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AWRIGHT ALREADY! You hear there may be cold and gloomy weather coming back again? Well step right up, and get yerself cozy for something that'll warm the cockles of your...heart. I speak, of course, of the grand and glorious Less Than 31 Word Porn Entries, 2014!

(Yes, it's like two weeks later than they should be. Shut up!)

So. Beneath the cut, this entry contains porn of a hardcore and softcore nature. Read at your own risk! )

Number of Porns: 32 (was 26 until I realized there were 4 more on Dreamwidth and two more from last year. Yay!). Y'all are gradually falling down on the job, and I don't know how to fix it. I guess Tumblr isn't too ill-suited --you could all anon-submit to me pretty easily over there. But damnit livejournal. Stop dying.
New Languages: Igpay Atinlay, Toki Pona, Esperanto, and yes, Dogespeak.
New Fandoms: James Bond!
New Poetry: Nothing new, but another quatrain and another haiku.
Still awesome: Still awesome.

One thing I've never talked about is how I randomize them. I always do, as one more layer of protection --I toss them all in a (roughly chronological) file, and then sit there with a d20 and hop my way through the list. Sometimes I do a little bit of work to randomize the starting point, and I will occasionally bend bits and pieces so certain ones are in a proper order, but overall, it's just a very soothing process.

As always, please leave comments telling the authors that they rock and they've written things
that made you smile, horny, pleased.

And thank you all for participating. Reading, writing, sharing, anything.

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So, uh.

I have failed in my duties. Horribly. This is unfortunately, a thing I am used to saying of myself. But this year, it was impressive just how far past the deadline I have ambled.

I am talking, of course, about pornography. The Less Than 31 Words Porn Contest to be exact, which is a contest meant to run throughout the month of February. We're almost halfway through March. My only possible excuse is "I was away for a while", which frankly doesn't hold an ounce of water, since I had plenty of time and internet in California.


I do get around to a great many things given a long enough time frame. This year, that time frame happened to involve fourteen days that it shouldn't have, but whatever. Mistakes were made. Let's get over them, and onto the important part of this post:

Ahem. This post contains written pornography of a hardcore and softcore nature. Read at your own risk. )

Vital Stats:

Number of Porns: 45, plus 2 over, plus 1 I didn't post because it wasn't written by the person submitting it (and I don't want to use other people's words without their awareness.), plus 1 bonus I wrote while making this post.
New languages: ASL. I GOT A PORN IN ASL! My friends are FECKING AWESOME!
New fandoms: Surprisingly none! Fanfic free year, weeeeird.
New forms of poetry: More limericks! More quatrains! I LOVE YOU ALL!
Is this project still awesome: You tell me, but my opinion is oh gods yes.

If you like them, please comment and say --I know authors love hearing that their work is appreciated! And next year, I'm gonna try and promote the hell out of this thing, because the alternative is to just accept the sad confirmation that livejournal is dying and I refuse to let that happen to my favourite social media.

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So, I was cruising around on Bandcamp earlier, looking to see if they offer gift certificates. (I will probably e-mail them and ask.)

Bandcamp is a music site, allowing artists to put up their music, have people listen to, and download or buy it. It seems like a functional site, and I smile when I run into it, since it's run by people who know what they're doing, both in terms of music presentation (you can download music in ALL the formats, basically), and computer functionality.

(How do I know about it? Because Andrew Hussie uses it to sell the Homestuck albums, all of which are pretty awesome. Again, something about my wanting gift certificates so I can pick and choose and not wind up with doubles.)

At any rate, I am hanging out on Bandcamp and reading their FAQ page. I get to this one:

How do I make the shared player autostart?
Welcome home! We trust your 8 year expedition to the heart of the Amazon was a great success. SO much has happened since you left. The first Delawarean was elected Vice President of the United States, the Chronicles of Riddick defied box office expectations, and tabbed browsers became commonplace. As a result, many web enthusiasts now open tabs as they surf. Autostarting media players don't play well with this behavior, since they put you in a position of wondering whoah, where is that sound coming from and then force you to play find-the-tab-making-your-eardrums-bleed. AUTOSTART IS EVIL is a fairly common refrain nowadays, and who are we to disagree?

