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(This is a mini-sundries post, covering one blog from the past few weeks, because it's awesome.)

Dresden Codak is supposedly an amazing comic, and I really do mean to read it sometime. Somehow, I started reading the tumblr of the author, as he was talking a lot about making comics and art and stuff.

More recently, he decided to take on DC and their reboots. He presented the top 10 best superhero or villain reboots. And then the top ten worst. And then he decided to put his money where his mouth was, and offer up his own designs for five essential reboots.

His reboots feature both drawings of the new design, in his beautiful style, and a quick run through of the new background of the character and notes on what their story would be. It's great fun to hear a more updated, and especially realistic, version.

Anyway, all that spiraled out of control, and he found himself making extensive posts rebooting The Justice League, The Legion of Doom and Batman.

These are all awesome. I don't even read superhero comics, and I found his commentary to be absolutely fascinating, from both a storytelling and design standpoint. If you like art or storytelling or comics, definitely go check some of these out.

Oh, and to finish it all off, he (I assume) wrote a satirical piece in which DC rebooted his characters. It's a hoot, especially the constant use of the word "strong" to refer to "as little clothing as possible" --but only for the women.

I've been reading a ton about the DC reboot, because it is interesting to me as a comics reader, and as an activist. Aaron Diaz has definitely been doing some of the better snark on the topic. I recommend it immensely!


Old memes

Aug. 26th, 2011 04:13 pm
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So, I've been cleaning out my e-mail inbox (very _very_ slowly...I'm almost down to 8000 items!) which involves a lot of going through livejournal and nostalgiatripping.

I found this meme/survey I wrote (Originally posted 2008-02-19) and I think it's cute, so I'm reposting it (with some tweaking).

Answer the questions!

About Me:
What name of mine do you prefer?
What is your favourite thing I have written?
In your opinion, what's my most destuctive habit?
And my best one?
When's my birthday, and what are you planning to do during it?
What is something you'd like to know about me?

About You:
How has your day been?
If you were stuck on a desert island, with everyone you cared most about, would you ever bother coming home?
Tell me something basic about you that I've probably forgotten:
What do you want to be when you grow up?
What do you do now?
When's the last time you had a pie?

About Us:
How/when did we meet? Or how/when will we meet?
When's the last time we saw each other?
Miss me?
Is our relationship, whatever it is, doing okay do you think?
What kind of dancing should we do?
Given a day together, how would you like to spend it?

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One of my first lesbian experiences was in the context of playacting homosexual men.

The Maurauders to be exact, from Harry Potter. The timeframe was somewhere after the first movie but before the third --Severus had been revealed to be a beautiful creation1, but my Remus had not yet appeared onscreen and been nothing like I'd wanted2. So we were playing that set, four of us as James and Severus and Sirius and Remus.

It was a long sleepover, curled up in our blankets and just talking quietly. It was role-playing, the sort you do when you're young, dictating your actions to the group, and responding to what each other offers. And because we were young and exploring, what we were doing revolved around love and romance.

There may have been playacting as women as well, pretending to be partners for the Maurauders, but mostly we were just being the men and responding as them. I think I recall Lily being played cruel, to pull James away from her so he could become friends-more with Severus. I as Remus was of course to pull myself towards Sirirus. And as we pulled closer, the actions got less than purely friendly. And at some point, someone explained "well, of course we would kiss then".

And that's all it was. Just cuddling up close against each other, and kissing. It was acting, dammit --the characters would kiss, and so we did, to save them from tragedy otherwise. (I'm not kidding about the tragedy --in a game that couldn't have lasted more than three hours, we had at least two described suicide attempts and maybe a couple attempted murders, all in the name of our Dramatic Love.)

We went to bed eventually, a tangle of people just sleeping. And it wasn't ever wrong to us, that's just the way the game had gone. But still, I think none of us ever mentioned it to our parents later. There are some things you just don't talk about to your parents lest you no longer be able to stay over with Those People again.

