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So, two years ago today, it was 2007, and I went to coffeehouse, and performed. Onstage.

Performed what? Voila! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate...

You can see it on youtube. (Admittedly bad quality, since it was filmed using a digital camera and the lighting sucked, but hey, it's me.)

Or, if you just ask me, I'll perform it. I'll do that one at the drop of a hat.

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Psst! Pretend it's the eleventh still! Going by the general rules of such things1, it is still today.

Two years ago today (coff, eleventh, coff) it was 2007. And I

Well, okay, I didn't really. I had, as I proudly announced, 2980 songs. Which is a good deal of music --9.11 Gigs, or about 6 and 2/3 days.


Let's take a quick little looksee into itunes and see what kinds of numbers Vera is currently packing.

Hm. 7017 items, 16:02:46:47 total time, 23.95 GB. Wow. Now that is approching more like a good deal of music. We're looking at a little less than twice and a half times as much, in two years.

And because the original post was so into that, let's look at some percentages about that music )

That's all!


1: The day doesn't change until the sun rises or sleep occurs.
2: That's right. I have almost as many tracks now that I haven't listened to than I had tracks two years ago. Wowsers.
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While working on my X Years Ago Today post for today, I stumbled across last year's "review of the year in a sentance"

The exact wording I used to explain was "So, unless there's something from the last 12 months that you really want to know about, I'm going to skip doing a nice big wordy post this year, and give you the one sentence summery of the past twelve months:"

Last year? Sorcy got into college, met her clone, made some bad decisions, made some good decisions, survived her first semester at college, and didn't die.

This year?

Sorcy started dating two utterly amazing people, went to a bunch of cons, got a job at a thrift store, traveled to North Carolina to see one of her favourite musicals, made friends with the right people and continued to enjoy school, a lot.

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So, I've decided to start a 2009 project, that I try to do, if not every day, damn close to it. I am calling it "X Years Ago Today" and it is basically me finding out what younger!Sor was like --each day, I will trawl back in my livejournal(s) archives, as well as possibly the Behind the Wall file or whatever history I feel like looking at, and find out/post what I was doing X years ago on this date.1

Today's x is three. Three years ago today, it was 2006, and I went on a drama field trip, where apparently I was made more aware of my desperate love for androgony, and was able to ascertain that I Like Genderfuck.

16!Sor was so cute. And of course, I'm damn sure she already knew about her draglove, later in the year she went out with a genderwhatever pre-everything ftm2. But still, it's sweet of her to make a special note of it.


1: If I decide that it's too boring or cluttery here, I'll post it over in [ profile] sorspeakswords instead.
2: That would be Blue Canary. I do not stress about using female pronouns for her, because she has given me the impression that she really just resoundingly doesn't care, genderwise.
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Some lines I particularly like:

"And quite athwart goes all decorum"

"Hear me, oh hear me, hear!"

"The tempter or the tempted, who sins most, ha?"

"It is great to have a giant's strength, but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant"

"All difficulties are but easy when they are known"

This will be added to later, methinks.

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So, good stuff:

+Random friendly stranger that did not attempt to rape or kill me
+Really *really* astoundingly nice taxi drivers who accept ten dollars for what probably should've been a 16-18 dollar fare (Of which, it's worth mentioning, I only paid five dollars of.)
+'Who Framed Roger Rabbit', which is visually lovely and I'm annoyed I hadn't seen it in so long
+Pushing the number of MST3K's I've seen up to four! (Manos, Teenagers from outer space, Giant Gila Monster, and now --POD PEOPLE!)
+Hanging out with Jere7my
+My underlings

So, bad stuff:

-Potentially failing a save vs. disease
-Our theatre not having a clear connection between backstage left and backstage right
-Thunderstorms and hail
-The juxtaposition of the two above
-Being slightly unsteady on my feet and a touch headachey and nauseous and kinda not at all focusing well --it feels a little bit like sleep dep, except I got something like seven or eight hours (admitedly slightly fractured) last night.
-Alarm clocks.

'sall for now. Going to go have a sit down for a bit.

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So, day!

Woke up at eleven thirty or so. Totally intended to stay in bed through three hits of my (five minute) snooze alarm, but my bladder expressed disapproval of this and I had to get up1. This is, I'm sure, more than you wanted to know.