That answer alone makes them my new favourite website on the internet.

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There is a Marilyn Monroe quote that I found some months back. I didn't think much of it at the time, but it's been rattling around in my head ever since, resonating and finding bits of me to latch onto. It may currently be one of the most important pieces of relationship advice I have in my personal arsenal.

“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.”

It just rings so spectacularly true for me. I am, if we're being perfectly honest here, a bit of a mess mentally. I'm s-l-o-w-l-y getting better at it. But it's agonizing to me sometimes how much time it takes to iron out all the negative wrinkles from a practised brain, how difficult it is to turn wounds into scars into solid self again. I am, unequivocally, not there yet, not with any of the various fractures and fuck-ups my brain tries to do to me. If you're going to make a serious commitment to me --be it lover, friend, moirail1, or something else entirely-- you're going to have to deal with the fact that sometimes I will stop working in any sane or functional way, and it would be nice of you to help me fix that.2

But you know what?

I'm so worth it.

I am intelligent enough to hold my own in nearly any conversation. I am reasonably quick-witted and *always* eloquent --I think very hard about my words before I say them, and tend to use them precisely. I am hyper consent-oriented, and enough of an activist to accept and defend pretty much anyone until they prove themselves asinine. I have the need to create like most people need breathing, and I don't typically care the delivery method as long as I'm making SOMEthing. I'm fiercely loyal to my friends and lovers, and will defend other people far more intensely than I'd ever defend myself. I'm impatient enough to be an excellent leader in a group ("we're doing this now!") and charismatic enough to keep people from resenting that. And I am _awesome_ in bed, and if you don't believe me, I'll get some letters of reference and they will be the most fawning things you ever did read3

If you can't handle me at my worst, if you won't handle me at my worst, aren't willing to put up with the gender dysphoria and the rape triggers and the daddy issues and the imperfection stress and the fear of commitment and the strong and sour fear of people leaving me...if you just aren't interested in interacting with me when I'm not in the right frame of mind, and everything seems broken or lost or numb...

...then you will never get to see me shine.


1: Uh. It's a term from Homestuck. The translation I operate under is sortof a "super close friendship where one member of the pairing is responsible for/good at calming the other member down when they get worked up and are going into angrysmashrar mode." I have a two-way moirailship with Ria, because both of us are good at negating the other's ANGRYSMASHRARness. Also, because Ria is the bestest person of all persons, pretty much all of the time. 'Rails before pails forever1a.

1a: No, I'm not going to talk about pails or buckets in this public journal. What sort of uncouth troll do you take me for?1b

1b: Look, if you want to keep up with all the things I reference, you are just going to have to read more webcomics. start here. It is 4000+ pages long and ridiculously complicated, enjoy!

2: I, of course, do not expect you to fix that. Nor will I likely ask you to help me fix that (especially not explicitly) unless I am _way_ way way way more fractured than normal, and in very particular ways. If I'm panic attacking, for instance, I almost never tell people, and certainly not directly.

3: Except that I date smartalecky folk, who'd likely take this as a "let's take her ego down a notch" challenge. In all seriousness, I have no idea how I rate on the general sexings scale, but I'm enthusiastic, creative and clever, have a fair bit of practise and am very focused on Making People Happy. This seems to work well for me.

As an aside, a long time ago, someone told me "I really don't understand what your host of boyfriends see in you". I replied, truthfully, that I didn't either.

I still don't know what people see in me. But you know what? Every once in a while, I recognize that I am a potent individual, with all the power that implies. I can tell what my boys see in me --it's the same things I see in myself when I'm having a good day. And trust me, I have enough of the good days to know, deep down in the part of yourself that makes or breaks your self-image, that I am a wicked pissah individual, the likes of which most people just can't keep up with.

What do my boyfriends see in me? They see me. And that's absolutely enough.
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The first bit of background information you may need is the fact that I really like Doctor Who. This is unsurprising --I am a geeky twenty-something with a thing for British accents and escapist fiction. Doctor Who is right up my alley.

The second bit of background information you need is that, my senior year of high school, I was going to Rocky Horror every other month or so with [ profile] shadowcaptain and [ profile] disc_sophist. At one of these, the latter of those two had a small plastic replica of the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. It glowed blue, and made noise, and I coveted.

