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I spent the weekend in New York City with [ profile] thorog and his girl, Rose. Insert appropriate They Might Be Giants song here.

We...basically had a sinfully good time of things. Saturday, we arrived and went to Surreal Estate, which is the house/commune [ profile] muzikmaker21 and roughly fifty other hippies live in. We got the grand tour, and learned far too many names --I think I picked up that prettyboy is Quin(t?), and I met an adorably charming girl called Meg, an aussie named Hannah, and a different adorably charming girl called Emma, who was totally flattered when I accidentally called her Meg. We also went and got really good pizza from the sustainable pizza place across the street from Surreal Estate, where Nathen works.

Eventually, we wandered off to Times Square, where we stood in an abysmally long TKTS line1 and spent much time debating what show to try and see2. We were this close to going and seeing ROCK OF AGES3, but there was not seats together, so we decided we'd rather sit in the same place, and see Avenue Q.

After TKTS, we hit up Toys R Us, where we acquired a Brenton/[ profile] gyrik_224, and bunches of candy. We did not acquire a dinosaur, because it wouldn't fit in my purse, or a stick pony, even though I was tempted. Also, LEGO PIRATES ARE HAPPENING AGAIN! Just so you all know.

Dinner wound up being at a bar a couple blocks up from Times Square (Daltons? I think Daltons) which was good food, very nice to Rose and her pepper-allergy, and did not try to card us when we walked in, which would've resulted in me being kicked out5. So they get points! From there to AveQ, which was fairly enjoyable, and pretty much targeted exactly at the four of us --the girl halfway through her undergrad, the girl in the middle of her graduate degree, the boy just out of college and trying to make a living in the big city, and the boy trying to get a doctorate. Musicals written for twenty-somethings are fun!

Wandered for a while in search of ice cream, settled for Jamba Juice at the Port Authority, at least in part because they had bathrooms. Headed back to Surreal Estate, where we learned that drunk hippies really really like delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies6. Tho and Rose did their own thing for a bit, and I went out on one of the roofs with Nathen and Meg to chill. Oh, and in case I haven't made it clear enough yet, Surreal Estate is very *very* awesome. I may go ahead and take my ten day trial period sometime, were I a New York kind of girl. ((They give you ten days before they figure you've moved in, and should therefore pay rent or teach dancing or give backrubs or something. They are a very chill commune.))

We slept. [I am debating this sentence, someone remind me to ask Tho if I can post it.] Sunday morning we woke up, got dressed, and danced salsa and swing in the common room. Eventually, we managed to wander out for bagels, which were delicious, and thrift storing, which was really quite fun --Nathen managed to find a tie that said "viagra" on it repeatedly, and I got a gorgeous summery dress --doubly good, since it was a billion degrees out, and I had previously been wearing black jeans.

We left Surreal Estate and headed to The Strand, where we again met up with Brenton. I'm not entirely sure what happened between 1:30 and 4, but I think it involved a lot of books, and possibly Forbidden Planet. From there, we walked many many blocks to a tiny little macaroon shop Tho had found out about using the power of the INTERNET! and then a pasta shop for dinner, and a quick look around Macys while waiting for the bus home.

Ended out the trip by sitting on the sidewalk in a light rain, chatting and snuggling. Long, overly hot, ride home with some absolutely smashing conversation, and then to bed, to bed.

...or in my case, to Vera, in order to chat with people and make sure none of you has exploded while I was gone.

