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Scheissentagzunfixen2009 continues to go well --I baleeted 85 percent or so of my tags with only one use, and I have ten months (out of 65) all tagged up. Yayy or something.


I am uncommonly antisocial right now, and have been for a substantial amount of time --at least since Tuesday, possibly since earlier. People = Donotwant.


Went to a Vienna Teng concert on Tuesday, which was beautiful and quite needed. Went ahead and bought two of her albums --the brand new one, "Inland Territory", and the second-most-new one, "Dreaming Through the Noise". (Her first two albums I own Yeah. Magic1. >.>)

"In Another Life" and "Stray Italian Greyhound", both off Inland, were played during the concert and are *fabulous*. I've had "In Another Life" or "Whatever You Want" (Off Dreaming) stuck in my head pretty much all week. It's nice.

And a further essay concerning Vienna is coming, I just need to type it. Additionally, I may write an essay or something about objectification of artists.


Tonight, as a present for Maddiecakes birthday, the two of us wandered over to Harvard to listen to Joss Whedon talk, after recieving the highly esteemed and prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism. It was actually a pretty well put together speech, and definitely raised my largely indifferent2 opinion of Joss several notches.

Afterwards, there was signing, so I have a signed Dr. Horrible DVD. Alas, no personalization, due to the sheer volume of people, but still. Joss's autograph. And yes, mom, I told him you said thanks for putting you in the special features.


I have been writing like an absolute *fiend* lately. I know that I have a short story, the aforementioned Vienna essay, and most of the third part of my deep stuff night scrawled down, and I may very well have more that I'm forgetting about. One of these days, I really need to learn how to type. :P


By the way, in case I've forgotten to squee, in the past month or so, both Iowa and Vermont have made it okay for the gayfolk to marry each other. That makes FOUR STATES that my little sister can get married in. I am so happy about this.


Conor and I played about four rounds of Chrononauts the other night, and determined that we want to play/write/whatever a Time Travel rpg. I'm guessing GURPS might be the most valuable resource, but you lot are smart people. Suggestions?


I think that's it for now. I'm gonna go sleep.


1: Part of why there was no question when I got the oppertunity to actually pay money for some of her music. Oh, Vienna! She is very very good, and will get my money as I have it spare.

2: Oh, he's a good writer, no doubt about it. But about the only thing of his that I have raptures over is Dr. Horrible. I...may have a natural reluctance to fawn over the people that every geek ever worships.
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So, a proper report of the last few weeks!

On the fourteenth, I got my drivers license, because I am rad.

On the fifteenth, I flew Home and went to Arisia )

Nineteenth was Monday of Arisia. While packing, I think to check the internet, find out what time I can move into my dorm. I mean, last year I could doso just post Arisia, it seemed sensible to expect the same out of this year.


"Hey mom? It says I can move in at noon. On the twenty-fifth."

Luckily, I had a handy dandy Magus who I could beg into giving me crash space for a week, so I did that.

Twentieth through the twenty fourth, I hung out with Magus, caught almost all the way up on Doctor Who (just need to watch the Christmas Special!), had a grand old time of things, and did a few other things, like harassing j7y more (it is a hobby! Also, we watched Mighty Boosh!!) and babysitting. And maybe I had a teeny tiny breakdown somewhere in the middle of All That, and had to spend a little bit of time righting my brain.

Twenty third was Friday of Vericon )

The twenty-fifth I skipped Vericon completely, moved in eventually, hugged my roommates, and got dragged to a lesbians house to watch a movie called "Wristcutters: A love story". I kinda want to write fanfic about that setting, though I think I'm not emo enough. Good movie though, very light and fun and reasonably fluffy. And romantic, of course.

The twenty sixth was today, and I'll report on all my classes once I've had the other two. Can I just say EEEE, CALCULUS! though?

And now food and dance. Ta!


1: Conner? Connor? *shrugs*
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Two years ago today, it was 2007.

And on a whim, Ksatyr and I went out to explore the world. We spent quite a bit of time discussing Doctor Who, in between our playing with foam swords at the toy store and doing vegan shopping, which is more interesting than the regular kind.

Plus, I was a girl in a game store1, which sometimes happens, and is always somewhat amusing.

Yeah. 'twas a good day.


