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NEFFA was pretty great, despite missing all of Saturday first-session (we stumbled in just before the 5:00 medley, yayyy candidate class.) I will try and write a proper good-bad-ugly report, but mostly it was quite great.

On a no way whatsoever related note, it's been a while since I reminded folks that I keep a sexfilter here. It's a combination of opt-in and opt-out, which is to say that when I friend people (and periodically when I think about it) I decide whether I think they'll want to be on the filter, and whether I want them there. Regardless, you are welcome to ask me to change your status, in either direction. (I have had people explicitly ask to not be on it anymore, and that really is completely fine.)

I don't post in it much usually. If you wanna see if you're currently on the filter, check the "sexfilter" tag.

Comments on this post are screened, for people to safely say "oo me" or "no thanks" as suits.



Jan. 1st, 2014 11:51 pm
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On December 27th, 2003, I wrote the first entry in this strange little "online journaling experience" I have since undertaken. It is not anywhere nearly as awful and cringe-inducing as it could be --indeed, one of my longtime online friends (mek? Tho?) once complimented me by pointing out that I never really had a flailing period as I tried to understand how exactly livejournal worked.

(That being said, I also took something like four months and fifty entries to actually learn how to "thread comments". Oops.)

Ten years later and...I'm still here. Not only am I still here, but in the one hundred and ten months since I started, there have only been two months where I did not publish a single word1. This wasn't my first home on the internet, but it's the one that has _lasted_, the one that has _mattered_.

And over the last (many) years, I have watched it crumble, with an unbearable sadness in my heart. Things change, and I recognize that not all the people I care about are designed for the long-form storytelling --and livejournal is not designed for the quick and clever single thought. I don't fault a single one of you for going elsewhere, it is truly exciting to watch the history of social media flash past my eyes, and know someday I will be able to say I was there, and I helped shape it. The world is so cool, and the internet is such a beautiful thing, with all its different aspects and shapes.

But it still hurts a little, as posts on my friends page dwindle2, and the comment counts in my e-mail fade to almost nothing. Because livejournal is the one that makes sense to my writer's brain. I like doing longform writing for a triple handful of you. I like it a lot more than shouting into the overwhelming cacophony that is my mass of Facebook friends. I like it a lot more than the blinky-not-thinky balance of image and text and sound that comprises Tumblr. I like it a lot more than the snappy one-liners of Twitter, and more than the single minded focus of Fetlife.

And I like, and miss, having all my friends in one place. There are people who post here and there and there, and I catch up with some of it...but not all. Some people I've lost track of just softly as our lives twine out of each others, but some people I realize I've not talked to in years and I wouldn't even know where to look for them anymore. I'd love a service that collates all the friends' lists and feeds for me, one site where I can see livejournal posts and Facebook statuses and Twitter updates and Tumblr reblogs stacked on top of each other and mixed together and just one stop for my friends, not a dozen tiny universes.

I'm not leaving. I have really enjoyed posting lovely inane things this week, and want to keep doing more of that, just tiny snippets of my life for the rest of you to see. But maybe I need to put more work into crossposting entries across websites. We'll see.

I don't really think this entry went where I wanted it to. But that's okay --I have always worked things out through writing. Happy New Year, all. Happy ten years. (Happy ten more.)


1: March and April 2005. It was a very tiny spiteful protest in regards to my computer being moved from my bedroom to the living room as punishment for my getting shitty grades in school. AND THAT'S IT! I have checked in at least once a month (and realistically, I don't think I saw any months with fewer than four or five) for 105 straight months.

2: Here is where I started to list my hellos, and there are too many to be a reasonable list of names. But still too damned few --a dozen of you or so still posting, another dozen in the comments.
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Also, what is it with all these fics with Sheldon and chess? I mean, not that I object, as it is very him, but goddamnit, I suck at chess and will therefore never manage to adequately seduce the man.

...yes, yes, I'm going to bed.


Postscript 1: Yes, this is why I have a twitter, to save you lot from posts like these. Oh wait. Apologies.

