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So, I have this file on my computer from a year ago entitled "REVOLUSTRAVAGANZA". Somehow I am only just now realizing that "rev" is not the start of "resolution" but that's to be understood, since I haven't updated the list since like...apparently April. Huh.

In my defense, I spent a lot more of 2016 in a semi-Depressive state than most of the years prior, prompted in no small part by the minor traumas of losing a job I loved1, dealing with a serious asshole landlord2, and The Election. Usually I just get the drain bamage in the winter, spending much of April-June wanting to sob to pieces in my office was an unwelcome addition.

But separate from that, let's check in and see how I did on things. You can read the original post here.

1) Writing: Ehhhhhnnnnnhhh. I did a significantly spottier job of using 750w in 2016 than in 2015. This is gonna be a common trend by the way, 2015 was an objectively better year all around. I'll see about getting back into the swing of things this year.

2) Making LJ posts or whatever: I certainly haven't been hitting 15 a month, but I've been doing a fair clip, which is great. Apparently in October I posted on over half the days, which is kinda amazing. I'll keep trying to focus energies, I (as always) miss it over here.

3) Backing up the computer: I have been...okay? at this. Currently I'm like 60 days out, which is not so good. I will continue to try and hit once a month.

4) Cull my closet: This did not so much happen. I am not so much good at this.

5) Track bicycle milage: I did an awesome job of this until May, at which point distracted and stopped syncing Eddie3 with Kela4, and also stopped using Eddie for a long while. That being said, I managed 1141.84 miles on the bike from January to May, which is a goodly amount, damnit!

((I miss my stupid eight mile commute along the river with the sunrise behind me. Damn but that was good zen-time.))

6) Frivolous bike journey: I did not actually manage. Maybe next year? It's not super a priority.

7) We don't talk about number seven. Being an adult is hard, and I spent a lot of the year in lack-of-meds trauma, which is my excuse for why we don't talk of number seven.

8) Have a job better than substituting for this school year: Well, uh. Huh. Okay, so nannying is objectively better than substituting (it's more consistent, less stressful, and pays better. No benefits, but then, I don't have benefits as a sub either). It's also not what I want to be doing with myself in the long term. Maybe 2017 should be the year where I get serious about finding a *career* again.

9) Five multiday non-dance events: Arisia, Balticon, Gencon, NYFF and.......Marc's Wedding? I don't think that counts. I traveled a lot, but most of it wasn't *events*, per se.

10) Five multiday dance events: Pinewoods x3, NEFFA, and I completely failed to do anything this fall.

11) Do well at current job: Well, they fired me. Like, less than a month after I made this resolution, there began to be Big Conversations and all of January and February was fucking nightmare awful, but I genuinely thought I was doing the work I needed and getting better and it didn't matter. Come the April contract negotiations, I was informed that I would not be invited back.

(My boss was gracious enough to do it at a free period at the end of the day, which means when I went down to my office and sobbed, I didn't have to worry about getting my face back together for students.)

But I think I did a pretty fucking good job of it up until that ending point. The best I could, at least.

12) Give more presents: Ehhh, a little bit? I got weirdly excited and overboard this Christmas with my family (which I like and feel good about, and since I get many things secondhand or discount, I don't feel like I spent too much money or anything), and I feel like I've done a couple good things throughout the year, but not much.

13) Give more presence: I continue to not do well at this, but I've at least been trying? I need to leave way more DW/LJ comments than I actually do, don't I?

14) Less computer time: Weirdly yes? And also very no? It's complicated. When I have other things to do or people to interact with, I'm a lot better at being present and not on the electronicx. When I'm just living my day-to-day life, it's harder. The introduction of pokemon weirded this a lot --I am more likely to have my phone out in public, but also more likely to not be doing anything that takes my attention.

I am probably not allowed to play Skyrim in 2017 either, but I'll re-check this position sometime around June. (Yes, I'm jonesing. Yes, I know there are other similarly good big sandboxy games, but I can't play any of them *either*, not until I can handle myself better.)

15) Emails: I currently have 9851 emails in my inboxen (667 unread). This is not great, but is better than the "well over 10k" I had this time last year. I'll keep poking at it.

