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Arisia! Con-reports! Woo!

Basically, I make con-reports in one of two ways these days: I gather up all the tweets I made in the course of the con, and annotate them, or I do a list of Awesome/Good/Meh/Bad/Ugly things from the length of time I am reporting on. Because I have only recently regained a phone with the ability to text (and no space bar, which means _most annoying tweets ever_), I am leaning towards that latter one.

So let's have some Arisia con-report!

*Eric-in-Elevators, however briefly. He puts up with far too much drama and whining from me, which...I need, honestly. I need more poly-friendly folk who I trust to call me out when I'm being an idiot and to give me good advice, and who I'm not dating. The intersection of those circles is shockingly low.
*Babelicious rainbow rope mini-dresses, even if they weren't perfect, and all the nice comments I get. There are pictures, but not on this site.
*Dancing like an idiot at the dancing-like-an-idiot party. Notably, "Nemesis", a mash-up of "Tik-Tok" and "Ice Ice Baby", and "I Would Walk 500 Miles".
*Getting to hang out with Pi-Nerd and corrupt him to the ways of proper cons.
*Picking up a paper bag from the ground, and eating the sandwich inside. I live in a video game!
*Managing to make work something that I am woefully unpractised at, and insecure towards that fault. This was the first time. It will happen again.

*Surprisingly, all of masque rehearsal, and most of the masque itself. I'm as confused as you are. I think the fact that I had an internet connection and tumblr open for most of the rehearsal helped immensely.
*The tech party. I think it's the longest I've ever spent at a tech party before, and I spent about half the time there momming people. Someday when I am rich, I will have a spare room at cons for people to (JUST!) sleep in. I do not like it when my friends are sad because there is a party in the room they want to sleep in.
*Getting to see and chat with Jim, however briefly.
*Ohmygod, the hilarious thing Jim showed me, which is hilarious and utterly unexpected yet not surprising. No, I won't tell you what it is, except to say that the internet has made being creepy easier than ever, and I shouldn't find it as funny as I do.
*Spending a chunk of time ogling an unusually hot (in that she so wasn't my normal type) dripping wet young lady wearing nothing but a low-cut t-shirt and a pair of cut-offs, while having a very good conversation with a gentleman several decades older and more lecherous than I am, who somehow knows who I am, despite being much more of a local figure than I am.
*Seeing my college friend David play Jack Skellington in Tesseract's shadowcast of Nightmare Before Christmas.
*The number of people who determined that A) Sparr has clue, and B) that he should live in Boston and they are going to offer ways to make that happen.

*I didn't start any new relationships, despite it being an even-numbered year and thus fulfilling that pattern. Hell, I didn't even sorta start any new relationships, like I did last year. I did kiss someone new, and that might become something interesting someday, but hasn't quite gotten there yet.
*Being appreciated for my looks, replying with something sharp and walking away, and being called back with legitimate suggestions for how to help and an apology.
*I potentially ground-scored a hula-hoop --need to contact Tessaract and see if they lost one.
*The cross-step waltz class, which could easily be broken into its own good/bad/ugly list. I kinda learned pivaloops, which makes it a net gain? Maybe? And I briefly got to waltz with Larry, so that was boss.
*Ropeclass, mostly because I managed to immediately forget everything that was taught.
*Missing [personal profile] sunspiral's clan's party.
*Being forced into Chrome, kicking and screaming. I am going ahead and giving it a trial run, because fine, also, because the incognito window thing is damn clever. I still hate that I haven't figured out how to fix the "switch tabs" thing to something I am actually capable of using yet. NO WAIT! THAT'S COMPLETELY FIXABLE! Okay, that makes Chrome less annoying, although still not as well-arranged as Safari yet. I'm going to stop babbling about my computer issues now, because this is a con-report, and that really isn't anything to do with Arisia.

