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Stollen for Ria, 'cause it's memetime!

* Post ten of any pictures currently on your hard drive that you think are self-expressive.

* NO CAPTIONS!!! It must be like we're speaking with images and we have to interpret your visual language just like we have to interpret your words.

* They must ALREADY be on your hard drive - no googling or flickr! They have to have been saved to your folders sometime in the past. They must be something you've saved there because it resonated with you for some reason.

* You do NOT have to answer any questions about any of your pictures if you don't want to. You can make them as mysterious as you like. Or you can explain them away as much as you like.

((My note? Please DO ask questions. A couple of the images are easily misinterpreted, and while I think it would be really really funny to have to answer the question, I really do not feel like telling everyone I know "no, I am not going to be a boy, I am happy being cisgendered female" or whatever. Also, I like comments.))

I should point out that I have roughly gabillions of images on my desktop. These are ten that fit me today. Tomorrow's batch would be completely different, I expect. )

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Because I think actually asking this to the person I have in mind might get me in trouble, do you or do you not approve of me calling you my cuddlebitch. And no, Eric, you don't get a choice. *evilgrin*


I am way too frigging pragmatic for my own good. "Meh, whatever" =/= proper response to...certain...situations. Fucking crypticness. Also, did I say this already? Goddamnit, this is why I originally only wrote in BehindtheWalls when I was off livejournal! I didn't have to worry about remembering what I had and hadn't posted. :P


Keira is apparently an older sister, bringing my total up to three. (Keira, WyoMell, and Zaphod Groupie) I'm not entierly sure what the criteria is, but it appears to be something along the lines of "female, awesomer then me, and older then me by no more then fiveish years.

I have a handful of older brothers too, but mostly the criteria there is "I can steal their clothes". There's some additional complications involving flirtation levels and rassling with them (reminds me, it's been forever since me and Josh have gone at it. Le sigh.)

(Take that as you will. I only say this because my mind is all sorts of hella dirty. :D)


I have the cutest origami paper ever. It is designed to look like a little bookshelf with books (with the paper being the pages of the books) The whole thing is decorated with little Japanese chibi animals. Eeeee, cute! Photos may very well show up later.


Origami is a suprisingly fast way to mellow me out. Primarily, I think it's the fact that, when folding cranes, I can't be doing much else, which means that if I'm alone and folding cranes, I'm not doing anything else but thinking. In addition, it's a repetitive, relaxing thing to do with my hands that *doesn't* involve playing with chains.

That, and there's something *damn* satisfying about turning a piece of paper into a mini sculpture. Especially since I'm still good at making incredibly tiny cranes.


Fuck later. You get hella cute pictures of my new origami paper thing NOW! )

In other news, have I mentioned lately that I love having a camera attached to my computer? No longer do I have to go dig up my camera and connect the cord and things if I want to show something neat off to someone! Simply hold up, clicky button, post to flickr, ???, PROFIT!

...Erm. Encyclopedia Dramatica ate my brain?


Dude, Another Fine Myth. Comic book. Is there any wrong?

(Besides the forty dollar price tag. WHY MUST MY HOBBIES BE EXPENSIVE?)


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Yah. So, this weekend, instead of slacking and catching up on shtuff, I went to Camporee! Camporee is a big girl scout tradition, where a whole heap of troops all go to camp and chill in the same spot and hang out/do activities together.

Which happens to be seriously fun. BUT, because us awesome Troop 999 girls got old without noticing or something, it was the last Camporee we got to go to as girls. Which was sad, and made both me and Veronica ([ profile] drama_angel3189) cry most pathetically.

Babblings/Trip report )

And yeah. I'm beat. And at three-thirty or so, I'm booking for a party. Aieee.

In the meantime, I suppose I'll be slacking around online though. Catch you kids, kats, kittens, STGs, and...other folk later!

~Sor MOOP!


Apr. 20th, 2007 12:56 pm
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So, my most recent post spawned a metaquote from the comments. A good part of the comments of *that* post were discussing the idea of having your mom's on livejournal with you.

