May. 1st, 2006 08:26 pm
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Alt title: Icon Lovefest, 2006!

I, once again, have a paid account! This is a happy-Kat thing. Amoung other things, this means, that until May first 2007, I have THIRTY FREAKING FIVE icons. ROCK!

Instead of spamming your flists by making posts for each of them, I shall be nice and post the Link for looking at all of them.

And I think that's all. If you think of an icon that I desperately need, lemme know. And yes, I'm working on a Walking to Rivendell one, I just need to go get GoogleEarth up.


Expect polls soonish. BWAHAHA!

Oh dear, tonights going to be a flist-spam night, isn't it? Ah well...like I care!

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I spent FAR too long typing this up, and I'm going to regret this in the morning.

Wow, and for once, I haven't even set foot in the bar.

Hey wait a minute...theres no bar tonight! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Right, back to this.

A far too long rant about relationships and whatnot. Inspiered by my yellow notebook rants from ninth grade, if anyone remembers those. )


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1) To get mum to send Katters her presents.
2) To do better in school (not hard...:p)
3) To figure out how to properly adore Veronica, and do so
3) To look into this idea of jobs and find out if there IS such a job that will let a crazy chica who can't work Friday nights and doesn't yet know how to drive work for them.
4) Speaking of which, learning to drive would be good. A lisence would be...good.
5) To go to LONDON!
6) ...*writes down in her own private file* Sorry. Not for you to know.*
7) To make it to Kung Fu at least once a week. And on more Thursdays.
8) ...Fine. To try and sort my mind out some. Yeah. maybe.

And Goals:
1) To watch the other two episodes of Season One of Black Books. And seasons two and three when they arrive. Oh yes, Tho- I'm afraid I can't be your slavy...Series one is coming out in Region One in...10 days? I think. And mum's ordering the other two from AmazonUK anyways, so it's all good.
2) To actually keep up with this whole idea of an abbriviated friends list. Yepyep!
3) I'd like to try that 1K cranes again.
4) LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that is all.


*Scarily enough, this one is best summed up by a Black Books quote. Yeeeeeeeeeeeah.**
**And thats just to remind me, since I'm far to lazy to actualyl write it down.
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Mmmmm, cookies! Yum yum!!

The following people have tasty delicious girl scout cookies that everyone should buy lots of waiting for them:

*MarkBark, and his wife I believe as well, although that wound up on Aly's sheet and I can't be sure she's done: 6 do-si-dos, 2 tags, and 2 mints (unpaid)

*OKat- Bonus points if you come pick them up yourself. :D :1 Tag, and 1 Samoa (see span for details)

*Jaimee-sis-If you want to pick them up before you leave. If not, whatever, you'll get 'em after Disney.: 1 trefoil 1 Cafe cookies and 1 mints. (unpaid)

*EFBQ: Do you read this? *shrugs*: 1 samoa, 1 tagalong (unpaid)

*Heptadecagram/The Lovely Liam Actually, I don't believe you bought any cookies. But I need you to pick up the Looney's cookies (:1 trefoil, 1 cafe cookies, and 1 thin mints. (paid)) and Petra's cookies (1 Samoas and 1 mints (unpaid, so convince her to give you money.)) Movie night, perhaps dear?

*Tiguh_tiguh and ArtisticAlex: 2 samoas (unpaid)

*vvalkrye: 2 mints (paid)

*Shadow Captain: 2 mints (paid)

*Izolda/AnchaintSong: 4 Samoas and 1 Thin Mint

'tis all for now. If you care not about cookies, just ignore this post.

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Alright, so I have recently embarked on a progect that involves assigning a song to every one of my totally awesome livejournal friends. Some of the links leap right out of me, (OtherKat? Totally "Albuquerque".) however, some of the links are much more tricky to figure out.

So I ask you this: Reccomend a song for someone on my friendlist. It can be yourself, someone you know and love, or someone who just sounds interesting. I may or may not actually take your suggestions, and I'm more or less sworn to never telling anyone what their song is (Blatent lie!! Just ask, I suppose.)

Songs are prefereably based off a song that defines the specific person, but they can also be a song that means a lot to them, or a song that has a strong connection with how I met said person, whomever they might be. (Mell? Circle Game. Although doing some sort of Britany Spears, while cruel, would be a load of fun and a fitting tribute to last years Kangaroo Court...hehehehe!)

