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"Gee Kat, you're posting too much" well you can march right off to some other journal, no one else posts around here anymore, so I guess I'm gonna be the one to keep the friends pages reloading.

Here's some stuff I've been looking at lately:

Ballerina wears knife shoes to perform en pointe. Cooooooooool. I have a weird thing about toe shoes, I find them absolutely captivating, so this was right up my alley.

More Muppets in the Smithsonian!!. The part of the article I've linked to has Miss Piggy with the Hope Diamond, which is a pretty perfect combination of personalities.

Great article here about the effects of Google and the internet on our memory. Short version: We used to rely on other humans to help us collectively remember things, now we use the internet (which is the same thing on a broader scale). I think this is really neat!

Random article about the wonder that is the movie Clue.

Anyways, that's about all I've got for today. Also, my cookies-per-second are somewhere in the range of 20 billion, and I have 98 Antimatter Condensers. Muahahah.

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Two cool things:

1) There is a group loosely associated with Occupy Wall Street that is currently buying up, and then forgiving, distressed debt.

To quote my source:
Individuals or companies can buy distressed debt from lenders at knock-down prices if it the borrower is in default or behind with payments and are then free to do with it as they see fit, including cancelling it free of charge.

As a test run the group spent $500 on distressed debt, buying $14,000 worth of outstanding loans and pardoning the debtors.

This is a very good use of awesome.

2) There are women in Bangladesh who bicycle to remote villages and provide internet service to people who otherwise would have no way of getting it.

They are called Info Ladies, and I have never been so excited or intrigued about a concept since I first learned what a librarian is. These women are fan-fucking-tastic, and this idea is everything that the world should be.

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I haven't done a sundries post in FOUR THOUSAND YEARS approximately, so have a sundries post.

*Here is a thing I wrote on Tumblr that talks about childhood fantasies and heroes and is based around the heinous hero-holding-the-damsel promotion still for the next series of Doctor Who, and the fact that child!Amy made Rory be the Doctor, instead of pretending herself.

I liked writing it, and you should read it.

*I learned recently about Zombie Run, which is a little fitness program/app/game/thingy. It seems adorable and a good motivator!

*Asmadi Games, which is one of my favourite game companies, has a kickstarter up for an elaborate and awesome game called Consequential. It is a story in board game form, and that is pretty awesome. If that is your boat, you should join in!

Unfuck Your Habitat is still the current most awesome way to get motivated to get the house clean. I've been using it fairly efficiently on my room, and there's this wonderful constant low-level of "everything is put away!"

That's all for now.

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(This is a mini-sundries post, covering one blog from the past few weeks, because it's awesome.)

Dresden Codak is supposedly an amazing comic, and I really do mean to read it sometime. Somehow, I started reading the tumblr of the author, as he was talking a lot about making comics and art and stuff.

More recently, he decided to take on DC and their reboots. He presented the top 10 best superhero or villain reboots. And then the top ten worst. And then he decided to put his money where his mouth was, and offer up his own designs for five essential reboots.

His reboots feature both drawings of the new design, in his beautiful style, and a quick run through of the new background of the character and notes on what their story would be. It's great fun to hear a more updated, and especially realistic, version.

Anyway, all that spiraled out of control, and he found himself making extensive posts rebooting The Justice League, The Legion of Doom and Batman.

These are all awesome. I don't even read superhero comics, and I found his commentary to be absolutely fascinating, from both a storytelling and design standpoint. If you like art or storytelling or comics, definitely go check some of these out.

Oh, and to finish it all off, he (I assume) wrote a satirical piece in which DC rebooted his characters. It's a hoot, especially the constant use of the word "strong" to refer to "as little clothing as possible" --but only for the women.

I've been reading a ton about the DC reboot, because it is interesting to me as a comics reader, and as an activist. Aaron Diaz has definitely been doing some of the better snark on the topic. I recommend it immensely!

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Woot, sundries!

*Further update on that LBGT YA article I posted. Sortof a roundup of ALL THE DRAMAS to do with it.

There's a lot of dramas. It's a long round-up.

*I'm sure everyone's seen this by now, but just in case: Doctor Who and kittens: Blink cat

*You can just. Say. No.

*This is a pretty adorable way to ask someone out.

*True Story of how Darren Criss (Blaine) joined the cast of Glee.

*Post-vegan writes about the decision to return to being an omnivore, for her own health.

*I fully expect this to make EVERYBODY angry with me: Ke$ha versus the Beatles: Tik Tok Together. And it that isn't enough maybe this'll be: I think it sounds pretty grand.

This is the point where, on tumblr, I would have a .gif informing you all to "LOOK AT ALL THE FUCKS I GIVE". Or maybe a "Haters Gonna Hate" one, I'm still not up on my tumblrosity.

*Photographer decides that she's not willing to shoot girls who had been maintaining hurtful and bullying Facebook pages. Small joys.

*Scroll down for the commentary; Dear artists, this is how you SHOULD be drawing your female superheroes. She looks great, and athletic, and strong, while still being sexy, without pandering.

*Italian MEP brings her daughter to work, like ya do. Because you shouldn't have to choose between career and family.

*Presenting, a quick reference to sex, gender, presentation, and orientation. It's not perfect, but it's pretty damn good.

*I find this piece on breastfeeding and sexuality and art to be absolutely fascinating.

*Here is a heartbreaking critique of Draco Malfoy.

*Sometimes the Bloggess is hilarious, and sometimes she is heartbreaking.

Today, as Victor drove me home so I could rest, I told him that sometimes I felt like his life would be easier without me. He paused and said, “It might be easier, but it wouldn’t be better.”

*""Here is Everything I Learned Living in New York"

*Awesome jacket. Scroll down for bad puns.

*Muppets meet Doctor Who.

*I have laughed forever. Why we need the Oxford comma (a little risque)

*This picture makes me delightfully happy.

It occurs to me that my sundries are getting more silly as I run around on tumblr. I am okay with this, honestly.

And maybe I should just port all these posts over to SorSpeaksWords, and get all the sundries done, and that'll be lovely and out of my way. And I can use kdsorceress for some _actual fucking blogging, thanks._

That rant is less relevant to-day, when I wrote 1600 words about myself. And also some words about dancing. Yay!



Sep. 21st, 2011 01:55 pm
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I am so many behind and just getting farther. Soon, I just declare "FUCK IT!" and mark everything in my RSS reader as read.

