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You know what's the ups?
Gee Sor, no! What is the ups?
I've got a delightful houseguest at the moment, and he's got a not at all delightful migrainey thing. Neither of us has eaten dinner yet. And I own a pair of goddamn cat ears.


Photo 677

For those of you who don't remember those halycon days of 2012, back before I had a job (no really), I once came up with a totally brilliant idea for a side blog project, and then never put any work into it again. It's called Cooking with Cat Ears, and details how completely shite I am at cooking.

But the cat ears help.

How exactly, is explained beneath the cut. (spoiler alert, not actually true.) )

And here we have it:

Photo 694

I have made a thing!
It's about damn time.

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So, I've spent this week going to the grocery store and idly pricing out ingredients. 'Cause I've got a need for something _delicious_. And because I keep trying desserty type-stuff, I think I probably ought to try my hand at something more closely resembling an actual meal.

And oh, would you look at that. It so happens that there's a blog called Cooking Comically. And it so happens that they have a recipe for something savory that sounds totally delicious.

(Normally in these adventures, I post the recipe at the end. You're going to get more out of this post if you read it first, however.)

So! Let's make some muthafuckin' 2 AM Chili, with this guy. And cat ears. )

Photo 461
And here is my verdict. In two words?


This chili will knock you on your ass with how spicy it is (my throat feels so deliciously burny right now), but it's really good, especially with the cornmuffins and the sour cream. I am devouring it like a monster.

Thank you, Tyler Capps! 2 AM chili is a hell of a food! to figure out how to deal with the pot I still have of it. Hey friends...!


0: Crying because of onions reminds me of Horrible Turn, which you should all watch as soon as you've seen Dr. Horrible. It's _excellent_.

1: Primary goal: To entertain myself/get some interesting writing done.
Secondary goal: I am hungry
Tertiary goal: I actively want people to consume the things I create, in this case, I refer to both the food (which I share) and the entries (which I might put into a separate blog and crosspost).
Quadinary goal: I don't know how to cook, and people think I ought to fix that.

2: Well, I have to bring some for the Scottish Dancers to enjoy. And a secret other reason. Actually, two secret other reasons.
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So I sez to Ria, I sez "should I make candied lemon slices tonight"

"The better question is why aren't you?" she replies, which is a valid enough thing to ask.

I'm honest to Ria. So she probably wasn't surprised by my response: "Because I'm laaaaaazy"

However, Ria is a wonderful roommate, and has no truck with that. An immediate response: "PUT ON YOUR HIGH HEELS AND GET IN THE KITCHEN"0


So I put on my high heels and get in the kitchen. I mean, what else can you do at that point? I have a recipe, an apron, and high heels. And for completeness, I put on a string of pearls. And a pair of cat ears.

This is apparently becoming a trend in my world. I don't know how to feel about that.

Cut for pictures and words. )

Photo 422
So I'm calling this experiment a reserved success. I need practise slicing, and next time I should use a lot more lemon, but look! I candied something. Those ridiculously good gummy candies that I would eat SEVEN HUNDRED of if I could? Yeah, I can _make those now_.

The world is mine.


0: I feel I shouldn't have to say this, because you lot are clever people, but just in case: Ria is not actually a raging misogynist. Her and I say terrible things to each other, because laughing at the terrible shit makes it feel just the slightest bit better sometimes.

1: For more details, see the study "jere7my is not down with the sickness", 2011.

And in case you were wondering, the recipe I used is here
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Hey beasts. It's cooking time. I am going to make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that, if they turn out a third as good as Ria usually makes them, will knock you off their feet with how goddamn delicious they are.

I've got music, fuzzy socks, a recipe, and cat ears. Let's rock the hell out of this adventure!

It gets long and there are pictures, so cut! )

Oh whoops, forgot to take a picture of all of them. Here instead is a picture of all the ones we have left:

Photo 408

They are delicious. They were gone halfway through Squares, and I brought sixty of them. I'm pretty much gonna go ahead and call this Cooking Adventure a success!

And now I eat dinner and write some WriMoNo2.

And yeah. I can officially make cookies like a boss!


1: OF COURSE it's from Homestuck. And I feel no guilt or shame in this fact whatsoever. And I am going to listen to other stuff.

2: I don't call it "NaNo", because that doesn't make any sense if you unabbreviate it. So I typically call the month "WriMo" for short. Obviously my WriMoNo is my Writing Month Novel! It has 1270 words so far. YAYYYY!

