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Currently faffing instead of going to the local party. Is okay, I'll leave the house soon. Theoretically, I am supposed to be cleaning my room, putting away laundry, making the bed, and packing for *tomorrow's* party (Or at the very least, writing something, bobspamit!) but meh. There exists tumblr, and fascinating conversations, and me being neurotic and obsessive about information organization.

Case in point, I can tell you that I have averaged exactly 10 miles/day since getting my bicycle on the fifth. That's with two days this week where I didn't bike at all, because I was in NYC, and it seemed silly to drag Ellie down there. I can also tell you that I hit mile 100 sometime on Tuesday (the eighth day of biking), and I can even get as specific as "within half a mile of the Randall Munroe Sweet Ass-Park".

I like being neurotic and obsessive about information organization, even if it leads to things that I, and no one else, care about.


Under the cut, I mention horrifying and triggering things )

Anyways, because wikipedia is addictive, even (especially?) when it's horrorshow, I had nightmares. Thankfully, I don't remember any of the technical details, but as is common with me and dreams, I wake up recalling the emotions, none of which were remotely pleasant. On the plus side, I got out of bed with only one hitting of the snooze button, which is shockingly low for me. When my alarm went off the second time, I reached for the snooze, recalled I had experienced nine minutes of REM-reboundy nightmares the last time I did that, and got up for the day instead. New strategy for getting out of bed?


I should possibly turn the conversation I was having about age-discrepencies in relationships into a real post sometime, since I feel like I was actually saying some interesting things there. In the meantime, Genni and I ought to go par-tay. In apologies for sharing awful awful things with you, I gift you this SMBC comic, which I have essentially been giggling about for two days straight. Ta!

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Trigger warnings: Self-harm, depression, anxiety, hope

There on Twitter was a link from The Bloggess, labeled "This is the hardest thing I've ever written". I had to follow --she is too good a writer, too good a person to pass up, and with a tagline like that, well...yeah.

It is a post revealing the fact that she self-harms.

I do it to self-sooth, because the physical pain distracts me from the mental pain.

There was the line that makes my heart break. Because that's why, exactly why. Because you can't destroy the thoughts in your head, so you have to destroy something else, anything else. Because if you hurt yourself enough, you'll have to start spending time fixing it, cleaning up, anything that's not just sitting there trapped in your own thoughts and nothing more.

I don't know that I've ever explained publicly my complicated relationship with insanity and self-harm. I think it's high time I did )

So I'm not a self-harmer. I do not, in fact, self harm. But I understand the impulse, I understand the need, I understand every single person out there who has to and why. I understand how fucking hard it is, and I understand that because I've never really been there, with my blood on my hands, I'll never really understand.

But I'll be damned if I stop marking myself when I need to.

The Bloggess dreams of a world where people wear silver ribbons --survivors and supporters of mental illness-- with pride rather than shame. People on Twitter have started posting pictures of their ribbons.

I don't know if I qualify. The only mental fuckery I've actually been established to have is a healthy dose of ADHD. Honestly, I don't think I've got it bad enough to have anything else, not when there are so many more people out there who have so much less cope. But even if I'm not a survivor, I'm sure as hell a supporter.

So here's my ribbon. May you too find the mechanisms you need to keep yourself well.

Much love.

I know it only very rarely is able to be used, but if you are ever in need of a shoulder, a friend, a reassurance, a place to sob, whatever, you are welcome to contact me. I am on IM much of the time, and when I have a phone, I am always willing to receive calls and help. You are awesome people I know. Stay that way.

Trigger Warnings go both ways: Self injury, depression, and anxiety. And just a little bit of hope.
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(This is a mini-sundries post, covering one blog from the past few weeks, because it's awesome.)

Dresden Codak is supposedly an amazing comic, and I really do mean to read it sometime. Somehow, I started reading the tumblr of the author, as he was talking a lot about making comics and art and stuff.

More recently, he decided to take on DC and their reboots. He presented the top 10 best superhero or villain reboots. And then the top ten worst. And then he decided to put his money where his mouth was, and offer up his own designs for five essential reboots.

His reboots feature both drawings of the new design, in his beautiful style, and a quick run through of the new background of the character and notes on what their story would be. It's great fun to hear a more updated, and especially realistic, version.

Anyway, all that spiraled out of control, and he found himself making extensive posts rebooting The Justice League, The Legion of Doom and Batman.

These are all awesome. I don't even read superhero comics, and I found his commentary to be absolutely fascinating, from both a storytelling and design standpoint. If you like art or storytelling or comics, definitely go check some of these out.

Oh, and to finish it all off, he (I assume) wrote a satirical piece in which DC rebooted his characters. It's a hoot, especially the constant use of the word "strong" to refer to "as little clothing as possible" --but only for the women.

I've been reading a ton about the DC reboot, because it is interesting to me as a comics reader, and as an activist. Aaron Diaz has definitely been doing some of the better snark on the topic. I recommend it immensely!

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Short and sweet sundries, of things that I want to share but haven't gotten around to yet:

*Dog retweeted a link to this picture, which keeps making me lawl. Apparently it was seen at a starbucks.

The best part of this story is that he was feeling slightly down later that night, and so to cheer him up, I tossed him the first awesome link that came to mind. Which was the above. I told him I felt like a moron, and he laughed and said I shouldn't as it's totally the sort of thing he would do. I love my friends!

*Talia remains a very good writer, even when she's just making quick posts about the Whovian nature of her dorm. Also, I am not sure if Talia is even a name she goes by anymore, but Futuresoon is so formal, and I don't at all think of her by her real name except when checking the dedications in her dad's books.

*Someone else on Twitter (don't remember who) linked to this: It appears to be a version of Candyland, with bacon. What?

*Hey MA folks, there appears to be some form of smallpress/Indie comics gathering going on at the other half of my school! It's free, and I will be there at least after noon, I think, maybe even with a couple doodles or minicomics to give to people if I'm really good, or at least my binder full of pictures of dinosaurs drawn by awesome people.

Huh, that appears to be everything I had open. Now I am going to go prance off to physics class, baiii!



