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Oh hey! the kickstarter for Flowerfall went live!

What is FlowerFall? It is a clever little card game the involves dropping cards on top of other cards to form a precise layout. If you have never tried to drop cards precisely, let me assure you that it is harder than it seems. It's fun, and has no words (making it accessible to pretty much all people past the age of "eat the cards") and can be played on virtually any terrain (who's up for extreme Flowerfall, where we drop the cards off a balcony?)

More importantly to this egotist, if you go and click on the video link, you get to see me ACTING, very hard. While wearing truly absurd giant orange sunglasses. Yeah, I know I'm awesome.

So go buy a copy if you want a fun little skill game, and want to support Asmadi Games (who do good work).

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So, dream last night, which got very complicated toward the end.

I was in a school (I got to say hi to my old kindergarden teacher!) and there was some form of emergency evac going on, meaning that everyone was gathered in the cafeteria. Me and some other folks were running around, trying to get games going --I wound up with a group of pre-sorority bippies, and a deck of Werewolf. So I try to start them on that, but while I'm dealing out the right number of cards, one of my werewolf cards becomes a "Bananas" card.

I am naturally suspicious of my sister.

A bit of frantic searching through every other werewolf deck in the building, all of which are so saturated with other designs (I remember a series of hand-drawn Cthulus with different hats) that they hardly have villagers, much less werewolves. But then I somehow find what I'm looking for, and I'm setting down the deck and explaining Dungeon.

(This sort of thing makes sense in dreams)

At any rate, I tell them each to find some totem to represent themselves, paraphrasing from the instructions to the We Didn't Playtest This Board Game. (Though in waking, I know I was referring to "A note about playing pieces" off the human game board) and then I start to launch into an explanation of how to deal damage and proceed around the board.

I get confused and start flipping through the rulebook, and poof, my entire table of players has scampered off, presumably to gossip and do things more interesting than play games with crazy older girls. And I wake up.

(The dream before *that* was a space mechanic epic, where I had to repair the top of our spaceship with duct tape before it could be considered airtight, and there were also so many stars!)

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Origins is essentially done for me --Mom hopes to leave in about two hours, and all I have left to do is buy one game from the dealers hall, and say goodbye to whoever I see.

I have absolutely no voice, have to work at day camp tomorrow (just as a floater, which I have never even once done before and is going to be Weird As Fuck), and should probably sleep at least twelve hours before then, at least, say, eight of which should be in an actual bed.

I was the only person in the IIT to not win a medallion of any sort, which is okay, because it was an amazing tournament. Hopefully next year it will have more than five players, even if that means my chances go down again. Hopefully between now and then I will actually practise some of that restructuring that's, you know, half the game or something.

It was a GREAT year for Werewolf variants. Peter did not manage to get his vampire game (with infections) in a state he was willing to run it, but Ross ran an incredible daytime only game on Friday night, that became the first of five or six (and the only one actually modded by him), and Sparr invented a double-village variant, where each player got two role cards.

Also a great year for me getting to know more werewolf players --closer to Ray, definitely closer to the younger Bobek (who is like...a month and a half older than me, grr!), a little bit closer to Ionnis (who is insanely hard to read), closer to Peter (who I will hang with when I'm in Chicago) and Ross (who I will try and hang with when I can) of course, closer to pretty pretty David (which is fantastic, and I CANNOT WAIT to see one of his Dragon*Con costumes), and lots closer to this cute guy called Brad who lives something like two miles from The Empty City. So YAY!

(And if the above sounded in part like personal reference to you...good catch, well done.)

I did not go and cry in the bathroom even once. This, plus the fact that I was not put into the Icehouse during the IIT means that I pretty much achieved my Big Origins Goals.

(Yes, I *am* so pathetic that those were my only real Big Origins Goals. Sigh.)

My hair is still the longest. I almost walked away with both the longest and the female runner up medallions, since I was almost the only girl. Rad, dude.

I did not play any Black Ice, which makes me a little sad.

Andy vs Everybody went well, much better than last year. Except for the part where Andy got annihilated. Thursday he scored about 18.6% wins, Friday 32%, and Saturday...well...I haven't done the percentages, but he got three wins, against Everybody's 25. Yeeeeeah.

