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Goooooood morning, internet!

I woke up at about 5:30am today, frantically pounded out my words for yesterday1, and then fucked around for a little bit. Around 6:15, I determined that I should probably go back to sleep.

Except I didn't really want to. On a fundamental level I object to sleep in the same way I object to death2. But typically when I wake up, I feel quite strongly about immediately going back to bed. This is a bad habit, and why I have been known to hit "snooze" on my alarm for upwards of an hour, yes I know that's a terrible idea and not actually any more restful3.

But I awoke and processed the situation and despite falling asleep at my laptop sometime ambiguous last night I felt...reasonably spry, actually. So instead of setting a three-hour alarm4 and going back to sleep, I turned on the alarm and opened my book.


I think I have been unaware of just how critical long, uninterrupted, stretches of reading time are for my self-care. On Sunday of FaerieFest, I spent from about 5:00pm to 6:30 lying in a hammock re-reading Good Omens, and I swear it was better than a nap.

So I think my mental assessment of "booooks?" is going to involve a lot more of keeping one relatively close at hand than it used to. Fiction is important, damnit, and I bet if I find compelling enough stuff to keep by my bed, my mind will be willing to trade thirty minutes of reading it until the second alarm comes on for hitting snooze four times.

(Ah, but getting me to stop reading...)

So it's just before eleven, I've burned the morning re-reading Feed, which is the least bad way to burn an unemployed morning I can think of. I haven't quite finished it yet, which is okay (I need to swing by a Friendly Local Bookstore6 and pick up the next two --they were from the library originally, I read them before I had an automatic Buy This for all Seanan books). My immediate plans are to eat breakfast, and maybe do some room cleaning and laundry and post-faerie stuff, and otherwise be a bit productive.

I think today will be a good day.


1: 750words lets you set your own time zone. For the first couple years of the site (including my longest streak, double-including the breaking of my longest streak) I kept it strictly set to midnight, local time.

When I restarted it, I pushed the timing back to better fit with my nocturnal nature. Somehow this turned into just permanently setting it at the latest zone (Hawaii, which typically has its midnight at 6AM my time) and occasionally (and increasingly frequently) writing my words in the early morning before going to work.

Now, it's entirely possible that if I don't need to leave the house by 6AM, I will go back to waking up at a less ungodly hour (I have woken up at a time starting with four at least once a month for the last school year) and then I can go back to actually writing my words in the damn evening like I'm supposed to.

2: That is to say, with every fibre of the core of my being. We, as a community of humans who understand such delicate things as "innovation" and "medical technology" should have fixed this by now. I mostly feel the same way about menstruation, but recognize that some people like the power inherent in the Sacred Feminine blah blah blah make the blood stop staining my boxer briefs, kthanks.

3: Currently I'm not working on it, with the vague concept that once I get to the new place, I will make an Active Effort to design my room such that I do not get to go back to bed after hitting snooze.

4: I have not exactly worked out the correct lengths of time for me to be unconscious, but at least the first few subscribe to the typical "one and a half hours" I hear thrown around as an average. So 1.5, 3, 4.5, and 6 hour alarms are all typical for me. I'm pretty sure 8 is better than 9, but I'm not sure how that plays with 7 vs 7.5.

I come by my sleep fascination honestly, I have a father who drives5 a car bearing the license "MORFEUS" and who did his thesis on sleep labs. My ADHD makes me neuroatypical enough that they probably don't want me for most sleep studies :(

5: Well I did. He abandoned that vanity plate when he left MD. The Chicago one was ASA AQA (American Society of Anesthesiologists, something quality something?). I dunno what he's got down in Texas.

Mom's was Galileo (named after the Star Trek shuttlecraft, not the astronomer, much to the chagrin of at least one lonely dude who had just moved to the state and followed her to a busy parking lot to meekly inquire if she knew of any stargazing clubs). The next car was technically named Catbus, but she kept the same plate until she moved to Chicago, at which point she switched to GREYK L. Her newest car is called the Gullfire, and if you need me to explain the reference, you need to hang out with mom more.

I eventually figured out that most people *don't* have vanity plates, and was kinda disappointed by that knowledge. If I ever obtained a car, I would probably determine it worth the extra 50 dollars to have one that says MOOP! on it.

6: I interviewed quite nearby to a Soulless Chain Bookstore, which is actually where I changed my clothes. They had both Blackout and Deadline (for some reason Porter Square Books never seems to have the third) but being as I knew my bike ride home would take me past two separate indie shops, I resisted.

Further resistance came from not going into either the Harvard Book Store (which I just learned is clever enough to own or PSB. Look at how good I am with money! Resistance will break as soon as I realize there are sequels to Wee Free Men and other Pratchett nonsense I've never read (most of it, honestly) and then I will have no money and even fuller bookshelvesstacks.

