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I spent the weekend in New York City with [ profile] thorog and his girl, Rose. Insert appropriate They Might Be Giants song here.

We...basically had a sinfully good time of things. Saturday, we arrived and went to Surreal Estate, which is the house/commune [ profile] muzikmaker21 and roughly fifty other hippies live in. We got the grand tour, and learned far too many names --I think I picked up that prettyboy is Quin(t?), and I met an adorably charming girl called Meg, an aussie named Hannah, and a different adorably charming girl called Emma, who was totally flattered when I accidentally called her Meg. We also went and got really good pizza from the sustainable pizza place across the street from Surreal Estate, where Nathen works.

Eventually, we wandered off to Times Square, where we stood in an abysmally long TKTS line1 and spent much time debating what show to try and see2. We were this close to going and seeing ROCK OF AGES3, but there was not seats together, so we decided we'd rather sit in the same place, and see Avenue Q.

After TKTS, we hit up Toys R Us, where we acquired a Brenton/[ profile] gyrik_224, and bunches of candy. We did not acquire a dinosaur, because it wouldn't fit in my purse, or a stick pony, even though I was tempted. Also, LEGO PIRATES ARE HAPPENING AGAIN! Just so you all know.

Dinner wound up being at a bar a couple blocks up from Times Square (Daltons? I think Daltons) which was good food, very nice to Rose and her pepper-allergy, and did not try to card us when we walked in, which would've resulted in me being kicked out5. So they get points! From there to AveQ, which was fairly enjoyable, and pretty much targeted exactly at the four of us --the girl halfway through her undergrad, the girl in the middle of her graduate degree, the boy just out of college and trying to make a living in the big city, and the boy trying to get a doctorate. Musicals written for twenty-somethings are fun!

Wandered for a while in search of ice cream, settled for Jamba Juice at the Port Authority, at least in part because they had bathrooms. Headed back to Surreal Estate, where we learned that drunk hippies really really like delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies6. Tho and Rose did their own thing for a bit, and I went out on one of the roofs with Nathen and Meg to chill. Oh, and in case I haven't made it clear enough yet, Surreal Estate is very *very* awesome. I may go ahead and take my ten day trial period sometime, were I a New York kind of girl. ((They give you ten days before they figure you've moved in, and should therefore pay rent or teach dancing or give backrubs or something. They are a very chill commune.))

We slept. [I am debating this sentence, someone remind me to ask Tho if I can post it.] Sunday morning we woke up, got dressed, and danced salsa and swing in the common room. Eventually, we managed to wander out for bagels, which were delicious, and thrift storing, which was really quite fun --Nathen managed to find a tie that said "viagra" on it repeatedly, and I got a gorgeous summery dress --doubly good, since it was a billion degrees out, and I had previously been wearing black jeans.

We left Surreal Estate and headed to The Strand, where we again met up with Brenton. I'm not entirely sure what happened between 1:30 and 4, but I think it involved a lot of books, and possibly Forbidden Planet. From there, we walked many many blocks to a tiny little macaroon shop Tho had found out about using the power of the INTERNET! and then a pasta shop for dinner, and a quick look around Macys while waiting for the bus home.

Ended out the trip by sitting on the sidewalk in a light rain, chatting and snuggling. Long, overly hot, ride home with some absolutely smashing conversation, and then to bed, to bed.

...or in my case, to Vera, in order to chat with people and make sure none of you has exploded while I was gone.

And that was my weekend! Origins in three days! Aiee, I've got to pack >.<


1: Dear mom, you lied, it's not under the Marriot Marquee anymore. It is in fact, smack in the middle of Times Square
2: NTS: Write "Phantom of Chicago Q...OF AGES!"
3: \m/
4: Okay, yeah, there's a reason I couldn't remember your screenname, Dragon. It is a complicated name, that I'm not totally positive I can pronounce.
5: Not that we ordered any boozahol anyways. But they do sometimes card at the door, and being as I was the only under-21 in the group, it would've been annoying as all hell.
6: Brenton made 'em for us because he's a gentleman or somesuch. They were fekken' delicious, and did not last very long at all.
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Some Thoughts on Some Things:

One of the things that really makes or breaks how much I respect a business is how easy to use their website is. In this day and age, in this country, if a store has a website, I should be able to go onto the website and easily find locations and hours for their stores. Chain stores seem to have a lot of trouble with this --is it that much bandwidth to give each store a little infopage if you don't have standardized hours? Wouldn't the goodwill of the shoppers be worth paying that extra bit per month?

