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1) Music is incredibly critical to keeping my overall mood stable and my anxiety low. If I haven't had time to listen to music lately, I need to remember that it's one of the fastest/strongest/best ways to Fix Things.

2) I need to listen to "Somebody Will" and sob so hard I can't sing along at least once every six months, apparently. It's a reminder of what we're meant to be doing and where we're meant to be going, and it shouldn't sound so damn much like a dirge.

3) I want to make a post talking about the Denizens and music and how beautifully they work together, and I've been meaning to make this post for like a month now (there was a really bad Monday going to dance where it became relevant) and someone should poke me about it, especially once I'm back in Boston.

4) I will try and make some year-in-review/year-looking-forward posts later, but for now there are still people and social in my house.

5) Hi! I like you, and hope your 2017 is better than your 2016.


((for my own reference and possibly your interest, the songs I listened to in order to repair/break better my brain were: Go Away Godboy (s00j), Never Look Away (Vienna Teng), Joan (Heather Dale), Somebody Will (Sassafrass), Timber Party (mashed up by Shahar Varshal), and Every Time it Rains (Charlotte Martin).))


sorcyress: Drawing of me as a pirate, standing in front of the Boston Citgo sign (Default)
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