*I am not a very good ATD. It is going to be a few years before I try that again. It might just be the con --Balticon, for instance, I have a lot more cycles available for tech-- but yeah. Sigh.
*One of the connectors on my hoop is broken. Sparr can probably print me a new part, if I can figure out how it works. In the meantime, I can tape it shut.
*Jealousy is a terrible thing, in all directions that it travels. I like it least when it is happening to other people because of me, but I also hate it when it is happening to me.
*Being out of sync with just about everyone. This got better as the weekend ran on, but I ran into a _lot_ of times when my wants and someone else's wants weren't lining up, or schedules weren't meshing, or whatever.
*Related to the above, I missed almost all of the parts of con that I consider to be "the con". I'd be shocked if I made four hours of hanging out and chatting in random groups of friends and strangers in the middle of the lobby, or wandering the dealer's hall, or playing idle games.

*The immense and awful breakdown I had for like three hours straight Friday afternoon.
*The even fucking worse minor breakdown about half an hour later that involved me walking out on one of my best friends, who was just trying to help.
*Being told "you need to smile because you're too pretty to look so glum". What. The. Hell.
*The immense, ridiculous, and complicated modesty issues I was exhibiting throughout the entire con, which was leading to things like me not being able to leave the bathroom to get my clothes because even a towel was too little and I just couldn't cope with being seen naked, despite the fact that everyone I was rooming with has already seen me thus, and vehemently don't care. And sometimes they went away, but it was hard to tell when they'd pop up again, and man, that was ducking awful.
*Relatedly, the issues I was having throughout the entire con with the difference between being cute and being useful, and the fact that only one of those things is actually something I want to be liked for. Hint: it's not the first.
*Did you know that if I'm aware of someone having been consent-dubious to a friend of mine, I start to get panic-symptoms from being around them? Yeah, that was plenty not fun. I can't even remember their situation (besides "bad"), and the person was perfectly nice to me, but mein gott, I very nearly unbalanced the lead-follow ratio of the dance floor *more* just to get away from them.
*Failing to properly spend any time with Ian. This was something I really wanted to manage, and it just...yeah.

Okay. This is plenty long enough. If you want to know more, you can always ask.

I am probably not the only one noticing that it skews pretty heavy towards the negative categories. That's okay. It was...a weird con. They always are, I mean, but this was...yeah.

I'm still gonna keep doing Arisia. But next year, I'm gonna figure out something ahead of time to make it a damn lot easier to manage.

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ETA 19Aug: I'm gonna make this a toppost for the month, so that I can find it real quick. I'm also going to update it occasionally, with the most recent list of things I plan or need to do.

So, guys. I'm going to Dragon*Con. For the first time ever, zohmygod!

I hear it's really really big and scary there, and that there's several billion things to do that I would like to do. So I'm not definitely sure what on earth I'm going to be doing (besides hiding in a corner).


  • I know I'm doing the live action Dr. Horrible show --I'll be one of the random extras running about, woooo! This takes out Thursday (rehersal) and Friday nights (show, and you should totes come!), though of course I'll be around after it ends.

  • I am almost certainly attending-or-walking-in the parade, because I think my mother will kill me if I don't. Soyeah. Details to come. NTS, talk to Paula about borrowing a dress for being Queen Elizabeth possibly.

  • My late nights/early mornings/not so early mornings are very plausibly going to involve being dragged to various and sundry parties by Sparr. I have no idea.

  • I insist, insist, fucking INSIST on hanging out with [ profile] zaphod_groupie for at least ten minutes, somewhere along the way. She's only been my older sister since 2005 or something, I really ought to actually meet her.

  • And on a related note, her Gabity-Gabe is I believe gonna be at D*C, and I should give him hugs, which I'm sure I've promised to him at least once.

  • So, I mentioned that I was gonna be at D*C in [ profile] rm's journal, and she responded by being excited and telling me that we should hang out. This is basically filling me with a) glee and b) headdeskery over how fangirly I'm being over someone who is, you know. A normal person who I totes want to be when I grow up. So I'm hoping to do some hanging out there.

  • Similarly, I might break my "never going to con panels unless I get dragged by a boy1" rule and show up to some of her panels 'cause they sound cool. Oh! And the director of HorribleTurn is doing a panel, I believe. So that would be rad.

  • Costumewise, I'm gonna break out the Daria-goodness for a while, probably tart it up as a Booty Chest girl2, possibly bring a "French Cuisine Kills Bunnies"3 sign, run around with mom as a cowboy or Australian girl4, and potentially dress up as one or two more secret things

  • Blood Drive opens at two on Thursday, which should be after I arrive. I've wanted a Heinlein pin for-ev-er, and before the con actually starts *may* give me time to be well rested and fed beforehand, give blood, and recover some afterwards.

