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So, in about six weeks1, I celebrate my birthday! I will be turning 23 and stuff, which means I will once again enter the prime of life.

Now, I haven't had a proper celebration for my birthday since 20092, which is just ages ago at this point. I was like, in college then and everything. What the hell. And the party I had was in Maryland, meaning I've never really thrown a proper celebration for all my Boston peeps.

This must change.

So I've been having a bunch of ideas3, and none of them have really quite been clicking properly. Then the other night, Sparr and Genni and I were biking home from Squares, and talking about big group bike rides (which Sparr has been doing some with SCUL members). And it all fell into place.

I want to have a party that consists of a lot of biking around through pretty areas to places, and then doing things for a bit in those places, and then biking to more places. So for example, we could bike over to the xkcd playground and play there for half an hour or so, and then bike to the Cambridge Common to host an impromptu mini-Contra dance (or Squares, or couples, or SCD, or _all of them_...), then take a nice leisurely ride down the Charles River Bike Path for a while, until we reach some fabulous destination and all sit by the river and watch ducks for a bit, and then we get back on our bikes and go splash around in Spy Pond or something, and etc etc etc.

The party would clearly end with everyone biking to Dinosaur Sashay, where there would be a typical "eat food, hang out, play games, etc" thing. That way, my non-biking friends could still come celebrate the fact that I am awesome and deserve celebration.

As for my friends who are only sorta-biking friends, I figure I could do Careful Planning so that they could meet up with the party as it roams around Cambridge/Somerville/Arlington/Boston or split off as suits them. I would want my full loop to be somewhere between 25 and 40 miles, but I recognize that not everyone is down for that much riding (even split into parts). So in a perfect world, I'd have a hyper-organized itenerary, or rather, a lot of "We'll get at place X when we get there, but then we promise to stay there until 4 PM, also watch my Twitter feed, I'll say if we're running super late". People could even meet up with the traveling party at a location, and then take other forms of transit to meet us at the next location.

So what I am most looking for input wise is people to tell me that this is a good idea5, and whether it's a thing they'd be interested in doing, and most importantly, some cool places where 10-20 people (honestly, I would be a little shocked if I got as many as 10) can hang out for 45-90 minutes or so and be entertained and happy.

(Secret alternative idea: August is hot, maybe I will host a party at DS that goes until 8 or 9 PM, and then the biking will be late night bike ride adventures held after the party, when it is darker and cooler and there are fewer cars.)

I would probably be aiming to do this on the 24th or 26th of August (a friend has already date-grabbed the 25th).

Places I think would be good visiting spots: The Cambridge Public Library (maybe I will check out some children's books and we will have storytime and snacks in the nice cool air-conditioning), The Randall Munroe Sweet Ass-Playground, the Cambridge Commons (for circus arts or dancing or lounging or also playground), the Charles River bike path (all the pretty!), the Minuteman bike path (more of all the pretty!), JP Licks (ice cream!) (this would probably be the second-to-last stop if done during the day, to cool down with ice cream before my party proper), Spy Pond, Menotomy Rocks Park (maybe a little bit of hiking or looking for turtles in the lake, or playground), The bike path alongside the Mystic River (especially the cool little observation tower), the big field out near Magoon Square (with the illogic gate!), the cock block (also in Magoon Square, and just to be immature and laugh at them), Winter Hill (because I'm crazy, but I also have a bike with decent gears and I like conquering hills)...

Yeah. Lots of ideas! Where else is a nice place?

Going to crosspost this to Facebook as well, as much as I hate the beast. If you read it in both places, please answer here, I pay way more attention to LJ.


1: August 28th.

2: 2011 there was a hurricane, and my party consisted of six people and three pints of ice cream hanging out in Davis. Satisfying, but not really a proper spree. In 2010, I turned 21, and had VERY IMPORTANT THINGS to get done because of that.

3: See also "the amazing drink-mixing party"4 which I wanted to do for my 21st, but never got around to, or "let's all go to Salem and get RITAS, you guys have no idea how amazing and important this is" or "more barefoot dancing plz" or "SCIENCE MUSEUM!"

