Apr. 6th, 2004 02:58 pm
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I learned how to do LJ cuts. *happy*

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Well, um, I haven't updated in a while. We know this.


Mostly because I've been playing too much DDR.

That is all



ANI: First you don't update for a week, and then you decide to leave just a few sentances? Thats NOT good.

Hush, I've turned Evil.

KRIS: Yay!

Well, sortof an apathetic evil.

KRIS: an apathetic evil? That sounds...

Dumb? Yeah, I know.

KRIS: Ok, just as long as you know. So, has anything interesting happened in the last week?

Well, lets see...I got a B in HVAM, Crossroads Inc started up, I scanned in a bunch of artwork and uploaded it to my DeviantArt account, we played Runequest yesterday, spring break started, I'm working on rules for a dice game, I think I know what I want to wear for Halloween, was madness on the first, and I'm not REALLY a schizophrenic healer...I just play one on, in this RPG I'm playing on

ANI: *blinks* informative.

AME: can we maybe have some details?

yeah sure, why not.

HVAM = Healing Vision Angelic Mix = very hard DDR song, so I'm really glad I got a good grade on it...

RAF: *coffOBSESSIVEcoff*

You really ought to do something about that cough of yours. Oh, and we determined that, due to what he's obsessed with, Jeremys dream would be a bunch of hot girls playing Magic: the Gathering on fire.

AME: I' m not even going to ask

Yeah, thats probably wise of you.

RAF: So, what would YOUR dream be?

I dunno, but it probably has something to do with unlimited time and high speed internet.

oh and dice. Theres always room for dice.

KRIS: A flaming room filled with adorable bishies all roleplaying and reading webcomics and playing with dice and stuff?


sure. Except I think we missed the piratical aspect of that. and of course, we always need a few dozen mentions of the GSWS

AME: The what?

Sorry dear...classified information.

AME: *glares* I thought that that didn't exist with us.

Oh it normally doesn't. But keep in mind that the entire population of the GSWS

KRIS: I wanna join...

I know you do. EVERYONE wants to join it. I mean, who wouldn't want to join my secret society.

RAF: Jack Chick?

*laughs* probably. That guy is one of the biggest assholes ever.

ANI: Be nice. He has as much a right to his opinion as you have to yours, plus he actually does try and do something about it.

I just think its ironic about how he points out that comics are of the his comics!

AME: Yeah well, you shouldn't call him names.

I know. I take it back, even though he is completely anti gaming in ways that I will never understand. I HATE anti gamers. With a screaming passion. I also REALLY dislike the fact that he's so flargin homophobic.

AME: Kat! waitaminute...Flarging?


AME: Oh this explanation ought to be good. Whats Flarging mean?

An adjective form of Flarg.

AME: And whats Flarg?

uhh...A general curse word used by the deziens of the CCCT and by one of the Great Ones, Crossroads Inc himself?

AME: Kaaaaat...what IS your obsession with cursing out of books?

The teachers are less likely to get pissed by it? Unless, of course, they've read the Artemis Fowl books, Crossroads Inc, or Myste Lackey's work.

RAF: Crossroads you've explained...but what are the other two?

D'arvit and Sheka. Eoin doesn't give an explanation of what D'arvit means, only that its a very bad piece of fairy vocabulary, and Sheka means, quite litterally, horse shit.

There, I just taught the kiddies out there three new curse words. I feel so special.


What? I told you already, I think I turned evil.

ANI: Lovely. So, now that we just spent 36 lines about HVAM, only two of which were actually on topic, whats next?

Well um, before i go any farther, I want to apologize to everyone who has me as a friend and dislikes the fact that I write really long entries. I suppose I could serch around and figure out how to make them just those little links, but I'm too lazy.

Next details: I'm going to skip over Crossroads right now, since I plan to gush about that in the TGAoW section, so...Pictures! I added 14 hand drawn pictures to my Deviant Art account and they're so PRETTY!


Thats the link. hopefully. If it works THANKS JANNY! if it doesn't, then I must be doing something wrong.

KRIS: ...


KRIS: That pic you've got of Robert...

Yeah. He's sort of based off of you.

KRIS: *nods* that explains a lot.

Yeah it does!

Next stuff: Runequest! Runequest is a tabletop RPG that i am playing with Veronica, Lily, Zoe, and Paul as our GM. We managed to find Thedart (probably spelled wrong) who has some sort of connection with Teras's (Zoe) aunt.

