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Managed to cull the hats into the things I actually regularly wear. Even though it breaks my heart to do such a thing, since I do love my hats, quite dearly. Also, I really need to start doing the mom thing more often, and wearing a backwards ball cap --I have two perfectly good ones. (Would have three if I hadn't lost my Sweeney Todd one like an idiot)

At any rate, that's one of the two really hard clothing things done. Next, and those don't squish *nearly* as well.


So, a little bit of exploration re: that bacardi commercial I posted has led me to discover the fun that is Matt and Kim. I'm still sitting at three songs --the ones they've got official music videos-- but I like what I hear. Getting my hands on their album is a must; I keep putting on Daylight to clean to, and dancing around like an idiot instead. It's *very* fun.

Also, I mean, they strip down. In the middle of Times Square. In winter. For a Music Video.

What can I say, I'm a little bit of a sucker for girls who don't shave their armpits. Unshaven legs I can take or leave, but please leave the hair under the arms, it is totally lovely.

((yes, I am a little bit of a freak sometimes))

Also, it bugs me when people whine about musicians selling out. If Matt and Kim hadn't sold out by having their music in that commercial, they would have one less fan who enjoys their stuff and would be willing to go see them play live, if they came anywhere near Boston. (Though I am looking for excuses to go to New York...)

Plus, selling out = enough money to eat and make more music that you'll enjoy. Or whine about. Whichever.

(I am not actually a music fan, just a person who listens to music sometimes and likes it.)


Notetoself: Don't read YouTube comments. duh.

I have a lot of zip ties, and am not really sure why this is. Also, I'm rapidly approaching the point where I need an actual tool bag for myself, fucking *glee!* even if I lost my totally awesome knife damnit damnit

Seriously, making a cohesive list of everything left I had to pack was a really quite clever idea. Well done, Miss Kyress1. NOW DO THE THINGS ON THE LIST!

Notetoself, do a Sorky2 vocab sheet sometime. Need to have on it: Pumpkin Time, some names of mine, Milk Crates, ponies and monkeys, other things I say a lot, fwen. Similar to my acronyms cheat sheet.


I do not know what is up with my left hand these days. It just insists on baubles --doesn't feel right without three rings and some bracelets, or something equally warped. WHY DO YOU SO WANT FRIVOLS, SELF?

Also, judging by dad's tentative plans, I have less than forty-eight hours left in Maryland. BOOYAH!

Things I need to do during the daylight hours tomorrow: Return Larry's sound equipment, go to the post office and send presents to people. NTS: Make sure I have addresses. Also, bank. Also, at some point I need to order my birthday present for myself.

Hmm, wonder if the package center is hiring. It would certainly ensure that I actually get all my mail when it comes, and not, oh, in mid summer for packages sent in march. *rars at Lesley*.

((Those cookies were still delicious though!))

The beginning of "Board of Governors" from Jekyll and Hyde always sounds a bit like the music from The Weakest Link to me. More cracktastic artists than myself (or at least, more familiar with the J&H secondary characters) would be drawing this. "Henry Jekyll, you are....THE WEAKEST LINK. GOODBYE!"

...Hyde would like it to be know that he doesn't approve.

..........ohmygods, Henry Jekyll/Herbert West. They can try to out 'scientist' each other. It'll be all delightfully sociopathic and WONDERFUL. Both of them are all like "It's for a good cau-AUG MY LIFE IS BEING RUINED SHIT SHIT!"

Yes, I know there's only like one person out there who'll appreciate this, but whatever. THAT'S REASON ENOUGH TO POST IT!

......does that make Hyde Dan? Not at all. I'd say maybe Hyde corresponds to West, but Hyde's a lot less concerned with results. Arg and damnation.


((That's how I know I'm a chick. Seriously, I have way too many shoes to ever be a boy.))

It's always nice when this project looks doable, instead of "oh god oh god"

Iiiii don't want to do the rest of this. Like, at all. Someone come pack for me?

Still left to sort through/deal with: Notebooks?, Blank papers, Presents, Writing stuff, Wearable clothes, Laundry, Props box, Electronics, Business Cards, Pocket Stuff, Desk

Still left to pack: Photos, Weaponry, Jewelry stuff, Jewelry, Buttons, Love letters, Food, Top of Dresser, Legos?