Pee-dot-ess-dot. Because the recipe just *happened* to have been lying around in Ria's tumblr...
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So, adventures in grocery shopping continue to go apace. I'm...really bad at it, but I enjoy immensely the sense of wandering around and comparing prices and looking at things and figuring out what sacrifices to make and the like.

Today I went about two bucks over my weekly budget (Officially, 20.00, with the understanding that I owe Nurit/Genni money for other food staples since they cook a lot more than I do) which is acceptable, as I was being very impulse-savvy.

The text under the cut is not especially interesting. It's at least partly a post for my own future reference --if I'm really good, I'll start making these every time I go shopping, but I don't think I'm that organized.

Babbling about food I buy and will eat )

Altogether, it feels like a reasonable amount of food for twenty bucks. The eggnog might not last the day though. I am torn between being a good roommate and offering it to Genni, and telling her in no uncertain terms that I will set her hair on fire if she touches it. This is because I am a terrible person and I really like pumpkin flavoured things, especially creamy drinky pumpkin flavoured things.

At some point soon, I need to go shopping and get the materials for at least one of the recipes hosted over at Cooking Comically. Because they all look _motherfuckin' delicious_.

Anyone want to come cook with me sometime? I dislike cooking, but I like being in kitchens with people. It's complicated.

(Other things I should do: Talk to Mr. Belm about Iron Chef: Belmhaus and find the ingredients to make properly delicious pasta and cheese, since it's like the only even remotely fancy thing I can cook. Also, I should bake many many things with pumpkins in them.)

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Finally got around to uploading the last two months worth of photos. Which means it is time to make photoposts, yayyyyyy.

First photopost is about food, because yay food! )


1: Because I get different things out of different relationships, is a lot of it.
2: And if Magus is reading this, you _still_ owe me pancakes that win friends and influence people. Dinosaur shaped or not.
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So, there exists these things:

These things are crack

They are battered and fried onions, to sprinkle on stuff for delicious crunch. The flavour I am holding is, in fact, chedder.

They are delicious. Like, I had to make mom go put the tin away for me, because I would eat AN ENTIRE CAN YES, and I didn't trust myself to have the willpower to go put them down myself.

I think this is basically just me saying that Christmas was good, and post-Christmas thank-god-all-the-people-left-and-oo-leftovers! is even better.

(I like my family a lot, and I love the general mayhem of Christmas, but it is really nice when everyone leaves and it becomes the nuclear family, or the nuclear family plus just Dan1 or something. Means you get me and mom faffing on our internets while Ninja Warrior plays in the background. Lovely!)

At any rate, you can see more pictures of my love affair with those cheddar fried onion things if you look under here )


1: I think you are missing a footnote or something2.
2: Best friend of Nik, and Veronica's little brother.


Jul. 30th, 2010 01:44 am
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Here's some stuff I've been looking at lately:

*Kaylee-inspired cupcakes. They are adorable and look hella delicious. Hey future roommate? When you get around to that Dalek cupcake you promised me, I want some of these too. :D

*Next time I am in New York City, I am doing this. Because seriously? So cool. SO FUCKING COOL!

*Lady GaGa done in steampunk!. Worth reading for the renamings of all her songs especially.

*When Dog was trying to come up with something to write for his 750words (he too is attempting the August challenge, go us), I told him that I could try to come up with a drabbleprompt, but it would probably be something stupid, like "Oh no! The zombie has a spatula!

I love my friends so damn much!

((See also the last time I did this, when I told Brenton he should write an account of the gripping war between the plants and the zombies. Also good!))


Oh, and by the way, I am hoping to live in the Chicago Museum of Industry and Science for a month. If there's anyone out there who'd like to beta-read my essay for me before I send it, that would be awesome, and I would love you forever.

Because guys? I really want to do this thing.

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I need very important advice, on two different concepts.

The first I will probably have people jumping to give --in Chicago, it has been declared that each of us kids will cook at least one dinner a week. I made some excellent pasta and cheese last week based on Magus's recipe, but I've slacked this week, and have no idea what to cook tomorrow night. Advice and recipes are needed!

specifics )

The second I will poss...

...dude, I totally just solved the second problem. I need a historical fiction book to read for the library reading challenge thing (which mom is totally kicking my ass on, mostly because I keep reading things like KoDT comics, which are awesome, but I'm not willing to call them some of the eight novels I have to read) and it occurs to me that "Napoleonic era" is totally historical fiction.