4: Everyone shows up with the ingredients to make their favourite mixed drink. They show me how to make said mixed drink. They give me a sip (to taste) and then they enjoy. Ideally, they leave the bottles behind when they leave, but that step is not necessary. At the end of the party, I have gained knowledge(mixing drinks), knowledge(what I like), and alcohol(sufficient to make a drinks cabinet). Theoretically, I do not drink enough to get drunk, and everyone is happy.

5: I mean, only if you think it is a good idea. Do not lie.
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Thing one: Hurricane.

Um, so yeah. There is supposedly one of those coming. My various friends lists are torn between "I am cautiously ready for this but still nervous" and "PFFFT THERE IS NOTHING BAD HAHAHA".

I find the second far more annoying than the first. Please stop yelling at me for being at least a little worried that I'm not really prepared in the case of an emergency. I assure you, my worry is not strictly for the incoming hurricane --however bad it turns out to be. A lot of it has to do with the lack of enough food (lots of leftovers, but very little non-perishables right now, at least for me) and spare batteries. Will have to prepare once I'm in the new house.

Thing one-point-five: House

We move on Thursday, unless we're lucky enough to do moving on Wednesday. We've been putting things into the basement of the new place (which doesn't have a name *yet* but I think we know what it's going to be...) all week, which is convenient.

We are tentatively planning a housewarming for somewhere during the weekend of the 16th/17th. Further details to appear as we come up with them.

I'm pretty excited about this, despite lack of job.

Thing one-point-seven-five: Job

I'm working on it. I am very very poor at coming up with motivation, apparently, which is frustrating as all fuck. But there are some leads out, and on Monday I can send out the Medford app (which is done via mail) and other stuff.

I figure I can survive on savings until November. If I can't find _any job at all_ by then, well...then maybe I did something dreadfully wrong, and maybe the world really is that harsh right now. We'll see though.

Thing two: Cosplay/Dragon*Con

I am tentatively working on three cosplays for D*C. Plus, I mean, I'll have an assortment of short skirts to prance around it, and at least one good looking steampunk outfit. So I can pretty much promise I'll look "interesting" no matter whether I'm actively pretending to be someone else or not.

Of the cosplays, one of them is kinda a pipe dream unless I can acquire a black zentai hood, or otherwise figure out a way to black out my face entirely. Also, I really need to have *not* packed away the dress that I need for it --hopefully I can get that on the first before I leave. Or maybe I'll just swing by [new place] and rummage around some afternoon.

The second requires a trip to Belmhaus, where I have some stuff stored in the basement. Or, I mean, ideally a way to get all that stuff to my house on the first or something. But at any rate, I am missing a prop and I'm pretty sure it's in there somewhere. Could also use my army boots if I can find them.

Thing two-point-five: Numbering

Yeah, the numbering is so wacky because I wrote out some things I wanted to write about, and then keep thinking of other things in-between to write about. There is no order or reason to them.

Thing three: Birthday


Thing three-point-five: Bike

So, today I got a chance to ride a bike that was not Blaise, which has basically not happened to me in well over a year. It was Nurit's little tiny road bike, which actually fit me pretty well (apparently Nurit and I have pretty close to the same length legs) except for the stupid hard leaning forward I had to do due to the handlebars being lower than the seat. Hard on the wrists, and shoulders and back.

That being said, ohmygod, I love Blaise. See, she's a mountain bike. With nice wide mountain bike tires, and a good suspension. Potholes on Blaise? Kinda not a big deal. Potholes on this bike? Hahaha, ohgod, I nearly fell off and died.

More importantly, Nurit's bike seems to have proper working brakes, which Blaise does not. Meaning, when I squeezed the brakes such to start slowing myself down, the bike immediately stopped -which never happens with Blaise- and I pitched over the handlebars and scraped up my hands.

(Stop freaking out, [personal profile] werewulf and [personal profile] whimmydiddle --it was a surprise, but I was wearing my helmet and safely in the bike lane, with no cars coming. I landed hands and knees, and didn't have another problem the whole rest of the trip.)

So, the moral of this story is "ah. That's how they're *supposed* to work, okay fine." and I will be going in to get Blaise's brakes realigned as soon as I get a recommendation for a store that will not snidely tell me that I just need a new bike in order to fix my problem. Yes, that actually happened to me last time I needed repairs. :(

Thing three-point-seven-five:

I am supposed to say something nice about Maryland, and suspect that "well, the people there are fucking amazing" is a bit of a cop-out.

