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So this is technically fifteen minutes late. Sue me, it's not tomorrow until the sun rises or I sleep.

A week ago, I made a post being all "Half-Naked Thursday, whee!". It was meant to be a look at more metaphorical nakedness, stripping down the walls to show you what I've really got going on in my world.

At any rate, then I mentioned that I originally had two photos and was only showing one of them. This makes this weeks HNT really really easy for me to manage --next week, I will have to actually look around to find a bit of myself to reveal, if indeed, I continue on with this trend.

But yes. Have a picture of me being naked. Odd, in that it's also not a picture of me at all.

Happy Thursday.

This second is a little more new, a little more raw. It's the ceiling of my room, directly above my desk.

A week or two ago, I was having a rough night. In talking with Rackle, she brought up the term "Index card days", where you're just so socially frustrated and out of cope that you have to communicate through tiny 3" by 5" cards.

I have a pile in my desk drawer. Out they came that day, and it seemed the most logical thing in the world to write some song lyrics across them. Lyrics from strength-songs, where the lyrics don't necessarily matter in the slightest, but the message of being strong is crucial to my well being. "Go Away Godboy" is the song I use the most for this --I've never really had problems with people trying to convert me or mine, but howling along with the words can stabilize my mood like nothing else.

Because the words are meant to say "fuck you, I'm stronger than that", and on days when I am weak and helpless, I really need that.

And I forced myself out of the sobbing1 to write more of them, because if I am actively writing, I am forcing distraction, and that little edge of distraction is all I need sometimes to stabilize. All of them have wound up there, tucked into the framework of the drop ceiling. I've got ten of them now, apparently. I'm sure that, as I enter this mood, and need the music and lyrics, I'll think of more.

So that's my current vulnerability. Come visit, I'll let you read them if you'd like.


1: Which itself was after that pervasive emptiness, and broken by my reaching out. I don't like playing shitty girl games, and I hate being cryptic, but that doesn't mean I manage to make all my words to people transparent. There are people who can read between the letters and the lines, through the /me and the carefully arranged punctuation and capitalization, and figure out what I'm actually trying to say over IM, that I just can't, because the words just won't come.

...and because there isn't an elegant way to put what I'd be doing in reality into words. It's that vulnerable look when I arrive on your doorstep, and ask for a hug, and pull myself into you, a double fistful of your shirt as I hide inside your arms, and pour myself out onto your shoulder. It's past want, straight into need, and I don't have a lot of people I've done it to, or *could* do it to (two? maybe three?) and I'm about to lose one of them, but I don't care, because sometimes there's safety there, and that's what I need more than anything else, that memory of safety. ((ETA: Holy run-on sentences, Batman! But this is kinda what my brain starts doing when I am in a vulnerable state))

It's an index card with eight words on it. It's an IM with eleven. It's being held, and being *held* and being held. It's the stairwells at Springstep, and just out the door at NEFFA. It's the long process of reducing the scarred and improving the weird. It's crying in June with the door shut, it's crying in July curled in the arms of someone I can't have, it's crying in August to a boy I barely know, it's crying-sobbing-breaking in January as I watch Next to Normal and try to separate their pain from mine, and try to find the strength I need to say the words I can't, I couldn't, I did.

It's the response I need, when I need it. It's breaking the emptiness with a *kiss*, and breaking the sobs with an *embrace*. It's *comfort*, from everyone who's ever given it.

And it's s00j and Dar and Vienna and Amanda and Alice.

If you can figure out a quicker way to tell people I need "that" than all the above, I'd love to hear it.
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Stollen for Ria, 'cause it's memetime!

* Post ten of any pictures currently on your hard drive that you think are self-expressive.

* NO CAPTIONS!!! It must be like we're speaking with images and we have to interpret your visual language just like we have to interpret your words.

* They must ALREADY be on your hard drive - no googling or flickr! They have to have been saved to your folders sometime in the past. They must be something you've saved there because it resonated with you for some reason.

* You do NOT have to answer any questions about any of your pictures if you don't want to. You can make them as mysterious as you like. Or you can explain them away as much as you like.

((My note? Please DO ask questions. A couple of the images are easily misinterpreted, and while I think it would be really really funny to have to answer the question, I really do not feel like telling everyone I know "no, I am not going to be a boy, I am happy being cisgendered female" or whatever. Also, I like comments.))

