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This morning, sitting in the sun, the beautiful Georgia belle shivers. "She's cold!" her boyfriend teases as I approach. I do what I find logical, and drape my coat across her shoulders.

"You're such a sweet boyfriend" she says to me in jest. I smile outwardly, sharing the joke, while something inside of me whimpers. I can't always get what I want, but if I try sometimes, I wind up with a friend instead, and that's just as good.

(Just as good)

This evening, chatting during an event. She mentions to her roommate she'll be home at ten. "Not if I kidnap you!" I threaten, trying to keep any tone but friendship out of my voice.

"I might not mind that" she flirts back, and be it outwardly or inwardly, I wince.

So I warn her. "You better be careful, I might start taking you seriously." She laughs, and we discuss for a moment our addictions to flirting. The night trails off; we part ways.

Maybe all I do want is flirting. To court a beautiful woman, treat her in the chivalrous way all people are meant to be treated. Maybe I want more.

Summer's coming soon. We'll see what happens with the fall.

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Soyeah, it's my first day of classes for the new semester! So far I have taken Italian, which has a very Italian teacher ohmygod (her accent is...not my thing, but still kinda awesome) and eaten lunch. It's been a productive day.

On the plus side of everything, I think I may actually be getting at least one meal into me at least three days a week because there is a lovely hour long break between Italian and Calc (YAY CALC YAY CALC YAY CALC!) which should be spent entirely on the main campus where the food is. So yayfood.

And presumably, I can arrange to grab things to eat the other two days of the week as well. So this is a good arrangement, despite having all my classes on campus this semester rather than at Porter Exchange.

There was something else I wanted to say, but I don't know what. Um. Yaymoney? Oh, cage matches! Right, cage matches. *is notetoself*. Also, thing.

Damnit, I took my focusmeds today! (For the first time in over a month) I should not be this scattered! Ah well. I think it's time for me to go to class now. Ta!


(Yes, I know boring entry is boring. You can scroll past it, if you read this first. :D)
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So, Arisia was pretty awesome. I was at a bit of a weird place hormonally (Anyone want to trade?) but the incredible emotional high of spending a weekend with a lot of people I really quite like totally made up for it and gave me a wonderful rush of homeness.

"Steampunk is easy. All you need is goggles and a top hat." "Yeah, if you WANT to look like a poseur."

(Sorry. Am having conversation while updating. I am scum like that.)



Here's the awesome(?) news. The fun of Arisia last year was that the monday of it was the day I could move back into my dorm. So, like a sensible person, I assumed that the monday of this years Arisia was the day I could move back in.

Classes start on the 26th. Dorm opens on the 25th. I have a week in Boston to screw around!

So, yeah. I'm going to enjoy being able to spend time in my city as it's meant to be, what with the good and glorious SNOW everywhere to play in. (I suspect I'll be sick of it as soon as I have to walk anywhere ever, but in the meantime, ohmygod, SNOWWWW!)

My shoulder is being read over, which is always slightly disconcerting not because I mind the words being read, but because it always tends to make me self-conscious when I am watched in any way, and doubly so for what I lamely consider my art. 'Specially because I tend to have just abysmal grammar.

Annnnd I'm going to finish packing now. Byeeee.

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While working on my X Years Ago Today post for today, I stumbled across last year's "review of the year in a sentance"

The exact wording I used to explain was "So, unless there's something from the last 12 months that you really want to know about, I'm going to skip doing a nice big wordy post this year, and give you the one sentence summery of the past twelve months:"

Last year? Sorcy got into college, met her clone, made some bad decisions, made some good decisions, survived her first semester at college, and didn't die.

This year?

Sorcy started dating two utterly amazing people, went to a bunch of cons, got a job at a thrift store, traveled to North Carolina to see one of her favourite musicals, made friends with the right people and continued to enjoy school, a lot.

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Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, GUESS WHAT!

I have a place to live next year! And it is a quad with Lauren and Emily and Maddie!

Who has won the room lottery? The LUCC1 has won the room lottery, yes we have!