Postscript: Fun fact! I'm pretty inconsistent about tags, but the "footnote-orgy" tag I've used on this post is only allowed to be used on posts where the footnotes have footnotes --not just when I do like eight of 'em. YAY!
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Today is the first MCAS day, which means that my schedule is all sorts of weird. I still have to come in at the same early hour (I laugh when my friends complain about going in to work early and having to wake up at *gasp* 8:30 --I'm already halfway through first period by then.) but unless I get called in for emergency test proctoring (*crosses fingers oh please god no*) I get some time to myself to catch up on preparing for my classes and the like. And this happens two days in a row! Sometimes, I am very lucky indeed.

(That being said, I just finished today's sudokus in the Metro and I'm now updating 750words, so it's not like I'm exactly taking *professional* advantage of this brilliant new time. But I am certainly taking personal advantage --it's been many sad and uncomfortable weeks since I did 750w regularly, and I miss the habit. I can do most of my grading at home, I can't always have a distraction-free environment to write.)

Lots of people have been asking how life is going, and I have mostly been confused by the question --doesn't everyone just read my livejournal and know what's up? Well sure, but that logic only works if I update more than once a fortnight, and with content at that. (and let's not get into the fallacy that people actually read elljay anymore...)

I've been okay. I'm still really stuck in the braindeath I've been fighting since October or so, and the weather continues to really not cooperate --those two days of Spring were great, but now that it's summer, my brain is melting. Still probably better than being excessively cold though, my lizardbrain shuts down worse when I'm freezing.

Professionally, I have to worry about MCAS, which is about the best thing --it means I'm actually doing math, in a high school classroom, often enough for it to be notable. Currently, I've two sections of Algebra 2, and there of Geometry. It's lovely!

I haven't been dancing very much, which for me translates to about "once a week". Demo team rehearsals are mostly done for the year, which means at least I'm not doing _really hard dance bracketed by biking 4 miles_, but the braindeath and my own malaise are conspiring pretty hardcore to keep me in my house instead of out to the CanAm or MIT1. I made it to both dances last week, and the Highland Ball this weekend, but I missed Scottish last night due to an overwhelming inability to people, and I might miss Squares tonight for same.

(Last night, Sparr had people over for games and I wound up playing, and that worked didn't actually work all that well. I was foggy and distracted and just wanted to play stupid video games. I wish I could reteach my brain to spend its foggy time on writing instead of games. I think it would feel better about things in the long run if I did. I don't even have to write original, I have _so much_ typing to catch up on, things from the last weeks and months that want to be cohesive and properly put together but can't be until they're all in the same, preferably digital, space.)

I've been consuming large amounts of mostly visual media --watching Game of Thrones, playing Heroes of Might and Magic (at a truly alarming and almost dangerous amount, but at least it's not "four hours lost to Minesweeper" bad...yet.), rereading/catching up with Dumbing of Age. I've been on a project to read all the Newbery Award books, that stagnated a bit due to the last one not being very good (and sucking my enthusiasm) and, er, losing track of2 where I put the one I'm supposed to start next.

My room is _unholydeathhatred_ right now, which is probably contributing more to my inability to exist than I am willing to put together and admit. Anyone want to come over tomorrow and just yell at me?

...and the tangent from there deserves its own post. Ta!


1: CanAm = Canadian American Club in Watertown, where the Scottish Country Dance meets. Yes, I know we're supposed to be the Cambridge Class. MIT is, of course, where I do Tech Squares.

2: In my defense, I roadtripped to Atlanta, and then drove back and stayed in Maryland for several days and then bussed up to Boston and then pretty much immediately did NEFFA and then started a new job. So, I haven't unpacked, even though I've had more than enough time to, but that's a lot of why my room became unholydeathmessy, and also why I'm having difficulty finding important things, like library books. Gods bless the Minuteman and letting me renew online.
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After the convention, I got into a car and drove drove drove drove drove north from Atlanta, until the group of us arrived in Maryland, gave me the ungracious boot, and I tucked and rolled into Veronica's apartment. I spent the last three days in her very lovely company!

It was very much a vacation trip. She and I gossiped and wandered and malled and chatted with her mother, I spent a day watching most of Orange is the New Black (I still have like three episodes left, no spoilers!), we kidnapped other friends I hadn't seen in too long and played games and drank beer. I did not publicise this Maryland visit, because it wasn't a public visit --it was a chance for her and I to reconnect, to make sure we can still put up with each other and be friends.

(We did, we can, and that's all I need-want in the world.)

