Jul. 27th, 2010

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Oh internet. You are strange and beautiful sometimes.

I am only very slightly in anything even remotely resembling a fandom. While I will proclaim the virtues of This Is Where it Starts(Middleman, focuses on Lacey and DubDub's friendship, SFW, non-spoilery) to everyone I possibly can, and while I have taken the time to read every other fic linked from this particular tvtropes page(Fanfic Recs: Middleman. TVtropes will ruin your life.), I really don't often have an inclination to find what's happening in the fandoms of other shows I enjoy.

(I have nothing against fanfic or fandom, mind. Indeed, it seems that the fastest way to get some good (or some hilariously bad) porn is to wander through some of the harder edges of the Torchwood fandom or something. It's just not generally something I seek out.)

However, Alys has watched the first two seasons of Big Bang Theory over the past half-week, And I don't know, maybe vague spoilers dealing with character personalities? Cut to be absolutely sure. Also, BBT is faily, bee-tee-dubs, I am decidedly non-thrilled with it. )

So yeah. This is pretty much all I'm doing with my life in Chicago. Woooooo.


1: "What about Leslie Winkle?" Well, she's awesome, but I feel she's portrayed more as a smart female than a geeky one. Don't get me wrong, she's my second-favourite character on the whole show, but thus far she's been less into comic books or superheroes than the rest of the boys.

2: Nooo, I don't know why I have such a thing for hatesex. It's really weird. I don't want to sleep with anyone *I* hate, that's kinda, you know, part of hating them. But I like the concept when shipping, and it's really weird and awkward.
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Semi-relatedly, oh dear god, Sheldon has crawled into my head, what do I do what do I do this is so awesome and so terrible all at the same time.

Man, life was so much easier before I had soulbonds1.

What, like when you were ten?

Yes. Shut up. Your existence will confuse people who haven't been reading my journal for six years.

I think it's actually reasonably clear that I'm a variant of yourself, who you have discussions with regularly.

S: Well of course, who else is going to understand her on the level necessary for true communication.


S: *pouts*

YOU DON'T POUT. Fucking fanfiction messing with my perceptions of characters, I don't even get to have a normal Sheldon Cooper in my head I have to have this...this variant impostor!

H: Now now then, you've never much objected to me being a work of fandom?

...Musicals are not fandom.

H: Indeed. Is the new boy fuckable?

S: Am I what?!

Hyde: no, Sheldon: OUT, me: stop livejournaling, it is too late for that nonsense and no one is going to understand this entry. Hell, I'm not sure *I* understand this entry. Goodnight!


1: Soulbond, noun. Coined (as far as I know) by [livejournal.com profile] madamluna. Character stolen from some work of media who lives in your head and chats with you and drinks all your booze.

I list them as a separate concept from Denizens. Unlike Denizens, who can be original characters, soulbonds never are, they're generally stolen, wander around for a few days/weeks, and vanish quietly when their source material stops being quite so much of an obsession. See also Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Mary Poppins, Zaphod? I guess Zaphod, he was kinda a nomansland between Soulbond and Denizen, the original Hyde (as owned by Luna), and both White and Black spies.

No, this entry is not meant to make sense. Sorry about that. Sometimes I use my livejournal for this sort of faffery.
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Also, what is it with all these fics with Sheldon and chess? I mean, not that I object, as it is very him, but goddamnit, I suck at chess and will therefore never manage to adequately seduce the man.

...yes, yes, I'm going to bed.


Postscript 1: Yes, this is why I have a twitter, to save you lot from posts like these. Oh wait. Apologies.

Postscript 2: Tonight will be an interesting test of what direction people read their livejournals in. Does this entry make any sense whatsoever? Have you read those that come before?

I myself read chronologically. Like you should.

Postscript 3: Wevs, you know? It's my journal and I'll post if I want to.

Unrelatedly, "wevs" is pretty much my word for the month.
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Take a picture of yourself right now.
don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
post that picture with NO editing.
post these instructions with your picture.

I happen to actually be dressed and showered for the day, *and* wearing a new skirt1, so no problem.

Pity the lighting is somewhat rubbish.

And oh fine, here:

Gonna go say hi to my grandmother, yes the dead one. Catch you later.


ETA: Oh here, fine mom. It's a long read --thirty-six chapters. Enjoy. The Paladin Protocol, Big Bang Theory, season three (and 1 & 2) spoilers, Penny/Sheldon, PG-13ish, no noticed (therefore glaring) grammatical or spelling errors --there may easily be subtle ones.

Since you were complaining about the lack of a link.
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Dear boys of the universe:

Please stop making me think hard about the fact that my new boots are laced wrong, and I should fix them.

Also, please stop making me giddy that I have new boots.

You are all maddening, luv, Kat.


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