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Meant to write this down this morning, spent quite a bit of time sleeping through my alarm(s) instead. Well done, self.

Dream fragment: I am sitting in a chair, wearing my princess robe and nothing else. My robe is open, and I am curled up, reading a book. I am not at all concerned that I am mostly naked.

A man (who had been blocking my way with a large van, causing me to choose and sit and curl up? Who was some kind of workman, or claimed to be some kind of workman? These are early-dream details and I don't remember them) pointed his phone at me, briefly, while I was reading. I looked up in time to catch him trying to put it away in a pocket, and understood with a sudden nasty shock that he had been taking a picture of me.

The man is well bigger than I am --my waking impression was "Huh, that was Victor Dubenich1 but grimier and sleazier2" but I basically get up and shove into him, grabbing the hand holding the phone before he can put it away and clamping down. At which point I demand, without sweetness, that he go into his photo album and delete those photos, now.

He tries to fake me out (including trying to go into the ebay app, maybe to convince me that the only photos he's taken recently are of something mechanical he wants to sell?) but scrolls through his phone and eventually gets to the right app. He seems quite scared of me, even though I'm half his size and underdressed --he tried bluffing that he didn't have any photos, but I clamp down harder, digging my nails into the side of his thumb, and it is revealed that he has, in fact, taken four creepshots of me. I may have threatened to punch him in the head, or murder him, or something in between. I don't recall exactly.

I woke up right after confirming that he had the photos, so I didn't get resolution that he'd deleted them, but I've no doubt they'll be gone. And if he didn't make them gone, my dreamself would've quite ended him.

It was a very empowering dream! I like that kind of creeper-dream, where I am in full command of myself and I will destroy you for damaging me.


1: Okay, fine, Saul Rubinek, except I'm sure Saul's a totally nice Hollywood guy, and Dubenich is a classic -*the* classic- Leverage asshole villain. I definitely don't wish to tar him by my dream filling him in for "eh, kinda scummy working class dude?"

Unrelatedly, apparently Saul Rubinek played the rabbi in "Oy Vey! My Son is Gay!!", which I have never heard of and _must watch_ because what? Thank you IMDB.

2: This word very much feels like it should be spelled sleeze instead. Sleeze just feels/looks sleazier than sleaze.
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I dreamed the other night that I was hanging out with K˚ and his identical twin brother (who I was not dating, but I was on very good flirting terms with). At one point, I stopped to contemplate the fact that I had never dated someone who was a twin before, until my mind reminded me that Magus had an identical twin as well.

There was wandering and maybe hospitals(?) and I thought of a terrifically good pick-up line that I can no longer remember and might've been context dependent. And then, as is wont to happen, I woke up.


Neither K˚ nor Magus has a twin sibling in reality. There is some relationship stuff going on with K˚ that is super similar to stuff that went on with Magus, so the juxtaposition of the two of them has been on my mind lately, but I don't really think the "stuff" is accurately represented by identical twins. So thanks brain. That was weird.


(I also dreamed recently that I was having hella sexual tension with my ex-roommate Belial, which was not unpleasant but was SUPER WEIRD to wake up from and be all "okay, so, I haven't seen them since Arisia and before that it's been since the last Arisia, what?"

I don't know what my subconscious wants from me right now.)

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So, among my various friendships and moreships and relationships and pirateships, I have one friend who, for almost a decade now0, I've had some minor-to-major degree of crush on them.

(This is a little unusual. My crushes tend to be VERYSTRONG...and then fade, and once they fade, they're pretty much gone forever. I almost never keep having a crush on someone over a period of years. Note that I count crush in a very different category from "person who I've built a romantic relationship with" --love is not at first sight, love is the fifty years you spend together afterwards.)

I've mentioned this to them in the past, they're not interested, that's cool, whatever1. We're still friends, in sortof that slightly tenuous high school way where when we're actually in the same place it's awesome, but neither of us puts significant effort into keeping up with each other online. So, it's admittedly been a couple years since I last saw them, and a few months since I last spent thought on them.