Thursday was the bus day. I intended for it to be a grand and glorious day of GETTING THINGS DONE, but instead I played six straight hours of Heroes of Might and Magic 3. It's not all a loss, having realized I'd really overstepped my self-appointed rulings, I subsequently managed to type about 4700 words. Old papers, from the last several months, just getting them so I can dispose of the physical property and leave behind the thoughts which matter. I may sift through sometime soon and see if there's anything worth posting.

There was traffic, and then red line delays, but I finally made it home. Sparr had made grilled cheese, and Lauren had left (really fucking good) cake, and so I collapsed into bed, fat and happy. Now it is Friday and in a couple hours I'll be heading out for my ride to NEFFA! I intend to dance dance dance dance all today and tomorrow, and then Sunday, I have a performance round abouts 3:15ish. You should all come see me dance! I will wear a poofy white dress for you!

As with most vacations, I did not get very much done, but I feel good, grounded. More like myself than I have been. I hope this continues.

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Today was excellent, and by all rights, should be delivered via a photoessay. However, most of my photos are on my camera, and I don't feel like digging out the card reader right now, so...

...wait, what? There's a card reader on my laptop? I...I am skeptical. Hang on, I think I need to try some science.

OKAY FINE, I guess I will give an account of my pretty much completely awesome day via photoessay, gods!

So today was excellent! )

Tomorrow I am going to be very sore, but it was an excellent day.

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Really, just heaps of things have been happening, basically _every weekend forever_. The trend looks to continue through the next several weeks as well, oh my! But here are some very quick recaps:

Last weekend: Honkfest, of which I attended hardly any (but oh, the parade is wonderful and the weather was perfect for pictures) and the Regency Assembly, which was done rather as a masquerade ball. Hopefully next year I shall drag some contingent of the SCD demo team along with me.

Before that: Housewarming extravaganza! I had my housewarming on Friday, which was quite a good party, by dint of us knowing excellent people, and did not seem to upset any of the neighbors. Saturday was Nurit and Genni (and Kate!)'s housewarming, which had a puzzle I still haven't quite grasped.

Before that: Youth Dance Weekend, which deserves about eighty-seven posts on Ambidancetrous, none of which will ever get written because I suck.

Before that: Uhhhhh. Something? Gimme a sec to look at the calendar. Oh! Ikea trip weekend, that's right.

Before that: VERONICA GOT MARRIED OMGYAYYYYYYY! Everything was very excellent.

Before that: Official "Move Into Our House" party. Exhaustion.


Before that: Move everything into storage. Exhaustion.

Before that: GenCon, and surrounding GenCon I was in Chicago, and this update brings us back to mid August, so you can see why I haven't been doing a particularly scintillating job updating this journal.

Less jestingly about lack of time, There was a pretty heavy lack of motivation to do ...anything... that transpired throughout my mind for most of September. It is deeply frustrating to lose a month to inefficientness like that. I am currently feeling much more like the sort of competent person who is able to get things done, and attempting stubbornly to harness that for all its worth.

Plus, I'm not allowed to play Skyrim unless I meet certain requirements in an attempt to use bribery as a representation of self control. Being as I don't actually have any self control whatsoever, it's not working particularly well. But I am up to level 34 in Skyrim, and my sneak is at motherlovin' 92. Being as everyone else played this game three years ago when it came out, I will spare you my babblings, or at least put them in another post so you can skip it.

As an aside, here's the next few weekends:

Weekend upcoming: NECTR, a little itty-bitty start-up burn in the wilds of Connecticut. It's been almost a year since my last burn, we will see how I enjoy this one. I always feel very vaguely out of place --so little of my life grants me impostor syndrome, but then it comes out in *spades* when I deal with the burner community. I am deeply not cool enough for them, it seems.

Weekend after that: The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society is putting on its fall concert, featuring wonderful musicians, pipers, and dancers. Oh and also I will be dancing it in because I am part of the demonstration team now which means they think I am good enough to dance in front of people who are watching, and what is this, dance is not for performance and I am awkward and clumsy and ahhhhhh! You should all come!

Weekend after that: I...I tentatively don't think I have anything planned the first weekend in November. I rather don't know how to feel about this. Perhaps I will just go into hiding and ignore everyone those days.

Weekend after that: Harvest ball, after that is again nothing, and then its Splash, followed closely by Thanksgiving Madness. Whee!

It's a very busy life, but I quite enjoy being a part of it.

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I have been in one place I've never been before, and one place I haven't been able to be in a year and two places where I should be more often and all of it has been just *lovely*.

And this is how my weekend has gone. How're you lot?

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So, this weekend I went to NEFFA. YAY! I decided to go the entire time without Vera. YA...oh, wait, BOO!