And that was my weekend! Origins in three days! Aiee, I've got to pack >.<


1: Dear mom, you lied, it's not under the Marriot Marquee anymore. It is in fact, smack in the middle of Times Square
2: NTS: Write "Phantom of Chicago Q...OF AGES!"
3: \m/
4: Okay, yeah, there's a reason I couldn't remember your screenname, Dragon. It is a complicated name, that I'm not totally positive I can pronounce.
5: Not that we ordered any boozahol anyways. But they do sometimes card at the door, and being as I was the only under-21 in the group, it would've been annoying as all hell.
6: Brenton made 'em for us because he's a gentleman or somesuch. They were fekken' delicious, and did not last very long at all.
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ToDo List:

*Call work on Saturday to find out when I'm working next week
*Make a Booty Chest uniform to wear as a hall costume at Balticon
*Reply to Jesse, Tricia, Newt
*Cook something for dinner. Real mac and cheese, maybe? I'd have to buy ingredients, methinks.
*Work more on unpacking and whatnot
*Harass Veronica sometime, find out when more Buffy can happen.
*Take apart my fabulous green wench skirt in order to make it into a pattern in order to make more fabulous skirts.
*Run that last load of laundry

I'm sure there are other things, but they are probably boring. Like these, only moreso.

I like that I always feel quite on top of things and ready to accomplish just everything ever when I get home for the summer, and then promptly forget about it all about a week later.

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((This is the essay I've been meaning to post since Flurry --really, more of a narrative. UMYEAH. In the interest of not babbling like an idiot, I don't have any author's notes to preface it with. That's what footnotes are for.))

The Penultimate Waltz
(An essay detailing the happenings of my finest dance this weekend, and a short analysis of the three minute intimate experience.)

In the course of my dance weekend, I had a chance to discuss with a tango instructor the melancholic sensuality of dance. "A three minute deeply intimate experience" he described it, and, catching on to the poetry of the words, stored that thought into my head for later use.

The later use came earlier than expected, the next day, at the end of a contra set. Scouting the hall for someone to dance with, I saw a very vaguely familiar face with a button --"I give hugs".

"Hello, want to dance, and don't I recognize you from NEFFA?" We reintroduced ourselves and joined a set, and I crossed my fingers deep in the back of my mind and prayed, as I always do, that he would be a good partner, and this would be a good set.1

(In contra, the first is far more important than the second, and indeed, unless you are very lucky, there will almost certainly be those you find distasteful, or at best, merely uninteresting.)

So we begin to travel up the set. It is, in a word, exceptional. He is good and I am good and we are Good together.4

That was, unbeknownst to us, the last contra, and after the last contra always comes the Last Waltz. All around us, couples were forming. I waited a polite moment, then went ahead and asked him if he knew how to waltz.

I've danced with many waltzers, some good, some great, some exceptional. He was, perhaps, merely good, slightly on the inexperienced side5 but he had an excellent sense of rhythm and as we danced I found myself drawing steadily closer, to press more against him. He did not pull away -our chemistry palpable to us both.6

We ended, and he pulled me into a hug. (Or perhaps I pulled him, it matters not.) The dancers around us whooped and cheered the music, but we had a mutual reluctance to let go of one another. As I leaned close to him in our hug, I found courage to go ahead and ask -"Would it be impudent of me to ask to kiss you?"

(I am nothing if not terribly polite)

He answered in a positive manner, and our lips met, sweet and warm and wonderful. We pulled apart as the dance dispersed, a slight blush tinting both our cheeks.

"See you at NEFFA" I called as we trailed off in our separate directions, though I think, even if we did, the world will not be the same. But for that three minute intimate moment, nothing mattered but being there and dancing together.

The Last Waltz is meant to be the important one, the one you save, and Dance Flurry ended with one more set of contras and a truly last waltz. But for this festival, of all the dances I danced, that final festival waltz meant nothing compared to the dance (and the kiss) before it --the penultimate waltz.

((Written 15 February 2009))


((Postscript, written 8 May 2009:

I danced with him at NEFFA, but we didn't wind up kissing --I may have been slightly distracted at the time. (*coff*) I danced with him last night, being as he was my ride to Concord and whatnot. Ladies7 don't kiss and tell.