Jul. 30th, 2010 01:44 am
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Here's some stuff I've been looking at lately:

*Kaylee-inspired cupcakes. They are adorable and look hella delicious. Hey future roommate? When you get around to that Dalek cupcake you promised me, I want some of these too. :D

*Next time I am in New York City, I am doing this. Because seriously? So cool. SO FUCKING COOL!

*Lady GaGa done in steampunk!. Worth reading for the renamings of all her songs especially.

*When Dog was trying to come up with something to write for his 750words (he too is attempting the August challenge, go us), I told him that I could try to come up with a drabbleprompt, but it would probably be something stupid, like "Oh no! The zombie has a spatula!

I love my friends so damn much!

((See also the last time I did this, when I told Brenton he should write an account of the gripping war between the plants and the zombies. Also good!))


Oh, and by the way, I am hoping to live in the Chicago Museum of Industry and Science for a month. If there's anyone out there who'd like to beta-read my essay for me before I send it, that would be awesome, and I would love you forever.

Because guys? I really want to do this thing.

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I went thrift-storing today!

I didn't get all that much --a really nice vest though, that I think will match my light striped steampunk pants quite well. It occurred to me as I was looking through things that there is a principle of fashion that I've never really cemented in my head before now.

Namely, if everything in your wardrobe matches everything else, you're set for life.

Figuring this out (which I'm honestly sure I'd known before, but this was the first time I really "got" it) is probably one of those painfully obvious things that everyone else knows, but it's nice to have it as an actual rule. And it's not like I wasn't aware of it, at least on a subconscious level --if you look at my steampunk stuff, you'll find that it's all earth tones --brown and khaki and army green, mostly, with a couple Soviet-red or rust-red pieces thrown in. My garb follows similar patterns --three green corsets, one red, two black1.

Now, extending this idea, I can start to create patterns for certain looks. For instance, thus far my Regency/gentleman's formalwear has a lot of blue in it. Dark blue tailcoat2, which means I wear it with dark blue hose and a navy blue vest3. While I don't have blue ribbons for my hair, or blue laces for my shoes, they're on the list --as is a blue feather to put in my tricorn4.

The only other costuming I've got where I'm trying to accumulate considerable amounts of pieces for --not just one outfit's worth, but maybe someday enough to wear something different to every event in that genre-- is my pirate stuff I suppose, which is all black and red. Or, if I'm dipping into the steampunk stuff and garb, green and brown. I'm okay with that.

But that does lead itself to a conclusion, namely, should I keep doing this when I find other genres worth costuming for. Among other things, Jane Austen's Fight Club may actually be enough to make me interested in procuring some amount of Regency ladieswear sometime. Now, I could go with pale blue, which would be partly to properly cosplay Fanny from JAFC but mostly to see if it can go properly with my gentleman's wear. But there's a certain amount to which I consider Regency era clothes to be partly the province of my denizens --my tailcoat is almost perfectly Gabriel's shade of blue, which means that the feminine Regency garments should be shaded in Alis's particular red.

(of course, that leads itself too easily to pastel pink, and while I'm very secure in both my masculinity and my femininity, I just don't particularly care for pink, especially light shades, and especially *anything* which could be called "dusty rose".

Unless we're talking this Caddy, at which point I am completely secure enough in both my masculinity and my femininity to say I WANT. I have no idea where I'd put it, and I suspect that a car, like virtually everything else I own, should be built to withstand an awful lot of dirt and damage, but it's so pretty.)

So yes. I suppose if I was really good at this, I'd go and figure out what colour(s) I look good in, as opposed to just picking my wardrobe based on the cute cheap things at the thrift store that fall into the categories of "colours I like"5. For the meantime though, I'm enjoying the fact that, even though I'm not actively looking for anything at the thrift stores I visit6, I now have categories of things that should catch my eye more than others.

Or I can continue to just find every vest in the store and curse the fates for making me too small for any of them.


1: I have three garb corsets, all reversible.
2: This is practically my favourite thing I own, I *swear*.
3: Okay, sometimes I wear it with a salmon pink vest. Since I have a salmon pink vest that's exactly the same as my navy blue vest except for colour. I love both of them more than is reasonable. I almost obsessively love vests, shh, don't tell anyone.
4: If I'm going to be not period, I want to be not period in *style*.
5: For instance, I could look *gorgeous* in deep dark purple. But I hardly ever wear it, which is disappointing, really, as it's a great colour. I should find out somehow! Also, I'm pretty sure I don't actually look all that great in straight up goth girl black, which is why I've been trying to add colour to my Rocky wardrobe.
6: In terms of both cosplay and just generic stuff. I finished my Daria outfit last spring, and it's totally throwing me for a loop --I don't know what to look for anymore.
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Take a picture of yourself right now.
don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
post that picture with NO editing.
post these instructions with your picture.

I happen to actually be dressed and showered for the day, *and* wearing a new skirt1, so no problem.

Pity the lighting is somewhat rubbish.

And oh fine, here:

Gonna go say hi to my grandmother, yes the dead one. Catch you later.


ETA: Oh here, fine mom. It's a long read --thirty-six chapters. Enjoy. The Paladin Protocol, Big Bang Theory, season three (and 1 & 2) spoilers, Penny/Sheldon, PG-13ish, no noticed (therefore glaring) grammatical or spelling errors --there may easily be subtle ones.

Since you were complaining about the lack of a link.
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Oh internet. You are strange and beautiful sometimes.

I am only very slightly in anything even remotely resembling a fandom. While I will proclaim the virtues of This Is Where it Starts(Middleman, focuses on Lacey and DubDub's friendship, SFW, non-spoilery) to everyone I possibly can, and while I have taken the time to read every other fic linked from this particular tvtropes page(Fanfic Recs: Middleman. TVtropes will ruin your life.), I really don't often have an inclination to find what's happening in the fandoms of other shows I enjoy.

(I have nothing against fanfic or fandom, mind. Indeed, it seems that the fastest way to get some good (or some hilariously bad) porn is to wander through some of the harder edges of the Torchwood fandom or something. It's just not generally something I seek out.)