Washed hair2, got back to the room, found a message on my phone from Maddie being all "food?" Went and ate lunch with Maddie and Emily and Ria, Maddie ran off, Ria, Em, and I went up to Ria's room and watched YouTube videos for a while. Eventually, Ria had to catch the shuttle to AIB, so Emily and I went walking towards Harvard Square, so I could run a SEKRIT MISSION and so Emily could meet up with her boyfriend.

Secret mission accomplished, boy gathered, and Maddie aquired (we found her!) the four of us trekked off towards Oona's, which is a bit like a high end thrift store. Or, in other words, it's one of those stores that steals money using magic money stealing techniques. On the plus side, I now have a bitchin' brown velvet jacket that I'm sure I will use in some costume, someday (It was only two dollars!) *and* I have another short skirt3. So, I suppose it was a successful trip.

Walked back, hung out with Maddie for a bit and chatted, then walked inside the student center, totally intending to go upstairs and get on my blacks and get Vera and stuff. Got waylaid by a bunch of awesome people, including Nick Wookie and his mom, and the ever-wonderful LezzieBeth, who is the biggest dyke on campus. And this is Boston, so that's saying something.

Quote of the day is wins:

Beth: Yeah, and I've been asked to be in threesomes like twelve times.
Nick: Beth! This is my MOTHER!
Nick's Mom: *covers Nick's ears with her hands* It's okay, I have been too.
Nick: ..........*dies*

And I have resolved to tell everyone in the cast this quote, in order to get revenge on Nick for yesterday when he pulled me onstage during bows. Fucker.

Andyeah. Have been doing theatre things since about five. *waves and runs off to continue*


1: This is, I'm sure, more than you wanted to know.
2: NTS, buy more conditioner. Other NTS, you apparently use conditioner faster than you use shampoo.
3: I'm not silly enough to call them dangerously short anymore, since everyone bitched at me about it last time. :P
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I like it when I use the word bloke. It is just a good solid word, I think.

Hell week is hellish. Life is utterly painfully "meh" right now. Yep.

I should just go to sleep early. Dunno. There is no life for me to post about. I could write a slanderous story involving my friend and the fact that she totally just got handed a cup of alcohol at the gallary (she's eighteen), but it's really lame out of context. Theatre has amusing moments, but today was just really "eh". I miss my boyfriend, and several other people. My brain is tired.

That is my life at the moment.

I should go OD on halloween candy and watch Cars. I can pretend I am very young again.

Weekend Mayhem! )

Today was today. I am recockulosly straight-edge, I still need to put my laundry away, and my brain is tired. That is all.


Also, I think Weekend Mayhem would be a good name for a band
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To anyone in the Bostonish area:*

The production that has eaten all my time goes up next weekend! So you should all come and see it, because, well, it' Yeah, fun! :D

In all seriousness, it is a little bit flakey, but it has planes, and aviation history, and pretty good music and yeah. You should all come.

Who: Lesley University, the school I go to. Yepyep.

What: Wild Blue! A musical about the history of aviation and weird dreams. One could argue that it's actually about a really bad LSD trip. Um...planes?

Where: Lesley University's Marran Theatre.

Walking directions: Go down Mellen street (off Mass Av) until you get to the steps leading up. Go up those steps, turn towards your left and go into the building by the main doors. You should be facing a flight of stairs. Ignore those, and kinda go to the left and back. Yay, it's a theatre!

If you need better directions, e-mail me.

When: November 16th and 17th at 8 PM, November 18th at 4 PM

Why: Because it supports theatre, because it's a musical with Da Vinici and Amelia Earherdt in it, because if you let me know you're coming I'll come and give you hugs afterwards, and because it's cheap.

How: Show up, pay us five dollars, watch show, enjoy, clap. Easy as pie.

~Prop Tart

*I may eventually turn this into a filter. I'm pretty sure that dan4th, dhs, jarne, leenah (?), marcmagus, persis, sheerchaos, skullx, sparkflies, thru_violets, xalolo, and Boston D&D are all Bawston based elljayers. Who am I missing?
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Things I hate:


I'll fill this half up later

Things I don't hate:

Magus, crepes, getting lost and winding up at Tufts (It was awesome.) finding all the props I need, crepes, Ratatoille (okay, that's technically last night), real food (also last night), Geetar Hero (also also last night), walking a lot, churches with "free stuff" to wander through, new shoes, click-screw-nuts, crepes, staying up until five thirty talking to my clone, Veronica, Tho, apples + grapes + brie, and crepes.

Oh, and theatre. Theatre rocks.

And getting lost and winding up at Tufts. Mostly because I found myself staring at the sign for Tufts and going "I'm *where*?" It was cool. I like long walks.