Postscript 2: Tonight will be an interesting test of what direction people read their livejournals in. Does this entry make any sense whatsoever? Have you read those that come before?

I myself read chronologically. Like you should.

Postscript 3: Wevs, you know? It's my journal and I'll post if I want to.

Unrelatedly, "wevs" is pretty much my word for the month.
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Once every year or two, I get all caught up in the interview meme, which often lasts forever in my crowd, as questions go back and fourth. I probably still owe people questions that I'm forgetting about, but whatever.

So, the deal is you ask for questions in the comments, and I give you some. I got questions from [ profile] petrona and then woefully ignored by [ profile] badmagic1, but then got more questions from [ profile] jazzfish so YAY QUESTIONS!

[ profile] petrona asked me... )

[ profile] jazzfish asked me... )


1: meh, so are several other people, I am sure has has just been too busy for question-giving, as I myself often am. No actual negative feelings. :)
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There are fireflies in My Tree, and I find myself nostalgic for a year ago, when I remembered that there are places near here worth exploring, and sometimes I even get to spend time with someone who is worth exploring those places with.

And the only reason this entry sounds happier than the other is because I don't always write as well as I Feel.

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((I maintain, since I had another complaint that my livejournal was too depressing1, that this is a happy entry. Or at the very least, an introspective entry. Shutup, it's my journal, and I will introspect if I want to.))

So, I'm an introvert, yeah? Given an extended amount of time around a lot of people, I will start to get unhappy and offcenter. This results in me being short-tempered, and less able to cope with things than usual. Very bad. Luckily, it's easy to fix --I go spend a couple minutes-hours-days by myself, and bam, I am back to my usual smiling self.

Right, fine, that all makes sense.

Except for the fact that I do *massively* better when I get to regularly interact with whoever's at the top of the list of people I like. Spending every night over at some sweet thing's house may make my brain start to whine a little, but it also means that I don't have panic attacks.

Seriously. To put it more directly, kissing keeps me from freaking out.

...yeah, I don't really know how to feel about this either. Or rather, I do know my usual reaction to things like this --to be uncomfortable with the dependence on others it illustrates. But the thing is...I like kissing. And cuddling, and snuggling and dancing and physical intimacy, and *conversation*, oh gods, I love good conversation with smart people. Hanging out with people I love, really LOVE, calms my brain down and helps me retain my sometimes fragile stability. I've more or less been aware of this fact for a long time now --when did I actually start asking for help when I was breaking down again? Yeah, that.

Of course, I'm still shit at actually seeking the help when I'm in the middle of a breakdown. I don't really think anyone's good at that skill, and if they are...well...they probably need the help a lot less than the rest of us honestly. But it occurs to me that there's a corollary to the skill, and that's keeping whatever ethereal shield protects me from hitting the breaking point in the first place full. Which means talking to people I like (and people I love), and snuggling and hugging and kissing and all the rest of it. Oh. Darn. That'll suck for me.

On second read, this entry doesn't *really* make a lot of sense, which is why this is a journal and not a blag. Blags are for people who can actually write essays to turn into entries, like JoshZed or my math teacher. That's okay, I like journaling an awful lot, so you guys will have to just deal or somesuch. Ta!


1: I maintain that my livejournal is *not* too depressing. Given twenty public entries, they're about evenly split between positive and negative emotions. You all just don't register the happy entries as often, because happy is boring. So nyah.

Also, wow this is passive aggressive.

P.S: Yes, this is just me talking around the fact that I leave for Origins tomorrow, and it's going to be...heh. Look on the bright side. If I spend less than 24 hours crying, I've already had a better year than last! FUCK YEAH!

...'kay, that was a little depressed. Sorry mom.
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There are two numbers right now, which seem to be defining my existence as a writer.

Oh sure, there are lots of things academically. 500 word essay. 6 page research paper. Cite 10 sources. All sorts of numbers fly by in the pursuit of writing something for school, but they tend to be inconsistent and unimportant. No, when I say there are numbers defining my existence as a writer, I mean my existence as a writer of interesting things. A writer of stories, of essays, of rants, of vignettes, of quotes, of lines, and of anything else there is I can think of to write. Those numbers are 750 and 140.

