Feb. 17th, 2009

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[livejournal.com profile] shadowcaptain, [livejournal.com profile] aetherexplorer, and anyone else who loves Amanda Palmer and her song Oasis (and hates the media banning it), this vid's for you.

(Sound quality is crap, but it gets the picture across well enough.)

(And for those who are all "hurr, stop being cryptic" and "I don't get it", Oasis is the peppiest song about rape and abortion you will ever hear. It is a fucking awesome pop song, and I find myself singing it all the time, (especially when doing dishes for some reason) However, the media was all like "WE THINK THIS IS BAD AND MUST BE BANNED" (probably in order to protect the children) which was A) completely missing the point Amanda was trying to make, which is dealing with horrible things with humour and pushing them back to your subconcious while trying to focus on the good in life, and B) a bit of a dick move.)

If you want to watch the original video, here's Amanda in all her black humour awesomeness.

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Okay folks, I've been really really busy, but if like...three of you are going to specifically be all "porn?" at me today, I figure I better put these up before I get mobbed.

For reference, last years entries are here. This year's are not in a poll, both because I'm feeling more low key with them, and because I don't have a paid account anymore.

So yeah. Porn. WOO! )


And, as per usual, there are no filters and no "hurr, don't read this if you're young" things. Just...don't read this if you're too young, okay?



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