*Trigger warning: Rape

Schrodinger's Rapist: Yes, we have to talk about this again

I think a lot of men underestimate the fear most women have around rape. For instance, I am the happiest little slut you could ever hope to meet. However, I would never have sex with a man whom a friend, or a friend of a friend, didn’t vouch for, because he might kidnap, rape and murder me.

Don't read the comments. Don't read the comments. DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS. They are full of the kind of rape culture that makes me feel actively sick, and, contrary to what the commenters were probably hoping to do, make me MORE likely to play the Schrodinger's Rapist game with strange men I meet, not less.

/TW - Rape

*Cat Town, which Tracy mentioned to me and then did not explain. He merely handed me the link. I think it's better that way.

*Also mentioned by Tracy, there is Abbie The Cat Has A Posse, a blog kept by the cat he lives with. I find this bit especially poetic:

oh and if you are wondering abot the cat calendar
it all depends on where you have to sit for the sun
thats how you know

*They are making more medical codes for hospitals. Put in some search terms, click around. It's a fascinating waste of time, to learn "they have a code for THAT?!"

*Holly Pervocracy suggests the idea of Relationship Ed, to go with the sex-ed.

*I don't at all know the context, but I find this hilarious: Dog explains the plot of Grey's Anatomy.

*I've noticed that I somehow let the word "bitch" back into my vocabulary. This is a pretty shitty thing, and I am going to try and refix that.

All that being said, this is an amazingly eloquent ouchburn.

*TW: Misogyny

Like a Girl, a reminder that merely being female should not be an insult. Ever.

*Sir Ian McKellan and Sir Patrick Stewart kissing. You know. In case that's relevant to you.

*How to make fish crayons. Which really, if you had the right sort of ice cube trays, could be "how to make ALL SORTS OF RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME CRAYONS!

*This map of the United States is pretty hilarious to me. Partly because I can identify all the states, and am weirdly proud about this.


The Dalek Game: In which you take a book title and replace one of the words with "dalek". This exceptional person takes it a step farther by doodling her titles. Do admire "The Dalek of the Baskervilles", "Life Among the Daleks", "Moby Dalek", and my personal favourite "Regency Dalek".

(Marc, that last one might be relevant to you by a lot.)

*TW: sexual harassment

Discussing the nude photos of Scarlet Johanson (Part two)and why you should not be distributing them. Short answer: because she is a person and did not give her consent for such photos to be distributed.

You are not entitled to see celebrities naked. You are not entitled to see *anyone* naked. Please don't encourage the sort of culture that gleefully passes along such things, especially when the person in question has made it clear they were released without their consent.

*Ridiculously stupid abortion poster informs the viewer that "Some choices are wrong" with an illustration of a girl staring blankly as a baby falls (is thrown? Badly?) off a cliff into the ocean. Choose Life! it proclaims.

Yeah, the internet had a field day photoshopping that one.

*TW: Disregard of personal space, rape culture

"Please trust me when I tell you", which tells the story of intentions versus actions and how they are very very different.

*A reddit poster presents:

"I built a Question Block and hung it up outside. Seems like everybody knows what to do with one of these things."

(the pictures will very likely make you smile.)

*Empowering quote about feminism by the woman writing the new My Little Pony show.

*Whatever Happened to Elfstar. From the comments, Jack Chick fanfic (slashfic?), that’s one thing. Good Jack Chick fanfic, that’s another. But good, moving Jack Chick fanfic? That one’s for the record books.

*The Peckham Outerspace Initiative, which I learned about from this post by Warren Ellis. It's a pretty brilliant idea, and I'd love to get a copy sometime. Ships not Shelters!

*Machine of Death is making a card game. Or several. I want these decks very very badly. And I need to make and send them an insert card!

Other posts may or may not show up today, if I get motivated enough.

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Have some sundries. Have ALL the sundries. I basically ignored my RSS reader for long enough that it's started deleting items in the back. This is terrible, and so I'm going to try and do lots and lots of sundries for the next several days.

*Jewish-Italian actress is told that, if she wants to make it, she NEEDS plastic surgery.

*A woman is looking to create a series of stories in which men write about their sexuality. Open to anyone who has ever considered "maleness" to be a part of their identity. Sounds kinda cool.

*Dogs shake their faces in slow-mo


*Racheline you want to look at this, this is basically what tumblr is about. Everyone else, it's Harry Potter meets P!nk, and it's awesome.

*Trigger warning: Rape

"An Addendum, On Rape Jokes, which is one of the most well written treatises on the topic I've ever seen.

And if you put as your Facebook status “I totally raped at Halo today” for your two hundred Facebook friends to see, statistically, you have just reminded thirty-three people of one of the worst experiences of their entire lives.

To describe how well you did at a video game.

Good job!

/Trigger Warning

*The Horrible Histories are basically the best books, And apparently had a tv show. With an Adam Ant style treatment of the highwayman Dick Turpin. Swoon!

*Head Canon's for the four Hogwarts houses, which I kinda agree with -- Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffendor

*Where's Wall-E, which I am specifically posting for jere7my, but also for anyone who needs the most awesome geek poster ever.

*This is horrifying, Agents try to straighten gay characters in YA fiction. NO. NO, BAD AGENTS, NO COOKIES.

Racheline summed it up well on her twitter --the gist is that there are queer people out there, please give us characters like us to read about. Because you have no idea how amazing it is to stumble across that, and realize you are not alone.

*Related, a list of YA sci-fi/fantasy with major QUILTBAG1 characters.

*I need in a major way to visit this playground. This is one of my favourite things about Bostonish, that we have some incredible playground structures. WASTED ON CHILDREN, SAY I!

*I haven't uploaded my D*con photos yet, mostly because I've been distracted, but there've started to be other people's. here is me from the D*C parade, where I was a UNIT soldier from old who. And here is my awesome awesome Snowman costume from Homestuck.

*So, years ago there was a comic called Sexy Losers. It say it was a dirty comic is to undersell just how awful and filthy it was. Necrophilia, incest, coprophilia... and yeah, the comic was written well enough to make a lot of it hilarious.

At any rate, the artist has started drawing comics again! They're just as vile as the original, don't worry.

*a counter to tell you how many days it's been since the last major homophobe was caught in a gay sex scandal. I have...mixed feelings on this one --I know we're supposed to enjoy the hypocrisy, but mostly it just feels incredibly _sad_ to me. And I hate the undercurrent of punishment that I see sometimes "oh, I hope he's _gay_ because that would be terrible, haha!" No, no it wouldn't fucking be terrible to be gay. It's just a thing.