And then I say a *lot* of things about Maryland, not all of them nice, but at least few of them cruel. )

Thing four: Tumblr

So, I made a tumblr. It is, shockingly enough, at Sorcyress dot tumblr dot com. You can follow me, and if you tell me you have a tumblr, I will probably follow you. YAY!

My general opinion is that it is for reblogging gifs. I've also made some other random vaguely fannish posts on there. I feel like I'm flailing for content, which is part of why I'm pretty confident I'm never actually going to leave livejournal in any serious way. My posting here may ebb or flow, but this is my eighth straight year of posting, without ever really stopping. Let's keep it up!

Pee-Ess: I started this entry yesterday. Which means that now it is my 22nd birthday! FUCK YES GO ME!

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Years go by and now the child is twenty
Though her dreams have lost some grandeur coming true
There'll be new dreams, maybe better dreams, and plenty
Before the last revolving year is through
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So yeah, like I said earlier, I have 41 new books. They are mostly individual tales, as opposed to collections, but man, are there a lot of them.


I have read two Clue books in a row, and now I'm desperately in the mood to write a parody story set in Snowtown1. This has led to quite a bit of assaulting people on IM and going all "YOU! Candlestick, revolver, knife, wrench, lead pipe, or rope?" or "Would you kill Swing if it got you something awesome?" or (in Swing's case) "Is it okay if I kill you for this story? It probably won't be fatal!"

Additonally, I find it alarming just how many Snowtown stories I've written that I am never going to put anywhere where anyone can see them. I don't know how well they fit into canon --I'm pretty sure that the bulk of them are decidedly non-canon, but then there are others that only affect me and my characters (Kinda like every story centering on Hyde besides his first one). Umyeah.


The real reason for this post is because, apparently, April 11th is everybody's birthday ever. A very happy birthday to [ profile] kirby1024 (who I need to send a thing to), [ profile] emp42ress (who I haven't seen in a while due to not-Dieseling, which is sad), [ profile] fishymander (Who I've not seen in ages) and the elljayless Dan (YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE SO OLD) and Koob (*hugs, swings him in a circle*)



1Snowtown is a fictional city that is ultimately a pretty shit place to live. The group of people I hang out with regularly on deviantArt and I regularly write stories set there -by this point, we each have an avatar and pretty much all of us have two or three (or more) regular other characters running around there, making it kindof a cross between an unmoderated roleplaying campaign and a collaborative novel. It's a lot of fun.
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A year ago today, it was 2008, and I wrote a pretty decent essay on friendship privileges. If your name is [ profile] macaroniandtuna, didn't you promise to give me thoughts like...eleven and a half months ago or something?

The actual posting of that one involved little bits and pieces of drama that I don't feel like going into. And when I originally wrote it, I will admit there was a little bit of a "HINT HINT!" involved for someone certain, which I so got past by the time I posted it. I try very hard not to hint hint people in my livejournal.

(Okay, really, I just try very hard not to hint hint people. If I want a relationship, I should be man2 enough to ask the damn person if there's any hope for us. It's amazing what a little bit of communication will do.)

I was pretty happy with the writing of that one, though, and since I think at least half of the goal of this project is to find really good things that I've written and bring them back to public attention, go read!.


((OH! Also, twenty one years ago today it was 1988, and [ profile] muzikmaker21 was born. I didn't bother blagging about this at the time, which was a massive oversight. Sorry dude. Have a good birthday, 'k brotherfather?))

1: I have the nasty habit of being dumped by boys I'm not dating. I'm pretty sure it's happened three, maybe even four times now.3

2: Woman enough, awesome enough, fuck, I don't know. It's just the way I talk, I talk kinda misogynistic, okay? I don't like it either.

3: Ahahahaha, notetoself, if you're going to decide to delete a part of the entry you're writing, delete the relevant footnotes as well. Although this one amuses me. Consider it your Fun Sorcy Fact of the day or something.
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A year ago, I was posting about weird Harry Potter dreams. *laughs*, that's very me, isn't it? Weird frigging dreams, so I have to come tell you lot about it. I certainly don't dream every night, and most of the time, it's sensationalistic bullshit, but sometimes it's good, sometimes it's the kind of thing I want to write stories and novels about.