Similarly, for the love of *god*, make your website easy to use. Five minute flash intros that I can't skip (and even, to a certain extent, ones I can) do not make me love you. Flashy menus that I can't figure out how to use do not make me a happyKat.

This is just another reason why I absolutely *adore* Good Vibrations (NSFW) I wanted to know what time they were open on Sundays, I went to the frontpage, selected "stores locations" from the store menu clearly located at the top of the page, and bam! There was the info I needed.

It turns out that there is a name for that particularly gorgeous example of femininity I was talking about the other week --Zerrai Ryouiki (TVtropes will ruin your life) which describes the ratio between length of skirt, amount of thigh shown, and height the stocking goes above the knee.

Okay, so it doesn't specifically mention the boots. But honestly, I'll trade boots for the stockings *any* day. Yum!

As you may or may not know, my New Years Resolution for this year is to stop saying 'less' when I mean 'fewer'. I'm really quite obnoxiously *terrible* about it, and I encourage you lot to call me out whenever you see me fuck up.

((For What It's Worth, fewer is things that are countable. "Less cat" means that the cat has become smaller somehow. "Less cats" is incorrect, unless, perhaps, you're trying to protest musical theatre. "Fewer cats" means that you at one point had a greater number of cats than you do now.))

In a discussion about this with Magus, he pulled a card on me that I'm not sure's ever been pulled before, when I was being irreverent towards my lack of grammar --"Aren't you a writer?"

It smacked me rather across the face at the time. Yes. Yes, goddamit, I *am* a writer. I have been a writer since I was seven years old, and I was a storyteller even before that.

I'm just a writer with terrible spelling and grammar skills. Which honestly, is no kind of writer at all. I'm not sure how immediately clear it was, but there is a huge jump in the way things are spelled in this journal, right when I got Vera. Because with her, I didn't bother figuring out how to turn the stupid little red squiggly "HEY YOU SPELLED THIS WRONG" lines off. So, while I still, as a rule, don't hit spellcheck before I hit post, at least I catch everything that Vera notices is wrong, and do my best to fix it.

Impressively enough, this actually has had some small effect on my real life. Embarrassing. --a-r-r, a-s-s. Two of everything in the middle there, and I couldn't spell it correctly until I had to see what the dictionary recommended for the upteenth time, and decided I was sick of having to right-click the word to fix it.

Do atheists have any right to use "goddamnit"?

(I'm not, and for many phrasings I substitute "gods" for "God", largely because I do that whole Eris-Athe-Mother-FSM polytheistic thing. Butyeah.)

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So, it's free comic books day! To celebrate, I hit up three different comic shops, and wound up walking out with a total of eighteen free comics, the first issue of Ellis's Ignition City, and this:

liesguhvinonkl fdjhgpebklmfpsm


Dear Million Year Picnic. You have all my love forever.

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So, day!

Woke up at eleven thirty or so. Totally intended to stay in bed through three hits of my (five minute) snooze alarm, but my bladder expressed disapproval of this and I had to get up1. This is, I'm sure, more than you wanted to know.

Washed hair2, got back to the room, found a message on my phone from Maddie being all "food?" Went and ate lunch with Maddie and Emily and Ria, Maddie ran off, Ria, Em, and I went up to Ria's room and watched YouTube videos for a while. Eventually, Ria had to catch the shuttle to AIB, so Emily and I went walking towards Harvard Square, so I could run a SEKRIT MISSION and so Emily could meet up with her boyfriend.