Back to respectable theatre stuff, like the concept of squirrels in pants.


1: Lesley University Chaos Club. Essentially, Maddie, Lauren, Emily, Me, Dominik, Ria, and Mando. Or something like that. Devoted to dadaism, and only partially because that sounds like something the Marvelous Margaret Mahy would write.
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Ohman, weekend!

Friday, I pretty much just hung out with assorted college kids --Lauren, Emily, Ty (Em's boyfriend), Ria, Maddie, Dominik, and Cecily-- from about noon until three in the morning. It was kinda righteous.

Lauren and I watched Saw II somewhere in the middle of that one. It's pretty good, and ohman am I a wuss. Just kinda in general. Various groupings of people also watched Willard and Thank You For Smoking, but I was phased out on the computer for most of that. (Fucking TV tropes.)

Saturday, I woke up when the amazingly amazing Lezzie-Beth called me and was all "Uhm, lab hours for Play Productions class, kthanksbai?" (in not quite those words) I wound up working in the theatre for the next five hours or so, helping to make a chastity belt. Which was kinda fun, especially the interlude in the middle where me and Lezzie-Beth wound up looking at assorted torture devices, as part of the "hmm, lets google chastity belt for reference!" thing.)

Got food, went upstairs...and shut myself into my room for all hours. I think my goal was to never leave and be real life social ever, mostly because I was...slightly socialed out.

This was actually a good thing, as it culminated in having a much needed gossip session with my fabulously sexy best friend, Veronica (seriously, go look at her new usericon. What the *fuck* Belanie1, no one has any right to look that amazingly good.) Of course, just as we started to get to the really good bits, my internet connection went all "fuck this shit!" and died on me. So me and V need to finish that gossiping sometime, probably/hopefully over spring break.

Me and The Katters wound up tossing text messages back and fourth for about an hour, while I did some housecleaning, and then I went to sleep. At four in the morning.

Eleven and a half hours later, or so, I woke up again. Man, there is nothing that will totally fuck up your sleep schedule as much as waking up at three thirty in the afternoon. On the plus side, I do feel particularly well rested.

Once awake, I stumbled downstairs, got food, remembered that I had been invited to [ profile] xalolo's for gaming, went "Shit yes!", put on clothes, and walked to Harvard Square so I could catch a bus to his place.

...and waited. For a really frigging long time. Rarrrrrr.

EVENTUALLY the bus showed up, and I went over, and said hullo to Chris ([ profile] xalolo) and to Nathan (Lab Rabbit with pretty hair) and to other assorted people, and wound up getting sucked into a game of "Covert Action", which is an pretty good game with a terrible winning mechanism. Like, "Planet Hollywood" terrible, only *worse*.

Played a couple rounds of Sixis, which is currently in beta, and I got to play a bunch of when I went and worked for Chris a couple weekends ago. It's interesting to play it as a team game instead of a two person game. I'd like to try it with three sometime now.

Played a game of "Blue Moon City" which is a suprisingly fun "God, this is the sort of game I hate, isn't it?" game. Part of that may have been that it takes about 20-40 minutes to play. Still though, I may have to accept that strategy/thinking games are not inherently evil.

(Totally unrelated note: WANT ICEHOUSE. WANT PLAY! Who's in Boston and willing to play with me? *whines*)

And then we played a million zillion rounds of RockBand, because it is the greatest video game ever. I no longer suck at the drums part on medium for "Foreplay/Long time".

Annnnnnnnnd I'm out. Class soon. I may wish to eat something. Hmm, maybe I should curl up in a corner and read. I haven't done too much of that lately.


1: From "Girls are not to be trusted" by Derrick Comedy. It's a pretty hilarious sketch, visuals are SFW, audio is decidedly *not*.
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"We could be
Sitting in the computer lab
Four AM before the final papers due
Cursing the world 'cause I didn't start sooner
And seeing the rest of the class there too!"

-"I wish I could go back to college" Avenue Q

siurhsg;josipaefd!! Can I just be...done. Y'know, with this project? Because it is STUPID, and I should way be done.