16) Wedding planning: Oh gods, I haven't done any of this, and I need to start. Like serously start, since I'll be 28 in eight months. *whimper*

17) Spend time on west coast: With the corollary of "with my boyfriends". This mostly didn't happen. I did visit mek in April, which was excellent, but I didn't actually manage to visit Sparr at all, and things with K˚ are...complicated right now. My resolutions for this year are gonna include "repair some of my relationships and be a better partner".

18) Highland: Nnnnnn? I've been going more often, sure. I competed again (and I'm getting better --previous comp I was solidly 4/4, this one I was solidly 5/7). I'm now up to having *eight* dances clattering around in my head and getting confused with each other. I really want to find the time to film myself doing the best I can at each of them, so I have something to compare with in n months.

As I've mentioned a couple times here, I have no idea why I do Highland. I should unpack that sometime.

19) Craft more stuff: Unfortunately no. I've started drawing again, which is good, but I have really not been doing much in the creation department otherwise. Need to work on that.

(I did sew a tiny Sporran beltpouch at the NH Highland Games --oh hey, that's a multiday dance event!-- this year, because they didn't mind a grownass adult crashing the kids space. It's cute! I made a (very bad) buttonhole!)

So that's that review. It's good to check in with my goals sometimes. Maybe I will make more goals for 2017, and maybe I will actually do a better job of them this year.


1: The narrative I have been using (because it hurts less) is that they were looking for a different classroom management style. This is true, but I don't like admitting how much I would've been willing to bend myself to theirs, despite the fact that I am not remotely authoritarian and that seems to be more of what they wanted.

2: Do you wanna know what I love most about my living situation right now? FUCKING EVERYTHING (except going from free in-unit laundry to coin in the basement). I love my new roommates, I love my new house, I love my new landlord, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my non-oil heat. It's a really good thing in a sea of not-so-great.

3: My shipboard computer! (Making the first electronic I've given a dude-name to in ages)

4: Keladry Selbstzucht --my darling laptop, named for the Lady Knight of Mindelan and the German word for self-discipline.
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Oof. Have not updated my Resolustravaganza in at least two months. Let's check in!

1) Write every day: Check. Check check check motherfuckin' check plus. I haven't missed a day since January 23rd. Wooooo!

2) 15 LJ posts a month: Ehhhh. I was doing okay at this, and then I just pretty much stopped updating. Because...I have no good reason for this. Anyways, 12 for February (yay!) and 4 for March (ugh). Try more in April, yes?

3) Back up computer more: I missed the February backup, but I did back her up just before going to MD. So, you know, this is working kinda.

4) Cull clothing: So close! I was gonna go to a clothing swap on Friday, but then it was postponed. So maybe this week I'll go? And maybe I'll even run through my dresses and stuff before I do?

Also, I am planning to move in probably June, which means I'm doing a lot of thought about how I own ALL THE STUFF and I don't wanna move all the stuff. I should make a proper post about this.

5) Track bicycle milage: Okay! I am updating the thing right now, here is the data!

6) Long bike journey: Still haven't worked on planning this, still think that's totally okay as it's not summer yet. Although as far as summer plans go, it sounds like I'm probably gonna go to Acadia this summer, and that's pretty rad.

7) Fuck you too.

8) Have a better-than-substituting job for the 2016/17 school year: HAHAHHAHAHHAHhohgods, so this is the week I need to send the "what are your plans for next year?" email to my boss, and in a couple weeks we'll have the contract renegotiation and that might be the point when they say "you're awesome, stick around!" and that might be the point when they say "yeah, fuck off, we want a better teacher" and OH GODS.

But it's okay. Even if I don't keep working at currentjob, I will be able to get references and show off lesson plans and I'll get hired somewhere else please please please?

9) 5 multi-day geek events: Still sitting at just Arisia. Need to buy the stuff to do Marcon (plane tickets, membership, hotel room). Very likely doing GenCon, counter to what I said last time. Woo!

10) 5 multi-day dance events: I am confirmed for NEFFA, and three sessions of Pinewoods. What else should I go to? (I missed Easthill like a RIGHT TIT, but maybe YDW is an option?)

11) Do well in current job: Hahahhaha I mean, I really have been stepping it up, and trying to put in good work, and I mostly feel really good about it, but I also have to really seriously sit down with myself every time I get criticised and be all "this is growth opportunity, not a problem".

