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2008-01-14 04:03 pm

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Hokay, so. Sweeney Todd.

I went to see it again last night, and dragged along my sketchbook. My original plan was to do some sketchies in the theatre, but this fell to pieces. Instead, I made a big long list of Things, scenes, and charecters I ought to draw from the Sweeney Todd movie. (Also, here be spoilers) )


These notes are, of course, mainly for my own use, but if you see something you desperately want me to do and soon, let me know.

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2008-01-13 05:51 pm

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Ha, I am done done done done DONE with reading livejournal, all caught up my flist! Only took me...geeze, when did I start? Six days ago?

So, uhm, yeah.

In other news, I have a New Years +6 days resolution (Because I had a Katters for six days already this year, and it's hard to make resolutions when the world is in the same state of slightly different it was when you ended the last year.) Anyways, I have this lovely new sketchbook that I bought that I actually really like --the cover is nice and sturdy, and silver and says "Create" on it. Create is a good word for the Sorcy.

It's a nice sketchbook. Spiral bound, which is great for drawing, since I can flip the book around and lean it against my knees or whatever, and about 150-200 pages. Which brings me to my New Years resolution: I want to have filled the sketchbook by the end of 2008.

The ulterior motive for this is to become a better artist --it annoys me slightly that OtherKat can just pull out a pencil and draw something fabulous in seconds. Butyes. One sketchbook, full by Dec31st 2008.

You can watch my progress on deviantart, which will update much more often when I have access to a working scanner, or you can wait for me to post here, because I really like showing off stuff I've drawn.

I've got other halfassed general resolutions (including "give blood 4-6 times", which is actually an awesome resolution) but this is the one I'm actually working on at the moment. Really, once you've made a Mission101 list, you don't really need to focus on resolutions so much...

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2007-12-06 10:43 am

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I am suddenly, irrationally, tempted to draw chibi versions of everyone I know.

Does anybody specifically want to see themselves chibified via my crap art skill?


ETA: Holycrap! Lots of you want chibis! Groovy. I'm just going straight down The List )

Once I've scanned your chibi, I will link to it above and in reply to your comment. If I see you in real life sometime in the next two months, I will give you the original then, if not, I can hopefully mail them.

ETA II -- Hokay, I don't have access to a scanner, but I do have a webcam. So me and my crappy webcam will take a pic of your chibi, so I can post it over in my dA gallary, and then I will send or hand you the original at a convinient time. If it's after I go home for the holidays, I will scan it properly too.
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2006-03-26 03:36 pm


Sorcyress has been drawing lately.


I think I can honestly say that thats the first time I've ever beenn good enough to refer to myself as 'sorcyress' I NEVER do that, even though I am.


Sorry. Anyway, I've been drawing a lot lately, and because you happen to have the (mis)fortune of being on my friends list, I'm going to point you over to the alls of them.

So here goes:

CMRAR! The CMRAR are for protecting my Big Orange Notebook of Doom, amoung other things. They will protect here, too
Broken Dreams. This one was drawn after MOOP! was blown up. I believe thats all I need to say about it.
Jakob. Jake is a Kilt-wearing bastard! I love him, he's a great charecter.
The Lounge. As in, where Gabe, Al, Hyde, and Zaph live. And me. It's a great picture. Spiral Staircases suck.
Cara. Another charecter, and a fairly recent picture of her. I haven't drawn her in a looooong while.
Kitty Crawford! Drawn for Aren. It's on construction paper, hence the funny colour.
Kawa. Just a sketch of a charecter.
Mogul the Rogul! No explanation.
And a close up on Moguls head
Random Chick

These next four are pages from a comicy/graphic novel thing I wrote back in ninth grade. I never had any more story then this, which makes it an ideal unfinished project. I'll get there eventually.
Page One
Page Two
Page Three
Page Four

Also, Aly, my younger sister, asked me to put this up and see what comments it gleaned. She's very proud of it, so if you're only going to look at one picture, look at this one, and leave your praise. I'll make sure it gets to the kid.
Stranger the Ranger

So, thats all for now. Ta!

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2006-03-25 02:42 pm

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Life, the universe, and everything! What's six times nine! Fourty-two, and ALL THAT!

I'm not sure how this is working, but that's ok. Kat's in a relitivly good mood.

Me-Kat, not Her-Kat. Though I certainly hope she's in a good mood as well. Mrof?


Yesterday was Everything Will Go Right Day. And, oddly enough, everything went right. Well, alright, everything went right for an exceedingly high portion of the day, and then the very end may have started going wrong. But it might have been past midnight at that point anyways, so woo!

So, heres what went right!

School. I woke up at the usual time, and got to devour two of the very highly delicious spilt personality waffle things we had. mmmmmmm! That was a tasty breakfast. Then I walked to school, and it was fun, and school itself occured.

It was all fairly regular and happy, my presentation in English went off fine, and I got an "A" on the oral quiz in German. So yay and double yay! Whats more was, we weren't doing anything in Stagecraft, which was great as I *really* didn't feel like doing anything! Most excellent!!

I got home and hung out some, and Fish came over and we hung out some, and Bernie and Joe came over and we made plans to game today! Which is most certainly life going right. Ploos, I re-read the first sandman book, which is always a lovely thing. Morpheus is pretty.....