We also wandered around a lot and fought some zombies and skeletons, PLUS we figured out how to make Vinna's (Veronica) unicorn horn work. We also went into spirit combat with these wraith things, and we all killed them, but our power didn't go up.

Yeah, and I deleted this next bit of news because I try to avoid rants/flames/direct attacks in here.

So...Spring break started! Yayness!!

KRIS: so, how is this going to be different from your normal routine?

It's not! except for the fact that I won't have to go to school all day. actually...*looks at the Todo.* hmmm...

ANI: yeah, I would definently advise getting some of that done.

*sigh* maybe...I can at least cross two things off it though!

ANI: What.

Finish reading Penny Arcade and CotC! Of course, that means that I have even MORE webcomics to read on a daily basis, but thats ok.

ANI: *rolls eyes* why am I not surprised?

Because you know me too well! Next up...yeah. My dice game.

Basically you take a large number of dice and roll them a lot. I have better rules, plus some stratigies, but their secret.

Halloween costume: well, considering I'm probably going to forget by the time it becomes relevent...Anyway, I may or may not be an evil genie for Halloween.

April Fools day was really fun, and i fell for all three of the big pranks played @_~

RAF: What pranks?

Well, I actually belived that all these random people had become mods for a day, I thought Ex Mrs Llefser really was on the boards, and I was skeptical, but more or less beliving, of the fact that SqueekyMewMew had to leave.

So basically, I'm a gullible little idiot.

Oh, BTW, it says "Gullible" on the ceiling of the stagecraft room.

AME: Does it now?

Well no, but it will by next year.

And last bit of news...I fell in a hole and am not trying to figure out weather or not it was a good idea to be hacking off bits of a gigantic collum of Jello. I have a feeling that we are all going to die soon. They did tell us not to read.

AME: What does that have to do with being Schizo?

You know, I really shouldn't be writing this here...oh well. Anyway, my charecter has two halves which each want control of her body.

KRIS: cool in an odd sort of way.

yeah, Nan/Alis is a cool charecter. I like her.

RAF: named one of the halves Alis?


RAF: hrmph.

What? Trust me, I NEVER go by Nan.

RAF: I really do think you should try and roleplay someone COMPLETELY unlike you every once in a while.

Yeah but I'm too pacifistic to do so. Plus, I can't act romantic.

KRIS: so the oppisite of you would be someone romantic and violent...a dominatrix maybe?


KRIS: go me.

Yeah, anyway, I think that thats all for todays news.

See yas


TGAoW (ha! bet you thought I'd forget didn't you.)

Todays News (4 April 2K4)

Crossroads Inc started on the first. In theroy. And me being me, I managed to wheedle my way into seeing the comics that are supposed to be up today. Try looking here

And the Crossroads appeared, and yea, it was nifty.

~Sluggy is very cool all of a sudden. I want one.
~GPF finished it's lovely little story arc, and it ended really well. Kudos Jeff! Kudos!
~Spare Parts also finished its story arc, and it was COOL! I wanna know what happens next.

Thats all for today. Lets see if those links work.


OH YES! IMPORTANT NOTICE: The lovely little avatar I'm using isn't mine in any way shape or form, and I don't have permission to use it. (although i'm going to try and get permission, and if I can't, I won't use it) This icon was made by TheNewAwk of, and belongs to him


Mar. 21st, 2004 12:20 pm
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KRIS: You've gone on a kitten killing spree?

AME: Ew, thats disgusting Kris! Who would want to kill a poor little innocent kitten?

RAF: ummm... you've gotten a boyfriend?

Better then a boyfriend! And you OBVIOUSLY don't read enough Sluggy Ame. Although, the hacksaw comic kind of disproves that...

RAF: Better then a boyfriend? what, did you get a cameo in Sluggy or something?

Now THAT would be awesome. no. *sad*

KRIS: Look, now you've depressed her. Good job Raf.

ANI: I give up, what?

WE GOT DDR! *happy dance*

ANI: DDR? Whats that?

It's a dancing game and its really fun and I suck at it, but thats ok. See yas!


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This is one of those things that looks fun to do.

If you know me as...

...Sorceress then you probably know me from TRD, TTA, or
...Origami then you probably know me from GS day camp
...kdsorceress then you probably know me either IRL or from one of the two above since this names almost never used independently.
...OrigamiSorceress then you read my posts here.
...MalloryAlice then you're probably someone who has seen my more...malicious...side, and probably knows me IRL
...Kris/Ani/Raf/Ame then you have me confused with the advisors living in my head that I talk to on a regular basis.
...Alis then you're scared of me and you're Beth
...Whiskers then you're Anne
...My Freshie then you're Joanne and occasionally Emily
...Kat then you probably know me in real life. Or you're ghostassasin
...KatarinaNina/Tyrrany Damares then you're my parents.
...Katsuya or KatsuSauce then you're Pauli/Teh L00na.