However, Alys has watched the first two seasons of Big Bang Theory over the past half-week, And I don't know, maybe vague spoilers dealing with character personalities? Cut to be absolutely sure. Also, BBT is faily, bee-tee-dubs, I am decidedly non-thrilled with it. )

So yeah. This is pretty much all I'm doing with my life in Chicago. Woooooo.


1: "What about Leslie Winkle?" Well, she's awesome, but I feel she's portrayed more as a smart female than a geeky one. Don't get me wrong, she's my second-favourite character on the whole show, but thus far she's been less into comic books or superheroes than the rest of the boys.

2: Nooo, I don't know why I have such a thing for hatesex. It's really weird. I don't want to sleep with anyone *I* hate, that's kinda, you know, part of hating them. But I like the concept when shipping, and it's really weird and awkward.
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Some sundries that I have found entertaining lately:

*Jane Austen's Fight Club is the current best thing on YouTube. Cosplaying Fanny might just be enough to get me into a Regency gown. Pass the bruise make-up, please. (Warning, a little violent, girls hitting girls. It's fight club with Regency dresses.)

*A Skeptic's View of Love, which should be required reading for everyone that gets all moony about the fact that, when you meet your TWOO WUV FOREVER, you will instantly be in love with them and that's that.

I honestly find it *more* romantic to consider that good relationships are not based on some emphereal concept of a soulmate (hint: I have yet to find someone who meets all my myriad and occasionally contradicting needs --if I have a soulmate, I have not yet met them) as much as they are based on shared experiences and revealing the hidden layers of yourself to your partner. But I'm far more practical than romantic, most days.

*Superheroes vs the Westb*r* B*ptist Ch*rch --from Comicon, so you've probably already seen it.

*Legend of Neil has started its third season! Decidedly NSFW, but fairly hilarious regardless! For the unknowing, it's a web-series that consists of this dude Neil transported himself into the game "Legend of Zelda" somehow. And by somehow, like I said, NSFW. It's funny, and stars Felicia Day as the fairy, and I'm glad they got their third season, since I really like web-based media.

And one last that I'm hiding under the cut for being textually, um...risque. )


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DISCLAIMER-SLASH-WARNING: This entry is a very good illustration about why I don't write comedy. It also contains references to menstruation, masturbation, UTIs, accidentally burning one's netherbits by peeing on a fire, God, and The Catcher in the Rye

Also irreverence about dying, apologies for such that sound much less convincing than I really did mean them, fainting, scientific debates about the likelihood of me drowning in the bath, and a link to a blog that would be the funniest thing in existence, except some of her humour makes me nervous, like her being irreverent towards the word rape or writing an entry about how she decided to find out if her dog was actually retarded after observing that it wasn't exactly the smartest of mutts. Which, given the evidence, she has a point that her dog may very well be the canine equivalent of mentally challenged. I just shy away from the word retarded.

(Arrrrg it is hard to find humour that is also appealing to me as a good person.)

AT ANY RATE, you should read it if you like reading me being very babbly and dramatic. Especially because it's shorter than this intro! Okay, no, that was a lie, it's about four times as long as this intro, but WHATEVER GUYS! Just read! Or don't! It's up to you!

here!! )

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Okay, I'm at that point where I have sixty tabs open across seven browser windows, and that really means that I need to make a link post and get on with my life. So here, have some sundries!

*Boston folk, in last Saturday's flooding, Taza Chocolatier got hit hard. They are trying to convince people to buy their stock so they have money for repairs. Buy some chocolate for a worthy cause!!

*Also Boston Folk, today at seven PM there is going to be a recess in Davis Square. Bring your jump ropes and four square balls, and believe me, I would be there in a heartbeat if I was a few hundred miles north and east of here.

*Improv Everywhere's newest stunt: Recreating the beginning of "Star Wars: A New Hope" on the Subways!

*I'll be honest here: I really quite want this foldable bicycle. It's a neat design, and I emphatically want to have a bike to tool around with up in Boston, to the point where I'm gonna need to find a way to get mine up there *some*how. So yeah.

*"But then there are some shows that go completely beyond the pale of enjoyability, until they become nothing more than overwritten collections of tropes impossible to watch without groaning." (A hilarious review of that terribly unrealistic show on the History Channel --"World War II" (I mean, could you *get* more melodramatic?). Read the comments. Sporfle warning.)

*I will unfortunately not be able to post this Girls With Slingshots guest strip by Erika Moen in my future classrooms, but I want to so badly!

*Locked posts, so no links, but I'd like to extend appreciation to [ profile] chickenhat for "LESS COWBELL!" and to [ profile] ncarraway for giving an earworm trigger warning when he mentioned GaGa's Bad Romance.

*[ profile] ms_hecubus continues to keep a fairly funny blog (seriously, I should make the list of people who's journals are fun to read even if you don't know them1), this time ranting about how "Every time I use a plastic bag, the terrorists win". (And hopefully she will not mind me linking her, as I was impolite and didn't ask permission this time)

*Oh, and her followup letter to Sears.

*Speaking of Racheline (You do read the footnotes when they come up, and not at the end, right?), she went to a conference recently, and made this post about secrets and exile that talks about coming out about various things. And then I babble about this a lot more, because I find it important )

*Oh look, another [ profile] ms_hecubus post, this time Sensibly pointing out that boobies are both sexual and practical items, and to try and define them as one hundred percent one or the other is useless

*[ profile] yagathai came up with a fantastic new portmanteau: Voluntarting. Please go use in a sentence.

*Look! It is A map of the creative process!!

*So, I follow the [ profile] davis_square community because I like knowing what's going on in my world --signal to noise is high enough to keep me coming back. Most of the posts seem to get between zero and fifty comments or so. So when I see one that gets _253_, I pay some small attention.

It is, of course, a post on how to have good bicycle/car relations.

I love my hippie city and miss it dearly.

*Mel Gibson Rant Quotes Presented by Kittens. I don't even know how to react to this. Trigger warning: severely abusive misogynistic language.

*Animation showing all the nuclear bombs that have gone off from 1945 to 1998, including test sites and the like. Long, but neat.

*Want respect for bicycles as transport? Use them that way!

*[ profile] ratatosk talks about a recent court decision saying that the FCC's current indecency policy is unconstitutionally vague. Go censorship fighting!