And then they showed up in my dreams last night. Wearing ~*~glasses~*~2 which are basically my number one sexy kryptonite3, 4 forever, and so dream!me was SUPER RIDICULOUS SWOONING over dream!them. And then in the dream, they rejected my advances again, and I just...yeah.

So I woke up kinda frustrated and amused-annoyed, and hoping that this isn't some sort of ill portent regarding my current short-term crush that I'm trying to make something happen with.


0: I entered the ninth grade ten years ago this August. WHAT. THE. WHAT?!

1: One of the best-ever things about being me and or poly is that when people reject me, I can go have mind-blowing sex (or whatever) with one of my established partners and it pretty much completely kills any pity-party for being rejected.

2: It turns out, thinking about it later, that they already wear glasses, so my swooning in the dream was slightly more ridiculous than it already was. But the dream!glasses were very distinctive! I guess that makes them squeeworthy?

3: Assuming "sexy kryptonite" means things that you find so jaw-droppingly appealing that your brain crawls out your ears and replaces itself with an extra drool gland.

4: Other sexy kryptonite for Kat: biting, boys in dresses or skirts, (sometimes) kilts, other...stuff? Yeah.
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Trigger warning: Sexual assault/abuse

For a long time now -since ninth grade at least, meaning before I was actually abused- I have had a reoccurring dream theme of being molested. Not often, only once every eight or fourteen months. Someone I know (someone I'm friends with) sexually assaults me, and I'm unable to get away.

I wake up from these dreams feeling awful: trapped and scared, powerless, damaged. It's never the exact same situation or the same person, but almost always someone I know well enough to like and trust. It is horrifying on an entirely different level to dream of someone you like fracturing your trust so severely.

It's been a while since I had one of these dreams, but I had one last night (about someone at the dance weekend I was at, to make it all worse). In the dream, they took liberties with me, pawing at my body, roughly groping my ass and breasts. They were taking advantage of being bigger than my dream self to keep me helpless.

And in the dream, I managed to escape to somewhere public, and was actively accusing them to those around us. I was making plans as to how I could arrange my life to never see them again, to never be alone with them again. I was preparing to speak to the authorities. And I _knew_ it was in no way my fault.

It's the first time I've ever woken up from a molestation dream with a sense of empowerment lingering at the back of my mind, rather than sleeze.

I can only pray that future iterations of this dream go the same way. It's a twist ending I can live with.


TW: Sexual assault/abuse
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Currently faffing instead of going to the local party. Is okay, I'll leave the house soon. Theoretically, I am supposed to be cleaning my room, putting away laundry, making the bed, and packing for *tomorrow's* party (Or at the very least, writing something, bobspamit!) but meh. There exists tumblr, and fascinating conversations, and me being neurotic and obsessive about information organization.

Case in point, I can tell you that I have averaged exactly 10 miles/day since getting my bicycle on the fifth. That's with two days this week where I didn't bike at all, because I was in NYC, and it seemed silly to drag Ellie down there. I can also tell you that I hit mile 100 sometime on Tuesday (the eighth day of biking), and I can even get as specific as "within half a mile of the Randall Munroe Sweet Ass-Park".

I like being neurotic and obsessive about information organization, even if it leads to things that I, and no one else, care about.


Under the cut, I mention horrifying and triggering things )

Anyways, because wikipedia is addictive, even (especially?) when it's horrorshow, I had nightmares. Thankfully, I don't remember any of the technical details, but as is common with me and dreams, I wake up recalling the emotions, none of which were remotely pleasant. On the plus side, I got out of bed with only one hitting of the snooze button, which is shockingly low for me. When my alarm went off the second time, I reached for the snooze, recalled I had experienced nine minutes of REM-reboundy nightmares the last time I did that, and got up for the day instead. New strategy for getting out of bed?


I should possibly turn the conversation I was having about age-discrepencies in relationships into a real post sometime, since I feel like I was actually saying some interesting things there. In the meantime, Genni and I ought to go par-tay. In apologies for sharing awful awful things with you, I gift you this SMBC comic, which I have essentially been giggling about for two days straight. Ta!

