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....Kay, in other news, I have a new entry for the collective "Livejournal is stupid."

See, for a couple weeks or so, I've been having trouble with my tags --they won't show on the entry, meaning I can't tag entries, meaning I can't find things in my journal (Not that I can much find them anyways)

So, since I specifically wanted to search a particular tag (conventions) I actually hit the "tags" button on the bottom of my last entry, to try and enter the tags there, since they weren't showing up when I entered them in the tags box on the update page.

When I tried to enter the tags there, THEN it gave me the helpful message that, by putting all the tags I wanted on there, I would exceed my limit of 1000 tags. Hm, gee, I would have really liked to have heard that message the first time you fucked up and didn't tag my journal, elljay. Fucker.

Soyeah. I have to re-reread* my journal and go through the tags and see if I can cut it down to under 1000 easily and in a way that makes sense. This is such bullshit though. If elljay is going to keep me from using enough tags to get to the entries I want, can it at least have a better search function? If I want to find a specific entry, I search my gmail inbox to find the entry, not the journal itself.

Yep. Elljay sucks. What else is new?


*I reread it just before Seren died. Fucker.


Oct. 4th, 2007 12:53 pm
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Anywho, Tho has been annoying me about the fact that I have far too many tags, and that apparently half of them are redundant*. So. Poll!!

[Poll #1065938]


*HeyTho? None of my tags are redundent when you factor in my poor memory for details. If I have x entries tagged with both "Tho" and "Thorog", I don't have to remember which one is the vaild tag, I can use either.

Additionally, it means that, when tagging things, I don't have to remember what I use. So I don't have to try and figure out whether I use "polls" or "poll dancing" to tag polls, I can just use both.

The one problem with my redundancy is that I don't have perfect overlap, like I should. I'll get there.
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[Poll #1014404]

For those who wish to know, my answers are that I do have several journals that I ocassionally use to write shit I don't want everyone on my flist to read (ie, if you give enough of a shit about me to actually go and find them, then you're probably one of the people who I don't mind reading.)

They are all linked pretty damn obviously out of my userinfo and/or flist, but I don't update any of them often. If you poke around long enough, you can find some pretty open (for me) stuff.

The obvious reason I brought all this up was that I posted in one of them (I'll even make it easy, it's in Alis's journal) and that sent me on a thoughtstream of 'why?'

Why bother to write a perfectly open and free for everyone to see journal entry, and then toss it into a journal very few other people read. Either it's open, and I want reinforcement, comments, and people to post, or it's not, and I should just either use a filter or post it completely privately.

Personally, I think it's the idea of risk --Ooo, I'm doing something on the edge, putting my emotions out there for anyone to find --if they bother looking. Or even more so, I think it's the same idea I stated above --that this way, I limit my journal to only the people I know care. I'm guessing that the hundred or so people who read my journal don't actually read every word I write --hell, more then half of you (I'd guess) I just skim past. But there are people who I definently care about to read every word, and I'd like to wish I meant that much to some of you out there.

Annnnd I'm out. Press the clicky buttons now, 'k?

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Okay, so I don't have a paid account anymore, which means I can't actually post polls unless I upgrade to "give me lots of ads oh boy!" which I'm not going to do. (Or get mum to buy me a new one, which is all eh since I really only ever use the extra userpics thing)

But I feel like posting a poll. So this is my makeshift poll. Copypaste it into your comment and x the ticky boxes.

I want to see more...
[]Makeshift polls!
[]Thought provoking rants and generally interesting things, like Kat USED to post.
[]Pictures of Kat. Lots and lots of pictures of Kat.
[]Mission 101 updates
[]Posts about Kats life. I must know EVERYTHING!
[]Evil Giraffes. (Thank you Mr. Izzard...)
[]Well...everything, really!
[]Write in your own answer here -> __________________

In general, I think that this elljay...
[]sucks really bad
[]is the best thing since sliced bread
[]rocks like Kat on geetar hero
[]something in between
[]needs more zombies

Calliopes are...
[]Really awesome
[]Just about the most underappreciated instrument of all time

I will post more questions if I think of them.
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When the friends list stops being updated with peoples talking, then you should go to bed. Because it's late. And you're being a hurfdurf* by not sleeping.

In other news, the people on the other side of the world from me ([ profile] thorog, [ profile] mikethegirl, [ profile] mcgig, [ profile] lunaticvermin, and I believe [ profile] kirby1024, and [ profile] angrysunbird) need to post more late at night. Cause hell, it's like three in the afternoon over there. Prime time for elljaying.

Okay, right sleep. Byeee!


*Ask [ profile] madamluna
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[Poll #720738]

I had nothing to do with this. Blame Gabe!!
G: Excuse me?

*runs off*



May. 1st, 2006 08:26 pm
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Alt title: Icon Lovefest, 2006!

