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So, there seems to be this thing among the sex-blogger world, called "Half-Naked Thursday". It's a chance to post a photo of yourself, or of your tits, or of your ass, or cock, or whathave you. Something sexy, silly, and fun. Expose yourself to your audience.

I think it's a lovely idea, but I am not at all in the mood for sexy and silly and fun, and even if I were, it would never wind up here1. But sexy and silly and fun is not the only way to be naked. Vulnerable and open are naked too. Behind the Walls is naked, and it's the kind of naked that I don't want *anyone* to ever see of me --not friends, not family, not lovers. And every so often, I feel I need to sacrifice those walls to some higher power. Maybe Athe, maybe me, but I hurt some days, and I need to be able to share that pain to remain stable sometimes.

So, for my offering (although I am hardly a "blogger" in the first place and even less a sexy one --this is just my personal ramblings that people read for some reason), I have a photo. Me, half naked.

Happy Thursday.

This first2 isn't really a secret exactly --I've mentioned on a few occasions to a few people that I may very well be undressed, or nude, or whathaveyou, but I'm not *naked* until the glasses come off.3 It comes of two things --the first, silly, that I find glasses to be ridiculously hot, and love the way they look on people -yes, even me with my overlarge Tenney-glasses that I love to pieces.

The second reason is more sensible, and merely a reflection of how much I rely on my specs. If I'm not wearing my glasses, I can see detail for a span of maybe 2-7 inches in front of my face. Everything else becomes blurred. When we were growing up, Veronica constantly left her glasses at my house after sleepovers and such, which boggled me. If I am not wearing my glasses, I am always very aware of the fact.

My glasses grant me sight, which protects me in a way. I really appreciate that fact.


1: exception seems to be for Middleman. Of *course*.
2: I originally had two photos to go here, but the explanation for the second rapidly spiraled out of control. I may post it another Thursday, some day.
3: This did once prompt a friend to say "then I've both seen you naked and stripped you", which is, according to that definition, totally accurate. And truth to tell, fairly rare --I've no good data for it, but I don't think I let very many people take my glasses from me.
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ToDo List:

*Call work on Saturday to find out when I'm working next week
*Make a Booty Chest uniform to wear as a hall costume at Balticon
*Reply to Jesse, Tricia, Newt
*Cook something for dinner. Real mac and cheese, maybe? I'd have to buy ingredients, methinks.
*Work more on unpacking and whatnot
*Harass Veronica sometime, find out when more Buffy can happen.
*Take apart my fabulous green wench skirt in order to make it into a pattern in order to make more fabulous skirts.
*Run that last load of laundry

I'm sure there are other things, but they are probably boring. Like these, only moreso.

I like that I always feel quite on top of things and ready to accomplish just everything ever when I get home for the summer, and then promptly forget about it all about a week later.

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I have a bit of a mama bear complex.

Which is to say, if you touch my cubs, I *will* hurt you, however possible. Words, or physically, or however I can. And being made helpless, unable to protect those I think of as is among my least favourite things in the world.

My "cubs" are quite a lot of people, too. Alys, Veronica -those are the most obvious ones, and the ones I am absolutely most protective of. But when it comes down to it, pretty much all my contract mates, definitely everyone I think of as an older or younger sister, my roommates, Nik, the high school friends I'm still close to, the college friends I've made, the entire pie shop...You hurt someone I care about, and I will not be happy with you.

The problem, and I actually find it a very interesting one, comes when two of my cubs are fighting, or one of them is (inadvertently or purposely) causing another to be hurt. Who do I protect? Do I just ignore them both publicly and support each of them in private1? Do I go ahead and bitch out the offending party, despite caring dearly for them? Do I curl up in a hole and hope the whole thing goes away?

This doesn't really have anything to do with anything. I largely just find it an interesting thing to ponder. On the one hand, I don't care for the idea of "ranking" friends, and of course, all rankings would be situational, anyways. (If Alys punched...say...Emily in the stomach, I'd tell Alys she's an idiot, despite normally considering her more my cub than Emily. Though it occurs to me I'd probably be gentler on Alys than I would on Emily were their positions reversed.)