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So, dream last night, which got very complicated toward the end.

I was in a school (I got to say hi to my old kindergarden teacher!) and there was some form of emergency evac going on, meaning that everyone was gathered in the cafeteria. Me and some other folks were running around, trying to get games going --I wound up with a group of pre-sorority bippies, and a deck of Werewolf. So I try to start them on that, but while I'm dealing out the right number of cards, one of my werewolf cards becomes a "Bananas" card.

I am naturally suspicious of my sister.

A bit of frantic searching through every other werewolf deck in the building, all of which are so saturated with other designs (I remember a series of hand-drawn Cthulus with different hats) that they hardly have villagers, much less werewolves. But then I somehow find what I'm looking for, and I'm setting down the deck and explaining Dungeon.

(This sort of thing makes sense in dreams)

At any rate, I tell them each to find some totem to represent themselves, paraphrasing from the instructions to the We Didn't Playtest This Board Game. (Though in waking, I know I was referring to "A note about playing pieces" off the human game board) and then I start to launch into an explanation of how to deal damage and proceed around the board.

I get confused and start flipping through the rulebook, and poof, my entire table of players has scampered off, presumably to gossip and do things more interesting than play games with crazy older girls. And I wake up.

(The dream before *that* was a space mechanic epic, where I had to repair the top of our spaceship with duct tape before it could be considered airtight, and there were also so many stars!)

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I have apparently determined that listening to "Between"1 on endless repeat is fun and a good idea! Doubly frustrating, because I was doing this a couple weeks ago, too --I don't like being in the same gloomspace twice in a month. I thought I had snapped out of this one already.


Went into my multivariate calc exam fully expecting to fail. Sat down to maybe scrawl some notes down for a study sheet, and realized that I hadn't actually learned anything all semester. It felt a bit like those stereotypical dreams2 where you didn't know you had a test and so didn't study, except without the waking up part. Quite awful.

Luckily, I was able to pummel my memory into at least writing down something for every part of every problem, and I do think I had some idea of what I was doing on a few of them. I did manage to correctly remember what cross-product multiplication of vectors was, so, yay me I guess.

But yeah. Things I learned this semester: Parameterization. WoooooooooooowhydoIsuckatmath?


I am supposed to be packing right now, as today I move the rest of my stuff out and start on my grand gallivanting adventure that I really just *have* to get some e-mails out about. First though, I think I need to find somewhere in Porter Exchange to scavenge breakfast from. So yes, breakfast, then go home and throw everything into boxes, then commit seppuku, then...wait, spellcheck recognizes seppuku? I am astonished, I was just throwing that in to check if anyone was paying attention. is one of those whiny days where I really want attention. I'm going to have to snap my mind out of that before I get annoying, since I'm painfully aware of the fact that me being all *cling, paw, paw, paw* at people is in fact, not charming.

(Today is also one of those whiny days where I somewhat want to hide forever. I'll see how well I can manage that once I've finished packing.)


Rackle is really really cool, and said some good words to me last night that I should reread at some point and remember.


(Calling Olsen, calling Memphis, I am calling, can you hear this?)


1: By Vienna Teng. Good song, great waltz, really honestly kinda depressing as hell when you listen to the lyrics. Multiple depressing ways to look at it, too. It's *brilliant* or something. The fact that it's invaded my world for the moment might be a bad sign, not really sure. I think I prefer to sort out the problems that it expresses rather than collapse under the weight of them. Wooooo, cryptic!

2: I don't remember if I mentioned it when xkcd brought it up, but I don't have stereotypical dreams. I have only rarely dreamt myself naked, and never had my teeth fall out. I've never flown (though I would fall for a while, but not endless falling --just a ten-twenty foot drop half sliding alongside a wall). My dream tropes involve getting uncomfortably groped by people I'm supposed to be platonically fond of. Oh, and food. I have good food dreams unfairly often.
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Dream interpretation falls into the same category as tarot for me. There are no symbols that mean something different to everyone, sure, they might have *similar* meanings across the board, but they aren't exactly the same. Similarly, *you* probably can't interpret my dreams for me, since you don't know what all the pieces could correspond to. (Not having an intimate knowledge of every inch of my life, and all)

That being said, even *I'm* at a loss as to what the hell the human version of Lady Cassandra with the bitch turned up to eleven was doing. Representing my insecurities? I did manage to sass back her stupid little acidic tongue pretty well. And I quite rightly told her to sod off, as at least my thighs were young and smooth and supple and not fifty years old. which point she offered to buy them from me, oh god, oh god, STOP IT DREAM!