1: I am often a girl in a gamestore. But there is this special undercurrent that occasionally happens when I am the only girl in the gamestore, and the guy-geeks are in awe that a wo-man would invade their territory, or better yet, know what a mox ruby is.
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Bytheway, happy new years and I am still alive, as are Kat and Swing. The jury is still out on Magus, who may have the plague1.

Things that have been happening:

Watching some Black Books
Watching the entire internet at the party
Playing Agricola2
Watching the end of season two of Titus
Watching almost all the rest of Middleman4
Me working on a general "these were the resolutions of 2008 that I ignored, and here, have some resolutions for 2009 that I will ignore.

Annnnnndyeah. Now it is time for me to go to work. This is incredibly lame, though at least there are lovely people who ought to be around when I get home. Unless they die. Which would really really suck. So, uh, dearhearts, don't die, it will make me a sadKat.

In other news, yay, it's been a year for me and that pretty girl who I snog on occasion. Good for us!


1: No, he does not really have the plague. I tend to be wildly exaggeratey about things like that.

2: Dan4th, Dan4th, Dan4th, if you are reading this, get this game. *Totally* get this game. Get this game, and Magus3 and I will totally come over and play with you. Because ohmgods, it is a strategery game that I actually enjoy.

3: Once he recovers from the plague

4: (Middleman!)
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So, good stuff:

+Random friendly stranger that did not attempt to rape or kill me
+Really *really* astoundingly nice taxi drivers who accept ten dollars for what probably should've been a 16-18 dollar fare (Of which, it's worth mentioning, I only paid five dollars of.)
+'Who Framed Roger Rabbit', which is visually lovely and I'm annoyed I hadn't seen it in so long
+Pushing the number of MST3K's I've seen up to four! (Manos, Teenagers from outer space, Giant Gila Monster, and now --POD PEOPLE!)
+Hanging out with Jere7my
+My underlings

So, bad stuff:

-Potentially failing a save vs. disease
-Our theatre not having a clear connection between backstage left and backstage right
-Thunderstorms and hail
-The juxtaposition of the two above
-Being slightly unsteady on my feet and a touch headachey and nauseous and kinda not at all focusing well --it feels a little bit like sleep dep, except I got something like seven or eight hours (admitedly slightly fractured) last night.
-Alarm clocks.

'sall for now. Going to go have a sit down for a bit.

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Things from today:
Itty-bitty scene kids
The world is full of suck
I gave blood!!!
Bethity Beth is awesome
Across the Universe -- "we got bored of the plot, so we're now going to smoke a lot of pot and script the next half hour --whatever we write, we keep!"

Things to do tomorrow:
Eat something
Go to Jere7my's still-unnamed house

Other things on my mind
The song 'S****!1 said Dance'
How much rape sucks
I really hate hormone cycles. I also hate learning how they work
NTS: Kill WookieNick for dragging me on stage during bows.
I need to start using Hiveminder better. Also, iCal.
Is anyone interested in me posting my grand list of all the status messages I've put up on Adium in the last five weeks?


1: (Everyone got your dice ready?) S****! is my spelling of Satan. Because if you only imply it, it doesn't count. Also, it took me ten rolls.2

2: Dude, I don't even know how to explain it. It's a gamer thing that peaked with Origins '04. You were either there and annoyed with me for bringing it up, or you weren't and are confused.
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Bahaha. Urbandictionary word of the day today: 'pornacopia'. Which just makes me think of Potter Puppet Pals, and that just makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.


So, music, which is what I meant to babble about.

A couple nights ago, I had one of those generally emo-ing out nights. On a whim, I somehow hit on the song "30/90" from 'tick, tick...BOOM!' as being perfect for my mood. Which, it pretty much was, that song carried me straight through emo alright and then into frenetically hyper-happy.

What's interesting is that the lyrics didn't really match my mood. I was feeling empty and irresponsible and like a dissapointment, where the lyrics are more devoted to "aug, holy shit, I'm thirty years old and don't know what to do with my life." This helped cement the idea for me that I listen to music, not words, which, well...auditory learning disability, much? So, not shocking. Just good to know.

Also on the subject of music, I've mentioned a whole handful of times that I am slowly compiling a playlist with one song for every person on my friends list --something that reminds me of them, sounds like them, or makes me think of them. Last night, on the way off towards Adventure!, I decided to listen to the rest of 'tick, tick...BOOM!' to see if it was equally excellent. Which meant I actually listened to the lyrics of the song "Green Green Dress" for the first time, well ever.

