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(This is a mini-sundries post, covering one blog from the past few weeks, because it's awesome.)

Dresden Codak is supposedly an amazing comic, and I really do mean to read it sometime. Somehow, I started reading the tumblr of the author, as he was talking a lot about making comics and art and stuff.

More recently, he decided to take on DC and their reboots. He presented the top 10 best superhero or villain reboots. And then the top ten worst. And then he decided to put his money where his mouth was, and offer up his own designs for five essential reboots.

His reboots feature both drawings of the new design, in his beautiful style, and a quick run through of the new background of the character and notes on what their story would be. It's great fun to hear a more updated, and especially realistic, version.

Anyway, all that spiraled out of control, and he found himself making extensive posts rebooting The Justice League, The Legion of Doom and Batman.

These are all awesome. I don't even read superhero comics, and I found his commentary to be absolutely fascinating, from both a storytelling and design standpoint. If you like art or storytelling or comics, definitely go check some of these out.

Oh, and to finish it all off, he (I assume) wrote a satirical piece in which DC rebooted his characters. It's a hoot, especially the constant use of the word "strong" to refer to "as little clothing as possible" --but only for the women.

I've been reading a ton about the DC reboot, because it is interesting to me as a comics reader, and as an activist. Aaron Diaz has definitely been doing some of the better snark on the topic. I recommend it immensely!

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This is another one of them sundries/link posts, because I am far too angry to report about Daycamp today. Which means I probably will at some point, but I want to get this done first --not the least so I can clean up this browser window of all the loose tabs, and restart Vera, which she would probably appreciate.

So, some stuff that has caught my eye lately!

*An account of a visit to the nursing home where a Stonewall veteran currently resides, during Pride. It's beautiful, and sad, and while it hurts to think that we cast aside those who set the path, it's nice to realize that the queer1 community HAS been making progress, even when some days it feels we haven't.

*Drowning does not look like moviedrowning. Dot linked to it on Twitter, and I was entranced, partially because of the whole neck-choking-not breathing neuroses I have, and the fact that they've been a lot on my mind lately, trying to sort out what the specific problems are, and how they work.

*A pretty sweet pdf of how to survive your first con. It's HP cons specific, but most of the information is really useful. I would recommend it if you're for some reason not much of a congoer but would like to be.

*Always check the sources cited --something on was snarking that smarter people have less sex, and linked this study to prove it. I went "But... the venn diagram of "people I know have lots of sex" and "people I know who are smart" actually has a fair bit of overlap.

At any rate, I clicked through, and found that it's the abstract to what sounds like a fascinating study about the fact that intelligent adolescents have less sex. Like...people in the twelve-eighteen year old range. Gonna be honest here, I am smarter than you2, enjoy sex more than you3, and when I was 12-18? Shit man, I was about as uninterested in sex as a baby is in politics.

*SMBC illustrates why you should not date a mathematician. I more or less died of lawl. This is one of the comics that I will print out and put in my classroom when I am a teacher, along with half the archive of xkcd4.

*Sometimes shirt.woot is meh. Sometimes shirt.woot is weird. Sometimes shirt.woot is forgettable.

And sometimes shirt.woot is so awesome that it sells out of the ten dollar/day price before I can even get to it. I am _seriously_ debating just sucking it up, and paying the extra five dollars for this one.

*And to round us off, Surviving the World5 touched on one of my favourite "deep questions" --namely, is sex with a perfect clone of yourself incest or masturbation7. And his answer is *excellent*.

What's interesting in your world?


1: Queer used here not to intend a slur, but simply a more definitive way of making sure I include EVERYONE who needs to be included, and not just limiting it by the letters I can remember in the general glbtqqaikp alphabet soup. (That's gay lesbian bi trans queer questioning asexual intersex kinky poly, in this case. I'm sure someone more savvy can toss out a couple others I missed.)

2: No, not really. I am smarter than a lot of people, but the people who are my closest friends tend to be smarter than I am. If "fag hag" wasn't such a detestable term, I would totally claim to be a "nerd hag".

3: comment.

4: The non-swearing half.

5: This is seriously one of the best comics on the internet. I adore Dante --among other things, he's the only cartoonist I've yet found that can outrank Randall Munroe on the "webcartoonists I would have a whole lot of awesome sex with given the chance"6 list.

6: I almost fixed this to be doing his taxes, which is not a euphemism, but no, I really do just find him immensely shagable. What can I say, I *really* like geeks.