It was nice to see Kitty!Aaron, though. Thanks for that at least, unconscious!

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I...think I just had a nightmare.

I am lucky enough, blessed enough, that I do not get nightmares often.1 Actually, this paired with this dream from the summer makes two in about eight months which is...a lot, for me. Luckily, this one does not have such a vivid imprint of what happened, instead, it has the lasting mental side effects, the clearest and worst of which is that I am right now decidedly touch-negative.

The really *really* impressive part of this, though, is that I can now legitimately say that Stevan Moffet has given me nightmares. There was a heavy sci-fi bend to the whole dream, and I think parts of it had the same feel as one of the scary episodes of Who. Other themes I remember? I was a prisoner, trying to escape and not yet good enough. I was being trained or watching someone be trained who was Just Not Good Enough to please her/my master. I...feel like there was an undercurrent of (sexual?) child abuse as well, as a feel, but I just don't remember well enough.

And yet, the traces fade. I think I am okay to go be held, and feel safe. Safety is, after all, key.


1: I get disturbingly sexual dreams once in a while, which tend to leave me feeling off, but are not nightmares per se.
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Four years ago today, it was again 2005. And I was having one of the very few dreams I've had that I thought were worthy of being a story somehow.

At the end of the dream, just before I was woken up, the basic storyline was that I was the 16-17 year old daughter in a family of three. I had a younger brother who was about...8ish? maybe younger. And an older "brother" who was about 20 and a vampire. He was going downstairs one night and I saw that he had turned translucent (apparently vampires turn translucent when their indoors and hit by moonlight) and I was trying to remember what you said to vampires in the moonlight to make them dissapear.

I did, but by this point he was out of the moonlight. He was effectivly trapped though since the stairs were completely moonlit and I was just waiting for him to step out of the dark.

Unfortunately, the vampire story market was saturated long before the Twilight mania of the last year, making me slightly reluctant to work on this one. It was meant to be set in Colonial times, though, and I very like the idea of a vampire who is unmasked by the moon. Despite the length of time since I had the dream, I still remember a lot of details --I cast herb magiks to defend my younger brother from my older, things like lines of salt across doorways and the interiors of rooms, for instance. I don't think I was specifically magikal in the dream, just aware of a lot of the old wives tales that actually worked.

I wish I could better recall the phrase I needed to say to banish him --I think it boiled down to "Vampire go home" and would certainly only work when he was revealed by the light of the full moon.


(Apropos of nothing, this was the first XYAT that I had significant trouble picking which entry to do. The runner up was probably me asking what the best musical I'd never seen was. Four years later, and I've seen four of the five musicals mentioned. I think my new list is topped by Title of Show and Evil Dead.)
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Dear subconscious-in-charge-of-dreaming:

It's totally awesome to spend time with OtherKat, even if we appear to cream. Or something like that.


You have no right to tell me Journey of the Sorcerer is a waltz, because I checked, and it's *not*. Thanks for confusing me. Fucker.

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Hokay --good way to tell you're not awake all the way: You type your password in as your username. Good thing there's no one over my shoulder.

Weird as all hell dreams. I tried to remember them, but then I fell asleep again, and had weird *and* disturbing dreams! All I can recall of the first set is that they had MagusMarc as a supporting character, and may have involved dancing. All I'm willing to tell you of the second set is that I got kidnapped by a really creepy couple, locked in an old house, and got the implication that if I, and the other people who had been kidnapped, didn't escape, we would have to do unspeakable sexual acts to free ourselves. Luckily for me, I stole a cell phone from them! Unluckily for me, I got caught when we were in a parade and I tried to convince the people behind me that I had been kidnapped --Woman of the house saw me, bustled over, and took the phone, convincing the parade people that I was tetched in the head. Also, for part of it, my sister was there.