Which is one of those threads which make me just lean back smugly in my chair and smirk. Because my mother *is* on livejournal, and has been for longer then I have. But because my mom is so phenomonally cool, I don't really care.

So yeah. I know that we've got the whole familycluster of me and Aly and Mum around here, and I believe that efbq and scooterbird's eldest daughter has an elljay that she never posts in. What other family groups are there around you? Would you use more postfilters if you knew your parents were reading this stuff?

Yeah, I'm in a weird mood. Much too worn out to be trying to be intellectual.


Anywho, so today is 420, which is apparently like "National Stoner Day" or something. On the plus side, this means that there haven't been as many kids in school today for some...strange...reason. >> <<

On the minus side, of the four kids who sit closest to me in math, I'd bet that at least three of them were stoned. This means that, A) I had no one sensible to talk to (which is bad) B) I wound up having to listen to their utterly inane conversation, and C) I walked out of that class feeling like I just sucked down a joint myself.

So lunch pretty much started with me grabbing LittleJerry and going "I need intellectual stimulation, damnit! Talk about something smart!!" Which means I got into a nice discussion about intellegent life on other planets and other science stuff I don't remember. It was cool.


Kung-Fu wise, this has been the most gruelling week pretty much ever. Sifu hasn't been here (Why are classes harder when the teacher isn't here?) so on Tuesday we spent the entire class doing stancework (Hold your horse stance for two minutes. Lower. LOWER!) and yesterday, we spent the entire class doing assorted types of strengthening. Which yes, included more stancework.

Personally, I'm shocked I can still move. All my muscles hurt. *pouts*

On the plus's good for me?


Prom is tomorrow. Woo. I have a dress, and fancy shoes, and dinner plans. And a date, of course --the amazing Nathen. So yeah, I'm set.

Annnnnnnd, there's nothing else to say about prom.


Drama continues to breed like mold on a slice of old bread. I'm guessing that some of it is just people realizing that we leave school soon, and they have to get all the drama out now.


Ultimately, life is good. I need to type up a weekly report for the WombatKing, but besides that, I haven't all that much to do. Which means I can work on cleaning my room and orginizing that giant stack of papers I've got --Aiee!

Talk to you Kats, Kittens, STG's, etc later!

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Happiest of happy birthdays to my dear Ksatyr, and a MUCH happier day after then the actual birthday to my favourite Aren.

And on a similar note, happiest of birthdays tomorrow to my beloved wife Tyler, who will be EIGHTEEN!!!! Holy crap, my friends are legal. *grin*

Also, in my dreams last night, I had my towel. I'm so proud of myself.

Adventures in IRC, Doctor Who squeals, and my preliminary 101 in 1001 list to come later.


So, life

May. 4th, 2006 09:04 pm
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I still exist.

Just got back from listening to the band kids. I am deeply sad about the fact that [ profile] haveasuperday is leaving, because I LOVE BETH! Because she is amazingly wonderful.

I've got another year with most of the rest of them though! So that's good anyways.

I also realized that I miss [ profile] macaroniandtuna a lot. I think it had something to do with the fact that the last band concert I attended was with him. I dunno. Come home soon!

Kat deah...he is

Well yeah, I know that. But it sounds so much more dramatic and wistful if I pretend he isn't.

...With all due respect: *headdesks repeatedly*

Offense taken! I'll beat you up later.

Other stuff...I'm Kat-deprived. I haven't gotten to talk to her for any serious amount of time, for entierly too long. Although it does really amuse me that she and Satyr (Satyr and her?) have friended each other. I love elljay linking, it makes me a happy Kat.

Kung-fu has left me sore. :( Although, I am definently improving! And Sifu complimented my Jiu Sau, so yay for that!

...Dude, the packet of random stuff including all the cantonese we use in class is SO much more comprehensible then it was....eight? months ago. Augustish, methinks.

Heh, it was great, Mel looks at me and goes "Kat, why are you wearing Josh's kung-fu shirt?" Evil secret twins for the win!