I should point out that I have roughly gabillions of images on my desktop. These are ten that fit me today. Tomorrow's batch would be completely different, I expect. )

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Unrelatedly, at Origins, I found true love:

Yes, that is a GIGANTIC orange pyramid. Yes, it is fuzzy. Man, can you imagine how awesome it would be to play Icehouse with those things? The regular giant pyramids got nothing...


Photo credit Akchizar, 2009
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5:11:44 PM Akchizar: I have a spider bite!
5:12:21 PM Just Sor: I saw!
5:12:26 PM Just Sor: You're swell!
5:12:28 PM Just Sor: ...ed
5:12:31 PM Akchizar: ....
5:12:43 PM Akchizar: Why do I even let you talk

My day is going somewhat better. I have an obscenely chocolate...thing that is actually far too much on the wet chocolate1 side of the spectrum for me to actually enjoy it, and potato chips, and mango nakedsmoothie.

And Italianstuffs went okay, I just have to get with the memorizing. Oh hey, dear everyone! I give you FULL PERMISSION to hit me with sticks if you ever hear of me giving my students group projects. Seriously, man. *such* a bad fucking idea.

Also, student center is significantly better air conditioned than my room. Looks like Ver and I are going to have to be social for a while. eirghnkglgvojrmninety fucking degreesgkhjalefg

Oh good, I have talking privileges back. And yes, this *does* appear to be an "eight dozen posts in one day" day, however did you guess?


1: I like dry chocolate things --chocolate cake, brownies, muffins, etc. I don't like wet chocolate things -ice cream, pudding, frosting. Yeah. I don't really get it either.
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Three years ago today, it was 2006. And one of my favourite icons was inspired!

Seriously. I think that this is the only icon that's survived my elljay fluctuating from paid to not and all the pruning I've had to do because of it. Because, seriously?

It's a happy tampon.

Soyeah. Thanks again, Tho!

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You know what? Nothing amuses me like being silly, so I'm thinking I'm just going to repost this with slight changes.

Because three years ago today, it was 2006. And I decided to be a comments whore.

No one ever comments in my journal! Therefore, I'm going to delete it, and commit suicide. Possibly involving a fish, although I might use my Ravonous Bug-Blatter Beast of Traal.

After I'm done with that, I might go somewhere. Cool!

I've recently had a major life change! Thats right -I've morphed into an androgynous three eyed hooloovoo, with an extra arm shaped like a fork. And I'm getting divoriced from my friend Shirly. She's such a bitch.

But there are many cool people who aren't bitches. [ profile] thorog's not a bitch for instance. He's smart. Same with [ profile] naraht. And [ profile] muzikmaker21 is of course just awesome. I got to see herhim
(Oh god this is old) this weekend. I also saw [ profile] werewulf. And [ profile] artemisfowl2nd. And later I get to see [ profile] jere7my and [ profile] marcmagus! But not [ profile] macaroniandtuna or [ profile] drama_angel3189 which is a shame, because they are also cool people.

I am wearing very little! I won't post pics though, because I'm embarrassedtoo lazy to turn on the webcam.

I saw this article about abortion in the paper. It was all about Montana's abortion laws. I think Montana is boring, except for Montana Jones. He's cute. Those are my opinions!

(((To all the people giving me VERY strange looks at this point, I'm merely playing with the idea of the Naraht-ian laws of getting comments)))

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Yay, I am leaving on Friday and going HOME! (Real Home!)

Things I need to do before eleven o clock on Friday:

*My copy of the first Sluggy megatome. It's somewhere in the house, it HAS to be. Rar. (Not going to say where this was in order to avoid undue drama. Oops.)
*My gold fishnets. See above note. Idea: Check Aly's room, laundry. :P (Was in the laundry room)
*My drivers permit. Like, hellafind, since they won't let me past airport security without it. (Was in my backpack. Found it about a week after I got to Boston)
*My box of lemony cookies, since I could've SWORN they were in my room, and, well...they don't appear to be.