He remains probably the best contra dancer I've ever met though. Sorry all the rest of you, 'struth. I've ended a contra with him and been unable to think for a couple minutes --I think the only other person who's ever done that to me just through dancing is Magus, and his glorious waltzing., to get him into a skirt...>.>))

1: Holy run-on, Batman! This is one of the big problems with whenever I try to be prosey --I get a bit ridiculous2. Also, the line was originally "prayed to the true goddess of dance, for I am merely demi3" but that's perhaps just a bit obscure.

2: I am -well, ridiculously- proud that I have finally figured out how to spell this word.

3: Long ago, The Katters had heaps and heaps of assorted titles --four altogether, I think, although I can only remember three of them right now. (Ritzy the Anti-Strag, Fiend of Vile Falsehoods, and Crackers of the Pointy Tortilla Chips) At some point, I complained about the fact that I disdn't have any titles at all. Shortly thereafter, I received a letter addressed to "Sor, the Demi-Goddess of Dance". Whether or not I 'deserve' that title is an essay for later, but at the time, it made me incredibly happy.

4: 'k, I was gonna go verbatim from my notebook, but I'm not sure what the hell I was writing here. Yes, that's partially because I was in a car when I wrote this and so can't really read my handwriting. Just know that it was a really unbelievably amazing dance.

5: Sooo tempted to revise this, but it'd be a lie. He is a perfectly fine waltzer, but between Magus and Larry, I have been completely spoiled for merely "fine."

6: Dear Sor. Never write prose again. No, *seriously*. Love Kat.

7: I am not a lady. I am a gentleman, however.
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So, this weekend I went to NEFFA. YAY! I decided to go the entire time without Vera. YA...oh, wait, BOO!

But! Before going, I set up my phone to receive twitter messages, from mom and the people who were gonna be at NEFFA, and more importantly, set it up so I could update my twitter from anywhere I got phone service.

Tweets are in italics, and under the cut )

So yes. NEFFA this year felt largely more like a convention than a dance event, but I'm pretty okay with that. I spent several hours doing multiple kinds of dance --I got to do a bit of swing with a really talented lead --he led me through a couple jumps and dips, which was rad.

Volunteering went reasonably well, if dull. Dancing was not enough but quite good what there was. People were utterly amazing --I should really make a point of talking to SpringIsWrath more often, as he is wonderful, plus keeping up with Jesse (known also as Boy-I-Kissed-At-Flurry) and [ profile] ncarraway.

Soyes! That was my weekend. More posting on more things eventually.


POSTSCRIPT: My twitter is here, if you want to actually follow it. Let me know offlist who you are, so I can follow you back!

1: I like boys in skirts, oh yes I do.

2: Tall. Painfully skinny. Long hair. I don't find everyone who fits this trope attractive, and there are certainly other tropes I go for hard (my height, something like twenty or thirty pounds more of curves than I have, dark hair, female -oh yum!) but both my dating track record and my eyecandy track record reeeeally like the gangly ones.

3: Pets, with the capital letter, are different from pets, without. The capital letter denotes ownership of some sort --it's very not my kink, but not to the level where I'd call it an antikink4 or anything. I find it a fascinating power dynamic, from both sides.

4: I feel that the most acceptable word for the opposite of a kink is a squick. But the word squick (and its original meaning)...well...squicks me, so I try not to use it. I'm working on finding a better word, expect post on this later.
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You know? No matter how shit my day is, or how bad I feel, talking with [ profile] sonsashi for forty-five minutes can't ever even begin to be a bad thing. Ever.

Alsointeresting: My sister is apparently an Artist. She showed me the piece she did for her friends' marriage, and it's pretty damn good. Also, if [ profile] leemoyer thinks she has a chance, I am more than a little willing to respect his opinion on the matter. Good for her.

I should work on packing. Hum. Also, how is it that I have five more hats leaving this state than I did entering it? (answer: thrift store. Love thrift store.

Noo, what I should *really* do today is practice parallel parking and go to the bank. Ah-HA, I knew I was clever sometimes. Or something.