I should go sleep now, especially as I am dyingcold-ridden. Ta, kids!


P.S: Rocky Horror this Saturday at University of Maryland (College Park)'s Hoff Theater, at, of course, Midnight. I will certainly be there, as will [ profile] shadowcaptain and Allyson and AJ. You lot should all come and hang out.

...No, I'm not obsessed. ...much.

Bytheway, Kev, you owe me pictures! I DEMAND PICTURES!! Mostly because, if you're going to have THAT MUCH potential blackmail on me, I want copies too!
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I'm still around.
Life is happening.
I am going to Germany in May.
I am going to London in June.
I just finished watching The Breakfast Club.

...I am SO the Basket Case. And I really do think we should watch it at the end of the year for AdComp.

Life is quiet. Although yesterday was awesome. We wound up with something like ten people playing blind tag at the park, and then me and Jeremy and FlipMatt beat each other with sticks. And there was running around and tree climbing and yay!

And after pretty much everyone else had started home, I was lying on the grass with my sword-stick across my chest. Jeremy comes over and steps on it, pushing it into me and lecturing about not being caught vulnerable. I respond by side-sweeping his leg with my arm, and rolling and coming up into a squatting position with the sword-stick in my hands. I have never felt more badass before in my life.

And Dear Veronica: You have given me an epiphany. And yes, I fully realize that it's better for me to know this. But DAMNIT! I *liked* life JUST the way it was.

Stupid epiphanys are never good.

H: You haven't been listening to enough showtunes lately, if you say that.
Why Hyde, I never took you for a Sweeny Todd fan.
*thinks about it*
Alright, yes I did. Nevermind.

Other other stuff:

I still need to post the Chibi-Hyde I drew, but more importantly then that, I need to post the really amazing realistic(ish) self portrait I drew. Because it impresses the HELL out of me.

I think I'm going to go dick around in my room now while listening to Rocky Horror. And yes Hyde, I know I haven't been listening to anything else for days now and it's driving you mad. But it's SO GOOD!

That is all.

P.S: Kat: I don't know *why* you chewed on it. It doesn't taste very good.
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I lost my virginity last night!

Wait...What? Oh emm gee fut the wuck BBQ, Kat? )

With [ profile] shadowcaptain!!

And a few other people... )

You SKANK! And because we're curious, we must know...was it good?

Was it EVER! )



Mar. 11th, 2006 03:01 pm
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First off, I was tagged by Aren. Eek?

Five things I can be bribed with:

1) New Cat and Mouse comics. Although not nessecarily to the point where I'll send presents or anything, although I will certainly be good. Or something.

2) Sugar. I am a sugar-whore. This is a bad thing.

3) Men in Kilts. Because they are hot. And that makes me silly and easily impressionable.

4) Dancing. If you take me out dancing, I will love you forever. Need my secrets? Sure, where's the nearest ballroom?

5) Friendship.

Tagging....[ profile] artemisfowl2nd, [ profile] macaroniandtuna, [ profile] drama_angel3189, [ profile] jarne, and [ profile] heptadecagram.

Stolen from Alex:
Say 20 things to different people that you have never told them; they can be 20 different people, or only a few. Don't say who each one is for.

