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Just got back from Lauren and Emily's room, where the three of us watched Dogma, with Emily's boyfriend, Ty. It was...dunno. I'm not sure if I'm just especially impressionable right now or what, but my brain is in think-mode, which means there may be a faithpost in the works.


Grace and I both leave home at about noon tomorrow to go to our respective Thanksgiving bashes. Before that point, I need to pack and clean my room. More todo:

Packing: Charge Jackie (my new ipod), sync Jackie, charge Serenity, pack Newsies hat, pack devilboxen (my cellphone)'s charger, pack clothes into a smallish bag, leave space to aquire shite, pack Junglespeed, pack Fluxx, pack decks of cards, write down list in my packingnotebook, take pictures of my flowers before they die, turn off the powerstrip, move library books away from the heater.

Cleaning: Clean off desk, get all laundry into the baskets, take out trash, take out recycling, vaccum when Grace isn't looking, make sure there is no foodstuffs in my room besides oatmeal and halloween candy, wash dishes. Clean room in general.


Periods suck, bleeding sucks, cramps suck, ibprofen *rocks*


Lauren, Emily, and I played games for an hour or so before going moviewatching --we played three rounds of Fluxx, which we each won once, a bunch of rounds of Junglespeed, which I mostly won, and a handful of rounds of James Bond, which I won most of. I need to force these girls to play more Junglespeed with me, and more importantly, teach more people to play, so we can get better games going. Veronica, come visit and play games with us!!


Bethity Beth is totally wonderful, and really really cute when she goes all squee-ey. She gets to see her boyfriend tonight, which I'm hella jealous of. I wanna see *my* boyfriend. *pouts*


My chanchito is not actually lucky, I suspect. Little bastard. I am of two minds of what to do with him in regards to my luck-cat, who IS lucky, and has made it so I have never been in an airline crash. (Seriously, she rides with me in my pocket every time, and I am kept totally safe) Half of me wants to let the two hang out together, and see if her luck rubs off on him; the other half wants me to keep them faaaar apart so his luck does not taint hers.


I have an orange lily! Heather gave it to me after the play.


I suspect that I am not hungry for dinner because I had pretzels with frosting at the twins house. I am really quite glad that I am going to have five days of being forced to eat real food at regular times. I don't know what will become of me.


All for now. *hugs!*

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Hokay. So. About two and a half hours ago, I whammed my elbow pretty hard into a door, mostly because I was running around being a doofus, which I do often.

Annnnd it hurt. It hurt a lot, more then running a peice of my body into something immobile should hurt. (Yes, I know what the should feels like. Grace is not a primary trait of mine) And, since I hit the elbow, and a nerve, my entire left forearm went semi-numb.

And it still hurts. It isn't the unbelieveable making up swear words because it hurts so bad pain that it was at first, but it still hurts, and my arm is *still* semi-numb.

Obviously, it doesn't hurt so much that I can't type. (Although I'm typoing more then usual with my left hand) However, the arm doesn't want to straighten out all the way, and it doesn't bend more then about 45 degrees in the normal direction (ie, it's impossible for me to touch my left shoulder with my left hand right now.) Also, should I try to rest my chin in my hand, the arm will buckle and attempt to deposit me on the desk.

Soyeah. This just generally sucks. And normally, this isn't the kind of thing I bitch about in here. Like I've already said, I'm about as graceful as a zombie, and I ding myself up on a regular basis.

But it's been two and a half hours. (I'm not joking. Thank you GTalk for logging chats with timestamps. <3) And so, I'm beginning to get to the point where I'm wondering if I broke something.

Soyeah. How long should I wait before going "Okay, something is definently wrong with my arm? Because the pain is not that bad, unless I twinge the elbow in a way it doesn't like.


(((For reference? My wrist was broken for something like eight hours before I got in to the emergency room, and while I can't remember what it felt like, I do know that it was just a soild hurt that got worst if I tried to do anything with it.)))

So, stuff!

Jun. 18th, 2007 08:05 pm
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What I have been up to since the last time I posted:

Friday was lunch at the mall, where I got to see my BostonMommy ([ profile] persis) and hang out with cool people and AHM'GAWDS, I got TRAW back! Squeeeee!