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Some thoughts:

*Working on a big resolutions from last year and for this year and lots of trustbabble post

*Phones and the way I use them is on my mind right now

*So, whenever I was last trawling the Comics Curmudgeon hardcore, which I think was back during the summer (possibly even *early* summer) I started reading this blog that got linked in there at some point. Today, I learned that the author is the dad of one of my friends from high school. Um...yeah. The world is small sometimes.

*I'm gonna start a commune

*I kinda want to do a "best of 2008" posts thing

*OHSHIT! My secret livejournal project that I was going to work on for 2009! I'll post that in a minute.

*Still need to figure out how I'm getting to and sleeping at the Dance Flurry in February

*Dancing is cool. I like what Larry said about being a historical dance group that doesn't particularly like historical music. This has led me to begin1 finding songs in my collection of generally modern stuff that are danceable. Most recent additions are a handful of Who Killed Amanda Palmer songs --"Runs in the Family" and "Ampersand" are waltzs (though the former is far too fast to actually dance to), "I Google You" is a blues, and "Guitar Hero" is a really good one-step.

*I like that spellcheck thinks danceable is a word.

*I should be entertaining to Swing somehow, but my brain is a little bit out of social, which is why I've been playing on the internet for some time anyways.

*My nails are longer right now then they've been just about ever. On the one hand, that makes 'em really good for scritching people. (From the New Year's Party-- "Kat, I love my wife, but you've made me realize her one big flaw --she doesn't have nails!") but on the other, I'm going slightly insane having them so long, and am going to bite them all short probably before I even make it back to Boston for Arisia.

And I'm sure there are more things on my mind, but I think I'm out for now. Byeee!


1: Okay, truth is I've been doing this for a year or two. But I had another push of going "oh!" today.
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I need to get over the two biggest hurdles that are keeping me from talking to people when I'm depressed and need to feel better.

1) That they will think I am a waste of time. This is such a bullshit thing to be afraid of, but it's the really really big one, that keeps me from dialing those ten digits or sending that e-mail or ranting on IM or walking the six houses over to their house, and it's SO STUPID of me to be so affected by it, but it damn near cripples my ability to get help effectively.

Seriously. You know the phrase "call me anytime" that people make, and ocassionally even mean? This is what keeps me from doing it. The fear that I'll inturrupt them or be boring or waste their time. I have dialed numbers and hesitated at hitting the talk button, trying to run through all the possible scenerios in my mind. Very nearly every time, I will not actually call anyone, because I don't want to inturrupt them, and because I don't want to bring their mood down --if they are happy, why would they want to waste their time trying to make me less upset?

2) That they will think less of me for admitting weakness and that it is proof that I am not strong enough to function normally.

Really, more the second part of that than the first. Anyone who reads this livejournal knows that I'm not as strong as I pretend to be, but I'm only just starting to realize just how much I HATE depending on other people, for anything. This includes making me feel better about myself --I tend to feel that I should be fully able to make myself get un-fucked-up, regardless of what got me to the fucked up state in the first place.

Although I had an interesting realization a moment ago. If external forces are what got me to be messed up in the first place, then why on earth shouldn't I be able to accept external forces to get me out of being messed up again?

Handy equations:

A positive Sorcy is equal to the task of neutrilizing one badplace.
A positive External Force is greater than a positive Sorcy

-Sorcy = Badplace
-Sorcy (+ Sorcy) = Badplace (+ Sorcy)
Neutral = Neutral
Good situation!

-Sorcy - External Forces = badplace2
-Sorcy - External Forces (+ Sorcy) = badplace2 (+ Sorcy)
-External Forces = badplace
Bad situation
-External Forces = badplace
-External Forces (+ External Forces) = badplace (+ External Forces)
Neutral = Better than neutral
Really good situation!


I am the biggest dork I have ever met in my entire life. Except I still haven't solved Liam's problem, so I'm clearly not. Damn my epicfail abilities at geometry.

Uhm. Yeah. algebra?