1) You are SO frustrating. Gyuh. Something about you is just too damn wonderful, you cocky wanker. Makes me want to dump my gal at times...
2) Honestly? I know there has to have been a time before I ever met you. But it just doesn't register in my memory banks. I have always known you, and I always will. It's part of who we are.
3) You're so different from me, and yet I still want to grow up to be just like you.
4) It's weird, you tend to be such an evil person at times, but I love you so much. Because you are just SO DAMN COOL! And yes, I think you should be nicer sometimes, but at the same's a huge part of your charm.
5) I miss you. You were a big part of my life last year, and now you're gone. Theres no one left to fight with anymore...
6) You drive too fast. But it's fun, and you at least seem to know what you're doing, so I forgive you. And no, this isn't towards you, Paulyanne...
7) You have horrid taste in women. Out of the last few girlfriends you've had that I know, I only like one of them. Two of the others were sluts and the third...I'm still reserving judgement. But she's a relationship-breaker. And that pisses me off.
8) I hate that I can name more boys then I can count on one hand who have had crushes on you. Especially when we get to the fact that so many of them I wanted too.
9) I love you. I know I don't always succeed in showing it, but I really do think you're an utterly amazing person. And I love you JUST the way you are.
10) I should have kissed you properly at New Years...It's an interesting What-If to ponder in my lonlier hours...
11) I've been thinking about you (about us) a lot lately. Reading old writings, remembering old dreams. Strangly, I'm not bitter. I've released myself from your maze.
12) I have yet to hear you take back your statement that homosexuality in any form is untolerable. You cannot truly be considerd a friend until that happens.
13) Wanna shag?
14) Of course I try and cover you up. I'm a prude. But really, i just admire your confidence to be so open about your body and who you are.
15) I have fallen back in love with you, and that is the best feeling in the world.
16) I say many things to you, but I don't think you hear. I dream of a day when you can respond. I know your parents do too.
17) I don't think you realize how utterly awesome that one night was, or why. Ever feel completely loved and wanted? Yeah, that was it.
18) You will be hugged when we meet, whether you like it or not. Gottit?
19) I have never forgiven you for that, and I doubt I ever will. You just don't (didn't?) get how GODDAMN MUCH my planet means to me.
20) I thank whatever beings that are out there that I have you. Very few people are this lucky.



Mar. 8th, 2006 05:53 pm
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Because no one likes real entrys anyways.

Quote of the Day:
From Anne: I'm in such a weird mood. So weird, that I forgot to not get along with my parents

Runner Up:
After Reth (From Kyu's head) offered an interest in Hyde...
Me: Hyde's ultimate toy would be one that he rapes, tortures, rapes some more, keeps alive until the toy is no longer any interest at all, and kills bloodily.*
R - Mal'll save me riiiiight before the bloody killing, so it'll be okay.
R - Right?
M - Sure, yeah, whatever.
R - You would save me right?
M - If I wasn't busy.
R - What could be more important than saving my life?
M - Well, I could be reading or something.
R - You don't read!

Quote of the several weeks ago:
You know, I think it'd be really nice to pull off a conversation with you folk without any allusions to sex or alcohol at all. I think that'd be lovely.
H: *falls over laughing*
Z: We could always talk about me! Although I think that might violate the sex part. *poses*
G: *scrubs eyes...with ACID!*

(Don't was later revealed to be impermenent acid. Gabe's good.)


*NOTE: I don't let the voices in my head rape people. Thats just not cool. So before you bitch about Hyde, keep in mind that if he TRIED to rape ANYONE, toy or no, I would beat him up throurgholy, and kick him out for good. And he doesn't want that.
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1. Thank the person who tagged you.
2. List five random/strange/weird things about you.
3. Tag four or five other people.

1. Anne is highly awesome. Danke. *pokes* HA!

* When playing games, and a little bit when I'm typing, I can't stand having the cursor to my mouse in view. It has to be shoved to the side of the screen, out of my perphilial vision. Otherwise I get really annoyed.
* Because of the whole walking to school for the last three years thing, whenever I walk anywhere, I wind up trying to grab the straps of my backpack right at the shoulders, and am then annoyed when I'm not wearing my backpack.
* I have decided that the one part of my body that I love without question and all the time are my hipbones. (I don't find them at all attractive on other people -makes cuddling uncomfy- but I happen to particularily like mine.)
* I watch people leave all the time. If I have to go to bed before you leave, and I'm still awake and up when you do, it's a very good chance that I'll be staring at you from my window. Watching. Watching. BWAHAHAH!
* I love my tree, and I often get really frustrated that I can't go outside and curl up in it. There have been nights where I sat and stared out the window for half an hour+ just looking at my tree and being sad and COLD! (Not a school night...don't worry)

Katters, Myket, Mum, Kyu, and anybody else who feels like it.
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Well, considering that I've alredy has one person complain to me that I haven't been updating hereabouts, I figured I should come check in.