This seems to have inadvertently turned into my con report, which is alright by me. So yeah, that was my Origins. I'll try to write something more coherent sometime, but I had a really *really* good year this year, marred only by losing my voice faster than usual, and the notable absence of this boy I met one Origins who I seem to have first described as "beyond awesome, he is VERY cool".

(Which, let it be noted, is an amazingly noticeable absence. The number of times I caught someone out of the corner of my eye and whipped my head around to see if it was him was staggering. And it never was.)

And I still need/want to make a really big werewolf post/thread talking about some thoughts and some strategies and stuff. Also, one of these years, I want to get a suite to myself, identify fewer than thirty people who are allowed in, and have crazy exclusive yet deeply awesome games of werewolf while lounging about in our pyjamas on beds and while eating food and being chill and incredibly relaxed. That is a beautiful pipe dream, my friends.

Gonna go pack now. Ta!

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And thereby proving that I really am the least emo person on the planet, once you put some walking outside, listening to music, and distraction into me...

So I walked over to [ profile] dan4th's, both because he is closer than Marc (I think) and has a regular game night, and seriously Sor, you should be doing this twice weekly or something, and learned how to play Formula De (I came in second! People helped me a lot) and played Cheeky Monkey, AND more importantly, because Dan4th said he had a present for me, and it's more or less proven that the fastest way to get me over to your house (after offering kissies) is to have a present for me.

Unless you're Chris. But that's besides the point.


The temptation to wear this tailcoat to the next Regency event is so fucking high, you have no idea

AND NOW I SLEEP! or write more

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So, I'm sure I've mentioned or alluded at some point or another that, at anime conventions, I work for my friend [ profile] xalolo selling copies of his game "We Didn't Playtest This At All". (And some other games, like Wack a Catgirl and Sixis --I love Sixis. It's brilliantfun, and just random enough to not irritate me with how strategerybased it is.)

Certainly I've forced a good number of those of you I know in real life to play Playtest with me at one point or another --it's silly, fun, and small enough that I just carry it with me more or less everywhere.

Cut for images )

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Scheissentagzunfixen2009 continues to go well --I baleeted 85 percent or so of my tags with only one use, and I have ten months (out of 65) all tagged up. Yayy or something.


I am uncommonly antisocial right now, and have been for a substantial amount of time --at least since Tuesday, possibly since earlier. People = Donotwant.


Went to a Vienna Teng concert on Tuesday, which was beautiful and quite needed. Went ahead and bought two of her albums --the brand new one, "Inland Territory", and the second-most-new one, "Dreaming Through the Noise". (Her first two albums I own Yeah. Magic1. >.>)

"In Another Life" and "Stray Italian Greyhound", both off Inland, were played during the concert and are *fabulous*. I've had "In Another Life" or "Whatever You Want" (Off Dreaming) stuck in my head pretty much all week. It's nice.

And a further essay concerning Vienna is coming, I just need to type it. Additionally, I may write an essay or something about objectification of artists.


Tonight, as a present for Maddiecakes birthday, the two of us wandered over to Harvard to listen to Joss Whedon talk, after recieving the highly esteemed and prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism. It was actually a pretty well put together speech, and definitely raised my largely indifferent2 opinion of Joss several notches.

Afterwards, there was signing, so I have a signed Dr. Horrible DVD. Alas, no personalization, due to the sheer volume of people, but still. Joss's autograph. And yes, mom, I told him you said thanks for putting you in the special features.


I have been writing like an absolute *fiend* lately. I know that I have a short story, the aforementioned Vienna essay, and most of the third part of my deep stuff night scrawled down, and I may very well have more that I'm forgetting about. One of these days, I really need to learn how to type. :P


By the way, in case I've forgotten to squee, in the past month or so, both Iowa and Vermont have made it okay for the gayfolk to marry each other. That makes FOUR STATES that my little sister can get married in. I am so happy about this.


Conor and I played about four rounds of Chrononauts the other night, and determined that we want to play/write/whatever a Time Travel rpg. I'm guessing GURPS might be the most valuable resource, but you lot are smart people. Suggestions?


I think that's it for now. I'm gonna go sleep.