12) Give more presents: I gave my aunt some awesome trim I found at the cruft swap, and a little BadtzMaru book! I have an Arisia bookmark for mom that has HER NAME ON IT!!!! And I have birthday presents for both mek (this is accidental and I have no idea where I got it, but it's in my "stuff to give people" box and definitely for him) and my sir.

13) Give more presence: Nope. Sorry. :/

14) Less screen time: Sigh. I am trying to get back in the habit of having NO SCREENS for an hour after I get home from work. It's...mixed success. I've only been at it for like half a week so far.

15) Emails: Oof. Currently I have 11,896 emails in the box, with 3,372 unread. YEAH. I AM BAD AT THIS. (most of them are like...random kickstarter updates and survey opportunities and not actual emails, but still.)

16) Wedding planning: Has not been happening, oops.

17) Spend a month on the West Coast: I have bought tickets for goin' to California and seeing mek over Spring Break, yay! That's like in two weeks, holyshit.

I've been kinda morose and weird about some of my relationship things recently, so I'm not sure I'm actually gonna spend a billion years on the west coast this summer like I did last time. I kinda want to have some summer time around Boston? I miss getting to hang with my Boston peeps who I don't see ever because I'm working or commuting for 13 hours out of every day. We'll see how I feel closer to June.

18) Highland x3 a month: I am doing...better? But I think I only made it once in February. Three times in March though! (Maybe four, I think March had enough days for that.

19) Craft stuff: Sadface. I dunno how to inspire this one better.

So that's, you know. Coming along.

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HEY! Remember how last year I had the New Years "GO BIG BECAUSE WE AIN'T GOING HOME" list, and how I would make monthlyish updates?

And remember how this year I have the RESOLUSTRAVAGANZA list and I'm gonna make monthlyish updates?

It's okay if you don't remember. I do! Here's where things stand right now!

It's fairly long, because, you know, me, but it contains some life update stuff you may want to know about! )

How're your goals of the time period coming along?


1: Among other problems, the Dream Job currently isn't, due to interpersonal conflict that has nothing to do with it whatsoever. That is not something I'm willing to talk about publicly, especially because I haven't had a chance to work on that conflict. But there are other iterations of the Dream Job somewhere, I'm sure.
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Last year we had the GO BIG 'CAUSE WE AIN'T GOIN' HOME list, which was actually a marvelous success. By which I mean I got about a third of the things on the list done. Hey! When you are doing a crazy-ridiculous and often vague list of goals, getting a third of them is awesome!

Also, I know I didn't really make any posts in the last four months of the year, but that was just because I wasn't really doing anything with the list then. Really, the August assessment pretty much stands. Anywho, here we go with the 2016 kick-off, NEW YEARS RESOLUSTRAVAGANZA!

cut for length )

We'll leave off here for now. Is a good plan, is a good list. Hopefully it will help.


1: TECHnically this is only 97.2% so far, but I fully anticipate getting those last five days.

2: In 2010, I had a 92.4% track record (it was the year I started, so that's only out of 289 days instead of the full year). since then, my next highest year has been 2013, where I wrote just under two thirds of the days. So seriously, I have missed five days of writing this year, and that is, to be perfectly frank, kinda fucking awesome.

3: Thing that will help considerably with this plan: Working to be increasingly aligned within my colour scheme. I can get rid of clothes that don't go with all my other clothing, and then I will have better options *and* a more pared down wardrobe. For reference, I wear earth tones and pumpkin colours --orange, green, and browns mostly. I like the way they look. Occasional purples, but that's not something I should encourage. My blues and teals should probably go, as I can get rid of them.

4: I fuckin' loooooove Skyrim. To the point where I will play 3-6 hours of it a day, every day, while still working full time. This is way too fucking much, and I am not good at stopping myself on electronics once I have started. So even though I love it desperate, I have to not play it or I will ruin myself.

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So I think I've figured out my New Years Resolution(s), which I have not done in a few years, but I like being able to look back on them later and embarrassedly report in.

I have heard from various sources about the idea of chaining, and how well it seems to work. Basically, on every day you do your Good Thing, you give yourself a big ol' X on the calendar. Then you have a lovely long chain of x's, and the aesthetic of being some kind of badass like that makes you want to continue it. Motivation, ho!