And therefore Napoleonic era with dragons is also totally historical fiction, right? Wevs, it follows the rules for histfic I was setting for myself namely not boring, and ideally Regency. Sweet!

(Unrelatedly, Scott Pilgrim is an awesome first book, and I am so pissed that the rest of the series isn't going to make it back to the library until after we've left. I may have to figure out the fastest (biking?) route to a local library to fix this.)


ETA: When it comes to recipes, things without many spices are preferred, due to the aforementioned woefully understocked kitchen. So yeah, that. Also, thank you all. <3
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If you were a zombie, and you had the ability to time travel, and go eat the brain of ANY PERSON FROM ALL OF HISTORY, whose brain would you eat?

Digression is under here )

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Some cooking notes from the last several days:

Lettuce should not go in the microwave. Chips should not go in the microwave for longer than *maybe* thirty seconds, and probably better cap it at fifteen. Seriously, about the only thing to go in the microwave is the meat if you have some, the salsa, and the cheese.

(Future order to try: Meat, salsa, until warm, add chips and cheese, give 'er fifteen more seconds *then* add lettuce and sour cream and devour. Will probably taste better.)

Also, if the only salsa in the fridge is medium, but you *have* mild in the pantry, you are allowed to open the mild, you know. It will taste better all around.

Milk goes really well with nachos, keep up the good work.

French Toast:
Do not undercook! Seriously, undercooked french toast tastes *nasty!*

Look, use the good little t-fal frying pan. Cook one handed --don't even bother with a spatula. When the toast stops sticking to the pan, it's ready to flip/done. It's brilliantly easy, mmkay?

Flipping french toast is really easy and makes me feel impressive.


Hon, if you're the one making the pasta, you get to pick what goes in the sauce, yes, even if you're outvoted two to one.

That being said, mushrooms are probably much better as part of the sauce then as a garnish. Just saying. Maybe try again tomorrow? Ignore the haters who don't want delicious fungus in their sauce. It's good for them.

The waffle iron is not non-stick you [badwords1]. Next time, use the pam, and we'll see how it goes from there.

Again, if you're using the tiny t-fal god, go ahead and just assume that the pancake is cooked when it stop sticking to the pan. I didn't actually get to nom on any of these pancakes, so I don't know how they turned out, or have any other advice.

You are kindof a whore for that little frying pan aren't you? Not that I really blame you --it works like a dream, especially for breakfast foods, but still. Huh.

Chris's law of cleaning continues to work like a dream. If you clean the dishes while they're still hot, you don't even have to scrub. It's brilliant.


New Methods of Rationality chapter is up! Go here!


1: "dumb cunt" technically. Why my brain thinks it can get away with that sort of misogynistic bullshit is beyond me, but there we go. I've given it a proper talking to, don't you worry.
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So, I apparently need to watch more Alton Brown, as it makes me feel quite clever and knowledgeable in the kitchen. I just made eggs that turned out brilliantly well and easy --quite a feat considering that it consisted of three eggs, some teriyaki sauce, and salt. It was just all the little things, like cracking the eggs on the flat counter rather than the edge of the bowl1 or mixing the ingredients in a spare bowl first, *then* cooking, or heating the pan and then dumping the mixture in --the eggs cooked in an absolute snap, and Nik and I agreed that they were quite delicious.

That being said, there is little to eat in this house right now besides cereal. I used the last of the eggs, there is almost *no* pasta (though an abundance of sauce), and my original lunch plan of nachos was struck down when I realized there was no meat, lettuce, or satisfactory cheese2.

(It should be noted as always that I do not cook, do not enjoy cooking, and indeed, have no concept of how food goes from its raw state in the kitchen to its delicious state in front of me. Any evidence to the contrary was faked, probably by the government, which quite wants me to stay at home and be a homemaker4


I am reading The Eyre Affair, after having it in my immediate possession for nigh on three years now --I think Keira recommended it, ages ago, before Marc and I were even dating maybe. It's quite good so far; I'm up to chapter seven.

Part of me feels I should read Jane Eyre to go with it, or at least find and watch the musical, but I honestly can't be arsed. Maybe later in the summer, if my general plan of actually reading real books goes well. It seems decent so far --yesterday and the day before I captured odd moments to reread "Spiderweb for Two", and Monday I tore through a copy of "The Vagina Monologues".