1: Part of why there was no question when I got the oppertunity to actually pay money for some of her music. Oh, Vienna! She is very very good, and will get my money as I have it spare.

2: Oh, he's a good writer, no doubt about it. But about the only thing of his that I have raptures over is Dr. Horrible. I...may have a natural reluctance to fawn over the people that every geek ever worships.
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So, a proper report of the last few weeks!

On the fourteenth, I got my drivers license, because I am rad.

On the fifteenth, I flew Home and went to Arisia )

Nineteenth was Monday of Arisia. While packing, I think to check the internet, find out what time I can move into my dorm. I mean, last year I could doso just post Arisia, it seemed sensible to expect the same out of this year.


"Hey mom? It says I can move in at noon. On the twenty-fifth."

Luckily, I had a handy dandy Magus who I could beg into giving me crash space for a week, so I did that.

Twentieth through the twenty fourth, I hung out with Magus, caught almost all the way up on Doctor Who (just need to watch the Christmas Special!), had a grand old time of things, and did a few other things, like harassing j7y more (it is a hobby! Also, we watched Mighty Boosh!!) and babysitting. And maybe I had a teeny tiny breakdown somewhere in the middle of All That, and had to spend a little bit of time righting my brain.

Twenty third was Friday of Vericon )

The twenty-fifth I skipped Vericon completely, moved in eventually, hugged my roommates, and got dragged to a lesbians house to watch a movie called "Wristcutters: A love story". I kinda want to write fanfic about that setting, though I think I'm not emo enough. Good movie though, very light and fun and reasonably fluffy. And romantic, of course.

The twenty sixth was today, and I'll report on all my classes once I've had the other two. Can I just say EEEE, CALCULUS! though?

And now food and dance. Ta!


1: Conner? Connor? *shrugs*
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Two years ago today, it was 2007.

And on a whim, Ksatyr and I went out to explore the world. We spent quite a bit of time discussing Doctor Who, in between our playing with foam swords at the toy store and doing vegan shopping, which is more interesting than the regular kind.

Plus, I was a girl in a game store1, which sometimes happens, and is always somewhat amusing.

Yeah. 'twas a good day.


1: I am often a girl in a gamestore. But there is this special undercurrent that occasionally happens when I am the only girl in the gamestore, and the guy-geeks are in awe that a wo-man would invade their territory, or better yet, know what a mox ruby is.
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Bytheway, happy new years and I am still alive, as are Kat and Swing. The jury is still out on Magus, who may have the plague1.

Things that have been happening:

Watching some Black Books
Watching the entire internet at the party
Playing Agricola2
Watching the end of season two of Titus
Watching almost all the rest of Middleman4
Me working on a general "these were the resolutions of 2008 that I ignored, and here, have some resolutions for 2009 that I will ignore.

Annnnnndyeah. Now it is time for me to go to work. This is incredibly lame, though at least there are lovely people who ought to be around when I get home. Unless they die. Which would really really suck. So, uh, dearhearts, don't die, it will make me a sadKat.

In other news, yay, it's been a year for me and that pretty girl who I snog on occasion. Good for us!


1: No, he does not really have the plague. I tend to be wildly exaggeratey about things like that.

2: Dan4th, Dan4th, Dan4th, if you are reading this, get this game. *Totally* get this game. Get this game, and Magus3 and I will totally come over and play with you. Because ohmgods, it is a strategery game that I actually enjoy.

3: Once he recovers from the plague

4: (Middleman!)
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Things from today:
Itty-bitty scene kids
The world is full of suck
I gave blood!!!
Bethity Beth is awesome
Across the Universe -- "we got bored of the plot, so we're now going to smoke a lot of pot and script the next half hour --whatever we write, we keep!"

Things to do tomorrow:
Eat something
Go to Jere7my's still-unnamed house

Other things on my mind
The song 'S****!1 said Dance'
How much rape sucks
I really hate hormone cycles. I also hate learning how they work
NTS: Kill WookieNick for dragging me on stage during bows.
I need to start using Hiveminder better. Also, iCal.
Is anyone interested in me posting my grand list of all the status messages I've put up on Adium in the last five weeks?