*October 15th is Boston Book Fest! Look at all the neat people attending like omg Kate Beaton!

*(Trigger warning, 9/11, photos of the towers)

A couple days before the anniversary, because that's when she had it ready, Jannyblue wrote a piece about nine-eleven. I think it's well done, and it contains this heartbreaking line:

Later on, Dad and I tried to find a place to donate blood, but the lines were all too long.

*I have recently started watching Sherlock (the BBC series from last year). It is pretty great, and like everyone, I ship John/Sherlock very hard. Have a sickeningly adorable fanfic that is still ongoing and everyone seems to be crossing their fingers for a happy ending!

*Just a fantastic bit of short fiction, Trial by Water


More later.


1: QUILTBAG = Queer/Questioning U(?) Intersex Lesbian Trans Bi Asexual Gay. I think. At any rate, I've been seeing it all over the activist community to refer to the broad group of people who aren't cis and hetero (and whatever the opposite of asexual is) and it's a term I really like.
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Sundries Sundries Sundries.

*Capezio is giving away ballet slippers for the price of shipping. I intend to order once I am in the new place, because fuck yeah shoes.

*Fucking tragic engagement photos. It seriously bothers me that this is true.

*Fucking awesome engagement photos. Scroll down.

*The Dangers of Hugging

*This is basically the best dog gif ever

*From the "no shit" department, study finds bisexual men exist.

*There's an awesome livejournal community called Little Details, which exists to help authors answer all the esoteric research questions they desire. One of these questions was Approximately how many adult Care Bears would you need to skin to turn their pelts into a woman's suit?

The resulting fanfiction is one of the finer crossovers I've read. And if that's not your taste, there's also a Pirates of the Caribbean one.

*Topical: Earthquake advice from a Californian

*Nancy Wake is far more badass than you.

*Lemony Snicket is writing another series, set in the same world, but pre-Baudelaire children, and oh joy, oh joy!

*This is a beautiful anecdote, and one I'd like to remember.

*Rosario Dawson: Sexy as all hell, and willing to speak against the culture of "women must be skinny"

*Really, if you're not reading The Bloggess, you're missing out. The other week, She wound the _best thing ever_ in a thrift store. I laugh my ass off at all her posts.

*Dedicated to anyone who has ever watched an episode of Legends of the Hidden Temple.

*Button I want: "Ask about my pronoun preference". I really need to get into the business of making buttons for people I like, especially at dance.

*Audio file of Jack Nicholson reading How The Rhinoceros got its Skin

*And lastly for today, Epbot presents how to make steampunk goggles

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31 tabs open sounds like it's time for a sundries post, yeah?

*Interesting article talking about the new Spiderman through the lens of Jenny Swenson, a temporary alternate-universe Ironman. To wit, having a latino-black character? Suddenly gives a whole lot of latino-black kids a character who actually looks like them, which just doesn't happen.

*In Praise of Joanna Rowling's "Hermione Granger" series. There's a followup, too.

*My favourite post from the tumblr "Girls Love Superheroes".

*What Would Jesus Do If Invited To A Gay Wedding

*Dear Professor Shepherd: I am living the dream.

And if I ever decide to leave this place I call Home? Atlanta. Or Seattle. Or Portland. Or New York Fucking City. Or San Francisco. Or Christchurch, New Zealand.

I have solutions. You are never making me live in Columbia again, fates. We're on a strictly visitation basis.

*Warren Ellis's webcomic experiment, Freakangels, has ended. It is the next thing on my webcomics-reading list, after Homestuck.

(I love reading finished webcomics. It's nice to know that once you catch up, you're done. On a related note, 1/0, which seriously, I read about once every two years or so.)

*Shaenon Garrity (Speaking of amazing finished webcomics...) has started a new blog, to detail her tiki collection. That's entertaining enough, but then I read this weekend's post. In which there is an adorable comic about what Voldemort SHOULD have used for a horcrux!.

(As an aside, I love the idea of blogs devoted to showing off the cool things one has acquired. Once I have a proper living space, I might try doing so as well, because I do have some interesting things with interesting stories, like my aluminum cupcake, and my collection of dinosaurs drawn by webcomics, and the full story of my fantastic brass rose.)

*Cisgender news rewrites news stories about cis folk in the style of news stories about trans folk. It makes me laugh, and then it makes me sob.

*Super Mario based swing performance. Totally awesome. Special note to [personal profile] lunarsystem and [profile] saberwing

*And lastly, for anyone who needs it, a button that will make everything okay.

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Seriously. Eight hundred billion sundries.

*Why Strong Female Characters Are Bad for Women. Best summed up by this:

I think the major problem here is that women were clamoring for “strong female characters,” and male writers misunderstood. They thought the feminists meant [Strong Female] Characters. The feminists meant [Strong Characters], Female.

*A bit ago, The Bloggess, who is incredibly funny, posted the saga of Beyonce the Chicken. This has led to the most incredible vandalization of wikipedia ever.

(Regarding the original link, the story itself is funny enough. But if you've been reading the Bloggess a while, you realize that she has a very healthy relationship with Victor, with him playing the straight man to her wacky antics and them having a firm relationship based on love and similar senses of humour. So reading the comments, half of which are "OMG HE WILL DIVORCE YOU IMMEDIATELY YOU SUCH A MONEY-WASTING BITCH" is even more hilarious to me. Oh people. Please stop being so foolish.)

*Analysis on why the singular they is grammatically acceptable

If you don’t consider your partner’s dysphoria or triggers more important than your wish to touch them everywhere, you’re not ready for or deserving of sex.


I agree with this entirely. For everyone.

*mek writes an elevator pitch:
"A freelance journalist follows a lead in a murder and gets tangled up in it
Then exciting things happen
For example, he visits his local library. EXCITEMENT"

*I don't care how shopped it is. This seal makes me happy.

*On receiving vegetables versus flowers. Personally, I too would be tickled if I was given a bouquet of carrots. Also brings to mind this fantastic quote.

*JoshZed explains why he is a feminist: Pure self-interest

(Don't read the comments. Never read the comments, dear Christ.)

*Signs Your Man May Be Cheating --I lawled

*Penises: They are about this big. Now can we please get over it.

