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So, every six or eight months or so, I have a temporary lapse of sanity, and get involved in a round or three of the quintessential interview meme.

The way this works, is you leave me a comment saying 'interview me' or with song lyrics, or whatever. Just comment. I will then ask you five questions, and you will answer them. If you answer them in your journal, I will stalk you over there and ask for you to interview *me* and therefore continue the cycle until I get bored or forget about it.

(The secret trick is, of course, that I never forget about it. I just don't do them for ages and ages, which is why I've such a backlog.)

But! Today is the day for catching up! I had questions in my inbox to answer from:

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ScooterBird interviewed me. Blah, blah, blah, if you haven't been around here lately, you may not know that every so many months, I recapture this meme, and me and Kat toss it back and fourth to each other until we're sick of it.

So, here goes it. Again. As always, drop a comment saying "Interview Me!" or something reasonably similar, I'll ask you some questions, and you can answer them here or somewhere else.

Now, from Scooter!

Now sit so I may interrogate you...
*sits carefully* Yessir!

1. Why "Sorcyress"? What spells do you cast?
Ressurections, mostly.

Sorcyress is a bit of a story. Way back when, in sixth or seventh grade, I found a lovely little miniature of a sorceress in mum's dragon cabnaint, which I claimed for my own. Affinity for magic, I suppose. At any rate, I kept onto that one, and in eighth grade, when I got internet and e-mail and im and shtuff like that, it seemed a logical name for me. So I was Sorceress everywhere I could swing it, and kdsorceress everywhere else.

One of the places I was Sorceress was on the forums, a home for a very long time. Various people shortened it to various nicknames, including the ubiquitous Sor, as OtherKat dubbed me, and Ms. Sorcy/Sorcy, which was prolly started by Janny or DrummerDude.

I liked Sorcy a lot, and eventually I just strung it all together.

And then a wolf ate my mother.

2. What is your religion (or spirituality, or whatever of the kind)?
I'm more religious then I previously thought. I list myself as a Pastafarian (worshipper of the great and awesome Flying Spaghetti Monster) because I honestly don't have enough faith to call myself anything else. When I get down to it, I sum up my dogma in the phrase "...And on the eighth day, God said "Okay Murphey. You take over!"

Religion fits my view on everything else: "So long as everyone involved is fully consenting, do what you will" and "As it harms none, do what you will." (Which is kinda the same thing)

3. What would you do if you became the Doctor's companion?
...What *wouldn't* I do!

Careful research involving running around Rockville with Ksatyr and pretending that we're the Doctor and his companion shows that I would go to lots of toy stores, have random battles with The Doctor, and play with plastic dinosaurs.

I would also make an AWESOME companion. I'd be rude and not ginger, and totally badass. When we got attacked, I'd be all helpful and kung-fuish, and I'd know how to drive the TARDIS because I'd force him to teach me, and I'd be very good at playing with his sonic screwdriver. *smiles wickedly*

I would be practical, and charming, and charisma all the aliens into doing what I wanted. It would, as the statement goes, rock.

4. Senior year in high school is when I remember people becoming less cliquish and more tolerable. Are you finding that to be the case in school now?
...Of course not.

People remain idiots. This has not changed, nor is it likely to.

5. Why, and on whom, are kilts better than pants?

stuf noob

...That...wasn't me. Boe attacked my computer with his wicked, dyslexic ways.

Kilts are better on almost all men then pants are. This is because they look sexier, and there is a confidence level which is needed to wear a kilt that doesn't come through if you're wearing pants.

Most guys look better in kilts, and some girls do too.

Utilikilts are my personal favourite, especially black ones, followed by any kilt that's worn well.

Have fun, folks!

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From Ashleigh and from Thorog )

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From Eric, Allyson, Jenna, Ferretlet, and Swing, twice. )


Alright, I think I'm caught up on answering them, though I'll prolly have a few more any second now.

Like I said...(Kat) )

So anyways, yeah.

Leiacat and Bfudlmint are married! YAY!

And their wedding was FABULOUS! Lots of very fun dancing, and fiddling, and KUGELBLITZ IN A KILT and DICE!


I now have a pile in front of me. *loves*

Thats all for now.



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