1: (Everyone got your dice ready?) S****! is my spelling of Satan. Because if you only imply it, it doesn't count. Also, it took me ten rolls.2

2: Dude, I don't even know how to explain it. It's a gamer thing that peaked with Origins '04. You were either there and annoyed with me for bringing it up, or you weren't and are confused.
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Wow. 12 entries for Gygax. Now I'm trying to remember how many entries I had on my flist for Terry Pratchett getting Alzheimers.

So, the Officially Awesome [ profile] dan4th tossed me an IM tonight being all "wanna come over and play Dungeon!, in memorium of Gary Gygax?" Me being the sensible type, I go "I've never played before, but sure. Can I drag Magus along?"

Bla bla, show up and Dan4th's house, introduce the two of them, and play a round of Dungeon!. Which, I gotta say, the game makes *profoundly* more sense when you're actually paying attention to the rules and playing it rather than spreading the cards out on the floor and being all "oo, shiny jewels!" (which is what me and Aly used to do on occasion.)

It was a cute game. I won, because I'm cool like that. :D

Wound up spending the better part of the next two hours talking games, books, kittens, and general geek with Magus and Dan4th, which, I gotta say is one of the better ways to spend an evening. Also, Dan owns both a pair of kittens and a laser pointer. I taught him the "get the kitties to follow the laser dot to the ceiling, and then stare desperately at it as they figure out how the hell it got there." game, which is one of my favourites. He taught me that I'm not the only person who says horrible things to cats and babies because they don't understand me. We fight crime?

(((Unrelatedly, what the fuck, I don't have a usericon sutible for gaming? What the hell is *wrong* with me? I've got books ('I like Ham'), movies (WoSaT), Music (TMBG or Clone Me), TV (The Doctor), and Webcomics (Bun-Bun or Oasis) covered, but I've got nothing for games. Hey Sor --Fail!

Also unrelatedly, I really need to rehaul my userpics some time.)))

Soyeah. Had a good evening. I really need to get out to Dan4th's for gaming more often, considering he does it twice a week, and I don't actually *do* anything those days. (Though, I'm sure if I ever get my act together, Persis and David would be happy to kidnap me for contra-dancing on Thursday nights).

Regardless, I'll be in Maryland for the next two weekends, and presumably at Anime Boston for the one after that. So it's a bit of a moot point.


There's a lot of babbling about gaming here, that I'm just going to turn into a separate entry.

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Dear ankle: Suck it.
Dear everything else that is upsetting me right now: Suck it.

I have entered a happy-bubble. Because, holy fucking shit, Still Alive is coming to Rockband!!!!!!

I don't think I've smiled this frigging much since...well...heh. A while, at least.


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Ohman, weekend!

Friday, I pretty much just hung out with assorted college kids --Lauren, Emily, Ty (Em's boyfriend), Ria, Maddie, Dominik, and Cecily-- from about noon until three in the morning. It was kinda righteous.

Lauren and I watched Saw II somewhere in the middle of that one. It's pretty good, and ohman am I a wuss. Just kinda in general. Various groupings of people also watched Willard and Thank You For Smoking, but I was phased out on the computer for most of that. (Fucking TV tropes.)

Saturday, I woke up when the amazingly amazing Lezzie-Beth called me and was all "Uhm, lab hours for Play Productions class, kthanksbai?" (in not quite those words) I wound up working in the theatre for the next five hours or so, helping to make a chastity belt. Which was kinda fun, especially the interlude in the middle where me and Lezzie-Beth wound up looking at assorted torture devices, as part of the "hmm, lets google chastity belt for reference!" thing.)

Got food, went upstairs...and shut myself into my room for all hours. I think my goal was to never leave and be real life social ever, mostly because I was...slightly socialed out.

This was actually a good thing, as it culminated in having a much needed gossip session with my fabulously sexy best friend, Veronica (seriously, go look at her new usericon. What the *fuck* Belanie1, no one has any right to look that amazingly good.) Of course, just as we started to get to the really good bits, my internet connection went all "fuck this shit!" and died on me. So me and V need to finish that gossiping sometime, probably/hopefully over spring break.

Me and The Katters wound up tossing text messages back and fourth for about an hour, while I did some housecleaning, and then I went to sleep. At four in the morning.