Yeah, that song now very much has a person attached to it. *grins* I mean, sometimes it's hard to pick songs for people (Either 'which one of the 200+ Europeon indie rock songs that this guy has sent me fits him best' or '...How is it this person defies every song I own, damn her'). Sometimes the song presents itself, says "I belong to that guy, yep!" and plonks itself down in the appropriate playlist.


So, movies.

I mentioned going off on an Adventure! last night, yeah? Yeah, that particular adventure was meeting up with [ profile] jere7my and [ profile] adfamiliares and going off to see Persepolis, and then following them home in order to watch MST3K.

Persepolis: Oh my goodness gracious.

I went into it knowing that it was animated, based off an autobiographical comic, and the author was native-or-something to somewhere in the middle east. Or, in other words, pretty much as blank a slate as you could get.

Plot is good, and solid, and *neat*. It's a little bit fractured, which might make it a little confusing to some people but I was fine. It made me really *really* want to go find a copy of the book. It was well written, and had at least a couple moments where I stopped breathing just because I was so wrapped up in the story.

Visually...jesus, this is probably the prettiest movie I've seen since Finding Nemo*. It's drop-dead *gorgeous*, and the whole thing is animated, two dimensionally!, and in an art style that makes me want to buy the DVD just so I can freeze it and practise copydrawing. It's one of those movies that I'd like to have on in the background with the sound off, all the time.

Also, it's in French. Which means it has subtitles, which is apparently the *greatest thing ever*. Seriously, I'm not sure I've seen a subtitled movie in a theatre before, but I clearly need to become an aficionado of foreign films, just because it's *so* much easier for me. (Did I mention auditory learning disability? Yeah, reading the words is SO much easier than hearing them.)

So yeah, go see Persepolis.

As for MST3K...

I have now seen " "Manos", Hands of Fate."
Pardon me for a moment.


...Okay, I'm better now. *Wow*.

Also, I realize this is bad, but just how bad is it that I desperately want to make myself a robe like the Master's. C'mon, bitchin' simple concostume. It would be great. And I would be lynched.

Jere7my and I also watched "Teenagers From Outer Space" which...well...Yeah. Apparently the theme of last night's MST3King was "Movies where the dog dies." (OH NO I JUST SPOILED THEM!)

I have less to say about TFOS, partly because it was a less bad movie (what, like every movie that isn't ""MANOS" HANDS OF FATE!" ever?) and partly because I was beginning to be all sleepy for that one. However, it did have torture. TOHR-TURE!

Also, Joel is hot. Yep, I said it. You can all laugh at me now.


I think that's all, just because this entry has gone on for *quite* long enough at this point. Tonights Adventure! involves baking cupcakes with the college group.


*hands down, the most beautiful thing Pixar has done. Ratatoille's my favourite, I think, but Finding Nemo is just amazing to stare at.


ETF html mix-up
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Random cuddling? Check.
People snarking at movies? Check.
Way too many awesome scifi/fantasy books just lying around? Check.
Kitty!? Check.

Or in other words, nothing I've done in Boston has made me miss The Empty City as much as going to [ profile] jere7my and [ profile] adfamiliares's house last night for bad movies.

It turned out to be me and Jere7my and BDan (who may or may not have some sort of 'elljay') and we watched Plankton/Creatures from the Abyss (Notable lines: "how long have you been fucking fish, professor" "what, they were all of age!") and The Oozing Skull (which is the MST3KCinematic Titanic title for "Brain of Blood".) Hokay, all I gotta say? They were *hi*larious. Creatures from the Abyss showed why ichthyophillia really never much caught on --apparently, having sex with fish is *bad*. Even though no one did. They just...ate...the perfectly normal looking fish from the fridge. And that turned them into mutant fish. Okay, look, it had a scene where someone's eye fell into someone elses throat. If that's not comedy, I don't know what is.

The Oozing Skull was a less instantly snarkable movie, which makes it extra nice that the CT people were there to do it for us. Also, as introductions to MST3K go, it was not at all bad. Yeah, I'd never actually seen any MST3K episode before...Sorcy is bad.

(For all of you who are giving me those aghast looks, I'm sorry, please don't beat me! Look at it this way --it'd be more fun to strap me to a chair and force me to watch multiple episodes of MST3K than to beat me, right? Right?)

