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I'm down to fewer than 600 unread emails! That hasn't happened in basically forever!! Yayyyyy!!!!!!

Things I accomplished today as well as that (look, I've now gone through all the emails from 2017, okay, I feel pretty great about that part):

*Got called by the caterers, called them back, and will be sent a proposal so that THINGS ARE MOVING FORWARDS and oh gods, I just, this has been stressing me out so much thank christ.

(Now I can be stressed out about EVERYTHING ELSE to do with running the Ball, but this post is not the place for it)

*Made a Facebook event page for the Highland Ball to begin advertising that-a-way. Invited a bunch of people to come to the ball.

*Went to the post office in order to send some postcards (from my party like two weeks ago, eep) and also a package of delicious coffee to an internet stranger in the hopes that he sends me stickers. No I am not five YOU'RE FIVE.

*Went to the bank and got quarters. Yay quarters! Now I can do more laundry, and also pay my roommate back for her quarters that I ruthfully borrowed yesterday. Okay, technically I already did pay her back. And I don't have too much terrible laundry left to do, being as I did a bunch yesterday.

*Unrelated: Ohmygod, s00j's song of the month is an acoustic of Goddess and just Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn THIS SONG OKAY?! Like, it doesn't make me burst into messy tears all over the place1, instead, it's just...this is me. I am a person who falls in love casually and constantly with all the beautiful women I see throughout the world. I am mostly able to not act like an idiot about it.

*Ate a real dinner. Okay, I mean, ramen with egg and veggies, but damnit, that's like cooking. Weirdly, I am fully capable of taking care of myself food-wise without knowing much about cooking.3

*Also like I worked and stuff. I drew a catdog for Rbeast, which was pretty cute. I really need to find a place to store art that isn't dA. Or Flickr, which I have grown disillusioned with. I wish the internet would stop changing shittily, or that I wasn't so curmudgeonly as to view all changes as bad. Not sure which.

That's me! It was a pretty good day.


1: Yet.2

2: Look, the first song at my first NYFF was "Mushroom Song" and I sobbed like a fucking idiot-baby-child.

3: ...I'm not going to include the original text of this footnote, because holy unresolved issues, batman. You wanna know the nice thing about people being out of your life? You can get angry at the memory, and then done with it. ((Not a kSatyr reference, for once))
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