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Wash a load of laundry
Put laundry and clothes for this weekend into the child snatching bag
Put Vera and her cord in her laptop bag
Grab Lazarus, a water bottle, and the pocket-things and put them in crates or pockets
Retetris the car so that everything fits, including the child snatching bag and the laptop bag.

None of these things I can do until tomorrow. I'm DONE! FUCK YEAH!

Oh, and one more thing to do:

Drive to Boston. Leave Columbia as even a temporary residence forever. I am on VISITATION RIGHTS ONLY with this gods forsaken paragon of suburbia! 30 hours or so, anyways.

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Managed to cull the hats into the things I actually regularly wear. Even though it breaks my heart to do such a thing, since I do love my hats, quite dearly. Also, I really need to start doing the mom thing more often, and wearing a backwards ball cap --I have two perfectly good ones. (Would have three if I hadn't lost my Sweeney Todd one like an idiot)

At any rate, that's one of the two really hard clothing things done. Next, and those don't squish *nearly* as well.


So, a little bit of exploration re: that bacardi commercial I posted has led me to discover the fun that is Matt and Kim. I'm still sitting at three songs --the ones they've got official music videos-- but I like what I hear. Getting my hands on their album is a must; I keep putting on Daylight to clean to, and dancing around like an idiot instead. It's *very* fun.

Also, I mean, they strip down. In the middle of Times Square. In winter. For a Music Video.

What can I say, I'm a little bit of a sucker for girls who don't shave their armpits. Unshaven legs I can take or leave, but please leave the hair under the arms, it is totally lovely.

((yes, I am a little bit of a freak sometimes))

Also, it bugs me when people whine about musicians selling out. If Matt and Kim hadn't sold out by having their music in that commercial, they would have one less fan who enjoys their stuff and would be willing to go see them play live, if they came anywhere near Boston. (Though I am looking for excuses to go to New York...)

Plus, selling out = enough money to eat and make more music that you'll enjoy. Or whine about. Whichever.

(I am not actually a music fan, just a person who listens to music sometimes and likes it.)


Notetoself: Don't read YouTube comments. duh.

I have a lot of zip ties, and am not really sure why this is. Also, I'm rapidly approaching the point where I need an actual tool bag for myself, fucking *glee!* even if I lost my totally awesome knife damnit damnit

Seriously, making a cohesive list of everything left I had to pack was a really quite clever idea. Well done, Miss Kyress1. NOW DO THE THINGS ON THE LIST!

Notetoself, do a Sorky2 vocab sheet sometime. Need to have on it: Pumpkin Time, some names of mine, Milk Crates, ponies and monkeys, other things I say a lot, fwen. Similar to my acronyms cheat sheet.


I do not know what is up with my left hand these days. It just insists on baubles --doesn't feel right without three rings and some bracelets, or something equally warped. WHY DO YOU SO WANT FRIVOLS, SELF?

Also, judging by dad's tentative plans, I have less than forty-eight hours left in Maryland. BOOYAH!

Things I need to do during the daylight hours tomorrow: Return Larry's sound equipment, go to the post office and send presents to people. NTS: Make sure I have addresses. Also, bank. Also, at some point I need to order my birthday present for myself.

Hmm, wonder if the package center is hiring. It would certainly ensure that I actually get all my mail when it comes, and not, oh, in mid summer for packages sent in march. *rars at Lesley*.

((Those cookies were still delicious though!))

The beginning of "Board of Governors" from Jekyll and Hyde always sounds a bit like the music from The Weakest Link to me. More cracktastic artists than myself (or at least, more familiar with the J&H secondary characters) would be drawing this. "Henry Jekyll, you are....THE WEAKEST LINK. GOODBYE!"

...Hyde would like it to be know that he doesn't approve.

..........ohmygods, Henry Jekyll/Herbert West. They can try to out 'scientist' each other. It'll be all delightfully sociopathic and WONDERFUL. Both of them are all like "It's for a good cau-AUG MY LIFE IS BEING RUINED SHIT SHIT!"

Yes, I know there's only like one person out there who'll appreciate this, but whatever. THAT'S REASON ENOUGH TO POST IT!

......does that make Hyde Dan? Not at all. I'd say maybe Hyde corresponds to West, but Hyde's a lot less concerned with results. Arg and damnation.