On the other...well...there are people I am more protective of than others --not necessarily closer friends, but people I feel it's more important I take care of, often because I tend to consider them mentally younger, and more in need of my protection. (And let me tell you, it is startling as all fuck when they do something that illustrates that they are actually a lot older than they necessarily seem.)



1: Yes. I can say with some confidence that this is the route I took with the strongest example of two people I quite like and care for being stupid to each other.
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You know what? Nothing amuses me like being silly, so I'm thinking I'm just going to repost this with slight changes.

Because three years ago today, it was 2006. And I decided to be a comments whore.

No one ever comments in my journal! Therefore, I'm going to delete it, and commit suicide. Possibly involving a fish, although I might use my Ravonous Bug-Blatter Beast of Traal.

After I'm done with that, I might go somewhere. Cool!

I've recently had a major life change! Thats right -I've morphed into an androgynous three eyed hooloovoo, with an extra arm shaped like a fork. And I'm getting divoriced from my friend Shirly. She's such a bitch.

But there are many cool people who aren't bitches. [ profile] thorog's not a bitch for instance. He's smart. Same with [ profile] naraht. And [ profile] muzikmaker21 is of course just awesome. I got to see herhim
(Oh god this is old) this weekend. I also saw [ profile] werewulf. And [ profile] artemisfowl2nd. And later I get to see [ profile] jere7my and [ profile] marcmagus! But not [ profile] macaroniandtuna or [ profile] drama_angel3189 which is a shame, because they are also cool people.

I am wearing very little! I won't post pics though, because I'm embarrassedtoo lazy to turn on the webcam.

I saw this article about abortion in the paper. It was all about Montana's abortion laws. I think Montana is boring, except for Montana Jones. He's cute. Those are my opinions!

(((To all the people giving me VERY strange looks at this point, I'm merely playing with the idea of the Naraht-ian laws of getting comments)))



Jan. 15th, 2009 10:57 am
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It's strange. I find that, less than two hours before I need to get to the airport to catch my flight Home...I don't really want to leave home.

For all I hate Columbia, and all I love Boston, there are people here who I love dearly, and who I never get to see. The internet connection is reliable, the tv watching is good, and I get to drive on occasion.

But most of family is here. And I love them.

I've always had an uncommonly good relationship with each of the members of my family, so the idea of leaving's a little tough. Boston's great and all, but there's no mom to take care of, no Aly to harass, no Nik to play games with.

This hasn't really happened before. Maybe it's the fact that I didn't get to say goodbye to Veronica, maybe it's that I spent all yesterday morning with one of the people down here that I count as a Friend1, maybe it's that my period's about to start and so I'm just past crying without any reason, maybe it's that, after this semester, I'll have equal amounts of college in front of and behind me.

In a year, I will be closer to graduating college than high school.

I'm getting older, and I've always known that Columbia is not going to be where I let myself stagnate. DC, Bal'more, anywhere around here just isn't going to cut it either. I want Camberville, and baring that, I want somewhere around there, where I can spend the rest of my life in a place that I love.

I think I've just learned that sometimes, having the people I love matters too.


1: Chris, of course. I don't really know that I have all that many Friends. For the sakes of non-drama, I'm not going to try and list them, except perhaps in my head. It doesn't matter, really, I can't much make the distinction. I have friends who I would tell anything to, and Friends who I don't talk to near often enough.
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So, to explain some of the crypticness of last nights entries.

I was flying back to Mar'lind yesterday, fully expecting that I would get to see Veronica at some point that evening. It was one of those Profoundly Good Things that makes me a really really HappyKat. Because, well, I really like Veronica, and I think mom gets to see her more often than I do these days. :P

I get to The Empty City, harass the kids, bake cookies with MoMo, and screw around online. The phone rings. ((We screen, zoom in on the answering machine --"Speak")) I pick it up and be all " 'sup, Eric, are you deliverin' a Veronica to my front door right now, thanks?"