(The Harry Potter thing? Not one of those times.)

Let's go further back. Two years ago today, 2006. Simple enough --just wishing myself a happy birthday. I do that, sometimes. I get pragmatic like that.

Three years ago today. 2005. *laughs!* Goodness me, I do so love trawling back in my journal. To say I was a touch hyper is...well...ohdear. An understatement. The phrase "runs around in cheerful circles" may have been used.

Four years back, again just birthday wishes, right after midnight. And three minutes later, much squeeage at the acquisition of my first UglyDoll. It was, as they say2, a damn good present.

Before that, I would have to go diary trawling, and unfortunately, I believe I left my diary in Maryland. A notebook I filled halfway through freshman year of high school is not something I definitely need in Boston, now is it?3

Soyeah. Birthdays. I keep having them, which is nice, I suppose. Means I haven't died yet --of course not, it's not June. (Interestingly enough, I have never mentioned my deathday on my deathday. Usually I forget, it seems. Like I always forget to properly celebrate Emperor Norton I's deathday in anything even beginning to resemble a timely manner.)

In short, it seems to be the one day of the year where I am absolutely guarenteed to post. While it would be...entertaining to go through the other dates, and see if there are any other universal dates (hint: Not in March or April, as I didn't post in either of those months in 2005) I always post on. Kat's birthday, I would expect. No, the other one. Yeah, her. Not me. My clone.

Christmas, too, I would think. But really, not much else.

And it stands to reason, after all. This is my livejournal. It is for my babble.

This is my birthday. It's the one day of the year I get to act, to be, as spoilt as I want, to not feel guilty about buying myself things, or eating too much dessert, to sleep in, to spend hours and hours on the phone with Kat and Tho4.

It's my birthday, and I'll post if I want to. Every single year.

Happy birthday, lady Sorceress. Welcome back to your prime.5


PostScript: Bonus points to anyone who gets their well wishes to me around three twenty in the afternoon, eastern, that being the actual time of my birth.

DoublePostScript: Should I totally go to the hospital where I was born and donate blood? I should totally go to the hospital where I was born and donate blood.

1: There is no footnote one. My footnote orgies are becoming quite complicated, aren't they?

2: Someone must say this, really. Right?

3: Oh shit! Now I've accidentally let Aly know that my diary's in my room! She's going to read it, and know all my secrets! Shit! Shit! Shit, fire ze missiles!

4: Oh! Oh, now that is rather tragic, the not being at my parents house for this birthday. I've no qualms about spending loads of mum and da's money on long distance phone calls, but it seems just cruel to spend someone elses. I shall have to force him to take time out of his busy schedule of study and dancing and wooing his girlfriend to Skype with me a bit.

5: This is a very clever pun that I am ruining by explaining. See, I'm turning nineteen today...
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*big hugs and love*



Dec. 5th, 2007 03:22 pm
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babblebabblebabble eee, iCal!, boring notes about things. )

And of course, there is my most important calendar-subset-thing: BIRTHDAYS!

If you suspect that I don't have your birthday listed*, drop me a comment telling me when the last time you had your head shoved through your mom's vagina. Unless you're into some sort of really kinky incest shit, at which point, I just don't need to know.


*ETA: And if you've got your birthday listed in your profile, so that I can see it when I go to, I don't need it again. Really. I don't mind having more birth years though, so yay stalking I suppose.
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Happy Halloween, y'all.

Also: Harena: HAPPY BIRTHDAY OHMANOHMAOHMANOHYAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! *pounces and throws glitter at you*


November: NaNoWriMo starts. NaBloPoMo starts. Also, PoMo sounds like it should have something to do with a porn movie.

I am doing a WriMo story, as always. I may also be keeping some sort of WriMo journal --2000 words per day on my world, the denizens, and the like. Actually, Gabe just poked his head in and says that he would be happy to help with a 50,000 word journal of the denizens. He wants grand plots, drama, and Truth or Dare. Alis agrees with the theory, but she would prefer introspection and sex.

Midterms are in November, mostly. I have my socio midterm on Monday (I will pass so hard, y'kidding me?) and most of a research paper to write for English. In addition to, you know, normal homework.