((That's how I know I'm a chick. Seriously, I have way too many shoes to ever be a boy.))

It's always nice when this project looks doable, instead of "oh god oh god"

Iiiii don't want to do the rest of this. Like, at all. Someone come pack for me?

Still left to sort through/deal with: Notebooks?, Blank papers, Presents, Writing stuff, Wearable clothes, Laundry, Props box, Electronics, Business Cards, Pocket Stuff, Desk

Still left to pack: Photos, Weaponry, Jewelry stuff, Jewelry, Buttons, Love letters, Food, Top of Dresser, Legos?


I should just post this, and have more entertaining bits and pieces later or something.


Postscript: Found my diary. Yay!

1: This is totally the Katters' fault, as are many of my names (See: "Sor") The first time I ever heard her pronounce "Sorcyress" she was doing so with a k sound for the c, rather than the s sound I'd been using. It's...a thing that I split names down the middle (also her fault) so I chose to shift the name from Sor Cyress (Pronounced Sigh-ress)to Sor Kyress. (Kai-ress).

2: Pretty much the same as reasons stated above.
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So, Arisia was pretty awesome. I was at a bit of a weird place hormonally (Anyone want to trade?) but the incredible emotional high of spending a weekend with a lot of people I really quite like totally made up for it and gave me a wonderful rush of homeness.

"Steampunk is easy. All you need is goggles and a top hat." "Yeah, if you WANT to look like a poseur."

(Sorry. Am having conversation while updating. I am scum like that.)



Here's the awesome(?) news. The fun of Arisia last year was that the monday of it was the day I could move back into my dorm. So, like a sensible person, I assumed that the monday of this years Arisia was the day I could move back in.

Classes start on the 26th. Dorm opens on the 25th. I have a week in Boston to screw around!

So, yeah. I'm going to enjoy being able to spend time in my city as it's meant to be, what with the good and glorious SNOW everywhere to play in. (I suspect I'll be sick of it as soon as I have to walk anywhere ever, but in the meantime, ohmygod, SNOWWWW!)

My shoulder is being read over, which is always slightly disconcerting not because I mind the words being read, but because it always tends to make me self-conscious when I am watched in any way, and doubly so for what I lamely consider my art. 'Specially because I tend to have just abysmal grammar.

Annnnd I'm going to finish packing now. Byeeee.

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You know? No matter how shit my day is, or how bad I feel, talking with [ profile] sonsashi for forty-five minutes can't ever even begin to be a bad thing. Ever.

Alsointeresting: My sister is apparently an Artist. She showed me the piece she did for her friends' marriage, and it's pretty damn good. Also, if [ profile] leemoyer thinks she has a chance, I am more than a little willing to respect his opinion on the matter. Good for her.

I should work on packing. Hum. Also, how is it that I have five more hats leaving this state than I did entering it? (answer: thrift store. Love thrift store.

Noo, what I should *really* do today is practice parallel parking and go to the bank. Ah-HA, I knew I was clever sometimes. Or something.


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On the plus side of everything, I do so love watching the sun rise from the right direction --staying up all night rather then waking up obscenely early.


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I...may in fact have too many Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy related books.

See, I'm packing for college, and I made a nice neat stack of them, with all my other books. I have ten.

*The movie book
*The first comic book
*The original radio scripts for the first 12 fits
*My blue copy of the complete guide, for highlighting and writing in
*My black leatherbound copy of the complete guide, for looking nice
*My new paperback copy of the complete guide, in, erm, Swedish
*A copy of the first book bought in London
*A copy of the first book in German
*A copy of Life, The Universe, and Everything that I bought for something like a quarter at a book sale
*A copy of So Long and Thanks for All the Fish (since it's my favourite)

Yeeeeeah. And on Dimi, I have the first three radio series. Moderately obsessive, yes.

OH! And *somewhere* I have the prologue to the Hijackers Guide to the Galaxy all printed out and mailed to me, which I wound up originally reading during a really shit tech job. So that's awesome too.

And I'm probably going to wind up snagging the DVD, although I know there is no way mum will let me drag the miniseries up to Bawston.

A girls gotta have her fandoms, after all. I wonder where I can get a couple copies of the towel --merely having a largish bath towel from Marks and Spencers is lovely and all, however...



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