Eleven and a half hours later, or so, I woke up again. Man, there is nothing that will totally fuck up your sleep schedule as much as waking up at three thirty in the afternoon. On the plus side, I do feel particularly well rested.

Once awake, I stumbled downstairs, got food, remembered that I had been invited to [ profile] xalolo's for gaming, went "Shit yes!", put on clothes, and walked to Harvard Square so I could catch a bus to his place.

...and waited. For a really frigging long time. Rarrrrrr.

EVENTUALLY the bus showed up, and I went over, and said hullo to Chris ([ profile] xalolo) and to Nathan (Lab Rabbit with pretty hair) and to other assorted people, and wound up getting sucked into a game of "Covert Action", which is an pretty good game with a terrible winning mechanism. Like, "Planet Hollywood" terrible, only *worse*.

Played a couple rounds of Sixis, which is currently in beta, and I got to play a bunch of when I went and worked for Chris a couple weekends ago. It's interesting to play it as a team game instead of a two person game. I'd like to try it with three sometime now.

Played a game of "Blue Moon City" which is a suprisingly fun "God, this is the sort of game I hate, isn't it?" game. Part of that may have been that it takes about 20-40 minutes to play. Still though, I may have to accept that strategy/thinking games are not inherently evil.

(Totally unrelated note: WANT ICEHOUSE. WANT PLAY! Who's in Boston and willing to play with me? *whines*)

And then we played a million zillion rounds of RockBand, because it is the greatest video game ever. I no longer suck at the drums part on medium for "Foreplay/Long time".

Annnnnnnnnd I'm out. Class soon. I may wish to eat something. Hmm, maybe I should curl up in a corner and read. I haven't done too much of that lately.


1: From "Girls are not to be trusted" by Derrick Comedy. It's a pretty hilarious sketch, visuals are SFW, audio is decidedly *not*.
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There were quite a few different pieces of crypticness, that I eventually decided not to post, instead leaving you with this crypticness, which you have NO IDEA whether it's a bad crypticness or a good crypticness, and therefore will be confused forever! Or, well, until you forget about it, which ought to be soon, as there really ought to be a limit to how thoroughly you lot stalk me.

Some lyrics )

Some Explanation )


I gotta agree with Jeph Jaques that all-caps is pretty much the best way to make things sound funny. Which is why "Dear self, this is not functional, what is wrong with you?" is not nearly as entertaining as "DEAR SELF, THIS IS NOT FUNCTIONAL, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?"

Not that anything's wrong with me. Ohno, I'm *perfectly* functional. What, I am! I'm not crying, at least, and considering that I have cried because I couldn't find my gorram German textbook (okay, I'm moderately sure that it was slightly more complex then that) I'd like to think that if I'm not crying, then nothing is wrong with my life.


Not that my life is a text based RPG. Ohno. Not at all. )


Sometimes, I am a very strange person.

And because I'm bored, and kinda like being a computer program: Welcome to Sorcy's Room. You are standing in front of a blue metal door with bubble wrap taped to it. There is tape where a white board used to be. The white board is now sitting on the floor.

>*blinking cursor*

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Just got back from Lauren and Emily's room, where the three of us watched Dogma, with Emily's boyfriend, Ty. It was...dunno. I'm not sure if I'm just especially impressionable right now or what, but my brain is in think-mode, which means there may be a faithpost in the works.


Grace and I both leave home at about noon tomorrow to go to our respective Thanksgiving bashes. Before that point, I need to pack and clean my room. More todo:

Packing: Charge Jackie (my new ipod), sync Jackie, charge Serenity, pack Newsies hat, pack devilboxen (my cellphone)'s charger, pack clothes into a smallish bag, leave space to aquire shite, pack Junglespeed, pack Fluxx, pack decks of cards, write down list in my packingnotebook, take pictures of my flowers before they die, turn off the powerstrip, move library books away from the heater.

Cleaning: Clean off desk, get all laundry into the baskets, take out trash, take out recycling, vaccum when Grace isn't looking, make sure there is no foodstuffs in my room besides oatmeal and halloween candy, wash dishes. Clean room in general.