The musical is in November. It is called Wild Blue, and was written by Liv, my Movement and Improv teacher. She kinda reminds me of Blasko, albeit a Blasko who appreciates Sweeney Todd. Ms. Barry may have screwed me over in my appreciation of drama teachers and directors.

Butyes, musical. I'm working props and OHMYGOD BEHIND NEED TO GET AIEE!

Thanksgiving is in November. Besides not being sorted out all the way how I'm getting to Connecticut (eek, I need to e-mail Dave!) Thanksgiving is awesome. Soyeah.

Performing Arts Week is in November, though the very end of it. I'll probably be working some amount of it.

I think I need a "Stressed" icon. :D

P.S: I'm going to Sweeney Todd again on the fourth. So Liv is definently > Blasko. :D

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Hokay, I'm sure I've pimped her out before, but [ profile] kittikattie is awesome. She is a wonderful essayist whos entries range from angry feminist black woman rants that make my brain hurt and me need to slink off and feel guilty for being privlaged, to stories of what her American Girl dolls are up to now.

So you should all go read her. Or at the very least, wander over to her journal and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her, because she is awesome, and deserves to be hella-happy.

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It was the end of the seventh book, and I ran away. I had watched the rest of it happened, snarked with little kids and laughed at unfunny bits, but it occured to me that the end mattered, that I had to see it alone.

So I ran, and hid up a tree where I covered my ears and eyes and ignored it all.

But Voldemort chose to use the patio around this tree as his base. My hands slipped, I kept learning bits and pieces of The End, and finally, I succumbed, to follow Voldemort and learn what happened.

A good group of Death Eaters were gone, I knew that much. Not dead, gone. See, Dumbledore had died, and then strange things began to occur. The Death Eaters who had dissapeared were still walking around, but had no memories of the terrible things they had done, or any reason why they would have done these things.

And Dumbledore was completely gone. But Voldemort was his brother, and so he knew exactly where to look. A small antique shop, where much of the action I can no longer recall took place. Voldemort dragged Dumbledores body from behind the counter, and pulled out a small tube, with three coins in the top.

Dumbledore had lied about what it took to kill him. He had lied, and never told anyone, including his brother, that he was a time-wizard.

Voldemort poured out the coins and the other things in the tubes, and brought Dumbledore back to the present. They talked. And Voldemort concieded.

Dumbledore died anyways. He couldn't stop that, he was a very old man. But before he died, he brought his brother back, and gave him what was left of Dumbledores life, old artifacts and memories, saved over the year. (One of them, I was pleased to see, was a truly heinous kilt, in horridly clashing pinks and yellows --paisley, I believe, with an inner lining of happy faces. It really was atrocious)

Voldemort took over his brothers shop. He began to sell the dolls and things there to the muggles who had been watching. I saw the earings Tho had sent me and mom, lego blocks, and quietly pocketed them.

I then left. And woke up.

It was a Weird Fucking Dream. Keep in mind that the above is what I can remember. Earlier, there was a secret hallway, with too many doors and I or Harry or whichever one of us it was was trying to sneak into it past the Slytherins, and then out again when Draco came back.


At any rate, this has been an Awesome birthday thus far. I woke up far too early, and got to watch a bit more then half of the moon dissapear, and then I went back to sleep and was rewarded by Harry Potter dreams.

And of course, I slept about 14 hours total last night. Aig. Stupid clones and their inability to sleep. :P

...who I miss like voldemort misses dumbledore.


I hate sleeping that long, but besides that, thus far my birfday has been good. Presents time.

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I finally got my roommate info today. Her name is Grace, and from our "well, neither of us know the other so lets start at the basics" conversation on Facebook so far, she seems nice.

Since I will be going far far away, I need to open up a proper stalkerfile, with all the information I will ever need, about everybody.

Comments are screened, if you don't want to toss this much personal stuff into a comment, my e-mail is kdsorceress at gmail dot com. You don't have to give me any information you don't feel comfortable sharing, I'm mostly just going to use this in case of boredom ("Hi Shadowkev! It's been a while, how you doin'?") or emergency ("OMFG, Persis, your niece just EXPLODED!")

So. Tell me ALLLLLLLLL about yourself...