But! Before going, I set up my phone to receive twitter messages, from mom and the people who were gonna be at NEFFA, and more importantly, set it up so I could update my twitter from anywhere I got phone service.

Tweets are in italics, and under the cut )

So yes. NEFFA this year felt largely more like a convention than a dance event, but I'm pretty okay with that. I spent several hours doing multiple kinds of dance --I got to do a bit of swing with a really talented lead --he led me through a couple jumps and dips, which was rad.

Volunteering went reasonably well, if dull. Dancing was not enough but quite good what there was. People were utterly amazing --I should really make a point of talking to SpringIsWrath more often, as he is wonderful, plus keeping up with Jesse (known also as Boy-I-Kissed-At-Flurry) and [ profile] ncarraway.

Soyes! That was my weekend. More posting on more things eventually.


POSTSCRIPT: My twitter is here, if you want to actually follow it. Let me know offlist who you are, so I can follow you back!

1: I like boys in skirts, oh yes I do.

2: Tall. Painfully skinny. Long hair. I don't find everyone who fits this trope attractive, and there are certainly other tropes I go for hard (my height, something like twenty or thirty pounds more of curves than I have, dark hair, female -oh yum!) but both my dating track record and my eyecandy track record reeeeally like the gangly ones.

3: Pets, with the capital letter, are different from pets, without. The capital letter denotes ownership of some sort --it's very not my kink, but not to the level where I'd call it an antikink4 or anything. I find it a fascinating power dynamic, from both sides.

4: I feel that the most acceptable word for the opposite of a kink is a squick. But the word squick (and its original meaning)...well...squicks me, so I try not to use it. I'm working on finding a better word, expect post on this later.
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This morning, sitting in the sun, the beautiful Georgia belle shivers. "She's cold!" her boyfriend teases as I approach. I do what I find logical, and drape my coat across her shoulders.

"You're such a sweet boyfriend" she says to me in jest. I smile outwardly, sharing the joke, while something inside of me whimpers. I can't always get what I want, but if I try sometimes, I wind up with a friend instead, and that's just as good.

(Just as good)

This evening, chatting during an event. She mentions to her roommate she'll be home at ten. "Not if I kidnap you!" I threaten, trying to keep any tone but friendship out of my voice.

"I might not mind that" she flirts back, and be it outwardly or inwardly, I wince.

So I warn her. "You better be careful, I might start taking you seriously." She laughs, and we discuss for a moment our addictions to flirting. The night trails off; we part ways.

Maybe all I do want is flirting. To court a beautiful woman, treat her in the chivalrous way all people are meant to be treated. Maybe I want more.

Summer's coming soon. We'll see what happens with the fall.

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I mean, due to my occasional bouts of OCD like behaviour, one of which involves alarms being set to palindromic times, I'm really just getting up four minutes before seven.

But still.

It's been a while since I had to set the first digit of my alarm clock to a six. Why is this my chosen career path again?

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So, a proper report of the last few weeks!

On the fourteenth, I got my drivers license, because I am rad.

On the fifteenth, I flew Home and went to Arisia )

Nineteenth was Monday of Arisia. While packing, I think to check the internet, find out what time I can move into my dorm. I mean, last year I could doso just post Arisia, it seemed sensible to expect the same out of this year.


"Hey mom? It says I can move in at noon. On the twenty-fifth."

Luckily, I had a handy dandy Magus who I could beg into giving me crash space for a week, so I did that.

Twentieth through the twenty fourth, I hung out with Magus, caught almost all the way up on Doctor Who (just need to watch the Christmas Special!), had a grand old time of things, and did a few other things, like harassing j7y more (it is a hobby! Also, we watched Mighty Boosh!!) and babysitting. And maybe I had a teeny tiny breakdown somewhere in the middle of All That, and had to spend a little bit of time righting my brain.

Twenty third was Friday of Vericon )

The twenty-fifth I skipped Vericon completely, moved in eventually, hugged my roommates, and got dragged to a lesbians house to watch a movie called "Wristcutters: A love story". I kinda want to write fanfic about that setting, though I think I'm not emo enough. Good movie though, very light and fun and reasonably fluffy. And romantic, of course.

The twenty sixth was today, and I'll report on all my classes once I've had the other two. Can I just say EEEE, CALCULUS! though?

And now food and dance. Ta!


1: Conner? Connor? *shrugs*
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Soyeah, it's my first day of classes for the new semester! So far I have taken Italian, which has a very Italian teacher ohmygod (her accent is...not my thing, but still kinda awesome) and eaten lunch. It's been a productive day.