The third bit of background information you need is the fact that I moved to Boston a few months later, and found that Newbury Comics sold such toys, for a very reasonable amount of money. Fuck coveting, I went ahead and bought myself the shiny! I posted a gleeful picture showing it off, and was met with...with innuendo!

You people have dirty minds. My new little toy? Was not to go anywhere near my tender nether regions, really now.

The fourth bit of background information you need is the fact that having lived in my backpack or on my person for most of three years now, that toy has broken, conveniently timed with the tenth doctor going out of vogue and a new doctor appearing, with a new design for his Sonic Screwdriver. I have been saying for a few months now that I really must get my hands on one sometime.

With all that in mind?

This? )

Thank you for your time.

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Okay. We're gonna start this entry by pointing out that I am smart. Not necessarily in the traditional genius knowing a lot of things about a lot of highly complicated nuclear science etc things, but in the heaps of common sense and a pretty good ability at figuring out how things work, and understanding explanations, or at least knowing what I need further explanation on way. More Feynman, less Einstein is my general goal1.

Being a smart kid, I tend to be interested in reading things that are also smart. I'm not saying I want to go pick up a half-dozen Highly Academic texts and plow through them, but when it comes to things like my fiction, the more I find myself saying "c'mon, *really?!*" to the characters, the less inclined I am to enjoy it. The whole horror movie "don't go in there alone, you moron!" thing? Yeah, that. I find characters with no common sense to be frustrating and uninteresting --in general, the more clever a character is, the more likely I am to enjoy watching them interact with their world.

Every once in a while, I find a character who has more common sense than I do. Not just pragmatism or enough common sense that I never go "don't do that, you moron!", but a character who I honestly feel would, if reading my story, have a fair number of moments in which he or she said "don't do that, you moron!" to me, --not just stupid moments, but things which I thought made perfect sense at the time.

Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres. Is one such character.

And he's still flawed as hell. There are multiple other characters in his universe who are just as or differently intelligent as he is, and they are saying all the "don't do that, you moron" things that I don't even comprehend because I just don't even realize that they're a "don't do that, you moron" thing in the first place!

Flawed characters are interesting. We want them to get better, to learn more, to become more intelligent, clever, closer to perfect without ever actually reaching it, because perfection is boring. And so, a flawed (therefore, interesting) character who is flawed in ways that don't make me want to grab them by the shoulders and shake them?

If HJPEV was a real person, it is extremely possible that I would be a little bit in love, and more than a little bit intimidated by that fact. Hell, just looking at the way I interact with the people in my life who *are* decidedly smarter, and I know that I would have just about the hugest crush possible you can have on an individual without ever speaking to them (because I wouldn't know what to say!)3

For those of you raising an eyebrow and going "Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres??", ah. You must not follow me on twitter. You haven't had to put up with me for the last six weeks, throwing in quotes and lines and just *buckets* of squee about what really is, the single greatest fanfiction I've ever read.

It is called "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality". The author's description on is "Petunia married a scientist. Now rationalist!Harry enters the wizarding world armed with Enlightenment ideals and the experimental spirit... "

It was first brought to my attention by [ profile] ncarraway when he twote the line "What part of 'get fitted for robes' sounded to you like 'please cast a Confundus Charm on the entire universe'!?" with a link, and I was intrigued. My first quote was from the fifth chapter, I wound up practically *devouring* all seven that were then up. By the end of the seventh chapter, I had decided that this was a hilarious way to look at the wizarding world, and was enjoying all the intelligent ideas floating around.

It was probably somewhere around the tenth chapter where I realized that the intelligent ideas were a part of it, but more importantly, I cared about the characters and wanted desperately to know what they did next.

The story is currently up to chapter 20, and while the intelligent ideas are still intelligent, and the characters are brilliant and wonderful, I now want desperately to know what the *plot* is going to do next. Especially after reading the spoiler-tastic author's notes for chapter 20, because the provide insight to a Voldemort who has actually read the evil-overlord list and is clever enough to understand it.


