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Oh damn, I missed the formal February third announcement by a few hours. I had better as sure damn hell get on that.

See, a couple years ago, it was 2008, I was goofing around with the Katters, and this happened:

Me: So, there was this kid Jake
Me: And he met a girl
Me: And they had really hot sexy sex
Jake: Well, that's usually how it starts
Me: And he put his penis in her vajeener
Me: The end
Katters: That was the greatest porn ever
Katters: Ever

And somehow that spawned my single favourite use of this livejournal, now that I'm over eighteen and it's not creepy: The less than 31 words porn contest.


You write a porn. You make sure that it is, at maximum, 30 words. If you need inspiration, you go look here(2008) or here(2009)

You then post it in a comment on THIS POST! Comments are screened, so no one can see what a naughty naughty little writer you are. If you wanna leave anonymous porn, go wild. If you wanna leave me a dozen stories, by all means, go wild. If you wanna be kinky, go wild. If you wanna be vanilla, go wild. If you wanna be funny, go wild. If you wanna be erotic, good luck, and go wild!

After a couple weeks, I will collect all the entries (plus any that got e-mailed or IMd to me, and post them all in a nice big anonymous post for everyone to read and enjoy. No one is revealed as a pervert, I get to read lots of clever porn, and everyone is happy.



1: "Illustrious wanker" may be my new favourite phrase ever.
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So, just after the xkcd meet-up, I joined the xkcd forum for a while. Out of it, I wound up making a friend, Phi, who I talked to for a while on IM, before eventually losing track. Oh well.

So yeah. I don't think I've talked to him in more than a year. He IMs me today, which is pretty cool, because, hey, geek.

3:43:42 AM Phi: So, first things first, really.
3:43:59 AM Phi: I kind of wanted to thank you for being like the first person I talked to outside of xkcd on the interbutts.
3:44:06 AM Mostly Just Sor: Haha
3:44:08 AM Mostly Just Sor: Okay!
3:44:15 AM Phi: Beecause this led to me wanting to hop into some chatroom.
3:44:20 AM Phi: Which led to me meeting one of the mods.
3:44:28 AM Phi: Which led to me dating her for now over a year! \o/

I ee'd. Because seriously. Awww. And it is *all* kinds of warmfuzzy to know that that was my fault.

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Five years ago today.

Five beautiful
years ago today.

It was 2004.

Two girls, having met on an internet forum, have stepped into a private chatroom to get to know each other just a little better. Obviously, something had been going right on the forum proper, for them to add this level of intimacy to their interactions. Acquaintances were poised to become friends.

Chatting occurred with increasing frequency, neither having something better to do than to spill out their words to someone nearly three thousand miles away. Then, it was January 30th, 2004. The words spilled out, and the similarities mounted.

Until they reached the breaking point. In a moment of silliness, one labelled the other as a clone. As her clone. Within months, it had been determined that they were, in fact, clones of each other, and subsequently grew closer almost than any two humans ought to be.

Three years and three months after that fateful Recognition, for the very first time, they embraced. Just over nine months later, for the first time, they kissed. Add to that a relationship almost at the mark of it's thirteenth month, and you bring us to now. Five years.

[ profile] artemisfowl2nd has been my clone for more than a quarter of my life. Though we've only spent 51 days in the same place together, not a day goes by where I don't think of her, and not a week passes where we don't talk. I am more open with my darker parts with her than I would ever want to be with anyone else, and feel I know her better than anyone else she confides in.

And although we don't focus so much on the clone thing anymore, I still find so much of my brain unnecessary to explain, so many of her words making just perfect sense. It is the great cruelty of my life that we were dropped on opposite coasts by whichever fate arranged us.

But it is still among life's greatest joys that we still managed to find each other, and Find each other, ~2700 miles and three time zones apart.

I love you, dearest.

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So, a proper report of the last few weeks!

On the fourteenth, I got my drivers license, because I am rad.

On the fifteenth, I flew Home and went to Arisia )

Nineteenth was Monday of Arisia. While packing, I think to check the internet, find out what time I can move into my dorm. I mean, last year I could doso just post Arisia, it seemed sensible to expect the same out of this year.


"Hey mom? It says I can move in at noon. On the twenty-fifth."

Luckily, I had a handy dandy Magus who I could beg into giving me crash space for a week, so I did that.

Twentieth through the twenty fourth, I hung out with Magus, caught almost all the way up on Doctor Who (just need to watch the Christmas Special!), had a grand old time of things, and did a few other things, like harassing j7y more (it is a hobby! Also, we watched Mighty Boosh!!) and babysitting. And maybe I had a teeny tiny breakdown somewhere in the middle of All That, and had to spend a little bit of time righting my brain.

Twenty third was Friday of Vericon )

The twenty-fifth I skipped Vericon completely, moved in eventually, hugged my roommates, and got dragged to a lesbians house to watch a movie called "Wristcutters: A love story". I kinda want to write fanfic about that setting, though I think I'm not emo enough. Good movie though, very light and fun and reasonably fluffy. And romantic, of course.

The twenty sixth was today, and I'll report on all my classes once I've had the other two. Can I just say EEEE, CALCULUS! though?

And now food and dance. Ta!


1: Conner? Connor? *shrugs*
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1 Year ago today it was 2008. And you don't get a link for this, because I never posted about it.

But I started living a daydream. <3

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Dear ankle: Suck it.
Dear everything else that is upsetting me right now: Suck it.

I have entered a happy-bubble. Because, holy fucking shit, Still Alive is coming to Rockband!!!!!!

I don't think I've smiled this frigging much since...well...heh. A while, at least.


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*picks up the phone*
Red dot? *gasp* Someone called!
*open phone and look*
Seven one...I have no idea who this is. o.O
*hit 'Talk'*
...Wisconsin? Huh? Who the hell do I know from Wisconsin??
[Phone rings]
[Phone rings]
Ky: Hi, this is Ky!


Man, with all these recent goodness being brought about by the devilboxen, I may have to restate my "phones are completely evil" stance. I randomly called Kyu the other day (Conincidentally enough for the same reason EriKy called me--to find out what to draw), got to talk with Ky and Erika for half an hour or's all a big conspiricy, man!

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I would just like to go ahead and say that I have the single greatest clone in the history of clones. Srsly guys. The invention of the FATSYTSIAGM* was possibly the best thing she ever came up with.

You may now return to whatever it was you were doing.


*Further Attempts To Send You To School In A Good Mood -- basically, it was a quick e-mail with pictures she found on dA or drew for me, or poetry, or whatever that she sent me after I had gone to bed --when I woke up in the morning, I would find it and start the day in an exceptionally good mood.
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I am suddenly, irrationally, tempted to draw chibi versions of everyone I know.

Does anybody specifically want to see themselves chibified via my crap art skill?


ETA: Holycrap! Lots of you want chibis! Groovy. I'm just going straight down The List )

Once I've scanned your chibi, I will link to it above and in reply to your comment. If I see you in real life sometime in the next two months, I will give you the original then, if not, I can hopefully mail them.

ETA II -- Hokay, I don't have access to a scanner, but I do have a webcam. So me and my crappy webcam will take a pic of your chibi, so I can post it over in my dA gallary, and then I will send or hand you the original at a convinient time. If it's after I go home for the holidays, I will scan it properly too.


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