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I am in a pretty serious "everything is terrible" right now space. Lots of reasons, but really, the big one is that "everything is terrible".

But you know what?

I am a stubborn-ass survivor. I am a fighter. I am too good for my brain to pull This Kind of Bullshit without lashing out wildly at it, just out of, you know, _spite_ or something.

So today, I lashed out by doing a little bit of room cleaning (mostly of the "put everything in piles to deal with later" variety) which resulted in a completely clean desktop (YES YES YES YES YES GOOD). And then, once I had my completely clean desktop (to stand on, natch), I realized I could finally put up the index card with the quote from K˚ that I made when he visited1.

But before I did, I remembered that I had been meaning for a couple weeks to make some more cards, mostly because I've been listening to a lot of s00j lately and she sings good yes2. So I sat down and did that, and then I put them all up, tucking them into the grid of the drop-ceiling and pinning them to the tiles.

That was about when I realized that I have some posters I've never found the opportunity or space to put up. And I still had all this leftover ceiling. Then after those were done, I realized that I could run ribbon through my collection of origami dodecahedrons and hang those up by my PHiZZ torii5. And then I realized I could take some of the insect fabric Sparr got me and hang it above my windows.


And that's gonna go a _lot_ towards coping with the fact that "everything is terrible".

Pictures under the cut )

My room feels less like a bedroom and more like a studio right now, and that's just about the best thing I could possibly do for my mental health, I do think.


1: I keep index cards on the ceiling above my bed. You can see an original collection of them here.

You don't get to know what K˚ said to me that I found so significant unless you come to visit and I let you in my room and you get in a place where you can read all the cards and you figure out which one is from him. But I have been meaning to blog about it.

2: Reference post for where the phrasing "you sing good yes" comes from. I have gotten a little better at reconciling s00j-as-person with sooj-as-singergoddess. Gosh, I mean, I even waltzed with her3 last time I ran into her (at Balticon '12). Also, it has become a little more important to my life as a whole to complete that reconciliation. For, you know, reasons.

3: I can say of my bite that it's worse than my bark.4

4: You wanna know why I don't do subtlety? Because this is a simple example of the way I work. No one pays enough attention to follow this thread. That's intentional, only usually it matters, so I don't draw attention to it (or even do it in the first place).

5: Toruses?

6: Dodecahedrons are powerful. Like, do not mess with them they will fuck you up powerful. Building them is a good thing, destroying them is a TERRIBLE thing, and while they can affect all aspects of life, I believe they most strongly influence travel. Hence my musing that I could unfuck the T some by building more.
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Today was excellent, and by all rights, should be delivered via a photoessay. However, most of my photos are on my camera, and I don't feel like digging out the card reader right now, so...

...wait, what? There's a card reader on my laptop? I...I am skeptical. Hang on, I think I need to try some science.

OKAY FINE, I guess I will give an account of my pretty much completely awesome day via photoessay, gods!

So today was excellent! )

Tomorrow I am going to be very sore, but it was an excellent day.

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Green Arrow!
(I told him I was taking the photo for my mom, and he replied with "Tell her Happy Mother's Day!" When I did, mom replied with this text: "BEST Mother's Day greeting EVAHR!!!". I think I am the best child this year, even if I am a week early.)

Last year on Free Comic Book Day, I was in California. There's nothing wrong with this in and of itself, but it did mean I couldn't go to ALL THE COMIC SHOPS. This year I was happily home in Somerville, and I traveled only about five miles round trip which meant I got to hit up four separate comic shops (and I forgot about Newbury Comics completely, though I heard they were out by the time I was adventuring).

Furthermore, this was the first year I've ever been even remotely employed for Free Comic Book Day. I wisely set myself a spending limit of NO MORE than ten dollars per store, packed a sandwich and a folder to put comics in and my bike stuff, and went on my merry way.

