Apr. 15th, 2017

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State of the Social Media, 2017

Hi friends!! It's been a loooong time since I last checked in about this, and Russia has made an update Weirdly Relevant, so let's talk social media! I'm gonna post this everywhere I mention, except on Twitter where I'll just link it, because I do not hate my twitter friends that much.

SO! I use social media! Let's talk about which and how. This is going to be a real-person post, which means long and rambling. I may make a tl;dr for Facebook.

Livejournal:(KDSorceress) WELL OKAY FINE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT. I WON'T USE THIS ANYMORE. Okay, no, realistically I have given up on online privacy *and* my Russian-speaking-friend who uses LJ doesn't seem to be bailing, but given that EVERYONE ELSE has pretty much finally bailed...it's time to drop it entirely, and that's a bummer. So I'm gonna turn off cross-posting (MASSIVE WINCE) and abandon the place I've updated at least once a month for the last 161 months1. That's over thirteen years, my livejournal is old enough to start its own livejournal.

But it's okay because I'll be finally fully transitioning to...

Dreamwidth:(Sorcyress Wooooo! Open-source! Community-controlled! Transparency and not randomly deleting journals and not run by a government that thinks Teh Gay is a major league problem and why was I on elljay in the first place? Anywho, DW is where I put long-style thoughts, and Real Serious Life Stuff! It's my (new) home. I have never given up on longform personal blogging, and I still love it more'n anything, and I want the rest of you to return to it.

Meanwhile, you can also find Real Serious Life Stuff on...

Twitter:(@Sorcyress) This is where I have been dumping my serious stuff in sortof the immediate, because...I...also don't have attention for longform blogging right now? Please see my eighty part tweet-saga on "does Kat have health insurance and/or medication for their ADHD this week?", which I have been performing 140 characters at a time for the last six months. Also, there's a *lot* of selfies. If you wanna see my face, you gotsta follow my tweets.

Tumblr:(Sorcyress My Tumblr is an uncoordinated cesspit, and I mostly just reblog stuff that I theoretically want to follow up on later somehow, but then don't. I really should stop using Tumblr. You are welcome to follow me there, I provide no original content and very little original commentary, but you might still find my curation cool or useful or something.

Meanwhile, on the offline side of the internet you have...

Facebook:(Firstname Lastname, go ahead and ping me privately if you want it) Facebook is what I use to speak to lots of people at once --lots of "hey I need a thing from y'all" but also it's the place where my party ideas show up and invites and stuff. I also post a weirdly high amount of genderstuff, because I remain eternally thrilled that Facebook lets me set my gender accurately and my pronoun correctly. Anyways, because Facebook has my wallet name attached instead of my handle, I also behave all delicately and professionally and whatnot. This means I don't swear on my own page2, and don't link to my handle!

Places I am no longer include: deviantART, Sluggy.net, any other forums...Iunno. The rest of the world I used to be on? Oh yeah, OKCupid, which isn't really social media and I never really used it, but I've pretty much wholly abandoned it. And that one bounty-hunter3 website that a certain subset of my friends list is thinking of, yes I still have an account, every few months I'll post a thing, but I hardly ever read or do anything else.

Places I am not currently that you probably are: Instagram (I haven't gotten around to it), Pintrest (I fundamentally object to their screwing up of Google Image searches), Snapchat (Technically I have one, every few months I remember to look at my sister's timeline, but I do not "get" it like at all)

Separate from social media, if you wanna get in touch with me, you can...

Text me! After two decades of fundamentally hating telephones, I finally got a tiny-pocket-computer-that-incidentally-makes-phone-calls and I like it very much. I like getting random texts, and will do my best to respond, if whatever my job is allows it.

IM me! I still looooove instant messanger, even though I'm not always the best at using it. When I am on the computer, I have access to GTalk and AIM (username on both: kdsorceress), when I'm on the phone, just GTalk.

Call me? Please...um...I mean, I like having phone calls very rarely with a smallish subset of the People I Like, so please don't randomly call me for conversation without pinging me otherwise first? But if that's a thing you like, I mean, try pinging me and we'll see!