And that seems to be everything. Now I can go clear the two hundred or so items out of my RSS reader. WOO!


1: Also on that list is:

[ profile] rm, who writes about dancing and fandom and gender and the whole racism-misogony-homophobia-god-society-sucks-thing and doesn't really take shit, and writes just *fantastic* stories about a life that seems very much to be a part of a different world and time sometimes.

[ profile] kittikattie, who writes about video games and American Girl dolls and ponies and art and the whole society sucks thing and takes even less shit than Rach and has a constantly amusing slice of life journal thing going on with lots of pictures of interesting stuff and is the one who coined the phrase "black day"2 which I use sometimes.

And ShadowCaptain would be if he hadn't left elljay for the evil that is Facebook, and Ms_Hecubus like I said, and there are almost certainly other people who have interesting and entertaining journals, in case you need more to read, which I doubt. Dan4th and Heptadecagram, when they post. Others. Whatever, maybe I'll make this into a post of sorts sometime.

2: Black Day: A day in which you put on your gothy best, because sometimes it is nice to be all black-clad and take-no-shit. She always has one on the fourteenth of February, as well as two or three others across the year, mine show up sporadically, but seem to be reoccurring on the fourth of July.

3: In watching Clueless the other day, I remarked that "only to a sixteen year old would "and you're a virgin who can't drive" be seen as such a slur".
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So, the other day I was going through old 750words posts and stuff, and pulled out a bunch of things that I thought were worth saying in public.

A lot of them are kinda depressing, because I think words often flow better when they've got a pinch of melancholic to them. But here. It's like a sundries post, only just with things I've written.

Author's notes are in italics

There is a boy.
Who likes me and other girls.
And likes me more _anyways_.


Being loved by someone sweet and devoted to me is nice, and I love them all for it.

But being loved by someone sweet and devoted to me over other girls is just a whole different realm of exciting. And of course, we don't actually have much of a romantic relationship at all, but still.

I've never been the girl who wins before. It's the scariest damn thing, but gods help me, I like it.

Yeah, this was really startling when I realized it for the first time, and I still kinda refuse to believe it's true.

And of course, there is no "winning" in poly (except maybe making everyone involved in your relationship scheme happy) but there's also not quite a word to express what I mean here. I am perfectly content to be right where I am in all the relationships I'm in --hence the reason I'm in them-- but sometimes it's nice to realize all a sudden that someone thinks you're special enough to set aside a girl who is clearly hotter and more interesting than you are.

...then it just hurts more and I am tired of it hurting _more_. Things aren't supposed to keep hurting more. Shouldn't pain level out at some point?

Yes. Yes it should. I think this particular pain might've gotten close to level for now, the problem is just that level is a lot of pain, and so I can only lock it away for so long before it rages at me again.

What, no, I'm not emo, nope.

I hate because the only other option is to hurt, and this hurts so bad I'm not sure I can deal.

I don't remember who or what I hate here. Very plausibly myself.

And really, if you don't have all your words sorted out beforehand, if you don't know what you're going to say, what's the point of trying to say it anyways? I'm a fucking writer, if I can't put a problem into words, there's probably not much of a problem in the first place.

...and even if I can put it into words, I'm a cynic, and a victim and extremely clever. If I can put it into words, I can figure out arguments against the problem until it no longer exists, or boils down to just me being a tiny idiot. And no one but me can fix me being a tiny idiot.

And this is why I am not very good at speaking up when there is something wrong in one of my relationships. If I can sort it out on my own, because I was just being silly, why would I bother my partner?

Yeah, I'm _really_ not good at this relationship thing. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

And when the going gets tough, I am presented with one option -to overwhelm myself in sensation.

Tense certain muscles past any reasonable point, shut my eyes tight, or stare meditatively into something lovely, or run and run until the body runs out of energy, or most used of all, drown my internal monologue in music.

I drown myself in music all the time. Hell, let's be honest here, it's one of the most useful coping mechanisms I currently have in order to fight bottom. I get sad, I pump on the Next to Normal, or s00j, or Vienna, or whatever else I've got, and I make the sad, if not go away, at least have to struggle past the noise to actually get to me.

It's a really really nice coping mechanism. It also means that I'm going to be deaf before I turn thirty.

My made up mind was not put here for you to try and change. Cheers, s00j.

But the best part of today is that I've hit upon two separate things that make me incredibly _incredibly_ happy.

The first is pretty logical. Giving Blood. Me donating a pint makes me both incredibly pleased with myself, and punchy as fuck due to the light-headedness. I am okay with this state of affairs, especially if it makes me unlazy enough to go give blood more often than the twice yearly I've been doing.

Speaking of which, I'm almost eligible again. Anyone want to go to the red cross with me this weekend?

I am amused by Hyde, protecting me from the ghosts that lurk for hours after I read anything creepytastic, no matter how far I remove myself from the immediate.

"Don't worry dear. There is nothing in this house as scary as I. Except maybe for you."

Oh, excellently played you delightful fucker.

y'all do know who Hyde is, right? He lives in my head and gives me not terribly good advice. Because I am, say it with me folks, a little bit broken.

I am, for the first time in my life, willingly sitting out while actively at dance.

I just...don't feel like dancing. I'd say maybe I'm tired, except I know I've danced in physically worse shape before --and that's not even counting on the sprained ankle!

No, I just can't cope with the idea of doing more dances tonight. There is apparently a point where the pain of dance overtakes the pleasure --I know, I didn't realize it could happen either. But there is, and I've finally hit it.


I don't want to sob in the middle of the dance hall, in the middle of a waltz. I don't know that I could explain why if I did. I do know that I don't ever want to have to. I hate crying, I hate the pain, and I hate people giving me sympathy, because I hate being weak enough to need other people.

All I want is to just be strong enough to survive independent of outside forces. Maybe that means I need to break up with everyone, not have outside forces that affect me any longer. GO LIVE IN A CAVE AND BE A HERMIT, SOR!

I am such a whiny cunt1. It is beyond me why anyone at all gives a damn about me in the first place. :P

Cunt explained below. No, you don't get an explanation for the rest of it. But this is a pretty common mental path --emo -> yelling at myself for being emo.

