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"I'm sorry my neuroses interrupted your flirtation"

--Probably the new subtitle of my User Manual, which has been getting a lot of pages lately, mostly of the 'no, you can't see this' variety. Yes, that makes it the least useful user manual ever, shuttup.
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"I'm sorry my neuroses interrupted your flirtation"

--Probably the new subtitle of my User Manual, which has been getting a lot of pages lately, mostly of the 'no, you can't see this' variety. Yes, that makes it the least useful user manual ever, shuttup.
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Ha! Have gotten my inbox back down to 0 unread, which is the state it's been in for -no lie- four months now. Like...I just...keep going through everything and archiving or replying or reading it, and it's such a little thing, but at the same time, it's the most reassuring little bit of zen in my stupidly packed life.


My schedule has ASPLODED! I am currently looking at:

Friday morning babysitting, Friday afternoon working at a friends, Friday evening secret project at jere7my's, saturday morning and afternoon HONK AW YIS!, Saturday late J. Cannibal's Feast of Flesh, Sunday morning crepes, then Honk Parade, Sunday afternoon more secret project, Sunday evening MORE babysitting.



I haven't decided what to do about the Homestuck tarot mess. I only have like 36 hours to do so. There might be a desperate call to my mother in there and a strong suggestion about Christmas presents. My life is really not what I expected it would be.


I might be doing a four-day sleep study! I am looking forward to everything except the prescreening bits, which involve a heavily regulated sleep schedule and not having any chocolate (because caffeine.)


I probably have more meaningless bits and bobs to say (I would like to use livejournal more often, even if it is just for shortform nonsense better suited to Twitter) but I need to restart my browser and I don't want to lose this. Ta!

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Currently faffing instead of going to the local party. Is okay, I'll leave the house soon. Theoretically, I am supposed to be cleaning my room, putting away laundry, making the bed, and packing for *tomorrow's* party (Or at the very least, writing something, bobspamit!) but meh. There exists tumblr, and fascinating conversations, and me being neurotic and obsessive about information organization.

Case in point, I can tell you that I have averaged exactly 10 miles/day since getting my bicycle on the fifth. That's with two days this week where I didn't bike at all, because I was in NYC, and it seemed silly to drag Ellie down there. I can also tell you that I hit mile 100 sometime on Tuesday (the eighth day of biking), and I can even get as specific as "within half a mile of the Randall Munroe Sweet Ass-Park".

I like being neurotic and obsessive about information organization, even if it leads to things that I, and no one else, care about.


Under the cut, I mention horrifying and triggering things )

Anyways, because wikipedia is addictive, even (especially?) when it's horrorshow, I had nightmares. Thankfully, I don't remember any of the technical details, but as is common with me and dreams, I wake up recalling the emotions, none of which were remotely pleasant. On the plus side, I got out of bed with only one hitting of the snooze button, which is shockingly low for me. When my alarm went off the second time, I reached for the snooze, recalled I had experienced nine minutes of REM-reboundy nightmares the last time I did that, and got up for the day instead. New strategy for getting out of bed?


I should possibly turn the conversation I was having about age-discrepencies in relationships into a real post sometime, since I feel like I was actually saying some interesting things there. In the meantime, Genni and I ought to go par-tay. In apologies for sharing awful awful things with you, I gift you this SMBC comic, which I have essentially been giggling about for two days straight. Ta!

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It's that awful moment when you realize two weeks has somehow turned into thirty-six hours.

Everything is unfair and I demand more time, but ah, that's how it always goes.

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I am still in California. Or, if I never bothered to mention it properly, I am in California!

Spending all my time with someone creative in the same ways in which I am creative has been really good for me. I am still Woefully Unemployed (TM), but I've also drawn a couple things, and written a couple things, and best of all, three days ago, the clone looks up at me from our Left 4 Dead game and says "wanna write a collaborative story about a zombie apocalypse?"

So that's been going very well, and I've written like 4500 words of characters I haven't used in a while fighting zombies. Which is pretty damn great.

We've also done some cooking experiments (which resulted in bacon-wrapped potato bites!) and playing way too much Left 4 Dead (<3333!) and spending too much time on Tumblr and not enough time watching Doctor Who, but whatever, honestly. Theoretically, I can watch that on my own. Keeping up with the reblogs is tres important, zohmgar. :P

Mek might've gotten me hooked on Fallen London, or at least starting to be hooked on Fallen London. I am currently more frustrated than pleased by the throttling of actions. I appreciate that they're keeping me from wasting all my time on there, but man, I have been running out of actions quickly and that's annoying, especially when I'm still very badly in explore mode and trying to figure out the game. We'll see if it sticks at all.