7: This footnote intentionally left blank, save one hell of a cute little smirk.
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WEBCOMICS I READ, because it has been a *very* long time since I made any variation on this post, and because Dan4th1 was asking the other day.

So, this is pretty much my "Sweet, Sweet, Daily Comics" bookmarks folder. Maybe later I'll add on the "Sweet, Sweet, Daily Blogs", and if I decide that it won't freak people out too badly, the "Sweet, Sweet, Daily Porn".

(It's worth noting that most of these things aren't daily. Learning how to use an RSS feed worked wonders for my reading habits. It's also worth noting that this is the SSDC folder, and no, not everything is a comic.)

xkcd --Stick figure art about science, math, romance, and language. Honestly, if you've not heard of it by now, I'm gonna be a little bit surprised at you.

Questionable Content --One of my favourite webcomics ever, and very plausibly one of the ones I've been reading the absolute longest. --I started following it well over 1200 comics ago. Slice of life, twenty-somethings. Don't let the early art scare you off. Also, I more or less talk like this comic, so if you ever wanted to know where I got my annoying habit of ALL CAPS EQUALS FUNNY or somesuch, look no further.

Narbonic (with commentary, for a spoiler-free run of the comic, go here) --Narbonic is EASILY one of my top five comics, ever. Also, it is going to be my birthday present to myself, once I stop being lazy and actually order it. I should do that, and soon, because *man* do I love this comic. It is full of MAD SCIENCE!, and has pretty much become my canon for such things.

Skin Horse --the current project by the woman who wrote Narbonic (and a cohort), it has slightly less mad science, and slightly more crossdressing. It's a sequel only in that they have the same "feel", and also well worth reading. Alsoalso, Oz references.

Order of the Stick --The comic to read about D&D. Cute, colourful art. Definitely in my top five.

Something*Positive --Cynical as all fuck, swears a lot, really really good, top five.

Multiplex --set in a movie theatre, nice clean art.

UglyGirl --Holy shit, this is one of the loveliest comics I have ever read. It's a really good high school outcast comic, and it has QueerBoy, and ee!

Shortpacked --set in a toy store, by the guy who did It's Walky. Cerebus'd successfullyish with the pulling of the Drama tag.

College Roomies From Hell --Kinda partially belongs on the "ones I don't currently read" list --it's been a really long time since I've *cared* about CRFH. But yeah. Slice of life *college* aged comics, as opposed to twenty-somethings.

Menage a 3 --Man, I do not even know. Like...half the characters annoy me in vague ways, and it is hella trashy. It just still hasn't lost my attention. Plus, you know. Tits. (NSFW)

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal --SATURDAY MORNING BREAKFAST CEREAL! SHIT YES! Totes funny comic, sometimes in my top five.

Girls With Slingshots --further adventures in slice of life twenty somethings! Girl centric. Also, pretty unabashed about masturbation and sex and boobs, which is all kinda nice.

My Cardboard Life --The art on this one is amazingly charming. It's a very sweet comic.

Playing With Dolls --Side project of the girl(?) who does Templar, Arizona --fantastic little Sims-drama-trainwreck comic. Really *really* funny, does not update nearly often enough --I have seen maybe one update in the like...year since I started following it.

Dar! --Fantastic autobiographical comic about a lesbian and her husband.

Tailsteak --Guy-who-did-1/0's current comics project. Does not update often enough, but is awesome. By the by, if you have not ever read One Over Zero, go read NOW! It is *definitely* in my top-five.

Snowflakes --Written by the guy who does SMBC, set in an ophanage. Still trying to decide how I feel about it, but I think I enjoy it.

The Bare Pit --Set in a nudist resort. Technically NSFW, though brilliant in that it's pretty much completely a G or PG rated comic, solong as you ignore the fact that most of the people in it don't wear clothes. Also does a fantastic job of having people who are shaped like people, and not like supermodels and movie stars

Belm Blog --My friend Dave's blog. Lots and lots of stuff about music and cooking.

Rixosous --My friend Susan's blog. Lots and lots of stuff about...stuff. Currently a lot of theatre.

Cracked --Cracked was originally a humour magazine (similar to Mad Magazine), has now become one of the collectively funniest sites on the internet. Updates with two or three new lists a day, and yes, yes you should go read everything.