I should just post this, and have more entertaining bits and pieces later or something.


Postscript: Found my diary. Yay!

1: This is totally the Katters' fault, as are many of my names (See: "Sor") The first time I ever heard her pronounce "Sorcyress" she was doing so with a k sound for the c, rather than the s sound I'd been using. It's...a thing that I split names down the middle (also her fault) so I chose to shift the name from Sor Cyress (Pronounced Sigh-ress)to Sor Kyress. (Kai-ress).

2: Pretty much the same as reasons stated above.
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Eat something (Ideally more than just "the rest of that small bag of chips")
Go on secret mission. Secret mission things.
Call mom, happy mother's day
Call my clone, happy fucking birthday, nyah nyah, you're old.
(Finish that story)
Study Maths


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((This is the essay I've been meaning to post since Flurry --really, more of a narrative. UMYEAH. In the interest of not babbling like an idiot, I don't have any author's notes to preface it with. That's what footnotes are for.))

The Penultimate Waltz
(An essay detailing the happenings of my finest dance this weekend, and a short analysis of the three minute intimate experience.)

In the course of my dance weekend, I had a chance to discuss with a tango instructor the melancholic sensuality of dance. "A three minute deeply intimate experience" he described it, and, catching on to the poetry of the words, stored that thought into my head for later use.

The later use came earlier than expected, the next day, at the end of a contra set. Scouting the hall for someone to dance with, I saw a very vaguely familiar face with a button --"I give hugs".

"Hello, want to dance, and don't I recognize you from NEFFA?" We reintroduced ourselves and joined a set, and I crossed my fingers deep in the back of my mind and prayed, as I always do, that he would be a good partner, and this would be a good set.1

(In contra, the first is far more important than the second, and indeed, unless you are very lucky, there will almost certainly be those you find distasteful, or at best, merely uninteresting.)

So we begin to travel up the set. It is, in a word, exceptional. He is good and I am good and we are Good together.4

That was, unbeknownst to us, the last contra, and after the last contra always comes the Last Waltz. All around us, couples were forming. I waited a polite moment, then went ahead and asked him if he knew how to waltz.

I've danced with many waltzers, some good, some great, some exceptional. He was, perhaps, merely good, slightly on the inexperienced side5 but he had an excellent sense of rhythm and as we danced I found myself drawing steadily closer, to press more against him. He did not pull away -our chemistry palpable to us both.6

We ended, and he pulled me into a hug. (Or perhaps I pulled him, it matters not.) The dancers around us whooped and cheered the music, but we had a mutual reluctance to let go of one another. As I leaned close to him in our hug, I found courage to go ahead and ask -"Would it be impudent of me to ask to kiss you?"

(I am nothing if not terribly polite)

He answered in a positive manner, and our lips met, sweet and warm and wonderful. We pulled apart as the dance dispersed, a slight blush tinting both our cheeks.

"See you at NEFFA" I called as we trailed off in our separate directions, though I think, even if we did, the world will not be the same. But for that three minute intimate moment, nothing mattered but being there and dancing together.

The Last Waltz is meant to be the important one, the one you save, and Dance Flurry ended with one more set of contras and a truly last waltz. But for this festival, of all the dances I danced, that final festival waltz meant nothing compared to the dance (and the kiss) before it --the penultimate waltz.

((Written 15 February 2009))


((Postscript, written 8 May 2009:

I danced with him at NEFFA, but we didn't wind up kissing --I may have been slightly distracted at the time. (*coff*) I danced with him last night, being as he was my ride to Concord and whatnot. Ladies7 don't kiss and tell.

He remains probably the best contra dancer I've ever met though. Sorry all the rest of you, 'struth. I've ended a contra with him and been unable to think for a couple minutes --I think the only other person who's ever done that to me just through dancing is Magus, and his glorious waltzing., to get him into a skirt...>.>))

1: Holy run-on, Batman! This is one of the big problems with whenever I try to be prosey --I get a bit ridiculous2. Also, the line was originally "prayed to the true goddess of dance, for I am merely demi3" but that's perhaps just a bit obscure.

2: I am -well, ridiculously- proud that I have finally figured out how to spell this word.

