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Accomplishments of the time period (like a week? I think it’s been a week).

SO YOU’LL NOTICE I STOPPED MAKING POSTS. Well, Sparr noticed at least, and gave me a request for a status update which is INCREDIBLY USEFUL and not the slightest bit naggy. (Or, like, it if is naggy, it’s exactly the sort I need right now, because damn I’m useless at shit.)

I had several super weird days in a row, due to sister being in town and being in Albany for work. Plus I now appear to have a cold, which is shitty and I don’t like it. So basically I have not accomplished anything in the last week, which is why I haven’t made posts. Let’s see if I can pretend there are at least a few asterisks to make?

*I successfully wrangled the heck out of a two year old on a train and in a completely different state. I got compliments passed onto me via A, about how good a job I was doing with the Rbeast. Yay! I like my job. ((I do not want this job forever —I am not naturally disposed1 to nannying a small child— but I’m glad it’s currently working for me))

*I took a shower last night. Look, we’re just not going to talk about the number of showers I’ve had lately, other than it’s way lower than it should be. I’m trying _really fucking hard_ to fix this one, because stinky is bad.

*Rbeast and I went to the rally on Wednesday! I also went to the state house, where I met my state representative, and badgered the staff of my senator! I am absolutely going to be going to as many marches and rallies as I can manage to wrangle the two year old to.

*Spent lots of positive time with Alys, including a trip to the Garment District, watching Easy A and Cutthroat Kitchen, and making foooood. Also pokemans.

*Managed to go visit friends-I-don’t-see-often twice this week (three times if you count the bananamines, though that was admittedly incidental to hanging with Alys).

*Tended bar for an hour!! (no really). I may have impressed some of the SCDfolk by knowing how to count back change properly. That and facing money are mom’s legacy on “why Kat is a bit of a weird and outdated retail person”.

*Went to Highland for the first time in like…two months. Did passably well. Was only moderately exhausted. It was just me and Rebecca, which was nice. Learned the first two steps of a new dance, and reviewed Flora, Blue Bonnets, and the Hornpipe. Was complimented on the right half of my high-cuts (with the corresponding “jegus fuck, what’s up with the left there?”2)

I…think that’s all for now. I’m not gonna bother sorting it, because it’s mostly all small stuff. But yanno, small stuff is still stuff. I've been super lost and unmotivated and completely lacking in executive function this last week. I can fix that though. Maybe probably hopefully please?


1: “inclined” is definitely correct. I mean this in terms of “disposition”. I am quite sure I am using the word wrong, anyone wanna help out?

2: Okay, no, this is not a direct quote even a little bit. Robert is a kind and diplomatic soul, he will totally point out what you’re doing wrong, but it’s always very friendly and gentle and comes from a place of positivity.

on 2017-02-03 02:10 am (UTC)
metahacker: A picture of my eye reflecting the camera taking the picture. I'm probably feeling introspective.  (eye)
Posted by [personal profile] metahacker

ashamed to say I hadn't noticed the lack. Grr. Will ping you more frequently. If that's helpful.

Unexpected weekend sighting was hilarious and also unexpected :)

on 2017-02-03 12:07 pm (UTC)
harena: (Kiki Knitting a Sweater)
Posted by [personal profile] harena
I also hadn't noticed 'cause I got a loverly IM chat out of you *ferret cackles*

And as far as Small Stuff goes.. just remember The Big Jump by Benjamin Elkin... Where the poor villager boy figured out how to jump to the top of the king's castle so he could own a pet ;)

*grins, leaves a pile of ferret hgugles, & poings off*

on 2017-02-08 03:47 pm (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] dhs
*hug* I hope things have gotten better since this. Although I note you have not posted. OTOH, I haven't posted in a ridiculously long time. I should fix that. This stream of consciousness is brought to you by the letter '&'.


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