I think thats all. If I forgot your name for me, just post and let me know, and I will be MORE then happy to add it in.

Pointless posts forever!



EDIT: And already, I've found one I've forgotten. Brillient, aren't I?

If you know me as...

...Mallory Tyrone/Gina Gamelli/Dischord/Gretchen Hesse/Lady Genevera then you know me from LARPing.

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I posted this into the reactions forum over at I don't normally post anything in the reactions forum.


*glomps Riff*


This makes me very happy, in case you couldn't tell.



Riff's back. This makes me happy bordering on ecstatic. I think I'm going to slip into ferret shock any minute now. Riff...and logically, Kiki can't be far behind!

Oh, and for those poor mortals who can't figure out what on Earth I'm babbling about, go read Sluggy Freelance, that god among webcomics located at

over six and a half years of utter madness, and to top it all off, Riff has returned!

This makes me extreemly happy.

KRIS: You've said that.

Probably. *happy grin*

RAF: Um...I'm a little new here, is this normal?

ANI: Let me check my notes.

*tacklehugs Ani* You quoted Riff. You make me happy!

ANI: I do my best dear.

AME: Personally, I don't see how that much insanity can be healthy for someone.

KRIS: It's not. Thats why we're here. To keep her from losing it.

I thought it was so I could talk to someone whenever I needed to.

KRIS: That too.

Oh, and don't worry Raf, it's quite normal for me.

RAF: I see...*looks skeptical*

Oh yeah, I was originally going to babble about my MP3's in here, wasn't I?

ANI: And then you had to go ruin it by reading Sluggy and going into Riff induced ferret shock, right dear?

Yup! What I was going to say was that I have nearly 300 mp3's stored on my computer. Thats not really that many when you go and think about it.

Riff. *fangirls out*

Alright, I think I'm going to be civilized again.




Mi sister

Mar. 11th, 2004 06:26 pm
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okaaaay, A (my sis) just stole my student ID. wacky.

"Hello I am the upside down head of Kat. I will give A my computer because I am stupid"

KRIS: ...

Thats a direct quote. She was sticking it into the door and waving it around.

RAF: I'm SO glad I don't have to deal with her.

ANI: me too.

AME: I'm an only child.

That explains a lot.

You know, I really ought to get it back.

I wonder if it's been an hour yet.



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Yes, I know I haven't updated this in a while. I've been busy.

ANI: No you haven't.

Yes I have.

ANI: No you haven't.


ANI: NO you haven't! Look, if you have time to play the sims for hours on end, then you have more then enough time to update your LJ.


KRIS: *evil grin* Hello.

Wow...You, for no real reason, just reminded me of Bruce from Finding Nemo.

KRIS: Wonderful. Well?


KRIS: Please? It sounds like Jeremys head is so much fun!

*twitches* No.

KRIS: *puppy dog eyes* but...

No. And those don't work on me.

KRIS: Bah. Evil Wench.

*grins cheerfully* Thats what I'm for!

Wow. Beth is using the exact same logic Ani's used.




Weird. To say the least.

KRIS: I second that.

Yeah. Ok.


ANI: Hi. How have you been.

Fairly good, although this afternoon has been completely wack.

Wiggidy Wack?

No, just regular type.

Anyway, I'm gonna wander off now.

See yas

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I’m going to start ramdomly typing this up.

To start, I can almost guarantee that I didn’t drink enough liquids on that day. Which is a pity, being as it was a LARP and you’re not supposed to get dehydrated at those. LARP’s rule.

RAF: Yes…Yes they do.

Raf?! WTF are you doing here?

RAF: You know…hanging out.

*Sigh* I’m TRYING to do some schoolwork here.

KRIS: Stop pulling an Ani and relax. 1) We would be talking to you anyway, it’s just that this way, we’re more coherent, and you can post it in your LJ, and 2) It’s not like you’re actually DOING anything anyway…

Kris!! I’m TRYING to get it to load so I can do my work.

ANI: *coffSluggycoff*

Shut up, wench! That’s also because I’m board…

AME: Bored. Spell it right please.

I hate it when you guys are smarter then me, you do relize that, right?

AME: *cheerfully* mm-hm!

Ooo, it’s loading faster!