Soyeah. Today and yesterday were both significantly better days. I miss my boyfriend though, since I haven't seen him in a bunch of days and I'm *still* reeeeeeeeeally cuddle-deprived.

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So, see, I saw Sweeney Todd again tonight, because the cast/crew of Wild Blue (school musical) was going, and Liv is an amazing person and let me buy a ticket because I am the prop tart and ee! So yeah, twenty of us went to the theatre to see it. And it was so good.

And then me and five others, inuding the Absolutely Amazing Beth went to the stage door to get autographs.

And Benjamin Eakeley remembered me.

Excuse me a minute to say that a bit louder. Benjamin OMGponies Eakeley remembered me!!!

Those who go back and check my last entry squeeing about Sweeney Todd will remember that Eakeley was my high point of the autographin', because he drew for me and THANKED ME for letting him draw and EEEEE!!! And pretty much SO NICE and wonderful.

Butyeah. We go backstage, and people come by, and that's awesome. And Pirelli comes out, and I'm getting her to draw me a picture when Benjamin OMGponies Eakeley comes out, and I start talking to him in a slightly squeey way, and he looks at the notebook as Pirelli passes it back to me and goes "I THOUGHT I recognized you!"

And he didn't know what to draw and then he DREW A PORTRAIT OF ME AND IT WAS HIS FIRST PORTRAIT EVER AND OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD! He DREW a portrait of ME! And then he decided that it looked more like him, so he labeled it "This is Ben Eakeley. (And his first portrait)"


And I was smiling so hard I thought my face was going to break the whole time. I was probably bright red as well, just because "Eeeee! Favourite actor!" And then I asked if I could take a real picture with him, and he said sure, and Meghan took it for me and he actually asked how it came out to make sure it was a good picture!

*faints from happy!*

(It's actually only a decent picture since the light sucked in the alley, but that's okay because it's a picture of me and Ben Eakeley. And there are no better things in the world, except maybe the picture of Mom and Alan Tudyk.)

So yeah. Wins and hearts. Also, I have a new life goal: See Benjamin Eakeley in something else (Anything else!) and get him to draw me another picture, and see if he still remembers me.


(((Also: David Hess was out sick so we had a different Sweeney --David Garry-- who was actually better IMO. So yeah, that was wonderful! And I got Antony's autograph this time, though the judge still slipped through my fingers. Curses!)))
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Happy Halloween, y'all.

Also: Harena: HAPPY BIRTHDAY OHMANOHMAOHMANOHYAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! *pounces and throws glitter at you*


November: NaNoWriMo starts. NaBloPoMo starts. Also, PoMo sounds like it should have something to do with a porn movie.

I am doing a WriMo story, as always. I may also be keeping some sort of WriMo journal --2000 words per day on my world, the denizens, and the like. Actually, Gabe just poked his head in and says that he would be happy to help with a 50,000 word journal of the denizens. He wants grand plots, drama, and Truth or Dare. Alis agrees with the theory, but she would prefer introspection and sex.

Midterms are in November, mostly. I have my socio midterm on Monday (I will pass so hard, y'kidding me?) and most of a research paper to write for English. In addition to, you know, normal homework.

The musical is in November. It is called Wild Blue, and was written by Liv, my Movement and Improv teacher. She kinda reminds me of Blasko, albeit a Blasko who appreciates Sweeney Todd. Ms. Barry may have screwed me over in my appreciation of drama teachers and directors.

Butyes, musical. I'm working props and OHMYGOD BEHIND NEED TO GET AIEE!

Thanksgiving is in November. Besides not being sorted out all the way how I'm getting to Connecticut (eek, I need to e-mail Dave!) Thanksgiving is awesome. Soyeah.

Performing Arts Week is in November, though the very end of it. I'll probably be working some amount of it.

I think I need a "Stressed" icon. :D

P.S: I'm going to Sweeney Todd again on the fourth. So Liv is definently > Blasko. :D

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TMI -- See icon. )

In other news, I went to see Wicked last night. OHMANLOVEGODGOOD!

I got to the theatre killer early, because I didn't have anything better to do, and while I was staring at the nice big poster announcing Sweeny Todd, Kelsey (president of drama club and in my computers class) showed up, so the two of us wound up finding our seats together.

We hung out for a while. I wound up gossiping idly about theatre with the two girls behind me, then near the end, the wonderful Beth ran over to the girl next to me (a friend of hers) and said "Switch seats with me!"