I miss Boston. I miss dancing. I might claim to miss being too cold, but judging by how I actually respond to temperature, it's a dirty lie. But I'm happy I'm here because...there's a reason I call him clone faster than boyfriend. Mek gets me like no one else. The conversations we have tend to be long, meandering, weird and utterly fabulous. When's the last time you jumped from Neil Poon Handler to Oglaf?

The hope of course is that I'll go home and be rejuvenated, ready to try again being a real adult. We'll see if it works at all. I am in turns optimistic towards how lovelyinteresting this summer could be (Pinewoods in July, and Alys might visit me) and shaking with fear at the lack of funds and lack of impact I am having on the world.

In the meantime though, I'm going to clutch at this creative paradise while it is still accessible to me. Lying in bed all day in my underwear writing might not sound to you like such a beast, but oh, am I satisfied.

Even if it is too damn hot.

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So today I finally got around to typing up all the receipts from my tenure with the Cult of Dunkin.

(When I was bored and work was slow, I would write essays or rants or stories on abandoned receipts. Yay recycling and creativity!)

It turned out to be, mmm, 7,000+ words, 5k or so of which I typed today.

Then mek and I started writing a collaborative fiction, and I wrote about another thousand words of that and as character background.

Not to mention spending a bunch of time on IM and e-mail. It may very well have been a 10k word day, not that I care to try and measure that (because hella pain in the ass).

Add that to the hour of x-box (Zombie killing, ya!) and yeah, my arms now hurt from wrist to elbow. Both of them (although the left a little worse, which is typical.) This totally blows.

On the plus side, damn it feels good to be writing again. And getting all the receipts typed takes away one of the obligationblocks I've been having keep me from getting anything done, so yay that. Now, if I can just get the stuff from the Little Blue Notebook typed, I could actually stop dragging my heels and finish Dante, which would be amazing.

So mixed feelings. On the one hand, pain is bad, especially strong pain focused on the parts of my body I need most in working order. On the other...

Damn do I feel like a real person again. I should write ten thousand words every day!


ETA: Look what I have achieved! )
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I have decided that, at the end of this week, I am going to post an image showing you what my original schedule was (as I received it on Friday) and the hours I actually wound up working. The utter ridiculous fuckery of this will serve to illustrate why I have no spoons left for communication, no beers left for social, and no fucks left for bullshit.

That's right. I just used three different theories to explain energy. How'dya like me now?


I wrote myself an anti-procrastination manifesto. I foolish left out things that don't have to do with the computer, like cleaning my room, or grocery shopping. This might turn out to be problematic for me, except I honestly don't expect to be still following the rules in more than a week anyways.

At any rate, if I'm still managing to do it next Tuesday, I'll post it up, so you can all laugh at how pathetic the rules I came up with are. Whee.


ADB is, as always, not dead but not exactly active. Anyway, I posted a thing about choreography not being the most important part of dancing. You can read it if you're into that sort of nonsense. It gets meandery, I should probably rewrite it now that I've figured out what the actual topic is.


I'm off to work shortly. This is okay because BIKE and it's utterly beautifully gorgeous out. Highly recommended! Go outside today, if you are somewhere it is nice!


Both my voice and my left wrist/hand are shot, and work is only going to make them worse. Is there a word for amused and exasperated all at the same time?


See y'all later.

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Managed to cull the hats into the things I actually regularly wear. Even though it breaks my heart to do such a thing, since I do love my hats, quite dearly. Also, I really need to start doing the mom thing more often, and wearing a backwards ball cap --I have two perfectly good ones. (Would have three if I hadn't lost my Sweeney Todd one like an idiot)

At any rate, that's one of the two really hard clothing things done. Next, and those don't squish *nearly* as well.


So, a little bit of exploration re: that bacardi commercial I posted has led me to discover the fun that is Matt and Kim. I'm still sitting at three songs --the ones they've got official music videos-- but I like what I hear. Getting my hands on their album is a must; I keep putting on Daylight to clean to, and dancing around like an idiot instead. It's *very* fun.

Also, I mean, they strip down. In the middle of Times Square. In winter. For a Music Video.