(To clarify, I doubt any relevant parental parties would've had a problem with the lesbianism, the roleplaying, or the fact that we were being men. But parents don't want their little girls to grow up too fast, and we were old enough that the experiment mattered, but young enough that maybe it would have scared them.)

No, I don't really have any specific reason to be making this post. Just one of those things that came to mind. And of course to those who knew me at that age, it would be incurably rude to speculate who my fellow players were.


1: Freshman year of college, after watching Dogma, a group of us declared that Alan Rickman was made of sex. Not sexy. Just pure sex. I've never really changed in this opinion.

2: The movies disappointed me with both the boys I fantasized about from the books. I dreamed of being with Ron, constantly --red hair and gawkish limbs!-- and found Rupert Gint lacking as well. Both actors are talented and lovely, but neither was as beautiful as I wanted as a young and fickle teenager.
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So, I've decided to do Yuletide, despite having little-to-no experience in the world of internet fandom, and a nearly debilitating fear that I will do Everything Wrong and make the entire internet hate me. Or inadvertently find myself in the middle of OMGDRAMA.

Allegations that I just want to grow up to be Racheline someday are...well, completely true but have nothing to do with this. I just really like the concept of the Yuletide project, and anything that has a chance of getting me middlefic is a thing that I fully support.

Anyways. Dear person-who-is-writing-me-a-fic (Yulegoat? Why are you a Yulegoat? Oh dear, already this makes no sense!)

Hello there, lovely person who is going to write me a story! You are _super super nice_ and I just want to say thank you and also glee! about the fact that you are going to write a story just for me! That's really really cool.

I've never done this whole Yuletide thing before, and I'm not a huge fandom person (though I enjoy both writing and fannish things) and really, I'm quite concerned I am going to freak you out or something. (Mostly because one of my prompts was "genderswap mad science smut"1) So, I hope I'm doing this mostly right --I've stolen the general format from [ profile] futuresoon, since she seems to be pretty savvy about this whole fandom thing2.

So, I think here is where I babble about more elaborate things for my stories? And try not to be too verbose, which tends to be difficult for me. Also, warning, allusions to porn and kink and stuff )

Again, I hope this wasn't _way way way_ too long, and I hope you're not utterly freaked out by me or whathaveyou and I hope the plot bunnies go forth and multiply and you can catch a nice one and write the story easily! Also, I hope you find a five dollar bill and can buy a nice coffee somewhere.


1: To my friendslist, if you identified the fandom without peeking under the cut, I give you three gerbils and a tin of mints. :mgrin:

2: And if you ARE Futuresoon, well then. That would be _pretty damn amazing_ is all I'm saying. And I expect one bang-up story from you, young lady! Also, like I've been saying for basically forever, we should hang out sometime. What's going on your week of March 7-13th next year?

3: *blows a kiss towards MarcMagus*
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Of all the ways to be fucked up, I really really wish I didn't have so much trouble dealing with the fact that sometimes people want to be kind to me, without expecting or requiring kindness in return.

Attention is hard, sex is hard, support is hard, gifts are hard, friendship is hard.

And love? Love is damn near impossible.

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Short and sweet sundries, of things that I want to share but haven't gotten around to yet:

*Dog retweeted a link to this picture, which keeps making me lawl. Apparently it was seen at a starbucks.

The best part of this story is that he was feeling slightly down later that night, and so to cheer him up, I tossed him the first awesome link that came to mind. Which was the above. I told him I felt like a moron, and he laughed and said I shouldn't as it's totally the sort of thing he would do. I love my friends!

*Talia remains a very good writer, even when she's just making quick posts about the Whovian nature of her dorm. Also, I am not sure if Talia is even a name she goes by anymore, but Futuresoon is so formal, and I don't at all think of her by her real name except when checking the dedications in her dad's books.

*Someone else on Twitter (don't remember who) linked to this: It appears to be a version of Candyland, with bacon. What?

*Hey MA folks, there appears to be some form of smallpress/Indie comics gathering going on at the other half of my school! It's free, and I will be there at least after noon, I think, maybe even with a couple doodles or minicomics to give to people if I'm really good, or at least my binder full of pictures of dinosaurs drawn by awesome people.