1) Name you prefer to be called, and will actually answer to
2) Real name, if I can wrangle it out of you.
3) Mailing address
4) Home address ("Suprise! You meant it when you said I could stop by ANYtime, right?")
5) Primary e-mail address (the one you check most often)
6) Phone number
7) Cell/work/other phone number
8) Birthday!
9) School
10) Place of work
11) Social Security Number
12) Nuroses
13) Sexual orientation(s) (ie, bi-, poly-, awesome-, a-, etc)
14) Diameter of head
15) Favourite flavour of: a) cake and b) instant pudding
16) Number of times you have seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
17) Boxers or briefs?
18) Favourite game(s)
19) Other...interesting stuff that I may have forgotten

That should be enough. *laughs her evil laugh* And yeah, if you need/want any or all of that information out of me, e-mail me and I'll send you what I feel safe passing along.


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Life rules because:

A) Monday became senior "prank" day, as it was the last day of just classes (All the rest of this week is filled with sitting on my butt being bored watching idiots play with condom-balloons wishing death upon my asinine classmates graduation rehersals.) Senior prank was origninally going to be a giant conga line through the school, but it sorta turned into just a giant mass of running and yelling and enjoying ourselves.

It rocked. A hundred people, wearing leis, screaming "07" was HIGHLY fun to do. And since there was so many of us, there was just no rational way that they could figure out who to punish, or carry out punishments for all of us, meaning we got off with nothing more then a delicate slap on the wrist.

Plus, I got to spend the rest of Monday (After the disrupting all the underclassmens classes :D) playing on a computer in Mr. Heurich's room. Which was nice.

B) Monday night was the wonderful Slashy McSlasherson III [ profile] madamluna's birfday! I wound up hanging out with her, and a while heap of elljayless but awesome guyfriends, and eating sinfully good food at PFChangs. And stories about sea turtles. XD


Yeah, I'm reasonably psyched. You know. Just a little pleased. :D!

D) To make up for the fact that I have to attend all the graduation rehersals and sit with Becky and pound our heads against walls at the fact that everyone around us is a fucking MORON, the school let us seniors out early. Yay! So I've been chilling out, watching Robot Chicken, and revelling in the fact that Nik is still in school for another half hour.

E) I'm sure I'll think of other excellent reasons why my life rules later. In the meantime, I have graduation announcements I ought to be working on.



Apr. 2nd, 2007 09:29 am
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So anywho, yesterday was MacaroniandTuna's birthday (Happy birfday, yay!) but less importantly, it was also APRIL FOOLS DAY!

((In an unrelated note, go check out yesterdays xkcd. Holdon.

I take it back. He took it down. E-mail me, and I'll send you a copy of the comic, though not the wonderful, wonderful accompanying text.))


Yesterday was April Fools Day. And I'm really pissed at myself for missing it, because I had this *totally* great idea for what to do --I was planning to spin a wonderfully foolish tale about [ profile] artemisfowl2nd coming to Maryland, and the two of us (With the help of the excellent [ profile] ksatyr) deridding capitilism through the use of gift cards at Starbucks and listening to Eris at Wal*Hell and Tarjay.

((Not to mention just generally weirding strangers out by shouting at them that we saved Roosevelt, or asking them if they had seen any spaceships lately.))

But I forgot. And it EXTRA sucks, because I had pictures and EVERYTHING! )

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Happiest of happy birthdays to my dear Ksatyr, and a MUCH happier day after then the actual birthday to my favourite Aren.

And on a similar note, happiest of birthdays tomorrow to my beloved wife Tyler, who will be EIGHTEEN!!!! Holy crap, my friends are legal. *grin*

Also, in my dreams last night, I had my towel. I'm so proud of myself.

Adventures in IRC, Doctor Who squeals, and my preliminary 101 in 1001 list to come later.



Jan. 9th, 2007 03:43 pm
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*gasps* Oh, it is a birthday today! Happiest of birthdays to one of my favorite flirts, the lovely Princess Anastacia/[ profile] sheerchaos!!!

Yay!!! Happiest of birthdays, love!

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Everyone reading this is *requiered* to go over to [ profile] werewulf's journal RIGHT NOW and wish her a really spectacular birthday. Because she's my mom, and she kicks ass.