What can I say, I'm a little bit of a sucker for girls who don't shave their armpits. Unshaven legs I can take or leave, but please leave the hair under the arms, it is totally lovely.

((yes, I am a little bit of a freak sometimes))

Also, it bugs me when people whine about musicians selling out. If Matt and Kim hadn't sold out by having their music in that commercial, they would have one less fan who enjoys their stuff and would be willing to go see them play live, if they came anywhere near Boston. (Though I am looking for excuses to go to New York...)

Plus, selling out = enough money to eat and make more music that you'll enjoy. Or whine about. Whichever.

(I am not actually a music fan, just a person who listens to music sometimes and likes it.)


Notetoself: Don't read YouTube comments. duh.

I have a lot of zip ties, and am not really sure why this is. Also, I'm rapidly approaching the point where I need an actual tool bag for myself, fucking *glee!* even if I lost my totally awesome knife damnit damnit

Seriously, making a cohesive list of everything left I had to pack was a really quite clever idea. Well done, Miss Kyress1. NOW DO THE THINGS ON THE LIST!

Notetoself, do a Sorky2 vocab sheet sometime. Need to have on it: Pumpkin Time, some names of mine, Milk Crates, ponies and monkeys, other things I say a lot, fwen. Similar to my acronyms cheat sheet.


I do not know what is up with my left hand these days. It just insists on baubles --doesn't feel right without three rings and some bracelets, or something equally warped. WHY DO YOU SO WANT FRIVOLS, SELF?

Also, judging by dad's tentative plans, I have less than forty-eight hours left in Maryland. BOOYAH!

Things I need to do during the daylight hours tomorrow: Return Larry's sound equipment, go to the post office and send presents to people. NTS: Make sure I have addresses. Also, bank. Also, at some point I need to order my birthday present for myself.

Hmm, wonder if the package center is hiring. It would certainly ensure that I actually get all my mail when it comes, and not, oh, in mid summer for packages sent in march. *rars at Lesley*.

((Those cookies were still delicious though!))

The beginning of "Board of Governors" from Jekyll and Hyde always sounds a bit like the music from The Weakest Link to me. More cracktastic artists than myself (or at least, more familiar with the J&H secondary characters) would be drawing this. "Henry Jekyll, you are....THE WEAKEST LINK. GOODBYE!"

...Hyde would like it to be know that he doesn't approve.

..........ohmygods, Henry Jekyll/Herbert West. They can try to out 'scientist' each other. It'll be all delightfully sociopathic and WONDERFUL. Both of them are all like "It's for a good cau-AUG MY LIFE IS BEING RUINED SHIT SHIT!"

Yes, I know there's only like one person out there who'll appreciate this, but whatever. THAT'S REASON ENOUGH TO POST IT!

......does that make Hyde Dan? Not at all. I'd say maybe Hyde corresponds to West, but Hyde's a lot less concerned with results. Arg and damnation.


((That's how I know I'm a chick. Seriously, I have way too many shoes to ever be a boy.))

It's always nice when this project looks doable, instead of "oh god oh god"

Iiiii don't want to do the rest of this. Like, at all. Someone come pack for me?

Still left to sort through/deal with: Notebooks?, Blank papers, Presents, Writing stuff, Wearable clothes, Laundry, Props box, Electronics, Business Cards, Pocket Stuff, Desk

Still left to pack: Photos, Weaponry, Jewelry stuff, Jewelry, Buttons, Love letters, Food, Top of Dresser, Legos?


I should just post this, and have more entertaining bits and pieces later or something.


Postscript: Found my diary. Yay!

1: This is totally the Katters' fault, as are many of my names (See: "Sor") The first time I ever heard her pronounce "Sorcyress" she was doing so with a k sound for the c, rather than the s sound I'd been using. It's...a thing that I split names down the middle (also her fault) so I chose to shift the name from Sor Cyress (Pronounced Sigh-ress)to Sor Kyress. (Kai-ress).

2: Pretty much the same as reasons stated above.
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Scheissentagzunfixen2009 continues to go well --I baleeted 85 percent or so of my tags with only one use, and I have ten months (out of 65) all tagged up. Yayy or something.


I am uncommonly antisocial right now, and have been for a substantial amount of time --at least since Tuesday, possibly since earlier. People = Donotwant.