(Also had really fetishy catholic schoolgirl clothes to wear --little short plaid skirts and tight white button up shirts. I do not recall why I can picture this outift perfectly.)


Moving right along. >>'s one PM and I only just got up. I got nothin'.


(Let the immature comments commence!)
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Blegpierr! What time is it? Jesus CHRIST I should not be awake this early.

Uhm. G'morning. *waves*

I will be at Arisia until Monday or something. If I get on a computer, hey, more power to me, it not, all of you people be good, if you see any gnomes, tell them to give me my permit back, and the next time I post, I'll be back in Boston.

Also, someone remind me to punch Lauren for getting 'Shipping back to Boston' stuck in my head. I like the Dropkick Murpheys and all, but that song has been playing on repeat for about eight hours now.

Also, Katters, you were in my dream last night. You managed to piss off most of the mall committee, also known as the secret masters of girl scouts, which is okay, because they insulted you. And then there was some sort of sled race in a parking garage? Fuck man, I don't know.

Sor out.
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"Please don't touch my penis right now. I want to be sure I got over my bout of AIDS."

--Jarne, in my dream last night. I. Shit. You. Not. Yeah, 'cause see, we were at that point where we're not quite dating, but we have massive mutual crushes on each other and know it, and for some reason, he told me to grope him, and then changed his mind or something? I have NO FUCKING IDEA what the hell goes through my subconcious.

In the same dream, we spent entierly too long attempting to steal one of those giant purple blow-up spiders, and then we got into the parking puzzle of hell, where we just sort of drived where directed and it looked like a cross between lincoln logs and the flinstones, and I don't even *know!*

And then I decided I *needed* to flash a sign that said "Don't Panic", once we got out of the driving-hell. To...bless my breasts? Uhm? Again, I have no fucking idea.

On the plus side, the dream before that I can't remember as well, but I got to snuggle with Ksatyr for a lot of it, so that was really nice.

Yeah. Lifeupdates later.

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It was the end of the seventh book, and I ran away. I had watched the rest of it happened, snarked with little kids and laughed at unfunny bits, but it occured to me that the end mattered, that I had to see it alone.

So I ran, and hid up a tree where I covered my ears and eyes and ignored it all.

But Voldemort chose to use the patio around this tree as his base. My hands slipped, I kept learning bits and pieces of The End, and finally, I succumbed, to follow Voldemort and learn what happened.

A good group of Death Eaters were gone, I knew that much. Not dead, gone. See, Dumbledore had died, and then strange things began to occur. The Death Eaters who had dissapeared were still walking around, but had no memories of the terrible things they had done, or any reason why they would have done these things.

And Dumbledore was completely gone. But Voldemort was his brother, and so he knew exactly where to look. A small antique shop, where much of the action I can no longer recall took place. Voldemort dragged Dumbledores body from behind the counter, and pulled out a small tube, with three coins in the top.

Dumbledore had lied about what it took to kill him. He had lied, and never told anyone, including his brother, that he was a time-wizard.

Voldemort poured out the coins and the other things in the tubes, and brought Dumbledore back to the present. They talked. And Voldemort concieded.

Dumbledore died anyways. He couldn't stop that, he was a very old man. But before he died, he brought his brother back, and gave him what was left of Dumbledores life, old artifacts and memories, saved over the year. (One of them, I was pleased to see, was a truly heinous kilt, in horridly clashing pinks and yellows --paisley, I believe, with an inner lining of happy faces. It really was atrocious)

Voldemort took over his brothers shop. He began to sell the dolls and things there to the muggles who had been watching. I saw the earings Tho had sent me and mom, lego blocks, and quietly pocketed them.

I then left. And woke up.

It was a Weird Fucking Dream. Keep in mind that the above is what I can remember. Earlier, there was a secret hallway, with too many doors and I or Harry or whichever one of us it was was trying to sneak into it past the Slytherins, and then out again when Draco came back.