3: Long ago, The Katters had heaps and heaps of assorted titles --four altogether, I think, although I can only remember three of them right now. (Ritzy the Anti-Strag, Fiend of Vile Falsehoods, and Crackers of the Pointy Tortilla Chips) At some point, I complained about the fact that I disdn't have any titles at all. Shortly thereafter, I received a letter addressed to "Sor, the Demi-Goddess of Dance". Whether or not I 'deserve' that title is an essay for later, but at the time, it made me incredibly happy.

4: 'k, I was gonna go verbatim from my notebook, but I'm not sure what the hell I was writing here. Yes, that's partially because I was in a car when I wrote this and so can't really read my handwriting. Just know that it was a really unbelievably amazing dance.

5: Sooo tempted to revise this, but it'd be a lie. He is a perfectly fine waltzer, but between Magus and Larry, I have been completely spoiled for merely "fine."

6: Dear Sor. Never write prose again. No, *seriously*. Love Kat.

7: I am not a lady. I am a gentleman, however.
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Stollen for Active_Apathy, because I like books.

The worst reading experience that you have ever had?
Oof. I am so tempted to just agree with her and say the Catcher in the Rye. I absolutely *hated* Catcher, not the least because, when I read, I pick up the writing style in my internal monologue for a bit. That sucked *so bad*.

The worst actual experience...I don't really know. Nowait! Worst reading experience wasn't actually a reading experience, it was a learning experience. I hadn't bothered to start reading The Great Gatsby for my eleventh grade English class yet, and, ohno, pop quiz. I bluffed my way through, including specifically stating that the main character was the narrator, who's name I couldn't remember. I got a nine out of ten.

That was bad teaching. No student is so scatterbrained to forget Nick Carraway's name if they've actually read the book. Especially considering that I seem to remember it just fine now, three years later.

Also a bad experience? The fact that I really really liked the story of Tale of Two Cities (Doubles! True Love! Revolution!) but just couldn't get through the actual book. I feel really quite guilty about that --I am sorry, oh great and wonderful Sydney Carton!1

There are sixteen more questions under here )


1I think I have such a crush on Sydney Carton. I remember writing an essay on how he was the true romantic hero of Tale of Two Cities. He's probably the second most awesome character I read about in tenth grade --Cyrano de Bergerac is, of course, cooler than the offspring of ZombieJesus and Chuck Norris. And that's pretty fucking cool.

2If you have to ask which one, you don't pay enough attention.

3This is intriguing, because trying to read the name on the spine has just shown that I am better at reading things that are upside down than things that are sideways. I am officially fascinated.

4I love The Dresden Files, and find them a lot of fun, but I can't read more than one at a time. They're just so gloriously intense or something like that.

5And there are apparently sequels out! Squee!
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Three years ago today, it was 2006, and I wrote what was pretty much a completely solid entry. It had me arguing with myself (denoted with italics), discussing my day, crypticness, and a totally amusing location:

Juicebox! ...Hoorah for Zaphesque behaviour

((Of course, now all I can think of when I see "location: juicebox" is "My location is...bookshop."))

So, one of the more complicated denizen stories is that of Zaphod. For a very long time, Kat and I were both very very obsessed with Hitchhikers, and for whatever reason, she had a version of Ford1 running around in her head, and I had a version of Zaph. A fair amount of fan art got drawn involving these two, and us, and varying combinations thereof.

For some reason, somewhere along the way, she drew a picture of Zaphod, where he was casually drinking a juicebox with one head. The juicebox was just a detail, it didn't have anything to do with anything, but it immediately and totally felt perfect for his character. (I think it was this one, though I feel it was older)

Soyeah. Zaphod likes juice boxes.

Also, Ford looks damn good in a kilt.

Unrelatedly, "Quite Athwart goes All Decorum" remains the most wordporny sentence Shakespere's ever written, I do believe. *shivers happily*


1The other day I totally used "Sarcasm, Ford." on Emily. It made me smile.
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Five years ago today.

Five beautiful
years ago today.

It was 2004.

Two girls, having met on an internet forum, have stepped into a private chatroom to get to know each other just a little better. Obviously, something had been going right on the forum proper, for them to add this level of intimacy to their interactions. Acquaintances were poised to become friends.

Chatting occurred with increasing frequency, neither having something better to do than to spill out their words to someone nearly three thousand miles away. Then, it was January 30th, 2004. The words spilled out, and the similarities mounted.