Allegations that I am just doing this because Book Club promised trinkets (like, say, gift cards to the local bookstore) are completely true. I do need to read more, however, and it entertains me to just work my way through all the books in my room. Perhaps I'll make a pile.

(Next up might be books 2-4 of the Enchanted Forest chronicles, but the knowledge that Patricia Wrede was part of the whole racefail '09 thing hampers my enjoyment a bit. We'll see. There's certainly other books scrambling for the queue first.)


I do not have any cavities. I do have wisdom teeth, but they only seem problematic on the bottom.


I can remember how to get to the mall once my memory is jogged --it involves driving to Blue's house, and then not turning to get onto his streets. Oh gods help me, I appear to have returned to Suburbia.

I have not yet walked out to the playground on the left, my playground, or the pool, or climbed my tree. I think this is all in part due to how *hot* it is.


I think it is time for me to play RockBand in a bit --Foreplay/Long Time was on in the car and it put me in the mood. Perhaps I'll force myself to get something done, first --cooking lunch5 and emptying the dishwasher just don't seem good enough, for whatever reason. Perhaps I should go put away luandry? Yes, that seems like quite the fair trade for being allowed to play DRUMS!. Ta!


1: Apparently to prevent driving fragments of shell into the yolk. It did seem to work --usually I have to fish a small piece or two out with a larger bit of shell (it works!) but I did not have that problem this time. Whether a fluke or due to more careful cracking remains to be seen, but I like this way.

2: We have tiny wedges of spreadable laughing cow swiss, and (*shudder*) slices of American cheese. The first is quite good, and I've eaten two already since getting back on Monday, but the second is suitable only for grilled cheese, maybe3.

3: ...and we haven't any bread. Ai, I am forcing my mother to go shopping today if it kills me.

4: I am a brilliant homemaker for the first week coming back from college. I'm honestly pretty decent the rest of the time in the Empty City as well --I enjoy doing laundry (not the least because it gives me an opportunity to take my clothes back from Alys), I keep the catbox clean (It's in the laundry room and I don't like walking across spilt litter), I put dishes in the dishwasher, and handwash whatever else lies around, I straighten books (sometimes --it's a formidible prospect, really), and occasionally I go manic and alphabetize the DVDs or organize the games closet or something.

Would I make a good long-term housewife for someone? Maybe. I am quite good with children, and don't even mind vacuuming or scrubbing things down occasionally. The problem is that I, like my mother, run a bit on my own schedule, which means that I get said cleaning done at, um, odd hours sometimes.

Plus, it's exponentially more fun to clean someone else's mess than my own. Just saying.

5: And cleaning the dishes of course. That's part of cooking in my world --I clean dishes outside of cooking, but I can't cook without doing dishes unless I am being a terrible person. Plus, _so much easier_ to wash frying pans clean of eggs if I do it while the pan is still hot.
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I have apparently determined that listening to "Between"1 on endless repeat is fun and a good idea! Doubly frustrating, because I was doing this a couple weeks ago, too --I don't like being in the same gloomspace twice in a month. I thought I had snapped out of this one already.


Went into my multivariate calc exam fully expecting to fail. Sat down to maybe scrawl some notes down for a study sheet, and realized that I hadn't actually learned anything all semester. It felt a bit like those stereotypical dreams2 where you didn't know you had a test and so didn't study, except without the waking up part. Quite awful.

Luckily, I was able to pummel my memory into at least writing down something for every part of every problem, and I do think I had some idea of what I was doing on a few of them. I did manage to correctly remember what cross-product multiplication of vectors was, so, yay me I guess.

But yeah. Things I learned this semester: Parameterization. WoooooooooooowhydoIsuckatmath?


I am supposed to be packing right now, as today I move the rest of my stuff out and start on my grand gallivanting adventure that I really just *have* to get some e-mails out about. First though, I think I need to find somewhere in Porter Exchange to scavenge breakfast from. So yes, breakfast, then go home and throw everything into boxes, then commit seppuku, then...wait, spellcheck recognizes seppuku? I am astonished, I was just throwing that in to check if anyone was paying attention. is one of those whiny days where I really want attention. I'm going to have to snap my mind out of that before I get annoying, since I'm painfully aware of the fact that me being all *cling, paw, paw, paw* at people is in fact, not charming.

(Today is also one of those whiny days where I somewhat want to hide forever. I'll see how well I can manage that once I've finished packing.)