No, quite the opposite. Eric's car is borking out, because his car *always* borks out when he tries to drive to Maryland. He's not even sure he'll safely make it home, much less make the extra hour he has to take to go to the mountains and pick up Veronica. Cue my emotional-bits becoming hugely irrationally angry at him and my logical bits being "Why, it's not HIS fault." I'd like to hope I managed to be mostly logical to him on the phone, at any rate, thanks for not becoming upset with me for snapping at you, dear.

Phone close. Mope. Mopemopemope. Hang out with all sorts of exceptionally neat people who show up --Patty, Neva, Dan, Barb-Original, Paul, Bruce, and Nathen. Mope. Discuss different ways of flipping people off at the dinner table with my mom and her friends which did stop me moping for a bit. Go up to my room and mope, and pretend to be productive.

At about eleven thirty at night, when I'm slacking around online trying desperately to be not mopey, there's a knock on my bedroom door. I am trying so hard not to hope (because it sucks to have your hopes dashed) and I call, 'come in'.

Veronica opens my door. I think I crossed my room in under a nanosecond.



((The rest of the night involved the two of us, Eric, and Nathen hanging out and chatting until all hours, and harassing Tho and Jere7my via the internets. --Hey Tho, you never did get around to the Hamlet, thanks. Tonight's adventures involve the Mongolian Grill, potentially harassing the stagecraft kids, and ROCKY HORROR! (If you're very very lucky, you might get pictures of the two of us being wicked sexy. *grins*) ))
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I take back the hate from earlier.

Veronica is awesome. So is the rest of the world. Eric is extra awesome for bringing me a Veronica.

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Ohman, weekend!

Friday, I pretty much just hung out with assorted college kids --Lauren, Emily, Ty (Em's boyfriend), Ria, Maddie, Dominik, and Cecily-- from about noon until three in the morning. It was kinda righteous.

Lauren and I watched Saw II somewhere in the middle of that one. It's pretty good, and ohman am I a wuss. Just kinda in general. Various groupings of people also watched Willard and Thank You For Smoking, but I was phased out on the computer for most of that. (Fucking TV tropes.)

Saturday, I woke up when the amazingly amazing Lezzie-Beth called me and was all "Uhm, lab hours for Play Productions class, kthanksbai?" (in not quite those words) I wound up working in the theatre for the next five hours or so, helping to make a chastity belt. Which was kinda fun, especially the interlude in the middle where me and Lezzie-Beth wound up looking at assorted torture devices, as part of the "hmm, lets google chastity belt for reference!" thing.)

Got food, went upstairs...and shut myself into my room for all hours. I think my goal was to never leave and be real life social ever, mostly because I was...slightly socialed out.

This was actually a good thing, as it culminated in having a much needed gossip session with my fabulously sexy best friend, Veronica (seriously, go look at her new usericon. What the *fuck* Belanie1, no one has any right to look that amazingly good.) Of course, just as we started to get to the really good bits, my internet connection went all "fuck this shit!" and died on me. So me and V need to finish that gossiping sometime, probably/hopefully over spring break.

Me and The Katters wound up tossing text messages back and fourth for about an hour, while I did some housecleaning, and then I went to sleep. At four in the morning.

Eleven and a half hours later, or so, I woke up again. Man, there is nothing that will totally fuck up your sleep schedule as much as waking up at three thirty in the afternoon. On the plus side, I do feel particularly well rested.

Once awake, I stumbled downstairs, got food, remembered that I had been invited to [ profile] xalolo's for gaming, went "Shit yes!", put on clothes, and walked to Harvard Square so I could catch a bus to his place.

...and waited. For a really frigging long time. Rarrrrrr.

EVENTUALLY the bus showed up, and I went over, and said hullo to Chris ([ profile] xalolo) and to Nathan (Lab Rabbit with pretty hair) and to other assorted people, and wound up getting sucked into a game of "Covert Action", which is an pretty good game with a terrible winning mechanism. Like, "Planet Hollywood" terrible, only *worse*.