(As a special side note, size queens can get the fuck out of my journal. I'm okay with shape queens, especially in terms of people with atypically shaped vaginas (or other places dicks go) seeking/desiring something that fits them, but being all "oh, he has a small dick and is therefore terrible in bed" is the sort of thing that makes me want to slap the cruel out of you. As for bragging about how huge your boyfriend's cock is...I'm very happy for you, my boyfriends all give me kick ass orgasms, and I'd *much* rather brag about how awesome that is.)

*I don't normally watch videos online, but I was willing to give this a shot after my brother said it was "literally one of the best things he's seen". It is pretty damn neat! Good little music video thing.

*I really hope this has happened and it's awesome, Geek Feminism Blog asks for photo-proof of tech so simple a mother can do it. I want some TechFandom shots with my mommy.

*My favourite carfree mommies have pointed out the need for bike racks in our public parks. . If you live in the Arlington-Boston-Brighton-Cambridge area, you should go click on the links at the end of their posts, and send appropriate requests regarding this need. You know, if you like biking and parks and stuff.

*Memorial for lost socks in New York

*TWO VIDEOS in the SAME POST?! AGHAST! But this one is only sixteen second. A Friendly Reminder

*And a THIRD video! In which Woozle sings a happy little song about how much she loves the TSA. We should all encourage her to make a better version of this. Because it's gorgeous.

God bless snark.

*Boston has a reoccuring free Python Workshop specifically for women, and for people who know nothing about Python or coding. Ohmygod.

Ohmygod, I want to go to the next one of these so badly.

*A handy flowchart on asking about those scars you see on someone's wrist.

*Texas Board of Education unanimously approves Evolution based biology textbooks/supplements and not creationist based. Boooooyah!

(In case you don't get why this is such a big deal, Texas is one of the places that has standardized textbooks across the state -and it's a big state. So Texas has an inordinately large amount of pressure on the textbook industry. Things that they approve are more likely to become books for EVERYONE, because of the way textbooks pander. Yay!)

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Yesterday evening, my RSS feed claimed "1000+" items. I've gotten it down to about 730 so far. Expect several sundries posts over the next few days, as I waste my life on this.

*The Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. As mixed drinks go, fuck yes.

*Joseph DeCreux is more than just the painter of a meme. He does good art!

*Historical Disney Princesses. Beautiful re-imagings of the Disney girls in more accurate garb. I can't wait to see this Dragon*Con costume group.

*By the same artist, a beautiful re-imagining for Harley Quinn. I would read any comic featuring her dressed like that, ever. It's so much more awesome than the LOL BOOBS design for the reboot

*How To Talk to Little Girls is a piece analyzing the assumptions we make when we start conversations with young girls by complimenting how adorable they are. Don't. Ask them what they read, ask them their hobbies, ask them if they have discovered anything interesting outside. Little girls are already being taught that they are something to look at, not something to be. Fight that.

*Man Attacked by Polar Bear, Luckily Survives. Warning: May cause squeeing at how unbelievably adorable it is.

*Ria admonishes y'all not to put your dream person on a pedestal. Don't make them suffer through your belief they are perfect. Because eventually they will fail you, and it'll be awful.

*Holly Pervocracy writes about how having a sex blog led her to become passionate about sexual justice.

So the more love and joy I got out of heterosexual relationships, the more I resolved myself to value all relationships. The more freedom I felt in expressing my (rather conflicted and inconsistent) gender, the more I wanted everyone to be able to do the same. The more I came to accept my own body, the less I could tolerate shaming anyone's body. The more I came to appreciate just how good sex can be, the angrier I got when sex was cheapened into a commodity or perverted into a weapon.

Look, this is all just part of my general ploy to get everyone to read her. She's very good.

*This is the best "oh snap" I've ever seen re: what constitutes a man. I fully intend to steal it.

*I have started learning A1 for modern western square dancing. You would think that dancing three times a week could possibly cause me to get off my lazy ass and start posting at Ambidance again, but nooooo.

Someone please harass me about that sometime.

*Also, please harass me to go practise my highland. Just, not in the second floor apartment, and not out in the omgkillmenow heat. Sigh!

I'm a little tired of responding rather than creating. I should try and fix that.



Jul. 21st, 2011 11:11 pm
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Sundries and some other stuff:

*This quote from Alan Rickman made me smile.

*Lady Gaga Wackiness One: (NSFW) Purported photos of her having a shibari session (that's rope bonage; partial nudity)

*Lady Gaga Wackiness Two: Set photos from Weird Al's parody "Perform this Way" (SFW, but maybe not your eyes)

*This is the single most horrifying Harry Potter related thing I've ever seen or heard of. And I am counting ALL THE FANFICTION. Even the Giant Squid x Hogwarts dubcon fic.

*Lady Gaga Wackiness Three: So, at Pinewoods, jere7my wrote an ah-may-zing parody of Bad Romance. The lyrics are here.

The best part of this is I was squeeing on Twitter, and realized that I was basically being a complete hipster. Have the subsequent half-dozen tweets:

Flailing like mad because @jere7my posted the lyrics to the best SCD-Gaga parody ever

(Is it obscure? Oh gods to the fuck yes. But trust me, if you could understand it, you'd know it's awesome. #ScottishCountryHipster)

"What? No, closing in third is so mainstream. I close in fifth." #ScottishCountryHipster

"Instead of Highland setting, I just stand here so everyone can see how much I don't care" #ScottishCountryHipster

I'd wear a kilt, but all that tartan would clash with my ironic sweatervest. #ScottishCountryHipster

Parcel of Rogues? Why can't we ever dance to The Decemberists? #ScottishCountryHipster

The music will tell you what to'll just tell me what to do better. #ScottishCountryHipster

My clan's colours are black and dark grey, to reflect the darkness of our soul. #ScottishCountryGoth

I'm very very sorry. This is how I amuse myself. I know like maybe two people on my entire friends list even understood what the hell I was going on about.

Also, if you write me more #ScottishCountryHipster things, I may just love you forever.

*Sparr linked me to this modular mattress design, to be a cuddle mattress for couples (or moresomes). Awww!

(I wish it looked a little more comfortable.)

*I spent the day wandering around Harvard Square with [personal profile] crystalpyramid and [personal profile] ccommack

WOAH! WOAH YOU GUYS! HOLD EVERYTHING! Livejournal now allows you, when you friend someone, to filter by tags --include or exclude their entries in your feed. So like, if you only want to read someone's "food" entries, you just tick the "food" button and this is AWESOME.