Afterwards, I decided that I really didn't especially want to walk back to the T-stop, so Jere7my was sweet enough to offer up his guest room. Which meant that, instead of sleeping, we spent three hours watching previews for Something Weird videos (somewhat NSFW link)

I have no words for some of these movies. ((Also, Katters, we *have* to find a copy of "The Adult Version of Jekyll and Hide(sic)", if only because Hyde will quite plausibly kill us both if we watch it. C'mon, it can't *possibly* be worse than the animated version. Well. Okay, yeah it can. But at least it probably won't think Jekyll is trying to cure baldness, and damnit, that's something!))

In short, evening was totally awesome, and I ended it off at too damn early in the morning rereading the two stories I remembered from The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More (I would've read more, just because Roald Dahl is a god from my childhood, but it was getting on towards five in the morning.)

"The Swan" is significantly less creepy and depressing than I remember, which is good. I think rereading it gave me a little bit of closure from my childhood, which is a Very Good Thing. (It contains one of the pushbuttons that make me go all quiet and moral and depressed -wanton bullying, for no reason. Oddly, I *really* don't like bullying in any form --can't imagine why.)

"The Hitchhiker" is pretty good, though not necessarily as good as I remember it being. I had forgotten the term 'fingersmith' though, I think I have to remember that for some future role playing game. Hum, I should start one up or something, similar to hitchin_dnd.

So, to sum up:

*Jere7my's haus makes me miss The Empty City, because damn, it has the exact same feel. (with fewer1 people in it at any given point, but that's true of pretty much everybody's house, ever)
*Shlock movies are win
*I need to watch MST3K
*I really ought to go through and reread the entirety of Roald Dahl's works, because that man is made pretty much entierly of writing talent
*I'm adding "The Adult Version of Jekyll and Hide" to my 'Things to do with The Katters' list. (Other things on there include watching "Tron", "High School Musical", "UHF", and "Muppet Treasure Island", forcing her to tell me what it is that she knows that I don't, and, apparently, 'Hair Gel'. Oh, and to get her to teach me how to draw blood.)


Unrelatedly, I'm going to try again with the stalking-dan4th-in-order-to-play-games thing. MUAHAHAHA!


1: Proud of me, Magus?
P.S: Veronica, I miss you. <3
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Ohman, weekend!

Friday, I pretty much just hung out with assorted college kids --Lauren, Emily, Ty (Em's boyfriend), Ria, Maddie, Dominik, and Cecily-- from about noon until three in the morning. It was kinda righteous.

Lauren and I watched Saw II somewhere in the middle of that one. It's pretty good, and ohman am I a wuss. Just kinda in general. Various groupings of people also watched Willard and Thank You For Smoking, but I was phased out on the computer for most of that. (Fucking TV tropes.)

Saturday, I woke up when the amazingly amazing Lezzie-Beth called me and was all "Uhm, lab hours for Play Productions class, kthanksbai?" (in not quite those words) I wound up working in the theatre for the next five hours or so, helping to make a chastity belt. Which was kinda fun, especially the interlude in the middle where me and Lezzie-Beth wound up looking at assorted torture devices, as part of the "hmm, lets google chastity belt for reference!" thing.)

Got food, went upstairs...and shut myself into my room for all hours. I think my goal was to never leave and be real life social ever, mostly because I was...slightly socialed out.

This was actually a good thing, as it culminated in having a much needed gossip session with my fabulously sexy best friend, Veronica (seriously, go look at her new usericon. What the *fuck* Belanie1, no one has any right to look that amazingly good.) Of course, just as we started to get to the really good bits, my internet connection went all "fuck this shit!" and died on me. So me and V need to finish that gossiping sometime, probably/hopefully over spring break.

Me and The Katters wound up tossing text messages back and fourth for about an hour, while I did some housecleaning, and then I went to sleep. At four in the morning.

Eleven and a half hours later, or so, I woke up again. Man, there is nothing that will totally fuck up your sleep schedule as much as waking up at three thirty in the afternoon. On the plus side, I do feel particularly well rested.

Once awake, I stumbled downstairs, got food, remembered that I had been invited to [ profile] xalolo's for gaming, went "Shit yes!", put on clothes, and walked to Harvard Square so I could catch a bus to his place.

...and waited. For a really frigging long time. Rarrrrrr.

EVENTUALLY the bus showed up, and I went over, and said hullo to Chris ([ profile] xalolo) and to Nathan (Lab Rabbit with pretty hair) and to other assorted people, and wound up getting sucked into a game of "Covert Action", which is an pretty good game with a terrible winning mechanism. Like, "Planet Hollywood" terrible, only *worse*.