At any rate, this has been an Awesome birthday thus far. I woke up far too early, and got to watch a bit more then half of the moon dissapear, and then I went back to sleep and was rewarded by Harry Potter dreams.

And of course, I slept about 14 hours total last night. Aig. Stupid clones and their inability to sleep. :P

...who I miss like voldemort misses dumbledore.


I hate sleeping that long, but besides that, thus far my birfday has been good. Presents time.

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*I have now seen the first six episodes of the newest Doctor Who. "Oh, fifty-seven academics just punched the air." --comedy GOLD! ((And by 57 academics, he of COURSE means several hundred slashing fangirls))

*Arm is feeling MUCH better. I had dad look at it, and he says it's only bruised. :)

*Going to a big old feast at the Old Mill where I wind up with plates full of the most delicious stuff imaginable (Neva spice cake! Apple-mango tarts! Mmmmm!!) and then waking up and realizing it was all a Big time.

*I've got a trustpost brewing about mental intimacy and trust and my total lack of it. This may or may not ever come to fruition, but I think it wants to.

*I also need to make a post about body image and fud and some combination of that, inspired by recent posts by [ profile] ancientsong and [ profile] kittiekattie

*Orientation for becoming a target-bitch today. Yay me. :P

*I need to pack for college orientation, which is Monday and Tuesday of next week. Guess what time I have to wake up in order to be in Boston by whatever time orientation starts! I'll give you a hint --it's something like four in the fucking morning. Rar.

*I need to clean my nest. And my room. Eh, motivation. Whatever.

*I am now going to go read my friends list, and then play guitar hero. Ta!

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I miss my clone. Damn her and her warm fuzzy dreams! *shakes fist*

On a similar note (related to dreams at least) I have an open letter to my subconcious.

Dear subconcious.

While I appreciate the obvious effort involved in trying to give me a BalticonDream, what the hell was up with all the snow? Also, you do know that the consuite is *connected* to the main building, right? So technically, no one would have to crawl through the snow to get there, and, as the consuite has a roof, there really shouldn't have been snow in it.


Luv, Kat.

P.S: I fully support Magus in spectacular* kilts though. We can have more of that, yep.

*Spectacular meaning sortof a darkish purple and blue hawaiin print utilikilt. If such a thing actually exists, I want it.


Seriously, I made like three really stupid mistakes in typing the last paragraph. Sorcy can't spell today. :(

As for other, non dream related shtuff...uhm...I'm out. I need more dreams of guys in kilts. Or more dreams with NakedSwing in them. >> <<

*totally isn't a bad person. Much.*


I have been spending entierly too much time cleaning my room lately, with a good amount of help from Ksatyr. It is a difficult process. I fear it may never be truly done, and currently just exists in the moving shit from point a to point b form of cleaning.

Which will work, until I have to pack. Eek!

(Unrelated note --I wonder how many of my legos I can take with me...)

Katters is a bad influence on me. Oompa, oompa, oompa. :p

Uhm. Soyeah. Tuesday I went to the Holocaust Musuem, which was...well...a museum about the Holocaust. Pretty damn depressing, but worth going to at least once.

On the plus side, me and Becky finished up the day by me forcing her to watch Blues Brothers, and her forcing me to watch a couple of episodes of Stargate (1969 and the 200th episode) which were pretty fun.

Huh. Rosi and Guil have wandered back into my head. Eh, whatever.

Moving right along...yeah, I have no more of a life. I hung out with Veronica a bunch yesterday. We played an obscene amount of Geetar Hero, and watched Robots (since it was on) and Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways, since V had never seen it, and we were in the mood for EcclstonDoctor. Fish and Ksatyr were there as well, which partially inspired that.

Mel made Aly a cake on Wednesday night, because she's *awesome*. It's good cake, too.

I'm hella behind in reading you lot --I'm barely through the thirteenth, with all the zombies. Which, might I add, I am INCREDIBLY pissed I missed it. Grr! Argh!!