Anyways, them and I and jere7my wandered around the Totoro store and got ice cream and looked at books and chatted a lot about various things. I learned so much gossip about SWIL and Swarthmore folks, you have no idea. I need to draw a flowchart.

At any rate, it was nice to finally meet [personal profile] crystalpyramid, and it was lovely to put an identity to [personal profile] ccommack who I see all over the place. Yay!

*I think Google+ was designed just so The Oatmeal could make this wonderful joke.

*Speaking of Google, they have a new project which brings you high-res versions of art in museums. Pretty!

*Wil Wheaton presents "Probably the best idea I've ever had.

*And in other news, I've got something going on that's so terrifically cryptic I can't decide what cryptic one liner to use to represent it! It's pretty rad, suffice to say.

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Sundries time!

*In my world, nothing excellent is going on and everything is frustration. Communication is frustrating, apartments are frustrating, and all I really want is to go find a park and fuck around with my hoop, except that it's stupid hot out.

*I like this article: "Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names". It's especially poignant to me since I do make a special effort to refer to people as they wish to be referred. And because I have friends who meet these criteria --friends who have numbers in the correct spelling of their name (Dan4th, jere7my), or no capital letters (jere7my again, mek, draz), or have multiple correct names (Marc/Magus, me all over the place, Samantha/Herbert).

Names are damn fascinating, and I'm glad that there are some people out there trying to get the word out that limiting the "name" field on whatever program makes it harder for people with "strange" identities to feel as though they're actually legitimate people.

*A ten year old attempts to save the local library, through threatening postcards. V. funny!

*Despite moving in with Genni and Nurit come September, I still think of Ria as my sole roommate. It's some sort of complex bond formed around Berryline, stupid links, and yelling at the Hetalia fandom when it's being dumb (often). At any rate, the point I am trying to make is that my former-future roommate Ria draws awesome art! This is a short series on food-porn --pin-up girls with delectable delicious noms in the background-- and everyone should go ogle as appropriate.

*[Trigger warning - rape]:

If you ask men if they rape women, without using the word rape, something like six percent of the population says "yeah, totally". Mostly linked because I keep wanting to show this article to people and forgetting where it is.

(I really should be reading YesMeansYes regularly, it seems to be an excellent blog.)

[/Trigger warning - rape]

*On a more charming note, this is an excellent tale of a parent-child trip to the Hardware store. It's very sweet and warmfuzzy.

*Relevant to my interests, something I need to read later: What does it mean to be a woman hackerspace member?

(And if I lived in Atlanta, I'd probably be able to tell you better.)

*Why I will Never Pursue Cheating Again, which is a pretty good essay by a comp-sci professor that draws to a conclusion I will need to remember and save and use for all the rest of my life. Huzzah project-based learning!

*Some funny by the same author, Cease and Desist.

*[Trigger warning: Abuse]

Holly, at Pervocracy, who I love above many others, has written an amazing, striking, painful list of some reasons (NOT comprehensive) of "Why did they stay with their abuser".

Being abused is hard. Abusive relationships are often designed to make it impossible for the abused party to have a sense of what's actually going on, whether they're in the right, whether the abuse is real. They are a mess of insecurity and self-doubt, and it is never the abused party's fault.

Please go read the list. This is serious business in a big way.

[/Trigger warning - Abuse]

*And because I don't like to leave sundries on a sadnote, have the best protest photo I've seen in months

*Okay, and what may be my favourite picture from Pinewoods. That's j7y taking a photo of Mog and I, and it is ADORABLE!

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Sundries, for the ever popular reason of "STOP BEING OPEN, TABS!"

*First off, there's this article at which starts off being all "SO RACHELINE IS AWESOME". Okay, I might have paraphrased that. But it's an analysis of Harry Potter culture, and I've only read the first section so far, but apparently the whole thing is good. If you like fandom and fanfiction and Harry Potter and critical analysis, it would be good to read!

*The Monkeys You Ordered is a blog which takes New York Post cartoons and puts completely blase captions to them. It's often hilarious, one linked is one of my favourites (and a Gahan Wilson cartoon, which is always primo.)

*Nepal wants queer rights. This is okay by me!

*Cowboy Coders and the Pink Sombrero.

*And in case I haven't mentioned it here, I have a Google+, and you should find me if you're so inclined.


*First artificialsynthetic! organ transplant. It's a windpipe. We are in the future.

*California law requires schools to teach lgbt history to all grades. There is nothing I can say to make that headline better.

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It has been many days. I write sundries. Ineffective sundries, but sundries nonetheless.

*I am at Sparr's work! It is very exciting, and corporate, and feels utterly utterly strange. I haven't visited someone's corporate workspace in...oh...nearly four years. They continue to be strange beasts --neither of my parents worked in cubicle farms, and it seems unlikely that I'll break that pattern. On the flip side, hot chocolate, which I am adding creamer to because I _can_. Also, hazelnut flavour. Without razors.

*Yeah, so in the merely "wtf" part of my dream last night, as opposed to kinda creepy (half the houses in my cul-de-sac catching on fire, santa claus and some kids trapped on a balcony between fire and a three story drop) and mentally damaging (as in, crawl out of bed, steal a blanket, and nest in another spot entirely, because the prospect of being that close to another person is terrifying) there was a really good chocolate. Filled with hazelnut. And razors.

*Did I mention [ profile] zombie_dog's stint as the Poet of Bad Advice yet? Because he's so wonderful. I've been reading Dog's first published book (Tales from the Securemarket) and he is a wonderful writer you guys. Encourage this man!

*Remember how way back when you were a woman just starting to deal with geekery, and all the potrayals of women everywhere made you feel kinda icky inside because of how awful and misogynistic they were? Yeah, that's kinda what race in SF and F is like these days. The comparison isn't identical (and the author acknowledges that) but if you like SciFi and have the luxury to not think about People of Colour, maybe you should read this.

*[Trigger warning - rape] So, if you get raped, and have whatever it is you need to actually go to the police, they make you do a rape kit. It involves a whole bunch of DNA evidence, collected from anywhere the cops think will help the victim. And, in a lot of places.....that's it. The rape kit gets filed with evidence, and goes into a huge backlog of other rape kits. Dangerous Lilly writes a more thorough explanation here (warning, her site is NSFW), but the gist is it would be cool if it could be nationally required that all rape kits get tested to see if we can actually catch the jackasses who do this sort of shit. Because hey, it's not, and that sucks.