Traw being my huge orange towel whom I love above all others. And yes, I was a bad hitchhiker and lost my towel, but before you get all morally superior at me, I knew exactly where Merde (My largish blue towel from Marks and Spencers) was at all times, and I went and bought Calender. (Who is bright green)

Yes, I name towels. Shh. Freak at work here.

Soyeah. I have all my towels now, which causes me to laugh evilly. Or be happy. Same diff.

Saturday I spent doing something. Oh! It was my brothers black belt testing, which was reasonably cool to watch. And he passed, so I now have a brother who is a black belt! Yayforhim!!

Then came movie night, which was "nights spent at museums" night. We watched The Hideaways, which is a *really* good adaptation of From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and Night at the Musuem, which is entertaining, and easily slashed.

Sunday I drove out to Pangea with Ksatyr (cute little vegan grocery store in Rockville) then came home, watched the second pirates movie for review, then went out with mum, the kids, Ksatyr, and Speaker2Animals to watch the third pirates movie.

Cut for spoilers. Like the fact that Snape kills Trinity with Rosebud. )

And, because I'm me, I all kinds of dressed up for it, even though I was nearly a month late in seeing it. I looked bloody well awesome, though I'm not sure I bothered to take pictures. Lemme check my camera.

Nope, no pirate pictures. BUT, I do have one picture of my hair, after JenBark got done making it look exceptionally gorgeous at movie night. If I am a goddess of hair (Which I tend to believe, because my hair is incredible) then I maintain that Jen gets to be first priestess of my temple. Soyeah. CLICKY!

That's pretty much the end of my ramblings. I spent today sleeping, being jerked around by Target, dealing with an emotional sister, chillaxing with Ksatyr, and making a Vampire charecter. My charecter is a complete street rat, who keeps pretending to be respectable in order to screw around with the mortal politics, though she really doesn't have any sort of plan for them. She also does not yet have a name --I will have to fix that.

Annnnnnd I'm out. Byee!

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Hokay, so where did I leave off? The MS150? Yeah, I think so.

Anyways. I spent the weekend being a pirate and going "YARR!" a lot. Which was awesomely fun, though physically draining. Pretty much spent 15 solid hours in my bodice, which, but bad for me. I think I'm starting to outgrow it --I've been having more trouble with breathing and with wearing it for long periods of time, which sucks.

But yeah. The rest stop was way fun. All the bike riders absolutely loved us, and loved the various goodies we had out for them, especially the chocolate and sweadish fish. (MmmmmM!) And I will take just about any excuse to dress up like a pirate, especially if there're people to appreciate it around.

Sunday, I forwent the bodice and wore my t-shirt corset instead. Sometime soon, I will post pics, because that is an awesomely fun and easy craft.

After cheering on the people leaving for the Sunday riding, we hopped back into the car and drove all the way back from Salsbury (I slept most of the way) to home, to rush over to Illchester in order to get trained for day camp. I wound up spending copious amounts of time raking leaves and helping to better establish the archery section as awesome. PLUS, ohemgee, I'ma going to be working Archery with Blue! *squee!* I love that kid, she's really great.

(Don't be mentioning the fact that I dumped her. I can love people I break up with. :P)

AND, she gave me back my comics, so that was excellent.

Anywho, after setup and dinner and stuff, Wolf wound up getting a tricycle out of her truck that was built for a five year old or something. Of course, we all took turns riding it around the parking lots. Which ruled.

PLUS, Blue has a top hat! I just need to convince her to let me borrow it for a...project. *laughs evilly*

Annnnnnd yeah. That was the weekend. Ohyeah, and did I mention that I was the one who did the entire three hour drive to Salsbury? Yes, I do rule something fierce. We were caravaning with Jason and Korallean (sp?) and it was way fun, even if Galileo(Mum's van) isn't quite the dream to drive that Beast is.

Annnnnyways, that was this weekend. Today was the beginning of my Senior Week!

Now, normal people spend senior week getting drunk on the beach. Since me and Becky aren't especially into beaches full of drunk people, and have absolutely zero interest in getting drunk ourselves, we had to find other entertainment.

So we packed ourselves off to Washington DC to go visit museums (They're free!) and generally hang out. And it was AWESOME! Today we hit up the Air and Space Museum, the bits of the American History Museum that are in the Air and Space Museum, and the Natural History Museum. Which means that...