On the plus side of everything, I think I may actually be getting at least one meal into me at least three days a week because there is a lovely hour long break between Italian and Calc (YAY CALC YAY CALC YAY CALC!) which should be spent entirely on the main campus where the food is. So yayfood.

And presumably, I can arrange to grab things to eat the other two days of the week as well. So this is a good arrangement, despite having all my classes on campus this semester rather than at Porter Exchange.

There was something else I wanted to say, but I don't know what. Um. Yaymoney? Oh, cage matches! Right, cage matches. *is notetoself*. Also, thing.

Damnit, I took my focusmeds today! (For the first time in over a month) I should not be this scattered! Ah well. I think it's time for me to go to class now. Ta!


(Yes, I know boring entry is boring. You can scroll past it, if you read this first. :D)
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So, day!

Woke up at eleven thirty or so. Totally intended to stay in bed through three hits of my (five minute) snooze alarm, but my bladder expressed disapproval of this and I had to get up1. This is, I'm sure, more than you wanted to know.

Washed hair2, got back to the room, found a message on my phone from Maddie being all "food?" Went and ate lunch with Maddie and Emily and Ria, Maddie ran off, Ria, Em, and I went up to Ria's room and watched YouTube videos for a while. Eventually, Ria had to catch the shuttle to AIB, so Emily and I went walking towards Harvard Square, so I could run a SEKRIT MISSION and so Emily could meet up with her boyfriend.

Secret mission accomplished, boy gathered, and Maddie aquired (we found her!) the four of us trekked off towards Oona's, which is a bit like a high end thrift store. Or, in other words, it's one of those stores that steals money using magic money stealing techniques. On the plus side, I now have a bitchin' brown velvet jacket that I'm sure I will use in some costume, someday (It was only two dollars!) *and* I have another short skirt3. So, I suppose it was a successful trip.

Walked back, hung out with Maddie for a bit and chatted, then walked inside the student center, totally intending to go upstairs and get on my blacks and get Vera and stuff. Got waylaid by a bunch of awesome people, including Nick Wookie and his mom, and the ever-wonderful LezzieBeth, who is the biggest dyke on campus. And this is Boston, so that's saying something.

Quote of the day is wins:

Beth: Yeah, and I've been asked to be in threesomes like twelve times.
Nick: Beth! This is my MOTHER!
Nick's Mom: *covers Nick's ears with her hands* It's okay, I have been too.
Nick: ..........*dies*

And I have resolved to tell everyone in the cast this quote, in order to get revenge on Nick for yesterday when he pulled me onstage during bows. Fucker.

Andyeah. Have been doing theatre things since about five. *waves and runs off to continue*


1: This is, I'm sure, more than you wanted to know.
2: NTS, buy more conditioner. Other NTS, you apparently use conditioner faster than you use shampoo.
3: I'm not silly enough to call them dangerously short anymore, since everyone bitched at me about it last time. :P
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There is a very important "State of the Sorcy" post lurking, and it needs me to be rational to do it. Be warned, ranty thoughtstreaming will appear in this journal before too long.


I'm not as strong as I thought. Kinda knew that, at any rate. I am also piss-poor at not crying when I'm upset.


On a similar note, it seems someone gave me one of those presents that I've been really looking for for years and years now, and I don't look a total mess when I cry. I don't know if it was just winter or what, but as far as I can tell, I stayed mostly one colour today.


I'm actually really displeased with how emo my livejournal is too. The problem is that I assume just writing about my day to day life is boring, and I haven't written any intelligent thoughtstreams in a rats age. I write and write and write, and the majority of everything is crap, both in content and style.

I think I really need to make one of my New Years resolutions to be to write something, every day.


Besides, my life is fundementally boring. When I'm in MA, I go dancing on Monday nights, and to class the rest of the week. Ocassionally, I'll actually do something coherent with my friends, that we actually plan ahead of time, but ninty percent of everything happens spur of the moment, and I don't usually bother to document that, because it's not anything special, it's just a lot of getting together with friends and screwing around.

Take a mostly typical day, a couple weeks ago, the day I found out that my harddrive was unrecoverable. Dominik wanted to know if Lauren, Emily, and I were willing to randomly go to the social security building with him, just so he'd have company. We walked over, and sat down on the floor waiting for Dominiks number to be called. While we waited, we discussed gender, and where we all fell on the male-female scale, amoung other things that I don't remember. Eventually, Dominik got called, he did his stuff, and we walked to McIntyre and Moores to try and find a book for Emily's class. We stopped off at Diesel so that I could buy something delicious as a "fuckfuckfuck, I have no harddrive" treat, then we went and got on the T and rode back to Porter Square. I peeled off and went to Magus' haus, to be emo and distracted, the two of us eventually went dancing, and then came back and...I think watched the first season of Coupling.