Periods suck, bleeding sucks, cramps suck, ibprofen *rocks*


Lauren, Emily, and I played games for an hour or so before going moviewatching --we played three rounds of Fluxx, which we each won once, a bunch of rounds of Junglespeed, which I mostly won, and a handful of rounds of James Bond, which I won most of. I need to force these girls to play more Junglespeed with me, and more importantly, teach more people to play, so we can get better games going. Veronica, come visit and play games with us!!


Bethity Beth is totally wonderful, and really really cute when she goes all squee-ey. She gets to see her boyfriend tonight, which I'm hella jealous of. I wanna see *my* boyfriend. *pouts*


My chanchito is not actually lucky, I suspect. Little bastard. I am of two minds of what to do with him in regards to my luck-cat, who IS lucky, and has made it so I have never been in an airline crash. (Seriously, she rides with me in my pocket every time, and I am kept totally safe) Half of me wants to let the two hang out together, and see if her luck rubs off on him; the other half wants me to keep them faaaar apart so his luck does not taint hers.


I have an orange lily! Heather gave it to me after the play.


I suspect that I am not hungry for dinner because I had pretzels with frosting at the twins house. I am really quite glad that I am going to have five days of being forced to eat real food at regular times. I don't know what will become of me.


All for now. *hugs!*

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"The rules are easy, just post 10 things that recently made you happy! Then tag 10 people and force them to post this meme on their LJs. Because it is good. Everyone needs a little happiness once in a while."

Ten things that have recently made me happy:

1) My boyfriend is coming to visit me this weekend! <3

2) I watched the Jungle Book on Saturday with Jess.

3) I kinda sorta got to see Annaliese on Saturday, through the wonders of the interwob. Hush, I still got to see The Goddess. That's totally happy-fying.

4) Have I mentioned the Kinder Bueno bars yet? Kinder Bueno bars.

5) Mary is becoming friendlier to me. :)

6) The fact that I have not one but TWO pieces of fanart drawn for SOMETHING I WROTE. *squee!*

(Okay, it was a lifefic. And they're more illustrations then fanart. I STILL have fanart, DAMNIT!)

7) The fact that this picture somehow makes me look elegant.

8) Lauren and I now have codenames and injokes and a constant mission (Avoid subject 23-fucking-19). We also invented a game, which is an awesome game, called "Version 2.7" We should go play it again tonight or something. Need to find a tennis ball... >>

Yeah, I have friends! How wild is that?

9) Theatre is life. <3 I guess this means I'm living again.

10) The leaves have started to change, meaning that the already gorgeous view out my window is becoming even prettier. I shall have to go wandering.

11) (Of course it goes up to eleven. :D ) All the wandering makes me seem much smarter then I actually am. ACTUAL QUOTE: "Wow, you're pretty smart [to know about that]" "No, I just walk a lot." (Angelica/Me)

12) I am in a nonexistant band now. Mushmallows fo'EVER!!

(I play the drums. Of course. :D)

13) Maeve

14) "You're Winner!". Seriously, I nearly pissed myself laughing at all the reviews and everything.

15) I can't really remember the last thing, but it's all good. :)


Game night!

Oct. 3rd, 2007 11:49 pm
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Soyeah. Tonight was the first Wednesday I was actually around at Porter as opposed to watching Wicked or doing something else, so I wandered over to an open game night at a friend of Magus's.

It was really really nice. I mean, I'm sure some of that was "arrg, it's been five weeks, WANT GAME NOW PLEASE!" but just in general it was a nice set up. Felix (guy who owns house and games) said that usually there are closer to about 12 people there, but having six people was a good number. Even if I was the only girl and the youngest by probably ten years. :P

We played three games, all of which I had never played before, enjoyed, and did terribly at. First game was an auction game called For Sale, and it was a two stage game where you tried to buy the best houses and then sell them for the best price. Nice amount of bluffing, and really pretty artwork (the houses you buy range from a cardboard box to a space station)

...My head hurts. That's probably because I haven't drunk enough water today. Berightback.

Hokay, water good. Anywho. Games.

Second game was a four player game called Stephenson's Rocket and it was pretty much exactly the kind of game I don't tend to be good at. I think dad might enjoy it though. Dunno. Anywho, it was a complicated sort of train game (Not 18xx style, just trains) that focused on running your trains up against towns and eventually into other trains. Hard to explain, I guess.