And dinosaur bones, and aeroplanes, and Appollo 11, and The Spirit of St. Louis, and loads of pretty shiny things, and a Stradivarius(sp?), and a scale model of the planets, and a giant red tomato-like spacecraft THING!

Soyeah. Smithsonian FTW. Pictures will get tossed up for everything, later. Just keep an eye on my flickr account, I suppose.

Annnnnnd I'm out. Tomorrow is a girl scout meeting, and then probably the Holocaust Museum. (Me and Becky are just a bucket of sunshine, aren't we?) Wednesday is hanging out at Becky's house and watching awesome movies (She has never seen Blues Brothers -for shame!) and then a job interview to see if I can become a TargetBitch. Thursday is more chillaxing with Becky and watching things.

And then I have a break, and will be able to relax and have time to myself.

*falls over laughing.* Yeah. Right.

Anyways, I ought to be cleaning my room, but I'm probably going to be hanging out here for a while instead. Take care of yourselves!

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So. Torture is now legal, or damnably close. Same diff, at this point.

We, uh, do know that torture doesn't reveal truth, right? If you do Bad Things to someone, yes, of course they're going to admit to being a terrorist (or whatevr it is you're looking for), just to get you to stop!

You know...I get the sudden sense that I might want to start looking at colleges overseas as well when I start the college search. I...try to ignore politics most of the time. I'm not at all political, exempting the whole gay rights thing, which I tend to be somewhat...intense...about. But this...scares me.

Why won't someone just give him a blowjob and get him impeached already...


Janny, I'd just like to send a THANK YOU for making me the nice warm cloak out at Balticon. It was...less then completely useful there, but as the weather is turning and it's period enough that I can wear it to faire. So yayforthat. Though I still need to actually sew it up, instead of leaving it ductaped...>.> <.<

Did I mention last post that I got to remeet the terribly charming catboy who I befriended at Balticon? I think I did. Did I mention that I'm working five out of the six days left? Yes? Crud. I have no news.

*looks over to the other room*

Alright, now I have news. Namely, I'ma gonna be a moron, come that last weekend of Faire. This is gonna rock.

And yes. There isn't really much life left to talk about. I do have two quotes for you.

Katie: "Well, if you do an eagle project, just don't use any mulch. Like, 98% of the eagle projects I've dealt with have had to do with fucking mulch."
Me: "Katie, I know that you meant that in the adjective sense, but my brain just turned it into a verb, and oh that hurts my mind..."


"You have the holy grail in your pants?!"
Aly, to Nik.

See yas!

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Oh yes, and I mean no disrespect to the injured, but the piccie ShutterGal posted a few days ago of Lee was just BEGGING to have the eye turned into an icon.

So I did. It is a rather beautiful shade of blue, isn't it. And look! When you crop it this much, the bruises dissapear.

I love you both, please don't hurt me!


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Oy. It's been a long week.

Saterday was homecoming. Yay. The parade and fair were moderate amounts of fun, the game was nonattended and the dance was not exceptionally fun, therefore I will do something better with my time next year. Like Sluggween.

Homecoming sucked because there were parties happening at both the Sluggyverse and Bernie and Joe's and I couldn't go to either.

The only good thing is that I now have a lovely vase of flowers sitting on my filing cabnaint. Jeremy was being unsufferably well brought up, he brought flowers for anyone who wanted some at the homecoming dance. And he was wearing PURPLE! And he swing danced with me a little! Squee! I love my soulbrother, even if KT hates his guts with a screaming passion that devours all thought.

Yeah. Moral of that paragraph is that swing dancing with her (even though she sucks at it), giving her flowers, and wearing purple are all good ways to make Kat happy with you. Especially the dancing and the flowers bit.

Sunday was Halloween. You know, in case you missed this fact somehow. My Halloween was going fine until my dear sweet friend Veronica, who was going to be the Charolette to my Vendetta ( called me up and said "Kat, I can't be Charolette." Since I can't be Vendetta all by my lonesome, I had to come up with a new costume.

In any other circumstances, this would have been easy and fairly stress free. As it was however, it was 5, we were going out trick or treating at 6, and I had a pumpkin to carve.

Let the panic ensue.