So, let me just point out that I cannot recommend this fanfic highly enough. I love it enough that I actually went and reopened my account on, just so I could get e-mails whenever a new chapter was up --and believe me, my heart has soared every time one has. Foster and I just spent a highly enjoyable 20 minutes discussing the plot and ideas. I linked it to JoshZed, who has linked it to people, and at one point came to me with the ethical conundrum of "this has changed my thinking and the thinking of friends, is it wrong to link it to someone with the underlying plan of trying to change *their* thinking?"4. I gave it to @AlBri (SCD-Alex) one night, and he came to me the following Monday at dance to squee about how brilliant it was, and how he kept wanting to read more, rather than sleep.

This fanfic? Is really really good. I've been recommending it all over the place, to people in real life and on Twitter. Now it really is time I link it to all of you.

So go read. It really is worth the time.


1: Not that I'm ANYWHERE close to either, of course, but what I know of Feynman, means that I pretty much want to do his taxes free of charge2, and yes, I don't *care* that he's dead now and doesn't have taxes to do.

2: Warning, feminism.

3: See also Sean the suitpunk boy who was in my math class and who rendered me utterly tongue-tied, because not only was he a form of gorgeous I really like (suitpunk: rumpled hair, multiple piercings, t-shirt, vest and jacket, also, skinny as a rail) but because he was not only smarter than I am at multivar calc, he managed to nerd-snipe our teacher for a class period, which was hotter than hell.

If he's somehow reading this, hello, want to go get coffee sometime? I promise I will try not to babble at you too much!

4: It was a little more complicated than that, but without permission, I don't think I feel comfortable going into details.

COMMENT POLICY: No spoilers, please. Feel free to link squee-worthy lines of dialog (that was almost what this post was, just dozens of those) but don't disclose plot elements in here right now. Catch me on IM instead.

ETA: Jesus *Christ* that got long fast. Sorry guys. But the fanfic is JUST THAT GOOD!

ETA2 (11:11, 2010 05 10): I forgot to point out (and I feel like a dick for doing so) that there absolutely needs to be a trigger warning for chapter seven of the fanfic --a bad guy talking casually about rape specifically.


Oct. 13th, 2009 01:37 pm
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So, there's this really damn interesting person known as [ profile] rm who posts a lot about things I'm interested in, like sexuality and gender. Especially gender. Lots and lots of very awesome gender things.

One of the things I have gathered from reading all this is that, occasionally, he sees fit to dress himself up as Ianto, from Torchwood. Not as a cosplay, specifically, somuch as a "it's time for work, and today I would like to look nice and smooth and stylish like Ianto". I mean, as far as I can tell, of course --I don't know his exact motives in the action, merely that it is something he does sometimes, and completely rocks.

Rach may have Ianto days. I apparently have Middleman days. At some point, my brain ticked over into "goddamnit, Sorcy is a bit of an irresponsible twit, but MM is about the most steadfast and responsible person ever. Let's be him today, instead, and get stuff done!"

And so, after lunch when I came back to the room...

...I redressed myself accordingly.

It's a fantastic outfit. The whole thing is designed to feel solid, accomplished, good about myself. Those are grade A boots of butt kicking there, the cargo pants are designed for girls, with actual pockets, the belt is in the least known of "my colours", the button down shirt and tie are just professional, and the jacket is made pretty much entirely of win, some more win, a little bit of awesome, and even more win.1

Oh, but of course, I'm leaving out my favourite part.

Hey, at least if I'm a tremendous dork, it's for one of the better organizations out there. (It's worth noting that I'm also wearing boy scout socks...also that sometime I should write an essay detailing my thoughts and feelings on GSUSA and BSA)


1: Okay, and a tad "needs buttons" but whatever. I can fix that.
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What should Nik (geetar), Aly (vocals), and I (drums) name our band?

BECAUSE WE HAVE ROCKBAND WOOOOOO!!! \mm/ (< - too much rock for one hand)

In other news, word of the day is "rockblock". It is the rocking out equivilant of 'cockblock'



(Have I mentioned that my dad is awesome? My dad is awesome.)

ETA: The three of us decided that our band will be 'Epic Suburbia'. I would still like to know your favourite fictional band names, or what you will call your band.