ANI: That’s good. You really shouldn’t be reading webcomics on the schools computers.

I know. Apparently theres such a thing as canned chicken.

RAF: WTF? Who would make such a gawd awful product?

KRIS: I’m more worried about who would buy it.

Good point. There are some weird things out there.

AME: amen to that! Lot’s of VERY weird things out there.

Just take a look at Disturbing!

Wow…Kullervo RULES!

AME: Who?

A friend of mine from He was kind enough to point out that it’s physically impossible to start a fire with the kind of glasses Piggy had in LotF. And I am more convinced then ever that I want to take Physics ASAP!

ANI: Our dear Kat actually WANTING to take a high level course? Is this a sign of the apacolypse?

Yeah, probably. That was rather morbid of you BTW.

ANI: I know. I’m still fairly mad at Ame.

AME: So nice of you to point it out.


RAF: *pleading look*


RAF: Fine. You never let us guys have any fun.

Yes I do. Sometimes.

Anyway, I just got yelled at for talking to you guys, so see ya!

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The more here refers to the fact that I'm about to strat a very LJ centered story. In the meantime, take a look at my office, which I just set up.

*It is an office with a thick red carpet, a big desk with a computer on it, a really big comfy chair, and lots of doors.*

I think I'm losing my LJ knack *wails*

RAF: um...Why do you say that?

I can't think of anything to write. I need another diary. *pokes dad*

ANI: Well, what all do you have planned for writing once you get a diary? Perhaps you can talk about some of it here.

hmmm...lesse...I can't talk about Rin at all, I can't talk about Lulu, I can't talk about Ty+Liz, I can't talk about couple other things...That leaves me with 5 topics.

KRIS: Hold up...Lulu? I mean, I get Rin, we wouldn't want to talk about her, she'd get pissy at us, but who in God's name is Lulu?

Tell you later, ok? Anyway, the topics are: Lent,, 2T4 in 2K4, curtains, and ToP.

ANI: VFDetc wouldn't really work that well would it?

Yeah, good point.

AME: Isn't there a subtopic to ToP?


AME: Lier.

There isn't! I crossed it off, see? *shows Ame a bright yellow strip of paper*

AME: *rolls eyes* Whatever.

Raf: So what should we talk about first?

*falls down laughing*

ANI: Oh dear. Dare I ask?

Rohan desperately needs songs for his night progect. Do you think They're coming to take me away (haha) would work?

ANI: No.

Drat, he doesn't think it would be a good song to show mans inhumanity to man in Night.

Actually...If you did it at the begining...


KRIS: Kat...You're scaring me.

Good. Thats my job after all.

Anyway, I'll write more later. I don't care that I had all those lovely subjects that I'm not going to finish, so there.



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RAF: Yo.

*sigh* You know, the easiest way to do this would be to just copy what I've got in my diary.

AME: Hold it...the whole thing?*devilish grin*

Heck no. Just the part where Raf comes in.

AME: oh. Thats good.

Yeah it is, no living soul on the planet gets the privilage of reading mah diary with the exception of you 4.

And me of course.

ANI: of course, you're not above making fun of really old entries, are you?

Verinca is my best friend!

KRIS: I thought that was Wayne, miss "I can't spell Veronicas name right even though I spelled it right in the same entry"

I couldn't spell Barbie in first grade. I thought it was spelled Brbe

Right...back ontopic...

19 Feb 2K3

::A whole bunch of stuff that you will not see::

KRIS: I was going to say the girls, but Kat's a girl too.

ANI: You know, you do relize that you're the only guy in a headful of girls, right?

KRIS: I figured that out a while ago thanks.And I wasn't the only guy the whole time, what about Raf?

ANI: whatever happened to Raf anyway?

He dissapeared. I've been toying with the idea of making him Ame's boyfriend.

AME: he IS my boyfriend

And spectra syndrom hits again. Woot me.

RAF: No, that would actually be woot ME.


RAF: Yo. Hey Ame!

KRIS: Raf! Another guy!! Cool!

ANI: *sigh* Hello Raf

AME: Hey honey *kisses*

ANI&ME:*sidelong glance*

I hate to break this up but...

AME: But what? *puts an arm around Raf protectivly*

Raf...You shouldn't be here.

RAF: Well duh...*I* knew that.

um...ok then. Do you know why?

RAF: Because I'm flat. AKA all have their own personalities. I don't.

KRIS: Plus, it would really mess up AKAKat. Where would an R go?

ANI: at the beginning probably. And you're right.