Annnnnnnd I'm out. Off to go clean up, like I'm supposed toget sucked in by the flattering words of my clone.



Mar. 7th, 2007 05:16 pm
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REM Rebound like you wouldn't believe. Four distinct dreamparts and a metadream -woo!

Part the First: I was in a huge used bookstore with mum and some other people. I wandered around looking at everything, and found a glorious collection of Myste Lackey hardbacks, including weird editions of the gryphons trilogy that I had never seen. Mum and I agreed that they would be good for when I went to college and needed my own copies of the books. As I flipped through the strange edition of The Silver Gryphon, I realized that it was not just the whole book, but poems, art, and maps as well. The book cost only 7$, so I convinced mum we should buy it.

Part the Second: A Doctor Dream. (The best kind, by far! Well, best besides curling up next to your girlfriend or fiercly kissing the guy you have the hots for or truly beautiful Canadians posing naked)

Anyway. The Doctor and I were on a specific subway car in the London tube system. We had already discovered the secret evil alien base that the aliens had used to invade through the tubes. (The tube was, incidentally, able to go to the moon or to a roof or something where the aliens had their base.) The subway car driver gave everyone on the car a sort of electrionic tablet and gave us a story prompt, fully expecting us to write. My story was the true story about what all the aliens were doing to us. The Doctor's was something much simpler and sweeter -something Truly Beautiful.

Part the Third: Easily the coolest dream I had, so of course, it's the one I remember the least. I was an outside observer for this one, watching a huge end-battle between a group of about ten teenager kids and a group of weird demon/magi/;evil warrior things (Actually, now that I think about it, they were quite possibly the aliens The Doctor and I had been dealing with) he fight was taking place in a huge cavern filled with weird waterfalls and whatnot, and the demonthings had the ability to control the water, which led to them trapping and killing the kids.

The only specific thing I remember was one girl defeating a demon by casting a spell where she let her instincts take over and shoot out a beam of pure energy at the mage. The kids all did eventually defeat the badguys with no casulties, but it was a close call.

Dream the Meta: I was sitting in a hallway at school near the top of an epicly huge pair of escalators. I was trying DESPERATELY to remember all the details of the previous dream -the setting, the demons, and most importantly, the names of all the kids. I was writing all the names on the wall next to me, certain that this way I would remember them. (All I recall is that I believe the girl who cast the pure energy beam was named Nora. I don't know if that's right or what. She was a cute little thing -pigtailed blonde. Very sweet. Very Lynda-from-Bad Wolf)

Jeremy came along and asked what I was doing, making me simply explain it all and tell him about my dream while he sat down to chill in my lap. We kept chatting until class let out and an extremely bitchy girl who looked like Sharpay from High School Musical scolded us for sitting there.

Part the Fourth: Direct continuation from part the second. It was after the Doctor had left me, leaving me all alone. I was now going to school in London and had to ride the tubes every day. I wandered around the tubes for a while and eventually fell in with this punkish skater-boy lookalike who went to school with me. We were heading back to school, when I realized that I had left my tubepass in my backpack instead of somewhere more accessible. The boy very nicely used one of his passes for me so I wouldn't have to dig mine out, and we wandered out into the station. The tube zoomed by in a rollar coasterish fashion, and up around a bend in the tracks. It then slid backwards to accept teh rest of us, and I realized that we had returned to the car with all the stories. The woman gave us a story prompt which I had trouble paying attention to because the skaterboy was asking what time it was, since he had a class at eight that he didn't want to be late to.

Considering we had only gone out to lunch, I was shocked to realize it was nearly eight, which set me to fretting about what classes I might have missed. I was soon distracted, however, by the driver coming up to me and asking me to sign my name on a sort of waiver thing so she could publish the story I had written last time in one of her collections. I took some of the collections to look at later, then used the computer to find the Doctors story in the online archive and e-mail it to myself. (I was very dissapointed when I checked my e-mail this morning and it wasn't there, because it was a SPECTACULAR story)

The driver wound up taking just me to the now defunct alien base and we started talking. I don't recall what about.




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