I, once again, have a paid account! This is a happy-Kat thing. Amoung other things, this means, that until May first 2007, I have THIRTY FREAKING FIVE icons. ROCK!

Instead of spamming your flists by making posts for each of them, I shall be nice and post the Link for looking at all of them.

And I think that's all. If you think of an icon that I desperately need, lemme know. And yes, I'm working on a Walking to Rivendell one, I just need to go get GoogleEarth up.


Expect polls soonish. BWAHAHA!

Oh dear, tonights going to be a flist-spam night, isn't it? Ah I care!

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No one ever comments in my journal! Therefore, I'm going to delete it, and commit suicide. Possibly involving a fish, although I might use my Ravonous Bug-Blatter Beast of Traal.

After I'm done with that, I might go somewhere. Cool!

I've recently had a major life change! Thats right -I've morphed into an androgynous three eyed hooloovoo, with an extra arm shaped like a fork. And I'm getting divoriced from my friend Shirly. She's such a bitch.

But there are many cool people who aren't bitches. [ profile] thorog's not a bitch for instance. He's smart. Same with [ profile] naraht. And [ profile] muzikmaker21 is of course just awesome. I got to see her this weekend. I also saw [ profile] werewulf. And [ profile] artemisfowl2nd. And [ profile] astereth, and [ profile] jarne, and [ profile] macaroniandtuna and [ profile] drama_angel3189! It was all very exciting. Those are all cool people.

I am wearing very little! I won't post pics though, because I'm 'embaressed'

I saw this article about abortion in the paper. It was all about Montana's abortion laws. I think Montana's boring, except for Montana Jones. He's cute. Those are my opinions!

And I think thats all.


(((To all the people giving me VERY strange looks at this point, I'm merely playing with the idea of the Naraht-ian laws of getting comments. BWAHAHAH!

And actually, if my expiriments succeed, NO ONE will comment on this post. )))
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Don't you hate it when you accidentally close out a window where you had a half written LJ entry?


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The people-riffic meme!

Rules are:
First, write down the names of twenty people you know. Then read and answer the questions.

You can't look at the questions (or click on the cut) until you write down the twenty names you're going to use.

That sounds fun...and perfectly acceptable for my first post in who knows how Godly long.

I know. I admit it. I'm weak. LJ has called to me, and I must answer it. I'm back.

Right right right. On with the names!

1) [ profile] artemisfowl2nd
2) [ profile] muzikmaker21
3) [ profile] macaroniandtuna
4) [ profile] werewulf
5) [ profile] quadrophenic86
6) [ profile] sonsashi
7) [ profile] jannyblue
8) [ profile] drama_angel3189
9) [ profile] kugelblitz
10) [ profile] ednoria
11) [ profile] heptadecagram
12) [ profile] firespell89
13) [ profile] haveasuperday
14) [ profile] sonotsupercool
15) [ profile] boredmder
16) [ profile] shadowcaptain
17) [ profile] sildar
18) [ profile] gaeanangel
19) [ profile] ayleedragon
20) [ profile] astaereth

Don't read this until you have YOUR list ready!! )

Alright, back to general life.

I've only got internet on teh weekends. But thats ok.

Still not going to touch the webcomics. Not yet. Not until I have full, legal acess to Dmitri again.

*sigh* I miss 'em.

Other stuff:

*I went garage saleing yesterday. I picked up a pair of clunky black leather boots, a translucent plastic chair (I'm going to paint it) a beanie-baby penguin (for a dollar...remember when you couldn't find beanie babys for less then 6 or 7 a pop?) which I promptly named Ms. Hecubus, a purse, and a camera bag. It ruled.

*I also went to the aquarium yesterday with Zily (Lily and Zoe), and a couple of friends of theres, David and Leah. It was very cool, especially the skates, and the fish I befriended. He was a very cool fish, all neon-striped and whatnot. We had a long conversation, turns out he's a total theatre boy, and a bit of a drama-queen. He said he was also quite gay, which made me smile.

It was Jonny!!!!! in fish form. :D

*Me and Veronica went for a walk today, with Rex. It rocked.

*Played Halo with Nik and Mike Royster and Veronica. also fun, although, like usual, I got my butt kicked.

*This morning I finally caught up and saw EpIII. I liked it, although I found Anikin INCREDIBLY whiny. CHEER UP! I don't see what all those girls see in him. :p

*I think thats all...ego-boost writing will commence shortly.


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Friday: Went alright, and then I got to babystitting. Oh my. Diane pointed out that DC (Dear Childe) was borderline sick, so if he fell asleep earlier or whatnot I shouldn't worry.