Make sure I have packed:
*The stuff that's hanging up in my closet (Tailcoat!) (Into my purple box of costuming go they!)
*Magus's phonecords Mom has them packed in her backpack. Close enough.
*My copy of the Pirates Mixed Up Voyage which I have and I am so happy and eee! (Check and doublecheck this one, because it is IMPORTANT. Also, this goes in the same bag as Vera. No questions)
*MY phonecords and assorted chargers.
*[ profile] tacnukesoul's number in my cell
*The message for zyxwvut in a form *other* than on Vera

Pack if I can:
*Some Units-clothes-things (in a bag for mum to carry? :D) (Yay, thanks mom!)
*Assorted card-based games to force upon Lauren and Emily (Beyond Fluxx and Junglespeed, which they enjoyed)

*Charge cellphone
*Charge camera
*Clean guest room out from when Katters stayed >>
*Make sure my room is down to just clutter (no foodtrash)
*Write check for mom for Lauren and Emily's presents
*Back up Vera before she goes travelling
*Finish packing
*Sleep (Wednesday-Thursday) (3:15/30ish to about noon. Nineish hours, yo!)
*Sleep (Thursday-Friday) (4 to 8:30 or so. Yes, I am a moron, etc, all that, woo.)

Figure out:
*Hokay, so, Arisia is at a hotel. And I need to get to this hotel somehow. From the airport. And I don't know what this hotel is called, or what T-stop I need to get off at.
*What exactly my Highly Eclectic airplane outfit is going to look like. (Hokay, I have a top hat that won't fit in my bags, and I have to wear my trenchcoat...)
*Who I know in Boston who has a copy of 'Good Omens' that I can borrow (Ria is hopefully going to lend me her copy. Of course, she's putting it in the "to mail" box at her house, so it will arrive at Lesley...eventually.)

*checks Hiveminder to make sure she's not missing anything*
(God I love this program. I love that I can have things like "Bake a 'stand up and fuck' cake" and "Write 'The Life and Times of Nellie Lovett'" right next to things like "Pack to go Home" and "Do Laundry". Seriously, the closer I get to using this properly (V.Important: Have it in the bookmarks bar at the top of the screen, where it's in plain view. Makes a world of difference) the better my life will be. Plug out)


QotD: "Wanted: clitoris. Body optional"


Dec. 9th, 2007 05:09 pm
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Hokay, so, I misread Keira saying "immunology" and, well, I had to spread the freudian love to whoever else was online. In this case, Tho.

Me: Have you ever taken an innuendology course?
Tho: No, but I bet it would be really hard.


(*If you don't get it, that's okay. It just means your mind is cleaner then ours. (not hard.))
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And I read thoughtstreams from a year and two and three ago.
And I read BehindtheWalls, the first one, the one that coined the term.
And I read secret journals, that I was never meant to find in the first place.
And I read letters that were never meant to be sent
And I read notes that were left on my keyboard

And I talk, to you and you and you. And it doesn't really help. Not right now.

I just feel empty.
I just feel so

And I'm doing things off Al's radar. She pays such careful attention, should I cut-scratch-bite-hit myself, she swoops and grabs me and stops me.

But there are more ways to hurt yourself then with knives. There are ways to hurt yourself that don't hurt at all, that shouldn't hurt at all, that only burn because you're a freak.
(Other people are not the only ones who are not to touch my neck. I don't even like it when I touch it myself)

You pull strings tight round your wrist, and cause your hand to tingle from the loss of blood. And then you stop, you release the cord, the chain, whatever it is you have, and let your hand return to normal. Maybe you caused slight indents on your wrist, that fade within moments. Maybe you didn't. You didn't actually hurt yourself, just caused the world to feel different for a little bit.

You're all about making the world feel different for a little bit.


And in the middle of the empty and the hate and the lost and alone, she says one beautiful perfect priceless thing, without reason, without warning.

And the stretched thin emptyness, keeping you from doing anything stupid snaps away, and the saltwater starts running down your face. Fucking tears, you've been here before. How long since the last time you cried? Perhaps a week?

Fucking tears.

Maybe it's time to go away for a little while. Take all of who and what you are and bundle it up in a shirt and a robe and a hoodie and a coat and go walk. Walk the paths that you've made familiar, familiar because you hurt sometimes, and when you hurt, you need to leave. You need to go somewhere new.

Were I in Maryland, I would go to my playground. The one I don't bring other people to. Because other people taint memories, and I need a place where all the memories are mine and mine exclusively.