RAF: Thats cool. I mean, I don't wanna leave, but hey, who cares. *shrugs*

AME: I care. you have no right to force Raf out. He's MY boyfriend.

No...No he's not. I refuse to allow interRAKA dating.

RAF: RAKA...hmmm


KRIS: Dude, you're staying!

Yeah. Yeah he is.

AME: Thats totally not fair!

Look, now you'll be single and free to date who ever you want.

AME: But I WANT Raf!

Actually, no you don't. You only think you do because I toyed with the idea.

RAF: Ame, relax, it'll all work out, Ok?

AME: *pouts* okaaay...

Good. And I guess Raf can stay. He'll be...helpful.

RAF: You just like the idea of having someone who can give you advice that you'd DO.

True dat. Do you need to be brought up to date on my life?

RAF: Nope. I just browsed through once I knew I was staying. Can't acess the LJ though.

I'll introduce you soon. You know, RAKA sounds like a curse word.

::More stuff that I deleted for the protection of meself::

23 lines later, Raf slapped Kris. *sigh*

RAF: He deserved it!

KRIS: I was only stating the truth!

"The Truth is You suck!" Don't start. Or I WILL ground you too.

RAF: um. Can she do that?

Yes, yes I can. Last time I grounded anyone was when Ani Kris and Ame were all fighting.

AME: And to add insult to injury, It turned out the whole point of our fight was moot.

ANI: *smirks*

KRIS: What are YOU laughing at?Just cause you're holier-then-thou...

ANI: Sorry. It just worked out well for me.

Ani, be nice.

Wait a minute...I'm not sure I belive you're as innocent as you claim. *coughmudcough*

ANI: Oh, you know the story. The horns are only there...

...To hold up the halo, I know. *yawns* I'm tierd. Goodnight everyone.

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News number one: Me and Ani are friends and she has forgiven me.

News number two: The Princess Bride ruled.

News number three: Part of the reason Ani forgave me so readily is because my wrist didn't just hurt, it was broken.

News number four: My cast is purple

News number five: I met Luci!!W00t Sluggy!

News number six: I have another "advisor." His name is Raf.

News number seven: I will try to post more, later.

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I hurt.

I seriously hurt.

KRIS: Emotional or physical?

Why are you the only one who gets the idea of emotional pain?

And physical

KRIS: I don't know. I just get it. Possibly because I'm the one whos most often in your thoughts.

KRIS: And I'm sorry.

Thank you. Why do you suppose that is?

KRIS: Because you're more impulsive then you think and you like to flirt with the idea of being evil even though you really aren't. What'd you do to yourself anyway?

I was sledding at Lily and Zoes and I bashed into a mound of dirt. Hard. I think my right wrist is sprained.

And I *almost* dropped my stupid-ass textbook on the floor and had to catch is with my right hand which A) doesn't bend and B) hurts to the high hevens.

ANI: Well you really ought to be more careful about hurting yourself. You'd think that you'd be smart enough to figure out that going down 45 degree slopes that are completely covered with ice would be a bad idea, but noooo

ANI: And you'd THINK that our Kat would be smart enough to figure out that going down head first would be a bad idea, but noooo, you just HAD to do it didn't you.

(matter of factly) Fuck off Ani, me and Kris are having a private conversation.

KRIS: *whistles*

ANI: *looks absolutly shocked* (coldly. possibly colder then I have ever heard her before, and thats pretty darn cold) Fine. I'll just go to my room then. *marches off haughtily*

KRIS: Kat...Are you sure that that was a good idea?

No. I'm not sure about anything right now. You know, this really does need to be private. I'm gonna go finish this conversation in my diary.

KRIS: Ignoring the fact that writing is an entierly right handed activity I suppose.

Shit. You're right.

Well, nyah. I am in one of those moods where I just. don't. fuckin. care.

AME: *surprised* Ka-*notices me glareing at her* *runs off to her room*


KRIS: Thats three cuss words in this post. I'm...scared.

*places head on desk* I know, I know. I am trying to cut back a little, but when I'm in this kind of mood...

KRIS: *pats Kat on the back* I know.

*looks up suddenly* did my wrist just crack?

KRIS: Yeah, I think. does it feel better?

No, not really. *sigh*

I hate the html coding for this stupid thing.

KRIS: Why?

Because it's not whats used at and thats my *real* home on the internet.

And ya know...You're the only one whos EVER shown up there. It's usually stupid, simple things, but you have shown up.

except for that one when everyone was talking bout imaginary stuff. That was all three of you.

You know. I think the emotional hurts are worse then the physical. Always.