It proved to be a very satisfying haul indeed. Photos, more words, and lots of links under cut. )

After I was done terrorizing the local comic book shops, I headed over to Artisan's Asylum, to sample a small taste of Somerville Open Studios. I spent some time chatting with Sparr, and lots of time wandering around and looking at beautiful art that I could never in a million years afford (and okay, some really gorgeous stuff that maybe someday I can afford too).

Rambling and links! )

Anyways, it was an awesome day, and tomorrow I will likely engage in Skype-cleaning adventures with [personal profile] tricia868 hopefully interspersed with further Open Studios Adventures.

It's looking to be a pretty great weekend.

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So, I've gotten several requests for my photos of the snowstorm. There's a bunch in my flickr, but here are some of the best snow sculpture ones from Davis Square. You can see them yourself if you are quick to get to the Seven Hills Park (behind the T)

Davis Square

About 20 more pictures! )

This has been such a truly marvelous winter!

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Camera Ballerina

[profile] kittikattie has regular Black Days, which are days in the year where she makes a point of dressing up goth. I've adopted the idea, and am only consistent about one day a year: the fourth of July.

This year especially, some memories and anxieties are hitting me hard, and I was miserable. So despite it being eight at night, and my not going out anywhere tonight, I took advantage of the distraction and put some effort into my outfit, and photographing it.

I think I did a good job.

more photos under here )

And basically, the point of all this is that I am gorgeous and it doesn't matter that this holiday makes me anxious, I can still make wonderful things.


1: When doing fetish/kink, I try very hard to get some actual colour into my wardrobe, because I think the black-on-black-on-black TWOO KINKSTER thing gets dull. When going goth though, I have a strong tendency to wear nothing that isn't black, and very deliberately so.
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[personal profile] jere7my and I went on a long bike ride today (my longest yet, I wound up doing 37 miles today!) as a celebration of the beautiful weather and that I have a working bike again1.The plan was to bike along the Minuteman Bike Path until I got tired, which backfired in that I was ridiculously full of energy and pretty much...didn't. So we reached the end of the path, and sat and rested, and were debating going back.

"Well", says j7y, "If we go about two and a half miles thatway, we'll get to the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, which is very pretty. We can rest and hike and stuff." I was mega up for adventure, and so go there we did! It turned out even better than expected, because not only was it utterly beautiful, the path there had moguls (awwwwwwwesome!) and there was ALL THE WILDLIFE!

Like, I am not normally a super-squeeful animal person, but jere7my is good at bringing out the nature lover in me. And because I had brought my camera and he hadn't, I was in charge of taking photos on the trip, which I did with great zeal. I believe at one point he declared me "Almost as much of a menace with a camera as I am".2

In addition to the frog above, we saw muskrats, great blue herons, red-winged blackbirds, a black snake, and a couple of other things I actually got shots of (photo heavy) )

Can you spot the frog when the camera is all the way zoomed out?


It was an extremely satisfying diversion. Our total hike was under a mile and a half, and the whole thing was set among flowers and cattails and small children who got excited when we pointed turtles out to them. If you're local and have a bike, I definitely recommend the trip. The Minuteman path is unfairly beautiful, and the wildlife refuge lives up to its name.


1: So I don't think I ever mentioned it, but Blaise broke. The brake cable snapped, and that was basically the end of that. I was looking at about 200 dollars worth of repair for a bike I paid 50 bucks for, and it was kinda one of those "I'll just save up for a new bike then, shall I?".

Then my parents decided that as an early-birthday-gift, they would get me a bike, and I was very excited and went shopping and now I have a biiiiiiike! Her name is Elanor Draper, she is dark silvery-grey, and she is amazing.

2: If you ever go hiking with jere7my --which I recommend, he is good at spotting animals and interesting things, and a good conversationalist, and enjoys beautiful green spaces-- he will stop about every five minutes to photograph mushrooms. It is completely hilarious, and very endearing, as long as you are not the kind of hiker who wants to go go go.

PostScript: As an aside, whenever I post bunches of photos from an event or something, it's usually worth clicking through to my flickr --I almost always post more there than I do here.
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A/N: This entry is probably more entertaining if you like Homestuck. It's also very image heavy.