So yeah. Just a random request. Think of it as another random meme. :D!

Have fun kids. And before you ask, Birdhouse in your Soul is totally taken. *zaphgrins*



P.S: I finally drew that Zaphod in a Kilt picture I'd been meaning to draw for who knows how long. Is there any sort of interest for it, or is this one of those things I should keep to myself?
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Holy shnikes on a hamburger bun! A triple twisted chrome circle, with rye on a pastrami slice.

Ladies and gents, the impossibles happened...Sorcy's got herself a girlfriend.



(Alright, technically, Sorcy don't got anything, much less a loverly girlfriend. Origami's the one with the girlfriend, but she promised to share, so it's all good.)
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Just generally hanging out. Yep!

Come to movie night everyone! We're doing Star Wars. The GOOD Star Wars.

Ooo, Eric left. I have to steal his computer now. Be right back...

Dammit, he caught me.

Next time. I mean...I love Eric!

This is a pointless entry. What can I say, I'm hyper. And playing on Erics computer.


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Well...ok, actually it's a hate-comment. But it's all good.


"god u can be such a bitch sumtimes...i HATE u"

Sqweehehehehehehehe!! This is most excellent! Oh grammar-faerie....!

*scurries about cheerfully fixing things.*

Here you go, oh Secret Despiser! Your sentance should actually read:

"God, you can be such a bitch sometime...I HATE you."

Much better.

*runs around dancing* Someonehatesmesomeonehatesmesomeonehatesme! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

This is so perfect for fitting my mood! For possibly the first time EVER last night I had this period of time full of complete unconditional love for myself. I was cool, I was hoopy and froody and all that happy jazz and I rocked. I could feel myself rocking. It was a cool feeling.

And today, I turn on my computer and WHAM! Hate comments in my livejournal! Badly grammard hate-comments even! This is looking like it'll be a Totally Awesome Day!

Now, the only thing left to do is to figure out who it is, and whether or not I know them!

Because if I DO know them...

Then the fun can REALLY begin!



(((Is it a bad sign that I have this huge stupid grin on my face and that I'm litterally giggling like an idiot at this? I LOVE geting flamed, it's really fun. Maybe it's because I love haveing enimies, because I'm really good at being TERRIBLY nice to them, and pissing them off even more. Theres nothing more fun than beings a smart-ass!)))
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Fear my awesome paint skills!

This is why sluggy.net is cool. Because we've got really stupid avatar bandwagons.



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So how is everyone today? Really?? Thats just dandy, good to know, good to know...


Um.. *coff* right. Right.



I'm writing in a very disjointed style today, I ought to figure out how to fix that...

Aly chopped off her hair. Go to mom's LJ for pics.

I got PackRat avatar on Neopets.

I play entierly too much neopets. >.< *cringes* Ah well, whatever. Since when have I seriously cared about what people think of me?

All the freaking time.



Oh, hello Alis. How are you?

Fine, you?

Rather well. Like I said, a bit disjointed, but thats usual. And very single feeling again.

It must be something about summer that makes me feel asexual.

Can't argue with that.

And wait a minute...


Speaking of wolves NINE DAYS!!!

Until Which now?

I see my wolf, of course!!

YOUR Wolf?

*grin* Ok, so she's not mine by ANY stretch of the imagination, but I still get to see her in nine days. And Mica. And La-Di-Da. And CD

...right. Shit.

*deep breath* At least I'm not breaking out into tears at the mention of her name. Great god. Has it really been six months?

Yes. *hugs*

Thanks dear.


Webcomic readingness.
LJ readingness
assorted non-internet things that aren't as important to me
Chatting with Katters
Posting said writings

Oh, and now for something completely different:

(Translation for sign = "Betelguise A nice beach with lots of bishonen thinking up new ways to be nice to me!!! or Bust!!!")

Not the most flattering pic, but well working anywho...


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So, sitting here hangin out, It occered to me that I ought to set right the beliefs running rampent in my previous post.

My mother is cooler then me. This is a Proven Fact. I'm not saying I'm not cool or anything, as I'm a pretty damm cool person (Not to mention a totally hoopy frood) but mom/werewulf/Grey/etc is Cooler then Me.

Why? She's been around longer and has much more expirience at being cool.

Thank you for your time and patience.