My next band will be called "Raptors! In the Ballroom" Yes, I swiped the styling from panic! at the disco. But it's better, because it has *raptors*. And *ballrooms*.
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Right at about the point where my mind uttered the sentance "Tears make lovely hand lotion" (Which I swear was followed with "...I cannot believe you just said that.") my brain kinda snapped back at me.

You know that noise in Geetar Hero, the final chord before the main menu comes down? That is *exactly* the noise my brain made. It made that noise, and shoved me bodily out of the forest of emo onto a stage and said "SPONTANEOUS METAL INTERLUDE" really *really* loudly. REALLY loudly.

And my brain demanded that I draw. So I shrugged, and pulled out my pen, and drew a picture of myself on a stage rocking the geetar.

And then I drew my dinosaur and KateMonster (Also known as \m/etal-Kate) in the audience, throwing up the horns.

And they looked lonely, so I drew pip-pip and what was meant to be Randall Munroe, but turned into black-hat-guy from xkcd.

By the end of sociology class, I was rocking out, with Gabe and Alis as my band (Gabe on keyboard and Alis on drums) and an audience of 22 assorted people in my audience, all but four who are comic-charecters, the oldest of which range back to fifth grade. And did I mention that the entire picture is in stick-figure form?

Soyeah. It is the greatest thing I have ever drawn in my life, second only to when I redraw it on a bigger piece of paper, so I can include more important people in it like Ksatyr and mom and Aly and Veronica. And more of my OC's.

You will get far more backstory and babbling then you ever needed when I scan and post it. Oh, and it WILL get posted. This is "the most rightous thing I have ever drawn in my life \m/".

*salutes* Ta!

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Hokay, awesome things:

Walking for three hours
Walking for three hours in a long convulted path that takes you past all the cool peoples houses.

Seriously. I have had a Good Day. For some reason I'm not quite sure of (I can't find any of my friends and don't feel like slacking online?) I decided to go for a walk. Which, after the first hour or so, can probably be considered a Walk.

I started out at home. From there, I wandered towards Magus's house, waved as I walked past, passed by a truly fabulous lavender house, wandered back towards home in a very "not quite the right way" manner, (Apparently the Sacremento Av in Somerville does not actually connect to the Sacremento Av in Cambridge.) and finally found myself in an "under the train tracks" tunnel where there was a mural of underground things. Including FRAGGLES! Greatest. Mural. Ever.

From there, I found myself at a pie shop. No, seriously, There was not a barber shop nearby, so I felt perfectly safe wandering inside. Unfortuantely, they didn't have a buisness card to add to my collection. But I know where it is so I can go back and visit sometime when I have monies.

Sidenote; GOD I LOVE THIS CITY! Seriously. How many of you live in a city with an honest to god PIE SHOP? Although, technically the pie shop is Somerville, so it's *technically* not my city, but shh. The pie shop is closer to me then Porter Exchange, it counts.

Lessee...after pie shop, I saw a street name that seemed familier and slipped through and wound up on the street that goes behind my school. So I walked back towards the school, waved at Dominik's house as I passed, and, instead of doing the intelligent thing and go back to my room, I kept walking.

I walked allllllll the way up to the Bawston Dave and Diane's house, which is an awesome walk besides the last 100 feet or so, which is all very much uphill. Since no one was home, I waved, and had a moment of decision. I could go home OR I could climb 94 steps and be at the castle that lives practically next door to D&D.

As you can guess from the fact that I knew how many steps it took, I visited the castle. OHMAN, CASTLE! (Okay, so technically it's more of a tower I suppose, but don't knock it.) The castle is at the top of a hill, and I could see way far out over Boston. If it had been a clear day, it would have been even better --NTS: I need to come back out there when all the leaves have gone off the trees to see if I can spot my house and/or Porter Exchange.

Castle, to home, in a circular manner. I passed by the street to home, waved to Dominik's house again (because it was on the way) wandered past Lauren and Emily's house to see if they weren't home, waved (since they weren't), walked up to Mass Av, walked back down the correct street, waved to Madelines house, and walked up five flights of stairs.