Until they reached the breaking point. In a moment of silliness, one labelled the other as a clone. As her clone. Within months, it had been determined that they were, in fact, clones of each other, and subsequently grew closer almost than any two humans ought to be.

Three years and three months after that fateful Recognition, for the very first time, they embraced. Just over nine months later, for the first time, they kissed. Add to that a relationship almost at the mark of it's thirteenth month, and you bring us to now. Five years.

[ profile] artemisfowl2nd has been my clone for more than a quarter of my life. Though we've only spent 51 days in the same place together, not a day goes by where I don't think of her, and not a week passes where we don't talk. I am more open with my darker parts with her than I would ever want to be with anyone else, and feel I know her better than anyone else she confides in.

And although we don't focus so much on the clone thing anymore, I still find so much of my brain unnecessary to explain, so many of her words making just perfect sense. It is the great cruelty of my life that we were dropped on opposite coasts by whichever fate arranged us.

But it is still among life's greatest joys that we still managed to find each other, and Find each other, ~2700 miles and three time zones apart.

I love you, dearest.

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You know what? Nothing amuses me like being silly, so I'm thinking I'm just going to repost this with slight changes.

Because three years ago today, it was 2006. And I decided to be a comments whore.

No one ever comments in my journal! Therefore, I'm going to delete it, and commit suicide. Possibly involving a fish, although I might use my Ravonous Bug-Blatter Beast of Traal.

After I'm done with that, I might go somewhere. Cool!

I've recently had a major life change! Thats right -I've morphed into an androgynous three eyed hooloovoo, with an extra arm shaped like a fork. And I'm getting divoriced from my friend Shirly. She's such a bitch.

But there are many cool people who aren't bitches. [ profile] thorog's not a bitch for instance. He's smart. Same with [ profile] naraht. And [ profile] muzikmaker21 is of course just awesome. I got to see herhim
(Oh god this is old) this weekend. I also saw [ profile] werewulf. And [ profile] artemisfowl2nd. And later I get to see [ profile] jere7my and [ profile] marcmagus! But not [ profile] macaroniandtuna or [ profile] drama_angel3189 which is a shame, because they are also cool people.

I am wearing very little! I won't post pics though, because I'm embarrassedtoo lazy to turn on the webcam.

I saw this article about abortion in the paper. It was all about Montana's abortion laws. I think Montana is boring, except for Montana Jones. He's cute. Those are my opinions!

(((To all the people giving me VERY strange looks at this point, I'm merely playing with the idea of the Naraht-ian laws of getting comments)))

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While working on my X Years Ago Today post for today, I stumbled across last year's "review of the year in a sentance"

The exact wording I used to explain was "So, unless there's something from the last 12 months that you really want to know about, I'm going to skip doing a nice big wordy post this year, and give you the one sentence summery of the past twelve months:"

Last year? Sorcy got into college, met her clone, made some bad decisions, made some good decisions, survived her first semester at college, and didn't die.

This year?

Sorcy started dating two utterly amazing people, went to a bunch of cons, got a job at a thrift store, traveled to North Carolina to see one of her favourite musicals, made friends with the right people and continued to enjoy school, a lot.

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Bytheway, happy new years and I am still alive, as are Kat and Swing. The jury is still out on Magus, who may have the plague1.

Things that have been happening:

Watching some Black Books
Watching the entire internet at the party
Playing Agricola2
Watching the end of season two of Titus
Watching almost all the rest of Middleman4
Me working on a general "these were the resolutions of 2008 that I ignored, and here, have some resolutions for 2009 that I will ignore.

Annnnnndyeah. Now it is time for me to go to work. This is incredibly lame, though at least there are lovely people who ought to be around when I get home. Unless they die. Which would really really suck. So, uh, dearhearts, don't die, it will make me a sadKat.

In other news, yay, it's been a year for me and that pretty girl who I snog on occasion. Good for us!


1: No, he does not really have the plague. I tend to be wildly exaggeratey about things like that.

2: Dan4th, Dan4th, Dan4th, if you are reading this, get this game. *Totally* get this game. Get this game, and Magus3 and I will totally come over and play with you. Because ohmgods, it is a strategery game that I actually enjoy.

3: Once he recovers from the plague

4: (Middleman!)
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Ohman, weekend!