Hokay, at this point I believe I can just fully blame my Perfectionistic Sensebilities. No, I didn't *need* to draw the pictures myself, I could've found them online. And the description pages really really don't need this much detail or anything. But RAR IT MUST LOOK HELLA GOOD!

Fucking OCD. *cleans her glasses while she's at it, because she hasn't in a while.*

On the plus side, once I'm home, I will scan and upload the awesome picture of me menacing a bitch of a windowsbox with a sledgehammer. Yes, Doble_16, I'm talking about you. Fuckhead PC.

Yep, back to work. And then off to packing. SO CLOSE TO DONE COMPUTERS THOUGH RAR.

Okay, yeah. Catch you on the flip side.

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Part one: Finish databases for projecty thing. STATUS: Complete.
Part two: Print out a page of information, with pictures, for each superhero. STATUS: About to be started
Part three: Create an Excel spreadsheet. STATUS: Oh god, there will be no sleep tonight, will there?

Part one: Clean room. STATUS: Bahahahahah!
Part two: Pack. STATUS: Oh god, there will be NO SLEEP tonight, will there?
Part three: Hit up Newbury Comics for Becky's birfday present, hit up Joie de Vivre for more christmassy grabbag things and possibly a clone-type present. STATUS: Well, I actually can't do this one until tomorrow. So, on hold.

You know what's fun? KNOWING that you're not going to sleep until approx four PM the next day, so you can crank the loud bouncy music and grin like a manic idiot and be prepped to stay up late.

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Stollen for Active_Apathy )

Yay memes. Damnit, now I really really want it to be Christmas. Rar!


If you are a maths type person, and you somehow missed it, the unfairly beautiful [ profile] heptadecagram posted a geometry problem from hell for us to solve. So far, I know of at least two people who are stuck on it, not counting myself, and one person who may be doing it, in between driving places.


I spent about half an hour today with my hair taped to a wall. This was SIGNIFICANTLY AWESOMER then the hour and a fucking HALF I spent in a shuttlebus today, crammed between/on Kate Monster and Dominik.


...yeah, that's everything.

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Terry Pratchett apparently has alzheimers. I got five different posts on my friends list telling me this, which makes me go all "damn." and kinda sad.

I do have a small advantage that there's still a *lot* of Pratchett that I haven't read yet, so I still have a lot of teh funny to look forward to. But still man! That's just not cool.


I've pretty much just completely adopted this as the format for my elljay, haven't I?


Pretty much annihilated my sociology final. And then I went back home and went to sleep, because waking up at eight o clock for a final I was done with by nine is not at all a fun thing to do.


Weekend: Hopefully WGA strike thing (ee, Whedon) with possibly Maddie and possibly Keira on Friday. Baking cookies and playing games with Keira and Magus and other people on Saturday. Holiday partying with Lauren, Emily, Kate Monster, Dominik, Ria, Maddie, Mando, and very plausibly other people on Sunday. Last final on Monday, then home again home again.

Next month or so: Sweeney Todd comes out on the 21st. Georgetown and Tree Decorating on the 23rd. Christmas Eve type stuff and bowling with Santa on the 24th. Christmas and All That on the 25th. Katters shows up on the 26th. New Years on the 31st (shit-need-costume-rar...007 verse wears tailcoats, right? (Still kinda want to show up as the evil villans cat in an attempt to get scritches)) More New Years on the first of January. Katters leaves on the sixth (I think). Come Home on the 17th and go straight to Arisia. Yarrcon until Monday, at which point I will hopefully drag mum around to meet all my friends. School for a week, and then Vericon on the 25th. Collapse in a tired heap of "who's idea was it to attend back to back cons again?" on the 28th. School!


Apparently, Rent is a lot of what my mood requires right now. It's very confusing when my mood doesn't tell me what kind of music it wants. Stupid brain.


So, what bits of pop culture am I missing like woah? Music, movies, books, games, etc, just tell me what you will force down my throat if you realize I haven't actually heard/seen/read/played it.