It's interesting to see how hard I have to work to find any given reference to any given thing. It's interesting to see whether I choose to use the reference when I do. For the last paragraph, end it "My 'Das Nonstop-Programm'." A reference that one and only one person will get. Good for him, then.

From Dar Williams* to Clam Chowder* to Dresden Dolls* to Marillion* All the words, all the lyrics are different, all the tones are different, all the moods are exactly the same. Sad and quiet and beautiful and melencholy.

Where to next. They Might be Giants? Where do they make balloons? I suppose.

It's time for me to wrap myself up and leave. May you find happiness where you need it. May I find happiness before I sleep.


*The Christians and the Pagans, Windmills, Sing, Lavender.
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Had a Thanksgiving. Lost at Monopoly. Played with Cousins. Watched too much Americas Next Top Model. Teased my siblings. Snuggled with mom. Missed Katie-cuz. Missed everyone else in the known universe. Enjoyed Enchanted. Came to Belmland. Played RockBand. Watched some South Park. Slept. Read friends list.

*A copy of todays NYTimes --apparently big awesome Sweeney Todd spread. *drools* I will have to grab a couple dollars and go on a wander today.
*To post reviews of Fight Club (book), Haunted, Enchanted, America's Next Top Model, RockBand, and Another Day, Another Dungeon (once I finish it)
*To play more RockBand, because it is righteous and epic and \m/etal and DRUMS! and ohgods, I am a drum-whore. Like woah.
*To regain that transcendence I found on Wednesday, because god DAMN, that was beautiful. Hum. More sleep-dep? More reading? More staying up too late talking, also tea? Dunno yet. Stupid unrepeatable circumstances.
*Dresden Dolls. See above notes about being a drum whore and apply that to Brian because he is SO PRETTY and DRUMS! (Amanda I can take or leave, which I realize totally destroys every claim I've ever had to homosexuality, but that's okay. She sure sings good though.)
*To begin making some random Christmas list. Rather, to take christmas lists that I've been posting in private entries and make them public and consolidated and stuff.
*To post some sort of "this year I'm thankful for" list.
*Secret plots! (Some good, some bad)
*To ruthlessly copy Har
*Did I say sanity? Definently need some sanity.
*To talk more. *sighs*
*Write rant/thoughtstream re: current bestselling author status see also: Rethy-Mal.

Okay 'sall for now. Off to tune up the Serenity. Also, Dresden Dolls, alsoalso, Geetar Hero musics. No bad here, nope. Finally going to get "I wanna be Sedated", I expect. *loves the Geetar Hero*

*hugs and whatnot*
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Comment on this post. I will choose six userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post your answers (and this explanation of the meme) in your own journal (if you want) so others can play along. Or heck, post them here if you don't want to toss it into your own journal, I don't mind.

Mom wanted to know about:

1) Dumblydore:

So, there's this journal [ profile] potterpuffs which is pretty much amazing, if defunct. And so I decided to take Dumbledore, who has been my favourite Harry Potter character since "Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!", and turn him into an icon. I have (not uploaded) an icon with the same text, only with a picture of Loony Luna Lovegood.

I use this one when I'm feeling exceptionally carefree and happy. The world looks so damn beautiful!

2) Suicide Marsha:

College Roomies From Hell did a storyline where Marsha, in a fit of total life-suck, decided to step off the roof of her building and end it all. See here. She looked so sad and so strangely beautiful in that first panel, that I had to iconify it.

I use the icon for my hella-emo posts, and some thoughtstreams. Generally, if I'm crying when I write a post, I'll use this icon.

3) GID

GID --Goldheart Infinity Delorous is my puppydog. She says 42 if you squeeze her ear. OtherKat sent her to me for our first Christmas where we swapped presents, and she remains soft and fuzzy.

This picture just turned out hella good, really. So I iconified it. I do not use it very often, and it's one of the ones I might eventually drop.

4) Mr ORLY

O RLY? is one of the meme's that I have totally not fallen into (unlike lawlkitties), but this icon made me laugh like it was going out of style. Mostly, I just like Mr. Men.

This icon is technically supposed to be used when I'm talking about memes, but I don't think I keep good enough track.