On life:

Amusement parked on Wednesday. WHOOTNESS!! I got to ride superman, twice, from the FRONT FREAKING SEAT! Ohmypwns, it was AWESOME. Also rode some other coasters from other places, and a bunch of the water rides. Yayfor Six Flags!

Got home from all of that and fell almost imediately asleep, by which I mean, I slacked around online a bit and chatted to Tho and was asleep by eleven or so, which is *really* early for what I've been managing.

I got to talk to the infamous Amanda (My clone's best friend, different from MamaAJ or my birthday-buddy) a couple nights ago, which was cool. We discussed college, weddings, and living in the valley. on Earth can I be a respectable Bawston girl who says 'like' and 'totally'?

Yesterday was Josh coming over for the last time in forever to hang with me and mom. We watched some Tribe, and mostly just kicked back and hung out. Season 4 apparently comes out in ten days or so --by which point Josh will be gone, and will have to wait until December to watch any -BWAHAHA! Not that I'm at all seriously into The Tribe anymore, but the costumes are *so* damn awesome, and Josh is *so* into it, so it's fun to taunt him. And Jack is still abysmally beautiful. (If you don't watch random teen soap operas from New Zealand, just don't bother with the last paragraph)

Today I made monies by babysitting Katie and Erin all morning -yay! I also got to play dress-up for the first time in ages. This is why I need my younger sister back -I've got no one to play with anymore! Also, I am thinking I may need to spirit away one of the dress-up dresses in order to use it for either sociological expiriments or prom. It's *very* princessy, and actually fits me reasonably well.

Then malling, which was about usual, and home again home again, hi! So yeah, that's life.


Bunny being political? Has reality frozen over? How mys-TEER-ious. *waggles fingers*

In other news, I'm almost caught up with reading through all of Boy Meets Boy. Yayforthat then -it's sweet, and I like it quite a bit. 'm glad Friendly Hostility exists, to carry on the good tradition of awesomness.

And I think that's all. Tanow!

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Lessons of the Day:

1) If I am falling asleep all over the couch, I really should just give up and go upstairs, and save myself from having mom to wake me up.

2) The EFNY Main Theme is the best song for waking people up *ever* Though some of that might be that I've been THOURGHOLY trained to respond to it.

3) Ednoria gets roughly eight TRILLION cool points because she FOUND MY HAT!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!! Which means that I can actually fufill (Kat's, at least) some of the obligations from the digital camera meme I posted months ago! Ok, technically this is a thing of last night, but shh.

4) Superdickery is better then chocolate for cheering me up. I am a shame to my entire gender for that, I'm sure.

5) [ profile] shadowcaptain gains cool points both because he is the rocks at puzzles from hell *and* because he gave me scritchies last...ish night.

6) Mom has the best parties ever.

7) Jay and Silent Bob make me smile. Also, Clerks is Napoleon Dynamite in black and white with the word "fuck"

8) I can spell schedule. Whoot!

9) Life is reasonably happy right now. Catharsis is nice. Actually, Catharsis is a comic. A comic with PIRATECHESS in it. I should go read that properly someday. Boy Meets Boy first, methinks. I have no life.

That is all, as I must go sleep now! *swoops off dramatically*



Apr. 28th, 2006 12:40 pm
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Michelle has a birthday today! Yay!!

Other stuff:

Z'omygods, TMBG. Still too bouncy to write a write-up.

Rivendell: GYAH! I am FOUR TENTHS of a mile from the first shield (25 miles) I am SO DAMN CLOSE!!! *grumbles*

Origami: I have learned how to make origami lilies, and they are BEAUTIFUL! (I made on for Blue for prom out of the scented paper) I loves them.

Secret project is going very very slowly. I'm running behind, probably.

Hesiman: Apparently the opening night miracle did, in fact, occur, and it went loverly. Except Becky's spot which, like all the lights in the freaking theatre, suck.

TMBG: Z'ohmygods, lustwantneedamazing.

Rocky Horror: I'm going again on Saturday-next (the sixth) It will be rocksome!!

Kat, send me info on this Rocky Horrarr Pirate Show thing. I need anything you can get. MUAHAHA!

School: I'm not really doing my AdComp work. *sigh* I'll go get there now. See ya cats and kittens later!!



sorcyress: Drawing of me as a pirate, standing in front of the Boston Citgo sign (Default)
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