Huh, that appears to be everything I had open. Now I am going to go prance off to physics class, baiii!

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Don't have all that much to write about today2. Finished "The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest", meaning I'm officially done the trilogy3. Good books --trying to sift out who has and hasn't read them so I can gossip.

Before I start babbling about the books (and I invite you to add your own thoughts in the comments if you've read them), I do point out that one of the themes of the books is violence against women, especially sexual violence. So, trigger warning for rape, sexual and non-sexual violence, and pedophilia is in effect for this post and comments.

Some things I definitely love about the trilogy are spoilery )

I don't really have any other thoughts at the moment. Good read, all three of them, and now I'll have to find something else to read on the train. Recommended. Sometimes violent, though not super overly graphic, though like I said, lots of trigger-happy material. Your thoughts?


1: Roughly, I would like to see more characters who are non-white, non-middle/upper class, non-straight, non-Christian, non-abled, non-monoamorous, non-vanilla, non-standard-body-types, non-cis, and/or non-male. Because that's what many real people are like, and it would be satisfying if there were more representations of us in the media.

(And as always, it's perfectly nice when there are relatable, well-written characters who are any or all of the above. None of these traits are inherently a bad thing. But it's also almost sickeningly common, and that disappoints me.)

2: This is in reference to my 750words account, and turned out to be a bitter lie, as I ended just under a thousand. Also, it's been 61 straight days since I missed. Holycrapwow. At any rate, I have many many things to post to LJ, and am probably going to start with a sundries post in a minute, so I can clear out some of the tabs I've got open.

3: By Steig Larsson: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl who Played with Fire, and The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.
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The first bit of background information you may need is the fact that I really like Doctor Who. This is unsurprising --I am a geeky twenty-something with a thing for British accents and escapist fiction. Doctor Who is right up my alley.

The second bit of background information you need is that, my senior year of high school, I was going to Rocky Horror every other month or so with [ profile] shadowcaptain and [ profile] disc_sophist. At one of these, the latter of those two had a small plastic replica of the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. It glowed blue, and made noise, and I coveted.

The third bit of background information you need is the fact that I moved to Boston a few months later, and found that Newbury Comics sold such toys, for a very reasonable amount of money. Fuck coveting, I went ahead and bought myself the shiny! I posted a gleeful picture showing it off, and was met with...with innuendo!

You people have dirty minds. My new little toy? Was not to go anywhere near my tender nether regions, really now.

The fourth bit of background information you need is the fact that having lived in my backpack or on my person for most of three years now, that toy has broken, conveniently timed with the tenth doctor going out of vogue and a new doctor appearing, with a new design for his Sonic Screwdriver. I have been saying for a few months now that I really must get my hands on one sometime.

With all that in mind?

This? )

Thank you for your time.

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Clean all the things, damnit. Dear stuff I have to get done: Oh, it is *on*.

So, this post is my post to keep coming back to today, so that I have a list of things that I have actually accomplished. Whee!


*Took one of my few remaining emergency Concertas, figuring even placebo effects would help today
*Brushed my hair
*Braided my hair (albeit badly, it's hard to divide it right)
*Completed the first draft of my essay (stitching paragraphs together)
*Completed the second draft of my essay (cutting said paragraphs to fewer than 500 words)
*Sent copies to mom and Sparr for betaing
*Half-completed the third draft of my essay (based on Sparr's suggestions, still waiting for mom)
*Found my copy of "Sirens", which has been missing since I got to MD (I thought I left it in the car to Balticon, despite that not making sense)
*Eat breakfast1
*Script movie
*Finish getting my essay beta'd
*Final draft of essay
*Real final draft of essay (with dad's thoughts too)
*Wrote 750words!
*Beta script
*Rescript movie
*Beta application (via mom)
*Format application
*Print application
*Ate dinner
*Print essay
*Shoot movie
*Take headshot for MatM application
*Sound for movie
*Edit movie
*Burn DVD(s)
*Test DVD(s)


Ohgod. Is boring )


1: Or rather, am in the process. Also, these are the worst eggs I have made for myself in like...four years. I'm very disappointed. I blame the lack of cheese in the house, and probably not actually using enough Teriyaki sauce.