I didn't get to carve my pumpkin, but I DID get to create the most kick-butt costume I've ever had the honor to create myself. I was a tree nymph. And I looked hot. (Not that I don't normally look hot, I just looked EXTRA hot in my costume.)

I will post piccies once I have them. And I will be taking the costume with me to Origins and wearing it there.

Why whats this I hear? "Kat, I thought you weren't sure if you were going to Origins!" Well...I've made my decision. Wyo is a wonderful place, and I love it muchly. HOWEVER. I do not fit in there. I fit in well with all of two people, one is a delightful one, full of wrong stories, and H*R goodness, and the other is a beauteous artist, with chickpea piolets and mangas. I fully intend to stay in touch with them until the end of time. The problem is, I don't fit in that well with the rest of Wyo, and the tree-y goodness cannot compare with the ever pulling lure of 4 days of being among gamers, who I adore. Add in Day Camp (and Leah and Kawa), The Fact That Veronica would KILL me, acess to Kat, etc, etc, etc, and Wyo pales in comparison.

I will miss you muchly though Mell.

I think thats all for now.

Oh yeah! It's....NANOWRIMO TIME!!!!! *dances*

So far I have a whopping 1300~ words. Must get writing!!



(((Oh yes...More webcomicy goodness has entered my world. I just finished the archives of Waspi Square, I finished reading The Call of Whatever about 5 days before it ended, and I'm currently reading Queen of Wands instead of writing.

*slaps self on wrist.* Bad Kat.)))


Oct. 31st, 2004 10:19 pm
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Why the hell am I jealous of her. She does not even come close to deserving my envy.

G'dammit, if I don't love him, why do I care so much if the two of them are friends?


Your Faithful Storyteller


NaNoWriMo: T-minus 2 hours and 45 minutes
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So yeah. Happy Halloween.

Homecoming was last night. It's very unlikely that I'll go next year.


*Homophobia does not earn you any points in my book and never will. Stop being a bitch, and I'll stop quietly seething every time I see you.

*Long Hair + Male specimens of the human race = HOT! Oy, why can't people get this through their heads??

*Glowsticks rock. A TON!! People who know how to rave and look cool doing it ROCK. A TON!!

*Bringing flowers for your friends is not just sweet, it's wonderful and makes me love you more then normal.

*Yes, I am a sucker for flowers. I'm justified, I get them once in a while, although never JUST for me. (not so subtle hint)

I think thats all for now. I got to play some DnD today, which was fun.

Your Loyal Storyteller.

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I wore a dress today. The one I bought at the mall when V and KT forced me out shopping.

It was...interesting. Got many compliments, and at lunch got into a debate with Andrew and Big Ryan about weather or not I was wearing a short skirt. Just above the knees is fisking SHORT thankyouverymuch.

Lesse...Other stuff...

I invented a new ciphery thing today. It's the official writing style of the Zombies, just as Humavegg is the official writing style of the anchaints in TGAoEaT.

I've been drawing a lot of zombies lately. I drew a really cool looking one today.

I bought a ticket to homecoming. This means that Veronicas not going to kill me. Unfortently, this also means that I'm going to homecoming. *sigh*. I think I'm really only going because I have a pretty dress and I look good in it.

My life has hit mediocrity. nothing INTERESTING happens anymore.

Mom and Dad come home tonight.

McSkeane likes me. This makes me slightly nervous.

Thats all.


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Yup. I had a day today.

I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do about this summer. Wyo. Origins. Who? Origins? Wyo! Origins!

Ahh, I'll deal with it later. Hopefully. Couple important factors I still need to learn, including:

Ellie and Mell!! Do you know if you're going to be counselers this summer? I know it's way early and stuff, but...yeah.

Also, do either of you know the CIT chant? I was very smart and managed to forget the entire thing. :p (CIT chant equaling the loud poundy thing you do at mealtimes. Fun!)


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I was dragged around a mall today by two deranged teenagers. They forced me to try on various dresses, one of which they used their secret persuasion techniques to convince me to buy.

I also bought sparkly silver tights because, well, come on! When you see sparkly silver tights for less then five dollars you almost HAVE to buy them.

The best part of the day was that I got some sweedish fish. And I stole some of the crunchy air. Mmm, cinnomen flavored crunchy air, my favorite!