PostScript: Beth...WHO wrote Tom Sawyer again? Silly girl. *hugs*


May. 30th, 2005 08:10 pm
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Because theres not a chance in heck it'll work...

Anyone got a spare graduation ticket they'd be willing to part with? *looks cute*


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The people-riffic meme!

Rules are:
First, write down the names of twenty people you know. Then read and answer the questions.

You can't look at the questions (or click on the cut) until you write down the twenty names you're going to use.

That sounds fun...and perfectly acceptable for my first post in who knows how Godly long.

I know. I admit it. I'm weak. LJ has called to me, and I must answer it. I'm back.

Right right right. On with the names!

1) [livejournal.com profile] artemisfowl2nd
2) [livejournal.com profile] muzikmaker21
3) [livejournal.com profile] macaroniandtuna
4) [livejournal.com profile] werewulf
5) [livejournal.com profile] quadrophenic86
6) [livejournal.com profile] sonsashi
7) [livejournal.com profile] jannyblue
8) [livejournal.com profile] drama_angel3189
9) [livejournal.com profile] kugelblitz
10) [livejournal.com profile] ednoria
11) [livejournal.com profile] heptadecagram
12) [livejournal.com profile] firespell89
13) [livejournal.com profile] haveasuperday
14) [livejournal.com profile] sonotsupercool
15) [livejournal.com profile] boredmder
16) [livejournal.com profile] shadowcaptain
17) [livejournal.com profile] sildar
18) [livejournal.com profile] gaeanangel
19) [livejournal.com profile] ayleedragon
20) [livejournal.com profile] astaereth

Don't read this until you have YOUR list ready!! )

Alright, back to general life.

I've only got internet on teh weekends. But thats ok.

Still not going to touch the webcomics. Not yet. Not until I have full, legal acess to Dmitri again.

*sigh* I miss 'em.

Other stuff:

*I went garage saleing yesterday. I picked up a pair of clunky black leather boots, a translucent plastic chair (I'm going to paint it) a beanie-baby penguin (for a dollar...remember when you couldn't find beanie babys for less then 6 or 7 a pop?) which I promptly named Ms. Hecubus, a purse, and a camera bag. It ruled.

*I also went to the aquarium yesterday with Zily (Lily and Zoe), and a couple of friends of theres, David and Leah. It was very cool, especially the skates, and the fish I befriended. He was a very cool fish, all neon-striped and whatnot. We had a long conversation, turns out he's a total theatre boy, and a bit of a drama-queen. He said he was also quite gay, which made me smile.

It was Jonny!!!!! in fish form. :D

*Me and Veronica went for a walk today, with Rex. It rocked.

*Played Halo with Nik and Mike Royster and Veronica. also fun, although, like usual, I got my butt kicked.

*This morning I finally caught up and saw EpIII. I liked it, although I found Anikin INCREDIBLY whiny. CHEER UP! I don't see what all those girls see in him. :p

*I think thats all...ego-boost writing will commence shortly.


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Alright, I promise that this is my last post until I get internet back, or moms birthday in August, whichever comes first.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] artemisfowl2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

*does mad crazy happy birthday dancing.

And delivers Riff*. Because, everyone should have a chance to have Riff on their birthday.*

You rule, oh most hoopiest of froods!!



*I want him back though...:P
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Life, the Universe, and Everything.

*It's been a week or something from my last real update. Oops.
*MOOP! is currently in a state of half melted disarray.
*Anyone want to help me capture an evil, EVIL basterd? His name is Malice, and he is going to die. Very very soon.
*It's hell week. Yep.
*Tyler broke herself again.
*I am going to spend as much as this afternoon as possible playing The Sims/Heros of Might and Magic three. (Last day of Winter-een-Mas, doncha know!!)
*I'm supposed to be doing research. Ah well, it's not hard or nuthin.

K_T stuff:
*I haven't written anything in a while
*I've been drawing a lot. Like, real drawings and stuff. They look really really good.

I would also like to point out that gossip is stupid, pointless, annoying and really dumb. As someone who has witnessed first hand what gossip can do, I know how things can snowball.


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Friday: Went alright, and then I got to babystitting. Oh my. Diane pointed out that DC (Dear Childe) was borderline sick, so if he fell asleep earlier or whatnot I shouldn't worry.

