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Accomplishments of the recent:

*On Saturday, I went on a very long walk with my roommate Liz. It was a good bonding experience, and also a very nice time. The nominal goal was for me to buy a planner, and maybe also a watch1, and also we wanted to stop by some CVSs for potential half-price valentines candy. All of these goals were accomplished! Shockingly, the two of us bought almost nothing else, despite stopping at Black Ink, Joie de Vivre, Paper Source, and Bob Slate Stationary, all of which are places I could easily spend two hundred dollars.

We also did some serious pokemanning. And walked approximately 19k steps --I worked out our path on google maps afterwards, and found it to be 5.8 miles. Woooooo!

*On Sunday I, uh...I think I zero-day'd2 actually. Damn.

*But today! Today was better! Well, today had a kinda iffy part in the middle, but on the whole it was better and it certainly wasn't a zero day. Things I did today include:

**Going grocery shopping
**Cleaning my room a bit, including my bedside table
**Sending one Very Important email
**Taking the necessary measurements to finally work on making the shelves I want in my room

So I'm feeling better-than-yesterday. I also went out to dance, where I actually danced five dances. This is out of eight, which is significantly better than the like...three I usually do. I genuinely like Scottish Dance, I've just been a poop lately.

Also, I had a super-massive social success in that I got an invitation to "come see our little indoor winter garden and have some tea, maybe a meal" from Henriette, one of my favourite dance ladies! This is a woman who decided to *start* SCD in her _mid-eighties_ because she is clearly insane and also super brave and awesome and wonderful.

(She started because she met Ian, who is one of my favourite dance gents, at our booth at the Watertown faire and they fell immediately in love and got married like six months later and now it's been a year and they waltz while looking deep into each other's eyes and THEY ARE SO CUTE AND GREAT!!! So, uh, in case you were worrying for yourself or your future, it is totally possible to find true love everlasting when you're 80+ and everyone around you will think you're epic-awesome for it.)

So that's me. I still have ten thousand billion things to do with everything, but I'm trying. I was filling in my friend Linda (who is the most diplomatic and wonderful lady at all of dance and gods I want to have footwork as good as hers when I'm 40, let alone 60+) in some of the mental health stuff I've been undergoing, and got the chance to remember for myself that I am a Terminal Optimist, and that hasn't changed even though my brain is useless.

Oh! Speaking of mental health stuff and other accomplishments:

*I went to see my GP about mental health stuff. It went pretty well --she is down with the idea of potentially prescribing me other stuff if I need it in the future, and while the Harvard Vanguard behavioral health department is booked until September (!!!!), she gave me a couple good places to start looking.

*Also I remembered to get my STI screening, since it's been a while, oops. (I tried to get it last December, but that was in the middle of having no insurance). The blood draw was super quick, but dang, I've had way more bruising than usual.

So I'm still here. And I'm still awesome, even when it's hard to be.

If you're free Friday, you should come over to my house at 8:00pm and sing the entirety of They Might Be Giants' "Flood". You'll get to hang out with my mom!


1: My tentative budget for a watch was no more than $40. I have no pressing need for a watch right now, I've just wanted one for a while, and am a hero of time. Joie had fancy-funny adult ones for $45, none of which exactly struck my fancy, and then they had "for children and small adults" for $15, which is why I now have a BRIGHT ORANGE watch that is covered with lizards. There is even a tiny lizard inside the watch who counts the seconds for me. Her name is Dionne Strider.

2: Zero Days, as in "no more". It's a thing that Brenton told me about, from like...the Reddit bodybuilder dudes, I think. The concept is that every day you do at least *one* thing towards your goals. Even really small one thing. I have enough things to do that this is a really good plan to build towards.
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