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Okay folks, I've been really really busy, but if like...three of you are going to specifically be all "porn?" at me today, I figure I better put these up before I get mobbed.

For reference, last years entries are here. This year's are not in a poll, both because I'm feeling more low key with them, and because I don't have a paid account anymore.

These are in no specific order I semi randomized them, butyeah. Enjoy!

He’s forgotten it all. The kissing, the touching, the fucking, the needing. It’s all gone now, hidden in another boy’s blue eyes. Not even a ghost of a memory left.

Open field, blue sky
Cool breeze drying summer sweat
Startled birds take flight

Every day, the boy came naked to the violinist's mountain shrine, pleasured her, begged release, was denied. After a year, she plucked him. Heartstrings make the best violins once they're tuned.

I slide the tip of my tongue along her throbbing pussy.
She begins to moan, begging me to lick her clit.
I oblige, as her legs start squeezing my head……

Tender lips nibbling and kissing their way down his back as fingernails drag from behind his left knee higher and higher...

0111 0011
0110 1111
0110 1101
0110 0101
0010 0000
0110 0111
0110 0101
0110 0101
0110 1011
0010 0000
0111 0000
0110 1111
0111 0010
0110 1110

I love to suck on them, tasty and hard, a little sweet, a little sour. Every time I see one, I can't help but want it inside me. Mmm, Lemonheads.

"I demand PORN!" she decreed.
Instantaneously...a set, rigging, lights, and camera crew appeared. (14)
"Wait, what?"
"Here's your outfit, miss," holding up very little fabric, indeed.

I watched her cat ears bob up and down, up and down. It was a bad idea, but what can I say? I'm a sucker for crazy women and kittens.

"Hurry darling!"
"ugh...ohhhhh. Ohhhhhhh. Ohhhhh--OH. God!"
"Come on, bay-beee, come on."
"Waitaminnit. Wait. Ahhhh! Eeeeeyargh!"
"Ohhh, thank god. I didn't think that damn girdle was ever coming off! You can come in now, sweetheart!"
(technically slightly too long. Still fun!)

My finger strokes the well-worn keyboard, searching, grasping, hoping, trying to find the perfect nugget to titillate me, urging my throbbing mind to another glistening release.

He pounded his hard cock into her cunt like a jackhammer --
-- until the police arrived on a noise complaint from his neighbors.

Never seen her. The girl who leaves me packages. Vibrators. Leather. Toys. And instructions. Recipes for lovely nights. Doorbell. Maybe she's here! ...nope. Just another box. I pretend I'm disappointed.

For a near eternity (five seconds), their eyes met, abandoning adjacent laptops. "Wanna fuck?" "God, yes." Fingers flew into action. Their rapid ministrations simultaneously yielded the same beginning..."/emote"

The way the words dripped from her full lips left him hard behind his desk. He'd certainly give her full marks for her presentation.

The dead prostitute had unfinished business. Any idea what sort of 'business' a prostitute would have? Ever been with someone who could go inside YOU? Pleasures of the flesh, indeed.

Eyes meet
Raised eyebrows, questioning
Nod? Nod!
Eyes dart ... dressing room?
Two nods
Clothes ... gone
Speed Passion
Silence (mostly)
Tension ...
Mutual release
"Love" ... sans words, sans names

An age-old story: boy meets girl, boy and girl meet boy, the three meet somebody in between, they think that's pretty hot, sex parties ensue, they all move to Utah.

I rip off the tuxedo Jim was buried in, bury him in me. Yes! It feels finer than Sergei ever did. It's true what they say: better dead than red.

Ella then slides across to Jakob and starts in on his nipples and as his eyes go wide in surprise, both Ella & Danae's hands meet at his now hardened penis.

Her body melted into mine
as we kissed, finally tasting
that long-awaited joy in
each other. That kiss was
our whole Universe, except for
that pesky nipple.

"Should I...?"
"Oh, yes."
"Are you sure?"
"Oh, yes."
"A little harder?"
"Oh, yes!"
"Oh, yes! Oh...yessssss..."
"A little...hey, is that webcam on?"
"Oh." She smiled. "No?"

She gripped the table, rocking back and forth when he pressed the + button on the toy's remote. Seeing her try to thank the waitress as she came was rewarding.

She was reading something by Patrick Califia. The stacks were deserted on Saturday mornings, and under the table the smell of old books disappeared behind the taste of her cunt.


And, as per usual, there are no filters and no "hurr, don't read this if you're young" things. Just...don't read this if you're too young, okay?


on 2009-02-18 03:07 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Ha. "Don't read this if you're too young" the end of the post. :P

You should do a Twitter-limit one next time. Wordporn in 140 characters or less. I suspect ASCII art would ensue.

on 2010-02-06 09:18 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
A twitter limit porn contest,
a brief sojourn, now expanded
Twitterpated, I sallied forth,
keyboard clacking,
synonyms lacking,
verbs attacking.
Haiku gone, words unnumbered.
I suspect ASCII art would ensue.


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