  • Oh yeah, dragon*con has Simply Obscene amounts of dancing, doesn't it? Yeah, do that.

Annnnd that's it for "planned" stuff. What HELLS IMPORTANT thing am I missing? And who else is gonna be around and want to hang for food or something?

Also, you know what I will be able to do at DragonCon that I haven't been able to do at ANY CON PRIOR?

My 21-year-old butt will be able to go to ALL the parties. Boo-to-the-fuck-yah!


1: This is inadvertent but true --in five years of cons, I've only ever been to two panels --one on Regency men's fashion, which, okay, wasn't *really* being dragged by a boy though Magus was there looking pretty, and one *coff*.
2: See also, this, and seriously, go watch the third episode of Middleman if you haven't.
3: ...first episode of Middleman. Easy costume, otherwise.
4: See also, Dr. Horrible and HorribleTurn respectively.

ETA: Crap and a half, I left my stripper heels in MA, didn't I? Oh well, I will have a slightly subpar Booty Chest outfit then.
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This is another one of them sundries/link posts, because I am far too angry to report about Daycamp today. Which means I probably will at some point, but I want to get this done first --not the least so I can clean up this browser window of all the loose tabs, and restart Vera, which she would probably appreciate.

So, some stuff that has caught my eye lately!

*An account of a visit to the nursing home where a Stonewall veteran currently resides, during Pride. It's beautiful, and sad, and while it hurts to think that we cast aside those who set the path, it's nice to realize that the queer1 community HAS been making progress, even when some days it feels we haven't.

*Drowning does not look like moviedrowning. Dot linked to it on Twitter, and I was entranced, partially because of the whole neck-choking-not breathing neuroses I have, and the fact that they've been a lot on my mind lately, trying to sort out what the specific problems are, and how they work.

*A pretty sweet pdf of how to survive your first con. It's HP cons specific, but most of the information is really useful. I would recommend it if you're for some reason not much of a congoer but would like to be.

*Always check the sources cited --something on was snarking that smarter people have less sex, and linked this study to prove it. I went "But... the venn diagram of "people I know have lots of sex" and "people I know who are smart" actually has a fair bit of overlap.

At any rate, I clicked through, and found that it's the abstract to what sounds like a fascinating study about the fact that intelligent adolescents have less sex. Like...people in the twelve-eighteen year old range. Gonna be honest here, I am smarter than you2, enjoy sex more than you3, and when I was 12-18? Shit man, I was about as uninterested in sex as a baby is in politics.

*SMBC illustrates why you should not date a mathematician. I more or less died of lawl. This is one of the comics that I will print out and put in my classroom when I am a teacher, along with half the archive of xkcd4.

*Sometimes shirt.woot is meh. Sometimes shirt.woot is weird. Sometimes shirt.woot is forgettable.

And sometimes shirt.woot is so awesome that it sells out of the ten dollar/day price before I can even get to it. I am _seriously_ debating just sucking it up, and paying the extra five dollars for this one.

*And to round us off, Surviving the World5 touched on one of my favourite "deep questions" --namely, is sex with a perfect clone of yourself incest or masturbation7. And his answer is *excellent*.

What's interesting in your world?


1: Queer used here not to intend a slur, but simply a more definitive way of making sure I include EVERYONE who needs to be included, and not just limiting it by the letters I can remember in the general glbtqqaikp alphabet soup. (That's gay lesbian bi trans queer questioning asexual intersex kinky poly, in this case. I'm sure someone more savvy can toss out a couple others I missed.)

2: No, not really. I am smarter than a lot of people, but the people who are my closest friends tend to be smarter than I am. If "fag hag" wasn't such a detestable term, I would totally claim to be a "nerd hag".

3: comment.

4: The non-swearing half.

5: This is seriously one of the best comics on the internet. I adore Dante --among other things, he's the only cartoonist I've yet found that can outrank Randall Munroe on the "webcartoonists I would have a whole lot of awesome sex with given the chance"6 list.