Life has been fairly busy, but on the whole, non-exciting. Except for Pirate Feast. Pirate Feast ruled!! There was lots of good food, and music, and trinkets, and dancing. TOTALLY going back next year.

Stuff that's happened since my last update:
Monday...Snow day! Makes me happy!! I went sledding with V's clan, and the sibs, then we all went home. Me and V made Mac&Tuna. (And are now the high priestess's of Macaroni and Tuna-dom, as we won two new converts to the cause -our sisters) Afterwards, we kicked the boys off the TV and us four girls played Halo. Lots of Tanky goodness on...that one level. Where Red Vs Blue takes place. Yeah, that one. Then the sisters bailed, and me and Veronica went and played the city level. I'm highly pleased with myself, I managed to get the soda machine all the way out of the building, and dropped it over the side so it landed in the main middely area. Go me!

...Yes, I'm not a very serious Halo player. Shut up. I speant a large amount of that game throwing things off the walkways overlooking the central area. It's fun!

Tuesday...School. Blek. Kung-fu...less blek, besides doing the Thirty Steps of Death, which is somewhere between Blek and cool. Mostly just ow.

And Kenny is highly cool. I like him. Even if he disposed of his dreads...*tear*

Wednesday...School (Blek) GSA, got chewed out for not showing up to the last few meetings, got deeply frustrated with Tyler and somehow managed to keep from going bitch on her. I'm sorry, but I missed last week because I was activly trying to keep someone from being sad, and yes, I might have missed some meetings because of my own stupid frivolous reasons (I wanted to go home) but in all truth we're not doing anything Aiii! Grr.

And I...No. Stop. *falls silent*

Isn't it nice to know that the screeners in my brain ocassionally work?

Thursday: Aiiiii! day. School (blek), then straight to Therepy-types, where I got in an argument with Miss Debbie about clothes and modesty and showing off my body and stuff like that. She was having difficulty grasping that I don't dress the way I do because I don't like showing off my body (although I do prefer not being oogled). I dress the way I do because I'm sickingingly practical, and having as many pockets as possible is a wonderful thing. Plus, it's more comfertable, and it's nicer to *not* have to worry about leaning forward and showing whoever your talking to a bit more then you intended.

And, MY number one reason for why I don't wear low-cut shirts...I'm short. This means that most people are taller then me, and therefore have to look down to talk to me. Looking down my shirt = bad.

After therepy, straight to UMCP to work concessions at the basketball game in order to gain LondonMonies. Yay for that. It was...interesting. Pretty much a straight jam of people for two hours, and some crazy stress, what with running out of things. I was lucky, I didn't have to deal with any idiots. And afterwards, I got food. Yay that!

Friday: School, home...something. Oh yeah! 'twasn't home, instead, after school on Friday I got to go to Chipoltle with Beth (<3!!), Anne, Jenna, and Chris who is a band kid. That was way fun, and next time I need to remember to bring money/scrip instead of just stealing food from everybody. Afterwards, we went and explored the golf store, and me, Anne, and Beth watched the figure skating boys, and argued about which ones were cute, and which ones were gay.

Then the three of us cool peoples walked home, and did our homework. And played MASH. There was lots of MASH throughout, and poor poor Jenna. *grin*

Babysitting was relitivly normal, then chats, and discussing old embaressing pictures, and discussing weather you prefer to be tied up or do the tying. Clearly that should be a poll.

...I need a paid account again.

Yesterday...quiet, went over to Luna's and played Munchkin and watched this awesome movie called Wasabi. It was in French, but we had subs, so it was all good. And the main actressy girl is ohmygod hot. I had to keep forcfully distracting myself from the TV before I started drooling. Rohan kindly informed me my lesbianness was showing.

Then me and mom went and kidnapped Josh, and the three of us plus Aly got all dolled up and went to PIRATE FEAST! Yes!!