Rackle is really really cool, and said some good words to me last night that I should reread at some point and remember.


(Calling Olsen, calling Memphis, I am calling, can you hear this?)


1: By Vienna Teng. Good song, great waltz, really honestly kinda depressing as hell when you listen to the lyrics. Multiple depressing ways to look at it, too. It's *brilliant* or something. The fact that it's invaded my world for the moment might be a bad sign, not really sure. I think I prefer to sort out the problems that it expresses rather than collapse under the weight of them. Wooooo, cryptic!

2: I don't remember if I mentioned it when xkcd brought it up, but I don't have stereotypical dreams. I have only rarely dreamt myself naked, and never had my teeth fall out. I've never flown (though I would fall for a while, but not endless falling --just a ten-twenty foot drop half sliding alongside a wall). My dream tropes involve getting uncomfortably groped by people I'm supposed to be platonically fond of. Oh, and food. I have good food dreams unfairly often.
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Women are warm and soft and curvy, and squish in all the right places. They have nice breasts, and hips, and don't have sharp elbows or knees. They take care of their body, and do things to make it look and smell nice.

They know how to cook, and are good at it. They make things from raw ingredients, not from boxes, and know how to go shopping for what they need, and don't even bother with recipes, since it's all so very simple to them anyways.

They sew things. They can both make things from patterns, like costumes and period clothing, or they can modify things that they get from other stores, to make them fit better.

They know what colours look good on them, and what colours match with each other, and what colour belt you should wear with these shoes, and what pattern shirt you should wear with that skirt. They can tell what clothes flatter their figure well, and what clothes won't. They look good in dresses. They own proper underwear, with lace sometimes, that serves just as much as decoration as it does utility.

They wear make-up, often every day. They know how to do it subtle-like, so that no one can tell they're made up, and they know how to do it striking, to emphasize their eyes and cheeks and lips. They can apply lipstick in one go. They know what hues to use for their skin tone. Similarly, they know lots of pretty things to do with their hair, and can pick or choose to match the occasion.

Women follow when they dance. If they're quite good at dancing, they lead sometimes as well, but only with the very inexperienced. They are good at following, and do not try to back lead.

They are flirtatious in appropriate ways. If they are single, they can flirt with strangers out in the big wide world, catch eyes, ask boys for numbers, all that sort of things. If they are hooked, they know how to behave properly as half a couple, know when to kiss their boyfriend, and how to hold him and where hands should be placed.

They do not tell dirty jokes. They may be bawdy in groups of their closest girl friends, discuss vibrators or birth control or very mild kinks, but they wouldn't dare mention masturbation in mixed company, or be vulgar. They are not sexual creatures in public. They may sometimes tease their boyfriends in public, but no one else, and get embarrassed if someone notices.

They are monoamorous, and display cautious amounts of jealousy towards their boyfriend's female friends. They are heterosexual, except for perhaps a few incidents of experimentation in high school or college, and perhaps except for a best friend, with whom wildly over the top, and completely platonic flirtation can occur.

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I spent the weekend in New York City with [ profile] thorog and his girl, Rose. Insert appropriate They Might Be Giants song here.

We...basically had a sinfully good time of things. Saturday, we arrived and went to Surreal Estate, which is the house/commune [ profile] muzikmaker21 and roughly fifty other hippies live in. We got the grand tour, and learned far too many names --I think I picked up that prettyboy is Quin(t?), and I met an adorably charming girl called Meg, an aussie named Hannah, and a different adorably charming girl called Emma, who was totally flattered when I accidentally called her Meg. We also went and got really good pizza from the sustainable pizza place across the street from Surreal Estate, where Nathen works.

Eventually, we wandered off to Times Square, where we stood in an abysmally long TKTS line1 and spent much time debating what show to try and see2. We were this close to going and seeing ROCK OF AGES3, but there was not seats together, so we decided we'd rather sit in the same place, and see Avenue Q.

After TKTS, we hit up Toys R Us, where we acquired a Brenton/[ profile] gyrik_224, and bunches of candy. We did not acquire a dinosaur, because it wouldn't fit in my purse, or a stick pony, even though I was tempted. Also, LEGO PIRATES ARE HAPPENING AGAIN! Just so you all know.