Secret mission accomplished, boy gathered, and Maddie aquired (we found her!) the four of us trekked off towards Oona's, which is a bit like a high end thrift store. Or, in other words, it's one of those stores that steals money using magic money stealing techniques. On the plus side, I now have a bitchin' brown velvet jacket that I'm sure I will use in some costume, someday (It was only two dollars!) *and* I have another short skirt3. So, I suppose it was a successful trip.

Walked back, hung out with Maddie for a bit and chatted, then walked inside the student center, totally intending to go upstairs and get on my blacks and get Vera and stuff. Got waylaid by a bunch of awesome people, including Nick Wookie and his mom, and the ever-wonderful LezzieBeth, who is the biggest dyke on campus. And this is Boston, so that's saying something.

Quote of the day is wins:

Beth: Yeah, and I've been asked to be in threesomes like twelve times.
Nick: Beth! This is my MOTHER!
Nick's Mom: *covers Nick's ears with her hands* It's okay, I have been too.
Nick: ..........*dies*

And I have resolved to tell everyone in the cast this quote, in order to get revenge on Nick for yesterday when he pulled me onstage during bows. Fucker.

Andyeah. Have been doing theatre things since about five. *waves and runs off to continue*


1: This is, I'm sure, more than you wanted to know.
2: NTS, buy more conditioner. Other NTS, you apparently use conditioner faster than you use shampoo.
3: I'm not silly enough to call them dangerously short anymore, since everyone bitched at me about it last time. :P
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I like it when I use the word bloke. It is just a good solid word, I think.

Hell week is hellish. Life is utterly painfully "meh" right now. Yep.

I should just go to sleep early. Dunno. There is no life for me to post about. I could write a slanderous story involving my friend and the fact that she totally just got handed a cup of alcohol at the gallary (she's eighteen), but it's really lame out of context. Theatre has amusing moments, but today was just really "eh". I miss my boyfriend, and several other people. My brain is tired.

That is my life at the moment.

I should go OD on halloween candy and watch Cars. I can pretend I am very young again.

Weekend Mayhem! )

Today was today. I am recockulosly straight-edge, I still need to put my laundry away, and my brain is tired. That is all.


Also, I think Weekend Mayhem would be a good name for a band
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I am cleaning my room because, as always, it needs it.


I reeeeeeeeally want my beads. *sigh*


Man, Cambridge is gonna make christmas shopping easy. Actually, Joie de Vivre is going to make christmas shopping easy. *lovestoreyesyes*


I got a LETTER yesterday! See, there's a "send me a letter" thread on the xkcd fora, and this girl seemed interesting, and so I tossed her my address and I got a LETTER! And it had a picture of a squirrel, and talked about gerbils, and SQUEE! And did I mention that it was a letter?

Alsoalso, about a week ago I got a postcard from [ profile] tacnukesoul. Because my life is awesome and he is awesome and YAY!!


I bought CD's today. We found a small CD store that sold used CD's for two dollars each, and they had a "Presidents of the United States of America" CD. Which I desperately needed to buy, as anyone who reads STJ will attest.

I also bought a present for olderbro Josh. Yes, I'm christmas shopping already. See above notes about JdV.


Path: 80's dance -> "You give love a bad name" -> Dominik getting it stuck in his head -> him singing it sporadically all Friday night -> getting it stuck in MY head -> being reminded of it whenever people get it stuck in their heads -> Bon Jovi being stuck in mine, Lauren's, and Emily's heads. Bleh.


Yesterday: Get out of English, procrastinate a lot, begin sociology paper, chat with people online, get hella pissed at something someone says, go very slightly mad, mix anger with hate, become somewhat insane, begin listening to Epiphany (Cariou version) on repeat and singing along and actually meaning it, get yanked out of the insanity by Gabriel, become very very frightened of myself and curl up in Gabe's lap for a bit, go eat dinner in a corner of the cafeteria, check mail on a whim, find letter, stablize completely.

Or in other words, Gabriel gets a raise. Cheers, love.


Watched "Thank You for Smoking" yesterday, with Dominik, Mary, Mary's friend Katie, Lauren, and Emily. Totally entertaining movie. Highly entertaining to watch Dominik as he pretty much desperately wanted a cigarette the whole time.