Me and Bill, who was the other first-time player, were doing a spectacular job of it, mostly due to some beginners luck, and then Magus and Mark conspired against us to make us lose a lot. *sad, and stuff* I would have done much better if Mark hadn't killed my minority in stations and minority in stock. *shakes fist*

Third game was far the best of the evening, and DEFINENTLY the sort of thing I need to bring back home to The Group. It was called Attribute and was essentially a better-scored version of Apples to Apples, with a little bit more strategy.

In Attribute, you have four attribute cards (adjectives) and one sheep card. Sheep come in two varieties --white/positive and black/negitive. Every round, a thing is named, and everyone picks an attribute that if they have a white sheep, describes the thing, and if they have a black sheep, is the opposite of the thing.

At a set signal, everyone flips over their attribute cards, while keeping their sheep cards secret, and tries to grab a card from someone with a white sheep.

Notes on things: Basically, on your turn, you look at your cards and your sheep and try to pick something that is either clearly defined or the exact opposite. So if you had a white sheep, and the attribute "delicious" you might pick "Ice Cream". Which I did, because I am cool.

The Group would love it because it has a limitless number of things that can be chosen, mostly dependent on the group playing, unlike Apples to Apples which has a set number of things. Andyeah. I really liked that one.

Soyeah. Gaming good. Good people, reasonably good location, and good games.

In mostly unrelated news, Mass Ave is extremely well lit between Lesley and Porter Square. This is a Good Thing, as that's where ninty percent of my wandering takes place.

I'm gonna go sleep now or something.


P.S: Dear Tho: I use tags for sorting types --'swhy I have so many. Deal. :P

So, stuff!

Jun. 18th, 2007 08:05 pm
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What I have been up to since the last time I posted:

Friday was lunch at the mall, where I got to see my BostonMommy ([ profile] persis) and hang out with cool people and AHM'GAWDS, I got TRAW back! Squeeeee!

Traw being my huge orange towel whom I love above all others. And yes, I was a bad hitchhiker and lost my towel, but before you get all morally superior at me, I knew exactly where Merde (My largish blue towel from Marks and Spencers) was at all times, and I went and bought Calender. (Who is bright green)

Yes, I name towels. Shh. Freak at work here.

Soyeah. I have all my towels now, which causes me to laugh evilly. Or be happy. Same diff.

Saturday I spent doing something. Oh! It was my brothers black belt testing, which was reasonably cool to watch. And he passed, so I now have a brother who is a black belt! Yayforhim!!

Then came movie night, which was "nights spent at museums" night. We watched The Hideaways, which is a *really* good adaptation of From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and Night at the Musuem, which is entertaining, and easily slashed.

Sunday I drove out to Pangea with Ksatyr (cute little vegan grocery store in Rockville) then came home, watched the second pirates movie for review, then went out with mum, the kids, Ksatyr, and Speaker2Animals to watch the third pirates movie.

Cut for spoilers. Like the fact that Snape kills Trinity with Rosebud. )

And, because I'm me, I all kinds of dressed up for it, even though I was nearly a month late in seeing it. I looked bloody well awesome, though I'm not sure I bothered to take pictures. Lemme check my camera.

Nope, no pirate pictures. BUT, I do have one picture of my hair, after JenBark got done making it look exceptionally gorgeous at movie night. If I am a goddess of hair (Which I tend to believe, because my hair is incredible) then I maintain that Jen gets to be first priestess of my temple. Soyeah. CLICKY!

That's pretty much the end of my ramblings. I spent today sleeping, being jerked around by Target, dealing with an emotional sister, chillaxing with Ksatyr, and making a Vampire charecter. My charecter is a complete street rat, who keeps pretending to be respectable in order to screw around with the mortal politics, though she really doesn't have any sort of plan for them. She also does not yet have a name --I will have to fix that.

Annnnnnd I'm out. Byee!

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Hokay. So. I was at Balticon this weekend.

The really really REALLY quick conreport?

1) Fun fact: Number of hours Sorcy spent sleeping from Thursday to leaving the con on Monday: 10.5

2) Fun fact: Number of hours Sorcy spent playing Are You A Werewulf during the con: 12

3) [ profile] lonebear, I was given a present by [ profile] marcmagus to pass on to you. When are you coming over next, and are you bringing your most excellent geetars?