The two of them did a little bit of chivilrous arguing ("No, YOU take the good seat") before I became intelligent, turned to Beth and said "Switch with me!"

So I wound up sitting one row further up, and on stage left as opposed to stage right, Beth and her friend sat together, and everyone was happy.

Then show. OHMYGOD, show. A lot of people broke into spontaneous applause when Elphie came on stage, which she well deserved. She was snarky, she was cool, she was pretty much who I want to be. And she did SO well with "Wizard and I". The whole show was just brilliant, and made me really really want to learn to sew, because the costumes were just jawdroppingly beautiful.

At intermission, me and the girl next to me, Lindsey fell into talking, and actually hit it off really really well. We both had enough theatre background (She was in Jekyll and Hyde! *jealous*) to really have something to talk about at the awkward beginning bit, and by the time that was over, we were pretty much just talking. We chatted all of intermission, and then went home together and pretty much became friends by the end of it. So I have a new person to smile at when I see them around campus. :)

Andyeah. Show. Show was gooooooood. Show was shiny and wonderful and one spotguy who wasn't quite sure what he was doing at first, but I stopped noticing, so I guess he was good. There were a couple bits of crackly sound too. *glares at the soundtechs* But besides that, it was Magnificant!

Lessee...uhm....yeah. I cried during "No Good Deed" and "Not that Girl", I became very quiet and intense during the Dr. Dilimond scenes (prejudice gets to me) and I thought of Sherman during "As Long as You're Mine" for no particular reason other then I hadn't thought about him lately, and so I should say hi. >.>


Annnnnnnnd that's all. I'm back in the real world now, until Sweeny Todd. Gotta go to class!


P.S: I got Elphie and Galinda's autographs. Squee!
P.P.S: I wonder how many of the original Oz books the library has...
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Part of the whole college dealie is that I can occasionally get theatre tickets for very cheap. (The next show being Sweeny Todd which HOMYGOD there is nothing that will stop me from going short of a Raptor attack)

But the current show is Wicked. 25 dollar tickets, I dunno how good the seats are, but the impression I got was that they were at least decent.

See, Wicked is a good show. I've seen it before, down in Maryland, because Veronica is the Greatest Friend Ever. And, while it is a great show, and I totally love it, it's not currently anything near an obsession.

Plus, I am possibly the cheapest college student in the world*.


ONE: Is there a BostonNative who can reply to this in the next couple hours and who would be willing to pay me back for their ticket (since I can buy two 25$ tickets) and help me navigate the T and find the theatre and stuff. Because I'd totally go see Wicked with a friend, just to gurentee that I wouldn't be wandering around Boston alone at night.

Specs are that it is Wednesday the 19th, at 7:30pm. I don't know what theatre yet.

TWO: Even if I can't find a friend to go with, should I just go anyways, and revel in the awesomeness of Wicked?

THREE: What are theatre tickets supposed to cost, anyways?

Annnnnnnywaysyeah. I've no idea how fast tickets are selling. If you're desperate to go, call my cell or leave a comment. If you think I ought to go, or not ought to go, and have a reason, please comment and tell me.

That is all for now. And of course, this may all become moot if they sell out before I make a decision, at which point I will simply lurk around the student center when Sweeny Todd tickets go on sale, camping out if I have to. Because, while I've seen this one already, it's totally beautiful and it will make Katters incredibly jealous** if I get to see it again.


*This is a lie.
**Yes, this is a good reason to do things. :D


Apr. 14th, 2007 08:15 am
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Anyway, two nights down, one to go for GREASE! (LRHS, tickets are ten dollars at the door, bla bla) so I might as well do a preliminary show report, because hell, I'm tiiiiiiired.

Granted, I'm tired because I got up at five yesterday to finish a powerpoint project and had to get up at six today (A Saturday, no less) because I had to babysit Kooberthy Jones. So it's less generally tired and more seriously sleep-depd.


The show has been suprisingly fun, for Grease. And I will say this, I hate the show, but it's one shining advantage (Besides the fact that the music's fun) is that it is selling. Thursday, we had about 300 people come, last night we're guessing we sold between four and five hundred tickets. So, we're *probably* not going to end up in the red this time around.

But it's been going alright. AND, I'm actually in it. This year, I have seemed to have a knack for getting dragged onstage for a few short minutes because we didn't have anyone else. (I played the message-girl in Night of Jan 16th.) In this particular case, one of the company members got the chicken pox, and so her partner for handjive was left all alone. I was running around, introducing myself to everyone on Wednesday, and Becca said "Hi, will you be my partner for the hand-jive thing?"