(For those worried about me, the fact that I'm fleeing ought to be hint enough that I'm in a somewhat playful and silly mood. Yep. Much love to you cool people.)
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Stollen for Active_Apathy )

Yay memes. Damnit, now I really really want it to be Christmas. Rar!


If you are a maths type person, and you somehow missed it, the unfairly beautiful [ profile] heptadecagram posted a geometry problem from hell for us to solve. So far, I know of at least two people who are stuck on it, not counting myself, and one person who may be doing it, in between driving places.


I spent about half an hour today with my hair taped to a wall. This was SIGNIFICANTLY AWESOMER then the hour and a fucking HALF I spent in a shuttlebus today, crammed between/on Kate Monster and Dominik.


...yeah, that's everything.

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Because I think actually asking this to the person I have in mind might get me in trouble, do you or do you not approve of me calling you my cuddlebitch. And no, Eric, you don't get a choice. *evilgrin*


I am way too frigging pragmatic for my own good. "Meh, whatever" =/= proper response to...certain...situations. Fucking crypticness. Also, did I say this already? Goddamnit, this is why I originally only wrote in BehindtheWalls when I was off livejournal! I didn't have to worry about remembering what I had and hadn't posted. :P


Keira is apparently an older sister, bringing my total up to three. (Keira, WyoMell, and Zaphod Groupie) I'm not entierly sure what the criteria is, but it appears to be something along the lines of "female, awesomer then me, and older then me by no more then fiveish years.

I have a handful of older brothers too, but mostly the criteria there is "I can steal their clothes". There's some additional complications involving flirtation levels and rassling with them (reminds me, it's been forever since me and Josh have gone at it. Le sigh.)

(Take that as you will. I only say this because my mind is all sorts of hella dirty. :D)


I have the cutest origami paper ever. It is designed to look like a little bookshelf with books (with the paper being the pages of the books) The whole thing is decorated with little Japanese chibi animals. Eeeee, cute! Photos may very well show up later.


Origami is a suprisingly fast way to mellow me out. Primarily, I think it's the fact that, when folding cranes, I can't be doing much else, which means that if I'm alone and folding cranes, I'm not doing anything else but thinking. In addition, it's a repetitive, relaxing thing to do with my hands that *doesn't* involve playing with chains.

That, and there's something *damn* satisfying about turning a piece of paper into a mini sculpture. Especially since I'm still good at making incredibly tiny cranes.


Fuck later. You get hella cute pictures of my new origami paper thing NOW! )

In other news, have I mentioned lately that I love having a camera attached to my computer? No longer do I have to go dig up my camera and connect the cord and things if I want to show something neat off to someone! Simply hold up, clicky button, post to flickr, ???, PROFIT!

...Erm. Encyclopedia Dramatica ate my brain?


Dude, Another Fine Myth. Comic book. Is there any wrong?

(Besides the forty dollar price tag. WHY MUST MY HOBBIES BE EXPENSIVE?)


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Re: Duckies: I have a lot of them. I'd say I need less, but that is a blasphemous statement.

Re: Care packages: Good Alice is an amazing woman. More on this later.

Re: Crypticness: Sigh. *hugs again*

Re: xkcd: Bwah-ha-ha. Also, Holycrap, it really is the 21st century. (I refuse to believe that we've entered the future until we have flying cars, however.

Re: Sluggy: Jesus. Stop reading a comic for a year and a bit, and you forget completely how awesome it is. <333

Re: Riff: *swipes, stashes somewhere sekrit.*

Re: Mood: Less emo? Need to do a lot of homework, still.

Re: Upcoming week: Dancing (hopefully), making cookies with Keira and playing games and stuff, Christmas type party at the twins haus, and going home on the good side. Finals, more finals, catching up, and leaving Home on the bad.

And yes, there's totally a difference between 'home' (Maryland) and 'Home' (Boston/Cambridge).

Re: Chibis: Hopefully I'll get the rest of them done tomorrow or Tuesday.