You can find more at, and you can send petitions/letters to various government people through their link here. It's hard enough to go to the police and report a rape, please help ensure that those who can do it may get some justice.[/trigger warning - rape]

*Regardless of all the rest of the mess with Wikileaks, I think it is really really cool of Twitter to ask for the gag order to be overturned, so that they could give the wikileaks folk a chance to fight through legitimate legal channels when being subpoenaed. (The gag order meant that they could not otherwise give any fair warning or information to those people. So, hey, Twitter is cool.)

*"Dear Upstairs Neighbour, please stop knocking on my ceiling. I cannot open it for you." --mek, and it is making me laugh a lot.

*I am going to show up to a formal event wearing this tie knot, as soon as possible. Because let's face it: this is the greatest way anyone has ever come up with to tie a tie.

*I spent all of Arisia telling people about this essay. It postulates why vampires sparkle. Because they are actually butterflies. Someone has won an internet this day.

*This is just pretty, and if you don't agree, you are not welcome to visit my classroom, ever.

*Did you know that if you Google-Image "Saint Lucy", you will get an _awful_ lot of pictures of a woman holding a tray with her own eyes on it? This is much less disturbing than it could be --she seems to have regrown her own eyes, probably through wizardry or, you know, god-- but if I were a Catholic, my saint-name would be Lucy in a heartbeat, because that is incredible.

*There is a post that I want to repost, because I have permission even though it's locked, but I'm not kind enough to just repost it to all of you, because, well, as much as I *like* all of you, I don't exactly know all of you well, and I don't know, maybe some of you are malicious. Why am I saying this here? Because I like drama, and anyone who gives a shit enough to comment (yes, Harena, you're going to be on that filter, don't worry) is probably worth knowing that they care.

(That's how I make this sort of filter. First off, who do I trust with whatever information, second, who do I think will actually care about this sort of information and thereby not wasting anyone's time.)

All the sundries for today. In other news, LEGO V8 engines running off compressed air, and Apple being incurably dickish about screws. Also, pretty people. Goodnight!



Jan. 7th, 2011 09:00 pm
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I am 'zhausted (I blame having to wake up twice this morning) and a little cranky, and really ought to be getting things done. But have a Sundries post!

Ohwow. And now that it' hours later, I'm feeling much better. In part due to my brother being an awesome dude and going grocery shopping with me (Nik is a lot of fun to hang out with, we have similarly snarky senses of humour) and in part to [ profile] leiacat and [ profile] bfudlmint taking me out for sushi.

Mmmmmmm, sushi.

At any rate, you should still have a sundriespost. Because a summation of my adventures of the last week is much less relevant or something.

*Shaenon says they will debut at Arisia. I am currently contemplating what the fastest way to make twenty bucks so I can buy one is.

*So, apparently Miriam-Webster does a regular "ask an editor" series of videos. Here is one about the correct pluralization(s) of octopus, a topic near and dear to my heart. Mostly because I date pretentious people.

*No seriously, Magus and I were discussing that over dinner the other night. Pretty much everyone I date is pretentious. Alternatively, everyone I date comes across as pretentious but can actually back it up. Also, if you say pretentious enough times, you start losing track of what the hell it means.

*Mx! Mx is totally my new preference for the whole title1 thing. I agree with Racheline, it's _perfect_.

(I don't know how Rach has been pronouncing it, or how Mx Bond pronounced it, but I've been using "Mix" more or less)

*About the best thing from reading Wikipedia's list of common misconceptions (thanks xkcd) is learning that there aren't just five senses. Huh, who knew, right? I approve of this knowledge, and fully intend to use it to be an ass whenever possible.

*After taking a month off, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is back in action! There is an omake chapter2 here

*What the hell livejournal. Why did you eat like...four sentances?

Anyways, have a quote:

Apparently Intuitive Eating is a thing where you pay really close attention to what you're hungry for and you eat that. You have to be careful because if you're used to policing yourself you might be all I WANT ICE CREAM just because you're used to wanting ice cream or because everyone around you is having it, but with Intuitive Eating you can have ice cream only when you genuinely want it.

At the time I thought I was only half-listening to the lady because I don't really care about eating plans and weight and stuff like that, but by the time I got home I thought maybe it sounded cool. And I was kinda hungry so I decided to listen to my body and have what I really wanted.
And I really wanted a villain from the X-Men.

This is from the super-entertaining [ profile] lex_of_green and leads to Magnetoast

*[ profile] jere7my grabbed me on IM the other day and told me to google image search "241543903". It's worth doing --SFW but a little weird.

*Dudes strap a camera to the tip of their sword before doing forms. Best video I've seen this decade.

(Did the decade start this year? I hope so, it'd be terribly awkward if it started in 2010, since I might have seen a better video in 2010. But maybe not. I think this is probably cooler than Bad Romance, as much as it pains me to say it.)

*Are you going to be at Arisia? Last year, [ profile] sunspiral's clan determined that there were no parties that weren't serving alcohol (and therefore were all off-limits to his seventeen year old youngest child) and so they hosted a COMPLETELY AWESOME Peter Pan themed party on a day's notice and planning. It's where I met [ profile] s00j, so you know they attract a good crowd.

This year, they are actively planning another awesome open-to-all party. And since Arisia is mad-science themed, the party will be Our Robot Overlords themed.

I can practically guarantee it will be well worth stopping by, at least for a little bit

*40 Dinosaurs Having Sex (nsfw if you are a dino). Exactly what it says on the tin. Except it's technically eighty dinosaurs, since it's forty pics with two dinos each.

*Have I mentioned Law and the Multiverse yet? It is an awesome blog where a couple of lawyers discuss what the legal ramifications would be should our world suddenly have superheroes in it, a la Marvel/DC/etc

*Dog is totally one of my favourite people ever. Most recently because he is doing a post in which he replies to questions with bad advice. In verse.

*The Bloggess has a New Years Resolution. It involves stopping giving heroin to cats.

For what it's worth, I have New Years Resolutions too, even though my general belief is if I want to change something, I should do it soon. According to the file on my computer, they are:

  • Set alarms realistically and wake up with them --arrange things as to not hit the snooze button eight times.

