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Here are the things I have done today that are good for me:

Big stuff
*I took the first steps towards setting up an appointment for brainfixing. Whether that winds up being better/different ADHD treatment or treatment for something else remains to be seen, but I'm gonna call tomorrow and set up a real appointment and take my next steps.

*I now know the admission dates for two grad programs (both in the past, but good incentive for the future) and have a tab open with GRE dates

*I am trying to reach out to people and trying to actively be better about...I'm trying to be better.

Medium stuff

*I bought my bus ticket home from Albany (I am going on a business trip! This is ridiculous and cool)

*I unpacked all my bags from Arisia

Small stuff (still important!)

*I made more pasta, so I will have food the next few days.

*I came back to Habitica


Looking forward:

*I want to obtain a planner. I think it has to be physical, given my relationship with physical media. It also has to be stupid over-thorough. Possibly it's going to be a bunch of comprehensive schedule grids printed out from the internet. Certainly the first few weeks are going to be.

*Put away all the clothes that are currently on my bed.

*Change sheets (closer to when Sparr is visiting, because cat)

*Take a practice GRE test

*Dance stuff



sorcyress: Drawing of me as a pirate, standing in front of the Boston Citgo sign (Default)
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