Re: Room: Not really cleaner, but there's marginally more space due to the use of milk crates.

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Also, I really really really really need to send you YOUR present now. Crud. *sulks*

Yeah. I got my christmas present from teh Katters. *grins* AND I got MOVIE which I need to watch as soon as possible. And I got the comic version of one of his short stories! And SQUEE!


Just as I was finishing opening present, and wearing a very nice new hat, the doorbell rang and the UPS guy gave me an Amazon present from [ profile] bfudlmint and [ profile] leiacat!!!

They sent me the Hitchhikers miniseries, so now I have a copy of my VERY OWN!


*poingsoff, a happyKat. I like birfdays*


So, stuff!

Jun. 18th, 2007 08:05 pm
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What I have been up to since the last time I posted:

Friday was lunch at the mall, where I got to see my BostonMommy ([ profile] persis) and hang out with cool people and AHM'GAWDS, I got TRAW back! Squeeeee!

Traw being my huge orange towel whom I love above all others. And yes, I was a bad hitchhiker and lost my towel, but before you get all morally superior at me, I knew exactly where Merde (My largish blue towel from Marks and Spencers) was at all times, and I went and bought Calender. (Who is bright green)

Yes, I name towels. Shh. Freak at work here.

Soyeah. I have all my towels now, which causes me to laugh evilly. Or be happy. Same diff.

Saturday I spent doing something. Oh! It was my brothers black belt testing, which was reasonably cool to watch. And he passed, so I now have a brother who is a black belt! Yayforhim!!

Then came movie night, which was "nights spent at museums" night. We watched The Hideaways, which is a *really* good adaptation of From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and Night at the Musuem, which is entertaining, and easily slashed.

Sunday I drove out to Pangea with Ksatyr (cute little vegan grocery store in Rockville) then came home, watched the second pirates movie for review, then went out with mum, the kids, Ksatyr, and Speaker2Animals to watch the third pirates movie.

Cut for spoilers. Like the fact that Snape kills Trinity with Rosebud. )

And, because I'm me, I all kinds of dressed up for it, even though I was nearly a month late in seeing it. I looked bloody well awesome, though I'm not sure I bothered to take pictures. Lemme check my camera.

Nope, no pirate pictures. BUT, I do have one picture of my hair, after JenBark got done making it look exceptionally gorgeous at movie night. If I am a goddess of hair (Which I tend to believe, because my hair is incredible) then I maintain that Jen gets to be first priestess of my temple. Soyeah. CLICKY!

That's pretty much the end of my ramblings. I spent today sleeping, being jerked around by Target, dealing with an emotional sister, chillaxing with Ksatyr, and making a Vampire charecter. My charecter is a complete street rat, who keeps pretending to be respectable in order to screw around with the mortal politics, though she really doesn't have any sort of plan for them. She also does not yet have a name --I will have to fix that.

Annnnnnd I'm out. Byee!

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Most importantly, happy mothers day to my own mothers, [ profile] werewulf, [ profile] fuechen, [ profile] ednoria and the elljayless Sha (Veronica's mommy)

I love you all a whoooooooooole heap!

And then, of course, happy mommy's day to all the other online mothers I know --[ profile] aramintamd, [ profile] dotdorsner, [ profile] ednoria, [ profile] efbq, [ profile] harena, [ profile] j_luc_pitard, [ profile] mommyrex, my fabulous aunt, [ profile] siothaed, and, of course, [ profile] werewulf!!!

Extra special mention goes to [ profile] ms_hecubus, who'll be popping out a sprog any day now, if I recall correctly. And of course, by any day now, I mean eventually.

And honorable mentions go to The Pirate Mommy, [ profile] kittikattie (mommy of a whole buncha AG dollies), [ profile] madamluna (mommy of her very own egg), and [ profile] stgreyhounds (mommy of her adopted doggies!)

So yeah. Have you hugged YOUR mommy today?