I have done this previously, with 750words, and it really is a wonderfully heartwarming feeling to look at your calendar and have six straight months of being a rad thing without a single off day.

However, I am human, and more importantly, I am kindof a perpetually procrastinatory, usually unmotivated, fantastic fuck-up of a human. So I will be kind to myself. I would like to see if I can hit only eighty percent of this sort of chaining nonsense: twenty-five days a month. That's only about 300 days for the whole year, which I think I can probably do, yes.

I will be attempting four paths, as to make my life more interesting. First, of course, is writing. There is already a perfect website for this, I want to see if I can get back into the habit of a mere 750words per day. Not so many. Half an hour of writing and it makes my brain feel so much softer and nice. Even when it's not productive writing. Maybe especially when it's not productive writing.

The second is the ever-important Unfuck Your Habitat. My Habitat is embarrassingly fucked, basically all the time. In some sort of magical perfect world (hahahaha) if I spend twenty minutes every day working on cleaning things, I will eventually run out of a backlog of stuff to do and have to turn this chain into something else. Or I could turn it into doing more longer term cleaning tasks that no one actually does, like dusting the living room, or cleaning the stove.

Thirdly is circus arts. Not long, but if I spend fifteen minutes a day or so fucking around with juggling or contact juggling or handwalking or hooping, well, maybe I'll actually have some visually performative skills like I've wanted.

And the last chain is very simple. In fact, I am doing it right now: don't play Minesweeper. This is not an indictment against video games in general, or even Minesweeper specifically. This is just a reminder that Minesweeper adds nothing to my life, not even puzzlesolving skills at this point because it's become so rote. I am mildly addicted. Okay, the last few nights, I see the game when I close my eyes, maybe more than mildly addicted. And I don't even enjoy the damn thing! None of that, Mx Sorcy.

So those are my plans. If I am very good, I will get myself a calendar and actually make physical marks on all the days I do a Good Job.

13 is such a lucky number. Let's see if this is the year I can make myself feel like an adult.


Of course, there is one other resolution, one that is more secret, one that is more small. I could feel it the other night, at the edges of my breakdown.

I want to be functional. I want to ask for what I need, because I deserve to be happy and deserve to be stable. And I have a great number of people who love me very much and agree with me. Who are _willing to help_.

All I have to do is ask. Lord is it the hardest thing. But I can do it. Slow but strong and stubborn, I will be the greatest thing I can.

Because let's face it: I am irrevocably awesome. And anyone who says otherwise can suck an exhaust pipe. <3

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Some Thoughts on Some Things:

One of the things that really makes or breaks how much I respect a business is how easy to use their website is. In this day and age, in this country, if a store has a website, I should be able to go onto the website and easily find locations and hours for their stores. Chain stores seem to have a lot of trouble with this --is it that much bandwidth to give each store a little infopage if you don't have standardized hours? Wouldn't the goodwill of the shoppers be worth paying that extra bit per month?

Similarly, for the love of *god*, make your website easy to use. Five minute flash intros that I can't skip (and even, to a certain extent, ones I can) do not make me love you. Flashy menus that I can't figure out how to use do not make me a happyKat.

This is just another reason why I absolutely *adore* Good Vibrations (NSFW) I wanted to know what time they were open on Sundays, I went to the frontpage, selected "stores locations" from the store menu clearly located at the top of the page, and bam! There was the info I needed.

It turns out that there is a name for that particularly gorgeous example of femininity I was talking about the other week --Zerrai Ryouiki (TVtropes will ruin your life) which describes the ratio between length of skirt, amount of thigh shown, and height the stocking goes above the knee.

Okay, so it doesn't specifically mention the boots. But honestly, I'll trade boots for the stockings *any* day. Yum!

As you may or may not know, my New Years Resolution for this year is to stop saying 'less' when I mean 'fewer'. I'm really quite obnoxiously *terrible* about it, and I encourage you lot to call me out whenever you see me fuck up.

((For What It's Worth, fewer is things that are countable. "Less cat" means that the cat has become smaller somehow. "Less cats" is incorrect, unless, perhaps, you're trying to protest musical theatre. "Fewer cats" means that you at one point had a greater number of cats than you do now.))