5) I like Ham


There's this really amazingly funny book called "The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists" which Luna gave me for Christmas 2006. I lurved the book to bits and pieces, and mentioned one day that I wanted an icon of Captain Mal and Zoey pulling off the Pirate Captain and the pirate with the scarf's ham dialogue. Tho obliged. \

Ideally, I would use this one to discuss books, ham, and pirates!

6) Clone Me

This icon made more sense when OKat had hers up as well. Tho randomly gifted the two of us with mirror image birdhouses, each with a line from "Birdhouse in your Soul" on them. It made it hard to tell the two of us apart. :D

I should use this to talk about Katters, Blue, or TMBG. Except I have a TMBG icon, so I don't need to.


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Blabla, choose 13 names, blabla, answer some questions.

1) [ profile] artemisfowl2nd
2) [ profile] ksatyr
3) [ profile] drama_angel3189
4) [ profile] werewulf
5) [ profile] thorog
6) [ profile] jestingly_yours
7) [ profile] thru_violets
8) [ profile] kdsorceress
9) [ profile] shadowcaptain
10) [ profile] sonsashi
11) [ profile] macaroniandtuna
12) [ profile] marcmagus
13) [ profile] shield_toad111

Haha, meme's are totally not equal to what I SHOULD be doing right now. )

Uhmyeah. Now is the time when I should be typing up notes and information for the Lesley University Chaos Club, which I may or may not be starting.

Also, what the fuck does "pompus telks" mean? Because I appear to have written that on my arm as a note for myself for something for the LUCC to do, and it makes NO SENSE AT ALL, OHMAN.


By the way, this Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't even need context to make me giggle
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I'm kinda half-working on a "state of the Sorcy's sexuality" thing, to commemerate the fact that National Coming Out Day was two days ago. Soyeah, for those that don't know, I'm awesomesexual. It's like pansexual without making me think of figures from greek mythology and giggling.'s Saturday, technically. Thursday was the schools first Open-Mic night. I went and read two poems and a short piece --Definitions, Paths (Which I can't find a link to, which means I may not have actually posted it, which is strange.) and an untitled bit of prose that I definently haven't posted.

And, by reading something I had written on a stage, I knocked off another 101 in 1001 goal. Woot! I think this means I have finished six of them. >>

Friday was yesterday. I spent most of yesterday hanging out with Lauren and ocassionally Emily. We're all in Freshman Seminar together, so Friday morning I grabbed food from the cafe and met up with them in the student center where we watched "A Pup Named Scooby Doo". Because we are bad.

After seminar, Lauren and I decided to be gentlemen and walk Emily to her class at Porter. We did so, walked home, decided to go investigate the pie shop I found on my uberwalk, and went wandering.

We visited the pie shop, the creepy underground tunnel, and a supermarket. At the supermarket, we found toffee apples that were a day past their expiriation day or something so they were wicked cheap. So that was my lunch on Friday. *grin*

Back to Porter, and I went to my Movement and Improv class. Which continues to be funish. In other news, I am excellent at Zip Zap Zop solong as I can keep my focus on.

Friday night, the school had an '80's dance. I wore my tails and a borrowed tophat and told people that no one had specified the century. I felt somewhat awkward at first, being all lonely and wallflowerish, but then Katrina and Catie showed up and the three of us began dancing. Which was wicked fun.

I pretty much danced all night with Katrina, Catie, Dominik, and a friend of his called Mando. Afterwards, Dominik and I did the gentleman thing (What can I say, I was dressed for it.) and walked Mando to Havahd Square so she could meet up with her boyfriend. Which was totally fun, and Mando is now my new best friend, which remains the least permanent title in history.

Walked back, chatted some, eventually wandered back up to my room by myself and curled up with Seren. And then, for some reason I'm not sure of, I stayed up until Kat went to bed. Except, I think I fell mostly asleep at one point, and while I would've sworn I sent some sort of message along the lines of "sleep now", I apparently didn't. So, apologies to Kat and Tho for just vanishing. :/

Soyeah. Three AM may be too early for me.

Today: Broke my New Years resolution of getting up before noon every day (which I've been shit at anyways) by waking up around noonish and lying around in bed until one. Which was fun. Then I ate and now I'm slacking around here.

How has YOUR week been?