Played a couple rounds of Sixis, which is currently in beta, and I got to play a bunch of when I went and worked for Chris a couple weekends ago. It's interesting to play it as a team game instead of a two person game. I'd like to try it with three sometime now.

Played a game of "Blue Moon City" which is a suprisingly fun "God, this is the sort of game I hate, isn't it?" game. Part of that may have been that it takes about 20-40 minutes to play. Still though, I may have to accept that strategy/thinking games are not inherently evil.

(Totally unrelated note: WANT ICEHOUSE. WANT PLAY! Who's in Boston and willing to play with me? *whines*)

And then we played a million zillion rounds of RockBand, because it is the greatest video game ever. I no longer suck at the drums part on medium for "Foreplay/Long time".

Annnnnnnnnd I'm out. Class soon. I may wish to eat something. Hmm, maybe I should curl up in a corner and read. I haven't done too much of that lately.


1: From "Girls are not to be trusted" by Derrick Comedy. It's a pretty hilarious sketch, visuals are SFW, audio is decidedly *not*.
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Finished watching Coupling tonight.

spoilspoilspoil )

In other news, yes, highly entertaining TV = good incentive for Kat to get off her lazy butt and write papers.

In other other news, I have an evil plot about sleep that I should so turn into a real thing. Also, brain, I cannot believe you just suggested that, no. No. No. No, busyness. And it's not actually closer. And packing. AND STOP THAT.

Fucking brain.

Talk to you lot laters!

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Just got back from Lauren and Emily's room, where the three of us watched Dogma, with Emily's boyfriend, Ty. It was...dunno. I'm not sure if I'm just especially impressionable right now or what, but my brain is in think-mode, which means there may be a faithpost in the works.


Grace and I both leave home at about noon tomorrow to go to our respective Thanksgiving bashes. Before that point, I need to pack and clean my room. More todo:

Packing: Charge Jackie (my new ipod), sync Jackie, charge Serenity, pack Newsies hat, pack devilboxen (my cellphone)'s charger, pack clothes into a smallish bag, leave space to aquire shite, pack Junglespeed, pack Fluxx, pack decks of cards, write down list in my packingnotebook, take pictures of my flowers before they die, turn off the powerstrip, move library books away from the heater.

Cleaning: Clean off desk, get all laundry into the baskets, take out trash, take out recycling, vaccum when Grace isn't looking, make sure there is no foodstuffs in my room besides oatmeal and halloween candy, wash dishes. Clean room in general.


Periods suck, bleeding sucks, cramps suck, ibprofen *rocks*


Lauren, Emily, and I played games for an hour or so before going moviewatching --we played three rounds of Fluxx, which we each won once, a bunch of rounds of Junglespeed, which I mostly won, and a handful of rounds of James Bond, which I won most of. I need to force these girls to play more Junglespeed with me, and more importantly, teach more people to play, so we can get better games going. Veronica, come visit and play games with us!!


Bethity Beth is totally wonderful, and really really cute when she goes all squee-ey. She gets to see her boyfriend tonight, which I'm hella jealous of. I wanna see *my* boyfriend. *pouts*


My chanchito is not actually lucky, I suspect. Little bastard. I am of two minds of what to do with him in regards to my luck-cat, who IS lucky, and has made it so I have never been in an airline crash. (Seriously, she rides with me in my pocket every time, and I am kept totally safe) Half of me wants to let the two hang out together, and see if her luck rubs off on him; the other half wants me to keep them faaaar apart so his luck does not taint hers.


I have an orange lily! Heather gave it to me after the play.


I suspect that I am not hungry for dinner because I had pretzels with frosting at the twins house. I am really quite glad that I am going to have five days of being forced to eat real food at regular times. I don't know what will become of me.


All for now. *hugs!*

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Things I hate:


I'll fill this half up later

Things I don't hate:

Magus, crepes, getting lost and winding up at Tufts (It was awesome.) finding all the props I need, crepes, Ratatoille (okay, that's technically last night), real food (also last night), Geetar Hero (also also last night), walking a lot, churches with "free stuff" to wander through, new shoes, click-screw-nuts, crepes, staying up until five thirty talking to my clone, Veronica, Tho, apples + grapes + brie, and crepes.

Oh, and theatre. Theatre rocks.

And getting lost and winding up at Tufts. Mostly because I found myself staring at the sign for Tufts and going "I'm *where*?" It was cool. I like long walks.