So, I have this awesome friend [profile] lex_of_green. In the month of December, Lex is frantically working on a secret sewing project, when two-thirds of the way through, it up and walks away!

But Lex squares thon's jaw, and says "FUCK YOU TOO UNIVERSE" and works doubletime to get the project finished. And announces it on Christmas day, with a request for my mailing address to send him to me.

I am, to be perfectly frank, ecstatic. Because holy shit, SOMEONE MADE ME A SENATOR LEMONSNOUT PLUSHIE HOLY SHIT! And in the course of comments, Lex mentions that his new owner is going to have to punish him extra hard to make up for version 1.0 running away.

I read this. I grin. The wheels start turning. I grin harder. The most horrible/best idea ever pops into my head. I grin so hard my face feels like breaking, and assure Lex that I will be *most* cruel. And that I'll take pictures.

These are those pictures.

Everything is ridiculous and I love it! )

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So I sez to Ria, I sez "should I make candied lemon slices tonight"

"The better question is why aren't you?" she replies, which is a valid enough thing to ask.

I'm honest to Ria. So she probably wasn't surprised by my response: "Because I'm laaaaaazy"

However, Ria is a wonderful roommate, and has no truck with that. An immediate response: "PUT ON YOUR HIGH HEELS AND GET IN THE KITCHEN"0


So I put on my high heels and get in the kitchen. I mean, what else can you do at that point? I have a recipe, an apron, and high heels. And for completeness, I put on a string of pearls. And a pair of cat ears.

This is apparently becoming a trend in my world. I don't know how to feel about that.

Cut for pictures and words. )

Photo 422
So I'm calling this experiment a reserved success. I need practise slicing, and next time I should use a lot more lemon, but look! I candied something. Those ridiculously good gummy candies that I would eat SEVEN HUNDRED of if I could? Yeah, I can _make those now_.

The world is mine.


0: I feel I shouldn't have to say this, because you lot are clever people, but just in case: Ria is not actually a raging misogynist. Her and I say terrible things to each other, because laughing at the terrible shit makes it feel just the slightest bit better sometimes.

1: For more details, see the study "jere7my is not down with the sickness", 2011.

And in case you were wondering, the recipe I used is here
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Hey beasts. It's cooking time. I am going to make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that, if they turn out a third as good as Ria usually makes them, will knock you off their feet with how goddamn delicious they are.

I've got music, fuzzy socks, a recipe, and cat ears. Let's rock the hell out of this adventure!

It gets long and there are pictures, so cut! )

Oh whoops, forgot to take a picture of all of them. Here instead is a picture of all the ones we have left:

Photo 408

They are delicious. They were gone halfway through Squares, and I brought sixty of them. I'm pretty much gonna go ahead and call this Cooking Adventure a success!

And now I eat dinner and write some WriMoNo2.

And yeah. I can officially make cookies like a boss!


1: OF COURSE it's from Homestuck. And I feel no guilt or shame in this fact whatsoever. And I am going to listen to other stuff.

2: I don't call it "NaNo", because that doesn't make any sense if you unabbreviate it. So I typically call the month "WriMo" for short. Obviously my WriMoNo is my Writing Month Novel! It has 1270 words so far. YAYYYY!

Pee-dot-ess-dot. Because the recipe just *happened* to have been lying around in Ria's tumblr...
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Hum. This is the last photopost I have lying around. Soon I will have to write actual content.

Also, I have only sorta forgotten I have one of these. Finals-packing-graduating-moving-cleaning-Balticon-packing-moving has been a little distracting.


Just a short photopost. six pictures under here )

And what can I say, I'm a sucker for angsty, angled self-portraits. This was from the SUPERCROWDED green line train I made the mistake of riding on Marathon Monday.
Me on marathon Monday

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I'm so far behind on everything. This past week has been madness. Here, have a pre-written photopost from a month ago.


So, at No Such Convention, I wandered into an empty panel room at some point, and noted how lonely the chalkboard seemed. So I picked up a piece of chalk and drew one of my standard rar-dinos.