Oct. 4th, 2007 12:53 pm
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Anywho, Tho has been annoying me about the fact that I have far too many tags, and that apparently half of them are redundant*. So. Poll!!

[Poll #1065938]


*HeyTho? None of my tags are redundent when you factor in my poor memory for details. If I have x entries tagged with both "Tho" and "Thorog", I don't have to remember which one is the vaild tag, I can use either.

Additionally, it means that, when tagging things, I don't have to remember what I use. So I don't have to try and figure out whether I use "polls" or "poll dancing" to tag polls, I can just use both.

The one problem with my redundancy is that I don't have perfect overlap, like I should. I'll get there.
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Firstfirstfirst, [ profile] slaversbane and [ profile] jestingly_yours have COMBINED FORCES to create the single greatest comment thread ever. Seriously you two, I kept giggling every time I saw one of you had added another line to it.

Secondly, Kate (Who I have unofficially dubbed Kate Monster, but not actually told her yet) is letting me borrow Maus I&II. Eeee! Plus, we were hanging out at the poster sale that's going on on the quad, and looking at movie posters and stuff and SHE'S HEARD OF SPACED! (She was SO jealous of you, mom, when I told her your Simon Pegg story) She's actually seen more Spaced then I have, but she hasn't heard of Black Books, so I don't have to feel COMPLETELY inadequete.

Thirdly, Dave is amazing because he and Diane took me out to dinner (Hot dogs!), let me do my laundry at their place (instead of having to pay 2.50 a load over here. :P) and helped me to get all of my music onto Seren. So I HAS MUSICS! I can now do things like make playlists with BOTH Assassins albums and stuff.

Fourthly, Keira is awesome because we've actually figured out a way to chat, and she seems to have designated herself my bad influence. So yay!

Fifthly, Veronica is awesome because she has declared herself Squeaky. And she like, did it right and got Assassins out of the library and watched bits of it on YouTube and stuff. So all I have to do is teach her some of the fanon (Of course Czolgosz's handkerchief has posies on it! And you do know that Booth has a TARDIS, right?) and she will become one of ussss. *hisses evilly and smirks*

'course, that's really the sort of thing that belongs over on DeviantArt, as that's where the crazy Assassins fans lurk. Yeeeah. I kinda wandered back in and have been doing things again, and it's all very entertaining.

Sixthly...Well, I'm awesome. But you all knew that. And, by extention, my clone is awesome.

Seventhly, Ksatyr is awesome because he's picking me up from the airport when I come home on Friday.

OH! And eighthly, Dave is awesome, again, because he's letting me borrow the V for Vendetta comic, which I hadn't actually read. So yay!

Ninthly, Tho is awesome because he's willing to let me be all "Rannt!" and he goes all "Advice". So that's good stuff.

Tenthly, Aly is awesome because she JUST TOTALLY IS, OHMAN! Also, Aly? I have secret messages to give you to pass to...


*the Sorcy has gotten an idea. A horrible, terrible idea. *grinchgrin!*

Annnnnnnnd I'm out. [/mini-egoboost]

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Talking to six people at once on Gtalk is awesome, but moderately hard to keep track of. Especially whilst trying to write elljay entries.

So yeah. Have some quotes.

I don't think killing eljay is actually that easy, Sor.

I am going to assassinate Ronald McDonald
Because he is a bastard that denies me the food I ordered

Me: ...
Me: does not make any innuendos involving having root acess
Thorog: Well, if she asks me to mount her home filesystem...:P

Me: I will attempt to get pictures of me in [my pirate garb] sometime, since I was rediculously hot looking
shadowcaptain: if she does say so sheself :-P
Me: I do!
Hey, you objecting to my egotism?
Or my hotness
Because while the first is likely to ocassionally get me slapped, the latter is totally awesome, and completely undeniable
*doesn't even make sense to herself!*
shadowcaptain: um... (smiles) (nods) (backs away slowly)

Yes. I think that's the best for the moment. Uhm.

There is no more point to this entry, other then to bitch about how nice it is to talk to loads of people all at once. I should go boot up AIM and see if anyone remembers me.

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Uhm. Yeah. Happy belated mothers day to [ profile] fishgreenlittle, who I haven't been talking to long enough to remember she's a mommy!