Dinner wound up being at a bar a couple blocks up from Times Square (Daltons? I think Daltons) which was good food, very nice to Rose and her pepper-allergy, and did not try to card us when we walked in, which would've resulted in me being kicked out5. So they get points! From there to AveQ, which was fairly enjoyable, and pretty much targeted exactly at the four of us --the girl halfway through her undergrad, the girl in the middle of her graduate degree, the boy just out of college and trying to make a living in the big city, and the boy trying to get a doctorate. Musicals written for twenty-somethings are fun!

Wandered for a while in search of ice cream, settled for Jamba Juice at the Port Authority, at least in part because they had bathrooms. Headed back to Surreal Estate, where we learned that drunk hippies really really like delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies6. Tho and Rose did their own thing for a bit, and I went out on one of the roofs with Nathen and Meg to chill. Oh, and in case I haven't made it clear enough yet, Surreal Estate is very *very* awesome. I may go ahead and take my ten day trial period sometime, were I a New York kind of girl. ((They give you ten days before they figure you've moved in, and should therefore pay rent or teach dancing or give backrubs or something. They are a very chill commune.))

We slept. [I am debating this sentence, someone remind me to ask Tho if I can post it.] Sunday morning we woke up, got dressed, and danced salsa and swing in the common room. Eventually, we managed to wander out for bagels, which were delicious, and thrift storing, which was really quite fun --Nathen managed to find a tie that said "viagra" on it repeatedly, and I got a gorgeous summery dress --doubly good, since it was a billion degrees out, and I had previously been wearing black jeans.

We left Surreal Estate and headed to The Strand, where we again met up with Brenton. I'm not entirely sure what happened between 1:30 and 4, but I think it involved a lot of books, and possibly Forbidden Planet. From there, we walked many many blocks to a tiny little macaroon shop Tho had found out about using the power of the INTERNET! and then a pasta shop for dinner, and a quick look around Macys while waiting for the bus home.

Ended out the trip by sitting on the sidewalk in a light rain, chatting and snuggling. Long, overly hot, ride home with some absolutely smashing conversation, and then to bed, to bed.

...or in my case, to Vera, in order to chat with people and make sure none of you has exploded while I was gone.

And that was my weekend! Origins in three days! Aiee, I've got to pack >.<


1: Dear mom, you lied, it's not under the Marriot Marquee anymore. It is in fact, smack in the middle of Times Square
2: NTS: Write "Phantom of Chicago Q...OF AGES!"
3: \m/
4: Okay, yeah, there's a reason I couldn't remember your screenname, Dragon. It is a complicated name, that I'm not totally positive I can pronounce.
5: Not that we ordered any boozahol anyways. But they do sometimes card at the door, and being as I was the only under-21 in the group, it would've been annoying as all hell.
6: Brenton made 'em for us because he's a gentleman or somesuch. They were fekken' delicious, and did not last very long at all.
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ToDo List:

*Call work on Saturday to find out when I'm working next week
*Make a Booty Chest uniform to wear as a hall costume at Balticon
*Reply to Jesse, Tricia, Newt
*Cook something for dinner. Real mac and cheese, maybe? I'd have to buy ingredients, methinks.
*Work more on unpacking and whatnot
*Harass Veronica sometime, find out when more Buffy can happen.
*Take apart my fabulous green wench skirt in order to make it into a pattern in order to make more fabulous skirts.
*Run that last load of laundry

I'm sure there are other things, but they are probably boring. Like these, only moreso.

I like that I always feel quite on top of things and ready to accomplish just everything ever when I get home for the summer, and then promptly forget about it all about a week later.

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5:11:44 PM Akchizar: I have a spider bite!
5:12:21 PM Just Sor: I saw!
5:12:26 PM Just Sor: You're swell!
5:12:28 PM Just Sor: ...ed
5:12:31 PM Akchizar: ....
5:12:43 PM Akchizar: Why do I even let you talk

My day is going somewhat better. I have an obscenely chocolate...thing that is actually far too much on the wet chocolate1 side of the spectrum for me to actually enjoy it, and potato chips, and mango nakedsmoothie.

And Italianstuffs went okay, I just have to get with the memorizing. Oh hey, dear everyone! I give you FULL PERMISSION to hit me with sticks if you ever hear of me giving my students group projects. Seriously, man. *such* a bad fucking idea.

Also, student center is significantly better air conditioned than my room. Looks like Ver and I are going to have to be social for a while. eirghnkglgvojrmninety fucking degreesgkhjalefg

Oh good, I have talking privileges back. And yes, this *does* appear to be an "eight dozen posts in one day" day, however did you guess?