It only got awesome from there )

Speaking of Shaenon, here is her and Dirk manning their booth:
Dirk and Shaenon man the booth

And why not just consolidate the con pics --have some snaps from Vericon, too )

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If you read my post on Ambidancetrous, you know that the Vericon Masquerade is quite the party, with lots of fun costumes and improvised dances.

The big costume group this year were a bunch of demons, apparently from the webcomic Homestuck )

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Finally got around to uploading the last two months worth of photos. Which means it is time to make photoposts, yayyyyyy.

First photopost is about food, because yay food! )


1: Because I get different things out of different relationships, is a lot of it.
2: And if Magus is reading this, you _still_ owe me pancakes that win friends and influence people. Dinosaur shaped or not.
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Happy Thursday, y'all! Let's get half naked!

(Yes, I know it's Sunday. This is a Half-Naked Thursday post, and will therefore be posted whenever I damn please)

HNT: Necklace o' Religion

This here is a picture of the necklace I wear pretty much every day. I call it the necklace o'religion, and it's technically only three-fourths complete (I need a Sacred Chao, for Eris).

Religiously, I identify as polytheistic, hence the reason there are a bunch of charms on there, and not just one cross or or pentacle or Star of David or whathaveyou. I've been collecting them for about three years now and I'm very pleased with the idea of having *something* to wear every day, to the point where -while I don't feel naked without it- I occasionally feel wrong when I realize I skipped putting the necklace on.

(I do take it off sometimes specifically to use as prayer beads --I'll hold the charms in my hand or fidget with them back and fourth when I need an extra burst of focus. Additionally, I learned while I was in Chicago that there are certain places in the world where I simply feel too closed off from my gods to wear their signs, and so I spent most of the month there keeping the necklace in my pocket, and only putting it around my neck when I actually left the apartment.)

The ankh has been there the longest, and is for Athe, who is my catchall goddess of strength and science and such. She is one of my patrons --Mother Nature is the other one, and I searched for _ages_ to find a proper charm for her, before I came across this little seashell on Revere Beach. My two non-patron gods are Eris, as mentioned above, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster --that particular charm went from being silverish in colour, to copperish, to silverish as it went through tarnishing. --this particular charm was given to me today by JannyBlue, and seems more heavy duty than the previous one, which was not exactly up to being worn every day.

Please don't wear this necklace, if you find I've left it somewhere. It's very much a personal thing (as I tend to believe religion should be) and I like having something that I can keep all to myself.

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So, there exists these things:

These things are crack

They are battered and fried onions, to sprinkle on stuff for delicious crunch. The flavour I am holding is, in fact, chedder.

They are delicious. Like, I had to make mom go put the tin away for me, because I would eat AN ENTIRE CAN YES, and I didn't trust myself to have the willpower to go put them down myself.

I think this is basically just me saying that Christmas was good, and post-Christmas thank-god-all-the-people-left-and-oo-leftovers! is even better.

(I like my family a lot, and I love the general mayhem of Christmas, but it is really nice when everyone leaves and it becomes the nuclear family, or the nuclear family plus just Dan1 or something. Means you get me and mom faffing on our internets while Ninja Warrior plays in the background. Lovely!)

At any rate, you can see more pictures of my love affair with those cheddar fried onion things if you look under here )


1: I think you are missing a footnote or something2.
2: Best friend of Nik, and Veronica's little brother.
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Tube Top!

So, I was having a conversation with *someone* recently1 about tube tops, or similarly strapless tops, and the fact that I don't tend to think I look very good in them.

(I have --as Racheline inadvertently explained one day when talking about her body, causing me to look at my body and go "oh, of course!"-- broad shoulders, small breasts, and big hips. A lot of strapless things don't look good on me because they try to emphasize the mostly nonexistent curve between breasts and hips, where I do better by emphasizing the existent curve from shoulders to hips.)