Dog and I get along well, and that's really really important.

I need to remember that having friends who I can bitch about the odd parts of my life to are a really crucial thing for me to have. I also need to remember how much I appreciate having friends who will slap me down when I am using inappropriate language, or otherwise being an elitist jerk. (see also, Jesse glaring at me when I used bitch. I want to give him a cookie and a hug for that alone)

Dog is awesome. I really want to hang out with him more this fall, when I'm back in Boston.

(I don't know how to feel about the fact that I'm using Amanda right now for a little extra bit of stability. She is a fucking idiot. But her art, when it's good...

It's good. It's the best. Right now I am angry and hurt and sad and scared. And that is the perfect mood for listening to Amanda, because she will reinforce the parts that are okay to be reinforced, and she will eradicate the parts that need to just Go Away.

I use music to blank myself out. She's really really good at that.

Hate the artist, love the art? I don't even know anymore. It is so hard to be a good person sometimes.)

Can we have an Amandadebate-free space in my journal comments? I'd appreciate that.

Yes, this is all just because I handle arguments extremely poorly, and I can't freak out and walk four miles in this state.

I find it telling that I've had two boys in a row who were just for sex. And I'm in love with both of them.

Sex is a bit of a misnomer --I have what the Shakers2 call an "unsullied cunt", which is apparently terribly valuable and should be protected at all costs. But boys who I am into with the kissing and such, and not the romantics. And...yeah. My traitor of a heart has started to sigh wistfully, and doodle our initials together on my school notebooks.

The emotion involved, this is more than sex. Sex is just endorphins and dopamine. Waltzing

So, I almost just wrote "fucking _this_" as my author's note. Which means that I just tried to emphatically agree with something I wrote. So, uh, yeah, I'm a bit of an idiot.


1: This is not a word that I should use. It's a slur, flat and simple, and I should not use it to refer to myself (which I do, occasionally), or any other woman (which I don't.)

That being said, there are a lot of things I call myself that no one else may touch, and yes, cunt is one of them. There's a hardness to it, all edges and corners and sharp, and in some moods, the words I feel that fit best are the words that fit this hardness.

2: See also, Shakesville here, and the specific origin of the term unsullied cunt here.
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This is another one of them sundries/link posts, because I am far too angry to report about Daycamp today. Which means I probably will at some point, but I want to get this done first --not the least so I can clean up this browser window of all the loose tabs, and restart Vera, which she would probably appreciate.

So, some stuff that has caught my eye lately!

*An account of a visit to the nursing home where a Stonewall veteran currently resides, during Pride. It's beautiful, and sad, and while it hurts to think that we cast aside those who set the path, it's nice to realize that the queer1 community HAS been making progress, even when some days it feels we haven't.

*Drowning does not look like moviedrowning. Dot linked to it on Twitter, and I was entranced, partially because of the whole neck-choking-not breathing neuroses I have, and the fact that they've been a lot on my mind lately, trying to sort out what the specific problems are, and how they work.

*A pretty sweet pdf of how to survive your first con. It's HP cons specific, but most of the information is really useful. I would recommend it if you're for some reason not much of a congoer but would like to be.

*Always check the sources cited --something on was snarking that smarter people have less sex, and linked this study to prove it. I went "But... the venn diagram of "people I know have lots of sex" and "people I know who are smart" actually has a fair bit of overlap.

At any rate, I clicked through, and found that it's the abstract to what sounds like a fascinating study about the fact that intelligent adolescents have less sex. Like...people in the twelve-eighteen year old range. Gonna be honest here, I am smarter than you2, enjoy sex more than you3, and when I was 12-18? Shit man, I was about as uninterested in sex as a baby is in politics.

*SMBC illustrates why you should not date a mathematician. I more or less died of lawl. This is one of the comics that I will print out and put in my classroom when I am a teacher, along with half the archive of xkcd4.

*Sometimes shirt.woot is meh. Sometimes shirt.woot is weird. Sometimes shirt.woot is forgettable.

And sometimes shirt.woot is so awesome that it sells out of the ten dollar/day price before I can even get to it. I am _seriously_ debating just sucking it up, and paying the extra five dollars for this one.

*And to round us off, Surviving the World5 touched on one of my favourite "deep questions" --namely, is sex with a perfect clone of yourself incest or masturbation7. And his answer is *excellent*.

What's interesting in your world?


1: Queer used here not to intend a slur, but simply a more definitive way of making sure I include EVERYONE who needs to be included, and not just limiting it by the letters I can remember in the general glbtqqaikp alphabet soup. (That's gay lesbian bi trans queer questioning asexual intersex kinky poly, in this case. I'm sure someone more savvy can toss out a couple others I missed.)

2: No, not really. I am smarter than a lot of people, but the people who are my closest friends tend to be smarter than I am. If "fag hag" wasn't such a detestable term, I would totally claim to be a "nerd hag".

3: comment.

4: The non-swearing half.

5: This is seriously one of the best comics on the internet. I adore Dante --among other things, he's the only cartoonist I've yet found that can outrank Randall Munroe on the "webcartoonists I would have a whole lot of awesome sex with given the chance"6 list.

6: I almost fixed this to be doing his taxes, which is not a euphemism, but no, I really do just find him immensely shagable. What can I say, I *really* like geeks.

7: This footnote intentionally left blank, save one hell of a cute little smirk.
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Things that I have determined:

*They found a self-replicating design for Conway's Game of Life, something that they weren't expecting to achieve for another decade or so.

*Seanan McGuire's Red Roses and Dead Things is one *hell* of a good album. (Yes, my music is rapidly approaching a type, shuddup)

*Girls wearing labcoats and little else are pretty hot, just on principle.

*I might be boy-crazy

*Being hyper-flirty-silly is an awesome mood, especially when I can actually get things done through it.

And now I go sleep, so tomorrow I can accomplish things for mom and drive to Origins. BYE GUYS, BE GOOD WHILE I'M GONE!