6: I almost fixed this to be doing his taxes, which is not a euphemism, but no, I really do just find him immensely shagable. What can I say, I *really* like geeks.

7: This footnote intentionally left blank, save one hell of a cute little smirk.
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Origins is essentially done for me --Mom hopes to leave in about two hours, and all I have left to do is buy one game from the dealers hall, and say goodbye to whoever I see.

I have absolutely no voice, have to work at day camp tomorrow (just as a floater, which I have never even once done before and is going to be Weird As Fuck), and should probably sleep at least twelve hours before then, at least, say, eight of which should be in an actual bed.

I was the only person in the IIT to not win a medallion of any sort, which is okay, because it was an amazing tournament. Hopefully next year it will have more than five players, even if that means my chances go down again. Hopefully between now and then I will actually practise some of that restructuring that's, you know, half the game or something.

It was a GREAT year for Werewolf variants. Peter did not manage to get his vampire game (with infections) in a state he was willing to run it, but Ross ran an incredible daytime only game on Friday night, that became the first of five or six (and the only one actually modded by him), and Sparr invented a double-village variant, where each player got two role cards.

Also a great year for me getting to know more werewolf players --closer to Ray, definitely closer to the younger Bobek (who is like...a month and a half older than me, grr!), a little bit closer to Ionnis (who is insanely hard to read), closer to Peter (who I will hang with when I'm in Chicago) and Ross (who I will try and hang with when I can) of course, closer to pretty pretty David (which is fantastic, and I CANNOT WAIT to see one of his Dragon*Con costumes), and lots closer to this cute guy called Brad who lives something like two miles from The Empty City. So YAY!

(And if the above sounded in part like personal reference to you...good catch, well done.)

I did not go and cry in the bathroom even once. This, plus the fact that I was not put into the Icehouse during the IIT means that I pretty much achieved my Big Origins Goals.

(Yes, I *am* so pathetic that those were my only real Big Origins Goals. Sigh.)

My hair is still the longest. I almost walked away with both the longest and the female runner up medallions, since I was almost the only girl. Rad, dude.

I did not play any Black Ice, which makes me a little sad.

Andy vs Everybody went well, much better than last year. Except for the part where Andy got annihilated. Thursday he scored about 18.6% wins, Friday 32%, and Saturday...well...I haven't done the percentages, but he got three wins, against Everybody's 25. Yeeeeeah.

This seems to have inadvertently turned into my con report, which is alright by me. So yeah, that was my Origins. I'll try to write something more coherent sometime, but I had a really *really* good year this year, marred only by losing my voice faster than usual, and the notable absence of this boy I met one Origins who I seem to have first described as "beyond awesome, he is VERY cool".

(Which, let it be noted, is an amazingly noticeable absence. The number of times I caught someone out of the corner of my eye and whipped my head around to see if it was him was staggering. And it never was.)

And I still need/want to make a really big werewolf post/thread talking about some thoughts and some strategies and stuff. Also, one of these years, I want to get a suite to myself, identify fewer than thirty people who are allowed in, and have crazy exclusive yet deeply awesome games of werewolf while lounging about in our pyjamas on beds and while eating food and being chill and incredibly relaxed. That is a beautiful pipe dream, my friends.

Gonna go pack now. Ta!



Jun. 25th, 2010 06:16 pm
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I am at Origins. It is awesome. I am not tweeting nearly enough, because I am lazy and it's hard to type with the PoSBox1.

We played one *epic* game of Werewolf last night --it was a no nighttime round, designed with people mingling in mind. It ended with a seer confirmed voting block, after we lynched Tony for being a wolf. The like...three of you who know Tony and aren't here know how awesome it is that we actually managed to get him.

My voice has disappeared faster than any Origins ever. Seriously, it was starting to seriously go last night(Thursday) and today it is practically gone. Luckily, I survived Andy vs Everyone. Hopefully, I will still be able to talk at six tomorrow, to survive it again.

Annnnnd that's life. I need more ice cream sometime.


(Unrelatedly, holy hell, Sparr's laptop is huge. By which I mean, dunno, five or six inches bigger than mine, but when I'm trying to lounge with it on my lap, that is a lot.