4) I've been promised a ride and a badge in exchange for working tech at Philcon. Yay for making friends with TD's. :D

5) I have a new Boston mommy named Persis (spelling?), who I will add to my flist once I stop being lazy.

6) Scritchies good.

7) If you have two esclators with the railings travelling in opposite directions, right next to each other, you can pull off some pretty cool OkGo style stunts.

8) If you've never seen the OkGo video with the treadmills, you NEED to click on the above link. It is *awesome* (Magus, I think I'm directing that at you --were you the one who said you hadn't seen it?)

9) The invention of the con suite was one of the greater inventions ever.

10) I apparently make a pretty good werewulf, seeing as I won both times it happened. Being a seer is just really REALLY bad for me though...

11) Never ever ever EVER ask who the Seer is.

12) JungleSpeed is a truly awesome game. It is a combination of Egyptian Ratscrew and Blink, and I think that Veronica may be the only person I know who knows both of those games.

13) Hand rolls(?) of sushi are awesome. They are a cone of seaweed with sushi inside. It's a sushi ice cream cone, and possibly the second greatest thing I got to eat during the con.

14) Baguette + cream cheese + really really squishy good smoked salmon = amazing. Thank you Persis.

15) Origami dodecahedrons make AWESOME conversation starters. Also, NTS: Make more segments with my e-mail address on them to pass out to all the people who ask how they're made.

16) Werewulfs that DON'T lynch the seer are morons. Really truly, people.

17) Favourite phrase this weekend: "I'd love to buy that, but I'm currently as broke as a Windows machine." (Me)

18) Loooooooona, I bought you a trinket! It is small, but I think you will very much love it.

19) Parents who are fannish, and have friends who are fannish and have watched you grow up rules, mostly because I have a steady flow of people to adore me and make sure I've hit such basics as "eating" and "drinking more water"

20) I, of course, don't have a voice.

21) Jannyblue continues to be just about as awesome as can be, including giving me a box of random awesome trinkets, INCLUDING about two dozen of the little origami dragons she folds so I can learn how. Incidentally, Janny, mum says hi to you, and after learning that you were connected to Rob, says hi to him too. (She's in love with his parody of Skullcrusher Mountain)

22) And for the record, mum says hi to Magus too, who is also awesome, and has an "Orc and Pie" shirt, damn him.

23) I get to GRADUATE today! Oh JOY!! [/sarcasm]

Never before have I found a comic in the dailies that fit me so perfectly. And the fact that it's today, on graduation day...beautiful.

25) I will post a proper con report soon, what with chronological order and squeeings and the like. As for now, I am going to go work on the current Neopets plot some more. They have given me a puzzle. I must solve it.


P.S: I'ma going to ORIGINS this year! Finally! *squeeeeee!!*
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Woke up early today, (ish...okay, nine thirty. But on a Saturday!) and wound up achieving things, which was a nice change. Mostly just did laundry and failed to work on my room, but it was still things!!

Went jogging with dad, proving to myself once again that I need to increase my constitution score. Eh, I wasn't *too* bad. Just not...steller.

Eventually wound up leaving house around one to explore the world (Well, Rockville) with Ksatyr. Which was all very excellent we started by hitting up a really reeeeeeally good vegan resturant called the Vegatable Garden, where I got sushi (mmmmmmmmm!!!) and continued out from there. Visited the Veggie Garden, a nearby toys'r'us, Dream Wizards (a local game store, which is really just another, more grown-up toys'r'us), a Mom's Organic Market, and Pangea, which was a lovely little Vegan food-and-other-stuff store.

So yes. You learn all manner of funfacts when wandering the world with a Vegan, mostly having to do with the fact that suprisingly little shtuff in the world is edible. Also, green flavoured Naked Smoothies look like sewersludge.

Got home to movie night, ran around and played several cacaphonus rounds of "This is a duck." with people, and eventually settled in for moviewatching and whatnot. We watched Oceans 11 and Oceans 12, both of which are quite fun.

Annnnnnnd...that'slife. It was all very good. I'm prolly gonna go sleep now. G'night folks.


P.S: Just got Munchkin Impossible. It = cool.


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