Jun. 22nd, 2010 01:19 am
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(Subject line ruthlessly stolen from [ profile] rm)

Some stuff that has caught my eye lately:

*[ profile] ms_hecubus went to the zoo! I found this report of hers deeply hilarious. Warning, it might not be safe for work, depending on how stringent your work is about animals fulfilling their biological imperatives. And pictures of thus.

*&y linked to this collection of ads speculating how modern technologies would've been advertised in 1977. Pretty stuff!

*As part of my regular discussion of everything in the entire world1 with JoshZed, he mentioned that apparently Insane Clown Posse has declared war on science. Impressed by the concept that anyone could be so utterly stupid, I begged him to make a blog post. Highlights include the quote "We feel like these haters[scientists] are the big dumb, popular jocks ganging up on the little class clown scrub." I only laugh because if I think about it too hard, I'll start sobbing.

*Apparently the Vatican has endorsed The Blues Brothers as being a Catholic classic. I am not making this up.

*The first law of Rock-Em, Sock-Em Robotics: A robot may neither rock nor sock a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to be rocked or socked.

*And lastly, I've been following a parenting blog written by one of my math professors and her wife. They just had a rehaul, and have up an adorable new header. Go see! (And the best part is definitely that they do look more or less like those pictures, which is just so cute it makes me want to squee.)


1: We seriously do talk about nearly everything there ever was in the world. This is why I've started writing down what our dinnertime conversations were later, because they cover such a broad host of subjects (okay, fine, mostly math and world domination, but a *lot* of math and world domination!)
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I should be accomplishing schoolythings, or at least packythings, but instead I'm being led off into tangents by [ profile] rm's livejournal.

Background is that dramashit1 hit the fan regarding a con in the SPN fandom. You can go read Rach's journal if you want the details on the mess.

Anywho, [ profile] nancylebov, who I don't actually know in the slightest, made this comment, which I started to respond to, and realized it was going to get long:

Care to take a crack at rules for photographers? One of my most annoying con memories is of a photographer (large white guy wearing bear ears) who insisted that I stop working (I huckster) and look at him while he took my picture. He kept persisting past a number of refusals.

Or is "Your desire to take a picture does not override other people's desires to do whatever they're doing" plus a few rules about permissions and privacy enough?


Man, "your desire to take a picture does not override other people's desires to not model for you without recompense or choice, especially without knowing where those pictures will end up." ought to just be one of those common sense rules that people magically get. Of course, common sense isn't and all that, but wouldn't it be nice if it was.

(Said as someone who has both taken a fair number of pictures at cons and who has been asked for pictures at cons)

And I do take a fair number of photos at cons, especially animu ones, where you actually get a majority of everyone dressing up (seriously sci-fi fandom, can we fix this? Because that may just be my favourite part of dealing with the anime fandom3). If I want someone to not move, so I can get a nice, non-blurry photo, I ask them. It's an incredibly simple process, for those who don't get it, I provide a simple walk-through.

  • Notice someone in a cool costume.

  • Pull out your camera, and politely get their attention. This means you may have to wait a moment if they're in a conversation already with someone else.

  • Ask "May I take your picture". Possibly add "I love your costume/that character" or "...for my website/blog/flickr" if it's appropriate.

  • Wait for them to say yes. If they say no, thank them for their time, and walk away.

  • If they say yes, wait for them to pose, and take a picture, maybe two. Try not to take up the entire hallway, especially if you're somewhere crowded.

  • Thank them

  • OPTIONAL: offer to show them the photo if you're using digital, offer to send them the photo if you're organized enough to do that, give them a moo-card with your flickr account if that's how you roll.

  • Walk away and let them enjoy the rest of their con.

I have done this dozens of times, across multiple cons. It works pretty well, honestly, leaves me feeling happy because I got a nice picture, and generally seems to leave them feeling pretty happy because someone liked the costume they worked hard on. If it's an obscure enough character, sometimes you actually get them *really* excited --this girl started bouncing when I recognized her as Daria, and after I snapped the photo, we hugged (Oh hey, there's another thing you should ask permission for...)

On the occasions when they say no, guess what! It's not the end of the world. It's probably not even you --sometimes people are in a hurry, or chatting with their friends, or something messed up with their costume and they don't want proof, or they can't legally afford to be seen in this costume4, or the other half isn't here right now, or whatever. Or maybe it is you, and they think you're a creepster --the best way to make them think you're *not* a creepster is to thank them for their time, and go away. Asking why someone isn't willing to give up THEIR time for YOUR photograph is rude at best. They owe you nothing.

And that's me babbling some about photos at cons. If other people have other thoughts, I'd love to hear them.


1: I was having a discussion with [ profile] zombie_dog about this at NEFFA, namely the fact that I strictly make a difference between drama and just problems, be it in relationships, fandoms, friendsships, what have you. I usually tend to define drama as a strictly bad, and usually unnecessary thing. When something big happens, and lots and lots of discussions and arguments get started, and emotions get heated, that's not necessarily drama (or wank2). When people start acting like morons about it, and attacking each other rather than discussing the issue at hand, then it starts to get dramay.

2: They're a little bit interchangeable for me, but I am trying to break myself of using "wank" and "fuck" as pejoratives, because both wanking and fucking are awesome things, and I don't like the underlying idea that a sex act should be our strongest curse. That being said, this is going even more slowly than the not using "lame" thing, mostly because "fuck" is one of those words I use several dozen times a day, really. It just has a good *feel* to it, much like "cunt" --there is a power in the word that, say, "frell" just doesn't have. Hard syllables versus soft maybe?

3: And believe me, I have many *many* least favourite parts about the anime fandom, mostly in the form of horror stories told to me by future-rooommate [ profile] distant_flicker.

4: I've been there --anyone who saw me at Arisia knows that I've worn things at cons that I really can't have pictures of me leaking out on, because I will lose my future job. That being said, a lot of casual crowd-shots get taken at cons, and the chances of you being able to control every photo of you is nil --all you can really do is limit the number of posed photos.