I went home, woke up the next day, and went about my merry business.

Adventures do not happen to me. A good long time ago, I had this theory of making something adventurous happen each day, but that fell through after a grand total of two days. Mores the pity.

Maybe that's all I really need. To just start having an adventure a day.


Still haven't seen Sweeney Todd yet, unlike everyone else I know. Fuckers. Going to try and catch it with Renee and assorted other people tonight, but it seems moderately unlikely. We'll see.


I'm going to go rock out now. Ta.

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Had a Thanksgiving. Lost at Monopoly. Played with Cousins. Watched too much Americas Next Top Model. Teased my siblings. Snuggled with mom. Missed Katie-cuz. Missed everyone else in the known universe. Enjoyed Enchanted. Came to Belmland. Played RockBand. Watched some South Park. Slept. Read friends list.

*A copy of todays NYTimes --apparently big awesome Sweeney Todd spread. *drools* I will have to grab a couple dollars and go on a wander today.
*To post reviews of Fight Club (book), Haunted, Enchanted, America's Next Top Model, RockBand, and Another Day, Another Dungeon (once I finish it)
*To play more RockBand, because it is righteous and epic and \m/etal and DRUMS! and ohgods, I am a drum-whore. Like woah.
*To regain that transcendence I found on Wednesday, because god DAMN, that was beautiful. Hum. More sleep-dep? More reading? More staying up too late talking, also tea? Dunno yet. Stupid unrepeatable circumstances.
*Dresden Dolls. See above notes about being a drum whore and apply that to Brian because he is SO PRETTY and DRUMS! (Amanda I can take or leave, which I realize totally destroys every claim I've ever had to homosexuality, but that's okay. She sure sings good though.)
*To begin making some random Christmas list. Rather, to take christmas lists that I've been posting in private entries and make them public and consolidated and stuff.
*To post some sort of "this year I'm thankful for" list.
*Secret plots! (Some good, some bad)
*To ruthlessly copy Har
*Did I say sanity? Definently need some sanity.
*To talk more. *sighs*
*Write rant/thoughtstream re: current bestselling author status see also: Rethy-Mal.

Okay 'sall for now. Off to tune up the Serenity. Also, Dresden Dolls, alsoalso, Geetar Hero musics. No bad here, nope. Finally going to get "I wanna be Sedated", I expect. *loves the Geetar Hero*

*hugs and whatnot*
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I like it when I use the word bloke. It is just a good solid word, I think.

Hell week is hellish. Life is utterly painfully "meh" right now. Yep.

I should just go to sleep early. Dunno. There is no life for me to post about. I could write a slanderous story involving my friend and the fact that she totally just got handed a cup of alcohol at the gallary (she's eighteen), but it's really lame out of context. Theatre has amusing moments, but today was just really "eh". I miss my boyfriend, and several other people. My brain is tired.

That is my life at the moment.

I should go OD on halloween candy and watch Cars. I can pretend I am very young again.

Weekend Mayhem! )

Today was today. I am recockulosly straight-edge, I still need to put my laundry away, and my brain is tired. That is all.


Also, I think Weekend Mayhem would be a good name for a band
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So, yesterday was the one year anniversary of me having seen V for Vendetta. I celebrated by having a midterm in sociology, not having my computers class, going to play practise, and then watching V for Vendetta with Lauren, Emily, Dominik, Mary (D.'s girlfriend), Katie (sp?) (Mary's best friend), Cecily, Skye (Random half-Brit friend of mine from English class who lives above Cec), and Jess.

It was very very fun. So that was good.

Also, before Jess arrived with the DVD player, we spent much time discussing the family ties, and who exactly is related to who. See, Dominik adopted Emily as his daughter, and me and Lauren wound up as the crazy Dominik is my brother in law, and Emily is my niece. And Cecily is my...mother in law, but she's not Dominiks mom, so she must be his stepmom. It's all very confusing.

Today's adventures involved Kat being UBERHYPER. Oh, but first, I went to math class this morning and TOTALLY KICKED THE ASS OF MY QUIZ, OHMAN!

See, I forgot completely we were having a quiz. Ohnoes, and all that. So I hadn't studied, which is bad of me. Luckily for me, I tend to just kick a lot of ass at math in general, so I more or less annihilated most of the quiz. But there was one question worth ten points (out of 100...eek!) that basically just said "find the standard deviation"

Which, of course, I had completely forgotten how to do. I was the second to last person to leave the room, because it took me twenty minutes of playing with numbers and trying different things to remember how to find standev. But I did it! Oh yeah!! *happydances*


Then English, where I wrote about Snakes on a Plane, then lunch, where I was hyper, then wandering around with Lauren and Emily and Dominik. Our goal was to go and get a book for Emily for one of her classes...we went to this tiny used bookstore just out of Harvard Square proper, that specilized in old textbooks. It was pretty much completely heaven --I have to go back sometime soon as I found a book I put on hold there. It is about pronouns and feminism and gender neutral pronouns, and yeah. Just cool.