In other news, D. won't let Mary and I braid his hair. :(


I have 18 buisness cards to interesting places I have gone, and one to an interesting place I have not gone. See! )

In the same batch of things, I also have three buisness cards (my advisor, my friend Patrick, and a guy I met at the xkcd meet), and an expired coupon for the Garment District with Magus's address on the back.

This is, of course, not counting the ten or twelve personal and buisness cards I have in my wallet. And the twenty or thirty I have in my buisness card holder thing. As collections go, I think this one is awesome.


Boy, I'm going to GREAT LENGTHS to not clean my room, yeah?

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Hokay, awesome things:

Walking for three hours
Walking for three hours in a long convulted path that takes you past all the cool peoples houses.

Seriously. I have had a Good Day. For some reason I'm not quite sure of (I can't find any of my friends and don't feel like slacking online?) I decided to go for a walk. Which, after the first hour or so, can probably be considered a Walk.

I started out at home. From there, I wandered towards Magus's house, waved as I walked past, passed by a truly fabulous lavender house, wandered back towards home in a very "not quite the right way" manner, (Apparently the Sacremento Av in Somerville does not actually connect to the Sacremento Av in Cambridge.) and finally found myself in an "under the train tracks" tunnel where there was a mural of underground things. Including FRAGGLES! Greatest. Mural. Ever.

From there, I found myself at a pie shop. No, seriously, There was not a barber shop nearby, so I felt perfectly safe wandering inside. Unfortuantely, they didn't have a buisness card to add to my collection. But I know where it is so I can go back and visit sometime when I have monies.

Sidenote; GOD I LOVE THIS CITY! Seriously. How many of you live in a city with an honest to god PIE SHOP? Although, technically the pie shop is Somerville, so it's *technically* not my city, but shh. The pie shop is closer to me then Porter Exchange, it counts.

Lessee...after pie shop, I saw a street name that seemed familier and slipped through and wound up on the street that goes behind my school. So I walked back towards the school, waved at Dominik's house as I passed, and, instead of doing the intelligent thing and go back to my room, I kept walking.

I walked allllllll the way up to the Bawston Dave and Diane's house, which is an awesome walk besides the last 100 feet or so, which is all very much uphill. Since no one was home, I waved, and had a moment of decision. I could go home OR I could climb 94 steps and be at the castle that lives practically next door to D&D.

As you can guess from the fact that I knew how many steps it took, I visited the castle. OHMAN, CASTLE! (Okay, so technically it's more of a tower I suppose, but don't knock it.) The castle is at the top of a hill, and I could see way far out over Boston. If it had been a clear day, it would have been even better --NTS: I need to come back out there when all the leaves have gone off the trees to see if I can spot my house and/or Porter Exchange.

Castle, to home, in a circular manner. I passed by the street to home, waved to Dominik's house again (because it was on the way) wandered past Lauren and Emily's house to see if they weren't home, waved (since they weren't), walked up to Mass Av, walked back down the correct street, waved to Madelines house, and walked up five flights of stairs.

It was an AWESOME day. Mile estimate is about five, cool things estimate is about a billion. OH! And I found the shop where I am buying Harena's christmas present. :D


Lyrics of the day:

Because I can
'Cause no one can stop me
'Cause it makes up for things I've lost
Because I'm Addicted to Bad Ideas
And all the beauty in the world

(World/Inferno Friendship Society, Addicted to Bad Ideas. Win!)

Alsoalso, in a fit of True Awesome, somebody clever on the city planning committee made all of the Cambridge street signs green and all the Somerville street signs blue. This makes it just that much easier to get unlost, which is nice.

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Today was reasonably wonderful.

I went out and met [ profile] jarne for the first time ever, which went totally well, mostly because neither of us was actually an internet predator hell bent on raping the other. We wandered around the COOP and all around Harvard Square area, including finding a playground and being a bad influence on the small children. (Well, we did tell them not to imitate us.)

NTS: I need to start writing in BehindTheWalls again.