KRIS: *coughs* like the haiku "post" and then the (and i quote) "it's like the oppisite of the haiku post"?

Oh god, I just referred to entries in my diary as posts.

Damm straight. Both of those were emotional, and they both freakin hurt, dammit. I mean, my wrist hurts and all, but it's the kind of pain that will go away after a while.

If the second part of that had never happened, in the non haiku post, I would have been seriously depressed for a week+.

emotional pain hurts.

KRIS: I know, I know. Thats part of it isn't it?

Always. Alwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalways. Always. It's always part of everything.

KRIS: mmhm. *hugs*



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It's less then a week away, with lots of play practice and set building until then.

Meaning that I won't exist until the 15th.

AME: You won't exist?

Yeah, see, I'm gonna dissapear until then.

AME: That'll put a damper on your relationships.

Relationships? Me? I'm sorry, but those don't go together too well.

KRIS: Way to be antisocial.


KRIS: *blinks* ummmm, ok...

It's this great flash cartoon. Gawds i love flash cartoons.


Feb. 4th, 2004 07:40 pm
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Blehh. I am really tierd right now, but my inbox is nice and empty looking.

Really empty looking.

As in, I just went from 215 messages, 90 of which were unread to 18 read messages.

Cleaning stuff makes me happy ^_^

ANI: And you aren't cleaning your room, why?...

ummm...because the entire mess in my room is Legos and I'm still working on orginizing those.

ANI: And you aren't doing that right now, why?...

Because my LJ is more fun, and I have an entire audience (what, three people?) who I have to amuse by talking to myself.

AME: Trust me, your not talking to yourself. We definently are not you.

KRIS: Thank God for that. And why would you ground yourself anyway? It makes no sense...

Hush. I've contemplated essentially doing just that, going for a weekend with no social life whatsoever and just Nosce Te Ipsuming.

ANI: You have no respect for Latin, do you?

I have no respect for a lot of languages. They bug me.

AME: I know Spanish and Latin and I'm learning Frenceh and Germen.

Yeah, well you're perfect. I'm not.


*rolls eyes* Fine. You're not perfect. Happy?

ANI: only in MOOP!


ANI: It's not every day you see someone yelling at someone to take back the fact that they called them perfect.

For me to call someone perfect is nearly as bad an insult as for me to call someone a nerd.

AME: What about geek? Thats gotta be pretty bad too, right?

*looks at Ame with utter disbelief* I keep forgetting how new you are. Kris and Ani have been around for 6 or 7 months-at least-but you...

AME: What?

If I am calling someone a geek, It means that I hold them in the highest esteem. It is a great compliment for me to call you a geek.

ANI: longer.


ANI: Me and Kris have been around at least as long as Georgia, and that was what, April of last year?

Spring Break

ANI: yeah, Aprilish. That would be 8 months.

And you were pretty well established even then. Hell, you guys could have been around for a year or more.

AME: I haven't even lived here for two months.

No, you haven't. Bah, curse me and my forgetting of putting dates on the IMPORTANT things.

KRIS: you date every single katectures you've ever done, including the ones that basically have you sitting there cussing out your teachers cause you hate their class, and you FORGET to put the date on that picture of Ame you drew? You ARE pathetic.

Am not *sticks out tongue*

AME: Thats rather cheerful of you...*sneeky smile*

Say anything and I will cheerfully rip your tongue out and hang you with it.

KRIS: *blinks*

ANI: Is that even possible?

*shrugs* Probably not.

AME: *shrugs* You are a bundle of contridictions mah sweet.

Yeah, I am. Lets find something new to talk about.

KRIS: Like how anybody reading this is going to basically be going "huh?"

Yeah, sure. *waves* Hi confused people!

KRIS: Hey, you could look up the final post, that would give you at least a little bit of a clue of how long we've been around.

Yeah, I could...*runs off for a sec* *comes back sheepeshly* um...whats my name on Blogger?

ANI: SorceressKat

Oh yeah.

ANI: and it's called Kats Corner.

I knew that thanks. *scurries off*

No dice, the last post was in June.

KRIS: damm. Agenda book?

Sure! *grabs the eighth grade agenda book and begins flipping through it* ok, I saw some interesting pictures, a rhyming acustic poem of my name, more MPatHG quotes then I will ever need, and this really fun little poem that confused me:

If I was not
Who I am
Then I would be
Different from
Who I am
even though
Thats who I'd be
But thats not who
I am
You see?

Good, neither do I.

KRIS: lovely, and?