The Funny Music Project --The Funny Music Project. Free downloads twice a week, some of which are fantastic. Lots of filkish things. Big archive of listenable music. Createdish by Rob Balder (Guy who did Erfworld)

Shirt.Woot --It's like, only it does shirts. Where I get a lot of my wardrobe, actually.

11 Points --Just a funny little blog that makes me giggle. "Because top ten lists are for cowards"

Happle Tea --Happle Tea is drawn by one of my roommate's boyfriend. It's cute. Lots of giant animals.

Two Lumps --Kitties! That's about all I have to say on that.

Surviving the World --A cute scientist guy writes lessons on a chalkboard every day. Tooootally worth archive binging

Girls Only --a comic about a feminazi high school where the main characters are four boys who pretend to be gay in order to get special privileges from the girls (EEE YAOI OMG sort of thing) I have no idea what I think of it yet, and vaguely feel like writing a post just about it sometime.

Little Mell --About the character Mell, from Narbonic, as a child. Like everything associated in any way shape or form with Shaenon Garrity, it's a good thing.

Shrubmonkeys --Entertaining autobiographical comics

Hark! A Vagrant! --KATE BEATON WRITES COMICS ABOUT HISTORY AND THEY'RE AWESOME! --I have no clue what's up with this. Seriously. It something to check every day.

Least I Could Do --About a group of twenty-somethings. Main character gets away with everything ever. Lots of sex. Is funny.

Poly-Rhythms --My friend Foster's blog about polyamory and whatnot. So...yeah.

So Damn Bright --I don't even know --something I just picked up along the way, and haven't hated enough to drop yet.

Kingdom of Loathing --Gahhh. How old were we when KoL was the Big Thing? Tenth grade, maybe? Yeah, I was digging around on my computer, and found something about it, and started playing again. It's a browser based adventure game. Highly entertaining, quite worth playing a bit. Also very excellent in that it limits the amount of time you can play there.

The current count for that folder is 41 --the ones I didn't link here are Craigslist (which I read for the best of list), El Goonish Shive (which I don't read anymore) the Nerdfighters wobsite, and a close friend's secret blog.



1: Unrelated to everything ever, I keep wanting to drop the capital from Dan4th's name. This is certainly jere7my's fault, and yes, I find it weird that I have two separate friends whose names I don't consider to be properly spelled without a numeral.
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So, a proper report of the last few weeks!

On the fourteenth, I got my drivers license, because I am rad.

On the fifteenth, I flew Home and went to Arisia )

Nineteenth was Monday of Arisia. While packing, I think to check the internet, find out what time I can move into my dorm. I mean, last year I could doso just post Arisia, it seemed sensible to expect the same out of this year.


"Hey mom? It says I can move in at noon. On the twenty-fifth."

Luckily, I had a handy dandy Magus who I could beg into giving me crash space for a week, so I did that.

Twentieth through the twenty fourth, I hung out with Magus, caught almost all the way up on Doctor Who (just need to watch the Christmas Special!), had a grand old time of things, and did a few other things, like harassing j7y more (it is a hobby! Also, we watched Mighty Boosh!!) and babysitting. And maybe I had a teeny tiny breakdown somewhere in the middle of All That, and had to spend a little bit of time righting my brain.

Twenty third was Friday of Vericon )

The twenty-fifth I skipped Vericon completely, moved in eventually, hugged my roommates, and got dragged to a lesbians house to watch a movie called "Wristcutters: A love story". I kinda want to write fanfic about that setting, though I think I'm not emo enough. Good movie though, very light and fun and reasonably fluffy. And romantic, of course.

The twenty sixth was today, and I'll report on all my classes once I've had the other two. Can I just say EEEE, CALCULUS! though?

And now food and dance. Ta!


1: Conner? Connor? *shrugs*


Jan. 27th, 2008 02:18 am
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Gyuh, I haven't even finished the conreports for the last con, I can't already have 'em for this one!


Vericon is awesome. Eeee, holyshit, I now have original Randall Munroe and Jeph Jacques art up next to my original Randy Milholland. I also now own something incredible, which is secret for the time being.

Anyways. The Vericon Masquerade.

It was a bit like prom, if prom had been filled with geeks and the DJ had known what he was doing, and all the music was fabulous.

*thinks a minute*

I take it back. It was nothing like prom.

But I was completely sold on the idea of a bouncy geek club-masquerade dance thing when the DJ played 'Yatta'. And then I was COMPLETELY sold on the idea, when the very next song was "The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun"

Ahem: Eeeee!!!

