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Hokay, awesome things:

Walking for three hours
Walking for three hours in a long convulted path that takes you past all the cool peoples houses.

Seriously. I have had a Good Day. For some reason I'm not quite sure of (I can't find any of my friends and don't feel like slacking online?) I decided to go for a walk. Which, after the first hour or so, can probably be considered a Walk.

I started out at home. From there, I wandered towards Magus's house, waved as I walked past, passed by a truly fabulous lavender house, wandered back towards home in a very "not quite the right way" manner, (Apparently the Sacremento Av in Somerville does not actually connect to the Sacremento Av in Cambridge.) and finally found myself in an "under the train tracks" tunnel where there was a mural of underground things. Including FRAGGLES! Greatest. Mural. Ever.

From there, I found myself at a pie shop. No, seriously, There was not a barber shop nearby, so I felt perfectly safe wandering inside. Unfortuantely, they didn't have a buisness card to add to my collection. But I know where it is so I can go back and visit sometime when I have monies.

Sidenote; GOD I LOVE THIS CITY! Seriously. How many of you live in a city with an honest to god PIE SHOP? Although, technically the pie shop is Somerville, so it's *technically* not my city, but shh. The pie shop is closer to me then Porter Exchange, it counts.

Lessee...after pie shop, I saw a street name that seemed familier and slipped through and wound up on the street that goes behind my school. So I walked back towards the school, waved at Dominik's house as I passed, and, instead of doing the intelligent thing and go back to my room, I kept walking.

I walked allllllll the way up to the Bawston Dave and Diane's house, which is an awesome walk besides the last 100 feet or so, which is all very much uphill. Since no one was home, I waved, and had a moment of decision. I could go home OR I could climb 94 steps and be at the castle that lives practically next door to D&D.

As you can guess from the fact that I knew how many steps it took, I visited the castle. OHMAN, CASTLE! (Okay, so technically it's more of a tower I suppose, but don't knock it.) The castle is at the top of a hill, and I could see way far out over Boston. If it had been a clear day, it would have been even better --NTS: I need to come back out there when all the leaves have gone off the trees to see if I can spot my house and/or Porter Exchange.

Castle, to home, in a circular manner. I passed by the street to home, waved to Dominik's house again (because it was on the way) wandered past Lauren and Emily's house to see if they weren't home, waved (since they weren't), walked up to Mass Av, walked back down the correct street, waved to Madelines house, and walked up five flights of stairs.

It was an AWESOME day. Mile estimate is about five, cool things estimate is about a billion. OH! And I found the shop where I am buying Harena's christmas present. :D


Lyrics of the day:

Because I can
'Cause no one can stop me
'Cause it makes up for things I've lost
Because I'm Addicted to Bad Ideas
And all the beauty in the world

(World/Inferno Friendship Society, Addicted to Bad Ideas. Win!)

Alsoalso, in a fit of True Awesome, somebody clever on the city planning committee made all of the Cambridge street signs green and all the Somerville street signs blue. This makes it just that much easier to get unlost, which is nice.

sorcyress: Drawing of me as a pirate, standing in front of the Boston Citgo sign (Default)



sorcyress: Drawing of me as a pirate, standing in front of the Boston Citgo sign (Default)
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