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I am less sick!

This is a definitely impressive thing, because yesterday I completed an item from nobody's bucket list ever, and threw up on the plane. I did manage to get it all in the bag, and I was practically subtle about it (as subtle as one can be) but oh man, it sure does ruin your chances with that cute flight attendant with the awesome glasses when you have to hand him a bag of your warm puke.

(I also threw up several more times last night, because ugghhhhhh. As I complained on Twitter, the worst part about being an adult is having to empty your own puke-bucket.)

Anywho, today I was just major league fatiguey (okay, with some slight nausea). I was plagued by the confluence of "I don't want to eat" and "there's not a lot to eat in the house" and so didn't actually wind up consuming anything substantial until, er, seven fifteen PM, when my friend Cathy gave me some soup at the Exec meeting. I am going to have to get her a nice card for mother's day or something, I swear.

I am feeling much more spry. I am still faintly stomach-unhappy, but I haven't gotten close to puking in nearly 24 hours now. I'm gonna go to sleep and hopefully go to work tomorrow (yes, RBeast's parents know I'm sick and know the symptoms. And yes, if I wake up tomorrow and feel completely awful, I will not go in.)

Other nice stuff:

*My friend Kas drove me home from the airport last night, which was super nice of them, especially since it was POURING rain. Like, both of my checked bags came out on the conveyer belts completely soaked. Yipes!

*I caught a Venusaur on the way home from my meeting! As I was walking up the hill to get it, a nice dude was walking down and say me and just said "That Venusaur?" I laughed and said "yeah" and it was a really lovely human connection moment in the middle of a cold and damp night.

*Past!Kat did something right for once, and when I came home yesterday, I found my room almost totally clean. This basically never happens --I tend to turn my living space into a disaster area when I'm preparing to go anywhere. I think it's because I had a quick date with Terrapin immediately before leaving --note to self, schedule things thusly more often...

*On the plane I wrote up the TMC minutes (I have no idea why this is so utterly impossible for me to do) and today I sent them out. Cookies for ADHD Kat!

*I GOT MY MEDS! I got my meds I got my meds I got my meds! It has been a long fucking four months since I've had proper dosage and not had to fall back on my emergency stash or anything. I am very very happy. Also, this means I have health insurance again, so if you're the type to fret about that, um...don't anymore?

*Folks on Facebook are being cool and supportive about my gender post, leaving me to believe that I am the luckiest snofagun1 to ever walk the planet. Even my grandfather's being awesome about it, because I have the best damn family ever, please feel free to borrow it whenever necessary.

I dunno. I'm home in Boston? That's pretty amazing, even if it's cold all the time again. Tomorrow I get to see the Rbeast and go to the library and have a very nice time of things, I hope. And then I will come home and finally actually unpack from vacation and yeah.

Hope your life is going well and you are not very sick today!


1: This is an intentional misspelling --I had some archie comics as a kid that spelled it "sonofagun" all run together, and I used to misread it pretty often. I will also say snofagun sometimes as a mild swear.


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