But yeah. It was really nice --it felt a bit like it does when I'm wandering around with Veronica or Katters. Threre's just this sense of friendship and it's all quite good. It's lovely exploring the world with Magus or the Boston D&D, but sometimes it's really really nice to have friends your own age(ish). Part of why I want Veronica to come up here so bad. I miss her. (And yes, it is undying. ;-) )

He abandoned me about two and a half hours of wandering, so I was forced to go sit in the COOP for an hour and a half until it was time for me to go meet up with Dave and Diane. Oh no, the horror! *strikes a very dramatic pose*

(For those who don't know, the COOP is a really nice big bookstore. And pronounced as to rhyme with "soup" as opposed to "co-op", which I think is weird. Also, it had a "Dykes to Watch Out For" book in the GLBT section. Soyeah. I totally spent most of the time reading that and not spending any money. Shockingly enough, no one cared!)

After that, I met up with Dave and Diane, and they took me out to Wagamama (Good asian fuds) and bought me ice cream and pocky! at assorted stores during wandering. So that was very nice indeed.

ALSO! Ohmygod. The Million Year Picnic, which is a really spift comic store not far from Harvard Square has a DOCTOR WHO COMIC BOOK! Like a big hardback book comic anthology. WITH ROSE! augugugugugugugug!

Yeah, I really really really want it. ALSO, I need to check and find out which Sonic Screwdriver [ profile] disc_sophist has, because Newbury Comics sells them. <3

Alsoalso, moment of the day number one was when Dave and Diane gave me a ride home and I got to talking to their son who is quite a bit younger then me. He mentioned staying up all night, and I told him what prom was and that he should stay up all night then. So then he said something along the lines of "Well, when I'm the same age as you, you'll come to my house and we'll go to prom together." Ohman, so funny.

Moment of the day number two will come when I toss the contents of my camera onto Seren. Ask Jarne --it involves squirrels. Evil, evil squirrels.

See you lot later


P.S: School library suprisingly does not suck. It looks like it does, until you go upstairs into the Juvinile fiction section. They have A FULL DOZEN Margaret Mahy books in there INCLUDING a copy of "The Pirates Mixed Up Voyage" (*raises an eyebrow pointedly at her evil clone*) and all her other books that take place there and WHEE!
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Notes about things:

*People smoke a lot more in college then in high school. (presumably because it's legal) There are always half a dozen kids out on the quad with lit cigs in their mouths.

*My dinner tonight was a bag of Combos and an apple that I swiped from the dining hall yesterday. I am officially a college student.1

*HOLYSHIT! I COMPLETELY forgot to bring my HTML cheatsheet! That means that stuff that I should know how to do, like links inside my post, have completely been lost. 2

*There are at least three bookstores in Cambridge that I haven't gone into yet. Aiee! (one over in Porter Square, the one next to Diesel Cafe in Davis Square, and Barefoot Books up along Mass Avenue.)

*I should go to bed in the very near future, and read the rest of Sandman #9. Also, I should brush and braid my hair again, since I had it braided all yesterday and that was nice.


1: Magus, this was not your fault. Mom, this was not Magus's fault. I will eat a proper breakfast tomorrow and be perfectly fed.

2: Well, I could always go look them up. But I'm lazy, and by posting the above, Tho might go ahead and tell me it again.

My Schedule

Sep. 3rd, 2007 04:18 pm
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I'm not as cool as Tho, so it's not all charty and colourful. But it is a schedule, with times and everything.

So. Schedule! )

I also did a nice wander down to the bookstore (to find out how much poorer I'm about to become) with Madeline, who is the only person I kept any kind of contact with from orientation to now. She is quite nice. While there, we met up with a pair of twins (Lauren and Emily) and the four of us wandered into this little Japanese stuff shop. Which sells origami paper.

See above notes about being poor. *sigh*

And I mean, I brought a WHOLE FRIGGING BOX of origami paper. I have PLENTY! But still. More!

Yeah, that's life. Oh, I lucked out on the class thing --class is supposed to start on Wednesday, at 1. Because all my classes end before noon, I have the day off. Woo! So I might go visiting people then or something.