Played a couple rounds of Sixis, which is currently in beta, and I got to play a bunch of when I went and worked for Chris a couple weekends ago. It's interesting to play it as a team game instead of a two person game. I'd like to try it with three sometime now.

Played a game of "Blue Moon City" which is a suprisingly fun "God, this is the sort of game I hate, isn't it?" game. Part of that may have been that it takes about 20-40 minutes to play. Still though, I may have to accept that strategy/thinking games are not inherently evil.

(Totally unrelated note: WANT ICEHOUSE. WANT PLAY! Who's in Boston and willing to play with me? *whines*)

And then we played a million zillion rounds of RockBand, because it is the greatest video game ever. I no longer suck at the drums part on medium for "Foreplay/Long time".

Annnnnnnnnd I'm out. Class soon. I may wish to eat something. Hmm, maybe I should curl up in a corner and read. I haven't done too much of that lately.


1: From "Girls are not to be trusted" by Derrick Comedy. It's a pretty hilarious sketch, visuals are SFW, audio is decidedly *not*.
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Went home this weekend on a blitz visit. Veronica's face when she saw me made every penny of the trip worth it.


Saw the high school play. They are good kids, and good actors. Much applause, and it was nice to see everyone.


I am completely ruined for Rocky Horror. I'm sorry, but once you've seen Dr. Scott played by a dalek, your RHPS career is complete, because nothing can ever top that. Ever. FSM bless the Satanic Mechanics.


Sunday kinda sucked, which is sad.


Cambridge is a killer beautiful city, and home.


Yay week of going crazy with projects, then. :P SO MANY THINGS TO DO ARG!


I haven't been eating enough. My total intake on Sunday was three or four cheetos, half a snacksized bag of potato chips, the tiny bag of pretzels from the plain, and half of one of those mini boxes of Frosted Flakes. I got a cup of cocoa though, so that was nice. Today I will hopefully eat more, though my skipping of breakfast (bad Kat, BAD!) is not making that look hopeful.


Vera is functioning, I miss people, more posts to come later.

Catch you Kats, kittens, kids, stg's, dragons, ferrets, wulfs, orcs, ksatyrs, etc, etc, etc later.


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Have I mentioned that I really love my best friend recently?

I really love my best friend. *sends much love to Veronica*


(Apologies to those of you who's flists I've been cluttering. As opposed to those of you who avidly read every word I write and desperately want me to write more things and honestly kindof scare me)
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Blabla, choose 13 names, blabla, answer some questions.

1) [ profile] artemisfowl2nd
2) [ profile] ksatyr
3) [ profile] drama_angel3189
4) [ profile] werewulf
5) [ profile] thorog
6) [ profile] jestingly_yours
7) [ profile] thru_violets
8) [ profile] kdsorceress
9) [ profile] shadowcaptain
10) [ profile] sonsashi
11) [ profile] macaroniandtuna
12) [ profile] marcmagus
13) [ profile] shield_toad111

Haha, meme's are totally not equal to what I SHOULD be doing right now. )

Uhmyeah. Now is the time when I should be typing up notes and information for the Lesley University Chaos Club, which I may or may not be starting.

Also, what the fuck does "pompus telks" mean? Because I appear to have written that on my arm as a note for myself for something for the LUCC to do, and it makes NO SENSE AT ALL, OHMAN.


By the way, this Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't even need context to make me giggle
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Firstfirstfirst, [ profile] slaversbane and [ profile] jestingly_yours have COMBINED FORCES to create the single greatest comment thread ever. Seriously you two, I kept giggling every time I saw one of you had added another line to it.

Secondly, Kate (Who I have unofficially dubbed Kate Monster, but not actually told her yet) is letting me borrow Maus I&II. Eeee! Plus, we were hanging out at the poster sale that's going on on the quad, and looking at movie posters and stuff and SHE'S HEARD OF SPACED! (She was SO jealous of you, mom, when I told her your Simon Pegg story) She's actually seen more Spaced then I have, but she hasn't heard of Black Books, so I don't have to feel COMPLETELY inadequete.