  • On 750words, reach an average of 1k words per day by the time I hit 200 consecutive days. (Currently requires writing 1157 wpd for the next 27 days (counting today))

  • Don't post when emo, which is far too vague to be a useful resolution, but I'll try to keep it in mind, for everyone's sake

  • Do the 100 push-ups challenge as many times as it takes to actually manage 100 push-ups. (Not starting until the semester does)

  • Secret project. Oooo, ahh, secrets! I will announce it in March, if it goes well. If it does not go well, I will quietly abandon it and no one will ever know. Except the people who already do. Man, I am just terrible at secrets.

And that's me! Off to do words and clean house and such.


1: Mr, Miss, Mrs, Ms...

2: As far as I can tell, Omake chapters are a chance for the author to just screw around and goof off. Or something like that?

ETA: I'd like to add an informal goal of getting the whole of my livejournal tagged. It is really a thing I need to do if I want to be useful.
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Having an off-IM day, for reasons of holyshit final project due tomorrow that I've not worked on anywhere near enough.

Also, cleaning my room, using a pretty rocksome version of the Flylady swap-activities-every-twenty-minutes strategy. Hopefully, this will make me actually accomplish things. Hopefully.

At any rate, a relaxing thing for me to do in one of my break sessions would be to do a SundriesPost. So that's what this is! And since the alarm is about to ping, I don't think I'm actually going to work on it for nearly another hour. Oops.



*From Liss at Shakesville, the awesome line I don't know there's ever been a White House appointee whose picture once hung on my bedroom wall.

*Apparently, women report higher satisfaction and pleasure levels when they use lube. You know, from the "no shit" department.

*This is a poem. If you can pronounce every word correctly, you are probably a native English speaker. And I really want to memorize it, simply because I like the English language. I think first I would have to learn how to pronounce all the words in it though...

*From McSweeney's, The "Snake Fight" Portion of your Thesis Defense.

*Speaking of awesome poems, here is a retelling of Poe's The Raven that is also a mnemonic for remembering pi.

*So, a couple months ago, my awesome friend [ profile] zombie_dog and my awesome acquaintance [ profile] hermitgeecko wrote an IF adventure called One Eye Open, that did pretty kickass --third place in this years IF competition. If you don't have time or ability to play, but want to see the game, apparently a group did a collaborative run-through, scoring five of the nine endings. Yay!

*The final image from this scans_daily post is now my background. Best. Background. Ever.

*Oh, speaking of good things cool people I know have done, Dogboy and Justine made its kickstarter, and is going to become a real play! I am excited for this!

*One of my friends from Squares has decided that her current hobby is folding gorgeous connected chains of origami cranes. I covet, both the talent and the end result.

*So, I missed actually sundriesing about it, but there was this AH-MAY-ZING tumblr called Privilege Denying Dude. Which then got taken down due to wanky copyright issues from the stock photo bought for the project and omfgdramas or something like that. BUT! Apparently a really cool dude said "You can use my picture! I don't mind because I am able to check my privilege!" and now there is Fuck Yeah, Privilege Denying Dude.

Ohman, and I was looking at the dude's tumblr, and here is the post! He sounds like a pretty sweet dude. If I ever meet him, I will have to buy him a cookie or something (if he likes cookies).

*Again with the Shakesville, Liss made a post about these ridiculous Russian anti-abortion ads. And I must be a bad person, because all I can think is "I am so going to start appending "IF I'M BORN" to the end of every sentence that even makes the slightest bit of sense. If I'm born."

(Okay, actual thoughts, the ads are pretty apalling --especially the "I will make you happy if I'm born" one. I'm sorry, I know at least two separate people who hate the fact that they have children (not the children themselves, but that they did not want them and were forced to anyways) and far more than that of the sworn childfree type. If I got preggers tomorrow, I would vastly prefer abortion to raising a child who would have so many issues from mommy resenting it changing her life so drastically1.)

*Um, so, apparently some German scientists (not of the ostracized or diabolical or mad variety) seem to have cured AIDS in this one dude using stem cells. This seems like it could be...good.

*How To Stop A Geek In Their Tracks. I admit it. I'm not seriously into any of the fandoms, and I sputtered I was so discombobulated.

Kay. I need to go achieve more things now. Room-cleaning, at the very least, but I told myself I couldn't do my 750words for today until I had a third of my physics project done --and I am not breaking a 150 day streak. Ta!


1: Knowing who I am and how I cope with life, I would resent that child. I could love it, and want the best and be as good a mom as I can, but I would still never be able to stop hating the fact that I had to sacrifice my life to that of my child. I'm sure many women would be able to, and have, raised well-adjusted children just fine under similar or more drastic circumstances, but I just could not do that. Maybe someday, but certainly not right now, not while my freedom is still so much the most important part of my life.


Dec. 5th, 2010 12:22 pm
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Things I've encountered online this weekend that you might want to encounter as well!

*Not having a smartphone, this is less useful for me, but I _love_ the concept., which lets you leave (public, private, or flocked) notes in random locations. Cute!

*I hope to make a video for this, because I want it to exist and have no money: The Genderplayful Marketplace. Basically, a hope for an online space where people can swap clothes, specifically aimed towards those who don't fit the binary gender.

*Hey Boston, you know the whole "01-31-07, Never Forget!" thing with the light brites? Apparently we are not the only city scared to pieces by toys. Denver is unsure of whether this robot is a bomb or not

*Even if this is just a publicity stunt, it's pretty cute, and the video's not bad. I hope this gets to you: A viral love letter."

*Bruce Schneier says close the Washington Monument. Excellently done.

*Have some photos of sex workers' cats. No, really.

*I wound up spending some time roaming the "Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Real Life" page on tvtropes last night, and came up with this story of one man and a crane game that put a silly little smile onto my face. Yay for good people!

*Blub. Have a 20 second opera played entirely on a little girl's face. You may want to grab tissues, if you're the crying type.

*And to round us off, let's check out Hey look at that!

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Sundries, because I can't be arsed to write real words in here right now:

*Yo dawg, I heard you like cupcakes, so I put some cupcakes on your cupcakes so you can eat cupcakes while you eat cupcakes.1

*According to [ profile] xtricks, we should all be watching a show called Daybreak. I'm down with this, as soon as I have less homework.

*I like this Shakesville post, about why a woman might choose to take her husband's name.

*From back during the elections, [ profile] badmagic speculates about how Superman and other superheroes would vote.