Things of note: I taught a guy to waltz to "A Little Priest" (And missed my clone terribly while doing so), I learned how to 'chain' (grab hands, run in a really big circle, repeat), I watched Dr. McNinja and Pheonix Wright dance together (I lawled) I got a chance to do the dance from the music video of "Birdhouse in your Soul", I danced to Skullcrusher Mountain and Code Monkey, I pretty much agreed to join HRSFA*, I joined in a wonderful congo line for "King of Spain" (Yay Moxy Fruvous --thanks Eric! (As opposed to OtherEric or Eric (in elevators) or Eric the tomato or Eric-who-likes-my-hat, or Erik)

Other stuff happened too, but afterwards it was a general 'lets go sit in this building and chill for a while'. I wound up teaching Fluxx to a bunch of people, which was nice.

And, while it is definently trickier to go to a con without anyone else I know, by the end of tonight I was discussing sex and drugs with random people, so I suspect I'm doing it right.

Anyways, I'm going to try and go to sleep, but I suspect I won't get very far, what with the clone thing. Also, Jeph is built like a linebacker (even though you'd suspect him to be built like Martean), Pete is terribly nice and easily confused (I signed this book already! Yes, when my mom bought it for me. Now you're signing it for ME!) and Randall is still comprised win and more win. And sex.

That's all.


*Harvard Radcliffe Science Fiction Association. Harvards skiffy club. I'm totally allowed to join, even though I'm not a Harvard student, which is really good as I think if Lesley tried to start a skiffy club, there'd be like...eight of us. Total.
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You know what's dangerous?

Webcomics are dangerous.

Fucking Punch an' Pie. I would've been to bed an hour earlier if it hadn't been sitting open in my browser, waiting for me.

Granted, an hour earlier after last night means "5:30". Yes, AM. Shh. >.>


You know what's fun? Keira's cooking. Keirafood is INTENSELY fun. And by fun, I mean delicious.

Also, cookies. Also, washing dishes, which is an awesome job for someone who has a perfectionist streak. Also, Eddie Izzard, though boo for falling asleep in the same place I always do and missing all the jokes.

Also, cookies. With some sort of deliciously evil crasin-cherry jam hybrid middle and almonds and coconut and DEAR GOD WANT. *stalks Keira in a distractable sort of manner*


You know what sucks?

Having to go work on my computers final, and have a party, and pack to go home to Maryland, all in roughly the same block of time. Ye-up. Sucks. Also, what the hell do I bring to Maryland from Bawston? I mean, I have some clothes down there, but all my costumes and most of the clothes I wear are up here, and there are trinkets I should bring, and presents and OH SHIT NEED PRESENT FOR OTHERKAT, FUCKITY FUCK and yeah.

My brain is kinda weird.

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I have been having rediculous dreams recently, with far too much Good Food. FAR too much. Last nights dream involved amazing potato soup that I could add chunks of other delicious things to. Hella nommy.

...It also took place in an airport. I can only presume that my brain is telling me that it's time for me to go through some sort of major transition or something. Bla bla bla. With potato soup.


Been somewhat of a comics fiend recently. Caught up with UglyGirl the other day, and El Goonish Shive. Am currently plodding my way through Sluggy Freelance, and rereading Shortpacked. Woo comics.


I need to write more. No, STJ doesn't count, that's *lifefic*.* I need something original. Maybe rewrite some of the 2006 novel...


Off to go play with play-doh now. Talk to you lot later.


*Albeit excellent lifefic. Also, I may just start liberally stealing ideas from it and writing an adventure story of what happens when people accidentally go into the past and meet theirselves.
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Re: Duckies: I have a lot of them. I'd say I need less, but that is a blasphemous statement.

Re: Care packages: Good Alice is an amazing woman. More on this later.

Re: Crypticness: Sigh. *hugs again*

Re: xkcd: Bwah-ha-ha. Also, Holycrap, it really is the 21st century. (I refuse to believe that we've entered the future until we have flying cars, however.

Re: Sluggy: Jesus. Stop reading a comic for a year and a bit, and you forget completely how awesome it is. <333

Re: Riff: *swipes, stashes somewhere sekrit.*

Re: Mood: Less emo? Need to do a lot of homework, still.

Re: Upcoming week: Dancing (hopefully), making cookies with Keira and playing games and stuff, Christmas type party at the twins haus, and going home on the good side. Finals, more finals, catching up, and leaving Home on the bad.