Thirdly, Dave is amazing because he and Diane took me out to dinner (Hot dogs!), let me do my laundry at their place (instead of having to pay 2.50 a load over here. :P) and helped me to get all of my music onto Seren. So I HAS MUSICS! I can now do things like make playlists with BOTH Assassins albums and stuff.

Fourthly, Keira is awesome because we've actually figured out a way to chat, and she seems to have designated herself my bad influence. So yay!

Fifthly, Veronica is awesome because she has declared herself Squeaky. And she like, did it right and got Assassins out of the library and watched bits of it on YouTube and stuff. So all I have to do is teach her some of the fanon (Of course Czolgosz's handkerchief has posies on it! And you do know that Booth has a TARDIS, right?) and she will become one of ussss. *hisses evilly and smirks*

'course, that's really the sort of thing that belongs over on DeviantArt, as that's where the crazy Assassins fans lurk. Yeeeah. I kinda wandered back in and have been doing things again, and it's all very entertaining.

Sixthly...Well, I'm awesome. But you all knew that. And, by extention, my clone is awesome.

Seventhly, Ksatyr is awesome because he's picking me up from the airport when I come home on Friday.

OH! And eighthly, Dave is awesome, again, because he's letting me borrow the V for Vendetta comic, which I hadn't actually read. So yay!

Ninthly, Tho is awesome because he's willing to let me be all "Rannt!" and he goes all "Advice". So that's good stuff.

Tenthly, Aly is awesome because she JUST TOTALLY IS, OHMAN! Also, Aly? I have secret messages to give you to pass to...


*the Sorcy has gotten an idea. A horrible, terrible idea. *grinchgrin!*

Annnnnnnnd I'm out. [/mini-egoboost]

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1. Who is your best friend?
2. Why did you become friends?
3. How did you meet?
4. Why have you stayed friends?
5. How long (realistically) do you think you'll be friends?

1) Veronica! *sends love*

2) Because our parents were friends in high school, our birthdays were three days apart, and it was more then a month after our birthdays and neither of us had gotten a party.

3) In third grade class. She was brand new! And then she was all "My dad and your mom equal bff's!"

4) Honestly? I'm not quite sure. I think it's mostly because we're different enough to keep the other one sane. For me, I know that part of it at least is that I need a Best Friend --the person who I can cry on their shoulder for no reason at all, and have them understand.

Another part is that I don't tend to make friends really easily (Or at least, I don't feel like I do.) So it's way too much hassle to make a new best friend, especially when I've poured so much of my emotions and energy into this one. :D

Relating to that point, there are very few people who I be my complete self to. Veronica is one of those very few people. As the scale of everything goes, Veronica probably knows more about who I REALLY am then pretty much anyone else. (Mostly because she's known me so long, too.)

5) We've managed it for ten years. I don't see why that would stop anytime soon. I'm thinking that as long as we keep in touch, we'll be friends. Constantly, when out exploring, I'm thinking of dragging her up here and forcing her to meet my world and stuff --hopefully not in the winter, though. *grin*


(Questions repeated to reduce scrolling)
1. Who is your best friend?
2. Why did you become friends?
3. How did you meet?
4. Why have you stayed friends?
5. How long (realistically) do you think you'll be friends?

1) The Katters! My clone.

2) Uhm. Because we had the same name, and we both liked Artemis Fowl?

3) I suspect that she randomly IM'd me out of the blue one day, because she was bored and I was online. We'd had cursory contact before that, on, and of course, we were both madly in love with the same fictional charecter.

4) ...


Because she is my sun, my moon, and my hot air balloon.* She is more like me then pretty much anyone else, and a lot of what I want to be like. She yells at strangers on the sidewalk, and puts together thrift store costumes with uncanny ease.

A lot of it is the same as Veronica, too. Once I've put an emotional investment into a person, I don't want to lose them. Even if I haven't seen them in a long time, they're still a part of my conciousness that I don't want to lose track of.

Also: Clone!

5) Realistically? Forever. Or until we both die. At which point we'll probably meet up in some discordian/pastafarian heaven and continue on with the mayhem.