Ah yes. I found the playing with names where I had the 4 of us from the week of March 24-30.

And I found my first countdown on 29 April. It had schools out, Origins, camp-o-ree, and Session 1.

Oh, and I apperently turned 5000 on May 7th. Hey! And theres something on the Xanth game in there. Apparently me, Veronica, and Billy are enjoying tea and cookies on ENBB, while Jeremy is trying not to lose his mind on Quis, and Rohan is...lost. In some unknown dimension. Thats litterally what it says.

Litterally? Is that like Litter Box?

Only in that I could litterally use one right now. um, I mean, D-hoppers rule! And sending off the enemy with a D-Hopper with the symbols all mixed up *really* rules. *snicker*

oh, phew.

KRIS: why exactly are you amusing yourself by looking through your old agenda book? And what did you mean by "phew"

It's fun, thats why. And I looked and saw something that I *thought* said "write up Artemis Fowl slash" but theres actually a for before the word Slash.

AME: *skeptical* you know someone named Slash?

Yeah, he's my older brother who lives in Nevada. And I was doing little mini book reviews for his website, but I sucked at it.

SLUGGY FREELANCE QUOTES!!!! *tacklehugs the agenda book*

KRIS: oh God...

AME: *raises eyebrows* Is this _normal_ behavior for our Kat?

ANI: No, shes usually a *little* more restrained then that.

[quote="Bun-Bun"]You're starting to grow on me Riff, quit it. [/quote]

Gawd I love that quote.And I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really love Sluggy.

For the poor, poor unknowing souls *pities* Sluggy Freelance is a PHENOMENAL webcomic located at

*hugs the beauty that is Sluggy*

Pete Abrams, you are a God. We love you *bows, as any proper sluggite would do*

KRIS: *rolls eyes*

ANI: See what you miss by being a "typical" teen and not obsessing over obscure webcomics?

AME: yeah...I think I'll stay that way. Thanks.

KRIS: me too.

*sticks out her tongue* Heathens!

And I'm starting to go into babble-mode.

ADAM! Leave me your LJ URL. Now.

ANI: Kat! A little kindness goes a l-o-o-o-n-g way.

AME: why do you want it so bad?

Not for the reasons you're thinking of, thanks. I stalk my friends. End of story. Also, it falls under the laws of being Terras Boyfriend *scratches that last bit out* Kat's Friend.

KRIS: You are obsessed...


And the law is: You mentioned it, now I want it.


sorcyress: Drawing of me as a pirate, standing in front of the Boston Citgo sign (Default)

White Rabbit Everyone!!

White Rabbit is something that you say to people on the first of the month. Who ever says it first wins!

Kris: White Rabbit

You're part of everyone

oooo, mail!

*raises eyebrow* I just found out that one of my originals has watched the Badgers cartoon for four hours straight.

AME: Originals?

Yes, I am apparently the clone of TWO people now.

ANI: is that even possible? And what was the mail about?

Adam responded to my query to what the heck everyone elses scheduals are. I gave him half a magic cookie, just to be annoying.

KRIS: Way to go!

ANI: Kris! Kat, be nice.

But it's fuuun!

AME: I am very free with my cookies. All my friends have at LEAST five.

Well if you wanna exhaust yourself making them and giving out powers, go right ahead and be my guest. I prefer to give them out as a surprise, making them incredibly grateful for every crumb they can get.

ANI: Thats not very nice.

*shrugs* What can I say, I'm evil.

KRIS: YESSS!! My work here is done.

ANI: *sigh* And you never answered my other question.

I am a clone of two people and I have no clue how, 'k

ANI: that makes no sense...

Good. You guys aren't allowed to understand anything I don't.

KRIS: *snorts* Remember that then Ame-y.

AME: my name is NOT amy.

Kris, if you annoy Ame I'll have to boot you to your room.

KRIS: you do that way too often. How come we can't boot you?

Because I'm the host body. Anyway, I'm already IN my room.

ANI: are you cleaning it?

*rolls eyes* It's almost clean.

ANI: well...

Alright, alright, I'll go finish it.

I'll be back in a sec.

*shoves some stuff around and puts the dirty clothes in the hamper.*

Back. Oh, and I learned a very important lesson about Dmitri.

KRIS: which is...

AME: who's Dmitri? Your...Boyfriend?

*falls over laughing* Heck no! As a general rule, I try to avoid personal relationships with computers. As sentinent as they are, they're lousy conversationlists and all around vegatables.

AME: wait...what?