Annnnnnnnd yeah. Sorry I've been posting so much --I just don't quite have the hang of this whole "making new friends and doing stuff with them" thing.


(Also, I'll get pictures up of my world eventually, I swear! I actually really like my dorm room. And the showers here? INcredible!)


Jun. 7th, 2007 10:01 pm
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Since there's nothing more fun then blatently ignoring the whole "I have to pack for the MS150 bike ride that I'm volunteering for this weekend" by writing elljay entries.

Anywho. You may have noticed that I haven't been around much this week. This is because I have been spending copious amounts of time with Ksatyr, learning to drive and watching House. (Not at the same time.)

Both of which are awesome. I've driven something like three hundred miles since Sunday (I love hybrids. Ohemgee*lust!*) which amounts to about fifteen hours. Which sounds like a lot, until you realize it's only a quarter of what I need to do to get my provisional license. Ick. But luckily, between MS150, origins, Maine, and other stuff this summer, I shouldn't have much trouble with that.

Anywho. Driving = the bomb. It is recockulous amounts of fun there, which is causing my mind to shift gears without a clutch as it tries to go from "Cars = evil killing machines" to "Cars = totally awesome and I need to drive more of them."

(Note the clever use of a driving pun there. Already, I seem knowladgeable. :D!)

The best driving by far this week has been driving to Rockville (And not only because it ended in a visit to Yuan Fu*) via the batman road that goes right past Ednoria. OHMAN! Driving that road is awesome. You don't even need to hit the accelerator for most of it, just glide up and down the hills using the momentum. Go drive it, right now, it rules.

It's slightly less fun in the dark, if only because there's this slightly panicky feel of "Ohshitohshitohshit, it's dark, and is that a deer? Holycrap, that's a deer! ahhhhhhh!!" Yeeeah. I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that I did not hit the deer, and the car behind me did not hit me. Closest I've come to an accident so far is the road out near Ksatyr's house, where this car was tailgateing me something fierce, and decided to whip around me, just as I was about to change lanes. Asshole.

Also, it's morally satisfying, though highly immature, to stick out your tongue at jackasses on the road. Try it next time, you get this whole thrilling feeling of being four again. :p

As for everything else...I get to be a pirate this weekend. Yarr. And I totally have nothing going on besides the driving, so nothing much else to squee about.

Talk to you...lets see...ferrets, cats, kittens, dragons, kids, stgs, orcs, ksatyrs, clones, moms, and other awesome people later.


((In unrelated news, I have begun to sign my name as Sorcy again, instead of Sor. Weeeeeird.))

*Non-spicy chicken curry with potatoes? *Highly* reccomended.
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Woke up early today, (ish...okay, nine thirty. But on a Saturday!) and wound up achieving things, which was a nice change. Mostly just did laundry and failed to work on my room, but it was still things!!

Went jogging with dad, proving to myself once again that I need to increase my constitution score. Eh, I wasn't *too* bad. Just not...steller.

Eventually wound up leaving house around one to explore the world (Well, Rockville) with Ksatyr. Which was all very excellent we started by hitting up a really reeeeeeally good vegan resturant called the Vegatable Garden, where I got sushi (mmmmmmmmm!!!) and continued out from there. Visited the Veggie Garden, a nearby toys'r'us, Dream Wizards (a local game store, which is really just another, more grown-up toys'r'us), a Mom's Organic Market, and Pangea, which was a lovely little Vegan food-and-other-stuff store.

So yes. You learn all manner of funfacts when wandering the world with a Vegan, mostly having to do with the fact that suprisingly little shtuff in the world is edible. Also, green flavoured Naked Smoothies look like sewersludge.

Got home to movie night, ran around and played several cacaphonus rounds of "This is a duck." with people, and eventually settled in for moviewatching and whatnot. We watched Oceans 11 and Oceans 12, both of which are quite fun.

Annnnnnnd...that'slife. It was all very good. I'm prolly gonna go sleep now. G'night folks.


P.S: Just got Munchkin Impossible. It = cool.


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