Went to a Vienna Teng concert on Tuesday, which was beautiful and quite needed. Went ahead and bought two of her albums --the brand new one, "Inland Territory", and the second-most-new one, "Dreaming Through the Noise". (Her first two albums I own Yeah. Magic1. >.>)

"In Another Life" and "Stray Italian Greyhound", both off Inland, were played during the concert and are *fabulous*. I've had "In Another Life" or "Whatever You Want" (Off Dreaming) stuck in my head pretty much all week. It's nice.

And a further essay concerning Vienna is coming, I just need to type it. Additionally, I may write an essay or something about objectification of artists.


Tonight, as a present for Maddiecakes birthday, the two of us wandered over to Harvard to listen to Joss Whedon talk, after recieving the highly esteemed and prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism. It was actually a pretty well put together speech, and definitely raised my largely indifferent2 opinion of Joss several notches.

Afterwards, there was signing, so I have a signed Dr. Horrible DVD. Alas, no personalization, due to the sheer volume of people, but still. Joss's autograph. And yes, mom, I told him you said thanks for putting you in the special features.


I have been writing like an absolute *fiend* lately. I know that I have a short story, the aforementioned Vienna essay, and most of the third part of my deep stuff night scrawled down, and I may very well have more that I'm forgetting about. One of these days, I really need to learn how to type. :P


By the way, in case I've forgotten to squee, in the past month or so, both Iowa and Vermont have made it okay for the gayfolk to marry each other. That makes FOUR STATES that my little sister can get married in. I am so happy about this.


Conor and I played about four rounds of Chrononauts the other night, and determined that we want to play/write/whatever a Time Travel rpg. I'm guessing GURPS might be the most valuable resource, but you lot are smart people. Suggestions?


I think that's it for now. I'm gonna go sleep.


1: Part of why there was no question when I got the oppertunity to actually pay money for some of her music. Oh, Vienna! She is very very good, and will get my money as I have it spare.

2: Oh, he's a good writer, no doubt about it. But about the only thing of his that I have raptures over is Dr. Horrible. I...may have a natural reluctance to fawn over the people that every geek ever worships.
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I mean, due to my occasional bouts of OCD like behaviour, one of which involves alarms being set to palindromic times, I'm really just getting up four minutes before seven.

But still.

It's been a while since I had to set the first digit of my alarm clock to a six. Why is this my chosen career path again?

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Things from today:
Itty-bitty scene kids
The world is full of suck
I gave blood!!!
Bethity Beth is awesome
Across the Universe -- "we got bored of the plot, so we're now going to smoke a lot of pot and script the next half hour --whatever we write, we keep!"

Things to do tomorrow:
Eat something
Go to Jere7my's still-unnamed house

Other things on my mind
The song 'S****!1 said Dance'
How much rape sucks
I really hate hormone cycles. I also hate learning how they work
NTS: Kill WookieNick for dragging me on stage during bows.
I need to start using Hiveminder better. Also, iCal.
Is anyone interested in me posting my grand list of all the status messages I've put up on Adium in the last five weeks?


1: (Everyone got your dice ready?) S****! is my spelling of Satan. Because if you only imply it, it doesn't count. Also, it took me ten rolls.2

2: Dude, I don't even know how to explain it. It's a gamer thing that peaked with Origins '04. You were either there and annoyed with me for bringing it up, or you weren't and are confused.
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My hands now say, written across the knuckles, "picnic?" and "YARR!"

I just thought I should share.

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"In other news, once you stop bullshitting yourself and others, you can get a lot more done."


Today I managed to successfully, and correctly, use the phrase "I readied an action" to describe something I did in real life. I...may in fact be a geek.


Har? You know that awesomebeautiful* bright orange hat you made me for my birthday? It's wicked warm. And matches my new fingerless gloves perfectly. And looks really nice with my brown Janny-coat. Thank you! *hugs*

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Hum. Apparently, wearing dangly earring(s) achieves the same visual effect of putting my hair up in a bun, it makes my neck look longer, and gives me (to my eye, at least) a more femme look.

*makes a mental note to study Magus next time she sees him with his hair both down and up and see if it does the same thing to him*

Also, NTS: Clearing out the cache and history is probably good for my computer ocassionally, however, I need to remember that that's going to wipe out the autofill in my URL bar. Which isn't bad, per se, it just means that I need to remember things like "" instead of being able to type in "liv" and hitting the down arrow three times.