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So, yesterday was the one year anniversary of me having seen V for Vendetta. I celebrated by having a midterm in sociology, not having my computers class, going to play practise, and then watching V for Vendetta with Lauren, Emily, Dominik, Mary (D.'s girlfriend), Katie (sp?) (Mary's best friend), Cecily, Skye (Random half-Brit friend of mine from English class who lives above Cec), and Jess.

It was very very fun. So that was good.

Also, before Jess arrived with the DVD player, we spent much time discussing the family ties, and who exactly is related to who. See, Dominik adopted Emily as his daughter, and me and Lauren wound up as the crazy Dominik is my brother in law, and Emily is my niece. And Cecily is my...mother in law, but she's not Dominiks mom, so she must be his stepmom. It's all very confusing.

Today's adventures involved Kat being UBERHYPER. Oh, but first, I went to math class this morning and TOTALLY KICKED THE ASS OF MY QUIZ, OHMAN!

See, I forgot completely we were having a quiz. Ohnoes, and all that. So I hadn't studied, which is bad of me. Luckily for me, I tend to just kick a lot of ass at math in general, so I more or less annihilated most of the quiz. But there was one question worth ten points (out of 100...eek!) that basically just said "find the standard deviation"

Which, of course, I had completely forgotten how to do. I was the second to last person to leave the room, because it took me twenty minutes of playing with numbers and trying different things to remember how to find standev. But I did it! Oh yeah!! *happydances*


Then English, where I wrote about Snakes on a Plane, then lunch, where I was hyper, then wandering around with Lauren and Emily and Dominik. Our goal was to go and get a book for Emily for one of her classes...we went to this tiny used bookstore just out of Harvard Square proper, that specilized in old textbooks. It was pretty much completely heaven --I have to go back sometime soon as I found a book I put on hold there. It is about pronouns and feminism and gender neutral pronouns, and yeah. Just cool.

Then we continued our wandering, stopped into the tobacco store, which I found out sells straight razors. Arrrg, sixty dollars though! I think I need to start hitting up antique shops and try and find a cheaper (and more period) one.

Went to another bookstore, then sent Dominik off to his class at AIB and came home. Andyeah.

Tonight I am going to go work on the play until about nine, and then me and Lauren and Emily and Dominik are going to make spaghetti for dinner. Nommy!

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Ksatyr is up here hanging out with me for family and friends weekend. <3 So that is superduperawesome, and I probably won't be online much until Monday.


We just saw a magician! He was mysTEERious! *waggles fingers*

After the show, I went and showed him the finger-dog-creature thing that Kat/Jake taught me, and he boggled. Which was cool.


Me, Emily, Lauren, and Dominik are forming a marshmellow wars club. Then we will have funding, so I won't have to buy pipe and fittings out of pocket. This is a Good Thing.


I love my boyfriend!

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I'm kinda half-working on a "state of the Sorcy's sexuality" thing, to commemerate the fact that National Coming Out Day was two days ago. Soyeah, for those that don't know, I'm awesomesexual. It's like pansexual without making me think of figures from greek mythology and giggling.'s Saturday, technically. Thursday was the schools first Open-Mic night. I went and read two poems and a short piece --Definitions, Paths (Which I can't find a link to, which means I may not have actually posted it, which is strange.) and an untitled bit of prose that I definently haven't posted.

And, by reading something I had written on a stage, I knocked off another 101 in 1001 goal. Woot! I think this means I have finished six of them. >>

Friday was yesterday. I spent most of yesterday hanging out with Lauren and ocassionally Emily. We're all in Freshman Seminar together, so Friday morning I grabbed food from the cafe and met up with them in the student center where we watched "A Pup Named Scooby Doo". Because we are bad.

After seminar, Lauren and I decided to be gentlemen and walk Emily to her class at Porter. We did so, walked home, decided to go investigate the pie shop I found on my uberwalk, and went wandering.