Pirate Feast was far too much fun. Only downside was that there were a few too many people who were a bit too drunk (I had one guy say I was cute and that he had a fetish for my glasses...I politely disentangled myself from THAT conversation, needless to say.) But there was DANCING! And Ahmigawds, I've missed dancing. So that was very happy.

And I learned that the vegan potato soup tasted very good with ham in it. Nicely ironic, too, which is always a tasty thing.

And DUDE! I got to see Amanda(Crazy friend of Bernies, fellow DnDer, and birthday-buddy) there, and she was wearing a loverly corset and looked really awesome.

And then we went home and zzzzzz.

So thats my life. How are you?

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Ernest continues to be most satisfactory. The set kicked ass. The play kicked ass. Oscar Wilde kicks more ass then the rest of it put together.

Well, ok, not more then Sarahq. But Sarahq's just badass like that.

Jaimee and Scooter's party last night was equally fun. Hehehe! Scooter is fun to scritch. He goes all melted. And I got to have a loverly chat about webcomics with Jaimee's resident elf-ninja. *makes mental note to go investigate this misfile thing...and Jack*


If I had a camera, I would be forcing you all to oogle pics of me looking awesome in my hat. Or of the awesomeness that is my hair1. Either one.

And...other stuff. Yay other stuff!

Here's to lazy Sundays.

Oh right, I remember! Eric: WHWB? *raises eyebrow* Y'all's weird.

And I'm back on the boards for the first time in several months. Woo S.n!!


Wow. Best. Wrong number. EVER!

Her: Hi there, it's Marsha.
Me: Hi.
Her: So, what're you up to?
Me: ...Uhhh...just hanging...out.
Her: Yeah. Er.
Me: You have a wrong number don't you?
Her: Yeah. I'm sorry about that.
Me: no problem.

Now I really want to call random numbers and have conversations with people. It'd be FUN! Although people might not like it. *sigh*

Wow. I started with an innocent statement, and I have possibly the longest conversation I've ever had with the folk in my head. I may post it later, although it makes little sense.

All for now!


*I have amazing hair. I just hope you all realize that. It's finally impossibly long again, and it's major thick, and in rather decent shape at the moment (y'know...brushed.) So I'm happy with it.
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Todays been...quite a day. Started meds, was on the really hyper side of normal (actually, probably past a bit) got pissed at Rachel and Emily for not doing what they were supposed to and therefore having me and Tyler have to do it, GOT A COMPLIMENT FROM MR. SISKIND!! ( it was just that he noticed I was actually paying attention and doing my homework. But thats a lot for me, ok??) Scared the assorted AdComp kids with my mad-attention paying skills, painted, recieved a really shitty report card, went to Subway, did all my physics homework BEFORE the day it was due for the first time ALL YEAR!! (*dances*) took a TON of notes in history and was really on then too, got a compliment from Mrs. McCauley about how well I paid attention in class today what with the note-taking, finished all my German homework for the week, had a lot of sugar thoughout the day, participated in a Meaningful Talk about AIDS and whatnot at the lunchtable (VERY differnet from our usual discussions about web references and sexual innuendos. And freeze-dried babies.) Gave Flip-Matt a copy of H2G2 to read, wrote all those ego-boosts that I was supposed to do...a year ago (except for OKat's. Well, I wrote it, but I think I need to add some stuff, because theres only about eight trillion good things about her.) Started seriously updating 'Kat's little notebook to help her get her shit together' and started my meds.

Either they don't work, or I got high off something this morning and didn't go back.

Huh. Maybe waking up to fantastic 80's pop-rock type music and immediately dancing and whatnot's a good way to do it.

Wowwwwww...look at all the text crammed together...whee!!

Either the meds don't work, or they work too well, and now that they've run their course, I'm making up for lost hyper. 'cept I've been hyper all day. As evidenced by the fact of everything.

But it's just the first day. We'll see.

And for all those going 'Meds? Sor's on med's now?? About time!What for?', I am taking Concerta for my ADHD. But I'm currently on the lowest dosage, so I have no clue if it's really working yet or not. Check back with me in a week!

Timer just rang. Gotta run to tutoring!