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So, 421 days ago (ish) I was dragged off by the absolutely wonderful [ profile] shadowcaptain and [ profile] disc_sophist to go see the Satanic Mechanics do an awesome showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Since then, I have seen RHPS by the Satanic Mecahnic's five more times, Little Shop of Horrors and The Addams Family as done by the Satanic Mechanics, RHPS twice with assorted cool people (Well, once with V and once with V and Kat. Certainly cool) and Shock Treatment once.

Yes, I am a Rocky Whore. But it's all cool.

ANYWAYS! I bring up all this history, because tonight was the last night that I got to see the show, as done by the Mechanics, at least on any regular basis. And while I am fully aware that Boston Has Rocky Horror casts the mechanics are really really good.

Soooo yeah. I had a point, but that was before the bawls ran out. Uhm, it was fun?


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ScooterBird interviewed me. Blah, blah, blah, if you haven't been around here lately, you may not know that every so many months, I recapture this meme, and me and Kat toss it back and fourth to each other until we're sick of it.

So, here goes it. Again. As always, drop a comment saying "Interview Me!" or something reasonably similar, I'll ask you some questions, and you can answer them here or somewhere else.

Now, from Scooter!

Now sit so I may interrogate you...
*sits carefully* Yessir!

1. Why "Sorcyress"? What spells do you cast?
Ressurections, mostly.

Sorcyress is a bit of a story. Way back when, in sixth or seventh grade, I found a lovely little miniature of a sorceress in mum's dragon cabnaint, which I claimed for my own. Affinity for magic, I suppose. At any rate, I kept onto that one, and in eighth grade, when I got internet and e-mail and im and shtuff like that, it seemed a logical name for me. So I was Sorceress everywhere I could swing it, and kdsorceress everywhere else.

One of the places I was Sorceress was on the forums, a home for a very long time. Various people shortened it to various nicknames, including the ubiquitous Sor, as OtherKat dubbed me, and Ms. Sorcy/Sorcy, which was prolly started by Janny or DrummerDude.

I liked Sorcy a lot, and eventually I just strung it all together.

And then a wolf ate my mother.

2. What is your religion (or spirituality, or whatever of the kind)?
I'm more religious then I previously thought. I list myself as a Pastafarian (worshipper of the great and awesome Flying Spaghetti Monster) because I honestly don't have enough faith to call myself anything else. When I get down to it, I sum up my dogma in the phrase "...And on the eighth day, God said "Okay Murphey. You take over!"

Religion fits my view on everything else: "So long as everyone involved is fully consenting, do what you will" and "As it harms none, do what you will." (Which is kinda the same thing)

3. What would you do if you became the Doctor's companion?
...What *wouldn't* I do!

Careful research involving running around Rockville with Ksatyr and pretending that we're the Doctor and his companion shows that I would go to lots of toy stores, have random battles with The Doctor, and play with plastic dinosaurs.

I would also make an AWESOME companion. I'd be rude and not ginger, and totally badass. When we got attacked, I'd be all helpful and kung-fuish, and I'd know how to drive the TARDIS because I'd force him to teach me, and I'd be very good at playing with his sonic screwdriver. *smiles wickedly*

I would be practical, and charming, and charisma all the aliens into doing what I wanted. It would, as the statement goes, rock.

4. Senior year in high school is when I remember people becoming less cliquish and more tolerable. Are you finding that to be the case in school now?
...Of course not.

People remain idiots. This has not changed, nor is it likely to.

5. Why, and on whom, are kilts better than pants?

stuf noob

...That...wasn't me. Boe attacked my computer with his wicked, dyslexic ways.

Kilts are better on almost all men then pants are. This is because they look sexier, and there is a confidence level which is needed to wear a kilt that doesn't come through if you're wearing pants.

Most guys look better in kilts, and some girls do too.

Utilikilts are my personal favourite, especially black ones, followed by any kilt that's worn well.

Have fun, folks!