I'll give you actual updates later. In the meantime....stuff.


* *raises an eyebrow at Kat.* Well? Found it yet?
* actually, so are a lot of people, Veronica included. It's just unlikely that they'd appreciate the quote.
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I don't nessecarily avoid goodbyes.

Or I do. But I do it for my own petty reasons, and it rarely has anything to do with the goodbye itself. 'swhy I missed the senior goodbyes at Grease. My own petty reasons.

I don't nessecarily avoid them. But I think I may miss an important one.

Cause y'see. There's this girl. I've known her what...ten years now? 'salot of time when you're only seventeen.

And so me and this girl. We get on alright. Always have. Probably always will --it's that kind of friendship.

And hell. Might as well just say it. She's my Best Friend. She's the one I go crying to when I need to. She's the only person in the entire world that I know I can argue with on a regular basis, because of how much I trust her, and how much I trust our friendship. She means...she means a lot to me.

She's not just any girl.

And she's leaving.

It always happens that way, from what I've seen. Senior year ends, and everyone scatters to the four winds.

Sure, Gingur and Rohan are together at College Park. But all us girls from the group?

Britt's goin' somewhere in New Yawk. Anne's off to Nashville. KT's down south, at Salsbury, and V's up North, at Mount St. Mary's.

And me?

After they've all gone their seperate ways, I'm going waaaaaay the fuck north to a small school in a big city. I never thought I'd be the city girl. That was always more V's bag. Sure, I like cities, and I LOVE Boston, but still. I like it better where theres trees to climb and stars to be seen.

But there's the important bit in there. V's goin' to the mountains of Marelind. (Hokay, so I got a touch of the Bawl'more accent in me. Sue me.) I'm goin' up ta Bawston.

That's a long fucking way apart. That's a whole lot more then eight houses away.

And well. I don't know when she leaves. Other then that she leaves tomorrow.

I don't know if I'll get to see her. I spent some time with her today, saw her at Target and gave her a hug.

You ever think about that? The idea that "that hug" may have been your last?

I normally don't sweat goodbyes. Hell, last day of school, I was more eager to just get the fuck outta graduation rehersal. But this one? This one's important.

So yeah. V, if I don't get to say it tomorrow, I'm sure as hell saying it here, tonight. 'Cause hell, man! You're my Best Friend. You have been for ten years now.

So Veronica?

And Good luck.

All my love.
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I miss my clone. Damn her and her warm fuzzy dreams! *shakes fist*

On a similar note (related to dreams at least) I have an open letter to my subconcious.

Dear subconcious.

While I appreciate the obvious effort involved in trying to give me a BalticonDream, what the hell was up with all the snow? Also, you do know that the consuite is *connected* to the main building, right? So technically, no one would have to crawl through the snow to get there, and, as the consuite has a roof, there really shouldn't have been snow in it.


Luv, Kat.

P.S: I fully support Magus in spectacular* kilts though. We can have more of that, yep.

*Spectacular meaning sortof a darkish purple and blue hawaiin print utilikilt. If such a thing actually exists, I want it.


Seriously, I made like three really stupid mistakes in typing the last paragraph. Sorcy can't spell today. :(

As for other, non dream related shtuff...uhm...I'm out. I need more dreams of guys in kilts. Or more dreams with NakedSwing in them. >> <<

*totally isn't a bad person. Much.*


I have been spending entierly too much time cleaning my room lately, with a good amount of help from Ksatyr. It is a difficult process. I fear it may never be truly done, and currently just exists in the moving shit from point a to point b form of cleaning.

Which will work, until I have to pack. Eek!

(Unrelated note --I wonder how many of my legos I can take with me...)

Katters is a bad influence on me. Oompa, oompa, oompa. :p

Uhm. Soyeah. Tuesday I went to the Holocaust Musuem, which was...well...a museum about the Holocaust. Pretty damn depressing, but worth going to at least once.