In a discussion about this with Magus, he pulled a card on me that I'm not sure's ever been pulled before, when I was being irreverent towards my lack of grammar --"Aren't you a writer?"

It smacked me rather across the face at the time. Yes. Yes, goddamit, I *am* a writer. I have been a writer since I was seven years old, and I was a storyteller even before that.

I'm just a writer with terrible spelling and grammar skills. Which honestly, is no kind of writer at all. I'm not sure how immediately clear it was, but there is a huge jump in the way things are spelled in this journal, right when I got Vera. Because with her, I didn't bother figuring out how to turn the stupid little red squiggly "HEY YOU SPELLED THIS WRONG" lines off. So, while I still, as a rule, don't hit spellcheck before I hit post, at least I catch everything that Vera notices is wrong, and do my best to fix it.

Impressively enough, this actually has had some small effect on my real life. Embarrassing. --a-r-r, a-s-s. Two of everything in the middle there, and I couldn't spell it correctly until I had to see what the dictionary recommended for the upteenth time, and decided I was sick of having to right-click the word to fix it.

Do atheists have any right to use "goddamnit"?

(I'm not, and for many phrasings I substitute "gods" for "God", largely because I do that whole Eris-Athe-Mother-FSM polytheistic thing. Butyeah.)

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Ha, I am done done done done DONE with reading livejournal, all caught up my flist! Only took me...geeze, when did I start? Six days ago?

So, uhm, yeah.

In other news, I have a New Years +6 days resolution (Because I had a Katters for six days already this year, and it's hard to make resolutions when the world is in the same state of slightly different it was when you ended the last year.) Anyways, I have this lovely new sketchbook that I bought that I actually really like --the cover is nice and sturdy, and silver and says "Create" on it. Create is a good word for the Sorcy.

It's a nice sketchbook. Spiral bound, which is great for drawing, since I can flip the book around and lean it against my knees or whatever, and about 150-200 pages. Which brings me to my New Years resolution: I want to have filled the sketchbook by the end of 2008.

The ulterior motive for this is to become a better artist --it annoys me slightly that OtherKat can just pull out a pencil and draw something fabulous in seconds. Butyes. One sketchbook, full by Dec31st 2008.

You can watch my progress on deviantart, which will update much more often when I have access to a working scanner, or you can wait for me to post here, because I really like showing off stuff I've drawn.

I've got other halfassed general resolutions (including "give blood 4-6 times", which is actually an awesome resolution) but this is the one I'm actually working on at the moment. Really, once you've made a Mission101 list, you don't really need to focus on resolutions so much...

sorcyress: Just a picture of my eye (Me-Eye)
1) To get mum to send Katters her presents.
2) To do better in school (not hard...:p)
3) To figure out how to properly adore Veronica, and do so
3) To look into this idea of jobs and find out if there IS such a job that will let a crazy chica who can't work Friday nights and doesn't yet know how to drive work for them.
4) Speaking of which, learning to drive would be good. A lisence would be...good.
5) To go to LONDON!
6) ...*writes down in her own private file* Sorry. Not for you to know.*
7) To make it to Kung Fu at least once a week. And on more Thursdays.
8) ...Fine. To try and sort my mind out some. Yeah. maybe.

And Goals:
1) To watch the other two episodes of Season One of Black Books. And seasons two and three when they arrive. Oh yes, Tho- I'm afraid I can't be your slavy...Series one is coming out in Region One in...10 days? I think. And mum's ordering the other two from AmazonUK anyways, so it's all good.
2) To actually keep up with this whole idea of an abbriviated friends list. Yepyep!
3) I'd like to try that 1K cranes again.
4) LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that is all.


*Scarily enough, this one is best summed up by a Black Books quote. Yeeeeeeeeeeeah.**
**And thats just to remind me, since I'm far to lazy to actualyl write it down.
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*procures a crown and a cape and dons said items of clothing*

I am Nifty!

I'm not exactly sure that that's the word you use to describe the fact that you're celebrating a made-up holiday devoted to video gamers.

Shh. Alright, my Wintereenmas resolutions are to:
Play some videogames
Wish Happy Wintereenmas to everyone
and...umm...get everyone to read Ctrl Alt Del, the birthplace of this exciting holiday.



Right, New Years info is coming...eventually.


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