Jan. 9th, 2007 03:43 pm
sorcyress: Drawing of me as a pirate, standing in front of the Boston Citgo sign (Default)
*gasps* Oh, it is a birthday today! Happiest of birthdays to one of my favorite flirts, the lovely Princess Anastacia/[ profile] sheerchaos!!!

Yay!!! Happiest of birthdays, love!

sorcyress: Drawing of me as a pirate, standing in front of the Boston Citgo sign (Default)
So yes. Theres life.

Today is officially homework day, although we'll see how well *that* works. Stupid fisking English class with it's unreasonable deadlines and vague objectives. *shakes fist*

Today is unofficially day after everyones birthday day, although a quick peruse of my friends list seems to point out that [ profile] vvalkyri is older today. So yay to her! And yay to Fish and McGig and Dan and Koob for yesterday, since I was lazy and bad at agknowladging that.

Lifes been uneventful lately. Well, alright, not so much yesterday since I got to go to PORT DISCOVERY!! THAT was COOL! And I got to eat cake! Delicious, Koob-designed, [ profile] ednoria-made cake! It was very much a five year olds cake, and very very very good.

And Port Discovery rocks. And I got to run around and play pretend with [ profile] aramintamd's eldest which was major fun, especially as I haven't played with her in a lonnnnng time. So whoot for that!

And afterwards, Jaimee drove me to the awesome korean supermarket she's found and I bought a whole bunch of origami paper! Let the secret project commence!!

Wow, I love that woman. Everyone should, she's just freaking AWESOME!

Learned more of my kung fu form. I should go practise that. Back secondish.

*bach* voot, I haven't forgotten it yet.

Truly, a wonderful achievement. What's it been...sixteen hours since you did it last?

Hey, shut up, bitch! realize that carries over, right?

Yes. Yes I'm calling myself a bitch. But you *are* being a bitch.

Naw, I'm just sarcastic! Surely your cynical mind can handle that, can't it?

No one likes you.

Don't go all Her on me.

NO one likes Her.

This is a very true thing. The first intelligent thing you've said all day.
You bitch.

Thanks, I love you too.

...I should cease the babbling...Hey!...and go back to talking about life.

Woot, life.

So uh yeah. Spring Break really ain't doing anything for me. Just being confusing, and pointing out that I need to work on prom and life and school and such.

Although, in other news, I seem to have found myself a fursona of sorts. Namely, as a bat-type with a fox tail. Mostly because having wings? REALLY FREAKING COOL!

I think that is all. Physics time! *dances*

...Shut up. I don't need your mainstream odd looks anyways! Physics is phun. :p


P.S: On the last entry...first off, thank you. Second off, it looks to be resolving itself, and hopefully will.

...gawd, I hate waiting.
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Just hanging out here waiting for Flinx to show up. Stupid vampire...

So yes. Hoorah for the HCC library having computers with net acess. This makes Sor happy.

Damnit, I have to figure out how to answer Kat's newest set of questions without incriminating myself. This may be difficult.
You do have regrets, I knew it!
...No I don't. I live a no regrets lifestyle, I'm not allowed to regret decisions. Just...figure out how to fix them.
Uh-huh. And Al?
Is doing a much worse job of it then I am.

Aly sez: yay!i got so many nice and prettyful comments on my art! i drew a fighter, and a cleric too, so i will either badger kat into putting them on her account, or get one of my own! *does a happy dance and rides off into the sunset**bonks her head on the phony backdrop*

...Heh. Is it any wonder that ILMS? (Thats I Love My Sister for you heathens)

Oh and Jarne? There will be no killing of my younger siblings. Or my adopted older ones. And by killing, I mean killing or sexing up.


I'm going to go knit my scarf some now.
Oh hey, Flinx really *does* exist. Shock and AWE!


P.S: Flinx is officially Americanan for Thorog. Just so you all know.


sorcyress: Drawing of me as a pirate, standing in front of the Boston Citgo sign (Default)
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