Skype me! (Or Google Hangouts or whatever --the kleenex problem is coming for you, Skype.) I especially like utilizing this for the "I'ma work on cleaning my room and you work on cleaning your room" type stuff. Last big Skype chat I had, Tailsteak was inking or something, and I made a LEGO set! (my skype is Sorcyress, my google is kdsorceress)

Email me! Oooo, I love getting emails! I am _absolutely terrible_ at replying to emails. You will not bother me if you send me reminder emails to reply to your email. Seriously. It is good for me! (kdsorceress at gmail dot com)

Is there anything I'm missing? If you wish to get in touch with me on a social media I didn't specify, go ahead and email me at [insert appropriate email here]. Or leave a comment or whatever!

Yay social media!


1: Except two, back in 2005 because I was being a petulant and sulky baby.

2: My grandfather objects, and again, I try to pretend that Facebook is professional even though I have it locked up pretty tight privacy wise. Of course, it's sFB, so those privacy settings could randomly change any day now.

3: I am very clever! Do you like how clever I am?
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Okay, so like, I haven't done a comprehensive check-in in a while. So here are some aspects of my life and how they're going.

Romantic life: Largely really good. I will maybe write a goofy shipping status thing in little bit, but let's just go with "I'm happy, still poly, my partners seem pleased with things, working on better communication, etc."

Professional life: Largely really awful. I'm working as a nanny four days a week, and don't get me wrong, the kid is great and its parents are great (yo, hey friends!), but I don't actually want to be working with a two year old for a living so while the day-to-day is fine, my longterm stuff is rubbish. So I'm gonna be looking for something else for the 2017-18 school year.

("Wait, weren't you working at an awesome..." yes. Yes, last year I had a pretty great math teacher job, and I really liked it. The teaching style they were looking for did not align with the style I have, and I was not re-hired.)

Student life: Iiiiii should take the GED so I can get into grad school for the...well, at this point it's pretty much gonna be the 2018-19 school year. But yeah. I want my master's degree because it will help immensely with the professional life part. You should feel free to bother me about this.

Dance life: Dance life is...okay but like...so...Okay, look, I love dancing more'n anything and it's amazing, but I'm running a lot of stuff and it's weird and a little stressful. I am running the Boston Highland Ball (please send in your applications, I want more applications faster please!) which is certainly going (but will be over in a month, yay). I am also running a third of English-Scottish-Contra week at Pinewoods, which is going well because Meghan and Dan are _amazing_ and I love them. I'm not currently getting my second level SCD candidacy, but I will probably start thinking about that in another year or so. Sometimes I get to teach and it's super cool! I'm performing at NEFFA in...a week and a day, please come see me dance on Sunday!

Oh, and I'm still doing Highland (as often as I can manage). I keep swearing I'll go to Bluesy sometime, but...I...don't? I'd say it's complicated, but see "mental health" below. :P Ditto Squares.

Physical Health: Pretty good! I'm biking about eight miles a day, and I'm in pretty good shape. I did, admittedly, get doored the other day and the part where my knee hit the pavement has made me all sad inside (and bruised outside), but neither I nor my bike were seriously hurt so it's all good!

Mental Health: There's this great line in "Across the Universe" said by the PTSDing dude who just came back from 'Nam: Everything below the neck works fine.


But yanno, it's no longer winter, which'll probably help me chin up some? I will probably make a separate little post about this, because it's too much to go into in one post. Short version: Still ADHD, possibly depressed, need therapy, also need to stop having trouble with my health insurance (May 1st).

Creation and Art: I was drawing on the regular, which was cool, and then I lost track of that. I need to get back into it. But I also _really_ need a place to put my art, because it's depressing not being able to archive it anywhere, and Twitter's just not cutting it. If you have a 2D art archive you like...let me know? Not deviantArt, thanks.

Geogames: I have inexplicably joined a Munzee guild, and helped do my share for every month so far this year. That's...weird and wacky. But there you have it, I am being slightly more dedicated about Munzee and I'd love to have adventure-partners. I'll post about this more somewhere maybe?

Also I am one of those freaks still playing PokemonGo, despite it being well after the game came out. I dunno, I just find it fun and relaxing!

Other Stuff: I...don't totally know that I've got a lot of other stuff going on right now. I've been watching more TV than I used to (I blame Netflix and also depression). I've got a Habitica group that's pretty awesome, and I'm trying real hard to be a good person there. Sometimes I play board games! Sometimes I go hang out in the sunshine?

How're you? What's going on in your life?



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