We visited the pie shop, the creepy underground tunnel, and a supermarket. At the supermarket, we found toffee apples that were a day past their expiriation day or something so they were wicked cheap. So that was my lunch on Friday. *grin*

Back to Porter, and I went to my Movement and Improv class. Which continues to be funish. In other news, I am excellent at Zip Zap Zop solong as I can keep my focus on.

Friday night, the school had an '80's dance. I wore my tails and a borrowed tophat and told people that no one had specified the century. I felt somewhat awkward at first, being all lonely and wallflowerish, but then Katrina and Catie showed up and the three of us began dancing. Which was wicked fun.

I pretty much danced all night with Katrina, Catie, Dominik, and a friend of his called Mando. Afterwards, Dominik and I did the gentleman thing (What can I say, I was dressed for it.) and walked Mando to Havahd Square so she could meet up with her boyfriend. Which was totally fun, and Mando is now my new best friend, which remains the least permanent title in history.

Walked back, chatted some, eventually wandered back up to my room by myself and curled up with Seren. And then, for some reason I'm not sure of, I stayed up until Kat went to bed. Except, I think I fell mostly asleep at one point, and while I would've sworn I sent some sort of message along the lines of "sleep now", I apparently didn't. So, apologies to Kat and Tho for just vanishing. :/

Soyeah. Three AM may be too early for me.

Today: Broke my New Years resolution of getting up before noon every day (which I've been shit at anyways) by waking up around noonish and lying around in bed until one. Which was fun. Then I ate and now I'm slacking around here.

How has YOUR week been?



Oct. 4th, 2007 10:42 am
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Is it a bad thing that the best thing I've done in any class so far is the statistics test I just finished?

Gawds, I love math. And stats is recokulously easy maths, with lots of algebra, (my favourite)

So. Uhm. Yeah. Yay maths?


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xkcd post really truly is forthcoming, I just need to figure out a way to fix the video first. IMPORTANT QUESTION: If I shot something holding my camera sideways, is there an easy way to take the video and rotate the whole video 90 degrees?

(For reference, I have a macbook with iDVD and iMovie bundled. Help?)


I wrote a drabble for english class that I liked enough to post in the Kattales. Go read!


College remains fun. I am slowly making better friends (as opposed to aquantinces). Ria has a scanner which I may attack at some point. I'm trying to get together a RHPS expidition for this Saturday.


I have gotten back into Neopets in a hella-bad-serious way. By which I mean, I have made an excel spreadsheet and am keeping track of how much money I bring in and where it comes from. Yeeeeeeeahhhh...


Vegan Pizza is super-delicious. Vegan Baklava is just about the greatest thing I have ever eaten in my life. Boston has one of two vegan pizza parlours in the country --the other one is in Seattle. (Ksatyr and I went on Saturday night and it was AWESOME)


Free, reasonably intense, yoga classes rock my socks.


I used too many stars in this post. :(

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So, since I've gotten a whole lot of people telling me they like my collegeposts, I should probably catch up with the last few days, ie, since Thursday.


Wednesday or Thursday night we had a hypnotist come in, which was highly entertaining. Highlights include him convincing the boys that he had onstage that they were chippendales (doing a family friendly show) and so I wound up with a boys shirt in my lap. He was remarkably unphased when I gave it back to him.

Friday I had my first freshman seminar (Good, easy) and my first Movement and Improv class. The moving around part of M&I seems to be very fun (We did an introduction circle, where you had to say your name while doing a movement, and a walking exersize.) but the sitting down and reading about moving and acting seems to be...much lessso. I phased out a little bit during the discussion, unfortunately --if the class went in the other order, with the moving around first, it would be just about perfect. (M&I is a longer class --two hours and 45 minutes once a week instead of an hour and fifteen minutes twice.)

Friday had an improv group show up, Mission Improvable. They were very fun --really knew their stuff and had obviously been working as a group for a long time. Afterwards, I asked one of them where they got their ideas, and he just said "ADD." Anywho, I took some video of them, and they said I could put it up so I'll have to do that sometime. Probably about when I get the video of Jarne playing fetch with squirrels online. (Although my laugh sounds horrid as all hell in that, and I don't like it.)