Soyeah. Today and yesterday were both significantly better days. I miss my boyfriend though, since I haven't seen him in a bunch of days and I'm *still* reeeeeeeeeally cuddle-deprived.

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Hokay, so, however long ago it was, I saw a preview for the movie "Superbad". My brain labeled it as unimaginably dumb looking, in a Napoleon Dynomite kind of way, and therefore unworthy of any more thought. But funny, mind. The sort of garbage where, if there wasn't something better going on, I'd be happy to go see.

Well, there wasn't anything better going on tonight, so me and Lauren went and watched it in the student center, with about three dozen other people. Kind of a "Emily and Dominik are in class 'til all hours, nothing much else is going on, let's watch it."

I laughed my goddamn ass off. Seriously, it was mindless, schadenfreudic, sweet, and most importantly FUN! It was pretty much just a total trip to watch.

And yeah. Slashgoggles. I was good, and didn't put them on for the two main charecters (much) mostly because the movie does plenty of that. But see, there were these cops. Ohman, I was slashing like Talia. It was impressive.

Annnnnndyeah. Superbad = suprisingly good, and I actually kinda want a copy. Also, one of the two main charecters is totally nommy. Seriously, he has the HELLA cute gawky geek "awww, I just want to grab him and kiss him and totally blow his mind completely because he's sweet ninteen and never been kissed"" sort of thing.

So, that's my story for the night.


WriMo stuff:

The bits and cheracters I posted in here earlier? Yeah, I'm not doing to well on that, but you can check my progress via Katarina_tales -- Only Anarchists.

To make up for my utter writers-block fails, I have begun to write a secondary WriMo story, which is blazing along at a rediculous rate. I think I wrote a total of 4000 words for it today or something equally recockulous. You can find that over at Katarina_Tales -- Loose Ends.

Or you can just go friend [ profile] katarina_tales, my writing journal, and get way too much shit piled on your friends list this month, and way too little the rest of the year.

See yas!

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So, yesterday was the one year anniversary of me having seen V for Vendetta. I celebrated by having a midterm in sociology, not having my computers class, going to play practise, and then watching V for Vendetta with Lauren, Emily, Dominik, Mary (D.'s girlfriend), Katie (sp?) (Mary's best friend), Cecily, Skye (Random half-Brit friend of mine from English class who lives above Cec), and Jess.

It was very very fun. So that was good.

Also, before Jess arrived with the DVD player, we spent much time discussing the family ties, and who exactly is related to who. See, Dominik adopted Emily as his daughter, and me and Lauren wound up as the crazy Dominik is my brother in law, and Emily is my niece. And Cecily is my...mother in law, but she's not Dominiks mom, so she must be his stepmom. It's all very confusing.

Today's adventures involved Kat being UBERHYPER. Oh, but first, I went to math class this morning and TOTALLY KICKED THE ASS OF MY QUIZ, OHMAN!

See, I forgot completely we were having a quiz. Ohnoes, and all that. So I hadn't studied, which is bad of me. Luckily for me, I tend to just kick a lot of ass at math in general, so I more or less annihilated most of the quiz. But there was one question worth ten points (out of 100...eek!) that basically just said "find the standard deviation"

Which, of course, I had completely forgotten how to do. I was the second to last person to leave the room, because it took me twenty minutes of playing with numbers and trying different things to remember how to find standev. But I did it! Oh yeah!! *happydances*


Then English, where I wrote about Snakes on a Plane, then lunch, where I was hyper, then wandering around with Lauren and Emily and Dominik. Our goal was to go and get a book for Emily for one of her classes...we went to this tiny used bookstore just out of Harvard Square proper, that specilized in old textbooks. It was pretty much completely heaven --I have to go back sometime soon as I found a book I put on hold there. It is about pronouns and feminism and gender neutral pronouns, and yeah. Just cool.

Then we continued our wandering, stopped into the tobacco store, which I found out sells straight razors. Arrrg, sixty dollars though! I think I need to start hitting up antique shops and try and find a cheaper (and more period) one.

Went to another bookstore, then sent Dominik off to his class at AIB and came home. Andyeah.

Tonight I am going to go work on the play until about nine, and then me and Lauren and Emily and Dominik are going to make spaghetti for dinner. Nommy!

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So, the sox won the world series. Woo!!


In other news, I just watched Saw with Lauren and Emily. s;oighsrughgsorh. Yeah.