Jan. 11th, 2006 05:02 pm
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First off, it's far too dull to write about my life. New Years was fun. FINALLY seeing the rest of season one of Black Books with Eric (dratted boi...:p) was fun. School is ocassionally fun.

But I could write that all I wanted, and it just wouldn't serve a purpose.

So I have two general updates in the works (read: hiding in the back of my head) and this one. Whcih is devoted to as many quotes as I feel like putting in here. Enjoy?

"Gentlemen, it ain't your penii I'm envying. It's your ability to wear sweatshirts."
~SaveTheGreyhounds, here

"If I were a boy, I'd be so hot! I'd wear my hair long and my kilts short...wait, what?"
~Anon, but it's all Allyson's fault.

"That's not nice!"
"Neither is running people over with tanks, but I do that anyways..."
~Veronica and Ryan (Yes Mohr-Paul...Little Jerry) 30Aug

"In Ireland, we don't tell people to shut up. Instead, we just have a beer and punch them in the face."
~Nathan, (Kid in AdComp) 28Sep

"We can do a three-way"
~Mr. Bittner, when everyone was arguing about who gets to read the story. 26Oct

"Oreo Cookies and Budwiser -The breakfast of champions!"
~I'm not going to credit this one as I don't want him to get in trouble. But I'll give you a hint...he's massivly cool, and he teaches physics. 28Sep

"He doesn't NEED to cut his hair. All he NEEDS to do is pay his taxes and die."
~Loona!! 24Sep

"It's one God, many parts. It's like a transformer!"
~Veronica, 25Sep

"It's the language of love! And SEX!! No wait! Just love. Love. No sex. Although, if you're willing..."
Nathan, 8Nov

"Gravity weighs more over here!"
~I'm sad to say that this bit of stupidity came out of my mouth. It's right up there with that stupid Lions remark in ninth grade...1Dec

"It's implying that people will make out with you if you buy from American Eagle."
"Thats not true! I bought this whole outfit from American Eagle and NO ONE made out with me!!"
~Kelsey, really has the best quotes in that class. 2Dec

"And he was in O-town! Thats even gayer then being gay!!"
(Yes, I'm bad for laughing at this one. But I like the idea of 'Gayer then gay')
~Kelsey again, 9Jan

"He's sortof emo, but he doesn't cut himself because, as he says, 'My tattoos are too expensive!'"
~Lorin, the new girl on the block. 10Jan

"I didn't know you were GREEDY!"
~Lorin again, referring to my "bi" ness. 10Jan

"Screw the baby, it's MY juicebox!!"
~Kates, about one of the Giant and Mommyrex's childrens (methinks Karl) trying to get her juice. 1Jan

So that is all.

I walked home in the rain
Mom, Dad, and Aly are in Disneyworld
Dmitri has been messed with and is now behaving.

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Chris...You TOTALLY win the favorite person of the day award. Eric won yesterdays for sqeeling like a proper shed boy, but subsequently got it taken away for giving me bad thoughts! So thats todays update on favorite peoples.



So that was fun. I did make-up, which was cool, and Comedy, which was FABULOUS! And I got to hang out wiht the beautiful Leigh. So YAY to that!!

And I also got to watch an ideal-type pretty boy who already looked pretty damn androgynous at the beginning get turned into a girl.

Is it bad that I seem to be minorly obsessed with the idea of drag? Nah, probably not.

And that is all.


The play!

Jan. 5th, 2006 10:59 am
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Cat and Mouse updated! *gasplustloves!!*

The play('s) last night were quite enjoyable, even if I'm very very horrid at Shakespere. And Rick was wearing this INCREDIBLY hot leather trenchcoat (*drools*).

Bruce stole my hat ruthless-like, but I forgive him A) because I gave it to him really, and B) because he looked quite sexay.

Emily and Allyssa make HIGHLY hot boys.

Veronica makes a funny looking crazy old man.

Eric stole my hat. Bastard. Lilly stole it back for me though, so it's all good.