Or I can just reach pages the old fashioned way. Yeah, that's likely.


P.S: Currently on skip 100 entries. Wooo, almost there!!
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Things that make my life suck less:

*Having people who I know that I am never going to have anything other than a platonic relationship with, so I can flirt with impunity without having to worry about giving off the wrong signals. On a similar note, knowing where I stand with people.
*Seeing the Sweeney Todd movie, and having people to discuss it with.
*Hiveminder --it's productivity pr0n! Basically, it's a cool looking todo list, that I like imputting tasks to. We'll see if I like actually doing tasks, and use it, and everything. Currently, it's well designed, and I like especially that it has a way to IM tasks to your list. This makes "Oh yeah, I need to do this, I hope I remember" really easy.

Holy crap, it's a digital version of "Sorcy's little spotted book to help her get her shit together". Groovy!
*The fact that MacandTuna is awesome, and drove me to the movie theatre
*Getting to see Josh and Eric in the same day, AND getting to talk to Chris
*Trying all the different pie samples at Heavenly Ham
*Being told I am good at childcare by a random person in line while I was babysitting a friends daughter.

Things that make my life suck more:

*The fact that I somehow scratched up my hand when I wasn't paying attention, and it actually kinda hurts.
*Spoilerish things
*Siblings arguing
*My hands hurting after less then a dozen songs on Geetar Hero
*Still feeling empty. Still not having anything that I feel that I'm living for
*Being a shit as all hell writer, and not knowing the right things to say to people.
*Not being able to play Garden Gnome Carnage on Vera. Okay, I'm stretching.

...things that I only just realized are awesome:

I can be playing The Sims on Dmitri while I'm screwing around on Vera. SCORE!

That's all for now.

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Happiness is...

Comics being silly and sweet.
References to RockBand in xkcd
Awesome webcartoonists announcing that they're going to be at conventions you're attending.*
Being more then halfway through the archives of that really intense daily comic you love to bits and pieces
(And being -finally- past the point where you started reading!)
Finding slash fanfiction for a movie as you're watching it, and reading said fiction imediately afterwards. (warning, R-rated)
Jason Statham having a car chase almost as good as the ones in Blues Brothers
Goon Tower (Warning, big frigging image.)

And other stuff too, that I can't link to, such as spending a good chunk of time with Veronica, and finding the Rod of Kimchee and general squee.


*Okay, technically I think I already knew that Randy was gonna be at Arisia. But shh.
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Hey, I'm home!


Ow, muscles. Fucking things and the carrying thereof. Ow ow ow.

I maintain that this is the downside of being a biblophile. You are incapable of just bringing one book anywhere, even if you're going on vacation to a library. Rar.


I mentioned that I needed some professionalish clothes eventually to mum and she threw these beautifully eighties clothing things at me called "Units". They are *hella* comfy. Also, *HELLA* eighties.


My bed is far too low to be at all reasonable. I can't even touch the ceiling when I'm standing on it. Apparently, this is what college does to you, make your furniture change shape.


Off shopping and the like. Yay, I have a mommy. <3

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On the plus side of everything, I do so love watching the sun rise from the right direction --staying up all night rather then waking up obscenely early.


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You know what's dangerous?

Webcomics are dangerous.

Fucking Punch an' Pie. I would've been to bed an hour earlier if it hadn't been sitting open in my browser, waiting for me.

Granted, an hour earlier after last night means "5:30". Yes, AM. Shh. >.>


You know what's fun? Keira's cooking. Keirafood is INTENSELY fun. And by fun, I mean delicious.

Also, cookies. Also, washing dishes, which is an awesome job for someone who has a perfectionist streak. Also, Eddie Izzard, though boo for falling asleep in the same place I always do and missing all the jokes.

Also, cookies. With some sort of deliciously evil crasin-cherry jam hybrid middle and almonds and coconut and DEAR GOD WANT. *stalks Keira in a distractable sort of manner*


You know what sucks?

Having to go work on my computers final, and have a party, and pack to go home to Maryland, all in roughly the same block of time. Ye-up. Sucks. Also, what the hell do I bring to Maryland from Bawston? I mean, I have some clothes down there, but all my costumes and most of the clothes I wear are up here, and there are trinkets I should bring, and presents and OH SHIT NEED PRESENT FOR OTHERKAT, FUCKITY FUCK and yeah.

My brain is kinda weird.



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