It was an AWESOME day. Mile estimate is about five, cool things estimate is about a billion. OH! And I found the shop where I am buying Harena's christmas present. :D


Lyrics of the day:

Because I can
'Cause no one can stop me
'Cause it makes up for things I've lost
Because I'm Addicted to Bad Ideas
And all the beauty in the world

(World/Inferno Friendship Society, Addicted to Bad Ideas. Win!)

Alsoalso, in a fit of True Awesome, somebody clever on the city planning committee made all of the Cambridge street signs green and all the Somerville street signs blue. This makes it just that much easier to get unlost, which is nice.

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Firstfirstfirst, [ profile] slaversbane and [ profile] jestingly_yours have COMBINED FORCES to create the single greatest comment thread ever. Seriously you two, I kept giggling every time I saw one of you had added another line to it.

Secondly, Kate (Who I have unofficially dubbed Kate Monster, but not actually told her yet) is letting me borrow Maus I&II. Eeee! Plus, we were hanging out at the poster sale that's going on on the quad, and looking at movie posters and stuff and SHE'S HEARD OF SPACED! (She was SO jealous of you, mom, when I told her your Simon Pegg story) She's actually seen more Spaced then I have, but she hasn't heard of Black Books, so I don't have to feel COMPLETELY inadequete.

Thirdly, Dave is amazing because he and Diane took me out to dinner (Hot dogs!), let me do my laundry at their place (instead of having to pay 2.50 a load over here. :P) and helped me to get all of my music onto Seren. So I HAS MUSICS! I can now do things like make playlists with BOTH Assassins albums and stuff.

Fourthly, Keira is awesome because we've actually figured out a way to chat, and she seems to have designated herself my bad influence. So yay!

Fifthly, Veronica is awesome because she has declared herself Squeaky. And she like, did it right and got Assassins out of the library and watched bits of it on YouTube and stuff. So all I have to do is teach her some of the fanon (Of course Czolgosz's handkerchief has posies on it! And you do know that Booth has a TARDIS, right?) and she will become one of ussss. *hisses evilly and smirks*

'course, that's really the sort of thing that belongs over on DeviantArt, as that's where the crazy Assassins fans lurk. Yeeeah. I kinda wandered back in and have been doing things again, and it's all very entertaining.

Sixthly...Well, I'm awesome. But you all knew that. And, by extention, my clone is awesome.

Seventhly, Ksatyr is awesome because he's picking me up from the airport when I come home on Friday.

OH! And eighthly, Dave is awesome, again, because he's letting me borrow the V for Vendetta comic, which I hadn't actually read. So yay!

Ninthly, Tho is awesome because he's willing to let me be all "Rannt!" and he goes all "Advice". So that's good stuff.

Tenthly, Aly is awesome because she JUST TOTALLY IS, OHMAN! Also, Aly? I have secret messages to give you to pass to...


*the Sorcy has gotten an idea. A horrible, terrible idea. *grinchgrin!*

Annnnnnnnd I'm out. [/mini-egoboost]



Aug. 10th, 2007 04:05 am
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I saw Weird Al in concert! AND I got to drive to Delaware, and back again. AND I have movie evidence of WEIRD AL WEARING FISHNETS. AND I got to hear Albuquerque live. AND I now have an awesome looking signed shirt.

It was a successful evening. I sleep now.


(((AND I got to call my favourite EnZed boy and wish him a happy birthday.)))
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Soyeah. Between the fact that I was just at a convention, and the fact that I have just graduated, I have aquired a good deal of loot lately. This is an awesome thing.

So, because I'm that sort of person, I'm going to put all manner of pictures of said loot on the interwebs, as well as a list of loot that I have not yet recieved and DESPERATELY need. So yeah.

Loot from Balticon )

Loot from Graduation )

Loot I wants! )

Oh. And one last thing, which I am WAY too psyched about to put behind a cut:



*Got it right this time. Mum objects either way though.
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My mouth feels very very...strange. There is a reason for this. The scientific name for that reason is something like "I don't have braces anymore WOO!"

Pictures will come once I get them off mums camera.



Apr. 2nd, 2007 09:29 am
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So anywho, yesterday was MacaroniandTuna's birthday (Happy birfday, yay!) but less importantly, it was also APRIL FOOLS DAY!

((In an unrelated note, go check out yesterdays xkcd. Holdon.