And yes, there's totally a difference between 'home' (Maryland) and 'Home' (Boston/Cambridge).

Re: Chibis: Hopefully I'll get the rest of them done tomorrow or Tuesday.

Re: Room: Not really cleaner, but there's marginally more space due to the use of milk crates.

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xkcd made me laugh out loud for the first time in a while now. Not to say that Randall's lost his touch or nuthin, he's just been doin' a bunch of the smart-kid jokes that I don't get.

(Actually, Making the world a Weirder Place made me giggle like a giggle-fiend. So it hasn't been that long since there's been one that I could "get". Wow, that's so not something I have to worry about when I read Garfield. God bless internet comics.)

In semi-related news, one of the computers in a cafeteria had the Interesting Life comic set as the background! And I TOTALLY DIDN'T DO IT!

So that means that there's at least one other xkcd fan at Lesley, who's devoted enough to do things like leave it as a background. SQUEE!

...Back to room cleaning.


EDIT: In other news, Randall is pretty much an amazing artist. No seriously, look at that last panel. The stick figure guy is clearly getting up to go get the crisco. I do not know a lot of people who can put that much expression and body language into stick figures. You can tell what's going on in every panel, and they're all just a bunch of lines.

He's cool.
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30 January 2004:

Me: Poor RTC/PDJ/Ritz?AFII
Katters: *sniffle* It's okay.
Katters: Hehhe
Me: You have a lot of names
Katters: Those are all my other personalities. You can call me Kat. :)
Me: Is that your real name?!
Katters: Yes
Katters: WHy?
Me: Mine too
Me: Spelled with a K
Katters: Woa


Me: We're like, the same or something
Katters: .......Are you that clone that got lose a few years ago??
Me: Maybe
Me: I don't THINK I'm a clone, but You never know with these things
Katters: *humms I think I'm A Clone Now*

Three. Years.

Three, long, mixed up, lustful, loving, crazy, dramatic, insane, protective, hopeful, amazing, sweet, fantastic, wacky, weird, happy, funny, entertaining, depressing, melencholic, beautiful years ago, Kat and I declared ourselves clones. It took us a little bit to get to the state of dual-clones, but that's okay. We sorted it out.

And three years. Three years is an eternity in internet time.1 I mean, in the grand scheme of things, it's nothing, but you close your eyes and think back on it...and it's everything.

Life doesn't exist for me pre-Kat. I know it happened, I acknowladge that it happened, that it was, but having her around has just made it all seem so much more complete. She knows me better then very nearly anyone else, and I'd like to think I know her far too well.

So yeah. Wow. Three years. *raises her glass* Heres to three more, love, and three to the third to the third after that. At least that many. *grin*


1 Technically spoilerish, though not unless you're a total twot. Go read all of one over zero anyways, it's brilliant.
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Eric Burns of Websnark is the wins of the day. Awwwwww!!

Also, meme, stolen from OlderSisLauren:

Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then put this in your own journal, and spread the love!

That is all.

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Woke up early today, (ish...okay, nine thirty. But on a Saturday!) and wound up achieving things, which was a nice change. Mostly just did laundry and failed to work on my room, but it was still things!!

Went jogging with dad, proving to myself once again that I need to increase my constitution score. Eh, I wasn't *too* bad. Just not...steller.

Eventually wound up leaving house around one to explore the world (Well, Rockville) with Ksatyr. Which was all very excellent we started by hitting up a really reeeeeeally good vegan resturant called the Vegatable Garden, where I got sushi (mmmmmmmmm!!!) and continued out from there. Visited the Veggie Garden, a nearby toys'r'us, Dream Wizards (a local game store, which is really just another, more grown-up toys'r'us), a Mom's Organic Market, and Pangea, which was a lovely little Vegan food-and-other-stuff store.

So yes. You learn all manner of funfacts when wandering the world with a Vegan, mostly having to do with the fact that suprisingly little shtuff in the world is edible. Also, green flavoured Naked Smoothies look like sewersludge.

Got home to movie night, ran around and played several cacaphonus rounds of "This is a duck." with people, and eventually settled in for moviewatching and whatnot. We watched Oceans 11 and Oceans 12, both of which are quite fun.

Annnnnnnd...that'slife. It was all very good. I'm prolly gonna go sleep now. G'night folks.


P.S: Just got Munchkin Impossible. It = cool.
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So, I've been busy rereading the archives of xkcd, which *continues* to be the most amazing comic...ever.