OHMAN, and I just remembered the last time I was at Rocky, and dolled up appropriately, this asshole journalist just pointed his camera at me and started to take a photo. I wound up blocking it with my hand, and totally going off on him for not asking permission. He seemed more amused than anything else (haha, look at the overwrought little slutty girl) but I felt better for bitching at him. (And he didn't point the camera at me again at least)

Comment Policy: (Eventually I will stop doing comment policies, but they entertain me): None, actually. I mean, if you go about being all "HURR EVERYONE NEEDS TO STOP FOR MY CAMERA AND ALSO TAKE THEIR CLOTHES OFF BUT ONLY IF THEY'RE A HOT GIRL" I'm gonna seriously reevaluate our friendship, but have at it.
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Alright, the logical corollary to my previous post is a spoileriffic thread, where people can babble about Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality(Trigger warning for rape, chapter seven) as much as they want. Mostly, I want to know who actually followed the link and read and enjoyed it.

(And if you didn't, seriously, go follow the link and read and enjoy it. There are only 20 chapters up right now, it will only get longer and better.)

Also, that being said, who wants to be on the list of people I make a point of telling when new chapters are up, so that none of you have to get a account? I already have Foster, SCDAlex, and DHS. (Also, Sariel, DarkEric, BDan, Dodger, Kittikattie, ToK, Dan, Leiacat, Herbert, Buddha, Miriam...)


COMMENT POLICY: Spoilers abound, through chapter 20 of HPatMoR.
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Okay. We're gonna start this entry by pointing out that I am smart. Not necessarily in the traditional genius knowing a lot of things about a lot of highly complicated nuclear science etc things, but in the heaps of common sense and a pretty good ability at figuring out how things work, and understanding explanations, or at least knowing what I need further explanation on way. More Feynman, less Einstein is my general goal1.

Being a smart kid, I tend to be interested in reading things that are also smart. I'm not saying I want to go pick up a half-dozen Highly Academic texts and plow through them, but when it comes to things like my fiction, the more I find myself saying "c'mon, *really?!*" to the characters, the less inclined I am to enjoy it. The whole horror movie "don't go in there alone, you moron!" thing? Yeah, that. I find characters with no common sense to be frustrating and uninteresting --in general, the more clever a character is, the more likely I am to enjoy watching them interact with their world.

Every once in a while, I find a character who has more common sense than I do. Not just pragmatism or enough common sense that I never go "don't do that, you moron!", but a character who I honestly feel would, if reading my story, have a fair number of moments in which he or she said "don't do that, you moron!" to me, --not just stupid moments, but things which I thought made perfect sense at the time.

Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres. Is one such character.

And he's still flawed as hell. There are multiple other characters in his universe who are just as or differently intelligent as he is, and they are saying all the "don't do that, you moron" things that I don't even comprehend because I just don't even realize that they're a "don't do that, you moron" thing in the first place!

Flawed characters are interesting. We want them to get better, to learn more, to become more intelligent, clever, closer to perfect without ever actually reaching it, because perfection is boring. And so, a flawed (therefore, interesting) character who is flawed in ways that don't make me want to grab them by the shoulders and shake them?

If HJPEV was a real person, it is extremely possible that I would be a little bit in love, and more than a little bit intimidated by that fact. Hell, just looking at the way I interact with the people in my life who *are* decidedly smarter, and I know that I would have just about the hugest crush possible you can have on an individual without ever speaking to them (because I wouldn't know what to say!)3

For those of you raising an eyebrow and going "Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres??", ah. You must not follow me on twitter. You haven't had to put up with me for the last six weeks, throwing in quotes and lines and just *buckets* of squee about what really is, the single greatest fanfiction I've ever read.

It is called "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality". The author's description on is "Petunia married a scientist. Now rationalist!Harry enters the wizarding world armed with Enlightenment ideals and the experimental spirit... "

It was first brought to my attention by [ profile] ncarraway when he twote the line "What part of 'get fitted for robes' sounded to you like 'please cast a Confundus Charm on the entire universe'!?" with a link, and I was intrigued. My first quote was from the fifth chapter, I wound up practically *devouring* all seven that were then up. By the end of the seventh chapter, I had decided that this was a hilarious way to look at the wizarding world, and was enjoying all the intelligent ideas floating around.

It was probably somewhere around the tenth chapter where I realized that the intelligent ideas were a part of it, but more importantly, I cared about the characters and wanted desperately to know what they did next.

The story is currently up to chapter 20, and while the intelligent ideas are still intelligent, and the characters are brilliant and wonderful, I now want desperately to know what the *plot* is going to do next. Especially after reading the spoiler-tastic author's notes for chapter 20, because the provide insight to a Voldemort who has actually read the evil-overlord list and is clever enough to understand it.


So, let me just point out that I cannot recommend this fanfic highly enough. I love it enough that I actually went and reopened my account on, just so I could get e-mails whenever a new chapter was up --and believe me, my heart has soared every time one has. Foster and I just spent a highly enjoyable 20 minutes discussing the plot and ideas. I linked it to JoshZed, who has linked it to people, and at one point came to me with the ethical conundrum of "this has changed my thinking and the thinking of friends, is it wrong to link it to someone with the underlying plan of trying to change *their* thinking?"4. I gave it to @AlBri (SCD-Alex) one night, and he came to me the following Monday at dance to squee about how brilliant it was, and how he kept wanting to read more, rather than sleep.

This fanfic? Is really really good. I've been recommending it all over the place, to people in real life and on Twitter. Now it really is time I link it to all of you.

So go read. It really is worth the time.


1: Not that I'm ANYWHERE close to either, of course, but what I know of Feynman, means that I pretty much want to do his taxes free of charge2, and yes, I don't *care* that he's dead now and doesn't have taxes to do.

2: Warning, feminism.

3: See also Sean the suitpunk boy who was in my math class and who rendered me utterly tongue-tied, because not only was he a form of gorgeous I really like (suitpunk: rumpled hair, multiple piercings, t-shirt, vest and jacket, also, skinny as a rail) but because he was not only smarter than I am at multivar calc, he managed to nerd-snipe our teacher for a class period, which was hotter than hell.

If he's somehow reading this, hello, want to go get coffee sometime? I promise I will try not to babble at you too much!

4: It was a little more complicated than that, but without permission, I don't think I feel comfortable going into details.