He was asleep when we got home. So, we put him to bed and Diane told me that if he woke up screaming or anything, and seemed to need his Mom (as opposed to this crazy pseudo-mom) to just call her since she was right next door. I was perfectly fine just watching him peacefully. Then he woke up. *headdesks*

I did wind up getting Diane, and she determnined that he prolly had a nightmare or somesuch, since he wasn't feeling as hot/feverish as he was when we put him to bed (hardly any temperature by that point) We wound up chatting for a bit, with Koob just snuggled up against Diane and it was rather nice. I like talking to people.

After she left, DC was his usual bundle of energy, I finally put him to bed 9:30ish and sang to him, and finally got online again around 10:15ish. And that was after just leaving him be since he didn't seem to have any interest in GOING TO SLEEP! Yipes!

Saterday: Aly's friend Natalie wound up coming over, which was cool(ish) I let them play the Sims on my computer while I played with Veronica and Nik and Dan. It was pretty fun. Natalie stayed the night, and I just generally hung out.

Sunday: Pretty good. I went to Jimmy-Grey (My youngest cousin on my moms side)'s B-day party, where mostly I hung out with mom and aunt sara, choosing to avoid the hordes of small children being obsessive about video games. Me and Nik then went over to Jernie and Boe's to play Halo and watch the transformers movie...we didn't finish it, which was a shame. Played a lot of Halo though.

I really really really really suck at Halo. Although, I achieved a new personal record: I killed someone all by myself! Twice even! It made me very happy. I also killed Andy since he was being a sweetheart and standing still so I could just shoot him a lot.

Transformers movie was very amusing. Gotta love the crazy things. I love the fact that the chickbot wears lipstick. Because, you know, she needs it.

Monday: Worked on some girl scouts stuff, and then went to the leader meeting. Which was cool, if a little long. I wound up inviting myself/getting invited to a younger girl troop via thursday to help them learn origami for thinking day.

Tuseday: Couldn't make up it's mind about weather it was a good day or a bad day. Felt incredibly fragile for no real reason in gymnastics and was ready to just start crying at the littlest things. Very annoying, especially since I had to forcefully refocus myself several times. I figured out what I was doing wrong via back handsprings though, so that was good. Maybe I'll be doing them by myself before the year is out.

Today: Was rather nice. Did the whole school thing until English, where I did the whole hang out with Becky and work on review thing. She had the complete HGttG with her and I had raptures over it all period. I didn't steal it though, which was good of me.

She said she got it at the mall, for only 16 dollars or somesuch. If I can find a compy for under 20$, I'm quite definently buying it for myself, so I have my own copy to deface highlight all the good quotes in.

It started snowing today about Englishtime. Someone looked out the window and pointed it out and adjuisted the blinds so everyone could see and it was exciting. Everyone was cheering and whatnot (not real loud or anything) and enjoying the fact that we have snow. *looks outside* It's still going right now, I reckon we have two, or maybe even three inches so far.

I like snow.

I walked home in it, which was nice, although a tad on the cold side (must remember to bring gloves tomorrow...) and Jeff offered me a ride, which is different. I declined, partly since I was enjoying the snow, partly because I was pretty close to home at that point anyway, and partly because his car skidded rather nicely as he pulled up to the curb next to me. No interest in getting into a car accident thanks. I've done that (albeit several years ago.)

Jaimee invited me to CoE again, which I hope to go to, although it occers to me that I should prolly hang out here and study and clean my room, and knock off things on my todo and whatnot. Sigh.

All for now.

EDIT: Since then, I've shovled the walk which isn't fun, found out that CoE is practiced, which works with my plans, and chatted with Kat, which is very fun.



(((COT: My clone and my mum have friended each other. This amuses me greatly, although I'm not entierly positve why.)))
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Hooray for LJ being back up!!

Ego boosting will commence shortly...

In other news, I have been playing entierly too much neopoints lately. Considering that I really shouldn't be playing it much at all, this is prolly a bad thing.



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Please leave a comment with the three avatars that you think best represent me since my paid account will be running out soon. (to view all of them, click on my picture in my user info.)

I can't guarentee that those will be the three I pick, but if I find that a lot of people like my kobold avie (fer instance) I'm more likely to keep it.

Your Loyal Storyteller



Aug. 18th, 2004 05:48 pm
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[Poll #337761]

Ok, I promise I won't abuse this power. I just wanted to make at least one.


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*whistles nonachently*

I love you Wulf-Mom!! *big hugs!!*

*wanders off to revel in the paidness of her LJ account.*



Mah Birthday: 11 Days
School Starts: 13 Days
Veronicas Birthday: 14 Days
Jeremy's Birthday: 17 Days
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I can only go back 420 friends entries. This takes me back to...July 29th. Shiz.

Any suggestions? If not, then I might just do it one at a time.

Other: I've managed to finish catching up with Sluggy Freelance and Crossroads Incorperated.

