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Here is some stuff that has been happening lately:

Today (Sunday 18): I made considerable progress on room cleaning, including cleaning off my desk (YAYYY!!!) and making some progress with the Giant Unyielding Pile of Papers. I also hung out with Ezri and ate pancakes.

Yesterday (Saturday 17): I woke up at two in the afternoon and then was awake for less than twelve hours what even. I hung out on Skype with a friend while assembling my Holiday present from jere7my --a LEGO version of the Ecto1, with figures of all four of my girls, and Kevin, and a boss translucent demon thing! I also put away a sizable amount of laundry.

Friday: I worked many hours, and biked for half an hour in single digit weather --if anything I was too warm, proving once again that winter means nothing to me (hahahah no.) I grabbed dinner with the nannyfamily, and then I scurried home to watch Elementary with mek. I also fell asleep on mek, because I am a bad date.

Thursday: Worked. Scurried home as fast as possible (by way of one Holiday shopping errand) to throw on a change of clothes and dash down to Davis Square to meet up with jere7my. Then we went and saw STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE!!!!!!!!!! It was excellent and I enjoyed it. I may write a spoilery review later.

Wednesday: Worked. Came home and...didn't...go to Highland. Because I was brainsick? I think because I was brainsick. I did not have a great start of the week. Things have gotten better, hopefully.

Tuesday: Worked. Did fuckall after work.

Monday: Did a downright horrific substituting day. Survived. Came home and puttered a bit. Headed off to teach my last class of the month for Scottish --people seem to enjoy my classes, and in this one, I actually _ran out of things to teach_ and had to scramble at the end. Plus I wound up with FOUR COUPLES! That was a pretty cool way to end it all.

Sunday (11): Had plans to hang out with awesome Megan and her boyf Noah. This involved us going to Central Sq and seeing A Palpable Hit, which was a collection of twelve of Shakespeare's fight scenes, all in a row. IT WAS SPECTACULAR and if we hadn't seen the last show of the run, we'd be urging EVERYONE IN THE WORLD to go attend it. Also did a lot of Holiday shopping. Was very good to see Megan and Noah --haven't seen her since August and him since like...June. Also, I shopped at like...four separate bookstores, which felt good.

Saturday (10): Played games all day at the Bananamines. Very satisfying! I played Bohnanza, Money, ...something else, Pandemic: The Cure, and Broom Service. I did spectacularly badly at that last one, but enjoyed it. I wish I could remember that middle game I played. O.o

And there was other stuff before that, work and dance related. Upcoming is being a shitty secretary for TMC, and the dance holiday party, and heading to Texas for Holiday and more present buying and the like. Whee!



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