2: None of you are actually reading this. Know how I can tell? Because I don't have half a dozen comments (or even one!) telling me I forgot to close my italics tag. Colour me traumatized, except this is a hells boring entry.
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Ye gods sometimes I wish I wasn't so empathetic.

That being said, woo prop 8 being overturned.

And why the deep fuck do humans have to fight for their right to be treated like humans?

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Unrelated to anything else ever, why has it taken me well over a year to figure out that the tag "ycros-the-anti-verbose" really just ought to be "ycros-the-succinct"?



Jul. 30th, 2010 01:44 am
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Here's some stuff I've been looking at lately:

*Kaylee-inspired cupcakes. They are adorable and look hella delicious. Hey future roommate? When you get around to that Dalek cupcake you promised me, I want some of these too. :D

*Next time I am in New York City, I am doing this. Because seriously? So cool. SO FUCKING COOL!

*Lady GaGa done in steampunk!. Worth reading for the renamings of all her songs especially.

*When Dog was trying to come up with something to write for his 750words (he too is attempting the August challenge, go us), I told him that I could try to come up with a drabbleprompt, but it would probably be something stupid, like "Oh no! The zombie has a spatula!

I love my friends so damn much!

((See also the last time I did this, when I told Brenton he should write an account of the gripping war between the plants and the zombies. Also good!))


Oh, and by the way, I am hoping to live in the Chicago Museum of Industry and Science for a month. If there's anyone out there who'd like to beta-read my essay for me before I send it, that would be awesome, and I would love you forever.

Because guys? I really want to do this thing.

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So yeah. 750words. Month of August. I can do this.

One Month Challenge Contract

I, Sor Kyress, accept this challenge to write 750 words every day during the month of August, 2010. If I succeed, I accept that my name will be added to the Wall of Amazingness. But I miss a day or more, I also accept that my name will be added to the Wall of Shame.

In addition, I pledge to the following self-created rewards and punishments…

If I succeed, I will treat myself to figuring out how to sew a new garb skirt.

If I fail, I will post my shame to my livejournal (and toss 10 bucks at the site, which I'll honestly probably do regardless).

Ohgodohgod, what have I gotten myself into you guys!?

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I went thrift-storing today!

I didn't get all that much --a really nice vest though, that I think will match my light striped steampunk pants quite well. It occurred to me as I was looking through things that there is a principle of fashion that I've never really cemented in my head before now.

Namely, if everything in your wardrobe matches everything else, you're set for life.

Figuring this out (which I'm honestly sure I'd known before, but this was the first time I really "got" it) is probably one of those painfully obvious things that everyone else knows, but it's nice to have it as an actual rule. And it's not like I wasn't aware of it, at least on a subconscious level --if you look at my steampunk stuff, you'll find that it's all earth tones --brown and khaki and army green, mostly, with a couple Soviet-red or rust-red pieces thrown in. My garb follows similar patterns --three green corsets, one red, two black1.

Now, extending this idea, I can start to create patterns for certain looks. For instance, thus far my Regency/gentleman's formalwear has a lot of blue in it. Dark blue tailcoat2, which means I wear it with dark blue hose and a navy blue vest3. While I don't have blue ribbons for my hair, or blue laces for my shoes, they're on the list --as is a blue feather to put in my tricorn4.

The only other costuming I've got where I'm trying to accumulate considerable amounts of pieces for --not just one outfit's worth, but maybe someday enough to wear something different to every event in that genre-- is my pirate stuff I suppose, which is all black and red. Or, if I'm dipping into the steampunk stuff and garb, green and brown. I'm okay with that.