It does have Westley in it. Westley is good.

Proper review to show up at roughly the same time as my Haunted review. Hell, I could do 'em as a pair.


...Tonight is going to be a night of dr0nken idiots. God bless eight o'clock classes. Shit.

There's a haiku in there somewhere... Red Sox win series / Lesley dumbasses go wild / Fuck man, let me sleep!

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I am cleaning my room because, as always, it needs it.


I reeeeeeeeally want my beads. *sigh*


Man, Cambridge is gonna make christmas shopping easy. Actually, Joie de Vivre is going to make christmas shopping easy. *lovestoreyesyes*


I got a LETTER yesterday! See, there's a "send me a letter" thread on the xkcd fora, and this girl seemed interesting, and so I tossed her my address and I got a LETTER! And it had a picture of a squirrel, and talked about gerbils, and SQUEE! And did I mention that it was a letter?

Alsoalso, about a week ago I got a postcard from [ profile] tacnukesoul. Because my life is awesome and he is awesome and YAY!!


I bought CD's today. We found a small CD store that sold used CD's for two dollars each, and they had a "Presidents of the United States of America" CD. Which I desperately needed to buy, as anyone who reads STJ will attest.

I also bought a present for olderbro Josh. Yes, I'm christmas shopping already. See above notes about JdV.


Path: 80's dance -> "You give love a bad name" -> Dominik getting it stuck in his head -> him singing it sporadically all Friday night -> getting it stuck in MY head -> being reminded of it whenever people get it stuck in their heads -> Bon Jovi being stuck in mine, Lauren's, and Emily's heads. Bleh.


Yesterday: Get out of English, procrastinate a lot, begin sociology paper, chat with people online, get hella pissed at something someone says, go very slightly mad, mix anger with hate, become somewhat insane, begin listening to Epiphany (Cariou version) on repeat and singing along and actually meaning it, get yanked out of the insanity by Gabriel, become very very frightened of myself and curl up in Gabe's lap for a bit, go eat dinner in a corner of the cafeteria, check mail on a whim, find letter, stablize completely.

Or in other words, Gabriel gets a raise. Cheers, love.


Watched "Thank You for Smoking" yesterday, with Dominik, Mary, Mary's friend Katie, Lauren, and Emily. Totally entertaining movie. Highly entertaining to watch Dominik as he pretty much desperately wanted a cigarette the whole time.

In other news, D. won't let Mary and I braid his hair. :(


I have 18 buisness cards to interesting places I have gone, and one to an interesting place I have not gone. See! )

In the same batch of things, I also have three buisness cards (my advisor, my friend Patrick, and a guy I met at the xkcd meet), and an expired coupon for the Garment District with Magus's address on the back.

This is, of course, not counting the ten or twelve personal and buisness cards I have in my wallet. And the twenty or thirty I have in my buisness card holder thing. As collections go, I think this one is awesome.


Boy, I'm going to GREAT LENGTHS to not clean my room, yeah?

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Hokay so.

FSM bless rough drafts
Uncyclopedia = dangerous when doing homwork
Why are all the people who randomly IM me at all hours of the night on the west coast?
Arrg, so behind in posts. How dare I hang with friends instead!
Taking Lives equals creepy, but not so much I couldn't sleep
I apparently need to watch Saw
Some people are incredible idiotic bastards
I heart mah boyfriend
For some reason, the phrase "heating my arms" strikes me as unnaturally funny has pictures now. Ohman, does it have pictures. Very very NSFW pictures.
I'm not even going to say this one cause mom'll yell at me
Arrrg, books. And lots of them.
I need to finish updating my 101 in 1001 journal
Mell needs to spend a weekend down here so I can take her to RHPS
And Brittany is, apparently, a poon.*


*No, it doesn't make sense to me either. go ask [ profile] zaphod_groupie

So, stuff!

Jun. 18th, 2007 08:05 pm
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What I have been up to since the last time I posted:

Friday was lunch at the mall, where I got to see my BostonMommy ([ profile] persis) and hang out with cool people and AHM'GAWDS, I got TRAW back! Squeeeee!

Traw being my huge orange towel whom I love above all others. And yes, I was a bad hitchhiker and lost my towel, but before you get all morally superior at me, I knew exactly where Merde (My largish blue towel from Marks and Spencers) was at all times, and I went and bought Calender. (Who is bright green)

Yes, I name towels. Shh. Freak at work here.