Also, dear Alys, laptop is not a euphemism. OR IS IT?!)

1: PoSBox is my current cell phone. It lives up to its name.
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Unrelatedly, at Origins, I found true love:

Yes, that is a GIGANTIC orange pyramid. Yes, it is fuzzy. Man, can you imagine how awesome it would be to play Icehouse with those things? The regular giant pyramids got nothing...


Photo credit Akchizar, 2009
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This is what I was running around in on Saturday morning.

"When we graduated college, we agreed on two things: No more underwear stealing boyfriends-"
"-Yeah, what was with those guys? We were like magnets-"
"-And no more waitressing."
"Well, that was before the student loans fairy left a little some-some under my pillow. You know all those times I got arrested protesting? It turns out there is such a thing as a permanent record, and they do look at it."
"Alright, where do I have to go for the free fries?"
"Lacey, The Booty Chest?! Not the pirate themed sports bar with the scantily clad waitresses!
''Yarr.'' )

(Photo Credit Braffy. Yay Braffy!)

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So, like I did with my NEFFA report, this con report is going to be based around the tweets I made, with elaboration as I see fit.

Let's begin! Tweets are in italics )

At any rate, holy shit, it's both getting late and this entry is getting long. I'll post the other (next?) half of the con report in the morning or something.

I talk too much. :/


1: And Susan dG and Raven and Aaron and Mneme and probably a few other people I'm not thinking of right then...

2: Pan-Chromatic Afterglow, snickersnicker.
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ToDo List:

*Call work on Saturday to find out when I'm working next week
*Make a Booty Chest uniform to wear as a hall costume at Balticon
*Reply to Jesse, Tricia, Newt
*Cook something for dinner. Real mac and cheese, maybe? I'd have to buy ingredients, methinks.
*Work more on unpacking and whatnot
*Harass Veronica sometime, find out when more Buffy can happen.
*Take apart my fabulous green wench skirt in order to make it into a pattern in order to make more fabulous skirts.
*Run that last load of laundry

I'm sure there are other things, but they are probably boring. Like these, only moreso.

I like that I always feel quite on top of things and ready to accomplish just everything ever when I get home for the summer, and then promptly forget about it all about a week later.

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So, a proper report of the last few weeks!

On the fourteenth, I got my drivers license, because I am rad.

On the fifteenth, I flew Home and went to Arisia )

Nineteenth was Monday of Arisia. While packing, I think to check the internet, find out what time I can move into my dorm. I mean, last year I could doso just post Arisia, it seemed sensible to expect the same out of this year.


"Hey mom? It says I can move in at noon. On the twenty-fifth."

Luckily, I had a handy dandy Magus who I could beg into giving me crash space for a week, so I did that.

Twentieth through the twenty fourth, I hung out with Magus, caught almost all the way up on Doctor Who (just need to watch the Christmas Special!), had a grand old time of things, and did a few other things, like harassing j7y more (it is a hobby! Also, we watched Mighty Boosh!!) and babysitting. And maybe I had a teeny tiny breakdown somewhere in the middle of All That, and had to spend a little bit of time righting my brain.

Twenty third was Friday of Vericon )

The twenty-fifth I skipped Vericon completely, moved in eventually, hugged my roommates, and got dragged to a lesbians house to watch a movie called "Wristcutters: A love story". I kinda want to write fanfic about that setting, though I think I'm not emo enough. Good movie though, very light and fun and reasonably fluffy. And romantic, of course.

The twenty sixth was today, and I'll report on all my classes once I've had the other two. Can I just say EEEE, CALCULUS! though?

And now food and dance. Ta!


1: Conner? Connor? *shrugs*
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So, Arisia was pretty awesome. I was at a bit of a weird place hormonally (Anyone want to trade?) but the incredible emotional high of spending a weekend with a lot of people I really quite like totally made up for it and gave me a wonderful rush of homeness.

"Steampunk is easy. All you need is goggles and a top hat." "Yeah, if you WANT to look like a poseur."

(Sorry. Am having conversation while updating. I am scum like that.)



Here's the awesome(?) news. The fun of Arisia last year was that the monday of it was the day I could move back into my dorm. So, like a sensible person, I assumed that the monday of this years Arisia was the day I could move back in.