You might've noticed that I've been incredibly light on actually updating my livejournal recently. There's a couple of reasons for that, notable among them because I've been busy as hell. One of the bigger reasons is because I've been tweeting instead. The other big one is that Tho finally pushed me far enough towards actually signing up for and using

I've been using it for a month now. And it is abso-fucking-loutly *BRILLIANT!*

The idea is the same advice that is given to every aspiring writer by every successful writer --the secret to being a writer is not hard, all you have to do is actually write, every single day. But somehow, having a nice clean website to store your words on, and more importantly, having a nice fun point system to give you that extra inch of incentive, has meant that I've actually had incentive to write, outside of the logical and internal.

It has succeeded where every single other thing in all the world has failed. It has given me a reason to write, every day, because if I don't, I won't get the points for actually doing my writing, and I'll ruin my streaks, and it'll be Just Terrible.

There are two steps I still need to manage. Using it more to write actual stories, as opposed to just personal babble about whatever's on my mind at the time is the less important of those goals --sure, it'd be great to get better, and more consistent, about putting my fiction down onto paper. I'm never going to be a novelist without a finished novel, after all. The other thing I'm lacking is a little more important: I just need to do something with my output, and if they're short little bits of writing, well, that just means I'll be making more short little posts, or longer posts that jump across a lot of topics (see also: [ profile] rm). Once I've got that down, well...

750words really is the best toy I've got in my writers toolbox right now.

Now, that being said, you'll note I also babbled something about Twitter in my initial explanation for why livejournal's been so light. Over the last couple years, I've had a twitter account, and therefore, when I first get a stupid little one line thought, I can just toss that in there, instead of on my livejournal. Quoteposts especially have suffered from my increasing reliance on the 140 character format, it's just too easy to drop a nicely worded sentence into twitter instead of making a post.

I'm not really sure how to fix this, and every once in a while (when I'm not tweeting emotastic song lyrics, that is) I will say something on twitter that I think is probably worth reading by a larger audience. This means I either need to expand the one line of brilliance into a lot of babble, make a supershort post, or do that most dread of things --export my daily tweets to livejournal.

I figure the way to solve that is the same as solving 750words --whenever I write something good enough, just go ahead and drop it in my livejournal anyways. I've spent the last six years making (wait, six? That can't be...holy fuck, six and a half?! Really?!) this journal a repository of everything public I have to say. Consolidation can't hardly hurt.

750 words and 140 characters. Minimum and maximum writing limits, and it's hard to say which has forced more creativity out of me so far. All I can really say is that I do so love being a writer in the era of the internet.


Postscript: That being said, I cannot express in words how frustrating it is to finish a piece on 750words, look at the counter, and realize I'm like...thirty words from being done. I can add a few extra words, but not thirty, and when I'm that close, it feels a little ridiculous to start a whole new thought, because there's no chance I'll actually finish it. Or, well, there is a chance, I just want to finish the first one first.

At any rate, with this post script I've topped eight hundred, so I am just fine with everything ever again. Ta!
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Just a quick thought:

For a good long while now, I have been thinking in the back of my head about creating an actual difference between the journals [ profile] kdsorceress and [ profile] sorcyress. The former would continue to be what I use pretty much all my journals for --random life dumping, thoughts, silly questions, quotes, and occasional really good writing, while the latter would be restricted to just what I consider the "good" writing --things like my essays, stories, occasional forays into emo poetry, etc.

The entries on Sorcyress would probably be mirrored on kdsorceress, though not vice versa. It would pretty much be designed to give people a chance to skip all the babbling about my life, so they can cut straight to the things that will hopefully inspire discussion. It would also hopefully guilt me into actually writing more essays, so I could have content over there.