Your Loyal Storyteller


P.S: Said dress is not as bad as it could have been. It's black, and only comes to my knees (minorly worrisome, depending on how moral I'm feeling) and it apparently looks good on me. Woo-hoo.


Sep. 17th, 2004 11:22 pm
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I've been really...lost lately. Sort of lost and feeling as if the whole world is lost with me. I've been SO out of it, I don't think I've really felt anything besides melencholyness for several days.

Nothing. Even though I feel I should have.

Harsh angry scrapes all up and down my arm,
scars like a cutter, but I don't, I'd never!
Thin perfect lines, gleeming red 'gainst white skin,
proof of stupidity, my own, my friends.
Anger and annoyance, aching for a crime
a weapon and a motive, a place and a time
a chip and annoyance, lunch, yes mine

I'll finish it later...gotta go now...


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Today was pretty much the same as it's been. Get up, go to school, deal with school, go home, do homework, hang out, eat dinner, get online around 8ish.


Rohan's having a thing at his house that I'm prolly not going to go to, maainly because I want to ask Hopper about some of this PreCalc shiz, and I have to be home at 5 so I can go to babysitting.

My backpack weighs 30 lbs. I weigh 120 lbs. Are there problems here? Yes.

Busy weekend coming up. With luck nothing should be happening on Monday though.

Mom's gone. Sniffle-sob.

Hopefully, she's having fun at DragonCon though, so whatever.

All for Now


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School starts tomorrow. I have to do better this year, or else I die a bloody painful death. I mean, lose all of my computer acess and never see Kat again which is about the same thing. Only less blood.

Weird Al is a God. But we all knew that already.

I had a good birthday. I got some pretty cool stuff, especially my UglyDoll, who I named Nikodemus.


I rather love Albuquerque though. You know, where the towels are oh so fluffy!

You know, he never mentions 27 in that song. How sad.

I helped mom clean out her closet last night. It was really interesting. We looked at a box of cool old writing and stuff she had.

Dad's apparently going to be gone pretty much every weekend from late September to the end of October.

Which sucks.

Veronica came over today. We played Chopped Garlic and World's Worst and Doink and Curses.

I've been singing I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General all day. I found the lyrics.

I will not sleep for an instant until the one nostrild man was brought to justice.

But first I decided to buy some doughnuts.

I was reading the players handbook for Kobolds Ate My Baby today. It made me REALLY miss Origins. *sigh*

School starts tomorrow. That means that I'll have to start waking up early again. *sigh*

My rooms a mess. I need to clean it. :-/

All for now.


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My Birthday is in two days!!! Freak-Yeah!!

Tomorrow I am going to the mall to buy Veronica a present (Because I haven't yet since I'm a horrible friend and all that) and eating lunch and hugging ugly dolls and stuff. And dropping more non-subtle hints to people, can't forget that.


Then, after malling, I'm going to go hang out with everyone. And they'll prolly all hate me since I'm gonna show up after Jeremy does by a lot. I will be uberlate!! Mwahahaha!!

I'm also going to leave early (maybe) since I have a babysitting job. Oh, NTS: Ask/Beg DJDC if I'm allowed to use their computer once their DS is asleep:

Pretty please with sugar and ponys and watermelons and fish on top? Pleeeese!

Alright, begging done.

I turn 15 in less then 48 hours!! BOOYAH!

All for now. Oh yeah, Kullervo has cool dreams.



I rule

Aug. 24th, 2004 09:01 pm
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There is something immensly satisfying about being the only kid in the family who's acomplished ANYTHING in the house today.

I unloaded the dishwasher, cleaned the upstairs bathroom, changed lightbulbs, cooked dinner, and worked on cleaning my room.

I rule.




Aug. 16th, 2004 08:39 pm
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I am in a good mood right now. Note: Apathetic moods are never good, but their not bad either. I am not currently apathetic, I am very pleased with myself.

I cleaned the basement up, all by myself even. And then I danced.

And I know that sounds like one of those random things I say at times, but I actually did dance around after I was done, since I still had several songs left on the CD I was listening to and I couldn't just abandon them now could I? They would be sad and lonely that way.

So I'm currently in a good mood since I cleaned something up, which always sunnifies my life and then I danced, which also helps sunnify my life.

Is sunnify even a word?

It is now!