And I maintain that I did NOT promise to stop anything. You simply put the words in my mouth. So I can tickle you if I please, so nyah.

And techies are awesome. Just...yeah.

So yay! That was my yesterday. I got to see all three shed-boys, Veronica in a beard, and something like seven good actresses dressed as boys.

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So, sitting here hangin out, It occered to me that I ought to set right the beliefs running rampent in my previous post.

My mother is cooler then me. This is a Proven Fact. I'm not saying I'm not cool or anything, as I'm a pretty damm cool person (Not to mention a totally hoopy frood) but mom/werewulf/Grey/etc is Cooler then Me.

Why? She's been around longer and has much more expirience at being cool.

Thank you for your time and patience.



PostScript: Beth...WHO wrote Tom Sawyer again? Silly girl. *hugs*
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The people-riffic meme!

Rules are:
First, write down the names of twenty people you know. Then read and answer the questions.

You can't look at the questions (or click on the cut) until you write down the twenty names you're going to use.

That sounds fun...and perfectly acceptable for my first post in who knows how Godly long.

I know. I admit it. I'm weak. LJ has called to me, and I must answer it. I'm back.

Right right right. On with the names!

1) [ profile] artemisfowl2nd
2) [ profile] muzikmaker21
3) [ profile] macaroniandtuna
4) [ profile] werewulf
5) [ profile] quadrophenic86
6) [ profile] sonsashi
7) [ profile] jannyblue
8) [ profile] drama_angel3189
9) [ profile] kugelblitz
10) [ profile] ednoria
11) [ profile] heptadecagram
12) [ profile] firespell89
13) [ profile] haveasuperday
14) [ profile] sonotsupercool
15) [ profile] boredmder
16) [ profile] shadowcaptain
17) [ profile] sildar
18) [ profile] gaeanangel
19) [ profile] ayleedragon
20) [ profile] astaereth

Don't read this until you have YOUR list ready!! )

Alright, back to general life.

I've only got internet on teh weekends. But thats ok.

Still not going to touch the webcomics. Not yet. Not until I have full, legal acess to Dmitri again.

*sigh* I miss 'em.

Other stuff:

*I went garage saleing yesterday. I picked up a pair of clunky black leather boots, a translucent plastic chair (I'm going to paint it) a beanie-baby penguin (for a dollar...remember when you couldn't find beanie babys for less then 6 or 7 a pop?) which I promptly named Ms. Hecubus, a purse, and a camera bag. It ruled.

*I also went to the aquarium yesterday with Zily (Lily and Zoe), and a couple of friends of theres, David and Leah. It was very cool, especially the skates, and the fish I befriended. He was a very cool fish, all neon-striped and whatnot. We had a long conversation, turns out he's a total theatre boy, and a bit of a drama-queen. He said he was also quite gay, which made me smile.

It was Jonny!!!!! in fish form. :D

*Me and Veronica went for a walk today, with Rex. It rocked.

*Played Halo with Nik and Mike Royster and Veronica. also fun, although, like usual, I got my butt kicked.

*This morning I finally caught up and saw EpIII. I liked it, although I found Anikin INCREDIBLY whiny. CHEER UP! I don't see what all those girls see in him. :p

*I think thats all...ego-boost writing will commence shortly.


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Life, the Universe, and Everything.

*It's been a week or something from my last real update. Oops.
*MOOP! is currently in a state of half melted disarray.
*Anyone want to help me capture an evil, EVIL basterd? His name is Malice, and he is going to die. Very very soon.
*It's hell week. Yep.
*Tyler broke herself again.
*I am going to spend as much as this afternoon as possible playing The Sims/Heros of Might and Magic three. (Last day of Winter-een-Mas, doncha know!!)
*I'm supposed to be doing research. Ah well, it's not hard or nuthin.

K_T stuff:
*I haven't written anything in a while
*I've been drawing a lot. Like, real drawings and stuff. They look really really good.

I would also like to point out that gossip is stupid, pointless, annoying and really dumb. As someone who has witnessed first hand what gossip can do, I know how things can snowball.




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