"Sure!" I say, laughing inwardly at the joke. Until I realize she was serious.

Lucky for us, I am a whore for the dancing (And for being onstage, I may as well admit it) and the part I had to learn was not entierly hard. So Thursday, before we opened, I learned the dance. And I didn't even need to audition!

As for the rest of life...

It's good. But *thump*

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Question: Is Gmail not working for anybody else? There are things on there that I wannnnnnnt!!

OtherQuestion Which "somewhere in the near future" potrayel of New York City do you like better, Escape From New York or The Warriors?

Ditzy Moment of the Week: Hokay, so yesterday I had to leave practise early to go and get my braces adjusted for the LAST TIME EVER YAH! Anywho, I slink backstage to go say goodbye to my absolutely fantabulous best friend Veronica. I say "bye", she gives me a look and says "Kat, what happened to your backpack?"

I pause, go "Nothing, why?" and look at the backpack I was wearing. It was pink.


"Ok, V? I'm going to go get *MY* backpack, and then I'll leave."

So yeah. Apparently, having a bright frigging orange backpack just isn't distinctive enough. I still don't know which actor almost lost their backpack to my obliviousness.

Advertisement: Guess what musical the Long Reach Drama Department is putting on THIS time!! That's right --we're doing that classic tale of an sweet and innocent Australian gal who turns into a good ol' American slut!!

Yes, we are doing Miss Barry's least favourite musical -- GREASE!!

((Mrs. Blasko's coup is complete. :p))

AT ANY RATE! All hatred of the show itself aside, our cast looks pretty damn good, and our crew is, of course, specTACular. If you like Grease, drama, Long Reach, or me, you should totally come and see it.

Five W's and an H:
Who: Long Reach Drama Department, directed by crazy-lady Mrs. Blasko, AD'd by everyone's favourite Veronica, staring (Amoung others) suddenly-not-so-goofy-and-Gideonlike Billy as Danny Zuko, Graham as the gayest Kenickie ever, Dan (V's little brother) as a totally typecast Eugene, and a sweet little asian girl (Namely, Seoung-Hee) as the blonde, beauty-school dropout, Frenchie.

Plus, a whole heap of really spectacular freshmen in the chorus, most notably Vicki, who is almost as cool as her sister.

What: Grease! An all-American musical, set in the fifties, written in the seventies, and performed in the...ooglies. Whatever the hell this decade is called. It's a *classic!*

Where: Long Reach High School Auditorium. E-mail me (kdsorceress at gmail dot com) for directions if you need them, or just hit up your favourite internet mapping program.

When: April 12, 13, and 14 (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) at 7:30 PM. Doors open at 7ish or so, and while I'd totally be willing to sneak you backstage to hang out with me before that, Blasko'll kirk out and that'll totally suck.

Why: I'll be honest, because our drama department wants the money. Oh! I mean, because then you can support high school theatre, and our lovely, awesome, cast. And it'll be fun. C'mon, it's Grease. It's a fun show. (It's not a good, or moral show, but it's fun.)

PLUS!! It's my senior show. It's the last show I will ever work for here at the Reach (I cannot believe I just said that) and the fact that I have been part of all the shows at the school except the very first one is just cool and means I'm really going to miss this place.

How: You get your butt to Long Reach, then you buy a ticket. We'll let you in, and it'll all be good and stuff.

Tickets cost ten dollars each, for everyone. Personally, I believe this is ludicrus in several different ways, but Blasko is stupidlike that. On the plus side, if you know that you're going to come, you can pre-order tickets and they'll only cost seven dollars each. (Again, e-mail me to ask. E-mail is still kdsorceress at gmail dot com.)

Link: Boomshine is WAY addictive. But it's really quite fun, and very very pretty.

Basically, you're trying to cause long chain reactions of explosions of these surreal multicoloured balls that are bouncing around the screen, all set to lovely music.

For now, that is all. Status is Not Yet Dead.


PostScript: Three days, one hour, and 38 minutes. EEEEE!!
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Soyeah. Stuff.

Life has been completely non-busy, while feeling reeeeeeeeally full. About the only thing I've done of late is go to Much Ado About Nothing on Saturday, and the ensuing birfday party of bigness.

Oh yeah, and I got sick at Becky's house due to mysterious spontaneous flu on Friday. BUT, before that, we managed to warp her legos into giving us a sembelance of TennantWho/Rose. So that is a Good Thing. Picture is right Here.