Eventually, assorted people left, and Chris showed up. We hung out some, and then I got to go BABYSIT! YAY FOR SITTING ON KOOB!!

Sorry, I like the little monkey. And I haven't gotten to deal with him enough recently. *pouts* but next week...oh yes.

Koob was a dream. He was full of happy hyper energy so we got to run around, and around eightish, we went outside and sat in the mini for half an hour. And Koob knows to grab for the seatbelt when he's in his carseat! How cute is that!!? When we went back in, he was much quieter and tireder and he crashed rather perfetly right about nine. Which is the PERFECT time for him to crash.

After Koob was asleep (and he slept well, none of this waking up or falling out of bed nonsense he does sometimes) I hopped on the ichat thing, and wound up having lovely conversations with my girlfriend, Kat, Swing and Jarne, with Kyu, with Eric, and with Thorog of all people. So that was highly amusing, and on the whole a good thing.

Well, not for Al. She's been in her room the whole day throwing a tennis ball at the wall incessantly. She's pleased with herself, but she still doesn't know what she wants to do with herself, which leads to interesting questions.

And not for Hyde. Poor man, getting pulled from his playing. :p He gave me a rose to deliver this morning, a yellow one, so here. *gives to Reth*

Other stuff that went right? Well, lets see...I learned how to draw circular staircases! And I drew a decent picture of the lounge, with all of us scattered in it -it's cute. I'll have to scan it. Oh yes! And the Truth or Dare game that my denzians were playing ended QUITE satisfactorily. Gabe's been looking a bit like the cat who swallowed the canary, and Hyde's been slightly off center. Al refuses to give me her thoughts on it, like she does so often.

Heh, and I thought *I* closed myself off too much.

OH RIGHT! I got to hold a human SKULL yesterday! It was NEAT!!

...It's [ profile] ednoria's. Because who else would own one, I mean come on. No one else is NEAR cool enough to be able to pull off owning a skull. From a PERSON!

So yesterday, pretty much everything went quite right. And that one little catch at the end, that discovery---

I don't know yet. I still need to think about it. I've put pen to paper, I still need to put paper to envelope. But I'm not sure I can, or will.

Yes, I'm scared.

It's because I'm opening up past the walls. Bah. My therepist says I need to figure out why I do that, figure out what advantage there is for me to push people away, even sub-conciously. Thoughts?

Funny at how things fluctuate.

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2006-01-26 07:57 pm

Just life...

Most important thing by far, besides I'm finally done all my midterms:


Like...CLOSE access! Right upstairs even!!!

Expect many things to appear in my deviant-art account and linked here...what should be first...hmmm...

Oh. Well that's CLEAR.

I will return shortly! *runs off*

I am back! And I have presents...

For Jarne!
For anyone who thought the end of Animal Farm was totally brilliant, but wanted it to be different!*
And my TOTALLY BRILLIANT self portrait, for anyone who's wondered what it looks like in there.

Although, technically I need to have added Hyde* to the self-portrait to make it be complete.

GOD it's nice having a scanner.


*Warning! Bordering on graphic. If you're way squeamish, don't look at this one.
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2004-07-13 09:49 am
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Today is Tuesday

I leave on Wednesday. As in tomorrow Wednesday.

That was for everyone who wants to know WHEN I'm leaving.

As for why I'm leaving, I'm going to an all-girls camp in Maine for a month. It's a lovely place, but it doesn't have any internet acess, so I'm completely detched from this world.

And that isn't nessecarily all that bad. Granted, I do love hanging out at, I'd trust some of those people with my life, and I most certainly love hanging out with all my friends down here too, but every once in a while...I need a break.

I just need a chance to be without people every once in a while. To be by myself. Granted, I won't be alone by any stretch of the imagination, sharing a cabin with several other girls will do that to you, but at least I won't be with anyone I really KNOW.

I plan on bringing several notebooks this time around, as I've been much more of a writer recently then a drawer and having a place to write my life out would be...nice.

I like writing. It's an art form not unlike drawing. The goal in each is to make people see what you want them to see, you just do it in different ways.

Anyway, I shall do my best to see if I can find an address to post up here so you can all write me letters. Getting mail is most excellent, so anyone who does send me mail gets lots and lots of cool points.

Emily, say hi to Leila for me. and tell her I'm sorry I don't get to meet her.


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2004-03-04 08:21 pm


I did two really nice drawings today.

I'll start with the one I did for Angel. I did it in response to the current battle thread On (it's located on WGARS)One of the posters (Angel) had a really impressive enterance that was completely ruined by the arrival of a large blast of lime jelly covering everything. Of course, I just HAD to draw it. It turned out pretty damm awesome too.

But thats not my crowning glory of the day.

My crowning glory of the day would be a picture of Trudy (from GPF) I copied/drew. I put the pic up on Dmitri's screen and began to draw it as best as I could. It was mostly so I could get the folds in the clothes right. That is what I love about Jeff Darlington's style most, he has an amazing ability for drawing very good looking clothes, that actually have drapes and folds and stretch. They look real. Which is why I decided to try copy/drawing one of his comics. The one I chose was for 15 August, 2002, First Panel. It was a good picture of Trudy, and I especially liked how the dress ruffled around her legs. It looks fantastic. I think I may color it soon.

Thats all for now.