*So, apparently DeviantART is completely awful about non-binary gender options. As in, used to have an "undefined" option alongside male and female, and have since gotten rid of it. The whole elaborate drama is appalling, and I do intend to get rid of my account. Just have to snag all the art out of it, from the last billion years (seriously, I've been on dA since like 2003) and maybe find a new place to host my drawings, when I think they're neat enough to put online. Arg.

At any rate, if there were things you wanted to look at (there isn't, it's like ninety-five percent Assassins crack-fanart), you should go snag them from my account before I actually get around to deleting it. Which will be when I'm less busy.

*Methods of Rationality keeps updating, and keeps being rad (though my brain is busy screaming "HE'S EVIL YOU IDIOT" at Harry right now). Someone made this awesome fanart for a faux-sequel -- Bayeilisk!

*[ profile] sunspiral writes about how his son uses modern technology in old games. I _really_ want to play some large-scale, cell phone organized Capture the Flag now. Or even some normal Capture the Flag, it's a hell of a game.

*This appears to be the blog post about the boy-who-dressed-as-Daphne-for-Halloween that's actually written by the mom. That mom is the single most awesome mother in the entire world after mine, and I wish her and her children all the best in the world.

(The post starts with My son is gay. Or he’s not. I don’t care. He is still my son. And he is 5. And I am his mother. And if you have a problem with anything mentioned above, I don’t want to know you. Right. Fucking. On!

Also worth reading for the great line If you think that me allowing my son to be a female character for Halloween is somehow going to ‘make’ him gay then you are an idiot. Firstly, what a ridiculous concept. Secondly, if my son is gay, OK. I will love him no less. Thirdly, I am not worried that your son will grow up to be an actual ninja so back off. Lawl, actual ninja.)

*So, there's this woman called the Blogess, and I found her randomly, and clicked around on old posts, and found myself laughing my ass off at the saga of James Garfield. Part One, Part Two. Warning, swearing.


1: Sorry, I really love the "yo dawg I heard you like..." meme. It makes me giggle for some reason.


Oct. 27th, 2010 01:07 am
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When I am not exhausted, you can have real posts, about things like Atlanta and GMX and bringing people dancing. For now, you get links that have been open for far too many days on my computer.

*So, apparently this random moron from NPR has an irrational fear of Muslims, and thinks that you can identify them by what they wear. Hence, Muslims Wearing Things, to prove that that is really, really not the case.

*[ profile] kittikattie who is good at writing and you should all just follow her anyways, has a ranty-rant-rant about shows that dictate What to Wear. It's a fun read, and hopefully she will not mind me linking.

((It occurs to me that I should think about that at some point. However, I assume that with most people, if the post is public, it is linkable --I try to ask permission, but mostly I just check for the little lock. For what it's worth, anything I write that's public is linkable --I'd love to know where I'm being linked to, because I'm vain, but you never have to ask permission for a public post.))

*Pumpkin! Carved with the DC metro!!

*So, part of the reason I meant to get this post out earlier is that yesterday was Machine of Death day, which was when this indie anthology with some AMAZING authors (seriously, Shaenon Garrity and Randall Munroe in the SAME BOOK!) decided to try and get on the Amazon bestseller list for the day. They made it, I have a copy coming to me in MD, you should take a look at the book anyways, it sounds like a fun idea even separate from all the fantastic webcomics people involved with the authoring and illustration.

*I read a lot of Cracked articles, and the range from fail to hilarious to fascinating. This one falls into the last category -- The Creepy Scientific Explanation Behind Ghost Sightings. I've not yet checked their research, but it makes me want to invest in expensive scientific equipment to go fuck with people's minds. This is why I'm not a scientist.

*Oh hey, apparently if you teach kids about gay people, there are fewer instances of homophobic bullying. Fancy that. #NotNewsDepartment

*Have you seen the demotivator that is all a picture of some ad campaign against music pirating that is all "You wouldn't download a car" and under it it says "Fuck you, I would if I could?"1. Well, someone has made This in response, and it is hilarious. Breadloaded, LAWL!

*Fuck Yeah Skeksis. I blame Racheline.

*I've never read any of China Mievelle's books, but this post makes me want to, simply on basis of him being kinda awesome, apparently.

*Holyshit, Things I Don't Have To Think About Today. If you read one link, please make it this one.

This may be my new go-to post for explaining what I mean by "privilege", and I spent most of an afternoon writing a response in my head, both of things I do and don't have to think about (notably, he missed a lot of trans rights stuff, which is okay --he did not at all claim to be comprehensive, but it's a thing that weighs on my mind as a genderqueer person and as someone who has close relationships with several transfolk)

It's a damn good post.

*Proving that my Sundries posts are crazy-electic, now have a link to a collection of the Norwegian Rocky Horror Show songs.

*I really want to make these jello candy corn shots. Anyone up for helping?

*[ profile] xtricks2 posted a collection of his favourite "It Gets Better" videos, along with an analysis of why he thinks the project is such a good idea --because more importantly than saying "It Gets Better" it says "You Are Not Alone", which is something the ostracized and the lonely need sometimes.

*Racheline, who I have mentioned repeatedly as being a wonderful and awesome person, and one of my current inspirations in Who I Want To Be When I Grow Up, wrote a play that is being turned into a musical. It's about life, love, and head injuries. It is called Dogboy and Justine, and she and her writing partner are trying to earn money through kickstarter to get the workshop production funded.

You should donate, if you've got a few bucks spare, just so I can get to see this show, because I really quite want to actually. Support art and cool people and stuff!

Whew. I think that is all the tabs I had open, besides some things I meant to reply to (and might tomorrow, like a friend's "what do you regret not doing more of when you were younger" post, or a "comment with nice things about me" meme) and a million tabs involving Magus's hair, because I am kinda charmed by the process (and understand some of the pressures re: wanting to not have the hassle of long hair, but also not wanting to lose the identity of person w/ long hair). So yeah. Be good, and I'll try and make more lucid posts tomorrow.


1: I say "I would totally download a car" all the time in discussions of music piracy. Whether I would or not is a post for another day. (I probably would on a trial basis, and then never use it if it sucked, or give the car-people money and talk them up whenever possible if it was rad)

2: Who I started following after his truly hilarious Butt Confidential posts. They are lessons to fanfic writers and other people about buttsex. Very funny, not at all safe for work (textually, though his header has a slightly nsfw pic in it)


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