Friday, I pretty much just hung out with assorted college kids --Lauren, Emily, Ty (Em's boyfriend), Ria, Maddie, Dominik, and Cecily-- from about noon until three in the morning. It was kinda righteous.

Lauren and I watched Saw II somewhere in the middle of that one. It's pretty good, and ohman am I a wuss. Just kinda in general. Various groupings of people also watched Willard and Thank You For Smoking, but I was phased out on the computer for most of that. (Fucking TV tropes.)

Saturday, I woke up when the amazingly amazing Lezzie-Beth called me and was all "Uhm, lab hours for Play Productions class, kthanksbai?" (in not quite those words) I wound up working in the theatre for the next five hours or so, helping to make a chastity belt. Which was kinda fun, especially the interlude in the middle where me and Lezzie-Beth wound up looking at assorted torture devices, as part of the "hmm, lets google chastity belt for reference!" thing.)

Got food, went upstairs...and shut myself into my room for all hours. I think my goal was to never leave and be real life social ever, mostly because I was...slightly socialed out.

This was actually a good thing, as it culminated in having a much needed gossip session with my fabulously sexy best friend, Veronica (seriously, go look at her new usericon. What the *fuck* Belanie1, no one has any right to look that amazingly good.) Of course, just as we started to get to the really good bits, my internet connection went all "fuck this shit!" and died on me. So me and V need to finish that gossiping sometime, probably/hopefully over spring break.

Me and The Katters wound up tossing text messages back and fourth for about an hour, while I did some housecleaning, and then I went to sleep. At four in the morning.

Eleven and a half hours later, or so, I woke up again. Man, there is nothing that will totally fuck up your sleep schedule as much as waking up at three thirty in the afternoon. On the plus side, I do feel particularly well rested.

Once awake, I stumbled downstairs, got food, remembered that I had been invited to [ profile] xalolo's for gaming, went "Shit yes!", put on clothes, and walked to Harvard Square so I could catch a bus to his place.

...and waited. For a really frigging long time. Rarrrrrr.

EVENTUALLY the bus showed up, and I went over, and said hullo to Chris ([ profile] xalolo) and to Nathan (Lab Rabbit with pretty hair) and to other assorted people, and wound up getting sucked into a game of "Covert Action", which is an pretty good game with a terrible winning mechanism. Like, "Planet Hollywood" terrible, only *worse*.

Played a couple rounds of Sixis, which is currently in beta, and I got to play a bunch of when I went and worked for Chris a couple weekends ago. It's interesting to play it as a team game instead of a two person game. I'd like to try it with three sometime now.

Played a game of "Blue Moon City" which is a suprisingly fun "God, this is the sort of game I hate, isn't it?" game. Part of that may have been that it takes about 20-40 minutes to play. Still though, I may have to accept that strategy/thinking games are not inherently evil.

(Totally unrelated note: WANT ICEHOUSE. WANT PLAY! Who's in Boston and willing to play with me? *whines*)

And then we played a million zillion rounds of RockBand, because it is the greatest video game ever. I no longer suck at the drums part on medium for "Foreplay/Long time".

Annnnnnnnnd I'm out. Class soon. I may wish to eat something. Hmm, maybe I should curl up in a corner and read. I haven't done too much of that lately.


1: From "Girls are not to be trusted" by Derrick Comedy. It's a pretty hilarious sketch, visuals are SFW, audio is decidedly *not*.
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Blegpierr! What time is it? Jesus CHRIST I should not be awake this early.

Uhm. G'morning. *waves*

I will be at Arisia until Monday or something. If I get on a computer, hey, more power to me, it not, all of you people be good, if you see any gnomes, tell them to give me my permit back, and the next time I post, I'll be back in Boston.

Also, someone remind me to punch Lauren for getting 'Shipping back to Boston' stuck in my head. I like the Dropkick Murpheys and all, but that song has been playing on repeat for about eight hours now.

Also, Katters, you were in my dream last night. You managed to piss off most of the mall committee, also known as the secret masters of girl scouts, which is okay, because they insulted you. And then there was some sort of sled race in a parking garage? Fuck man, I don't know.

Sor out.
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"If trapping someone in your closet isn't "owning" them, I don't know what is."

Katters, in reference to my babblings on This Picture.