Classes start on the 26th. Dorm opens on the 25th. I have a week in Boston to screw around!

So, yeah. I'm going to enjoy being able to spend time in my city as it's meant to be, what with the good and glorious SNOW everywhere to play in. (I suspect I'll be sick of it as soon as I have to walk anywhere ever, but in the meantime, ohmygod, SNOWWWW!)

My shoulder is being read over, which is always slightly disconcerting not because I mind the words being read, but because it always tends to make me self-conscious when I am watched in any way, and doubly so for what I lamely consider my art. 'Specially because I tend to have just abysmal grammar.

Annnnd I'm going to finish packing now. Byeeee.

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So, around noon thirty, mom and I tossed my things into the Prius, and I drove us to the airport. I said my tearful goodbyes, checked in, bla bla, made it safely to Boston and subsequently, the hotel where Arisia is held.

And have been doing a very mellow sort of "well, who needs help?" thing. Er, was, before the tech meeting anyways (and in between the staff den having cake!) After the tech meeting...well...Spence wanted to know how to be a good TD so he squirreled a handful of people away to go drink beer and tell stories, and I somehow got invited along. So that was cool.

Oh, and I already have my volunteer shirt --I just have to get them my time sheet eventually or they'll hunt me down. I'm thinking at six tomorrow when the con starts just getting Spence to sign off on the last of my hours and dropping it by the volunteer den. *I* wound up with an omgbright orange one, because I am awesome. Er, by which I mean, the omgbright orange ones came in two sizes --5XL and kids. I fit into a kids large, because I am cute and tiny like a hamster, *and* I figured out the right people to suck up to.

Also, notetoself, the really *really* fucking cute pigtail boy who you keep seeing places is called David. Alsoalso notetoself, the adorable smotf1 with the half-blue hair is called Z-bang (spelling?). Pay attention to him, he is both pretty and knows what he's talking about. And he has an industrial, *jealous*.

Annnnnd that's all. I'd say I have to be up early tomorrow, but call is at noon. (I love my TD). Oh, and in a fit of "Wow this con is clever", breakfast is being served from eight AM to two PM. Someone knows how fen work. <3

Andyeah. Don't really much know what to do with myself, other than kick back, relax, and enjoy the calm before the chaos. See you all later!


Well, if a smof is a secret master of fandom, and tf is techno_fandom...
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While working on my X Years Ago Today post for today, I stumbled across last year's "review of the year in a sentance"

The exact wording I used to explain was "So, unless there's something from the last 12 months that you really want to know about, I'm going to skip doing a nice big wordy post this year, and give you the one sentence summery of the past twelve months:"

Last year? Sorcy got into college, met her clone, made some bad decisions, made some good decisions, survived her first semester at college, and didn't die.

This year?

Sorcy started dating two utterly amazing people, went to a bunch of cons, got a job at a thrift store, traveled to North Carolina to see one of her favourite musicals, made friends with the right people and continued to enjoy school, a lot.



Jan. 27th, 2008 02:18 am
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Gyuh, I haven't even finished the conreports for the last con, I can't already have 'em for this one!


Vericon is awesome. Eeee, holyshit, I now have original Randall Munroe and Jeph Jacques art up next to my original Randy Milholland. I also now own something incredible, which is secret for the time being.

Anyways. The Vericon Masquerade.

It was a bit like prom, if prom had been filled with geeks and the DJ had known what he was doing, and all the music was fabulous.

*thinks a minute*

I take it back. It was nothing like prom.

But I was completely sold on the idea of a bouncy geek club-masquerade dance thing when the DJ played 'Yatta'. And then I was COMPLETELY sold on the idea, when the very next song was "The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun"

Ahem: Eeeee!!!