He was asleep when we got home. So, we put him to bed and Diane told me that if he woke up screaming or anything, and seemed to need his Mom (as opposed to this crazy pseudo-mom) to just call her since she was right next door. I was perfectly fine just watching him peacefully. Then he woke up. *headdesks*

I did wind up getting Diane, and she determnined that he prolly had a nightmare or somesuch, since he wasn't feeling as hot/feverish as he was when we put him to bed (hardly any temperature by that point) We wound up chatting for a bit, with Koob just snuggled up against Diane and it was rather nice. I like talking to people.

After she left, DC was his usual bundle of energy, I finally put him to bed 9:30ish and sang to him, and finally got online again around 10:15ish. And that was after just leaving him be since he didn't seem to have any interest in GOING TO SLEEP! Yipes!

Saterday: Aly's friend Natalie wound up coming over, which was cool(ish) I let them play the Sims on my computer while I played with Veronica and Nik and Dan. It was pretty fun. Natalie stayed the night, and I just generally hung out.

Sunday: Pretty good. I went to Jimmy-Grey (My youngest cousin on my moms side)'s B-day party, where mostly I hung out with mom and aunt sara, choosing to avoid the hordes of small children being obsessive about video games. Me and Nik then went over to Jernie and Boe's to play Halo and watch the transformers movie...we didn't finish it, which was a shame. Played a lot of Halo though.

I really really really really suck at Halo. Although, I achieved a new personal record: I killed someone all by myself! Twice even! It made me very happy. I also killed Andy since he was being a sweetheart and standing still so I could just shoot him a lot.

Transformers movie was very amusing. Gotta love the crazy things. I love the fact that the chickbot wears lipstick. Because, you know, she needs it.

Monday: Worked on some girl scouts stuff, and then went to the leader meeting. Which was cool, if a little long. I wound up inviting myself/getting invited to a younger girl troop via thursday to help them learn origami for thinking day.

Tuseday: Couldn't make up it's mind about weather it was a good day or a bad day. Felt incredibly fragile for no real reason in gymnastics and was ready to just start crying at the littlest things. Very annoying, especially since I had to forcefully refocus myself several times. I figured out what I was doing wrong via back handsprings though, so that was good. Maybe I'll be doing them by myself before the year is out.

Today: Was rather nice. Did the whole school thing until English, where I did the whole hang out with Becky and work on review thing. She had the complete HGttG with her and I had raptures over it all period. I didn't steal it though, which was good of me.

She said she got it at the mall, for only 16 dollars or somesuch. If I can find a compy for under 20$, I'm quite definently buying it for myself, so I have my own copy to deface highlight all the good quotes in.

It started snowing today about Englishtime. Someone looked out the window and pointed it out and adjuisted the blinds so everyone could see and it was exciting. Everyone was cheering and whatnot (not real loud or anything) and enjoying the fact that we have snow. *looks outside* It's still going right now, I reckon we have two, or maybe even three inches so far.

I like snow.

I walked home in it, which was nice, although a tad on the cold side (must remember to bring gloves tomorrow...) and Jeff offered me a ride, which is different. I declined, partly since I was enjoying the snow, partly because I was pretty close to home at that point anyway, and partly because his car skidded rather nicely as he pulled up to the curb next to me. No interest in getting into a car accident thanks. I've done that (albeit several years ago.)

Jaimee invited me to CoE again, which I hope to go to, although it occers to me that I should prolly hang out here and study and clean my room, and knock off things on my todo and whatnot. Sigh.

All for now.

EDIT: Since then, I've shovled the walk which isn't fun, found out that CoE is practiced, which works with my plans, and chatted with Kat, which is very fun.



(((COT: My clone and my mum have friended each other. This amuses me greatly, although I'm not entierly positve why.)))

Poll time!

Jan. 8th, 2005 10:40 pm
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Just got kind of board...listening to Sweeny Todd...such a crazy musical. I love it, even though I've never seen it.

So in that vein...

[Poll #415280]


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My concubines really shouldn't be spending time in the contract room. It reflects badly on me, like I don't bother to take care of you guys. Yes, i'm talking to you One. *pseudoglares*

Evning Circle songs make very good lullybyes. The problem is, I sing them and then I am forced into my memories, and I get sad. *sigh*

Koob is so awesome. He was very hyper and bouncy today, but then, I put him down in his bed and sang to him and he CRASHED. It was so cool.