..Where was I?

Ohyeah, life. Saturday I spent most of reading, and then I met up with Katrina* and Catie and a couple of guyfriends of theirs. We watched Mulan and played scrabble (us girls won.) I also totally deliberated about going to see Rocky Horror, and decided to put it off until the next Saturday I'm in town and not busy, which is the 28thish. So, all one of you Lesley kids that reads this, you should come to RHPS with me.

Sunday I did more slacking. I was doing major league slacking --spending all day inside with my computer, but then I went to the xkcd park, so it was all good.

Today I got up at 6:30 (!) did the morning thing and went to my 8 AM sociology find about ten minutes in that I was in the WRONG 8 AM sociology class in that building. Cue mucho embaressment on my part as I explained to that teacher that I was in the wrong class, and explained to the correct teacher why I was late.

I'm psyched about Socio, though. I like the teacher, I like the subject, and I'm sure I like the book once I get the shrink-wrap off.

My computers class is currently in the "disorganied" stage, but only because we didn't get the laptops until halfway through. Oops.


I have Stats homework to do, and English for tomorrow, not to mention a lot of reading for Socio and M&I. I will get that done.

And now that people have told me they like my collegeentries, this one is complete garbage. GARBAGE, I TELL YOU!


* *gnashes her teeth in mild annoyence*

P.S: I bought a Wicked ticket, on ThirdBase's advice. One of the dramaclub girls* said she'll go with me, so I won't have to wander Boston alone.

*The president of which is in my computers class, and actually asked me if I wanted to be the new treasurer. I stammered out something --if my schedule isn't too hectic, I may even accept. :P
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Today was reasonably wonderful.

I went out and met [ profile] jarne for the first time ever, which went totally well, mostly because neither of us was actually an internet predator hell bent on raping the other. We wandered around the COOP and all around Harvard Square area, including finding a playground and being a bad influence on the small children. (Well, we did tell them not to imitate us.)

NTS: I need to start writing in BehindTheWalls again.

But yeah. It was really nice --it felt a bit like it does when I'm wandering around with Veronica or Katters. Threre's just this sense of friendship and it's all quite good. It's lovely exploring the world with Magus or the Boston D&D, but sometimes it's really really nice to have friends your own age(ish). Part of why I want Veronica to come up here so bad. I miss her. (And yes, it is undying. ;-) )

He abandoned me about two and a half hours of wandering, so I was forced to go sit in the COOP for an hour and a half until it was time for me to go meet up with Dave and Diane. Oh no, the horror! *strikes a very dramatic pose*

(For those who don't know, the COOP is a really nice big bookstore. And pronounced as to rhyme with "soup" as opposed to "co-op", which I think is weird. Also, it had a "Dykes to Watch Out For" book in the GLBT section. Soyeah. I totally spent most of the time reading that and not spending any money. Shockingly enough, no one cared!)

After that, I met up with Dave and Diane, and they took me out to Wagamama (Good asian fuds) and bought me ice cream and pocky! at assorted stores during wandering. So that was very nice indeed.

ALSO! Ohmygod. The Million Year Picnic, which is a really spift comic store not far from Harvard Square has a DOCTOR WHO COMIC BOOK! Like a big hardback book comic anthology. WITH ROSE! augugugugugugugug!

Yeah, I really really really want it. ALSO, I need to check and find out which Sonic Screwdriver [ profile] disc_sophist has, because Newbury Comics sells them. <3

Alsoalso, moment of the day number one was when Dave and Diane gave me a ride home and I got to talking to their son who is quite a bit younger then me. He mentioned staying up all night, and I told him what prom was and that he should stay up all night then. So then he said something along the lines of "Well, when I'm the same age as you, you'll come to my house and we'll go to prom together." Ohman, so funny.

Moment of the day number two will come when I toss the contents of my camera onto Seren. Ask Jarne --it involves squirrels. Evil, evil squirrels.