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And I read thoughtstreams from a year and two and three ago.
And I read BehindtheWalls, the first one, the one that coined the term.
And I read secret journals, that I was never meant to find in the first place.
And I read letters that were never meant to be sent
And I read notes that were left on my keyboard

And I talk, to you and you and you. And it doesn't really help. Not right now.

I just feel empty.
I just feel so

And I'm doing things off Al's radar. She pays such careful attention, should I cut-scratch-bite-hit myself, she swoops and grabs me and stops me.

But there are more ways to hurt yourself then with knives. There are ways to hurt yourself that don't hurt at all, that shouldn't hurt at all, that only burn because you're a freak.
(Other people are not the only ones who are not to touch my neck. I don't even like it when I touch it myself)

You pull strings tight round your wrist, and cause your hand to tingle from the loss of blood. And then you stop, you release the cord, the chain, whatever it is you have, and let your hand return to normal. Maybe you caused slight indents on your wrist, that fade within moments. Maybe you didn't. You didn't actually hurt yourself, just caused the world to feel different for a little bit.

You're all about making the world feel different for a little bit.


And in the middle of the empty and the hate and the lost and alone, she says one beautiful perfect priceless thing, without reason, without warning.

And the stretched thin emptyness, keeping you from doing anything stupid snaps away, and the saltwater starts running down your face. Fucking tears, you've been here before. How long since the last time you cried? Perhaps a week?

Fucking tears.

Maybe it's time to go away for a little while. Take all of who and what you are and bundle it up in a shirt and a robe and a hoodie and a coat and go walk. Walk the paths that you've made familiar, familiar because you hurt sometimes, and when you hurt, you need to leave. You need to go somewhere new.

Were I in Maryland, I would go to my playground. The one I don't bring other people to. Because other people taint memories, and I need a place where all the memories are mine and mine exclusively.

It's interesting to see how hard I have to work to find any given reference to any given thing. It's interesting to see whether I choose to use the reference when I do. For the last paragraph, end it "My 'Das Nonstop-Programm'." A reference that one and only one person will get. Good for him, then.

From Dar Williams* to Clam Chowder* to Dresden Dolls* to Marillion* All the words, all the lyrics are different, all the tones are different, all the moods are exactly the same. Sad and quiet and beautiful and melencholy.

Where to next. They Might be Giants? Where do they make balloons? I suppose.

It's time for me to wrap myself up and leave. May you find happiness where you need it. May I find happiness before I sleep.


*The Christians and the Pagans, Windmills, Sing, Lavender.
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So, last Tuesday I had an emo attack of the *worst* sort, which led to me curled up on the floor crying and holding my boxcutter. Not cutting myself, not cutting anything else (although I was tempted to butcher my jeans just as an outlet) just playing with it. Eventually, my brain kicked in and went all "hurr, you're a writer, why don't you write on yourself instead of not-cut yourself. Doesn't hurt anyone!"

So...I did. I wrote an exceptionally emo poem called "Litany of Hate" using myself as the canvas. I wrote it mostly on my arms and legs, and have done my best to reproduce the not COMPLETELY behind the walls bits here:

Said poem. An unhealthy combination of emo and 'Why Sorcy is effed up' version point whatever beneath the cut. Own risk, blabla )

So! Results.

In which Sorcy does manage to metadiscuss the above poem and some of the ramifications it had on her, but also spends quite a bit of time digressing about movies, being distractable, and plotting lesbian biblophiliac porn. )

Logically, I think the next thing to do would be an analysis of the poem itself, but I'm bored of writing this, and will do so later. (Later here having a meaning of broken'never'. [/scruffy!Norrington]) I'm off to go scrawl down random things in the writersjournal about bits of world that I have been building since sixth grade. Ta!


(((Apropos of nothing, I appear to have coined a new term in the dictionary of useful Kat-stuffs. Before the Walls. It's the general equivilant of things that are behind the walls, except that you lot get to read it.)))

Postscript: My English class is rubbing off on me. I actually went back and fixed the text of the second cut so that it had proper parrallelism. On a side note, what does ETA mean? I got that it's some sort of "I edited this" shorthand, but I don't actually know the rest.
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Had a Thanksgiving. Lost at Monopoly. Played with Cousins. Watched too much Americas Next Top Model. Teased my siblings. Snuggled with mom. Missed Katie-cuz. Missed everyone else in the known universe. Enjoyed Enchanted. Came to Belmland. Played RockBand. Watched some South Park. Slept. Read friends list.