This tube top is the exception, by a lot. I look kick-fucking-ass in that particular top, and should really wear it more often. You know, when it's not so frigid cold. Shirts that require no-bra2 are not really winter-in-Boston wear.

So it's not what I'm wearing today. Instead, in honor of my physics final, I am wearing this shirt, which I think would make an awesome beer label:

Schrodinger's Cat

The part of the box is being played by a random box full of stuff I have. The part of the cat is being played by Karey-Ann, who is much too old to have to put up with this nonsense.

In semi-related news, I own at least eighteen woot shirts. Like, at least eighteen woot shirts that are in some variation of my "clothing to wear" pile, and not tucked in the giveaway box, or being planned to make pillows out of. I have more if you count those.

(My favourite is so *very* this one. I wear it to dance as often as I can get away with it, and I am going to be tearful when it wears out.)

ANYWHO. Speaking of my physics final, I have to go take that. Ciao! *Izzard Butt-Wiggle*


1: Probably Sparr, but I'm not positive enough to confirm that.

2: I apparently no longer own a strapless bra. This is distressing, as I had one at least as late as...whenever that Rocky was (Spring break Freshman year?), and it's not a thing I recall getting rid of.
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Perhaps you should read this post, for context.

Today I went to the mailbox, and found a letter --a real letter!-- addressed to me. Where there should have been a stamp, it read "Postage Included from New Zealand". I flipped it over with immense glee --there are only two people from EnZed who would be sending me letters, and both of them are wonderful and exciting.

When I slit open the envelope, I was surprised to find it didn't contain a letter --just a small piece of paper and a thing. I pulled the thing out --it was made of ribbon and fabric and gears.

Sometimes People Give Me Flowers #5

This is the fifthsixth1 time someone gave me a flower that will not die. I look so pleased because sometimes the world is sweet enough to give me exactly what I need, exactly when I need it.

Thanks, Rackle. <3


1: Oh of course, and see, number five is sitting here on my desk and everything. I shall have to make another post for that someday. Or perhaps not, it is such a lovely flower, and from such a wonderful boy. Some things I just want to keep all to myself.
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In this entry, I talk about flowers. )


These are the flowers I own that will not die. I look so honest, because it is a collection I do not tell people about. Most of them I found, or bought, or begged all on my own, because I like flowers that do not die, and not because they are a proof of attention. I like them because they are beautiful and strong. The world needs more of that intersection some days.


ETA: See also Number 6
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The first bit of background information you may need is the fact that I really like Doctor Who. This is unsurprising --I am a geeky twenty-something with a thing for British accents and escapist fiction. Doctor Who is right up my alley.

The second bit of background information you need is that, my senior year of high school, I was going to Rocky Horror every other month or so with [ profile] shadowcaptain and [ profile] disc_sophist. At one of these, the latter of those two had a small plastic replica of the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. It glowed blue, and made noise, and I coveted.

The third bit of background information you need is the fact that I moved to Boston a few months later, and found that Newbury Comics sold such toys, for a very reasonable amount of money. Fuck coveting, I went ahead and bought myself the shiny! I posted a gleeful picture showing it off, and was met with...with innuendo!

You people have dirty minds. My new little toy? Was not to go anywhere near my tender nether regions, really now.

The fourth bit of background information you need is the fact that having lived in my backpack or on my person for most of three years now, that toy has broken, conveniently timed with the tenth doctor going out of vogue and a new doctor appearing, with a new design for his Sonic Screwdriver. I have been saying for a few months now that I really must get my hands on one sometime.

With all that in mind?

This? )

Thank you for your time.

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A week or so ago, Alys and I embarked on a grand adventure to Navy Pier. On the return trip, I was rifling through my wallet, only to go "woah" at the sheer number of public transit cards in my wallet.

I showed them to Alys, who responded with the brilliant "Kat, you're not only polyamorous, you're poly-city-us!" I of course tweeted. And tonight, I took a picture to go with the phrase:

Bonus points if you can get all five cities.

Oh, and of course, this post would not be complete without BDan's reply to my amused tweet --'Polypolitous', perhaps?




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