Things of note: I taught a guy to waltz to "A Little Priest" (And missed my clone terribly while doing so), I learned how to 'chain' (grab hands, run in a really big circle, repeat), I watched Dr. McNinja and Pheonix Wright dance together (I lawled) I got a chance to do the dance from the music video of "Birdhouse in your Soul", I danced to Skullcrusher Mountain and Code Monkey, I pretty much agreed to join HRSFA*, I joined in a wonderful congo line for "King of Spain" (Yay Moxy Fruvous --thanks Eric! (As opposed to OtherEric or Eric (in elevators) or Eric the tomato or Eric-who-likes-my-hat, or Erik)

Other stuff happened too, but afterwards it was a general 'lets go sit in this building and chill for a while'. I wound up teaching Fluxx to a bunch of people, which was nice.

And, while it is definently trickier to go to a con without anyone else I know, by the end of tonight I was discussing sex and drugs with random people, so I suspect I'm doing it right.

Anyways, I'm going to try and go to sleep, but I suspect I won't get very far, what with the clone thing. Also, Jeph is built like a linebacker (even though you'd suspect him to be built like Martean), Pete is terribly nice and easily confused (I signed this book already! Yes, when my mom bought it for me. Now you're signing it for ME!) and Randall is still comprised win and more win. And sex.

That's all.


*Harvard Radcliffe Science Fiction Association. Harvards skiffy club. I'm totally allowed to join, even though I'm not a Harvard student, which is really good as I think if Lesley tried to start a skiffy club, there'd be like...eight of us. Total.
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So, I'm at Arisia, hanging out with this really really really cool guy, who happens to be the TD (and therefore my boss), named Spence. It's Friday night, and we go off to the staff lounge to get dinner and chillax, and so he can convince me to work Rocky Horror that night (really, just babysitting our stuff).

I mention that I'm going anyways, because Randy Milholland (The guy who draws the webcomic Something Positive) is going to be there. Spence goes "Oh. Yeah, I know him. He plays DnD with me every Wednesday." Cue major jealousy mode from Sorcy. (He managed to say one thing that made me more insanely jealous over the course of the weekend, and that's that he's going to go see my Doctor in a play, damn him, damn him, damn him.)


I show up to RHPS, and start looking around for Spence, just to say hi. He grabs me by the arm and drags me across the room.

(Hella paraphrased conversation)
Spence: Kat, this is Randy. Randy, this is Kat, the girl I was talking about.
Me: Roishgpijopakfm!!
Randy: Hi. Where's a piece of paper, I'll draw you something.
Me: ...sirghafoi!!!!
Randy: Which charecter do you want?
Me: Uhhhhhh...*Short bisexual genderfucker! There's one of those, and I groove on that. Thank you brain!* T-Bob?
Randy: Sure! *Draws* )
Me: dsorighsgiopjdjoitihogdiodfgijo!!!! *drools* !!! oisugjsgndotgj;!

In all seriousness, I don't think I was quite that incoherent --I'm pretty sure that everything I said was a real word. And that I didn't stammer that much. But seriously, Randy was WAY nice to me, which is very kind, especially I was spazzing out on a level I haven't reached since I met Weird Al last summer.

So yeah. I now have a picture of T-Bob hanging on my wall. Loooooooooooooove!!!!

Clearly, all I need to do now is toss my original Sluggy Freelance art up next to it, plus whatever sketches I scavenge at Vericon (Pete! Jeph! Randall Munroe! EEEEEE!!!) Oh, and of course my CatHat.

...Although in all truth, there is something slightly sketchy about looking up from your computer and realizing that T-Bob!Jesus is staring straight at you and making innuendos. ...Meh!

More Arisiareport to follow eventually.

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Arisia: The down and dirty version.

(ie: If I ever actually write a proper con report, it will explain everything listed below.)

*Awesome people: Spence, Magus, Eric (in Elevators!), Josh-mneme, Mom, Persis and David, Brenna, Sean-of-the-Subway, Sian and my Original, 1
*OMGBBQ, yay mom!2
*"I need a pair of clean hands to help unfold a projector screen" or "how I lost out on conning on all of Saturday and most of Friday"3
*Club Dance, and Goblin Ball, and SCD, and...5
*"I wanna go" "I wanna come!"6
*OHMYGAWD, with the T-Bob and the Rocky (hee, gold speedo!) and the BEING INCREDIBLY UNBELIEVABLY NICE and the everything and the I really really like Randy Milholland. 7
*I really really trust fen. 8
*Eric has screwed the word "Awesome" for me9

Additionally, I need to start listing the things I am going to need if I am going to start getting serious about certain things (Such as a purple bag of games and proper dance shoes. And a regency gown (probably). And probably a sewing maching. Fuck, fuck, fuck.10)


1: And other people I am CERTAINLY forgetting
2: Go ask her.
3: This was a good thing, bytheway, not bad.
4: My pyramids, let me show you them.
5: I have mentioned my intense love of dancing, yes?
6: Oh-ohhhh-o-o-ohhh.
7: Something*Positive
8: Yay brownies, and handing random people Vera
9: That wordchoice was very specific. NTS: Earrings.