Anyway, in the recent past, I went to moms birthday party,, which I could give all the juciy details on and all the whatnot, but I'm much to lazy to, and besides, I still need to write about camp.

*thinks momentary dark thoughts having nothing to do with camp*

I mean...


I'm in kind of a quirky mood right now. Does it show?

Anyway, I have to go to bed now. Goodnight.



My Birthday: 12 Days
School Starts: 14 Days
Veronicas Birthday: 15 Days
Jeremy's Birthday: 18 Days
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Lesse...As always, where on Earth to start!

The Weekend:

On friday I had to leave the house within half an hour of getting home so I could go babysit the adorable one (Koob) which was alright. Went to the house and me and Koob pretty much went out and played in the pool for about 45 minutes. It was great. I like pools.

Stayed the night over there, the next morning I got driven home and found Yury hanging out in my kitchen. He was doing random yardwork for mom and had apparently stayed the night. Ok.

Saturday was uber-fun. I hung out with Yury for a while and then with Adam when he showed up. Eventually, Veronica and her sibs showed up, as did Bernie and the all of us began hanging out. The original goal of the evening was to make marshmellow guns, but we actually mostly just loitered around watching Yury kick butt in the Riddick video game. We also managed to convince Matt to come over for a bit (Yayness) which was cool. Bernie, Nik, Adam, and Matt all played a booster draft using some magic cards Bernie had bought, which amused me, since it's REALLY fun to watch how obsessive some people get about magic. It's just a game!!

I wonder if thats how people see me when I'm talking about Sluggy or webcomics or gaming or dice or RIFF! Hmmm...

Probably. :D

Lessee...back on track...Matt left at 11, as did Veronica (Dan and Lil left much earlier when their mom and the pretty nice wonderful woman who I love above all others and who sells the uber-awesome magic wands came) Bernie stayed until about 1:30ish and Yury and Adam stayed the night.

Silly men. *grin*

In the morning, the six of us all piled into the car (me, Nik, Aly, Adam, Yury and Mom) and we all went to the big fourth of July parade!! Yay!! Which was fun because we got some candy, and got to, in general have fun.

Then we all came home, diddled about, Yury and Adam left, mom and dad went out, Yury came back, and I MADE DMITRI WORK AGAIN!!!! YAYNESS!!!

To face:
~A grand total of 8 e-mails. Considering that this was over a several day span, and that I get at least one daily e-mail from, this mildly depressed me.
~More webcomics to catch up on then I can shake a stick at. I know, cause I tried.
~About 180 LJ entries to read. Yes, this is all the entries since Origins, since I haven't really been online a lot since then.
~Several (at least three) LJ posts to make (this is one of them)
~A big fat lack of Kat, Marc, or Fishy on AIM (although I do get to talk to DD and Miranda, so thats good.)
~A new poster on calling himself Fishymander_TDP. Hmm. Wonder who THAT could be. This made me happy.

Thats about it.

Fireworks are tonight! WOOT!!



NOTE: I wrote this yesterday, before I watched the fireworks. I love fireworks. A lot. They're so perfect.
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Oddly enough. I'm sure some of you knew this since you have the tendancy to see me fairly often, but I'm inept at keeping in touch at best, so...

Anyway, I'm alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic...I mean...I'm alive. Yeah. [mutters under breath]Darn girl scout camp[/mutter]

Hi! How have you been? Since I last updated, I've had a weekend, a day camp, and an Origins. I'm currently writing the reports, I will hopefully get them up eventually.

Notes 'n things:

~Marc looks a LOT like Orlando Bloom, except he's much cuter since he's got this great long hair, and he games which automatically makes him loads cuter then any movie star.

More movie stars should game.


~We never did manage to get Matt into the straitjacket...

~"Even though it's a straitjacket, I don't think it'll make me straight." GREAT quote from Adam.

~Yury has been at my house pretty much continuously since Friday. This makes Nik happy since Yury brought his PS2 with him. I think he's planning on moving in.


~Origins was, as always, absolutely mad cool in every way shape and form.

~Leah-Wolf is a wonderful person

~As is Kawa

~And Fishy. Both of them, but I'm specifically talking about the angelic one. (Belive it or not, thats not you Saber.)

~I'm running out of things to say.

Thats all for now I guess.




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