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Every once in a while, something will happen in my private life, that I don't feel would be kind to share in the public journal, usually because it involves someone else, but occasionally just because I do have my own life (kinda) and a right to at least a little bit of privacy.

Of course, it being me, I immediately want to get the input of the world at large, for virtually everything that ever happens ever. Breaking up with Blue Canary is a prime example of this --the day it happened, I made a filtered post, to some of the people I was closer to at that point, and I didn't bother to tell anyone else until a few weeks later.

So yes. Something kindof completely unexpectedly sweet and mature and wonderful just happened, and I'm not gonna give you more details than that, nyah nyah. There is a reason I have a cryptic tag on here.

((Man, if you could tag twitter entries though, that would get waaaay more milage than over here. I use twitter as my immediate "THIS IS MY MOOD" all the time, which leads to a lot of crypticness.))

Semirelatedly, I'll never understand why I find it so awesome when people act like sane adults. I was clearly brought up by society to be cynical and emo or something, because it throws me for a loop when I *don't* get abused by the world sometimes. So yay?

*smiles like a ninny*

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Goddamnit, do I have a tag that says "I have a crush on every boy" yet?

Because I have a crush on every boy.


((Inspired in part by "I love photography, origami, board games, bondage, science fiction, movies, and computers", from a new friend's userinfo. Oh, I do so love boys who are honest about the things they like.))

((Also, sometime I'll write a real post about this.))
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So, Arisia was pretty awesome. I was at a bit of a weird place hormonally (Anyone want to trade?) but the incredible emotional high of spending a weekend with a lot of people I really quite like totally made up for it and gave me a wonderful rush of homeness.

"Steampunk is easy. All you need is goggles and a top hat." "Yeah, if you WANT to look like a poseur."

(Sorry. Am having conversation while updating. I am scum like that.)



Here's the awesome(?) news. The fun of Arisia last year was that the monday of it was the day I could move back into my dorm. So, like a sensible person, I assumed that the monday of this years Arisia was the day I could move back in.

Classes start on the 26th. Dorm opens on the 25th. I have a week in Boston to screw around!

So, yeah. I'm going to enjoy being able to spend time in my city as it's meant to be, what with the good and glorious SNOW everywhere to play in. (I suspect I'll be sick of it as soon as I have to walk anywhere ever, but in the meantime, ohmygod, SNOWWWW!)

My shoulder is being read over, which is always slightly disconcerting not because I mind the words being read, but because it always tends to make me self-conscious when I am watched in any way, and doubly so for what I lamely consider my art. 'Specially because I tend to have just abysmal grammar.

Annnnd I'm going to finish packing now. Byeeee.

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You know, I normally make it policy not to support anyone taking over the world besides me and Veronica.

But when I get offered a position on the committee against feminism in order to decide what constitutes the dress code for attractive females...really, I can't in all sincerity argue with that. Godspeed, my friend.


In other news, it's weird to regularly talk to someone who doesn't have an elljay...and it's weird to say that and realize it's true. (With the exception of some of the college kids (hi Ria, hi Bethity-Beth, hi Lezzie-Beth), pretty much everyone I hang with has a livejournal, and certainly everyone I hang out with online.)

'sespecially weird because I can't keep track of whether or not he's reading any given entry...usually, I just assume a reading level based on how often you leave comments (and a couple other factors...I know there are some of you that read everything and don't leave comments) but I'm terrible at remembering what entries get referenced in conversation and the like.

So, uhm, yeah. Hi JoshZed, if you're reading this.

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Hokay, elljay is kinda stupid.

I posted a private entry this morning. Later in the day, I decided to make it all public-like. So I filter it right, and edit the time to be in the afternoon.

Elljay apparently went "fuck this" and decided to keep showing it during the morning, which means that anyone who read their flist between me posting it private and making it public, did not see said entry.

(I've checked, and while it lists it's time as 5:30, it doesn't show up then in my flist. This is stupid.)

So yeah. here, read.. Normally, I would not be doing this, but this is spilt emo, and a bit of explaining to my current state of mind, and the general sort of thing I'd be filling people in on if their pants were bankrupt.