Then we continued our wandering, stopped into the tobacco store, which I found out sells straight razors. Arrrg, sixty dollars though! I think I need to start hitting up antique shops and try and find a cheaper (and more period) one.

Went to another bookstore, then sent Dominik off to his class at AIB and came home. Andyeah.

Tonight I am going to go work on the play until about nine, and then me and Lauren and Emily and Dominik are going to make spaghetti for dinner. Nommy!

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I'm kinda half-working on a "state of the Sorcy's sexuality" thing, to commemerate the fact that National Coming Out Day was two days ago. Soyeah, for those that don't know, I'm awesomesexual. It's like pansexual without making me think of figures from greek mythology and giggling.'s Saturday, technically. Thursday was the schools first Open-Mic night. I went and read two poems and a short piece --Definitions, Paths (Which I can't find a link to, which means I may not have actually posted it, which is strange.) and an untitled bit of prose that I definently haven't posted.

And, by reading something I had written on a stage, I knocked off another 101 in 1001 goal. Woot! I think this means I have finished six of them. >>

Friday was yesterday. I spent most of yesterday hanging out with Lauren and ocassionally Emily. We're all in Freshman Seminar together, so Friday morning I grabbed food from the cafe and met up with them in the student center where we watched "A Pup Named Scooby Doo". Because we are bad.

After seminar, Lauren and I decided to be gentlemen and walk Emily to her class at Porter. We did so, walked home, decided to go investigate the pie shop I found on my uberwalk, and went wandering.

We visited the pie shop, the creepy underground tunnel, and a supermarket. At the supermarket, we found toffee apples that were a day past their expiriation day or something so they were wicked cheap. So that was my lunch on Friday. *grin*

Back to Porter, and I went to my Movement and Improv class. Which continues to be funish. In other news, I am excellent at Zip Zap Zop solong as I can keep my focus on.

Friday night, the school had an '80's dance. I wore my tails and a borrowed tophat and told people that no one had specified the century. I felt somewhat awkward at first, being all lonely and wallflowerish, but then Katrina and Catie showed up and the three of us began dancing. Which was wicked fun.

I pretty much danced all night with Katrina, Catie, Dominik, and a friend of his called Mando. Afterwards, Dominik and I did the gentleman thing (What can I say, I was dressed for it.) and walked Mando to Havahd Square so she could meet up with her boyfriend. Which was totally fun, and Mando is now my new best friend, which remains the least permanent title in history.

Walked back, chatted some, eventually wandered back up to my room by myself and curled up with Seren. And then, for some reason I'm not sure of, I stayed up until Kat went to bed. Except, I think I fell mostly asleep at one point, and while I would've sworn I sent some sort of message along the lines of "sleep now", I apparently didn't. So, apologies to Kat and Tho for just vanishing. :/

Soyeah. Three AM may be too early for me.

Today: Broke my New Years resolution of getting up before noon every day (which I've been shit at anyways) by waking up around noonish and lying around in bed until one. Which was fun. Then I ate and now I'm slacking around here.

How has YOUR week been?

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TMI -- See icon. )

In other news, I went to see Wicked last night. OHMANLOVEGODGOOD!

I got to the theatre killer early, because I didn't have anything better to do, and while I was staring at the nice big poster announcing Sweeny Todd, Kelsey (president of drama club and in my computers class) showed up, so the two of us wound up finding our seats together.

We hung out for a while. I wound up gossiping idly about theatre with the two girls behind me, then near the end, the wonderful Beth ran over to the girl next to me (a friend of hers) and said "Switch seats with me!"

The two of them did a little bit of chivilrous arguing ("No, YOU take the good seat") before I became intelligent, turned to Beth and said "Switch with me!"

So I wound up sitting one row further up, and on stage left as opposed to stage right, Beth and her friend sat together, and everyone was happy.

Then show. OHMYGOD, show. A lot of people broke into spontaneous applause when Elphie came on stage, which she well deserved. She was snarky, she was cool, she was pretty much who I want to be. And she did SO well with "Wizard and I". The whole show was just brilliant, and made me really really want to learn to sew, because the costumes were just jawdroppingly beautiful.

