out from negitive if I was feeling bummed, usually by noticing little things like smiling babys and the way trees look. This is why I tend to be very subtly unhappy with life, and tend not to actually smile most of the time.

5.5) I didn't actually know that until right now.

7) I like having an excuse to share who I really am, and won't do it otherwise.


8) I hide the important facts by emphasizing the ones that don't matter...
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1. Who is your best friend?
2. Why did you become friends?
3. How did you meet?
4. Why have you stayed friends?
5. How long (realistically) do you think you'll be friends?

1) Veronica! *sends love*

2) Because our parents were friends in high school, our birthdays were three days apart, and it was more then a month after our birthdays and neither of us had gotten a party.

3) In third grade class. She was brand new! And then she was all "My dad and your mom equal bff's!"

4) Honestly? I'm not quite sure. I think it's mostly because we're different enough to keep the other one sane. For me, I know that part of it at least is that I need a Best Friend --the person who I can cry on their shoulder for no reason at all, and have them understand.

Another part is that I don't tend to make friends really easily (Or at least, I don't feel like I do.) So it's way too much hassle to make a new best friend, especially when I've poured so much of my emotions and energy into this one. :D

Relating to that point, there are very few people who I be my complete self to. Veronica is one of those very few people. As the scale of everything goes, Veronica probably knows more about who I REALLY am then pretty much anyone else. (Mostly because she's known me so long, too.)

5) We've managed it for ten years. I don't see why that would stop anytime soon. I'm thinking that as long as we keep in touch, we'll be friends. Constantly, when out exploring, I'm thinking of dragging her up here and forcing her to meet my world and stuff --hopefully not in the winter, though. *grin*


(Questions repeated to reduce scrolling)
1. Who is your best friend?
2. Why did you become friends?
3. How did you meet?
4. Why have you stayed friends?
5. How long (realistically) do you think you'll be friends?

1) The Katters! My clone.

2) Uhm. Because we had the same name, and we both liked Artemis Fowl?

3) I suspect that she randomly IM'd me out of the blue one day, because she was bored and I was online. We'd had cursory contact before that, on, and of course, we were both madly in love with the same fictional charecter.

4) ...


Because she is my sun, my moon, and my hot air balloon.* She is more like me then pretty much anyone else, and a lot of what I want to be like. She yells at strangers on the sidewalk, and puts together thrift store costumes with uncanny ease.

A lot of it is the same as Veronica, too. Once I've put an emotional investment into a person, I don't want to lose them. Even if I haven't seen them in a long time, they're still a part of my conciousness that I don't want to lose track of.

Also: Clone!

5) Realistically? Forever. Or until we both die. At which point we'll probably meet up in some discordian/pastafarian heaven and continue on with the mayhem.

I'll give you actual updates later. In the meantime....stuff.


* *raises an eyebrow at Kat.* Well? Found it yet?
* actually, so are a lot of people, Veronica included. It's just unlikely that they'd appreciate the quote.


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