1: I like dry chocolate things --chocolate cake, brownies, muffins, etc. I don't like wet chocolate things -ice cream, pudding, frosting. Yeah. I don't really get it either.

Lemon Cake

Apr. 13th, 2009 05:10 pm
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Scene opens on a bake sale, a long table covered in goodies. Two women approach, one, older, dedicated to supporting the cause. The other, merely curious, trying to learn what's going on.

The girl behind the table turns to the younger. "Would you like anything? It's for a good cause!"

The younger woman stammers, blushing slightly "I'm sorry, I would, but I don't have my wallet..."

"What do you want?" the older woman asks, kindly. She is holding a five dollar bill, offering it to the stranger.

"What, really?" In response, the older woman nods. She was planning to give the money all to the cause anyways. What does it hurt her if fifty cents or a dollar get used on this lost little teenager.

The younger woman gets a slice of lemon cake. The older woman buys oatmeal raisin cookies, and pays for them both. "Keep the change" she says to the girl behind the table.

"Thank you." the younger woman says, taking her cake. The older woman smiles, and they part ways.

It's only later that the younger woman realizes just why she's so flabbergasted --she's spent so much time trying to be nice to other people, that she's forgotten what it feels like when someone's nice to her.
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As you all ought to know, someday I will rule the world. When that happens, you will all be my subordinates. Not slaves, exactly, more like everybody I know becomes the equivilant of a younger sibling--if I want a sandwichdrink or something, then you have to go make me one.

Anyways. When that happens, I figure there ought to be some sort of resource for making me sandwichesdrinks, and not doing something heinous like putting mayonaise onwater in them or something1. Todays lesson is:

How to make Kat hot cocoa:

A smallish pot
A stove
Some milk (eight ounces is probably right)
Some hot cocoa (I have no taste buds; from a packet is generally fine)
A mug
A stirring spoon
A mixing spoon


1: Put the milk in the pan, put the pan on the stove, and set the stove to no hotter than medium.

2: Use the bit of time you have before the milk gets hot and requires full attention to put the cocoa powder in the mug.

3: Continue to heat the milk, stirring it with the stirring spoon to keep it from boiling or burning or scalding or sticking to the pot. If the milk boils, or burns, or scalds, or sticks to the pot, so help you, I will not be a happy queen.

4: Once the milk is quite hot (I test by placing a drop on my inner wrist --when I go "ow!" and jerk away, it's probably perfect) pour it carefully into the mug.

5: Using the mixing spoon, mix the cocoa and milk thoroughly.

6: Deliver the cocoa to me. Be proud of a job well done.

Have a nice day!


1: I'm kindof a big fan of not having watered down drink. Yes, this goes as far as to include ice in soda (and in apple juice, dear airlines, why the fuck would you put ice in juice, gods!), so I'll be unhappy with you if you mess up.

(((This blast from the past brought to you from one year, seven months, and four days ago today.)))
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So, a proper report of the last few weeks!

On the fourteenth, I got my drivers license, because I am rad.

On the fifteenth, I flew Home and went to Arisia )

Nineteenth was Monday of Arisia. While packing, I think to check the internet, find out what time I can move into my dorm. I mean, last year I could doso just post Arisia, it seemed sensible to expect the same out of this year.


"Hey mom? It says I can move in at noon. On the twenty-fifth."

Luckily, I had a handy dandy Magus who I could beg into giving me crash space for a week, so I did that.

Twentieth through the twenty fourth, I hung out with Magus, caught almost all the way up on Doctor Who (just need to watch the Christmas Special!), had a grand old time of things, and did a few other things, like harassing j7y more (it is a hobby! Also, we watched Mighty Boosh!!) and babysitting. And maybe I had a teeny tiny breakdown somewhere in the middle of All That, and had to spend a little bit of time righting my brain.

Twenty third was Friday of Vericon )

The twenty-fifth I skipped Vericon completely, moved in eventually, hugged my roommates, and got dragged to a lesbians house to watch a movie called "Wristcutters: A love story". I kinda want to write fanfic about that setting, though I think I'm not emo enough. Good movie though, very light and fun and reasonably fluffy. And romantic, of course.

The twenty sixth was today, and I'll report on all my classes once I've had the other two. Can I just say EEEE, CALCULUS! though?

And now food and dance. Ta!


1: Conner? Connor? *shrugs*


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