*A copy of todays NYTimes --apparently big awesome Sweeney Todd spread. *drools* I will have to grab a couple dollars and go on a wander today.
*To post reviews of Fight Club (book), Haunted, Enchanted, America's Next Top Model, RockBand, and Another Day, Another Dungeon (once I finish it)
*To play more RockBand, because it is righteous and epic and \m/etal and DRUMS! and ohgods, I am a drum-whore. Like woah.
*To regain that transcendence I found on Wednesday, because god DAMN, that was beautiful. Hum. More sleep-dep? More reading? More staying up too late talking, also tea? Dunno yet. Stupid unrepeatable circumstances.
*Dresden Dolls. See above notes about being a drum whore and apply that to Brian because he is SO PRETTY and DRUMS! (Amanda I can take or leave, which I realize totally destroys every claim I've ever had to homosexuality, but that's okay. She sure sings good though.)
*To begin making some random Christmas list. Rather, to take christmas lists that I've been posting in private entries and make them public and consolidated and stuff.
*To post some sort of "this year I'm thankful for" list.
*Secret plots! (Some good, some bad)
*To ruthlessly copy Har
*Did I say sanity? Definently need some sanity.
*To talk more. *sighs*
*Write rant/thoughtstream re: current bestselling author status see also: Rethy-Mal.

Okay 'sall for now. Off to tune up the Serenity. Also, Dresden Dolls, alsoalso, Geetar Hero musics. No bad here, nope. Finally going to get "I wanna be Sedated", I expect. *loves the Geetar Hero*

*hugs and whatnot*
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Comment on this post. I will choose six userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post your answers (and this explanation of the meme) in your own journal (if you want) so others can play along. Or heck, post them here if you don't want to toss it into your own journal, I don't mind.

Mom wanted to know about:

1) Dumblydore:

So, there's this journal [ profile] potterpuffs which is pretty much amazing, if defunct. And so I decided to take Dumbledore, who has been my favourite Harry Potter character since "Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!", and turn him into an icon. I have (not uploaded) an icon with the same text, only with a picture of Loony Luna Lovegood.

I use this one when I'm feeling exceptionally carefree and happy. The world looks so damn beautiful!

2) Suicide Marsha:

College Roomies From Hell did a storyline where Marsha, in a fit of total life-suck, decided to step off the roof of her building and end it all. See here. She looked so sad and so strangely beautiful in that first panel, that I had to iconify it.

I use the icon for my hella-emo posts, and some thoughtstreams. Generally, if I'm crying when I write a post, I'll use this icon.

3) GID

GID --Goldheart Infinity Delorous is my puppydog. She says 42 if you squeeze her ear. OtherKat sent her to me for our first Christmas where we swapped presents, and she remains soft and fuzzy.

This picture just turned out hella good, really. So I iconified it. I do not use it very often, and it's one of the ones I might eventually drop.

4) Mr ORLY

O RLY? is one of the meme's that I have totally not fallen into (unlike lawlkitties), but this icon made me laugh like it was going out of style. Mostly, I just like Mr. Men.

This icon is technically supposed to be used when I'm talking about memes, but I don't think I keep good enough track.

5) I like Ham


There's this really amazingly funny book called "The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists" which Luna gave me for Christmas 2006. I lurved the book to bits and pieces, and mentioned one day that I wanted an icon of Captain Mal and Zoey pulling off the Pirate Captain and the pirate with the scarf's ham dialogue. Tho obliged. \

Ideally, I would use this one to discuss books, ham, and pirates!

6) Clone Me

This icon made more sense when OKat had hers up as well. Tho randomly gifted the two of us with mirror image birdhouses, each with a line from "Birdhouse in your Soul" on them. It made it hard to tell the two of us apart. :D

I should use this to talk about Katters, Blue, or TMBG. Except I have a TMBG icon, so I don't need to.


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Blabla, choose 13 names, blabla, answer some questions.

1) [ profile] artemisfowl2nd
2) [ profile] ksatyr
3) [ profile] drama_angel3189
4) [ profile] werewulf
5) [ profile] thorog
6) [ profile] jestingly_yours
7) [ profile] thru_violets
8) [ profile] kdsorceress
9) [ profile] shadowcaptain
10) [ profile] sonsashi
11) [ profile] macaroniandtuna
12) [ profile] marcmagus
13) [ profile] shield_toad111

Haha, meme's are totally not equal to what I SHOULD be doing right now. )

Uhmyeah. Now is the time when I should be typing up notes and information for the Lesley University Chaos Club, which I may or may not be starting.