10: I really really hate sewing. Need to learn though.
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Blegpierr! What time is it? Jesus CHRIST I should not be awake this early.

Uhm. G'morning. *waves*

I will be at Arisia until Monday or something. If I get on a computer, hey, more power to me, it not, all of you people be good, if you see any gnomes, tell them to give me my permit back, and the next time I post, I'll be back in Boston.

Also, someone remind me to punch Lauren for getting 'Shipping back to Boston' stuck in my head. I like the Dropkick Murpheys and all, but that song has been playing on repeat for about eight hours now.

Also, Katters, you were in my dream last night. You managed to piss off most of the mall committee, also known as the secret masters of girl scouts, which is okay, because they insulted you. And then there was some sort of sled race in a parking garage? Fuck man, I don't know.

Sor out.
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Terry Pratchett apparently has alzheimers. I got five different posts on my friends list telling me this, which makes me go all "damn." and kinda sad.

I do have a small advantage that there's still a *lot* of Pratchett that I haven't read yet, so I still have a lot of teh funny to look forward to. But still man! That's just not cool.


I've pretty much just completely adopted this as the format for my elljay, haven't I?


Pretty much annihilated my sociology final. And then I went back home and went to sleep, because waking up at eight o clock for a final I was done with by nine is not at all a fun thing to do.


Weekend: Hopefully WGA strike thing (ee, Whedon) with possibly Maddie and possibly Keira on Friday. Baking cookies and playing games with Keira and Magus and other people on Saturday. Holiday partying with Lauren, Emily, Kate Monster, Dominik, Ria, Maddie, Mando, and very plausibly other people on Sunday. Last final on Monday, then home again home again.

Next month or so: Sweeney Todd comes out on the 21st. Georgetown and Tree Decorating on the 23rd. Christmas Eve type stuff and bowling with Santa on the 24th. Christmas and All That on the 25th. Katters shows up on the 26th. New Years on the 31st (shit-need-costume-rar...007 verse wears tailcoats, right? (Still kinda want to show up as the evil villans cat in an attempt to get scritches)) More New Years on the first of January. Katters leaves on the sixth (I think). Come Home on the 17th and go straight to Arisia. Yarrcon until Monday, at which point I will hopefully drag mum around to meet all my friends. School for a week, and then Vericon on the 25th. Collapse in a tired heap of "who's idea was it to attend back to back cons again?" on the 28th. School!


Apparently, Rent is a lot of what my mood requires right now. It's very confusing when my mood doesn't tell me what kind of music it wants. Stupid brain.


So, what bits of pop culture am I missing like woah? Music, movies, books, games, etc, just tell me what you will force down my throat if you realize I haven't actually heard/seen/read/played it.



Dec. 7th, 2007 01:59 am
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Thought process:

Oh hey, Vericon is right frigging next door, isn't it? I should find out if it's any good and maybe go.

Ooo, website. Poke poke poke.

.........Pete Abrams? Pete *and* Randall Munroe? *and* Jeph Jaques? Not to mention some random book people, like Donna Jo Napoli and Orsen Scott Card.

Hokay, I'm pretty much sold. Wonder how wallet-gouging it is.

...15 dollars for students?

Fuck, my life is awesome. *registers*

...Crap, this means that I won't really get a weekend to spend with the twins until February. (Since Arrisia is the weekend before)

I'm a bad person, aren't I?


>> I guess that answers that question...

*slinks off*


PostScript: I guess this means I need to go read through the sluggy archives again. Oh, what an ardurous task. *strikes a dramatic pose while grinning like her birthday just came early*


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