But that does lead itself to a conclusion, namely, should I keep doing this when I find other genres worth costuming for. Among other things, Jane Austen's Fight Club may actually be enough to make me interested in procuring some amount of Regency ladieswear sometime. Now, I could go with pale blue, which would be partly to properly cosplay Fanny from JAFC but mostly to see if it can go properly with my gentleman's wear. But there's a certain amount to which I consider Regency era clothes to be partly the province of my denizens --my tailcoat is almost perfectly Gabriel's shade of blue, which means that the feminine Regency garments should be shaded in Alis's particular red.

(of course, that leads itself too easily to pastel pink, and while I'm very secure in both my masculinity and my femininity, I just don't particularly care for pink, especially light shades, and especially *anything* which could be called "dusty rose".

Unless we're talking this Caddy, at which point I am completely secure enough in both my masculinity and my femininity to say I WANT. I have no idea where I'd put it, and I suspect that a car, like virtually everything else I own, should be built to withstand an awful lot of dirt and damage, but it's so pretty.)

So yes. I suppose if I was really good at this, I'd go and figure out what colour(s) I look good in, as opposed to just picking my wardrobe based on the cute cheap things at the thrift store that fall into the categories of "colours I like"5. For the meantime though, I'm enjoying the fact that, even though I'm not actively looking for anything at the thrift stores I visit6, I now have categories of things that should catch my eye more than others.

Or I can continue to just find every vest in the store and curse the fates for making me too small for any of them.


1: I have three garb corsets, all reversible.
2: This is practically my favourite thing I own, I *swear*.
3: Okay, sometimes I wear it with a salmon pink vest. Since I have a salmon pink vest that's exactly the same as my navy blue vest except for colour. I love both of them more than is reasonable. I almost obsessively love vests, shh, don't tell anyone.
4: If I'm going to be not period, I want to be not period in *style*.
5: For instance, I could look *gorgeous* in deep dark purple. But I hardly ever wear it, which is disappointing, really, as it's a great colour. I should find out somehow! Also, I'm pretty sure I don't actually look all that great in straight up goth girl black, which is why I've been trying to add colour to my Rocky wardrobe.
6: In terms of both cosplay and just generic stuff. I finished my Daria outfit last spring, and it's totally throwing me for a loop --I don't know what to look for anymore.


Jul. 28th, 2010 12:32 am
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I danced on my grandmother's grave today.

My mother's mother, who died before I was born, before my parents ever even met, and who I have interacted with, as it were, exactly once prior, when I was very young. But all of a sudden, we've a reason to be in the middle of the country again, and time, and mom was able to find that the cemetery was not very far away at all, only a couple hours drive.

So this morning mom and I left the house and drove for many miles, and arrived all of a sudden at a little patch of green and stone in the middle of the world. We drove up to the family plot, and we took pictures of the headstones while my mother told me stories of relatives I've never known and linked the family tree together for me.

I sat for a bit by Grandma Ruth's headstone, and talked at her, in my own way. I was honest, about the poly thing and stuff, and I think she's okay with all of it. Everything I've ever heard of her makes me like her.

And before we left, mom and I took hands and we danced on my grandmother's grave, three generations of women named Ruth, and it was nice. It was right.

(I find it interesting that I can't define the characteristics that make a situation feel "right", but even so I attach an importance to making sure my world feels thus.)

And that's me. Someone remind me to go back and visit again in another decade or so. I've a precedent set now, after all.

~K. Ruth
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Dear boys of the universe:

Please stop making me think hard about the fact that my new boots are laced wrong, and I should fix them.

Also, please stop making me giddy that I have new boots.

You are all maddening, luv, Kat.
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Take a picture of yourself right now.
don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
post that picture with NO editing.
post these instructions with your picture.

I happen to actually be dressed and showered for the day, *and* wearing a new skirt1, so no problem.

Pity the lighting is somewhat rubbish.

And oh fine, here:

Gonna go say hi to my grandmother, yes the dead one. Catch you later.


ETA: Oh here, fine mom. It's a long read --thirty-six chapters. Enjoy. The Paladin Protocol, Big Bang Theory, season three (and 1 & 2) spoilers, Penny/Sheldon, PG-13ish, no noticed (therefore glaring) grammatical or spelling errors --there may easily be subtle ones.