And *damn* I want a "Just shy --Not Anti-social!" t-shirt. I may have to get mum to order me one when she gets home. Because that is a beautiful shirt.


So, music babblings. I was gonna do the "Movie soundtrack meme" but it turned out quite lame. SO you get some percentages instead.

I have, at this moment in time, 2980 songs. Which is a good deal of music --9.11 Gigs, or about 6 and 2/3 days.

Of this music selection:

03.22% is Weird Al (96/2980)
04.97% is random, generally Indie, music that Tho has sent me (148/2980)
24.23% is showtunes (722/2980)
03.42% is TMBG (102/2980)
01.84% is related to RHPS (55/2980)
01.51% turns up when I enter the letter "Q" into the searchbox (45/2980)
07.45% is the H2G2 related (radioplays, movie soundtrack, and Marvin songs.) (222/2980)
01.64% is Schoolhouse Rock (49/2980)
03.46% is some sort of Christmasish Music (103/2980)
08.52% has never been played (254/2980)
00.70% has been played more then 100 times. (21/2980)
00.17% has been played more then 200 times. (5/2980)

Any other percentages you'd like to see?

...You know what this reminds me of? My LONG SINCE DEFUNCT project where I was assigning songs to peoples elljays for...some reason. I think it was so I could be "I'm bored. Who's elljay am I gonna read the whole of today?"

At any rate...that activity crashed messily. Haven't touched it at least half a year, maybe more -I've still got Tho unlisted, for crissakes, and he's CERTAINLY rectified that particular musical problem. (((Hum, "Only Anarchists are Pretty" or "Up Against It"? Oh, questions...)))

...also, why is Ms Hecabus listed with Mrs Robinson? I'ma gonna assume she was quoting from it at one point...or...something. Yeeeeeeah. Like I said, WOEfully out of date.

...I'm out. See ya kids later.
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Dear Jeph.

Questionable Content wins the ENTIRE WORLD today.

Thank you, and have a good day.

(((Seriously, I don't care if you don't read QC or if you hate it. This strip is completely out of continuity, and it's gooooooood. Read!!)))

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*notes a line in the second Narbonic comic's commentary.*
*Laughs and continues*
*notes when Shaenon went to Vasser*
*dig out paper and do some calculations*


Magus!! Did you go to college with Shaenon of Narbonic fame?!? Or is flux affecting me again...


(((On a similar note, Nonhuman Student Orginization is the best name for a club since the MIT assasins.)))

(((Yes, you shouldn't give me webcomics history. It makes me know too much random crap, like why exactly Davan calls Aubry "Monkeybutter")))
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Everyone reading this is *requiered* to go over to [ profile] werewulf's journal RIGHT NOW and wish her a really spectacular birthday. Because she's my mom, and she kicks ass.

On life:

Amusement parked on Wednesday. WHOOTNESS!! I got to ride superman, twice, from the FRONT FREAKING SEAT! Ohmypwns, it was AWESOME. Also rode some other coasters from other places, and a bunch of the water rides. Yayfor Six Flags!

Got home from all of that and fell almost imediately asleep, by which I mean, I slacked around online a bit and chatted to Tho and was asleep by eleven or so, which is *really* early for what I've been managing.

I got to talk to the infamous Amanda (My clone's best friend, different from MamaAJ or my birthday-buddy) a couple nights ago, which was cool. We discussed college, weddings, and living in the valley. on Earth can I be a respectable Bawston girl who says 'like' and 'totally'?

Yesterday was Josh coming over for the last time in forever to hang with me and mom. We watched some Tribe, and mostly just kicked back and hung out. Season 4 apparently comes out in ten days or so --by which point Josh will be gone, and will have to wait until December to watch any -BWAHAHA! Not that I'm at all seriously into The Tribe anymore, but the costumes are *so* damn awesome, and Josh is *so* into it, so it's fun to taunt him. And Jack is still abysmally beautiful. (If you don't watch random teen soap operas from New Zealand, just don't bother with the last paragraph)

Today I made monies by babysitting Katie and Erin all morning -yay! I also got to play dress-up for the first time in ages. This is why I need my younger sister back -I've got no one to play with anymore! Also, I am thinking I may need to spirit away one of the dress-up dresses in order to use it for either sociological expiriments or prom. It's *very* princessy, and actually fits me reasonably well.

Then malling, which was about usual, and home again home again, hi! So yeah, that's life.