Dmitri Alexander II is my computer my dear, and very dense, advisor. And the very important lesson is that I have no clue what NumLock does, and I should advoid it like the plague. *nods*

ANI: Even KRIS knows that pushing random buttons on your computer is not a good thing to do sweets.

KRIS: hey!

*grins* Yeah, well I forgot. Anyway, this wasn't really meant to be a long post, I just wanted to say White Rabbit.



Jan. 31st, 2004 09:14 pm
sorcyress: Drawing of me as a pirate, standing in front of the Boston Citgo sign (Default)
*nervous laughter*

Hi, have you all forgotten about me?

I think I forgot that I had an LJ, but it's not my fault.

Or something.

Anyway, I did a bunch of googlisms today. They made me happy. My favorite was one of the ones I got for my full name, Katarina. Keep in mind I normally go by Kat.

[i]katarina is her proper name and should be the one used[/i]

It amused me that the computer was telling me to use my full name.

Guess I better start going by Katarina.

ANI: Oh, no you don't.

*raises eyebrow* Why not?

ANI: because then I'll have to start going by Aniratak, and you know I hate my full name.

*rolls eyes* Perfectionist. Actually, if that was true, your name would be Tak. Most of the time. I like Ani better anyway.

KRIS: yeah, me too.

Oh my stars, was that Kris actually being kind to Ani? is the sun going to rise in the west?

KRIS: Me and Ani get along fine...

Mostly because you have a commen enemy in Ame, right?

KRIS: yeah, thats about right. Where is that snit anyway?

*shrugs* who knows. She's actually been fairly decent lately. I think you actually may have pounded some sense into her when you beat the snot out of her.

ANI:*glareglowerscowlstare* kaaat...don't encourage him...

KRIS: so you're saying I should do that again?

Heck no. I'm just saying that it's good for her to be taken down a notch every once in a while.

AME: Thank you for your undying support.

Hey, I've been good today. I haven't used any curse words in this post. *nods*

AME: sadly enough, thats the least of my worries.

ANI: speaking of worries, is your room clean?


ANI: liar.

It's [i]mostly[/i] clean...

ANI: go clean it. And do your homework.

NEVER!! well, ok. Cept not right now. I'm stalking people via their LJ's.

ANI: *sigh*

Yup. Oh, and by the way to all those people wondering why the heck my LJ looks like a script...

ANI: it does doesn't it?

yeah, anyway, Ani, Ame, and Kris are um, what do you guys call yourselves?

KRIS: entities
ANI: guides
AME: soulbonds

Thanks for that help *rolls eyes* anyway, I guess the simplest way to describe them as three, um, other beings who live in my head and give me "advice"

AME: I, unlike certain louts here, can give good advice.

Don't touch her Kris. All three of you give good advice at variying times.

KRIS: *snorts* even Ame? yeah right...

yeah right Kris. Ame has a completely different outlook on life from me. she gives the least amount of good advice though.

anyway, they are more commenly known as AKA Kat

KRIS: Ani, Kris, Ame, not Ame, Kris, Ani

AME: I consider myself to be above such petty things as worriying about where my name is placed. I'm sure Kat loves us all equally., yeah, yeah, I love all three of you the same.

ANI: *grins slightly* Are you sure that it's not that you hate us all the same?

*grins* That could be it Ani. Anyway, they tend to make themselves very vocal in my diary, and as an extension, my LJ, and ocassionally appear on the boards.

AME: we could chat on AIM with you too if you'd like.

no, thats alright.

KRIS: Ame on AIM huh...

AME: yes. What about it?

KRIS: oh nothing. It just seems to...suit you.

AME: *glare* I can see that the peculiur pronunciation is apparently something to be laughed about.

Your name is pronunced the same way as AIM, but thats not my fault.

AME: *rolls eyes* oh, of course it's not.

Gawd, how many times do I have to explain the spectra effect before it sinks in? I don't control everything my charecters-

KRIS: we're not charecters thank you very much

-my charecters do, and I definently don't control everything my other selves do. I certainly haven't figured out your life situation, so it's not my fault you're named Ame. It's a perfectly pretty name, and much less normal then Amy. (apologies to any Amys who are out there)

AME: *sigh*. I guess you're right, although it would be nice if certain unmannered louts did not tease me about the pronunciation of my name. *glares at Kris and stalks off to her room*

Yeah. Anyway, they will show up ocassionally. Maybe. They might show up every post following this one, they might never appear agin.

ANI: just depends on your ability to figure out what we're saying to you at any given time, right?


Good night all.

~OrigamiSorceress and AKAKat



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