Since you were complaining about the lack of a link.
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Also, what is it with all these fics with Sheldon and chess? I mean, not that I object, as it is very him, but goddamnit, I suck at chess and will therefore never manage to adequately seduce the man.

...yes, yes, I'm going to bed.


Postscript 1: Yes, this is why I have a twitter, to save you lot from posts like these. Oh wait. Apologies.

Postscript 2: Tonight will be an interesting test of what direction people read their livejournals in. Does this entry make any sense whatsoever? Have you read those that come before?

I myself read chronologically. Like you should.

Postscript 3: Wevs, you know? It's my journal and I'll post if I want to.

Unrelatedly, "wevs" is pretty much my word for the month.
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Semi-relatedly, oh dear god, Sheldon has crawled into my head, what do I do what do I do this is so awesome and so terrible all at the same time.

Man, life was so much easier before I had soulbonds1.

What, like when you were ten?

Yes. Shut up. Your existence will confuse people who haven't been reading my journal for six years.

I think it's actually reasonably clear that I'm a variant of yourself, who you have discussions with regularly.

S: Well of course, who else is going to understand her on the level necessary for true communication.


S: *pouts*

YOU DON'T POUT. Fucking fanfiction messing with my perceptions of characters, I don't even get to have a normal Sheldon Cooper in my head I have to have this...this variant impostor!

H: Now now then, you've never much objected to me being a work of fandom?

...Musicals are not fandom.

H: Indeed. Is the new boy fuckable?

S: Am I what?!

Hyde: no, Sheldon: OUT, me: stop livejournaling, it is too late for that nonsense and no one is going to understand this entry. Hell, I'm not sure *I* understand this entry. Goodnight!


1: Soulbond, noun. Coined (as far as I know) by [ profile] madamluna. Character stolen from some work of media who lives in your head and chats with you and drinks all your booze.

I list them as a separate concept from Denizens. Unlike Denizens, who can be original characters, soulbonds never are, they're generally stolen, wander around for a few days/weeks, and vanish quietly when their source material stops being quite so much of an obsession. See also Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Mary Poppins, Zaphod? I guess Zaphod, he was kinda a nomansland between Soulbond and Denizen, the original Hyde (as owned by Luna), and both White and Black spies.

No, this entry is not meant to make sense. Sorry about that. Sometimes I use my livejournal for this sort of faffery.
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Oh internet. You are strange and beautiful sometimes.

I am only very slightly in anything even remotely resembling a fandom. While I will proclaim the virtues of This Is Where it Starts(Middleman, focuses on Lacey and DubDub's friendship, SFW, non-spoilery) to everyone I possibly can, and while I have taken the time to read every other fic linked from this particular tvtropes page(Fanfic Recs: Middleman. TVtropes will ruin your life.), I really don't often have an inclination to find what's happening in the fandoms of other shows I enjoy.

(I have nothing against fanfic or fandom, mind. Indeed, it seems that the fastest way to get some good (or some hilariously bad) porn is to wander through some of the harder edges of the Torchwood fandom or something. It's just not generally something I seek out.)

However, Alys has watched the first two seasons of Big Bang Theory over the past half-week, And I don't know, maybe vague spoilers dealing with character personalities? Cut to be absolutely sure. Also, BBT is faily, bee-tee-dubs, I am decidedly non-thrilled with it. )

So yeah. This is pretty much all I'm doing with my life in Chicago. Woooooo.


1: "What about Leslie Winkle?" Well, she's awesome, but I feel she's portrayed more as a smart female than a geeky one. Don't get me wrong, she's my second-favourite character on the whole show, but thus far she's been less into comic books or superheroes than the rest of the boys.

2: Nooo, I don't know why I have such a thing for hatesex. It's really weird. I don't want to sleep with anyone *I* hate, that's kinda, you know, part of hating them. But I like the concept when shipping, and it's really weird and awkward.


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