Bunny being political? Has reality frozen over? How mys-TEER-ious. *waggles fingers*

In other news, I'm almost caught up with reading through all of Boy Meets Boy. Yayforthat then -it's sweet, and I like it quite a bit. 'm glad Friendly Hostility exists, to carry on the good tradition of awesomness.

And I think that's all. Tanow!

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Spoilerish Questionable Content )

Dude! David Morgan-Mar is auctioning off his scripts notebook! That is *so cool!!* I really wish I had a spare couple of hundread dollars to buy that with, even if I don't know what I'd do with it.

Actually, I do have other uses for my money, but still, getting a notebook full of the scripts to one of the better comics out there? Priceless. Best of luck to whoever wins.



Aug. 7th, 2006 12:30 pm
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Spoilerish stuff under the cut for Casey and Andy )

UglyGirl is making me smile again, mostly because Spaz is *so* wonerful, and reminds me *so* strongly of a lot of my friends. I love UglyGirl.

'sall for the day, though I will say that Mike is a total asshole, but probably justified.

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Expect this page to be updated ocassionally.

4/Aug/2k6: I'm putting the barebones...comic names, and links. There you go.

Sluggy Freelance
Something Positive
Queen of Wands (Technically ended, but I'm still reading the commentary.)
Questionable Content
Sore Thumbs

Rob and Elliot
Chopping Block (On and off hiatus, constantly.)
College Roomies From Hell!!!
General Protection Fault

Kevin and Kell
Penny and Aggie
El Goonish Shive
Order of the Stick
Dominic Deegan

Waspi Square
Irregular Webcomic

Astronomy Picture of the Day
User Friendly
Apple Geeks

Casey and Andy (Ending in 23 comics)
Blue and Blond
Devils Panties

In The Puddle
The Holy Bibble
Nothing Better

Cat and Mouse (psh. Like it updates.)
You Damn Kid
AG lite (See AppleGeeks)
Full Frontal Nerdity
Dorodango Method

Sinister Bedfellows
Friendly Hostility (added 5August 2k6)
Narbonic (Added ?) (ok, not *really* a comic. Still updates weekly, and so I read it.)
One Over Zero (ended)
The Call of Whatever (ended)

Enjoy, kiddos.

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Webcomic news:

Order of the Stick makes me giggle ruthlessly. Seriously, I laughed aloud, which is reasonably rare for me. OotS does it well though.

Mookies moving to Texas! What the fuck!!

Who in their right mind would move from *Boston* to Texas. Nothing bad meant against my lovely older sister or Kyu, but it's all conservitive* and hot down there, and just not fun.


Today's events was going to the orthoplace, where they helpfully did *not* say "Guess what, you're getting your braces off", going to Mongolian Grill for Sashi-Chris's birthday, which was tasty, and going to the park and playing vollyball, which is fun, but I suck at it.

Then we had a waterfight, which I am reasonably better at, and is why I'm wearing a skirt again, since my pants are damp.

Came home, played Puerto Rico instead of chatting with Thorog, which has lead me to think about relationships and responsibilities as they relate to each other (Is it better to be social and do something you have no interest in, or to curl up by yourself and do something that actually makes you happy? What if curling up by yourself *is* social, but it's social with people online rather then off? Do people who are really here in my house have more of an obligation for my time then people who I only really communicate with through a computer? What if I was talking to the people online first? What if I like the people online better, or they're more in need of my attention? Should I be making all this into a seperate entry?

Sadly, the only one I've an answer for is the last one -yes. I'm probably going to forget all about this now.

End parentheses.) and personally, I think it was the less good of the two ideas. Yes, I got to play with Eric and Josh and mom. Yes, I've talked to Tho pretty much every day in the past week. But I'm not a huge Puerto Rico fan, which is terrible of me, as it's the best game my parents, and Paul and Bruce, and Billy and Yury, and now Josh have ever found, and I'm a freak for disliking it.

...I'm...a bit bitter at the moment. Yeeeah.

I should probably stop writing now, as I can feel the angst wrapping it's cold dark hand around my writings. Which isn't good.

Have a good day kids.


*Alright, I know it's not. But it's definenetly Far Too Hot. And dude, BOSTON! I am slightly incapable of understanding how cool people can leave Boston. (The uncool ones can, of course, get the hell out. But the cool people should totally stay.

**It's only when I need a pair of arms to fall into, that I realize I've pushed them all away.


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