Also, what the fuck does "pompus telks" mean? Because I appear to have written that on my arm as a note for myself for something for the LUCC to do, and it makes NO SENSE AT ALL, OHMAN.


By the way, this Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't even need context to make me giggle
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Ksatyr is up here hanging out with me for family and friends weekend. <3 So that is superduperawesome, and I probably won't be online much until Monday.


We just saw a magician! He was mysTEERious! *waggles fingers*

After the show, I went and showed him the finger-dog-creature thing that Kat/Jake taught me, and he boggled. Which was cool.


Me, Emily, Lauren, and Dominik are forming a marshmellow wars club. Then we will have funding, so I won't have to buy pipe and fittings out of pocket. This is a Good Thing.


I love my boyfriend!

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"The rules are easy, just post 10 things that recently made you happy! Then tag 10 people and force them to post this meme on their LJs. Because it is good. Everyone needs a little happiness once in a while."

Ten things that have recently made me happy:

1) My boyfriend is coming to visit me this weekend! <3

2) I watched the Jungle Book on Saturday with Jess.

3) I kinda sorta got to see Annaliese on Saturday, through the wonders of the interwob. Hush, I still got to see The Goddess. That's totally happy-fying.

4) Have I mentioned the Kinder Bueno bars yet? Kinder Bueno bars.

5) Mary is becoming friendlier to me. :)

6) The fact that I have not one but TWO pieces of fanart drawn for SOMETHING I WROTE. *squee!*

(Okay, it was a lifefic. And they're more illustrations then fanart. I STILL have fanart, DAMNIT!)

7) The fact that this picture somehow makes me look elegant.

8) Lauren and I now have codenames and injokes and a constant mission (Avoid subject 23-fucking-19). We also invented a game, which is an awesome game, called "Version 2.7" We should go play it again tonight or something. Need to find a tennis ball... >>

Yeah, I have friends! How wild is that?

9) Theatre is life. <3 I guess this means I'm living again.

10) The leaves have started to change, meaning that the already gorgeous view out my window is becoming even prettier. I shall have to go wandering.

11) (Of course it goes up to eleven. :D ) All the wandering makes me seem much smarter then I actually am. ACTUAL QUOTE: "Wow, you're pretty smart [to know about that]" "No, I just walk a lot." (Angelica/Me)

12) I am in a nonexistant band now. Mushmallows fo'EVER!!

(I play the drums. Of course. :D)

13) Maeve

14) "You're Winner!". Seriously, I nearly pissed myself laughing at all the reviews and everything.

15) I can't really remember the last thing, but it's all good. :)

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Well, some of the reasons why I love my roommate, anyways.

1) She does not kill me when my alarm accidentally wakes her up by playing "Hail to the Chief" in funeral march form.

1a) She does not kill me because I have to get up at seven on the days when she doesn't even go to class until one.

2) She reminds me to get my maths homework done, usually by saying something along the lines of "Have you done the worksheet yet?"

3) She turned the heat on sometime between me leaving for classes and me coming back after classes so that when I walked into the room I was bathed in warmth and OHMAN SO NICE NOMNOM!

In other news, the palm of my right hand is way itchy all of a sudden. I've either been masturbating too much, or I have tiny bugs under my skin. There can be no other explanation.

In other other news...yeah. Stuff. Have I mentioned that I found a store that will sell me kinder bueno bars? I bought three and shared them out last night. But I still have a stick left, all wrapped up and waiting for me...heh heh heh.

In other other other news, I have a horribly evil idea for a lifefanfic*. I may not write it though, as it's kinda similar to Greas-sassins part V. Which I haven't written yet.

In other (x4) news, I am thinking about writing a permalink with a brief history of this livejournal. Because I can. If I really get on the ball, I'll make that my 1000th post or something equally spifty.

...Fuck, I write a lot. Ah well.


*combination of a lifefic and a fanfic. See...Therapist, by Ky, for an awesome example using Czolgosz (from Assassins) and Erika and The Katters (from the real world).


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