On the plus side, me and Becky finished up the day by me forcing her to watch Blues Brothers, and her forcing me to watch a couple of episodes of Stargate (1969 and the 200th episode) which were pretty fun.

Huh. Rosi and Guil have wandered back into my head. Eh, whatever.

Moving right along...yeah, I have no more of a life. I hung out with Veronica a bunch yesterday. We played an obscene amount of Geetar Hero, and watched Robots (since it was on) and Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways, since V had never seen it, and we were in the mood for EcclstonDoctor. Fish and Ksatyr were there as well, which partially inspired that.

Mel made Aly a cake on Wednesday night, because she's *awesome*. It's good cake, too.

I'm hella behind in reading you lot --I'm barely through the thirteenth, with all the zombies. Which, might I add, I am INCREDIBLY pissed I missed it. Grr! Argh!!

Annnnnnnd I'm out. Off to go clean up, like I'm supposed toget sucked in by the flattering words of my clone.


God damnit

Jun. 14th, 2007 10:37 am
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Apparently there was a rash of zombie attacks yesterday. I'm lucky --I mostly stayed inside, and missed them all. I'm kinda worried now though --mom and dad are out at the hospital, and the kids are stuck in school. Plus, I haven't heard anything from Katters since her last post, and that's making me nervous.

I hope to gods she's alright.

Anyways. I'm the only one in the house. If it's safe though, I might convince Veronica to come over, or go over there. I better start checking windows.

Looks safe. With luck, Everything's passed.

Are you all okay?

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Yah. So, this weekend, instead of slacking and catching up on shtuff, I went to Camporee! Camporee is a big girl scout tradition, where a whole heap of troops all go to camp and chill in the same spot and hang out/do activities together.

Which happens to be seriously fun. BUT, because us awesome Troop 999 girls got old without noticing or something, it was the last Camporee we got to go to as girls. Which was sad, and made both me and Veronica ([ profile] drama_angel3189) cry most pathetically.

Babblings/Trip report )

And yeah. I'm beat. And at three-thirty or so, I'm booking for a party. Aieee.

In the meantime, I suppose I'll be slacking around online though. Catch you kids, kats, kittens, STGs, and...other folk later!

~Sor MOOP!
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Last senior meeting before I graduate was today. Because, you know, I'm totally ready to end the thirteen (counting kindergarden) year process of public education.

More drawings. I'm planning on actually inking/colouring these before I post them, so none for you.

I need a catch-up on everything day. *sigh* Not *this* weekend, certainly. Saturday is prom (I have a dress finally -yay!) and Sunday I'm going out to Luna's.

Ksatyr forced picasa onto my computer. I haven't played with it much yet, but I certainly don't mind it. The problem is that it's a bit erratic about grabbing my files --It didn't grab a single icon I have on my machine, for instance, and I know they're in the right folders. Does Picasa ignore things if they're a certain size?

I may have it do-over and only pull actual photos. We'll see.

Annnnnnnd I gotta go clean my room. Needless drama today, WAY too much overdue drama on's been a bad week, apparently. And that's completely ignoring the fact that thirty-three perfectly healthy people are suddenly dead. *sigh*

On the plus side, Veronica got nominated for the Best Actress in a Play cappie. Yay for her!!

Off to the room. Bai!

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"I could probably do him if I really tried..."

Ksatyr on Tho ('s accent)


((Second Place: "Veronica's bosom is Rome? Dare I even ask about the other five hills?"

Magus, on yesterdays quote of the day))
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Ksatyr: Kat is doing the cube
Ksatyr: only she gave up
Ksatyr: sigh
Veronica: then teach her better
Veronica: then she may reward you
Katarina: Excuse me?
Veronica: you could give him a hug
Veronica: sheesh what did you think i was talking about
Veronica: ?
Me: Veronica. It's you. You were secretly talking about your boobs, whether you admit it or not
Me: You are like freud, only with your bosom
Veronica: what?

Yes, I'm using myself as the quote of the day. Only because it is TRUTH! With Freud, all roads lead to your mother. With V, all roads lead to her bosom. :D


I love you! Don't hurt me!!!



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