See you lot later


P.S: School library suprisingly does not suck. It looks like it does, until you go upstairs into the Juvinile fiction section. They have A FULL DOZEN Margaret Mahy books in there INCLUDING a copy of "The Pirates Mixed Up Voyage" (*raises an eyebrow pointedly at her evil clone*) and all her other books that take place there and WHEE!
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Notes about things:

*People smoke a lot more in college then in high school. (presumably because it's legal) There are always half a dozen kids out on the quad with lit cigs in their mouths.

*My dinner tonight was a bag of Combos and an apple that I swiped from the dining hall yesterday. I am officially a college student.1

*HOLYSHIT! I COMPLETELY forgot to bring my HTML cheatsheet! That means that stuff that I should know how to do, like links inside my post, have completely been lost. 2

*There are at least three bookstores in Cambridge that I haven't gone into yet. Aiee! (one over in Porter Square, the one next to Diesel Cafe in Davis Square, and Barefoot Books up along Mass Avenue.)

*I should go to bed in the very near future, and read the rest of Sandman #9. Also, I should brush and braid my hair again, since I had it braided all yesterday and that was nice.


1: Magus, this was not your fault. Mom, this was not Magus's fault. I will eat a proper breakfast tomorrow and be perfectly fed.

2: Well, I could always go look them up. But I'm lazy, and by posting the above, Tho might go ahead and tell me it again.


Sep. 3rd, 2007 11:24 pm
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So, tonights big get to know each other thing was a nice big "Go out on a cruise ship and dance the night away", which was heinously fun. It was very slightly awkward at the beginning, but then pretty much everyone figured out that no one knew anyone else, and so there was really no point in feeling embaressed.

I pretty much danced the WHOLE DAMN NIGHT! It was basically just doing what I used to do in my room all those years ago --moving bits of me to the music in a way that felt right-- only in public. But then again, pretty much everyone was doing that, so it was all cool.

For most of the night, I just groupdanced with the twins, Madeline, this boy Pat, and a couple girls I don't remember the names of. Pat appears to be the closest thing I've found so far to a local Kyu, except that he just does filming as a hobby. And he hasn't suggested I star in any versions of Jane Eyre. :P

Towards the end of the night, I fell in with this group of Otakus (Christina, Heather, Lily, and Ria) and this boy Dominic who was from Austria, and is a True Gentleman. (Also, very plausibly ghay.) And yes mom, I asked and he has heard of Falco and seems rather to like him. *grin*

He smokes though, which is a shame. Hell of a dancer though. Wish I could dance that well --he REALLY had the knack for just not being embaressed and looking good while doing it. Stupid boys being better at dancing then me. *shakes fist*

But yeah, means I might have a new friend, which is a plus, since I think I'm ultimately bad at this friendmaking thing. Luckily, orientation is about to end, and I'm plausibly going to visit the Boston Dave and Diane on Wednesday. Soyayforthat.

I hearts dancing.


My Schedule

Sep. 3rd, 2007 04:18 pm
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I'm not as cool as Tho, so it's not all charty and colourful. But it is a schedule, with times and everything.

So. Schedule! )

I also did a nice wander down to the bookstore (to find out how much poorer I'm about to become) with Madeline, who is the only person I kept any kind of contact with from orientation to now. She is quite nice. While there, we met up with a pair of twins (Lauren and Emily) and the four of us wandered into this little Japanese stuff shop. Which sells origami paper.

See above notes about being poor. *sigh*

And I mean, I brought a WHOLE FRIGGING BOX of origami paper. I have PLENTY! But still. More!

Yeah, that's life. Oh, I lucked out on the class thing --class is supposed to start on Wednesday, at 1. Because all my classes end before noon, I have the day off. Woo! So I might go visiting people then or something.

Annnnnnnnd yeah. Sorry I've been posting so much --I just don't quite have the hang of this whole "making new friends and doing stuff with them" thing.


(Also, I'll get pictures up of my world eventually, I swear! I actually really like my dorm room. And the showers here? INcredible!)


sorcyress: Drawing of me as a pirate, standing in front of the Boston Citgo sign (Default)
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