This was difficult however, since my computers acting wonky. Namely, open windows arbitrarily close on me.

Any advice on that one?



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Now for what I have to do to catch up with the world:

~Sort through 80 e-mail messages. This is a lot for me, it made me fairly happy (done)

~Catch up on a months worth of 20 webcomics. This makes me happy. (I'm about half done with Sluggy, thats it. And oh I love me Sluggy. Poor DoL Riff though. I mean, he's lame, but still!)

~Read all the LJ entries that have been posted in the last month. *pause*. Oh. God. This one will be...interesting. My guess is aproxomately *guesses* 1,392 entries. (Haven't started yet)

~Type up all the "LJ" entries I wrote while at camp and post them, after I've edited them so they make sense. (Haven't started)

~Give hugs to everyone I have not yet given hugs to. This is everyone except Yury, LittleBruce, BigBilly, Mom, Dad, BigPaul, Jaimee, and FTM.

~Get ready for moms party!

I think thats all for now.

In other news, I made another everything playlist with every song I have on it. 641 songs. Later, I might pull a Sildar and give you the wholething behind a cut, but thats only if I get boerd.


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This time, it's decided to manifest itself into me sending a message to every one of my friends.

afterwards-My other favorite mod of silliness. Yay!
anneroyster-All I have to say to you is that if you're not careful, the chickens will getcha. Remember that.
anvildropper- Woof!
artemisfowl2nd- Meow! Hello original the second.
bobthespirit- I need to read your comic. That seems like a much better solution to doing this. Ah well, eventually. I promise.
chefmike- You haven't updated for a while cause your at some sort of camp, right? Or do I have my wires crossed.
chickenhat-I've always loved your name, you know that right. I mean Chickenhat is just SO awesome sounding.
dark_archer42-You don't exist. I know this because you've NEVER FREAKING POSTED!! EVER!!
dotdorsner-My other favorite mod of silliness!!!! Yay!!
drama_angel3189-You. *Vendetta-esque glare*
dramaqueen7689-I read your little story, and it took you long enough to figure out.
ednoria-I can't babysit your darling child for a month. This sucks!! Hugs to both of you!
fearthemullet-Have you ever posted?
flyingiguanas25-*hugs to my older sister*
jannyblue-I'm going to be you when I grow up. Keep that in mind.
kdsorceress-*stabs* Hey! that hurt!
kirby1024-You're one of the few sluggites who I have any idea what you look like.
knotjaguar-I'm going to assume you're kullervo, since you're the one name so far that I don't instantly recognize as someone.
kugelblitz-I am going to have a car just like yours. Mini-Coopers are ROCK-AWESOME!
llefser-My other other favorite ex mod of silliness! Yay!! Waitaminute...I sense a pattern here...
lonebear-I'm sorry about the lasik :-(
madamluna-Have a present! *looks arounf for something to give* uhhh...have some elmers white glue!
mommyrex-I babysit.
moongoddess88-You don't exist much either. What is it with all these people not existing.
ms_hecubus-You exist though, so it's all good.
newtype-See! See!! You ARE a friend. Now.
number_12-Webcomics rule.
pebbles12300426-*sniffle* You're going to California!! Horrible man!
quadrophenic86-*hugs* Yay to my favorite techie-actor. Or alternately, my favorite Florida techie.
saberwing-Eeny Oony Wahnah
scandiamaxie- Purple is a very good colour.
sheisacarnival-Ah! My favorite no-longer-a-senior! I wish I could visit you at Target but I can't.
sildar-The first MD sluggite I ever really chatted with. oddly interesting.
siothaed-ILMA (similar to ILMS but different)
speaker2animals-*pets the big vicious kzinti*
the_grey_mouser-I have one of my friends charecters livejournal on here. God I'm a nerd.
theatrephantom-My sweet little Sarah!
thorog-My favorite random sluggite. You are random! SCORE!
unknown_techie-*steals his BAWLS*
werewulf-*This space left intentionally blank*
whimmydiddle-Good luck finishing up with all the room painting and such


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Not bad for a chick who's only had it since FRAKING DECEMBER!!

December 27 through July 13 = 200 days.

Ok, so it's not as bad as I thought it might be, but still, one entry every two days depresses me.

I must post more! Much more!!

Actually, this wouldn't be depressing in the slightest, if I hadn't been foolish enough to look at the archives of Janny's journal. That woman posts repeatedly. Every. Single. Day. It scares me.

Actually, it really just REALLY impresses me, but you know, same diff.

Anyway, this is my 100th entry, I've had this LJ for much to long to have so few entries, and I've changed way to much in the past 200 days.

I'm going to shut up now since I'm not saying anything intelligent anyway.

~Sorceress and/or that delightful woman known as Kat



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