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Wayyyyy back in October, I was trying to do a writing challenge where I wrote about 31 characters that I related to. I kinda lost the thread, but I have this list sitting around of potentials, and I wanna keep trucking through it. Of course, the person for today was never on my original list. So it's good of me to get around to it.

In 2010, Emma Stone was in a cute little teen movie called Easy A. I saw a preview, kinda hated that I wanted to see it, eventually wound up getting a copy for free from a friend cleaning out her DVD collection, and finally watched it probably sometime in 2012 or 2013. About six months ago, it struck me that I had it on the shelf and I had enjoyed it so I should watch it again, right?

Right. Absolutely one hundred percent right, because this film is fantastic. It's smart and funny and caring and Olive Pendergast is basically a thousand percent me in high school. Except, you know, the central plot of the movie.

But you know how every once in a while someone is all "there but for the grace of god go I"? Like, I don't think God had anything to do with it, but damn, had my life been just a little bit different...yeah. Yeahhhh. It's not that I necessarily wanted to be a big ol' slut or have The Reputation1, but the drive to make people happy? More importantly, the reluctant decision to sacrifice my own happiness and well-being for the benefit of others? Hoboy.

That moment in the guidance councilor's office, right after she gets slapped is so me it hurts. Like, this is clearly not what she wants to be saying or doing, but it will Make Someone Else's Life Easier. And if you're not doing that, then what's even the point of life, right?

If you ever observe me acting selfishly, please understand that it took years of work and deprogramming to get to that space. I still don't naturally do things for myself with anywhere near the ease as I do them for others. And yeah, it's never gone as badly as it does for Olive2 but it's not always a good thing. As the saying goes, don't set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm.

I'm glad she gets her John Hughes ending at the end of the movie. I'm glad she has parents who love her (and on a mostly unrelated note, I fucking love how accurately this movie presents being a smart slightly weird kid with weird parents). I'm glad she survives her ordeal with an incontrovertible sense of humour.

And I hope in the future, she can hold onto herSelf enough to think twice before giving it up to someone else.


1: Fun fact! In high school, especially tenth grade, I was functionally asexual! Like, straight up sex-repulsed super ace. I wish I had had the term then, because I didn't (not really) and it might've made it easier to cope with the fact that I wasn't into any of this.

2: I mean...trigger warning it didn't go as badly for me, I *just* wound up in an abusive relationship for the better part of a year that I still haven't fully recovered from. But that's neither here nor there.

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So, I haven't seen this movie.

BUT: it came up at work the other day and some younger types introduced me to it, so I've heard of it and it's on the "to watch" list, and now I have another reason to do so.

Also, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay character meme thingy!


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