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Here are the things that I did today that are good for me!

(I am going to try and get these lists down to weekly eventually, but right now it feels useful to be writing them every day. Writing is how my brain stabilizes itself. WRITING LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS is how I keep my sanity going. Once I have a little more basic sanity stores, I will feel less compelled to document my accomplishments quite so minutely.)

*Checked out a GRE study book from the library. It's the 2014 edition, so a little out of date, but not astronomically so.

*From above, spent a straight hour reading and taking notes and taking part of the diagnostic test. (I took the first non-writing part, which was quantitative reasoning -see "math"- and I smashed it in1. 18/20 correct, one of the wrong ones was a dumb fucking mistake (I even double-checked, but not well enough), the other I STUBBORNLY MAINTAIN I GOT RIGHT but no apparently according to the GRE you can have a fraction with decimals in it _ugh_.

*Made a doctor's appointment for about three weeks from now, to talk about mental stuff and maybe changing meds or whatever.

*Put away all my laundry. I mean, I still have at least a full load to run (plus a sheets+towels load before Sparr visits) but at least there're no clean clothes lying around in my room just now, which is awesome.

*Did an emergency TMC meeting via phone conferencing where I contributed good thoughts and also chivvied people along so that we could be done in less than a half hour. YOU'RE WELCOME, DANCEFOLX.

*Scheduled a hangout-and-productivity date with friends I don't see often, for next Tuesday. Yay!

*Deposited five checks, asked for the check I forgot for last week's work, deposited that as well. (yyyyeah, that was like 2k I just put into my bank account GOOD JOB KIDDO no wait, no sarcasm in here, genuinely a good thing to do, thank you.)


1: So, I don't edit a lot, not journal entries. However, just before posting, I noticed this wording and like...smashed it in? I mean, I get what I was trying to say, but that's just weird damn wording.
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In regards to this post, please examine the image under this cut )

28,295 words this month? I do believe that means I need to go figure out how to make proper twirly garb skirts now...

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Clean all the things, damnit. Dear stuff I have to get done: Oh, it is *on*.

So, this post is my post to keep coming back to today, so that I have a list of things that I have actually accomplished. Whee!


*Took one of my few remaining emergency Concertas, figuring even placebo effects would help today
*Brushed my hair
*Braided my hair (albeit badly, it's hard to divide it right)
*Completed the first draft of my essay (stitching paragraphs together)
*Completed the second draft of my essay (cutting said paragraphs to fewer than 500 words)
*Sent copies to mom and Sparr for betaing
*Half-completed the third draft of my essay (based on Sparr's suggestions, still waiting for mom)
*Found my copy of "Sirens", which has been missing since I got to MD (I thought I left it in the car to Balticon, despite that not making sense)
*Eat breakfast1
*Script movie
*Finish getting my essay beta'd
*Final draft of essay
*Real final draft of essay (with dad's thoughts too)
*Wrote 750words!
*Beta script
*Rescript movie
*Beta application (via mom)
*Format application
*Print application
*Ate dinner
*Print essay
*Shoot movie
*Take headshot for MatM application
*Sound for movie
*Edit movie
*Burn DVD(s)
*Test DVD(s)


Ohgod. Is boring )


1: Or rather, am in the process. Also, these are the worst eggs I have made for myself in like...four years. I'm very disappointed. I blame the lack of cheese in the house, and probably not actually using enough Teriyaki sauce.

2: None of you are actually reading this. Know how I can tell? Because I don't have half a dozen comments (or even one!) telling me I forgot to close my italics tag. Colour me traumatized, except this is a hells boring entry.
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Because I think actually asking this to the person I have in mind might get me in trouble, do you or do you not approve of me calling you my cuddlebitch. And no, Eric, you don't get a choice. *evilgrin*


I am way too frigging pragmatic for my own good. "Meh, whatever" =/= proper response to...certain...situations. Fucking crypticness. Also, did I say this already? Goddamnit, this is why I originally only wrote in BehindtheWalls when I was off livejournal! I didn't have to worry about remembering what I had and hadn't posted. :P


Keira is apparently an older sister, bringing my total up to three. (Keira, WyoMell, and Zaphod Groupie) I'm not entierly sure what the criteria is, but it appears to be something along the lines of "female, awesomer then me, and older then me by no more then fiveish years.

I have a handful of older brothers too, but mostly the criteria there is "I can steal their clothes". There's some additional complications involving flirtation levels and rassling with them (reminds me, it's been forever since me and Josh have gone at it. Le sigh.)

(Take that as you will. I only say this because my mind is all sorts of hella dirty. :D)


I have the cutest origami paper ever. It is designed to look like a little bookshelf with books (with the paper being the pages of the books) The whole thing is decorated with little Japanese chibi animals. Eeeee, cute! Photos may very well show up later.


Origami is a suprisingly fast way to mellow me out. Primarily, I think it's the fact that, when folding cranes, I can't be doing much else, which means that if I'm alone and folding cranes, I'm not doing anything else but thinking. In addition, it's a repetitive, relaxing thing to do with my hands that *doesn't* involve playing with chains.

That, and there's something *damn* satisfying about turning a piece of paper into a mini sculpture. Especially since I'm still good at making incredibly tiny cranes.


Fuck later. You get hella cute pictures of my new origami paper thing NOW! )

In other news, have I mentioned lately that I love having a camera attached to my computer? No longer do I have to go dig up my camera and connect the cord and things if I want to show something neat off to someone! Simply hold up, clicky button, post to flickr, ???, PROFIT!

...Erm. Encyclopedia Dramatica ate my brain?


Dude, Another Fine Myth. Comic book. Is there any wrong?

(Besides the forty dollar price tag. WHY MUST MY HOBBIES BE EXPENSIVE?)



Eek, life!

Jul. 18th, 2007 12:43 pm
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So, anywho, I've been doing the FlyLady thing something fierce --the principle I use basically breaks down into doing twenty minutes of working on cleaning my room, and twenty minutes of screwing around.

...And then people IM me near the end of the screwing around time, and throw EVERYTHING OUT OF WACK! Oh well, I can always brush my hair or something that keeps me near Dmitri.

Anyanyways, I don't have a lot of time, but I need to update about stuff, including how awesome work was last night (Highly unusual --usually, work sucks balls.)

I'll get there. Maybe this is just a reminder post.

I also need to update with a dreamlog of my zombie dream. It was pretty geektastic.

...And ohyeah, Origins report. Kinda...forgot about that. Oops.

ARRRGR, too many things to do in every direction possible!

In the meantime, have a link: One over Zero. That's the first comic there --it's only one thousand comics, so that's not to bad a slog. And it's good reading.

Annnnnd I'm out. Ta!


I rule

Aug. 24th, 2004 09:01 pm
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There is something immensly satisfying about being the only kid in the family who's acomplished ANYTHING in the house today.

I unloaded the dishwasher, cleaned the upstairs bathroom, changed lightbulbs, cooked dinner, and worked on cleaning my room.

I rule.




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