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So, a proper report of the last few weeks!

On the fourteenth, I got my drivers license, because I am rad.

On the fifteenth, I flew Home and went to Arisia. You've plausibly read my exploits of that day.

The sixteenth was Friday of Arisia --I wound up hanging out and wandering around, and then harassing [ profile] jere7my at the cosplay prom (He was Dr. Forrester, ohmygod, ee!) and forcing him to hang out at Rocky Horror with me while I played guard-tech. That went fine, beyond one of the speakers fitzing out, which turned out to be a faulty cord and therefore Not My Fault. Eventually, he went home, I went to the con-suite where I hung out with Badger and a lovely military boy who I didn't catch the name of, and eventually, I went to bed.

Seventeenth was Saturday of Arisia, where I went down to the ballroom at around ten thirty or eleven in the morning, and worked tech for the masquerade until eleven o clock at night. When I went to the tech meeting for like an hour until I could slip out (mostly) unnoticed and go to Susan dG's young peoples party, where I met some lovely girls called Raven and Antonia. Eventually, that ended and I wandered off to the club dance (a little, to dance like an idiot with j7y and get yelled at for not knowing about songs that came out before I was born) and subsequently to the filkroom, where I wound up curled up with a little bit of j7y, [ profile] ladymondegreen, [ profile] herbertinc, [ profile] tirerim, and [ profile] marcmagus. Oh, and Merav sang me a song about having an evil laugh, which made me happy.

Eventually, I slept.

Eighteenth was Sunday of Arisia, and I slept in and slacked around until early afternoon, at which I'm sure I did something. Hung with Mom and BDan and Magus and j7y, I think. Oh, and mom and I wandered the dealers rooms, which was fun. That evening was the Steampunk Ball which was ohemgee crowded and reasonably awesome. I got to dance with bunches of people I like, and there were something like 110 people on the floor for the grand march which would have been oh so much more awesome if we had the space for it. Ah well, still lovely.

Afterwards, I put in an appearance at the tech party, then scampered back downstairs in order to play guard-tech for the Teseracte Players again, this time while they preformed Once More With Feeling. That was entertaining (though I feel they as a group focus slightly more on matching movements exactly then kicking back and having a good time) made moreso when cute-techieboy-Dan (This is totally his name. Shuttup.) brought me a slice of cake and let me a have a sip of his unbelievably good maple brandy. I hope that I'm remembering correctly, because I way want more of that sometime.

And then sleep, I think? Doing the con thing and snuggling with loads of people first, butyeah, sleep

Nineteenth was Monday of Arisia. While packing, I think to check the internet, find out what time I can move into my dorm. I mean, last year I could doso just post Arisia, it seemed sensible to expect the same out of this year.


"Hey mom? It says I can move in at noon. On the twenty-fifth."

Luckily, I had a handy dandy Magus who I could beg into giving me crash space for a week, so I did that.

Twentieth through the twenty fourth, I hung out with Magus, caught almost all the way up on Doctor Who (just need to watch the Christmas Special!), had a grand old time of things, and did a few other things, like harassing j7y more (it is a hobby! Also, we watched Mighty Boosh!!) and babysitting. And maybe I had a teeny tiny breakdown somewhere in the middle of All That, and had to spend a little bit of time righting my brain.

Twenty third was Friday of Vericon --I went, played Apples to Apples for...I think the first time since I learned of the game Attribute, and spent a great deal of time harassing Conor1, who does not have hair quite as long as mine. Oh, and I played Sixis with him and BDan, which was lovely.

Twenty-fourth was Saturday of Vericon --I bought more comics and added two artists to my collection of dinosaurs drawn by webcartoonists, hung out and chatted loads and loads with BDan and JoshZed, and eventually put on a sparkly dress and went to the Vericon Masquerade, which is more like an actual Masquerade and less like what every other convention ever calls a Masquerade.

It was...less good than last years, but still heaps better than prom. And ohmannnnn! I'm standing chatting with a bunch of people, when the con-chair comes thorough and kinda goes "Is anyone here willing to be the homecoming queen?" I keep my mouth shut, but after a few moments, when no one seems to be volunteering, I slink my way over and tap him on the shoulder. "Well, I mean...I could do it."

So, I got to be the homecoming queen for the vericon masque. The really really cute Dr. Horrible there lent me his gun, and eeeee!! It was all kinds of shibby. (And I totally made several people laugh by playacting zombie for the last chorus)

After masque, JoshZed, BDan and I trailed off to find games, which didn't happen, and instead played a parlour game called Plenty Questions --sometime later I will explain rules, if one of you reminds me. It's the kind of thing that I want to see on, though I think rounds would take too long, really.

The twenty-fifth I skipped Vericon completely, moved in eventually, hugged my roommates, and got dragged to a lesbians house to watch a movie called "Wristcutters: A love story". I kinda want to write fanfic about that setting, though I think I'm not emo enough. Good movie though, very light and fun and reasonably fluffy. And romantic, of course.

The twenty sixth was today, and I'll report on all my classes once I've had the other two. Can I just say EEEE, CALCULUS! though?

And now food and dance. Ta!


1: Conner? Connor? *shrugs*

on 2009-01-27 03:00 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Cruel? She does it to us all the time! And if she really truly madly deeply wanted to join us, I suppose I could spring for airfare; that would be like a gift to all of us (aside from the exponential scheduling woes)!

on 2009-01-27 07:12 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Yeah but when? I'm crazy busy for the next month, sorry.



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