At intermission, me and the girl next to me, Lindsey fell into talking, and actually hit it off really really well. We both had enough theatre background (She was in Jekyll and Hyde! *jealous*) to really have something to talk about at the awkward beginning bit, and by the time that was over, we were pretty much just talking. We chatted all of intermission, and then went home together and pretty much became friends by the end of it. So I have a new person to smile at when I see them around campus. :)

Andyeah. Show. Show was gooooooood. Show was shiny and wonderful and one spotguy who wasn't quite sure what he was doing at first, but I stopped noticing, so I guess he was good. There were a couple bits of crackly sound too. *glares at the soundtechs* But besides that, it was Magnificant!

Lessee...uhm....yeah. I cried during "No Good Deed" and "Not that Girl", I became very quiet and intense during the Dr. Dilimond scenes (prejudice gets to me) and I thought of Sherman during "As Long as You're Mine" for no particular reason other then I hadn't thought about him lately, and so I should say hi. >.>


Annnnnnnnd that's all. I'm back in the real world now, until Sweeny Todd. Gotta go to class!


P.S: I got Elphie and Galinda's autographs. Squee!
P.P.S: I wonder how many of the original Oz books the library has...
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Today was reasonably wonderful.

I went out and met [ profile] jarne for the first time ever, which went totally well, mostly because neither of us was actually an internet predator hell bent on raping the other. We wandered around the COOP and all around Harvard Square area, including finding a playground and being a bad influence on the small children. (Well, we did tell them not to imitate us.)

NTS: I need to start writing in BehindTheWalls again.

But yeah. It was really nice --it felt a bit like it does when I'm wandering around with Veronica or Katters. Threre's just this sense of friendship and it's all quite good. It's lovely exploring the world with Magus or the Boston D&D, but sometimes it's really really nice to have friends your own age(ish). Part of why I want Veronica to come up here so bad. I miss her. (And yes, it is undying. ;-) )

He abandoned me about two and a half hours of wandering, so I was forced to go sit in the COOP for an hour and a half until it was time for me to go meet up with Dave and Diane. Oh no, the horror! *strikes a very dramatic pose*

(For those who don't know, the COOP is a really nice big bookstore. And pronounced as to rhyme with "soup" as opposed to "co-op", which I think is weird. Also, it had a "Dykes to Watch Out For" book in the GLBT section. Soyeah. I totally spent most of the time reading that and not spending any money. Shockingly enough, no one cared!)

After that, I met up with Dave and Diane, and they took me out to Wagamama (Good asian fuds) and bought me ice cream and pocky! at assorted stores during wandering. So that was very nice indeed.

ALSO! Ohmygod. The Million Year Picnic, which is a really spift comic store not far from Harvard Square has a DOCTOR WHO COMIC BOOK! Like a big hardback book comic anthology. WITH ROSE! augugugugugugugug!

Yeah, I really really really want it. ALSO, I need to check and find out which Sonic Screwdriver [ profile] disc_sophist has, because Newbury Comics sells them. <3

Alsoalso, moment of the day number one was when Dave and Diane gave me a ride home and I got to talking to their son who is quite a bit younger then me. He mentioned staying up all night, and I told him what prom was and that he should stay up all night then. So then he said something along the lines of "Well, when I'm the same age as you, you'll come to my house and we'll go to prom together." Ohman, so funny.

Moment of the day number two will come when I toss the contents of my camera onto Seren. Ask Jarne --it involves squirrels. Evil, evil squirrels.

See you lot later


P.S: School library suprisingly does not suck. It looks like it does, until you go upstairs into the Juvinile fiction section. They have A FULL DOZEN Margaret Mahy books in there INCLUDING a copy of "The Pirates Mixed Up Voyage" (*raises an eyebrow pointedly at her evil clone*) and all her other books that take place there and WHEE!
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Notes about things:

*People smoke a lot more in college then in high school. (presumably because it's legal) There are always half a dozen kids out on the quad with lit cigs in their mouths.

*My dinner tonight was a bag of Combos and an apple that I swiped from the dining hall yesterday. I am officially a college student.1

*HOLYSHIT! I COMPLETELY forgot to bring my HTML cheatsheet! That means that stuff that I should know how to do, like links inside my post, have completely been lost. 2

*There are at least three bookstores in Cambridge that I haven't gone into yet. Aiee! (one over in Porter Square, the one next to Diesel Cafe in Davis Square, and Barefoot Books up along Mass Avenue.)

*I should go to bed in the very near future, and read the rest of Sandman #9. Also, I should brush and braid my hair again, since I had it braided all yesterday and that was nice.


1: Magus, this was not your fault. Mom, this was not Magus's fault. I will eat a proper breakfast tomorrow and be perfectly fed.

2: Well, I could always go look them up. But I'm lazy, and by posting the above, Tho might go ahead and tell me it again.


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