COMMENT POLICY: No spoilers, please. Feel free to link squee-worthy lines of dialog (that was almost what this post was, just dozens of those) but don't disclose plot elements in here right now. Catch me on IM instead.

ETA: Jesus *Christ* that got long fast. Sorry guys. But the fanfic is JUST THAT GOOD!

ETA2 (11:11, 2010 05 10): I forgot to point out (and I feel like a dick for doing so) that there absolutely needs to be a trigger warning for chapter seven of the fanfic --a bad guy talking casually about rape specifically.
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WARNING: This post doesn't really get so far as talking about rape, per se, but it does talk about regular, routine, sexual assault. Trigger warning in effect.

Unlike most of the people on my friends list, I am really not that long out of high school at all. I graduated a little more than two years ago, and entered just over six years ago. This journal was started in December of my freshman year --it makes a really good chronicle of my life sometimes.

And sometimes, I laugh at naive younger!Sor, and sometimes we argue, and sometimes she weeps for me, as I am now. And sometimes, I weep for her, as she was then

On a similar note, why would any girl want to degrade herself by LETTING boys smack her on the rear end, or pinch or grab her butt? I see it in school way to often, guys do that to the girls and the girls just LAUGH! Why the hell don't they care?? That guy just grabbed one of your "private parts," a part of the body that you've known since childhood is even more private and personal then the rest of your body, and you just sit there and giggle. You IDIOTS! Trust me, and guy who gets his hand within a foot of my rear end will suddenly find that hand shoved down that throat. It still being attached to his arm is optional.
18/May/2004. Please don't mind the fact that it has taken me a very long time to apparently learn the difference between to and too.

Because it's really really hard to fight against everyone you're close to. Because you don't want to be called a prude, uptight1. Because if you deck the guy, you've forced your friends to see you as "humourless" and perhaps a freak.

After all. He was only doing it in good fun.

I've never much had to worry about seriously resisting the peer pressure of the average high school crowd, because I was so far flung out of it *anyways*. I ignored and avoided nearly everyone who wasn't either part of the Table --largely a collection of those of us who were two (or more!) grades ahead in math and liked playing magic-- or the Theatre. The boys I grew up around, certainly in those first two or three years of high school, were sweet and dorky and painfully inept at girls. More importantly, they were gentlemen, and I think the idea of smacking one of their friends on the ass was just as taboo to them as it was to me.

But reading blogs, and posts, I stumble across the following --

A growing number of teenage girls view sexual harassment and even assault as “normal,” says a top Toronto school board official.
Gerry Connelly described the “new normal” phenomenon during her keynote address at the annual Safe Schools Conference in Toronto today.
“A young girl will see somebody being pushed against a locker and fondled inappropriately, or they are being touched inappropriately and they say: ‘Well that’s just the way it is,’” said Ms. Connelly, director of education at the Toronto District School Board.

And that's what it was to me --normal. Sickening, and dirty, and slutty, and how dare those girls degrade themselves like that, but ultimately, a fairly normal sight to see. 14!Sor never once considered that maybe it wasn't the girls degrading themselves, so much as submitting to being degraded3. Out of fear of being ostracized, out of an inability to fight back, out of just not caring, because they know it's not going to stop, whatever.

And maybe I was wrong, and it wasn't sexual harassment at all. Maybe most of it was couples, roughhousing, playing, being just a little bit of exhibitionists just to show off they had each other. Maybe it was friends goofing around. Maybe not one of those girls I ever saw ever felt the slightest bit uncomfortable with the situation --it was just another touch, like a hug.

But I honestly kind of doubt it.


1: Perhaps nearly as bad an insult as slut, some days.
2: From PunkAssBlog, the article "The Evolution of a Feminist"
3: I...can't quite get this wording right. I want to say that the girls themselves were not doing anything wrong, however, they also weren't trying to fight back, and were instead accepting the situation -which is not inherently wrong, it's hard to fight against someone stronger than you, especially if you don't want to be told to just lighten up- but also did not necessarily help their situation. Insert debate here as to how much the victim is responsible for changing their situation. Yes, the abusers are fully at fault, but if no one ever stands up and tells them that it's wrong --and that did not necessarily need to be the girls-- they will continue their abuse. Orsomethinglikethat?

WARNING, because my disclaimers go both ways, for the people who read their friends lists from the bottom on up!
This post talks about regular, routine sexual assault at a high school level. Trigger warnings, and all that.
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So, ages ago on the internet, I found this video, and tossed it into my YouTube favourites1.

It's a whole bunch of people dancing to Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie". I like people dancing, and I like this one especially since it's got a nice batch of people, both boy and girl, having fun and, well, dancing!

Later, I found out about the wonderful, *wonderful* "Where the Hell is Matt" video:

Which, again, had lots and lots of different people DANCING. This time, from all over the globe. It makes me smile just about every time, and occasionally makes me all sappy and tear-up. This is because I cry a lot, but also because it's really quite beautiful.

One night while watching television, I was half assedly watching a commercial when my brain went "wait --what?" I promptly rewound (I love living in the future) and affirmed that, yes, this was the most awesome commercial since the Discovery Channel ran its "I Love the World" commercials. It's for Bacardi --Hey booze drinkers, is Bacardi actually awesome, or just really good at advertising?

Wasn't that completely rad? I make no claims whatsoever to the accuracy of any of the dancing, but it's got a nice song, and does a good job of getting the point across, even if it fails dance history forever. ((Notetoself: Point this at Susan sometime))

Lastly, there is this thing called the Brotherhood 2.0. It is a pair of brothers that decided to make a video blog for each other, and send vids back and forth. It is pretty awesome in general, and has attracted a huge following --what they call the Nerdfighters-- who are devoted to decreasing world suck. My friend Ria is one of them, and she's sucked many of the collegefolk into joining as well, at least in a vague sort of way.

Anywho...this is self explanatory:


That's all. Have a good day!


Arg, footnotefail.

1: My YouTube favourites consist of "everything I might want to watch again sometime". Unless I bookmark a video instead, at which point, eventually I wise up. It's a pretty eclectic mix of videos, since a fair amount of it is music I want to listen to until I get around to buying it, and cartoon bits, and things people have linked me and all manner of nonsense.


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