Soyeah. I have all my towels now, which causes me to laugh evilly. Or be happy. Same diff.

Saturday I spent doing something. Oh! It was my brothers black belt testing, which was reasonably cool to watch. And he passed, so I now have a brother who is a black belt! Yayforhim!!

Then came movie night, which was "nights spent at museums" night. We watched The Hideaways, which is a *really* good adaptation of From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and Night at the Musuem, which is entertaining, and easily slashed.

Sunday I drove out to Pangea with Ksatyr (cute little vegan grocery store in Rockville) then came home, watched the second pirates movie for review, then went out with mum, the kids, Ksatyr, and Speaker2Animals to watch the third pirates movie.

Cut for spoilers. Like the fact that Snape kills Trinity with Rosebud. )

And, because I'm me, I all kinds of dressed up for it, even though I was nearly a month late in seeing it. I looked bloody well awesome, though I'm not sure I bothered to take pictures. Lemme check my camera.

Nope, no pirate pictures. BUT, I do have one picture of my hair, after JenBark got done making it look exceptionally gorgeous at movie night. If I am a goddess of hair (Which I tend to believe, because my hair is incredible) then I maintain that Jen gets to be first priestess of my temple. Soyeah. CLICKY!

That's pretty much the end of my ramblings. I spent today sleeping, being jerked around by Target, dealing with an emotional sister, chillaxing with Ksatyr, and making a Vampire charecter. My charecter is a complete street rat, who keeps pretending to be respectable in order to screw around with the mortal politics, though she really doesn't have any sort of plan for them. She also does not yet have a name --I will have to fix that.

Annnnnnd I'm out. Byee!

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I miss my clone. Damn her and her warm fuzzy dreams! *shakes fist*

On a similar note (related to dreams at least) I have an open letter to my subconcious.

Dear subconcious.

While I appreciate the obvious effort involved in trying to give me a BalticonDream, what the hell was up with all the snow? Also, you do know that the consuite is *connected* to the main building, right? So technically, no one would have to crawl through the snow to get there, and, as the consuite has a roof, there really shouldn't have been snow in it.


Luv, Kat.

P.S: I fully support Magus in spectacular* kilts though. We can have more of that, yep.

*Spectacular meaning sortof a darkish purple and blue hawaiin print utilikilt. If such a thing actually exists, I want it.


Seriously, I made like three really stupid mistakes in typing the last paragraph. Sorcy can't spell today. :(

As for other, non dream related shtuff...uhm...I'm out. I need more dreams of guys in kilts. Or more dreams with NakedSwing in them. >> <<

*totally isn't a bad person. Much.*


I have been spending entierly too much time cleaning my room lately, with a good amount of help from Ksatyr. It is a difficult process. I fear it may never be truly done, and currently just exists in the moving shit from point a to point b form of cleaning.

Which will work, until I have to pack. Eek!

(Unrelated note --I wonder how many of my legos I can take with me...)

Katters is a bad influence on me. Oompa, oompa, oompa. :p

Uhm. Soyeah. Tuesday I went to the Holocaust Musuem, which was...well...a museum about the Holocaust. Pretty damn depressing, but worth going to at least once.

On the plus side, me and Becky finished up the day by me forcing her to watch Blues Brothers, and her forcing me to watch a couple of episodes of Stargate (1969 and the 200th episode) which were pretty fun.

Huh. Rosi and Guil have wandered back into my head. Eh, whatever.

Moving right along...yeah, I have no more of a life. I hung out with Veronica a bunch yesterday. We played an obscene amount of Geetar Hero, and watched Robots (since it was on) and Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways, since V had never seen it, and we were in the mood for EcclstonDoctor. Fish and Ksatyr were there as well, which partially inspired that.

Mel made Aly a cake on Wednesday night, because she's *awesome*. It's good cake, too.

I'm hella behind in reading you lot --I'm barely through the thirteenth, with all the zombies. Which, might I add, I am INCREDIBLY pissed I missed it. Grr! Argh!!

Annnnnnnd I'm out. Off to go clean up, like I'm supposed toget sucked in by the flattering words of my clone.

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On a similar note, does the line "I really don't think House could get it up for Wilson; possibly to Wilson's disappointment." make anyone else giggle, or am I just too tired to be having entertaining converations.

(Credit to Magus. Also, no fair incriminating him, it's totally my fault we were discussing Houseslash.)



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