Anywho. Senioritis has hit me pretty badly, but most of my classes don't actually have any work to do anyways. We're reading a story in German class that is progressing at about a snails pace --mainly because a lot of the kids in my german class are morons.

I've got a whole bunch of shtuff to do. I'm thinking of starting up with a set of 43 folders, mostly because it's a cool idea. 43 folders is basically a set up for getting stuff done, you get 12 hanging folders (one for each month) and put 31 manilla folders (one for each day) in the first one. Then, as each day goes by, you put the manilla folder into the next months folder. Toss stuff that needs to get done on that day into that days folder, as well as other shtuff --if you have tickets to a play on the 21st, you dump them in that days folder ferinstance.

It's also slightly boggling to realize that my little orange indexcard book, which I love above all others (well, a lot of other notebooks at least) is essentially just an extrememly high class HPDA. I should post piccies.

Uhm. Yeah. If you're Tho, you probably went all bouncy-squee at those last two paragraphs. If you're anyone else, you probably just ignored it. That's about the right thing to do.

Otherstuff...Oh! I gave blood on Saturday, and unlike my last bloodgiving expiriment, where I fainted a lot at the end and took forever to recover, this one went by really fabulously. I pretty much just skipped the entire "gonna be fainting now oh hi floor" part and went straight into "Yay, the world is awesome WHEEE!" part. So that was pretty good.

And of course, I got green tape, because that is the awesomest colour. Yay me!

Mum's back from her cruising around the south pacific. I'm sure better accounts of that will show up in her journal shortly.

Only nine days left in school, and two of them don't even have any class. I'm somewhat psyched about this.

I am decidedly un-psyched about graduation though, mostly because of the stupid ass-requierments they have for walking across the stage as a girl.

I have to wear a skirt.
I can't wear sneakers.
I have to wear white or other light pastel colour.


Ew. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. This is especially a problem as I don't own a white skirt or dress (And REALLY don't intend to) and I don't own white shoes, nor do I ESPECIALLY intend not to wear white shoes that aren't sneakers.

(I also apparently have to wear hose, but I dismissed that without even thinking, since I will skip walking the stage entierly before I put on hose. Or shave my legs. If they don't like it, they can suck my big fat nonexistent dick. It costs a WHOLE lot more then a diploma to make me wear pantyhose.)

Soyeah. I'm thinking I'm going to be hitting up the local thrift store a bunch, nevermind that I'm broke out of my mind (I owe mom HOW much?), looking desperately for something I can wear. I may also see if the tears matched with "I'm broke!" works on our sponsers for getting me out of the shoe problem.

(And may I note that my mother does not own any of this shit either, and it's rediculous to try and find something that I'll just hand down to Aly since she's half a foot taller then me.)

Again, I'm pissed. If I didn't care about walking across stage, this wouldn't be a problem. But I really do. So I have to find this white nonsense.

And a very large part of me wants to wear the shitty white, then pull off my robe and roll in the grass the second I'm free. Mmmmm,green. Green is a nice colour.

Yeah, bell's gonna ring soon, so I better go. I'll rant more later.


PS: If you desperately want a proper graduation announcement from me, and suspect you are not on my list, drop a comment to that extent.
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"I could probably do him if I really tried..."

Ksatyr on Tho ('s accent)


((Second Place: "Veronica's bosom is Rome? Dare I even ask about the other five hills?"

Magus, on yesterdays quote of the day))
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From Tho )

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Yeah, I'm busy slacking around in the fifth period midterm. Because you know what I have fifth period? Aiding!!! *laughs evil-like*

Which means I have nothing to do for two hours except play minesweeper and solitaire. And oh look, what does THIS cable do...


HI! I'm babbly, what with the sticking around here hour and fifteen minutes more. Yeeeeeeah.

Life is not that bad right now. I'm going skiing this weekend, which means I won't be online much --I'll miss you!

Got in a nice long chat with Tho yesterday, which was nice since we haven't really gotten a chance to talk in an age. Still waiting for that long chat with OKat. It'll happen.

Started reading Boy Meets Boy to Ksatyr last night. He likes it, as he should, because it's a BRILLIANT![/Yury] book.

...I'm out. I'll prolly pop back in later. I do, after all, have at least one set of interview questions that I should be answering...



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