I take it back. He took it down. E-mail me, and I'll send you a copy of the comic, though not the wonderful, wonderful accompanying text.))


Yesterday was April Fools Day. And I'm really pissed at myself for missing it, because I had this *totally* great idea for what to do --I was planning to spin a wonderfully foolish tale about [ profile] artemisfowl2nd coming to Maryland, and the two of us (With the help of the excellent [ profile] ksatyr) deridding capitilism through the use of gift cards at Starbucks and listening to Eris at Wal*Hell and Tarjay.

((Not to mention just generally weirding strangers out by shouting at them that we saved Roosevelt, or asking them if they had seen any spaceships lately.))

But I forgot. And it EXTRA sucks, because I had pictures and EVERYTHING! )

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30 January 2004:

Me: Poor RTC/PDJ/Ritz?AFII
Katters: *sniffle* It's okay.
Katters: Hehhe
Me: You have a lot of names
Katters: Those are all my other personalities. You can call me Kat. :)
Me: Is that your real name?!
Katters: Yes
Katters: WHy?
Me: Mine too
Me: Spelled with a K
Katters: Woa


Me: We're like, the same or something
Katters: .......Are you that clone that got lose a few years ago??
Me: Maybe
Me: I don't THINK I'm a clone, but You never know with these things
Katters: *humms I think I'm A Clone Now*

Three. Years.

Three, long, mixed up, lustful, loving, crazy, dramatic, insane, protective, hopeful, amazing, sweet, fantastic, wacky, weird, happy, funny, entertaining, depressing, melencholic, beautiful years ago, Kat and I declared ourselves clones. It took us a little bit to get to the state of dual-clones, but that's okay. We sorted it out.

And three years. Three years is an eternity in internet time.1 I mean, in the grand scheme of things, it's nothing, but you close your eyes and think back on it...and it's everything.

Life doesn't exist for me pre-Kat. I know it happened, I acknowladge that it happened, that it was, but having her around has just made it all seem so much more complete. She knows me better then very nearly anyone else, and I'd like to think I know her far too well.

So yeah. Wow. Three years. *raises her glass* Heres to three more, love, and three to the third to the third after that. At least that many. *grin*


1 Technically spoilerish, though not unless you're a total twot. Go read all of one over zero anyways, it's brilliant.
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If your name is Kyu, don't read this in case of spoilers. (Dunno, have you gotten your prezzie from Katters yet? Anyone else, go ahead! )

In short, Sor = Happy.


P.S: Kyu, I got your card. *grin*

P.P.S: This is what my other new hat looks like.
sorcyress: Drawing of me as a pirate, standing in front of the Boston Citgo sign (Default)

I'm still around.
Life is happening.
I am going to Germany in May.
I am going to London in June.
I just finished watching The Breakfast Club.

...I am SO the Basket Case. And I really do think we should watch it at the end of the year for AdComp.

Life is quiet. Although yesterday was awesome. We wound up with something like ten people playing blind tag at the park, and then me and Jeremy and FlipMatt beat each other with sticks. And there was running around and tree climbing and yay!

And after pretty much everyone else had started home, I was lying on the grass with my sword-stick across my chest. Jeremy comes over and steps on it, pushing it into me and lecturing about not being caught vulnerable. I respond by side-sweeping his leg with my arm, and rolling and coming up into a squatting position with the sword-stick in my hands. I have never felt more badass before in my life.

And Dear Veronica: You have given me an epiphany. And yes, I fully realize that it's better for me to know this. But DAMNIT! I *liked* life JUST the way it was.

Stupid epiphanys are never good.

H: You haven't been listening to enough showtunes lately, if you say that.
Why Hyde, I never took you for a Sweeny Todd fan.
*thinks about it*
Alright, yes I did. Nevermind.

Other other stuff:

I still need to post the Chibi-Hyde I drew, but more importantly then that, I need to post the really amazing realistic(ish) self portrait I drew. Because it impresses the HELL out of me.

I think I'm going to go dick around in my room now while listening to Rocky Horror. And yes Hyde, I know I haven't been listening to anything else for days now and it's driving you mad. But it's SO GOOD!

That is all.

P.S: Kat: I don't know *why* you chewed on it. It doesn't taste very good.


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