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10% of the way through my journal, just reading straight through and tagging stuff.

I am both totally enjoying myself (Bahaha, younger!me was SO BAD at hiding who she was infatuated with at any given point. Past!Sor, please, *subtlety!* / I love reading ninth grade Sor's rants because they are on such silly unimportant things...just like college!Sor's, I suspect. / Good lord, I've been babysitting for*ever*) and wanting to tear my eyes out (Whyyyyy do they have a limit in the first place? Stupid! / ...what the hell do I tag this as? Shit man, I don't even begin to know)

(Below cut is likely to be completely uninteresting. Really!)
111 entries, 134 tags. a lot. Fucking verbosity. )
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....Kay, in other news, I have a new entry for the collective "Livejournal is stupid."

See, for a couple weeks or so, I've been having trouble with my tags --they won't show on the entry, meaning I can't tag entries, meaning I can't find things in my journal (Not that I can much find them anyways)

So, since I specifically wanted to search a particular tag (conventions) I actually hit the "tags" button on the bottom of my last entry, to try and enter the tags there, since they weren't showing up when I entered them in the tags box on the update page.

When I tried to enter the tags there, THEN it gave me the helpful message that, by putting all the tags I wanted on there, I would exceed my limit of 1000 tags. Hm, gee, I would have really liked to have heard that message the first time you fucked up and didn't tag my journal, elljay. Fucker.

Soyeah. I have to re-reread* my journal and go through the tags and see if I can cut it down to under 1000 easily and in a way that makes sense. This is such bullshit though. If elljay is going to keep me from using enough tags to get to the entries I want, can it at least have a better search function? If I want to find a specific entry, I search my gmail inbox to find the entry, not the journal itself.

Yep. Elljay sucks. What else is new?


*I reread it just before Seren died. Fucker.
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Ha, I am done done done done DONE with reading livejournal, all caught up my flist! Only took me...geeze, when did I start? Six days ago?

So, uhm, yeah.

In other news, I have a New Years +6 days resolution (Because I had a Katters for six days already this year, and it's hard to make resolutions when the world is in the same state of slightly different it was when you ended the last year.) Anyways, I have this lovely new sketchbook that I bought that I actually really like --the cover is nice and sturdy, and silver and says "Create" on it. Create is a good word for the Sorcy.

It's a nice sketchbook. Spiral bound, which is great for drawing, since I can flip the book around and lean it against my knees or whatever, and about 150-200 pages. Which brings me to my New Years resolution: I want to have filled the sketchbook by the end of 2008.

The ulterior motive for this is to become a better artist --it annoys me slightly that OtherKat can just pull out a pencil and draw something fabulous in seconds. Butyes. One sketchbook, full by Dec31st 2008.

You can watch my progress on deviantart, which will update much more often when I have access to a working scanner, or you can wait for me to post here, because I really like showing off stuff I've drawn.

I've got other halfassed general resolutions (including "give blood 4-6 times", which is actually an awesome resolution) but this is the one I'm actually working on at the moment. Really, once you've made a Mission101 list, you don't really need to focus on resolutions so much...



Jan. 7th, 2008 11:42 pm
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There was Christmas. And New Years. And The Katters. make a long story short, I am woefully behind on reading my flist.

I managed to back the page up 720 entries (about the 24th of December) and I'm still missing about 100 from before that.

So, I'll catch up. Slowly. But in the meantime, what's been going on with you during the last three months?


ETA: Currently, I'm 620 entries behind. But I suspect at least one of you will update before I read more. :P


Dec. 19th, 2007 03:57 pm
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So, Izolda was posting about names, and I decided to toss my two cents worth at her about mine.

On Katarina, names for kids, and my last name )

On Sorcyress and Sor )
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Have I mentioned that I really love my best friend recently?

I really love my best friend. *sends much love to Veronica*


(Apologies to those of you who's flists I've been cluttering. As opposed to those of you who avidly read every word I write and desperately want me to write more things and honestly kindof scare me)


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