Oh! I finished my Mission 101 list. So hey, poll question for you all:

[Poll #922219]

The actual list will be up ANY DAY NOW! I swear. Hokay, so I'm lying. Shh.

See, if I wasn't lazy, I could post it right now. I'm sure you're all desperate to know what random goals I'd like to get done in the next two years and eight months.

Yeah, that's it.

Oh, except for this: Mega-congrats to [ profile] twitchingrat for no longer being pre-t. That is so frelling cool!

Annnnnnnnnnd I'm out.



Jan. 12th, 2007 11:09 pm
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So, shtuff.

Just recently got back from the Coffeehouse. It was quite enjoyable -several very loud rocktype bands (With drummers...drool!) and whatnot. I love live rockymusic, it's *fun*.

Also got to preform my monologue of alliterative doom for the second time, in front of a bigger audience, and one less inclined to naturally like me. I preformed offmike, which was good of me, and apparently had forgotten that I *really* like acting. Sigh.

Alsoalso...I'm out. Nowait, I know! Look at what I made in school today!!

(((And you get some *strange* looks when you carry a dodecahedron twice as big as your head around school. It was fun!)))

Alsoalsoalso, I am getting Much better at braiding peoples hair. That there is a fourstrand braid I did on Becky. Is it not excellent?

Yeah, now I'm really out. More babblings later, I suppose.

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So, I've been busy rereading the archives of xkcd, which *continues* to be the most amazing comic...ever.

And *damn* I want a "Just shy --Not Anti-social!" t-shirt. I may have to get mum to order me one when she gets home. Because that is a beautiful shirt.


So, music babblings. I was gonna do the "Movie soundtrack meme" but it turned out quite lame. SO you get some percentages instead.

I have, at this moment in time, 2980 songs. Which is a good deal of music --9.11 Gigs, or about 6 and 2/3 days.

Of this music selection:

03.22% is Weird Al (96/2980)
04.97% is random, generally Indie, music that Tho has sent me (148/2980)
24.23% is showtunes (722/2980)
03.42% is TMBG (102/2980)
01.84% is related to RHPS (55/2980)
01.51% turns up when I enter the letter "Q" into the searchbox (45/2980)
07.45% is the H2G2 related (radioplays, movie soundtrack, and Marvin songs.) (222/2980)
01.64% is Schoolhouse Rock (49/2980)
03.46% is some sort of Christmasish Music (103/2980)
08.52% has never been played (254/2980)
00.70% has been played more then 100 times. (21/2980)
00.17% has been played more then 200 times. (5/2980)

Any other percentages you'd like to see?

...You know what this reminds me of? My LONG SINCE DEFUNCT project where I was assigning songs to peoples elljays for...some reason. I think it was so I could be "I'm bored. Who's elljay am I gonna read the whole of today?"

At any rate...that activity crashed messily. Haven't touched it at least half a year, maybe more -I've still got Tho unlisted, for crissakes, and he's CERTAINLY rectified that particular musical problem. (((Hum, "Only Anarchists are Pretty" or "Up Against It"? Oh, questions...)))

...also, why is Ms Hecabus listed with Mrs Robinson? I'ma gonna assume she was quoting from it at one point...or...something. Yeeeeeeah. Like I said, WOEfully out of date.

...I'm out. See ya kids later.
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Yeah. It's 2007!

Highlights from last night:

*Holyshit I got to see MagusMarc! (Or [ profile] marcmagus, if you prefer) That was just awesome upon awesome. He gets favourite person of the day for yesterday award. And he braided my hair for me and squeeyay!

*Holyshit, I won the soliliquy contest! Ksatyr has vidfootage, it's gonna wind up on YouTube before too long. Voila!

(Also, I now have a Toblerone bar. Mmmm)

In short, my V for Vendetta monologue continues to rule. :D

*Kevin was Hamlet, and he had bees to go "Buzz Buzz!" Yayyyyyy! I think he gets my favourite person for today award.

*I met new and more excellent people, including this sweetheart named Eric. Since I seem to have an incredible knack for curling up and cuddling with people I hardly know. Fandom rules.

*Quote of the day: (Declared within five minutes after midnight) "I shouldn't have chugged the whole bottle --I don't feel so good."

Bernie has learned that sparkling cider is meant to be sipped. :p

*Oh and big thing --Liam! and Tara are engaged!! Yayayayayyayaya!!

Sooooo, yeah. Morelater.



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