I had a rather nice chat with Daniel yesterday. Neverminding the fact that Daniel is a healer-vampire spun out of my mind within the past week who sortof has a "thing" for Rin. Yet he still preferered chatting with me to chatting with her. Makes a girl feel loved.

My new avatar is a picture of me wearing 's nice hat. It is beautiful.

Oh and on my current mental status...

Kat has her concubine number 42. Jonny!!!!! has his Mykal. Sarah has her Michael. Llef has his Ellie. Jeremy has his Laurie.

And if you want to get REALLY broad with it, Mom has dad, Janny has Conrad, Crossroads has his boy, Tyler has Flame, Ednoria and Kugelblitz have each other, Chickenhat and Whymydiddle have each other (ok, technically all the people listed above have each other, I'm just listing the people I know.) ...

The list goes on and on. Dammit, I don't need a guy(/girl) in my life to be happy, I know that. But it's damm hard to be perfetly and utterly content when everyone else around you DOES have one.

I miss Taya.

Hell, forget that, I miss KAT! I've barely talked to her this week (damm you Mrs H for giving me that project) How is that possile. How is it at all possible to mss someone you've never met, never seen, barely even know what she looks like...(I could pick her out of a crowd...maybe. I'd be looking for the one wearing the hand drawn t-shirt, trenchcoat, and sunglasses.)

But yeah. I miss Taya. I miss the intense "want" feeling I got every time I saw her, I miss being able to hold her hand at evening circle, I miss laughing at her antics and wishing she felt the same way about me as i did for her...I just miss the kid.

a distracting interlude between Miss Katarina de MOOP! and an agent of the LAW! )

And I find I'm losing what little control I had over my charecters. Oh joy.

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] katarina_tales is my new story-journal. I'm going to be moving stuff there over the next few days and the making it AWESOME.

All for now.




Dec. 5th, 2004 08:57 pm
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First off, I'd like to point out I'm not actually dead.

Even though one of my clones is. Which is sad. Poor Kat.

Although she might be alive again by now. Whatever.

Anyway, hi, I know I haven't existed very well around here recently. I've actually been online no less then usual, I just haven't been on AIM. Or LJ. Or Sluggy.net. Mostly I've just been OBSESSIVLY reading webcomics.

Therefore, Chopping Block (http://www.choppingblock.org/) and Mac Hall (http://www.machall.com/) have joined my list. Lovely stuff, both of them. Mac Hall is just a pleasure to look at, although I prefer the earlier strips to the more recent, and Chopping Block...*VERY evil grin*

So yeah. Since I've finished the archives of those though, I need some more. Or, I could go LJ binge. Hmmm...Considering I haven't read all the post Turky Day entries yet, that seems the better idea...

Again I say, whatever.

Stuff thats happened recently:

~I tried out for After Juliet. I want to be Bianca, or I want to be a techie.
~Babysat Koob Friday night. *happy*
~Hung out with teh l00nan3ss last night. Watched a ton of Gregory Horror Show. GHS just makes me happy inside.
~Saw the Christmas Revels today. Theme was medivilly "The King and the Fool" Very fun. I got to be right next to one of the Dance Lord guys for Lord of the Dance. Go me.
~Ian is an ART GOD. Seriously. He's done some REALLY kick arse stuff. (Mac Hall)
~Happy Winter-Een-Mas! (First person to correctly identify that one gets a magic cookie)
~My other clone has a livejournal now. Excellent.

All for now.

~Your Loyal Storyteller

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One night down, three to go. Then it's two half days and we're off to Connecticut, that merry land of people and thanks.

The Schedual:
Wednesday: Finnians Rainbow Dress Rehersal @ Long Reach Status: Done
Thursday: Dr. Jeckyll, no place to Hide @ Howard Status: Done
Friday: You Can't take it with you @ Resevoir Status: Hoping!
Saterday: Finnians Rainbow, leave at intermission, go to Crusin through your Teens (big GS event) w/V and KT. Status: Confirmed
Sunday: Symphony of lights walk through (= cool) Status: Confirmed

So, don't expect to be seeing me around much over the next few days.

Dr. Jeckyll, No Place to Hyde was VERY fun. Small cast (10 people, and about...7? crew) but very efficient. I got autographs from 7 of the actors (go me) and then wound up hanging out with the Howard High School techies after the show.

Joe drove me home, and I didn't die, which means he must be doing something right.

I am going to sleep now.




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